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My Introduction into Bisexuality

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Having worked as a rep in the hair care products industry for a couple of years you might imagine that I’ve met and seen a number of interesting people. I found salon owners to be, for the most part, pretty bright and some very charismatic.

One particular customer of mine was a couple who owned a top rate full service salon in Lansing.

As a customer of mine for just a couple of months my responsibility was to give their entire staff a clinic, a demonstration or our entire product line. I did so one hot summer evening after their shop had closed.

As I was giving the informal demo, cocktails and munchies flowed before, during and after (that I had provided) to help create a most comfortable selling situation. (That would be the norm in this industry). After the meeting, probably 11ish, the owners invited me to their home, along with another employee of theirs, for an even more ‘informal’ and ‘intimate demonstration’, as it was put to me.

The thoughts of spending time with a very attractive couple and a woman who I had flirted with on a couple of occasions got my attention immediately. The owners, Frank and Liz were, as I said very attractive. Both in their mid to late forties.

Liz, about 5’8 very curvy top and bottom, red/brown hair and blue eyes. Frank wasn’t tall but in shape and was probably what most women considered sexy. Elaine, their head stylist, was very tall, dark hair and eyes, long legs, runway model type, but with an ass that curved out in a way that said, cum bend me over and fuck me…

As we were about to depart for their home, Elaine got a call and begged out, disappointingly. Liz, standing next to me, gave my arm a firm squeeze and asked, if I would still join them for some fun, as she put it. Doing so with a wink that had my mind going into many directions.

Following the two of them in my car we arrived at their large and beautiful home and went directly to a tastefully decorated den with a wet bar and a couple of comfortable couches. Frank making small talk about business and pouring drinks, Liz sitting very close to me on the couch while talking about how she had wished that Elaine could have come along to join us.

While talking with her hands would brush my arm or thigh while making a point. I found this all to be a very precise and provocative program in the works and was enjoying it very much. Little did I know how provocative it was soon to be.

While I’ve been with several older woman before, (I think I was 22 or 3 at this time within this job stint) my mind was whirling at what was going on here, and how Frank seemed right at ease with how his wife was flirting with me. He had also made a couple of comments to me about how ‘hot’ Liz looked tonight(earlier at the shop) and asked if I had thought the same.

My response was a restrained affirmation. I wasn’t ignorant to the fact that this could all be a stage for some very interesting adult activity. After more small talk about some of their employees and some serious sexual innuendo, I can’t remember exactly how we got to the next interesting chapter. We were talking about my previous job as a Rep for a dress manufacturer and how I had to ‘hire’ a model to accompany me to the local show down at Cobo Hall to model the line for that season, all day during my sales appointments at my booth.

Liz jumped into that and said that she had modeled for a rep in the industry much the same way years back but it was a lingerie line. I mentioned how she must have been a big hit for her rep, with the voluptuous figure she had, as well as a great ‘come hither’ look about her. We all laughed as the drinks we’re still being poured…

This is where my memory of detail gets a little foggy for a moment but then will kick right in…Sitting on the couch talking to Frank about his wife, who had left the room for something or another, he was telling me some very intimate details of how she great she was at fellating him (I distinctly remember him using that word) and how she was able to take his ample cock all the way down her throat without a problem and loved doing so. Now at this point I did realize he had a lot to drink and the vibrato had to be talking. I remember making some kind of positive ‘guy thing’ to say and told him how much I envied him…

At that point, almost on cue, Liz walked back into the den. She looked sooooo fucking hot! She had changed into a red sheer baby doll top, red sheer thong with nude thigh hi’s and red heels. Nothing more. The lace across the bottom of the baby doll came to just above her stockings showing her alabaster white thighs and just covering, what appeared to be, her shaved pussy.

The room went silent when she entered. After pulling my tongue from my lap and back into my mouth, I glanced at Frank only to see a smirk and a nod as he was looking at his very sexy and bold wife. It was her voice that broke the awkward silence, So Jeff, do you think I’d still be a big hit in the lingerie modeling department?’

I found out quickly that was rhetorical as Frank spoke out, ‘Why don’t you show him, Liz’. At that she walks slowly over to the middle of the couch where I’m sitting, aside from the chair that Frank was sitting in, and stops in front of me. Her hands on her hips with a sultry look in her eyes. I’m looking at her large brown nipples, back up to her dazed blue eyes then down again to see, through her sheer thong, that her pussy is almost completely shaved except for a little reddish tuft of hair just above her luscious slit. Looking down and admiring her shapely thighs and calf’s to her very sexy red heels my cock was jumping within my pants, big time.

Without saying a word, she sits on my lap, legs together and across mine, wraps both arms around my neck and plants hers lips onto mine. I willingly open my greedy mouth and seek out her tongue, my hands moving across her shapely figure with abandon, my brain too into the scene to even think about what Frank might be thinking.

My one hand on her sexy ass as another is grouping her tits, teasing her nipples. Her tongue sliding in and out of my mouth, like a piston, which, remembering at the time, was rather different in a hot frenchkiss.

I’m sucking on her tongue as she shifts around so that she’s straddling my hips with her stockinged thighs. The only noise in the room was that of heavy breathing and wet kissing and licking as I’ve move to suck on the one breast that she has in her hand, offering it to me like a gift, to play and tease at my choosing.

Then back and forth I move my face between each nipple, both of my hands kneading them while alternating sucking them both under her sheer gown. Her hands had then found there way into my crotch, grabbing, squeezing and groping the huge bulge that has formed in my slacks. Reaching up to grab the back of her head I pull her face and lips back on to mine wanting to paint her tonsils with my deft tongue. My body was on fire!!!

At this point my shirt is flying off and her hands are unbuckling my pants as our lips are still locked. My one hand around her neck, the other between her thighs, fingering her soaking wet pussy lips and erect clit. Finally she’s freed my throbbing cock from its confines.

I can remember the cool air of the room on my hard, hot cock and within a second she slides down in a kneeling position before me, her face in my lap looking up at me with a devilish grin, her tongue sticking out and began licking the underside of my velvet mushroom head. Licking and swirling over and around my engorged almost purple colored head. Using her hands to stroke my thick shaft as her tongue moved in a way to insert itself into my slit and dig for my salty pre cum treat she wants and needs to taste.

As her one hand reaches below to squeeze and pull on my sac her mouth then opens wide to surround my wide head in its entirety, filling her cheeks with hard man flesh. Ahhhhhh, I exhale as I’m watching every move of her face, lips and mouth. Her talented lips and mouth dive down further as Liz trys to take my entire unit in one swallow, half choking for a moment, then with perseverance, her oral channel opens to allow her lips to meet the base of my rod, her lips against my cropped pubic hairs, my hard, thick cock completely within the depths of her throat.

Then out of what seemed like another world I look up and hear Frank moan with pleasure, as unknown to me at the moment, sitting in another chair off to the side of the room completely naked and stroking his cock.

I completely forgot he was there for the moment, really didn’t think about his presence at the time. I was too startled to comprehend the situation at first. He’s watching his wife suck my cock while playing with his off in the corner.

Liz noticing my distraction, reached up to run her hand across my chest as if to say don’t worry, just get into it, and then increases her sucking and stroking of my cock to a point that has my mind on nothing else. I then reach down to grab her thick auburn mane and move her head as I please up and down my shaft. She looks up with half a smile curled from the ends of her mouth and tongue licking along side my pole and I push her head down further so that her lips are sucking and pulling on my hairless scrotum.

Licking and teasing my bloated balls with my hand firmly moving her face from side to side across them. I can see that this form of control I’ve displayed has her excited in that her one hand is now between her thighs, her fingers moving frantically back and forth across her clit. I can hear her breathing heavy and jerking her hips in a grinding motion as I pull her head back on top of my shaft and force it down her throat. Her fingers now moving in and out of her flowing cunt at rapid pace as move my hips and controlling hands in unison with my cock, in and out of her mouth.

She begins to tremble as my cock pistons in and out of her mouth, looking up at me for a moment then closing her eyes she let’s out a yelp, then another, her fingers frantically moving around her clit, her mouth never leaving my thick meat. She’s cumming while sucking my cock!

I’m erotically intoxicated and in awe of this. It’s happening too fast, Frank’s in the corner still moaning and stroking his long cock, Liz sucking my cock and fingering herself to a mind blowing orgasm…. Still stroking my cock with one hand, face on my thigh, breathing heavily, she looks up and reaches for me to pull her upon my lap, and as she straddles my hips, cock brushing her engorged pussy lips, she wraps her arms around me and sucks my lips into her mouth with a purpose. I can taste my precum on her lips, while reaching around to squeeze her sexy ass cheeks firmly. I’m thinking I want this woman’s pussy riding my cock. But noooooo, she has other plans.

With my cock as hard as nails and balls ready to explode she pulls from our lip lock to kneel back on the floor and pulls me by my legs so that I slide into the middle of the floor, on my back. I’m thinking that she wants to ride my stiff flesh.

Standing up and over me she is the tower of erotica. Hair messed in a devilish sexy way, eyes glossed over and smirk on her face. She states that it’s my turn to please her, and with that she steps forward with heels astride my shoulders and then kneels down upon my face, her red flamed pussy still puffed from her direct finger stimulation inches from my lips. She reaches for the back of my head and pulls it toward her center and says ‘Your turn to eat me, Jeff’….

With that I reach around her sexy, curvy hips and grab her soft globes and pull her dripping wet center closer to my hungry face. I begin licking her swollen pink labia and sucking her erect clit like a man possessed.

As a conesouir of cunnilingus I alternate licking and sucking and try to sense a feel of what her body responds to, what satisfies her immediate wanton needs. You should know that in this time in my life oral sex was what got me to my most satisfying erotic highs, both giving and receiving.

Darting my tongue in and out of her flowing wet pussy has my cock rock hard, getting into part of what really turns me on. Hearing her moan with pleasure and voice encouragement I could hardly notice that the lower half of my body was suddenly cool, as my pants had been slid completely off and a warm, moist pressure applied to my erect and venerable muscle. Not being able to see or even move to notice where or how the source of my immediate pleasure was coming from.

Interrupting, momentarily, my concentration on Liz’s juicy pussy my thoughts were all over…”Did Elaine return to make a surprise entrance and begin sucking or straddling my hard thick cock for her entertainment? When did she get here? My God! does that feel sinsational!!……

Then, in just as quick a moment as the first thoughts raced thru my narrow (at the moment) erotic mind, the perverse thoughts and visuals of Frank being the source of my sudden fulfilling erotic pleasure filled my brain. Yes, That had to be it! It was Frank, who had been planning this all along with Liz’s help and, I’m sure, slutty pleasure, to take me into they’re cave of dark debauchery.

I must admit that the thoughts of a 3some came to me the moment Liz winked at me back at the shop and thoughts of a mmf did pass, ever so briefly, through my head. Although I don’t know why as this would be the first time I’ve been in such a situation. But all of this passed thru my head in milliseconds as I continued feeding the hunger and passion at the tip of my tongue. Liz was hot and nasty, sensing that I had felt Frank’s oral assault on my throbbing cock, and started to taunt me by telling me that I was her toy and to keep ‘eating my cunt’ as she put it while telling her husband to ‘suck his hard cock, Frank, take him hot and deep!’

The entire scene was almost surreal to me. I absolutely loved this incredibly hot, mature woman’s shaved pussy being pushed and pulled into my hungry mouth while having the ‘nasty’ feeling going thru my head as my cock was being expertly ‘fellated’ by a man!

How wonderful and erotically deviant to be a part of this debauchery. I had died and gone to hell for this moment, selling my ‘good catholic soul’ for this night of undeniable hedonistic pleasure. With Liz commanding my talented tongue and lips for her pleasure and me at this point grinding my hips and stiff manmeat into Frank’s willing mouth the room was spinning with eroticism.

With all in a constant motion of euphoria, Liz lifts her wet, raw pussy from my face and moves aside so that I get my first look at her husband’s head and attached mouth working his orals skills on my hard cock. Between looking at and feeling him take me deep and all of the way down his throat and looking up at Liz watching him with glazed eyes, I was so close to coming. But Liz had other plans.

As she moved to join Frank in licking my balls and stroking my rod into his mouth. My euphoria rose to a new highest level. The feeling of two experienced mouths, tongues and sets of lips devouring my tool was an erotic scene for the ages.

In my most creative sexual imagination this was never a dream until now, and I’m living it. I loved the entire raw, sexual and nastiest elements of the whole thing and didn’t want it to stop! How to be wanted and pleased by these two sexually attractive people and joining them within our own deep and dark world of deviant sexual pleasure was beyond words.

Liz looked so fucking hot, kneeling on all fours, her profile facing me as I could see her round derriere sticking up and her full tits flowing from her chest while licking, sucking and feeding my cock to her husband in now just her red heels and thigh hi’s.

Her husband willingly mouthing my manhood while stroking his own, longer version, looking, I remember, very hot in a nasty, forbidden way to me. My mind was reeling when she moves his head aside and with her hand not leaving the base of my pole, moves her stockinged thighs astride my hips, her moist bare pussy lips poised just above my cock and looks at Frank as he stands up beside her with his shaft pointed at her face. Liz grabs it and strokes him while sliding mine deep into her wet tunnel.

What a sight! My own porn movie with me as one of the stars of this hedonistic show! I reach up to play with her full tits and finger her nipples as she lets go of Frank to bend down to plant her lips on mine. Feeling her hips grind against my groin with her tongue down my throat I can feel her(?) hand squeezing my full balls.

Ummmm, my passion was in over drive. Up and down she slid her opening over my rock hard muscle. After what seemed like just moments she pulls her lips from mine and we both look to the side to hear and see where Frank is kneeling next to our heads. His long, hard cock in his hand only inches from our faces.

Seeing another man’s cock in a way that was totally new to me. Not only different in that it was hard and excited, different from all of the ‘soft’ men I had seen throughout my life in the health clubs and in school locker rooms. This was me in an incredibly sexually excited state and at this point all I saw was more opportunity for sexual pleasure.

Looking up at Liz, a smirk on her face, she had sensed my slight hesitation in our actions and took his cock in her hand and pulled him between our faces and began to lick along the shaft pushing it down into onto my willing lips to lick as well.

At that point Frank lets out a long grown of pleasure and grabs the back of my head and turns it so that the velvet mushroom head is now directly pointed at my lips. Liz backs her mouth off and guides her husband as I open wide to pull his member into my mouth, a man’s hard cock into my mouth for the first time in my life! With all caution to the wind, I suck and allow his cock to penetrate my mouth.

Liz now kneels up with her pussy still pumping my cock and while watching this young stud suck her husband’s long cock. What a sight it must have been. A true bisexual scene in creation for the first time in this young man’s life. My head turned and now ambitiously using my oral talents in a new and darkly erotic way.

My head was spinning with pleasure as I was going thru all of the different things in my mind, such as…. How un-masculine this very macho guy must look with a cock in his mouth, how hot my loins were that I’d do anything to continue this erotic high, and even more to the point, how incredibly dark and nasty it felt to be the in the center of all of this debauchery in one way and another. I wanted to feel this new and exciting way to satisfy my oral cravings and being able to do so with a hot sensual and sexual woman sucking my cock to it’s limits with her talented pussy.

The room was filled with the sounds of sexual rage and the aroma of sweat and sexual juices. I was sucking, or more likely, being fucked, for all it was worth. My tongue familiar with what would make me feel pleasure and duplicating that as best I could. Now, my hand was stroking him into my mouth, licking along it’s side and sucking him as deep as I could without gaging. My neurotic erotic brain was focused on how this wonderful, nasty feeling was overwhelming all of my straightforward upbringing and not caring for the moment how it looked or seemed.

I wanted pleasure and was having all of it in all of this. Liz looked so hot as I caught her eyes in that now familiar fog of delirium. Her shapely torso and bouncing breasts looking every bit the slut I wanted taking my cock at the moment. My balls were ready to explode and I knew it was just a matter of time. I also knew that when I do cum they, Liz and Frank, could lose some of their power of suggestion as to what they wanted from me. I knew that right now I’d participate in almost any form of crude, erotic debauchery to keep this high..Thinking that, I didn’t want to come for hours…

Hearing Liz’s encouragement to ‘suck him deeper, Jeff’ and hearing Frank begin to groan with pleasure that only another man might know, I could tell things were about to blow. My own balls, surprising to me, lasting much longer that usual (alcohol induced, I’m sure) were rumbling beneath her talented vaginal maneuvers and were ready to explode.

I’m stroking his cock in and out when Liz reached down to pull him out and bending down, joined me in my orally obsessive actions. Taking her husband’s long cock deep between her wanton lips. Deeper within her throat than I and that left me to reach for and suck on his shaved balls while she worked his hard flesh. Still astride my hips and bouncing her pussy up and down my meat, milking it for the release that was soon to cum.

I could feel Frank’s nads expand in between my lips as I sucked one than another into my mouth feeling this strange, new sensation against my tongue. My own balls couldn’t take this high any longer. That’s when Frank began to shake, his cock held steady between his wife’s lips, then pulling her mouth off his rod and running her lips along side. Frank grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face to the head of his long cock and pushed the tip to my lips.

Liz backed away and concentrated on fucking my cock for all it was worth, humping me in a frenzy knowing what was about to come. His cock was no sooner entering my open, sucking mouth, than he started to roar with the sound of trumpets and jerked his hips forward sending his Hard, Long Cock deeper into my throat spilling his warm salty seed into my mouth. Causing my own cock to bounce up and pump my stream of cum deep into Liz’s hot wet slit. Releasing all of this excitement that had built up over the last hour.

I started to choke slightly on the new and unusual fluids streaming into my mouth, his pumping continued, in and out until he had spent his load into and onto me. My own orgasm had my head spinning. Liz after seeing her husband explode completely, reached down and pulled him from my lips to taste for herself the passion she helped create and then after swallowing what she had sought, moved to kiss me hard, and with her snake like tongue, fucked my mouth to complete this truly bisexual cycle.

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