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My Girlfriend Made Me Do It

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Mark was looking over on his girlfriend Lisa sitting next to him in the car. It had been a terribly long drive and Lisa had slept most of the way. They had met in class economy class in the fall and they hooked up almost straight away and had been together all through the school year. With college taking a break for the summer they were both going to go home for the summer and they decided it would be a good time to meet each other’s families. After nearly 7 hours of driving Mark was dead tired but they were soon at Lisa’s parents’ home and he knew he would need to make a good first impression.

Mark had found Lisa interesting at the start. At first she had seemed a bit shy and in bigger groups she could sometimes be but when he first saw her with some of her friends he could tell that she was a smart, strong and independent young women and he knew he had to have her. He managed to charm her and over their months together she had opened up a new world of sexual experiences to him. They had both been 19 at the time both having taken a year off from school before heading to college and even if he had been with a few girls before meeting Lisa she seemed to have learned so much more than him. Not that he minded it as he was reaping the benefits now.

– Remember that my mother’s name is Amy and my father’s name is Peter. You will need to call them Mr. and Mrs. Adams until they tell you to use their first names. I know you can be bad with names but you can’t forget this time.

– I will do my best Lisa.

– You better. If you do there might be some reward for you later.

– Oh, this sounds interesting. What reward?

– I have some plans that i think you will like. It will have to be a secret for now.

Mark knew there wasn’t any way for him to make her talk when she had her naughty secrets, at least not while they were in the car. He hadn’t been sure if they would be able to make love while visiting her parents but now he could only think about what naughty things Lisa had planned for them.

With the help of the GPS and directions from Lisa he easily found the right way. When they pulled up on the driveway it only took a few seconds before Peter and Amy was there to help them get their things out of the car. Mark did good and called them Mr. and Mrs. but they only laughed at him and said he should call them by their first names.

It was already getting dark outside and the parents had planned a welcome home barbeque for their daughter so they scattered off to prepare while Mark was lead around the house by Lisa. It was a huge house with two floors and the last room Lisa showed was her own bedroom. They shared a long kiss in there and Mark asked if that was his reward.

– Your reward will be much more special than that, and then she laughed her sexy laugh as she knew the wait and not knowing was killing him. Now we need to hurry down and see if my parents need help with the food.

Lisa’s parents refused the help and almost tossed them out on the big porch in the backyard. It was still warm even if the sun was about to set and Amy came out with a drink for her daughter and a cold beer for Mark. He didn’t have the heart to say that he had a hard time drinking beer so he dutifully accepted it knowing it would take him a long time to be able to finish it.

Soon Peter came out with the meat and Lisa was talking to him about just about everything as they waited for the grill to get warmed up. Soon two other people showed up in the back yard and Lisa ran out on the grass to give the woman a big hug. It was a couple about the same age as Lisa’s parents in their mid-40s. Mark figured it was the neighbors that Lisa had told him about. She was Gwen and he was Alexander. He felt good about himself for remembering their names too, he was on a roll today. Lisa had said that Gwen was beautiful and as he looked at them hugging he couldn’t help but agree.

As the evening moved along Mark tried to not speak to much. The atmosphere was light and fun and some of the older people were drinking a lot but Mark was scared of getting drunk the first night and make a fool of himself. Peter and Alex on the other hand went all out and full throttle. The food was excellent and even if most of the talk was circled around Lisa there was also the obligatory questioning of the boyfriend too.

As it got late Alex and Peter reached their limits and both of them were half asleep on the table. Amy and Gwen decided it would be best to say good night and Mark was longing to lay down and sleep. Even if he hadn’t been drinking much the long day of driving had taken its toll on him. Lisa had other plans though and said they would help take Alex home and then Mark could see Lisa’s second home as she called it.

Mark and Lisa sat down on the sofa in the living room waiting for Gwen to come back from putting her husband in bed.

– So what do you think about Gwen? She is beautiful, right?

– Hmm i guess so, Mark said not sure if he should tell his girlfriend how beautiful someone else was.

– I could tell you thought she was stunning. And here comes the first part of my surprise secret. I told you i had been with girls before, Gwen was my first.

– Gwen?

– Yes. And i want us to share her.

– Share her? What do you mean Lisa?

Lisa rubbed her boyfriend between his legs and she could feel his hard cock pressing through the pants. Clearly he had an idea of what she meant.

– Tonight she is going to suck your cock, just as a preview. Tomorrow we will have her do all kind of things for us.

– But she is married.

– All the best ones are.

Mark didn’t know what to say. He had done some crazy things with Lisa but it had never involved anyone else. Still the idea of having the beautiful Gwen suck his cock had him rock hard. Lisa was still rubbing her hand over his pants and he felt like he was about to burst. It didn’t get easier as he heard Gwen come back.

– Would you guys want anything to drink?

– No, thank you Gwen. I think you know why we are here.

– N-no, Gwen said as her face turned all red, we agreed we wouldn’t do that anymore Lisa.

– I want you to use the name you are supposed to use when we are alone Gwen.

– Yes, Mistress Lisa.

– That is better. Now go down on all four and crawl over here.

Mark couldn’t believe it. Mistress Lisa? Gwen was now crawling towards them over the soft rug that covered the floor. He felt his girlfriend unbutton his pants and she pulled his big cock out and started to very slowly stroke it.

– Do you see how big he is Gwen? He got that hard thinking about you. Would you like to please him Gwen?

The older women looked at him with a troubled expression and then nodded carefully.

– Take your top and bra off. Show him how great your 42 year old boobs look like.

– Yes, Mistress Lisa.

With only a brief hesitation the older women on her knees in front of the two teenagers started to pull her top off and then unclasped her bra and let it slip off her body. Mark had to agree with Lisa. Gwen had a beautiful set of breasts.

– Now to earn the right to suck on my boyfriend’s big cock you need to do something for me first. Take off my sock and suck on my toes. I remember you used to do that so well.

Mark couldn’t believe the control that Lisa had over Gwen. He watched as Gwen pulled the sock off and then obediently and submissively started to first lick the toes and then suck on them. Mark couldn’t take his eyes off it. When Lisa whispered in his ear “you see how badly she wants to suck your cock? She is willing to humiliate herself this much for just a taste” it took all his effort not to shoot his load right there. After a few minutes of Gwen eagerly sucking on Lisas toes she pulled her foot from Gwen’s mouth and helped Mark stand up with his cock pointing at the 42 year old women standing on her knees in front of him with her eyes glued on the huge erection.

– Now this will be another test Gwen. If you suck his cock really good and swallows his load me and him are going to come back tomorrow while your husband is away and he will fuck your pussy. Have you ever had a cock that big in your pussy Gwen?

Gwen shook her head still looking desperately at the hard cock in front of her.

– You may suck his cock Gwen. Make me proud.

Gwen grabbed the hard cock eagerly with her hands and then took the head in her mouth sucking on it. Mark was used to blowjobs but Lisa usually took her time expertly teasing him but this was something different. This woman was cock hungry and so worked up that she wanted the whole thing right away and wouldn’t stop until she had a mouth full of cum. Gwen kept bobbing her head taking more and more of the big cock in her mouth. Mark felt that it wouldn’t take long like this. Luckily Lisa saved him as she grabbed the older woman’s hair and yanked her off Marks cock.

– Calm down woman. I have taught you better than this. Now calm down and lick his balls. You will have to forgive her Mark she must have forgot her training while I have been at college. She never sucks on her husband’s little penis.

Mark didn’t really mind. It was late and he was tired and Gwen had sucked him good. He loved getting his balls licked and sucked on though and he couldn’t help but moan as they were so sensitive right now full of fresh cum. When he looked down he saw his big cock resting against Gwen’s face as she was pleasing his large balls.

– How do you like your surprise reward Mark?

– It is hard to complain at a time like this. It is a bit much to take in though.

– Yes that is true. I will fill you in tomorrow when we both fuck her. Now get that big hard cock back in her mouth and cum. My mother must be starting to worry about us.

Mark had gotten a bit more confident of the whole situation now. He grabbed his cock and pushed it into Gwen’s mouth. If his girlfriend was going to let him fuck her neighbor and old lover then he was going to make the most of it. Gwen accepted him into her mouth and Mark put a hand on her head and started to set the pace fucking her mouth the same way he often did with Lisa. Gwen struggled and could only take a few inches in her mouth clearly not used to such a big cock but Mark didn’t let that stop him and kept going until he felt the orgasm hit him and he filled the wanting mouth with his warm cum. He pulled from his mouth and he could see her swallow everything and then he put his cock back to her mouth for her to clean it.

– I knew you would love it Mark. Now we better hurry back and say good night to my mother and go to bed. You should do the same Gwen. We got a big day tomorrow.

Mark and Lisa hurried out leaving the half-naked 42 year old wife on the floor.


Mark woke up the next morning by a light knock on the door. He and Lisa had fallen asleep in a close embrace but now the bed was empty. The door opened and Lisa’s mother Amy peeked in asking if he was awake and saying that breakfast is ready if he wants some. He quickly got dressed and went downstairs where his girlfriend Lisa was sitting with her parents Amy and Peter. It wasn’t a breakfast that any college student would normally eat but one fit for a king.

– Since it is Lisa’s and yours first day back from college i thought i should spoiled you a bit, Amy said smiling, and from what Lisa says you will need a solid breakfast cause you two will have a big day with Gwen today.

Mark didn’t know what to say to that and he felt his face blushing lightly and tried to just focus on eating breakfast. Hopefully Amy and Peter would take it as him blushing at the idea of being spoiled.

– We got a lot of catching up to do with Gwen. Don’t worry mom you will get yours too. Mark will be here for two more weeks so there will be plenty of time for us all to spend some time together.

After breakfast Mark was starting to get excited thinking about last night and what was to come today. He wanted to fuck Lisa but she told him to save it for the housewife next door. He agreed with that but that didn’t stop him from being super horny. When they finally went over to Gwen’s and Alex house Lisa brought a small bag with her of what she called goodies and Mark was curious to know what it might be. They knocked on the door and Gwen came to open fast wearing a sexy outfit that didn’t seem proper on someone over 40 even if she carried it very well.

– Morning Mistress Lisa, Mark.

They all went inside the house and into the kitchen where Gwen had pitcher of ice cold lemonade.

– Did you enjoy sucking on my boyfriend’s cock last night Gwen?

Gwen looked at Mark and blushed and then nodded her head.

– I can’t hear you Gwen. Did you like sucking my boyfriend’s cock?

– Yes, Mistress.

– What about tasting his sweet cum? You been thinking about doing that all morning i bet.

– It tasted wonderful.

Mark saw Gwen look down on the bulge in his shorts.

– If you behave well you might get another taste today. Now i need you to hurry up in your bedroom and remove all your clothes and stand on all fours on you and your husband’s bed.

– Yes, Mistress Lisa.

– Panties and bra too. Is that understood?

– Yes Mistress.

Gwen looked down at the floor as Lisa told her about the bra and panties as if she had missed that instruction before and gotten into trouble. That is at least how it played out in Marks head. Gwen hurried out of the kitchen leaving the two teenagers alone.

– You excited to fuck my neighbor?

– Are you sure it is okay to do this? What about her husband?

– Yeah, he doesn’t know anything. But you can help do them a big favor. They never had any kids and i was thinking she would love to get some young potent sperm in her pussy.

– You want me to take her without a condom?

– She would love that and if you end up giving her and her husband a baby that would be great. You are going to love to feel her pussy around your big cock, I have trained her for this moment.

– Two days ago i could never have imagined something like this but you always end up surprising me and making me do things i never thought i would do. Now we better get to it before you make me cum in my pants.

Lisa picked up her small bag and reached for Marks hand leading him out of the kitchen and up the stairs and into Gwen’s and her husband’s bedroom. A very explicit view faced them. Gwen had followed the given instructions and was standing on all fours on the bed completely naked. She had a fit body and her ass poked out nicely in this position. Gwen turned to them but Lisa quickly told her to stay still and she obediently got back in position. Lisa led Mark up to the bed and fell down to her knees.

– I am going to suck your cock and get it ready for her pussy.

Lisa unbuttoned the shorts and pulled both them and the boxers down and helped her boyfriend step out of them. Marks cock was already hard as a rock and she figured he must be dying for release as it had been hard all morning already. She took hold of it with her hand and started to give it soft kisses.

– He is so hard for you Gwen. I think extra much because i told him he was going to fuck your pussy without any rubber and shoot his big load deep in your married pussy.

Gwen made some strange sounds which were hard to determine if they were positive about fucked bareback or if they were the only protest she dared to give.

– Maybe Mark will give you that baby you and your husband been dreaming about.

Lisa’s kisses had reached down to Marks balls and she made sure to make them nice and wet and then moved her hands up to suck on the glistening cock head while her hands gently caressed the balls.

– Are you ready to fill her pussy now Mark?

– Oh yes I am.

Lisa gave her favorite cock one last kiss and then helped Mark up on the bed behind Gwen. She took a hold of the hard cock and rubbed it against the submissive neighbor’s pussy.

– Wow Gwen you are so wet. Have you ever been this wet for me? I think you might have a crush on Marks cock. You are going to need to give her a good hard fucking Mark. Show her what your young, big cock can do.

Having Marks cock rub against Gwen’s drenched pussy made it slick and Lisa helped it find the opening and it slid in effortlessly. Lisa released him and without thinking Mark went balls deep into Gwen making them both moan loudly. He couldn’t believe how tight she was around his hard member.

– She is tight, Lisa, almost as tight as you are.

– Of course she is. I trained her. Have you been doing your exercises while I have been away Gwen? I know it must have been difficult for you without me around. At least your pussy is good and shaved. Did you do that for me?

Gwen couldn’t answer. She was overtaken with shame. Shame that she had shaved her pussy in anticipation of her Mistress that wasn’t even half as old as herself was about to come home from college. Not only that but now she had that same Mistress boyfriend was fucking her pussy hard reaching places inside of her that her husband’s penis could never reach.

Mark was pounding Gwen’s tight pussy grinding out all the excitement that he had been building up since last night. He loved how wet she was and how easy he could move inside of her even if the pussy hugged his cock so tightly. He held on to her hips and drove his cock deep into her pussy over and over.

Gwen couldn’t believe how good it felt. Her pussy was stretched like never before. Fucked like never before. Her pussy was on fire and she loved it. That is when her orgasm hit. She screamed and tugged at the covers of her marital bed as the young boy fucked her. When she had fallen in love with the girl next door she knew her life would never be the same. She had learned to submit and to please. Learned to trust her Mistress. She sometimes felt bad and she had at times tried to make it stop but she knew that when she gave herself to Lisa that would always lead to her being the most happy.

He felt the older woman orgasm on his cock squeezing it tightly bringing him closer to his own ejaculation. He thought about what his girlfriend had said about Gwen and Alex longing for a baby and he was going to give his all to help them.

– I am just about ready to give her the baby.

– You heard that Gwen? You are about to get your first load of real baby making seed in you. Arent you grateful?

– Yes Mistress Lisa. Please give me a baby!

– You heard her Mark. She is ready for your hot cum.

Mark pounded away at the tight pussy making Gwen moan loudly. He felt Lisa’s hands lightly take his balls and massage them bringing on his big release as he came filling the willing pussy with shot after shot of warm potent cream. Pounding her with hard thrusts bringing out more and more cum until his balls were dry and he collapsed on the bed. Quickly he felt Lisa getting her mouth on his cock licking it.

– This tastes fantastic. The taste of a lovely pussy on my favorite cock. I have a feeling it is not the last time i will clean some sluts cum from your cock Mark.

– Is that what Gwen is? Your little slut?

– Yes, she is. Our little slut now even. Isnt that right Gwen?

Gwen just whimpered in response which didn’t go well over with Lisa that slapped Gwen hard right over her ass.

– Yes, Mistress Lisa.

– Yes what?

– Yes, I am your slut Mistress Lisa.

– And don’t you forget it, Slut.

Lisa jumped of the bed and started to quickly undress. Normally it was one of Marks favorite things to watch but now he was in recovery mode and didn’t have time to enjoy it. Lisa got up to Gwen’s face and lay down under her shoving her pussy in Gwen’s face.

– Now do what you loved to do last summer Gwen. Eat my pussy.

Gwen didn’t waste any time. She had been longing for the young girls pussy for month. She inhaled and she could tell it smelled the same as before. She licked it and it tasted just as good too, if not better. She stuck her tongue out and licked it eagerly. She wanted to make the young girl cum. It probably made her a slut but she didn’t care. She loved pleasing Lisa and maybe if she did a good job she would be allowed to take another load of cum in her pussy from Lisa’s teenage boyfriend.

Lisa ground her pussy into Gwen’s wanting face. She hadn’t been with a girl since she left for college and it was something special about it, especially when it was someone so hot and submissive. At first Gwen hadn’t been very good at eating pussy but once Lisa broke her she made sure to train Gwen in the art of pleasing in every possible way she could think of. It had paid off and now Gwen was not only a willing slut but also good at it.

Watching her boyfriend fuck Gwen and fill her pussy with his golden cum had made her so hot that she wouldn’t take long to cum. Watching Marks hard cock go in and out of Gwen’s pussy and Gwen be able to take each hard thrust had gotten her soaked. Once the housewife stuck her tongue into Lisa’s pussy while letting her fingers play quickly over her clit it brought her over the moon pushing her hips into Gwen’s face as the orgasm hit her and she creamed over her sluts face.

– That was amazing Gwen. You still know how to eat pussy.

Lisa saw that Mark was hard again apparently excited from watching his girlfriend having her pussy eaten.

– Mark why don’t you lie down and Gwen can get on top of you and ride your cock. There is something special i want to do.

Mark had learned to trust his girlfriend and laid down on the bed and held his hard cock so it pointed upwards. Without questions Gwen got on top of him letting her cum drenched pussy slide down the big hard member. Without hesitation she started to ride the him making her pussy stretch out again. She was a bit sore but the cum was soothing and it felt so amazingly good. She was so grateful to her Mistress for finally make her know what a cock should feel like after 20 years of marriage.

Lisa got off the bed and looked into her bag. She got out her favorite strap on and started to put it on. She had used it several times on Gwen last summer and it had been an important tool when training her in sucking cock and getting fucked. Lastly she picked up the lube and got up on the bed behind her neighbor. She rubbed the good looking ass as i bounced on Marks cock and started to apply the lube to the tight opening.

– Do you know what I am about to do Gwen?

– Yes, Mistress.

– No protests this time?

– I know it will not do any good. You will do as you please.

– You have learned a lot. I will always do as i please with you.

Lisa lubed up her strap on cock too and then took aim on the tiny rosebud. Gwen had never had anything in her ass before Lisa came along to claim it but since then Gwen had to surrender her ass often to the young girl. When Lisa pushed forward the tight ass didn’t want to give away but with a rocking motion from Lisa and with the help of the lube the fake cock made its intrusion. Lisa continued to move until the strap on was fully inside of her sluts tight ass. She thought this was how you truly make someone submit.

Mark could feel the extra tightness in Gwen’s pussy as Lisa entered her ass. It felt wonderful. He moved his hips up and down making his own big, hard cock move inside Gwen. He couldn’t believe that his girlfriend was fucking this old woman in the ass with a big strap on. He had never taken Lisa that way but apparently she was more then used to taking Gwen that way. It was a huge turn on. When he felt Gwen’s pussy grip him super tight as she was shaken by strong orgasm he knew that she loved the dildo in her ass and the double penetration too.

– That’s it slut. You love it in your ass. Do you know that this is just warm up? Next my boyfriend’s big cock is going to claim ownage of your ass. Would the slut want that?

– Yes, Mistress, Gwen cried out in a mix of distress and excitement.

– When i took your ass first time is when you got the right to call me mistress. When Mark takes your tight little 40 year old ass you will need to calm him Master Mark.

Gwen didn’t answer but she was rocking violently on top of Mark seemingly very excited by the prospect of having a 19 year old cock in her ass.

– Mark would you like to claim her? Use her ass for your pleasure and make her submit?

– It would be impossible to say no to that now, Lisa.

– I hoped so. I have made her ready for you. Gwen you move of Mark and lay down on your back on the bed.

Lisa pulled out of Gwen’s ass and Gwen awkwardly rolled of Mark ending up on her back. Lisa took her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth sucking on it for a few seconds as he laid on the bed and then pulled him up and helped him up between Gwen’s legs. Lisa grabbed Gwen’s legs and placed them on Marks shoulders which gave him good access to the small, tight hole he was going to make his own. Lisa helped by lubing his cock up and applied some more lube to Gwen’s ass and then gave Mark the go ahead.

Mark pushed forward and his cock pushed against his prize. For a second he thought it would be to tight to work but suddenly the ass surrendered to him and his well lubed cock was sucked in. He needed a few moments to get used to the amazing feeling of the tightness and squeezing around his cock head but then he started to work his way deeper. It felt very special to be inside an ass for the first time and he didn’t want to stop until he felt his balls slap against Gwen’s cheeks every time he pushed into her. He used slow and small movements to go deeper and deeper and he loved the way Gwen gasped every time he gave her another inch to take care of. When he felt his balls rest against her he had a rush of power go through him.

– You are mine now Gwen.

– Yes, Master Mark.

Mark smiled and started to move his hips again. He wanted to say something about fucking her ass hard or something like that but he couldn’t find the words. It felt good to be called Master Mark and he wanted to make sure that Gwen wouldn’t regret letting Lisa give her ass to someone else. Eventually he found his rhythm with long, slow but hard strokes. He loved the tight feeling of her ass around him and holding her legs on his shoulders there was no escape for her. She was at his mercy and he was going to make the most of it.

He looked to his side seeing his naked girlfriend desperately rubbing herself and he wanted to make her proud of him. Leaning forward he was bending the woman more then twice his age in half as his cock worked her ass. He could see the extra pain on Gwen’s face as she was clearly not used to this position. But even in the clear discomfort he could still hear passionate moans which made his balls tingle and he decided to give the ass fucking all he got until the orgasm was there. The slow strokes started to become faster and faster and each thrust got more power behind it making it harder and harder. Gwen’s ass had fully accepted him now and he was moving freely in and out of her making a light sounds as his hips pushed into her ass cheek.

Each stroke made him closer to his orgasm. He was fucking his first ass and it was someone 23 years older than himself and it was his 19 year old girlfriend’s old lover. He must be the luckiest man alive. Still pounding Gwen hard he looked over at Lisa recognizing her look as she was about to come too. He was fighting against holding his own orgasm back trying to make the moment last but as he saw his girlfriend’s body tense and then go wild in orgasm he let loose too shooting a massive load up Gwen’s slut ass.

They were all lying in a naked pile trying to recover. Mark managed to roll off Gwen giving her legs a rest and Lisa got on top of her giving the neighbor a passionate kiss. They were all exhausted and breathing heavily.

– You remember what i taught you about what sluts do after they been taking in the ass Gwen?

Gwen nodded at Lisa and with some trouble as her body was sore she managed to move her mouth over to Marks crotch and she started to lick his cock and suck on it making sure to give it a good cleaning. When she was happy with her job she looked up at Mark.

– Thank you for using my ass, Master Mark.

Mark smiled happily at Gwen. Today he had become a new person and it was all thanks to his girlfriend Lisa. They had fucked her 42 year old neighbor and lover together and it was the best day of his life. Still knowing his girlfriend he knew that it would probably be more to come still.

– Good girl slut. But we better leave now Mark cause i promised my mother she could make us some food. We will be back when there is time for it Gwen. I bet Mark will want to have your ass again before he leaves.

Before Gwen had a chance to say anything the two teenagers were out of her house with the speed that only young people have.

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Great story looking forward to part 2 hopefully the boyfriend will be dominated by the girlfriend others