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My Friend Monica

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I work as a file clerk in the city records department. My name is Janie and I’m twenty four years old. I am not an outgoing person and until a couple of years ago I spent most of my free time at home. I have always been fairly shy and I have never mixed well with people. I would go out on weekends but usually only to a movie and sometimes to art shows and special events but never anywhere with crowds of people my age.

I grew up in a strict religious home with parents that spent most of their time in church. I never got wrapped up in the religion and for the last few years I had become completely bored with my existence. I had friends at work and knew from past experience there was more to life then what I had been doing.

I exercise and keep myself fit but my one very distinguishing feature besides my long black hair is my size. I am four foot nine tall and weight about ninety five pounds. I am quite shapely and have been told that I am actually very sexy. Everything is in proportion only I am sort of a miniature version. I don’t have large breasts but they are sensitive and firm. I can get away without a bra but usually wear one to work because my nipples will get hard and stick out. I belong to a fitness center and I had a friend that works where I had my membership.

My sexual experience was very limited and I had never really had complete sex with a guy but I tried once. He eventually did manage to get his cock in me but it hurt me so he pulled it out and splattered me with his semen and then it was all over. I had a lesbian experience a couple of years earlier when a girl friend made love to me. I spent the night at her place and we experimented included oral on each other. I didn’t believe I was lesbian but more likely bisexual as I liked males and I found myself attracted to them. I had always been afraid because of my size that a man could hurt me.

I started spending a lot of time online and found out about a chat site that was all local people from my area and started frequenting it. It was a fairly large site with rooms catering to all types. I used the nickname “Sweet pea” and met a woman that used the nickname “Lace” and found out her real name was Monica. Monica and I became good friends and we spent hours chatting privately with each other. We would spent most our time in the lesbian room and let it be known we were a couple but we never pushed the relationship outside of the chat room although we knew we lived in the same city. We exchanged pictures and she was an athletic blonde girl a couple of years older then me that outweighed me by forty pounds. She worked in a health club and was in superb condition as well as being a beautiful woman.

Monica claimed to be bi sexual in that she had a boyfriend at the club where worked. It was evident to me she was very interested in women and she made it no secret she was interested in me. The hours we spent in erotic chat with each often led to fantasy sex. We developed situations and fantasies and almost always would bring each other to orgasm through mutual masturbation. We both lived in the fantasy world of the chat room for a while each day.

We trusted each other enough that we gave out our home numbers and spent hours chatting on the phone in the evenings. Eventually we planned to meet for the first time. She had a whole day off work and I took an afternoon off and we met at a local specialty coffee house that had some private booths. I recognized Monica when she got out of her car when she arrived. I waited for her on the sidewalk and she recognized me immediately.

She was absolutely gorgeous with beautiful long straight blonde hair, a wonderful smile and a figure that was unbelievable. She was about five foot ten tall. She claimed it was her Swedish ancestry that gave her the blonde hair and her size. I could see I would hardly come to her shoulders and felt like the proverbial “little sister” now for sure.

She greeted me ” I know your Janie and your even prettier then I imagined.” She made me really feel great as she took my hands in hers and we just stood there looking at each other. I was thrilled with her and just her presence made me feel good.

I told Monica “I watched you walk towards me and it reminded me of the beach movies. You have a beautiful tan.” Her skin was absolutely golden and I suspected much of it was from the heat lamps where she worked. She was wearing a pair of low rise jean shorts and a sleeveless cotton top. I could see her bare tummy and it was flat and looked very firm and smooth.

I had chose to wear a white top and a pair of black cotton shorts. I hadn’t wore a bra today and was already having a bit of trouble as looking at Monica had believe it or not caused my nipples to get a bit hard and I think they were drawing her attention. She just came right out with “my god girl, I can’t get over how sexy you are,” and I really thought that was funny. We both laughed and went inside.

We sat across from each other and I studied her. She had beautiful blue eyes and wore little or no makeup and had a sprinkling of freckles around her nose and the top of her chest. She was very pleasant and we chatted about people that meet on chat sites. I have always heard that the initial meeting would be a disappointment and I was pleased to say nothing like that happening with us. In fact I was almost turned on when I thought of some of our evening fantasies and to think this was the woman I had been sharing them with.

She seemed to be intrigued with how small I am but I assured her I wasn’t fragile and we got along just wonderful. We talked about her job and where she lived. She had played tennis in national competition when she was younger and had been sort of a lady jock. I could see the muscling in her arms but it never took anything away from the fact she was very feminine.

We grew close to each other right from that day on and began spending a lot of time with each other over the next couple of months. We got away from the chat site as we used the phone and met at night for movies and she came to my place a few times and I had been to hers. We have started to touch and would hug each other if the situation arose. We have kissed on a few occasions but have not pushed anything. We are not looking at getting into a lesbian relationship as she does have a boyfriend and I love her for a friend. I would like to find a guy I could feel comfortable with but I’m not in a hurry and in the mean time Monica and I are enjoying our friendship and just being very close.

We were very sexually open. She told me how she had spent a lot of time with an older European lady that made very erotic sexual love to her many times when she was playing tennis and travelling to different locations. She said she was very young then but claimed she had never got over the feeling of being with a woman. We went out a lot together and when Monica invited me to go out with her and her boy friend Jordon I accepted. I knew they had been sleeping together for a year or so and I actually wanted to see this guy she had told me so much about. I was to meet her at her place and we would later hook up with Jordon at a night spot a couple of blocks from where she lived.

Jordon turned out to be a very friendly person and I liked him immediately. He was very quiet spoken with a very nice smile. He worked in the gym and had played some football and was a very large guy. Jordon probably weighed close to two hundred and fifty pounds and he seemed to be in top condition with no fat. He had medium length brown hair and blue eyes. When I studied him and Monica together I thought they made a perfect couple.

We chatted and ordered drinks. I had some white wine. They both had a good sense of humour and Jordon seemed to like me. At one point Monica looked over towards the entrance and waved. She had spotted a friend from the club and called him over and invited him to sit down with us. His name was Ryan and he was young and worked in the accounting department. He had blonde hair and he was about five foot ten or so and very nice looking. He caught my interest immediately. We all moved down to a large booth and he sat beside me.

He said he had come into the bar looking for a group that was supposed to be there but probably went somewhere else so he was going to go home when he spotted us. He seemed to be a real fun person and I really liked him. Jordon told Ryan it was good that he turned up as they had been looking around trying to pick up a guy for me. That embarrassed me a bit but these people were good friends just teasing each other and I was having fun.

There was a dance floor and Ryan asked me to dance and we went up and he took me into his arms and I felt very comfortable with him. My head was even with his shoulders and I liked the feel of his hand on my back. I liked the feel of his body against me when the music slowed. I made no move away when he took me real close and I brought my arms up and held myself close to him just as the music stopped . We went back to the table and I had really enjoyed that but unfortunately Ryan told us he had to make it a night and that he really didn’t want to go but had to take a long trip the next day which meant getting up real early.

He asked me to come with him to the door. We got outside and he gave me his business card with his home number on it and said he wanted to see me again. I took his pen and wrote my number on the back of one of his cards and told him I would like that. But didn’t really expect to hear from him again.

I went back to the table a bit excited as well as feeling the drinks. I saw that Jordon and Monica were holding hands under the table and I suspected maybe fondling each other a bit.. We finished our drinks and Monica invited us all to her place and we left. I had came with Monica anyway so when we got to her place we waited a few minutes and Jordon arrived. I was wearing jeans and a light top so I just settled on a stuffed pillow on the living room floor and Monica brought out a bottle of wine, poured us each some and clicked on the gas fireplace.

She turned the lights in the room down low and went and changed and came back wearing a pair of shorts and a loose top. She obviously had got rid of her bra as I could see the whole shape of her breasts inside the light shirt. I guess she was going to lounge around on the floor too. She lit a few candles and turned the lights right out and between the fireplace and the candles the room took on a warm comfortable glow. We drank the wine and chatted and played with each other for the next half hour or so. Monica opened another bottle of the same wine and joined me on the floor and shocked me by taking me into her arms and kissing me.

I was really feeling the wine that had no doubt loosened my inhibitions and remember how liquor had affected me in the past. It was a “few drinks” that helped the guy get my panties off the night he took my virginity and I thought back to that. I guess it may have been the wine that helped me to kiss her back and bring my arms around her. She slid her hands under my top and slipped it right over my head and off. I was even comfortable knowing that Jordon was watching intently and was a mere three feet away with a perfect candle light view of my breasts with the hardened nipples. Before I even had a chance to feel self conscious and cover myself up Monica brought her lips to one of my nipples and sucked it momentarily. She then sat up and slipped her own top off.

Her breasts were large shapely and the soft pink nipples were pointed up and I got to feel them flat against mine. This was very erotic and it must have had an effect on Jordon as he joined us on the floor. I felt his hand caressing my back and very soon he and Monica were locked in a long deep kiss. I had become really wet between my legs as I watched Jordon begin sucking one of Monica’s breasts. He slid his hand between her legs and she arched her back towards him. This was really turning me on.

Somehow I ended up between them and wondered how far this was going to go as Monica undid the top button of my jeans and unzipped me. She slid her hand down the front and ran her fingers through the tuft of soft hair and then moved a finger down and touched my bubbling wetness. Jordon now had her shorts pulled down and his hand was between her legs rubbing her smooth mound. She was moaning softly and breathing hard and I wondered what I had got myself in the middle of. This was new to me but I was also inquisitive and enjoyed it so far.

Jordon was partially on top of Monica and she had a hand down the front of his shorts. And then something happened that made me wonder if this was a good idea. Jordan was the one that was taking my jeans down and he was bringing my panties with them. I was now totally nude between them at the same time that Monica kicked her shorts off.

I watched Jordon put his hand in between my legs. I sort of went along with it and it felt really good as I was so wet and excited. It took me a few seconds to figure out what he was doing as he took my hand in his and drew it down his stomach. He slid it under his shorts and what I felt made me tense and almost freeze up. I gasped as he placed my hand on a cock that was thicker then my arm. I wondered if this was normal that all big guys like Jordan had one like that. I whispered in Monica’s ear that I was scared and she reached down and took it in her own hand and began stroking it .

It had a slight bend in it and when she moved the skin back she uncovered a large mushroom shaped tip. I couldn’t believe that a woman could take a thing that big in her. I wondered how someone my size could be able to have sex with someone like Jordan and if it was even possible. I watched Monica stroke it and I heard Jordon moan and saw him thrust his hips a bit and move towards her. I moved from between them and just watched the two of them as he rolled over almost on her and they kissed and then he was sucking her nipples and her hand never stopped stroking him and I knew they were going to let me sit and watch them.

Jordon kissed and licked his way down Monica’s tummy and soon I could hear the sucking and licking noises as she rotated her hips and slid back and forth on the cushion. He held her thighs and licked and sucked her until her moaning because more urgent and her breathing became louder and she climaxed with a muffled scream and moved her hips from side to side.

She was still breathing hard and deep and I watched almost as if I was in a trance. Monica took one of my hands in hers and smiled as Jordon slid his pants off and now his cock was sticking straight out and he was coming towards us. He took my hand again and put it on his cock and this time I clasped it. I couldn’t put my hand around it but I could feel how hard it was under the soft skin as I stroked it back and forth.

Jordon placed his hand on the back of Monica’s neck and moved forward. I knew he wanted her to suck it and she played with the huge cock. She stroked it a little and slowly slid her lips over the head as he began slow movements. She slid one of her hands between my legs and rubbed her fingers in me and then did the most erotic thing when she licked my wetness off her fingers at the same time she was sucking Jordan’s cock.

Jordon pulled away from her and moved between her legs with his cock in his hand. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see Monica get fucked. He just came forward and guided his cock into her open wet slit and thrust hard. I saw the head disappear inside and Monica moaned loudly and I watched her eyes roll back as he buried the whole thing in her. I was so excited I had to finger myself and even found myself wishing it was me under him where Monica was but I knew I would never be able to take his cock the way she was right now.

He really started to fuck her and I could see between them with a good view of his wet plunging cock. I could hear the wet noises as his strong hips powered the huge shaft in and out of her. Jordon’s eyes were rolled back and he had a look of complete ecstasy and Monica’s mouth was wide open as she kept both hands on his hips holding him to her He was arching and flexing his back as he would rise off her and then drive it deep into her again and her moaning was getting louder and louder. This was very erotic as he was fucking her real hard and the room had gotten warm. I could actually smell the sex aroma and really wondered how much of it was coming from me.

I even imagined that I was under him and not Monica. I really wanted to be fucked. I had never done anything as exciting as this and I began to finger and masturbate as I watched intensely. I secretly wished Ryan had been able to come with us and I knew I would have let him fuck me. I was intrigued at the way Monica and Jordon had been so affectionate, loving and gentle towards each other and yet what I was watching in front of me was almost animalistic. It was like watching a pair of mating animals the way he held her down and gave it to her. She moaned and took each deep thrust and almost begged and pushed her body to him demanding more and more.

Jordon held her hips and really gave it to her fast and Monica was almost screaming she was so loud. She hooked her legs over his back and tightened them around him as he thrust it deep and hard into her and held it there. I wondered if the neighbours could hear and then I could see the muscles in Jordon’s hips contracting at the same time she just settled down to a steady moan. Jordon arched his back and slowly made little small thrusts and I knew that he was now filling Monica with semen as she caressed his back and moved slowly with him. Her legs were around him and I knew her muscles would be milking the final drops from him. They were both very warm and sweaty and I almost came myself I was so excited from watching them.

He moved back and I heard him take his cock out of her with a plopping sound. I had sat up and looked down and couldn’t believe that whole thing had been inside her. I could smell what I guessed was semen and got a close view of a stream of thick whitish fluid running out of her onto the cushion. Jordon was still hard when Monica rolled over and grabbed a Kleenex from a box. She pulled a comforter off the couch and threw it over Jordon and myself and ran down the hall to the bathroom.

As soon as she was out of site Jordon rolled over and had me partially under him. I was so excited from watching him fuck Monica that my nipples were already hard and sensitive when he rubbed them. I wondered what he intended to do as he centered his huge hips between my legs and was spreading me very wide. I thought guys had to rest but his cock was still hard from when he finished Monica and He was already guiding the large blunt head towards my tiny slit. I felt a bit of pressure when he pushed it against me and then I realized he was seriously trying to fuck me. His cock head was as big as a plum and I was so small I could hardly get two of my small fingers in me. I panicked when I felt it starting to spread my lips and caught myself as I realized that I was so wet and lubricated that maybe he really could get his huge cock into me and it was starting to hurt. I told him “its hurting me Jordon .”

He eased off and pushed back “I’m sorry Janie,” and he slid down on my body and put his cock between my legs again only this time from behind me as we lay on our sides. I was getting to feel the big cock again only this time he was sliding it along my lips. He made no move to try and get the big head in me. The tip was coming right up between my legs and touching my tummy and it was feeling very nice as he rubbed it slowly back and forth. He put his hand down and held his cock against my slit as if it was inside me. His other hand was caressing and fondling my breasts. He squeezed my small nipples and I was very excited and really did like the feel of his cock there.

Monica brought a tube of something and asked me if I wanted to let him try to fuck me. She moved my leg up over his which sort of opened me and she rubbed the lubricant on his cock and then guided the slippery dripping tip into me. He pressed gently and the big head expanded the tight inner ring. I felt like a fragile doll as I looked down and could see his huge muscular legs dwarfing mine and I felt his cock stretching me real wide. Monica worked around it with her fingers and Jordan pushed harder and the head went into me and I cried out and moaned. It was so tight he could hardly move but he worked it in and out and pushed until he got half of his big cock inside me.

I whispered to Monica that it hurt inside when I moved and she told Jordon he should take it out of me that he was too big. I was almost really to cry but just lay there with his cock right up in my belly and then instead of taking it out he started to fuck me. I was moaning steady as his hand around me caressed my breasts as he stroked his cock in me until I was almost out of breath. He was really doing it slow and gentle but I was so tight around him he was actually dragging my lips in and out with his cock. I could feel every bit of movement all through my body.

Then he got carried away and began doing it faster and a bit deeper and his cock started to hurt me. I didn’t want to do it any more now and wanted to stop. I tried to get away but he was too far along so he just held me to him and virtually pumped his hot semen into me. I could feel the thick mucous liquid flowing out. It almost felt soothing inside me until I quickly came to my senses and panicked when it sunk in that he had spurted millions of potent sperm inside my unprotected body. He gave me so much that he left me with a small river of white sticky fluid running out of me. I pulled away and cried out to Monica, “he really came inside me, I could get pregnant.”

We ran to the bathroom with his sticky semen running down the inside of both legs and Monica told me to get in the tub. She pulled the end off the hand held shower head and as I lay back she got the warm water inside me. She pushed the hose gently into me and I knew his sperm was being flushed out and down the drain.. I let the warm water run as it felt so good. I was very sore from what Jordan had done to me.

Monica seemed to be afraid that I might be upset with her and be uncomfortable and I assured her that I felt closer to her now then ever and she hugged me. She told me that at the bar earlier in the evening when I went to the bathroom Ryan had really quizzed them about me. He asked whether I had a boyfriend and if she thought I would mind him calling me. She told him that she was sure it would be okay and I was happy she did as I liked Ryan. She told me he was a very good person and had a good job with the gym company.

She promised me that what happened would stay with both her and Jordon. She told me she did not know that Jordan had tried to fuck me when she was in the bathroom. I didn’t blame him and actually found it a compliment that he really wanted to. I think Jordon could have eventually fucked me if we took our time and it would not have hurt me like it did.

However unknown to me my life was just on the verge of taking a wonderful turn for the better.

I was at home the next night and still a bit upset at myself and was very happy when Ryan did call me like he said he would and we talked for almost two hours. He asked me out for the next evening and we went to a company party then came back to my place where I made coffee and we chatted and then kissed goodnight and he went home. We spent the following Sunday together in the park and Ryan and I spent hours together in the next month. I found out from him that when he dropped into the bar that first night it was not by coincidence. He was there to meet me and it had been set up by Monica earlier that day for him to just turn up there. He said that she told him I would be a perfect girlfriend for him and she knew he was the kind of guy that I like.

He was wonderful and slow and patient with me and we have not hurried to get into bed. We planned a weekend together out of town and knew a lot would happen over those couple of days. When our night together finally came he undressed me slowly until he had me in the nude and we spent a long time exploring each other. I played with his cock and really loved it because he would never hurt me with it and he was just perfect. I had actually touched it before one night at my place when almost in fun after we had be wrestling with each other I masturbated him into a wash cloth. But this night I did oral on him and I had never done that before, but I loved the feel of him in my mouth and wanted it to be nice for him. I got his cock very wet when I sucked him and he liked it so much I soon felt his warm semen hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed it just as I came so hard from his fingers that it left me quivering on the bed. We lay in each others arms and continued to play with each other. He licked almost every inch of my body and finally got his head between my legs and just licked and sucked my slit until I almost screamed.

Later that night he held me in his arms and with his lips to my ear he talked softly to me and gently slid his cock deep into me. He was very sweet and tender and he felt so warm and soothing inside me that it was just wonderful. I moved my legs around him and he began to fuck me and within minutes a hot flushed feeling came over me and I started to quiver. It felt like I had a million nerve endings where our bodies were joined and could feel Ryan swelling bigger and getting even harder. He began doing it so fast I could not keep up and just tried to hold on. I wanted everything from him. I was now protected and. I wanted all of it. I wanted all he could give me and then I felt his pulsating cock spread warmth flow through my whole body.

Monica is not with Jordon anymore and we never see him but she is still very close to me and she has shared in my happiness. That was over two years ago and Ryan likes to joke with people that he picked me up in a bar. As it turned out we sleep together every night now. Actually we were married about eight months ago. We are expecting our first child in about four months. We obviously go well together as Ryan impregnated me on the first try and everything is fine and its a baby boy. I’m doing just great and feeling real good.

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