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Elena’s Adventure

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My name is Elena. My husband and I are eastern Europeans who immigrated to the west four years ago. I have been told that I am attractive, despite standing only 5 feet tall and barely weighing 100 pounds. I have three daughters; 1 six years old, one 5 years old, and the other is 9 months. Having had a baby during the past year and still breast feeding my breast were still a large 34-B. Much larger than one would expect on a woman my size. And on my petite frame they looked very large.

I married my husband when I was only 16 and am now 23. My husband is nine years older than me and worked two jobs in order to make ends meet, allowing me to stay at home with the kids. I would love to find a job, but my husband insists that I be a stay-at-home mom and feels it his duty to sacrifice in order to make this possible.

Yesterday my life turned upside down. Until then my husband was the only man I have ever been with. Although I must admit that our sex life has slowed down quite a bit since the birth of our third child, especially with his being tired all the time from working so much.

Yesterday while my husband was at work and two of the kids were in school I was at home waiting for a delivery of a package my husband ordered. Our youngest child was sleeping in her crib in the bedroom while I watched TV. All of our neighbors in our apartment building work so I have no one to talk to or visit with during the day.

At 10:30 there was a knock at the door. I answered it to find the expected deliveryman. A tall, stocky and rugged looking young man about my age. As he handed me the packing slip for me to sign I realized that he was eyeing my breast. I had not thought about it earlier and was wearing a pair of sweat pants and one of my husband’s tee shirts and had forgot to put on a bra on after feeding my daughter before putting her in her crib. When I realized that he was looking at my almost visible nipples I blushed.

Catching my embarrassment he smiled and said, “They look quite nice, ma’am.” I was outraged at his comment and ordered him to leave at once. I even told him that I would call his employer and report his vulgar comment. This seemed to anger him. He looked at me and said, “What’s your problem, bitch? You’re the one showing off your tits.” That was it, I grabbed the package out of his hand and shoved the door back in his face, but he blocked the door and shoved me back into the living room. Before I knew it he was inside and had the door closed behind him. “Get out of here!” I ordered. But he just looked at me and said, “Not until I see them titties up close and personal.” He grabbed me and shoved me to the floor. I tried to fight him off but he was so much bigger and stronger than me. He ripped the tee shirt from my body and began fondling my breast. He grinned in satisfaction as milk began discharging from my nipples. He quickly put his mouth over my left nipple and began sucking it while he tore my sweats and panties off me. I was too shocked and scared to scream. And I knew that it would do no good anyway since we were likely the only ones in the building other than my baby. I begged him not to hurt my child or me and he said that we’d both be OK if I did what he asked. Out of fear I agreed to do whatever he wished.

He jerked off his pants. I saw his erect penis protruding from his waist. It’s the only one I’ve seen other than my husband. And it was much larger. He grabbed my head in his hands and ordered me to suck it. I resisted at first. I have never done such a thing. I admit that I have thought about it after hearing other women mention it. But my husband is a very conservative man. He believes that such acts are perverse and will only participate in intercourse. Almost always missionary style.

I parted my lips and he thrust his dick into my mouth. He shoved it back into my throat nearly causing me to gag. I closed my lips around it and began sucking as best I could from the descriptions I’ve heard other ladies say. My attacker held my head tight and while I tried sucking he seemed more intent on fucking my mouth. He rammed his cock so deep that his balls slapped my chin. I didn’t think my throat could take it but he continued thrusting in again and again. After a few moments I could feel it swelling even larger in my mouth. Then in erupted in my throat. I felt the warmth first before it began spurting into the back of my throat. The taste was unexpected and it was all I could do to keep from vomiting as his cock continued spurting more and more cum into my mouth. He groaned in satisfaction as he continued unloading into me.

As he withdrew from my mouth I fought to hold back tears. I just wanted him to leave. But he had more in mind. As I dropped back to the floor he got down between my legs and buried his face into my crotch. I tensed up as I felt his mouth meeting my pussy. This too is something I had never had done before. My husband rarely ever even used his finger there and would never have thought to put his tongue in me. I gasped as he began licking my pussy lips. His tongue darting in and out between them. But when it flickered over my clit I spasmed. I was shocked at the realization that my pussy was beginning to get very wet. Wet enough that when he thrust his finger in there it slid in easily. To my horror my pussy welcomed this intrusion. He began fucking me with one finger first, then two and then three. All the while licking my clit. I couldn’t control my hips and they began rising to meet his thrusts and licks. My mind screamed that I was supposed to hate this but my body was enjoying it. Never had my husband made me feel so good. I lost all control over my body as I felt my climax building. I could count the number of orgasms my husband had given me on one hand. Usually I had to finish myself with my own fingers after he had gone to sleep. But here was a man intent on making me have an orgasm. Before I knew it I was moaning loudly. My pussy exploded as he licked my clit harder and faster. I came on his face not wanting him to stop. When he finally did I began crying in shame. Unable to believe that I had allowed a total stranger to get me off.

He grabbed me and rolled me over and forced me to get up on my knees. I knew he was going to fuck me. And part of me wanted his cock inside me. But when it pressed against my asshole I froze. At first I thought that he had just misjudged his position. But soon I realized that he was intent upon forcing his massive cock into my virgin ass. I tried getting away from him but he held me tight. I begged him to stop but my cried fell on deaf ears. His cock pressed hard against my anal ring. I screamed in pain as it broke through and began shoving deep inside me. The agony was unbearable. Soon he was all the way inside my torn ass and was thrusting me hard. I could feel his hairy balls banging against my soaked pussy as he rammed into my ass. My fingers clutched the carpet tight as I tried to endure the pain. But it was too much for me. I thought I would pass out, and wished that I would to escape the agony. But it was not to be. He continued banging my asshole harder and harder. I heard him cry out and his cock exploded in my ass. This was a mixed blessing. The wetness of his cum made it easier to take his cock. But his thrust increased and became harder and deeper as he came inside me, which brought about more pain as well.

He withdrew his cock from my ass and I fell forward. Then he grabbed me and pulled me over him. He lay on his back and forced me to straddle him and sit on his cock. Once it was inside me I began riding his cock, feeling it growing hard inside my pussy. I lost control again and began fucking his cock, feeling every inch of it fill my pussy in a way my husband never did. I climaxed very quickly, crying out with enjoyment as I did. This excited him even more. He grabbed my tits and squeezed them, having me to continue fucking him while he lay there enjoying me. It took him another half-hour to come again. And during that time I lost count of how many orgasms I had. By the time his cock emptied itself into my pussy I was lost in rapture. When he lifted me off his body I collapsed onto the floor. He stood and dressed, telling me how much he enjoyed fucking me.

His words cut through me like a knife but I couldn’t escape the fact that I had been totally and completely satisfied by this rapist. There was no way I could tell my husband or anyone else about what happened here today. I watched as he strolled to the door in satisfaction. Before leaving he looked back and told me that he’d be sure to personally deliver anything that comes to us in the future. As he walked out I smiled. For I knew that my husband was expecting another delivery tomorrow…

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