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My First Time With Ruth

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I dropped down under the shade of the tree next to Bill and Joe. “Has she been out yet?”

“Ya don’t see any laundry hangin’ up do ya’?” Joe observed.

“Good, I had to finish fixing the fence out back, I thought she might be done by now.”

Working on a cattle ranch in Montana in my youth did not offer many possibilities for sexual entertainment. We couldn’t log in on the Internet and surf for porn sites, we had no soft core porn on the movie channels, and the nearest titty bar was some thousand miles from here.

So our biggest source of erotic entertainment was to watch the owner’s wife, Ruth, hang up her laundry. Now this might not sound like something worth hurrying back from a job for, but then you never had the pleasure of watching Ruth hang up laundry on a hot summer day.

Every boy on the ranch, who knew what his dick was for, took his noon break under the oak tree near the clothesline. Now, as I look back on this with the knowledge I have today, I know she knew what she was doing to us.

She would come out of the house wearing a pair of white shorts. Shorts so tight that you knew if you ever got close enough to touch them, they’d explode and kill you with cotton shrapnel. If you didn’t die from the shrapnel, the sight of that bare bottom would stop your heart. Just imagining what her bare ass would look like would dampen your pants.

She floated up and down the clothesline on legs that Betty Grable would have killed for. Smooth, tanned and firm as only a Montana farm girl could have.

She wore thin white cotton shirts, bleached so white, you had to squint to look for the bra showing through. The bra held up her tits for the world to see like an altar raising up an offering to the gods.

The boys raced through their morning work to be sure to have a seat for the noon show.

She would open the backdoor and walk down the steps, with the laundry basket balanced on her hip. It rocked in rhythm to her walk as she descended the steps to the yard. She would turn a bit and walk away from us to the far end of the clothesline. I think she could hear us all moan as we watched her ass cheeks bounce in a motion that pumped blood into our cocks with each little roll.

One day I had to piss something awful, so I set over to the outhouse. I stepped inside and shut the door. It never got too dark in that little wooden shack because of the cracks in the seams of the old planks. After I pissed, I looked out through a crack and saw she was only about thirty feet away. When she would bend down to pick up a shirt, her blouse would fall open and I could see part of a tit and her bra. My cock got so hard at the sight of this I was worried about puncturing one of those old planks.

I backed up a bit from the wall and unbuttoned my pants. My cock was long and hard as my hand wrapped around it. I slowly stroked it as she hung up a shirt, and when she bent down to get another, I picked up the pace, jacking my cock, while I got a straight look at her underwear and part of her tit. Soon my hand was getting my close, and it only took three more shirts, a dress, and a pair of her panties, before I was painting the inside of that outhouse.

She always dried her panties and bras nearest to where the boys sat watching her. I’m sure the Boss wouldn’t have liked it, but he never paid attention to how she did the laundry.

If a stripper could generate half the sexual energy Ruth could hanging up clothes, she’d be booked solid. The fellas never figured out why I always had to piss when the show got going, but at least I never went back to work with a boner.

Now, I was dating her sixteen-year old daughter, Beth. We’d go out to the movies or I would be around to take her to school-so Ruth knew I existed. I was always polite and treated their daughter well and was pretty sure I would marry her some day. Beth was beautiful. She was a five-inch shorter version of her mother. But each time I came to the house to pick her up I would gaze on Ruth and my cock would swell for her.

I called their house one day to see if I could pick up Beth to go to the movies, Ruth said, sure come on over, Beth would be ready.

I pulled up to the house and parked where her husband’s pickup usually was. I figured I would be there no more than a couple of minutes, and the spot was closest to the house.

So I went up to the house and knocked on the door.

Ruth opened it, “Come on in, John”

“Evn’n, Mrs. Ruth. I came to get Beth for the movies.”

“Oh, John, Beth and her father went to that Agriculture Seminar over in the next county. They won’t be back until tomorrow.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I thought you said she would be here.”

“I know, and I’m sorry John. Her father thought she should go with him to learn about the ranch, and I forgot to call you.” She smiled at me in a way I had never seen, warmer, softer.

“Well, that’s okay, I’ll just be going back to town.”

“No, John. You’re not driving fifteen miles back into town without at least coming in for a cold drink. Now you go sit in the living room and I’ll bring us some.” She pointed me to the living room and turned to go to the kitchen. I watched her ass transport her through the door and went in and sit on the couch.

She came in carrying two glasses of Coke and set them on the coffee table. She sat down close to me-very close-too close.

“There now what shall we talk about?” Talk, I had to talk? When she sat down next to me her smell met my nose, every ounce of blood in my body went to my dick. I must have looked very pale to her. She had the most amazing odor, a light airy scent that floated over her, and a deeper, musky odor; I couldn’t, at that time, identify.

When I make no reply to her offer of conversation she leans over and kisses me. No woman had ever kissed me before. I had kissed girls. I was good at kissing girls and they liked to kiss me. Kissing Mrs. Ruth was like being sent into the game for DiMaggio, you knew the crowd wouldn’t like you, and it was certain you would strike out. This woman was the reason the backyard outhouse had one wall painted white. Somewhere in the middle of the kiss, I realized her hand was sitting on my thigh, just inches from my cock. I was dead. I knew the Boss was going to come through that door in any second. He would look around and see us, and calmly walk over to the gun rack, and find the biggest gun there and put a bullet through my head.

At the same time as the kiss drew out her hand crept closer to my cock, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t care. When the bullet entered my skull I would be safe in the knowledge that I had just died the happiest man who had ever lived.

Her hand moved on my thigh and I was ready to fire a week’s worth of cum into my pants if she touched my cock. Her hand passed over the top of the aching bulge, and she took hold of my left wrist. She pulls my arm up until my hand touches her breast. She presses it into her firm flesh. My mind doesn’t register that there is no underwear masking my touch. I just feel her nipple burn its tip into my palm.

She broke the kiss and whispered into my ear a question. “Would you like me to teach you how to make love to Beth when you are married?”

She didn’t wait for a reply, certainly knowing that I was past speaking. She placed her lips back on mine and resumed kissing me. Her hands traced their way across my chest, feeling the muscles built up working for the Boss, now being felt by the Boss’s wife. Death once again crossed my mind, when she pulled my other hand to her free breast. She pulled me into a tight embrace and my hands went behind her, while her tits flattened against my chest. Her tongue was alive in my mouth. She drew my tongue in to her mouth and sucked it fiercely, almost painfully.

She reached down, opened my pants and pulled my cock free. “John, you have a wonderful cock, Beth is going to be a very happy wife when you fuck her with this big cock, and I am going to be a very happy mother-in-law when you fuck me with it.”

She moved to the floor in front of me and I felt her tongue slide up my cock from my balls to the head. She swiped her tongue over the head sweeping in one of the steady drips of cum flowing out of my aching cock.

I couldn’t believe the Boss’s wife and my future mother-in-law is on the floor, between my legs-Oh, God-sucking my cock. She plunged down taking most of my long cock in one push. She moved her hand deep into my pants testing the load of cum resting in my balls. She looked up at me and smiled around my cock at the look of wonder and amazement in my eyes.

“Let’s get these pants off you.” I lifted up my ass and soon I was naked below the waist. She tugged on my shirt to leave me, the Boss’ soon-to-be son-in-low, completely naked on the Boss’ couch, with the Boss’ wife sucking my cock. Was it possible to be deader than I was at that time?

She pulled me to my feet, my cock waving before me like some divining rod looking for water. “Take my clothes off.” I have trouble with the buttons on her blouse. She was stroking my cock while I try to manipulate these microscopic buttons holding her breasts hidden from me. She smiles at my difficulty, but she still doesn’t stop pumping me up.

Her blouse finally opened and her tits were free. The tits I felt through the material were now free for my hands to touch and gently squeeze. I never thought to be rough, even as excited as I was, I knew she was a lady, and had to be treated gently.

She moved my hands from her tits to her shorts and popped the button for me. My fingers slipped inside and I slowly lowered them. I don’t see any of the panties I watched her dry so many times on her clothesline. Tonight she had left them in the drawer as when I lowered her shorts a few inches the hair above her pussy came into view. It was matted with moisture and the underlying odor I noticed earlier swells in power. I realized that before I was smelling her pussy. She was aroused and the odor inflamed me. She stepped out of her shorts and looked down at me naked on the floor.

Ruth took my head and brought it to her stomach. “Kiss me here.” I kissed the soft curve of her lower belly. She pushed me down an inch and said, “Kiss me here.” She moved my head down again. “Kiss me here.” I was kissing her twisted little hairs that decorated her pussy. Down again she sent me another inch. Her odor was intoxicating. The hair was denser when she said, “Kiss me here.” Lower I went and I felt wetness on my lips. “Kiss me here.” Then I was over her pussy. It was wet and my lips tasted her flavor for the first time. “Stick out your tongue.” I softly licked her, her taste finer than I could imagine. She pushed me down a little more. “Inside. Put your tongue inside.” I penetrated her and felt the heat of her cunt. She pressed my head into her and I felt her hips swaying as she fucked my tongue.

She pulled me from her and said, “Let’s go to my room, and I will teach you how to fuck.”

So as I followed Hera up the slopes of Mount Olympus, I just prayed that Zeus really was in the next county.

She pulled the coverlet off the bed and folded it down. I stood awkwardly watching, not knowing where to put my hands. Was it all right to stroke my cock while she did this? Would she be offended? I wasn’t sure, and didn’t want to take the chance, so I stood quietly until she turned to me, took my hand, and led me to the mountaintop.

“Let’s just lie here quietly and kiss-touch me softly. Touch my sides, my legs, my arms, my breasts, my pussy, touch me everywhere while we kiss. You must learn to properly arouse a woman and make it so she is on fire to have your cock in her. Beth will learn to appreciate this when you fuck her like you’re going to fuck me.”

I lay on the bed with her, and we began to softly kiss. I followed her directions touching, in order, all the places she told me to. She touched me also, except she knew how close I was to cumming. I didn’t know how close Ruth was until I reached her pussy, and accidentally slid my hand over her clit.

“Oh, John, yes!” She stiffened and held me tightly. She quivered a few seconds then relaxed.

“I was so close from your licking me in the living room. You made me cum, John. I came from the touch of your fingers on my pussy. Remember the touch, John, Beth will want that same touch on her cunt.”

She kissed me and pulled me over her. She lifted her knees beside me and I fell into her valley. I was looking into her eyes, our noses almost touching. Ruth smiled at me and I felt her reach between us. She took my cock in her hand and she pulled me up another inch or two. The head of my cock came into contact with her pussy. I know that I will never forget the felling when she pulled me inside. I still was sure there was a bullet heading right now for the back of my head.

All my senses were in full record as she fit me into place. She reached down to by ass with her hands and lifted her legs so her feet are also on my ass. Then with her hands and feet she slowly drew me inside.

“Oh, John. You’re so big. It feels so good.” She sighed into my ear and I descended into paradise. “All the way, John. Don’t start to pull out until you’re down all the way.” Pull out? I may stay here the rest of my life. Nothing had prepared me for the heat and wetness of her pussy. I get to the bottom and I feel an enormous pressure on my cock. She quivered again and gripped me tightly. Her eyes were closed. I was not sure what to do, so I did nothing. Doing nothing and waiting for her had always been the right course so far.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked into mine. She softly says, “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted you.” She holds me tight and quivers again. “Okay, John, pull out your cock almost all the way and slide it back in again, slowly.”

I followed her instructions and felt her pussy reluctantly give up my cock. With the head at her entrance, I repeated the downward motion. Slowly as she instructed, “Oh, yes, John, push your cock into my hot pussy.” She felt my cock jerk at the words she said in my ear. “You like it when I talk dirty to you, don’t you.”

I didn’t know how to respond to such a statement. So I went with the safe answer of yes. “Then fuck me, John, fuck your big dick into my hot little cunt. Fuck me like you’re going to fuck Beth’s little virgin pussy someday.” The outstroke this time was faster; I didn’t pause at the top, but went right to the bottom. No pause, and headed for the top again. Her hips were swinging to meet me in the middle.

My motion accelerated, stopping was unthinkable. My brain was watching and recording, but the actions were removed from its control. I slammed my hips forward and she arched to meet me. “Fuck me, make me cum, fuck my hot cunt. Fuck it.” A steady stream of encouragements flew from her mouth. My cock rolled on faster and faster, until my balls ached with a joy I had never known. Their pain increased until they convulsed and I felt my cum running from the end of my cock in a gushing river, flowing into her straining, grasping cunt. She had me enveloped in her arms fiercely. She was screaming in my ear and I was grunting like a wild animal in full charge. I poured my soul into her pussy and collapsed on her. She pulled me down, my weight crushing her, but she was past caring. I finally realized I was crushing her. I rolled over on my side gasping for breath.

Her breath was still rapid, “I have never, never, been fucked like that. Where did you learn to do that?”

I shook my head. I was still panting, “My, first, time.”

She rolled back, sighed, and said, “It’s a long time until morning.” She sat up leaned over and sucked my limp cock into her mouth.

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