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My Very Gay Weekend Ch. 02

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Aaron looked at me with a mixture of shock and pure heat. I don’t think he was expecting me to actually take him up on his offer. I don’t know, maybe he figured I was really into the submissive stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved it, but I wasn’t going to be his pushover. And I was damn sure going to give him the same treatment he gave me.

Without saying a word, Aaron turned over onto hands and knees. His ass was hanging over the arm of the sofa, so I was able to walk up and position myself right behind him. His ass was like a sculpture. It was a hairless, tanned and muscular. I needed to fuck him. I wasn’t thinking of him as a man or woman at this point. I was only thinking of him as a thing of beauty that needed to be fucked. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my underwear, which were soaked with cum that had slid off of my face and down my chest, and pulled them down to my ankles. My aching cock finally got some relief as it sprang up and smacked Aaron in the ass. My dick is pretty average compared to Aaron’s, but, I can get it to a thick 7” if I am really turned on, and I was feeling pretty turned on today. I stood there naked for the first time in front of my roommate. He looked me up and down and flashed me a sly smile. Getting such an approving once-over from this hunk gave me a burst of confidence. I took a scoop of cum from my face and rubbed it on his inviting asshole. It seemed to pucker as I touched it. I then grabbed my hard 7’ cock and shoved the entire thing into his ass in one thrust.

“Aarrghhh! Take it slow.” Aaron screamed in pain.

This pissed me off. Considering how much I had suffered as his slave, he had the nerve to complain about this? I started spanking his ass hard and fast while fucking him with the same tempo.

“Fuck you, Aaron,” I said. “I put up with all of your shit, now you have to put up with mine.” He was whimpering as I fucked and spanked him. His back muscles were flexing which each of my thrusts. He seemed to be in pain at first, but after I slowed down the pace a little, his moans started to become those of pleasure.

I stopped slapping his magnificent ass so that I could concentrate on fucking it. His buttcheeks were bright red and looked delicious with my cock sliding in and out of them.

I leaned forward so that I had my chest to his back. I pressed my face down and started sucking the back of his neck. As I did this, I used my finger to scoop some cum off of my face and stuck it to his lips. At first he moved his head away, but after I shoved my finger into his mouth he started sucking. My other hand was rubbing his sculpted chest and abs.

I could feel myself getting close to cumming, so I changed my rhythm a little. I was now pulling my cock out of Aaron’s ass with a slow stroke, just far enough so that the head of my dick was still in his ass, and then I would shove the whole thing into his ass with a quick thrust. As soon as I started doing this, Aaron went wild. He started shouting, “Oh Cliff! That (uggh!) feels so (uggh!) good! (Uggh!) Keep it up! (UGGH!) I didn’t know (UGGH!) Ooooohhhh (UGGH!) Oh fuck, I fucking love this! “ I must have been hitting his prostate, because Aaron started getting really into it. He was clenching his ass muscles so that they were in perfect rhythm with my fucking. I was in heaven. I’d fucked a girl’s ass before, but that was nothing compared to this. I guess it makes sense. Who else would know how to pleasure a cock better than someone who has one of his own.

I leaned back with my arm around him and brought him to more of a kneeling position. Using only my hips (since my arm was wrapped so tightly around Aaron’s chest that I was practically glued to his back), I started fucking his ass like I was drilling a well. The sound of my groin slapping against his ass filled the room. If the slaps were any faster it would have sounded like applause. I then used my other hand to reach down and play with his balls.

Aaron was now moaning in one long continuous “ooooooooooohhhhh!” I felt so decadent that I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I told Aaron to flip over so that I could face him as I came. He flipped onto his back and lifted his ass in the air. I stood on the couch and bent over his ass and started fucking him in the piledriver position. I was fucking him faster than I ever thought I could. The cushions of the couch were making it easy for Aaron to match my thrusts. I wrapped my hand around Aaron’s now hard cock and started stroking. I was amazed that he was able to get hard again.

Aaron looked so hot. His body glistened with sweat. His eyes were rolled back in his head as I pleasured his ass and his cock at the same time. I let go of his tool and lowered his ass a little so I could fuck him and rub his stomach with my hands. Aaron must have missed the feeling of someone touching his cock because he grabbed it after I let go and began to rub the head of it around my navel as I pounded my meat into him. The heat of his cock on my body, coupled with the look on his face was starting to drive me over the edge. I stopped because I wanted it to last more, but Aaron was having none of that. With one last thrust, Aaron drove his ass as far onto my cock as it would go and flexed his ass muscles over and over. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my ear to his mouth.

“Give me your cum, lover. Don’t you think I deserve it,” he breathed into my ear.

That was all it took. With a loud pop I pulled out of Aaron’s ass and in one smooth motion, straddled his face and shoved my cock into his mouth. He wasn’t prepared for my cum because he choked on my first shot, spraying jizz out of his nose and onto his chest. I pulled out until just the tip of it was in his mouth and fired the remainder of my load, which was one of the biggest I had ever shot.

“Don’t swallow,” I ordered. “Spit it on the glass table.”

He did as he was ordered and looked at me.

“No I want you to jack-off into that cum puddle.” Aaron reached down and started to jerk off. I walked up behind him as he was doing it and shoved my thumb up his ass and tickled his prostate. He must have been really turned on, because that was all it took for him to shoot his third load of the evening onto the table… and it was still almost as big as mine. It looked like we were making a pancake.

“Now clean up your mess,” I instructed. Aaron didn’t even need a hint of what to do. He lowered his head, put his lips to the piddle of cum and started slurping it all up. When he was done with that, he stuck out his tongue and made sure that he had gotten it all. He then got to his feet and started kissing my face. He made sure to suck up any of the left over sperm from his first load that hadn’t fallen off of my face in the last 40 minutes.

I fell back on the couch exhausted. My deflated cock was glistening with spit and cum. Aaron looked like a mess. He had come on his lips, his ass was bright red from my abuse, and his cock was stuck to his thigh and was red from having cum 3 times in less than an hour. Despite his look, he walked over to me and put his cock in my face and started rubbing it on my cheek.

“Dude that was one of the most intense experiences of my life. “

I licked his shaft and said, “Me, too. Let’s do this again tomorrow.”

“Why wait?” Aaron replied. His cock (amazingly!) was getting hard again. God, this guy is a stud! I thought.

At the exact moment that I put my lips around Aaron’s cock, we heard a knock at the door.

“Yo, Aaron! Its Greg and Pete. You there?!”

“Oh my God!” Aaron said to me, “It’s two of my buddies from my college team. I forgot I told them they could stop by. Shit!” He turned to the door and said, “Be right there!” I had no idea what we were going to do.

To be continued…….

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