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My First Brasilian

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It was around Christmas that I had broken up with my boyfriend and wasn’t really looking to date anyone. My best friend Toni gave me a gift certificate to a fancy new day spa as a way to lift my spirits. She talked me taking a day off to do something for myself as the New Year’s Party was later that week.

I called “Natural Beauty Spa” and I gave the receptionist the ‘secret code’ on the gift certificate and made the appointment. This was my first time at the spa or any spa for that matter. I really didn’t know what to expect. But from the way Toni raves about this spa, I knew that I had to check it out at least once.

I arrived at “Natural Beauty” a few minutes early, just as the receptionist suggested. I was directed to sit in the lobby where I was brought out a list of wines and chocolates. “Interesting” I thought to myself. I began to look at the other clients and most were wearing robes and drinking from champagne glasses.

It was a mixture of both men and women. Just then I heard my name being called, “Victoria P.” I looked around and saw a young woman calling my name.

“Yes.” I said as I walked to her.

“Please follow me” she motioned with her hand and pointed to a dressing room. “Please remove your clothing and use the towels and robe that have been picked out for you. If you have any questions, my name is Felicity.”

“Thank you.” I said. I walked into a small changing area and took off my clothes and put them in the locker provided. Five minutes had passed when Felicity came back for me.

“Ms. Victoria, you will be meeting with Athena for your massage and wax.” she says as we walk out of the dressing room and into another part of the building.

“Wax?” I asked. “I didn’t sign up for a wax!”

“Yes, your gift certificate is a package deal that includes massage and wax. Didn’t the person that gave you the gift certificate mention that?” she asked.

“No.” I quietly responded, “What kind of massage and wax will I be getting.”

She stopped in front of a door with the sign ‘Athena’s Goddesses’ and she motioned me inside. “This is it Ms. Victoria. Athena will be with you shortly.” She handed me a rose as she left the room and said, “I hope you enjoy your day with us.”

I entered the room quietly — a little uncertain of what I was going to find. I was a little surprised at what I found. The room was designed to resemble an ancient temple in the Mediterranean. There were mosaics painted on the walls that looked like they belonged in a temple in Ancient Greece. I walked along the all studying the mosaics, blushing at some of the scenes that depicted a couple in an erotic moment. Just then I heard a voice behind me, “Do you like what you see?” I turned around and found myself staring at a very attractive woman. “Oh…hello, I am sorry I didn’t see you there” was all I could to say to her.

She motioned me to the massage table and said “please remove your robe and lay on the table.”

I took off my robe, feeling a little subconscious about my body. I am not what society sees as the ideal beauty. I have some roundness and softness to my body — enough to be labeled chubby or ‘thick’. I am a little shy about my body, or as I called it — my “womanly body.” I am sure this woman was used to seeing naked bodies before — in all shapes and sizes, but I couldn’t stop mentally comparing myself to this woman. She is beautiful, with an incredible figure, and perfect complexion. She looked like she could be Salma Hayek’s twin. I envied her for being so beautiful without even trying. I was starting to feel a little self-conscious. Athena noticed my uneasiness and began to talk to me about her job. I talked to her about my break-up and my complaints about my ex-boyfriend.

“I have been there myself,” Athena told me, “maybe you should consider dating girls.”

I laughed at her comment. “Going gay,” that was something I always told my friends I would do if Rick and I ever broke up. I was only joking but Athena sounded serious when she said it.

I began to relax, as felt her warm hand rubbing lotion on my back. I have never experienced a massage like this. My ex-boyfriend would give me a ‘rub, rub, rub and pat, pat, pat’ and call that a massage. But Athena’s fingers and hands were rubbing away all my stress. Athena’s soft voice was almost like a lullaby. I tried to listen to her words, but the mixture of her soft whispery voice and the ‘ocean’ music that was playing in the background, was just too relaxing.

It seemed like hours that Athena was rubbing and kneading my back and legs. She asked me if I was thirsty and brought over a glass of champagne. I took a sip from the glass and picked up a chocolate covered strawberry. I couldn’t stop looking at Athena, mostly because I was somewhat jealous of her long dark brown hair, her exotic look, her perfect tits and ass. I wished I had her body — she was beautiful. But suddenly her comment came back to me. Suddenly an erotic thought flashed in my brain — I began to wonder what if it was her mouth that was massaging my body instead of her hands. I quickly dismissed my thought — I mean, I not like that. I like men, no I love men, —but the image of her mouth and hands on my tits quickly continued to play out in my mind. I tried to shake off these images. As I stepped off the massage table to look at the frescos, Athena arranged the massage table differently. It was more upright than before. She asked me if I was ready to return to the table.

“This time you will lay with your back on the table. I will massage your feet, legs and shoulders,” she said. I did what I was told: I wasn’t arguing with a woman that was good with her hands. I sat back and relaxed, letting the warm sensation of her hands and champagne over power my senses. As her hands were kneading my thighs, I began to feel that familiar sensation of excitement begin to build up inside me. I tried to stop thinking of her sexually, but all I kept thinking and hoping was that her hands and fingers would find a way to massage my pussy. No sooner did I begin thinking this, when I felt Athena’s finger dangerously close to my lips. I tried to say something but only a moan managed to escape from my mouth. Instinctively I arched my back and spread my legs open a little bit. I felt her fingers getting closer and closer to my lips. I felt a zap of electricity as her fingers opened up my pussy lips. She slowly began to insert her fingers into me; one by one….the feeling was amazing. I began to grind my cunt on her fingers and with one quick thrust she made me come on her hand.

“Did you enjoy that darling?” she asked as she looked into my eyes.

“Yes it was, I’m sorry I didn’t know what came over me” I said.

“It is now time for the wax” she smiled at me. She spread my legs open and quickly put some hot wax near my pussy. With a quick yank she cleared off my naturally dark colored bush. I cried out in pain as she continued to wax off all the hair from my pussy. She spread my pussy lips and yanked away until nothing was left. It hurt so bad I was crying. She walked over to me and kissed me lightly on the lips and said “Shhh…it’s almost over. I just need to spread your ass to get the hair on your behind.”

I looked scared but felt secure in what she was doing. It took only a minute and my whole pussy and ass were clear of any hair. She began to rub lotion on my pussy and ass. “This will sooth the irritation” she said, as I felt her rub a cooling lotion on me. It felt really good as her fingers began to tease my pussy again. With both hands she begins to rub and tease me again.

She inserts one finger and then two more into my very wet pussy. She begins to thrust her fingers into me and with a quick motion she kneeled before my legs and begins to lick my pussy with her tongue. Slowly she licks my pussy lips and my clit until I find myself again grinding my pelvis into her face. It feels incredible what she is doing to me and as I begin to cum I feel her other hand insert a finger into my ass.

“Oh my god…please…don’t do that” I said breathlessly. But she didn’t listen as she continued to finger both my pussy and ass.

“Victoria your skin is so smooth and delicious” she said. She again lowered herself between my legs and continued to lick my pussy and asshole. It didn’t take long before my pussy let out a nice gush of my orgasm into her mouth. “Mmmm you taste very good” she said before kissing me. She looked into my eyes and asked me “would you like me to continue with your planned event?”

“Yes, wait; I, I, I don’t know!” I responded. “I don’t know what else …..”

“Oh there is much more darling since your gift certificate allows me to fulfill your most secret desire,” she said, “I am just here to make sure you leave satisfied.”

She took my hand and wrapped the robe around my shoulders. My body felt excitingly fresh and relaxed. I touched my pussy and felt the baby soft skin that that was under my luscious dark forest. Athena took me to another room that was decorated just as exotic as the massage room. Never in my whole life would I have found myself naked and with a woman. She motioned me to the bed and took off my robe. As I lay down on the bed, Athena began to remove her clothing as well. She removed her dress and she looked at me with a wicked smile. She slithered onto the bed to where I lay and she spread my legs open.

“I can eat you all day darling” she purred as her tongue licked my pussy again. She was a woman that knew how to use her tongue. Never in my life had I received so much oral attention; not even from my boyfriend. It was too late now to think of him, especially since Athena’s mouth and fingers quickly removed any memory of him. I just lay back and enjoyed what she was doing to me and imagined my mouth between her lips. With all these thoughts running through my head, all I could do was yell out “I’m cumming….oh my god, mmmmm.”

Athena quickened her pace on my pussy with her tongue. She licked and sucked every little drop of cum that I had squirted out. She raised herself up and slowly began to kiss my round belly as she worked her way up to my tits. She took my left breast and kissed it slowly. Then she did the same to my right one as some of her fingers remained in my pussy. She flicked my nipple as it stood erect in her mouth. She nibbled and started to bite down hard on it and within seconds I felt another orgasm building. My moaning grew louder and louder, my breathing was shallow and hard. I raised her head up to my face and kissed her. I felt her tongue enter my mouth. It was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wanted to taste this woman, to eat her like she had eaten me; to plunge my tongue deep inside her cunt. My mind was racing with these new thoughts, as she moaned when my finger found her wet pussy.

Suddenly I took control of the situation and flipped her over on her back. I slithered down to where my finger was buried. I looked at her hairless pussy in amazement as it was going to be the first pussy I had ever tasted. I spread her legs open and found her wet hole waiting for attention. I gently placed my mouth over her pussy and began to kiss it. I placed tiny kisses on her pussy just as she had done to mine. With her hands she took hold of my head and pushed it closer to her pussy. She arched her back as I licked her hot box. Her pussy tasted like sweet honey and I licked it up like a child with a lollipop. She began to grind her pussy into my face; her moans were an indication that she was going to come. I greedily awaited her release as my mouth covered her pussy. And when she came, she did so with a shudder.

I crawled on the bed to be near her and lay my head on the pillows. We looked at each other and we both smiled contently.

“I….I…don’t know what just happened but it felt good” I said.

“Darling this was just the beginning,” she said, “we haven’t finished yet!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well your stay at the spa isn’t over, at least not with me,” she said, “you still have a few hours left before our time is up.”


“Yes, in a few minutes we will be served lunch and then I will continue to treat you like the goddess that you are.”

I didn’t know what to think, but I was willing to learn what else she had in store for me.

Within minutes we were served lunch in the bedroom. We didn’t even bother putting our clothing on as we ate our lunch. We were given another bottle of champagne. I drank it like it was water. I was nervous again as I thought about what had just transpired. I wasn’t the adventurous type and never really experimented in college. What was happening to me I kept asking myself. It didn’t take long for Athena to come to my side.

She stood me up and we walked to the bed again. We sat at the edge of the bed and she took my face into her hands.

“You are a very beautiful woman Victoria” she said lovingly. “I want you leave this place with a feeling of empowerment and fulfillment.”

“I don’t know what to say…” I nervously answered her.

“Just for this moment imagine yourself at the foot of alter of Venus. Imagine yourself as Venus and only through you, can love, sex and beauty exist.”

I closed my eyes as she continued to tell the story of Venus. I felt her hand rub my stomach and slowly trace a line directly to my vagina. I felt my legs open up instinctively as her finger found my clit. My clit began to grow with her touch. She slowly traced circles around it and I felt my body weaken again. Her mouth found my nipple and she began to nurse it. My body quivered as we both lay on the bed. She climbed on top of me and we kissed passionately. Our bodies, our minds both working on the same fantasy. She placed her mouth on my breasts and began to suckle like a baby. She continued to suck my tits squeezing them, biting them, pinching them. I came so powerfully that later she would tell me that I almost broke her fingers as my pussy squeezed them when I came.

She moved up towards me and motioned for me to straddle her face. I didn’t hesitate! I lowered my body onto her mouth. I closed my eyes and focused on the tongue that lightly tickled my womanhood. Athena grabbed a hold of my thighs and plunged deep into me. I felt her tongue deep inside again — it felt like a cock wiggling inside me … I suddenly felt a bolt of electricity as I began to moan louder and louder. I grinded my pussy on her open mouth. I felt her tongue lick my lips and as soon as her tongue touched my clit —- I exploded. I felt my body release a large amount of liquid and Athena drank it up eagerly. I collapsed practically on top of her as my body could not take any more. I was exhausted as I lowered myself down to face Athena.

“Oh my god Athena! How do you do that?” I asked, “I have never had an orgasm like that before!”

She just smiled, kissed me and held me close. We feel asleep in each others’ arms. My clit was throbbing as I drifted off to sleep. Hours later Athena and I made love again. She took out some of her favorite toys and taught me how to use them on her. We finally fucked each other in the shower. When we finished she took me back to the room where I had changed when I first arrived. She waited patiently and walked me to the door and kissed me one last time.

“Don’t forget to come back if you were pleased with our special spa treatment” she said as we stood by the door. “Remember our gift certificates are always a great gift idea for your special friends.” I must have looked confused until I realized that my friend Toni must have come here and received the same “special spa” treatment I had just received!

As I walked to the receptionist’s desk I made another appointment with Athena and this time I am bringing my best friend Toni. We had always talked about doing a spa day together.

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