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My Favorite Halloween

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I snapped out of my fog just as Nicole stopped talking. She had gotten into a story about some boy she met last summer, and, quite frankly, I couldn’t have cared less. Her voice was so sexy though, I didn’t mind the droning on.

“Uh…mmm” My standard reply. I had been staring at her mouth. Heat prickled up to my face.

Her blue eyes captured my attention once more. First waiting for a response, then realizing my inattention. A smile spread over her face.

“You are so cute!” Nicole pinched my left cheek and shook it. Instinctively, I winced and drew back. I regretted it immediately.

“You are just like my baby sister!”

With a wink, Nicole signaled the end of our exchange. As was her custom, she raised her hand over her head and brought it down hard on my ass as she walked past. Smack.

Turning to watch her go, I noticed my manager. He looked at me with bewilderment. I could only smile and shrug. I had no any idea why Nicole liked smacking me. I was the only one on the kitchen staff that she did that to. I wasn’t complaining.

I liked to think of myself as a handsome woman. Maybe not a beauty queen, but subtly attractive on some level. I was just twenty years old. My heritage had given my a dense, lean body instead of a curvy figure. That suited me fine. I much rather people notice my biceps than my breasts anyway. As it were, the women in my town seemed to take exception to my butt. Funny thing, how straight women loved to flirt with lesbians. But again, I wasn’t complaining.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Becoming anything you could desire, at least for a few hours, has such allure. Everyone working Halloween night was planning to party after closing. The old restaurant had a creepy basement that was prefect. The stairs leading to the basement were actually outside, just off from the staff entrance. At the bottom, there was a large room on the left with a dry pantry, along with a chest freezer and walk-in cooler. On the right was some miscellaneous chairs, one very old couch, and boxes of God knows what piled everywhere. Past this room was a dark hall leading back to a utility room. Either side of the hall were smaller rooms once used as offices, piled with papers and boxes. The staff bathroom was the last room on the right. Over the decades, junk had accumulated on every horizontal surface available. Like some resale shop had exploded. Under normal circumstances, not a pleasant basement to be in. Many workers believed it was haunted. It was definitely spooky.

The kitchen staff was allowed to wear costumes Halloween night. While those in contact with the public had to be reasonably conservative, we in the kitchen had more freedom. I dressed as some bad boy punk. I slicked back my short hair, wore my baggiest jeans and best “wife-beater” tank top. Temporary tattoos adorned my arms, neck and chest. I decided to leave the pack-n-play at home. That would’ve been a bit much for work. Can’t say that my costume was much of a surprise to my coworkers. It was a small community, where everybody knew everybody. I was well known as the local dyke. Luckily, I was well liked and therefore well tolerated. I never had much use for closets.

“Omygod! You look so hot!” Nicole leaned in close behind me as I kneaded some dough.

I hadn’t seen her come in the back door. She was dressed in a French maid costume. Her small breasts were pushed up, showing off plenty of cleavage, as was the fashion of such outfits. I could only manage a squeak in response. Her hand traveled up my right arm.

“Love the tats…Jesus your arms are strong.” Her other hand came to rest on my backside. Instead of the usual spanking, Nicole firmly squeezed my right butt check. “Hmmm, so yummy.” Her hot breathe filled my ear. “Too bad you’re not a guy.”

With a quick smile and a wink, she left me to my work. I stared after her. What the hell? I was in a pheromone-induce haze for the rest of the shift. I was grateful when the last guests had been escorted out and the dinning room closed. I really needed a drink. Most the staff had already moved out to the staff party. As usual, Tony, the head chief, Nicole and I remained to close up.

Tony had been trying to get into Nicole’s panties all summer. It didn’t help she was such a tease. They often ended the night together, waiting for me to finish cleaning. Tony animatedly attempting to spark Nicole’s interest; Nicole eating it up. He had even tried getting her to go downstairs with him to get ‘supplies’ from the walk-in.

“I’d rather be locked in the walk-in with Robin!” Nicole had once playfully retorted.

I could only choke down my jealousy and continue mopping during these displays. Nicole had never given any indication she was into anything but men. She was always telling me about some hot guy she had met. Lord knew she loved to flirt. I had seen her hanging off Tony on numerous occasions.

Halloween night was much the same. Tony sat on the prep table in a Dracula costume, vainly attempting to impress Nicole while I mopped. Soon enough, I was done. Tony got off his ass and locked up the kitchen.

We made our way to the outside. Most the others had congregated at a lounge area that had developed just outside the staff entrance. A hodge-podge collection of discarded furniture. Jack-o-lanterns had been lit. A small a patio fireplace glowed in the middle of the group. Laughter floated into the night.

We were received into the group with instructions to grab drinks from the nearby coolers. Beer and winecoolers. Guess the party had moved to the outside. Fine by me. That basement gave me the creeps. I usually ran up the stairs when I was down there alone.

“Here you go.” Nicole handed me a beer from the cooler. She picked a winecooler for herself. “I’m assuming your more of a beer drinker than wine…”

God, that smile just melted me. “Uh, thanks.” I reached for the bottle and tipped it back. Perhaps a tad overzealous.

“Um..” Nicole leaned in to whisper in my ear. My heart stopped. “your beer..”

I looked down. My beer had foamed up and began spewing down the bottle. I couldn’t have felt more embarrassed. I tried to look cool while flinging foam off my fingers. “Aw, man!” Licking the bottle, I tried to salvage any beer that continued to spew out the top.

Nicole swatted my butt. “Nice save.” she winked and went over to the party, settling near Tony.

What else could I do? I settled into the group and enjoyed the light banter. A few of the earlier arrivals had left by midnight. Soon, I was feeling quite a nice buzz. I eventually excused myself and made my way to the basement stairwell. The air had gotten cold. I hadn’t noticed until leaving the group.

Even with lights on, the basement was dim. Whether it was the beer or the lighting, I had trouble steering clear of all the crap. I had to make my way slowly to avoid tripping or bumping into something. My head was spinning. I decided to excuse myself from the party after I got back. It was pretty much over anyway. Just as I came back into the open area below the stairs, a rush of adrenaline passed through me. The hair on my neck stood on end.


Thankfully I had already gone to the bathroom. It would’ve looked really uncool if I had pissed my pants while shrieking like some little girl. Oh well. Guess I’ll never be the big bad butch I’m dressed up to be.

“Sorry!” Nicole sat on the couch, laughing at me. “I’m so sorry…” She didn’t sound too sorry to me. She bent over to catch her breathe and wipe a tear from her eye. ” Aha, that… funny… You really jumped…” She burst into a fresh batch of giggles. “… gonna pee my pants…” I couldn’t understand all her words. “..tried to catch you… have to pee… wait…please?”

How could I refuse a damsel so obviously distraught with fear? “Yah, sure.” I tried to sound nonchalant while regaining my composure. I would’ve done anything Nicole asked of me. I just wish I could be a bit more badass about it.

She headed down the hall. Seems she was having the same trouble steering clear of the piles as I had. “Robin, can you…. Walk with me, please?”

“Uh, ok” Summoning up all the courage I had, I made my way to her.

Nicole clutched my right arm to her. “God this dump gives me the creeps!”

Now my head was reeling. Her body was pressing into my side; her breathe tickling my ear. I walked as slow as possible. The only fear I had now was her letting go. “Some of the others think there’s ghosts down here…” My words caused Nicole to hold me tighter. Score! Once her business was done, I escorted her back down the hall. She held my arm again. She seemed to be absently caressing my arm, however, rather then clutching it. Not that I was complaining.

“Wait.” She stopped me before reaching the stairs. “Your reward, my brave knight!” Walking over to the discarded couch, she sat down. She patted the spot next to her. “C’mere baby. I’ve got a surprise for you.” I gulped and sat before she could rescind the invitation. I couldn’t stop myself from breathing in her scent. I’m sure she heard me moan. ‘I really need to get a girlfriend ‘ I thought. Nicole leaned over the opposite arm and brought up fresh drinks. She handed me a beer. “Cheers!” Nicole held up her winecooler for a toast.

“Uh, cheers.” I twisted off the cap and raised my bottle to hers. Clink. We both took a swig. I was like a deer in headlights. Her eyes held mine. ‘What a woman!’ I thought. Maybe I wasn’t such the dufuss I thought I was after all.

“Your beer!” Nicole grabbed my arm, smiling mischievously. “Poor baby, let me help.”

Of course, my beer was foaming all down the bottle and into my lap. Now I was sure I’d never be able to earn my butch dyke survival patch. “Oh Jesus …”

Instantly, all thoughts flew out of my head. My heart fluttered and I couldn’t seem to breathe. Nicole had leaned over my lap to slowly lick up the foam. She then began to suck the foam rising out of the bottle opening.

“… Christ…” Closing my eyes, I put my head back, then quickly brought it back up. Just the sight of her sent my clit into convulsions. It was a pretty cheesy ‘straight-girl’ thing for her to do, but God, it was incredibly hot. I did not want to miss a moment.

“Oh, Nicole…” I ran my fingers into her hair. “I…what are…you…” Oh hell, I could no longer produce intelligible sentences. Nicole kept slurping and sucking on my bottle. She had moved to the floor between my knees. I planted the beer firmly between my legs and slouched into it. It’s fat base was pressing against my crotch. Nicole had begun rubbings my thighs and belly with both her hands. I moaned and creamed my jeans when her lips reached my fly.

“Do you like your beer?” Nicole sat back on her heals, arms resting on my legs. A smile stretched across her face.

“God Nicole, that was amazing.” I cupped the side of her face. Her devilish grin made me tingle again. “I would do anything if that’s the thanks I get!”

“Good, ” She stood up. For a moment, I was panicked she was going to leave. She smiled and gave me a come hither look. Hiking up her dress, she removed her panties. She stuffed them in my front pants pocket. Again, she kneeled between my legs.

” You always look like you’ve got a huge set of balls…” Her hands slid across my thighs and framed my crotch. “Do you have a surprise for me?”

“Sorry,” God, I wished I did. “just me to-.” She silenced me with her finger across my lips. Apparently, she had her own surprise. Slowly, she pulled my zipper down. After opening my fly, she blew her hot breath on my crotch. Damn, I really thought the pack-n-play would’ve been unnecessary tonight! Nicole pulled down my underwear and started sucking my clit. Her head bobbed exaggeratedly as she sucked and pulled. I clenched a fistful of her hair. Electric jolts shot up my belly. I was orgasming before I knew what happened.

“Damn girl..”

She stood but never stopped touching me. Her hands kneaded my chest. She brought my tee up, but stopped just below my binder. She ran her tongue across my abdomen.


Man, this woman knew how to make me crazy. I grabbed her hair and brought her up for a kiss. It was fierce. Nicole pushed hungrily into me. She sucked my tongue and bit my lip. I slipped my hands up her dress and grabbed her ass. She moaned and breathed hard against my neck.

“Please…I need you…Now!”

Something welled up in me. There was no mistaking what she wanted from me. I pushed Nicole onto the couch and straddled her. My beer fell and spilled out across the floor. She was surprised by my boldness. She was so beautiful. Waiting for me to ravish her body. Even I didn’t need to be told twice. I pounced. I pulled her top down under her breasts. The sudden exposure caused Nicole’s areolas to gooseflesh. Her nipples stained as she writhed beneath me. My mouth watered at the sight of her. Taking time with each nipple, I sucked and flicked. I ground my pelvis into her. My God, this was better than I could’ve imagined. I could’ve stayed there all night.

“Oohh, Robin….” Nicole grabbed my face in her hands and forced it away from her bosom. ” fuck me…Now!”

“Yes ma’am” Her raw desire was so sexy. Locking my eyes with hers, I deliberately drug two fingers across my tongue. I slowly lowered my hand until I could bury it under her dress. Nicole was very wet. Her legs fell open. She threw her head back, licking her lips in eager anticipation. So fucking hot. Two fingers slipped in easily. Her vagina was juicily slurping with my every stroke. Soon, I had all four fingers pumping inside. She was thrashing about, clawing at my shoulders trying to pull me in further. God, she was absolutely dripping. I pushed my whole fist into her. Her eyes popped open and found mine. A sharp gasp caused me a moment of doubt.

Nicole’s eyes fluttered back into her head. “Oh… my… God…” She let her head fall again, gasping with each thrust.

I feasted again on her breasts while fisting her. When she began bucking her hips I knew she was climaxing. With a final lick, I sat up from her breast and pressed my free hand firmly on her pelvis. I twisted my fist inside her before settling into a faster rhythm. Moving my other hand over her mound, I teased her clit with my thumb. She was so close.

“Common baby,” I urged “cum for me, Nicole.”

Orgasm tore through her body. Juices squirted out around my arm, still deep within. Nicole trembled with aftershocks, her spasms holding me captive. I wrapped my free arm around her tightly, covering her in soothing kisses. As soon as my hand was free, she grabbed my neck and pulled me back down for more kissing. More sensual, this time. Not so desperate. Satiated.

“God, I’ve been waiting a long time to get your attention, girl!” I smoothed her hair and smiled.

“You’ve always had it.” She smiled back.

Her eyes captured me. So sweet. I kissed her eyes, tasting their salty wetness. Yes, this was so much better than I could’ve imagined.

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