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Naked Gardening

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I was down the back of my section getting stuck into the overgrown mass of weeds there with a view to turning it into a vegetable wonderland. Right now the weeds with their long intertwined root systems were winning hands down. However I persevered in the hot sun until I had to stop and take a drink of water from the sipper bottle I had left in the shade. Lukewarm.

‘Bugger,” I thought. “Well I’m not giving up.”

So I took my shirt off to help stay cooler and carried on in my track pants and gardening shoes as I tried to get a particularly large clump out.

I was enjoying the sun on my back and the feel of the air on me but my legs were getting really sweaty under the track pants and I was on my own, Maureen was visiting our daughter and the grand children, so I thought what the hell and went over to stand on the lawn where I took my shoes off then slipped the track pants off as well. As I stood there I was still sweaty in my undies and I had one of those impulse moments; I took them off too.

Well stark naked outside, not what I normally did at all and I knew Maureen would not be impressed with me if she caught me so I allowed twenty minutes then I’d get dressed.

Meantime though I was enjoying it, the sun was hot on my bare skin and the breeze tickled me in places that don’t ever get tickled. I put my shoes back on and resumed my battle with the weeds. The big one had gone and I had dug deep around it to get the roots all out so it looked nice and clean, weed wise, round there and I was feeling really quite pleased with myself.

A little breeze had sprung up. it just got me on the tip of my penis and I felt it react, just a bit but it was enjoyable and I put my hand there and gave it a little play finding it sprung out much more readily than usual so I carried on getting it to that nice heavy stage then went back to my gardening.

Well to be honest I was rather more interested in my cock than the weeds by this time and lay down on the lawn on my back with my cock in the air. I faced into the breeze to get that sensation on my asshole and I was just enjoying the moment when I heard it. It was just a slight noise like something scraping. Might be a cat or something I told myself but I wasn’t fooled and leaned up to see what it might have been.

I didn’t see anything and I was enjoying what I was doing so I carried on with my eyes closed when I heard another noise. This was like something hard banging against something else hard- and a scraping noise. I got up and went over to the back fence. Nothing there and that was the direction the noise had come from. So I went back to my spot and resumed masturbating. Now I included a fantasy of my neighbor Mrs. Porter watching me and that turned me on even more. Then, mid stroke just as I held my breath to enjoy the moment I heard it, the sound of someone breathing through their mouth and it came from the direction of the back fence.

The sun was shining straight over it and it was in my eyes to look directly at it but I could see the shadow of the fence a few feet short of where I lay. It was a line with a bump in it.

“Oh good grief!” I thought. “Caught out. Now as soon as Maureen gets home she’ll be straight round to tell her and Maureen will tell me what a disgusting old perv I am and…, oh fuck it.”

I thought a bit more.

“Fuck it,” I decided, “I’m enjoying this so if she wants to watch, she can…”

So I lay back down, eyes closed and carried on stroking. I went a few minutes longer then took my hand away and lay with my cock nice and full pointing towards where my audience was located.

She didn’t pop her head up for me and say,

“Oh top class stroking Arthur, I did enjoy that. What a jolly nice shaped penis you have there, mind if I just pop it in my mouth for a suck?”

I stayed nude a while longer and then got dressed. Five minutes later Maureen drove up. I let out a deep sight of relief and went inside to clean up and make her a nice cup of tea.

It was nice the following day and I mentioned to Maureen that I wanted to carry on getting the veggie garden sorted out. She agreed, told me not to get too burnt and went to get her golf clubs from the garage- cars on the drive, garage full of junk- next project. About ten minutes later she was backing down the drive and I was in the back yard in my shorts and singlet.

“This time I’ll stay on task and get this garden dug over good and proper,” I thought to myself and started to dig with great determination and focus.

It was no good of course, I remembered how enjoyable it had been out there nude and before long the singlet was off followed not long after by the shorts- the briefs followed about five minutes later and once again I was naked in my backyard. This time though I didn’t lie down and masturbate but stayed working as the sun heated my body and I began to burn.

I was sure she was there behind the fence but it was too high to see over. Then I saw a trowel of hers lying on the lawn.

“Must have fallen over,” I thought, ” I’ll just put it back on her side.”

So I walked over to the fence, picked up the trowel and climbing up on the bottom runner stuck my head over.

She was there, just a few feet away kneeling in front of a row of potted plants she was going to put round her section. Why they were back here I couldn’t imagine but we all do things our own way; don’t we? So maybe this was hers? I coughed, the polite err hem and she looked up.

‘Oh hello Arthur,” she said smiling at me, ” I’m just trying to get these plants sorted. I’m afraid I’m all in a muddle now-”

I showed her the trowel.

‘That’s where it got to? Oh I searched high and low for that blessed thing, thank you so much. Oh look you don’t think you could pop over and give me a hand, could you? I think I might just have bitten off more than I can chew with these… this ground is terribly hard to dig, don’t you find?”

I smiled at her and nodded, forgetting for the moment that I was nude. We had a gate between our properties right in the far corner, our place had been owned by they had been owned by dear friends of hers and they had installed the gate for easy access so that when we bought our place it was just there. I had insisted she have a padlock on her side but she had left the padlock open so long it had rusted open and the gate could be opened either side.

Well I thought she meant today, sometime, possibly tomorrow but she meant now and to my horror I heard the creak of the gate opening and before I could move she was through on my side.

Stunned and with my stomach through the floor I tried to cover up but she smiled and waved her arm for me to take my hand away.

‘Oh now Arthur dear, goodness me don’t be embarrassed in front of an old girl like me, nothing I haven’t seen before.”

I took my hand away and turned to face her with my hands behind feeling utterly embarrassed. She came towards me and I could see she was taking it all in.

“For heaven’s sake Arthur, will you stop being so embarrassed about being naked in front of me? It’s just the body the Good Lord and Maureen’s cooking gave you.”

Well she was saying all this “I’m barely noticing” stuff but she was just flat out staring at it. I’d like to say I was offended but I was getting so turned on by standing there and being stared at so brazenly that my stance changed; I started pushing my hips forward a little to make it stick out more or standing so it was in profile for her.

“OK, those plants of yours?” I said wanting to get on.

“Yes, oh yes, my plants, well they wouldn’t take long for a strong handsome man like you Arthur…I’m sure you and I could get them done in no time.”

“Oh well right you are then, I’ll just make myself decent and-”

“You will do no such thing Arthur, I can see you enjoy having the sun on your body and I do not want to take that away from you as a price for helping me. No, now I know you don’t want to offend anyone and my back yard is completely private; why I bet you didn’t know my sister Jane and I often sit out here nude, we used to have nudist bar b ques. You didn’t know did you?”

No I hadn’t known but my cock was obviously very interested because it suddenly gave a twitch and got a whole lot harder. So, she wanted me to go to her place naked.

‘OK, I’ll just get my clothes just in-”

‘No. You will leave your clothes here, there’s no thrill if the nudity is safe. Now come on sooner we start…”

I was feeling really good about parading nude in front of her; that’s what I was doing, parading and I strolled naked through the gate into her property. She was all business now and she marked out the spots for me to dig and supervised me carrying the pots to the marks.

‘Arthur dear can I leave you to it, just for the moment? I’ve just got one or two things to do inside and I’ll be out as quick as I can.”

I told her, no that would be OK but I had really enjoyed being an exhibitionist in front of her and it was a bit of a let down to be naked on my own again, her property but all the same, on my own. However I got underway digging the holes and putting the plants from the pot in the holes filling in the rest and making sure the plant was pointing straight up.

After three I was getting a bit weary and I could feel the skin on my shoulders and back starting to get sun burnt so I was going to have to stop soon anyway. I crouched with my legs apart hoping she was watching from inside and I looked into her lounge through the net curtains.

There were two women in there, one was Mrs. Porter the other was her sister I recognized the hair. Any way, one was erotic but scary, two? Oh shit, two might be a disaster and I decided I needed to take control, go back next door and get myself decent again.

it was as if she could read my mind, as I was about to leave her place she came out the back with a tray of drinks and this other lady followed her carrying a tray with some very nice smelling savories and muffins on it.

“Oh come here Arthur!” Mrs. Porter ordered.

Sheepishly I walked over as both ladies checked me out.

“As I thought, look Jane he’s starting to burn. Its just precaution isn’t it Arthur? Hmm?”

As I nodded she slapped my bare bottom- hard.

“Now, Jane dear, put the cream on him so our dear Arthur doesn’t get frazzled.”

Jane was a little older than Milly (Mrs. Porter) seventy three to Milly’s seventy one and she smiled at me as she took the top off the sun screen. She squirted some on her hand and rubbed it in across my shoulder. It did feel better but her hand was rubbing down my back and she squirted some more, cold on my butt then rubbed it in and I felt her fingers in my crack quite openly toying with my butt. Then the hands went down the backs of my legs and she pulled on my shoulder to turn me so she could move on to my front. My arms, chest, neck and tummy were done carefully then she got to my groin and her fingers were rubbing it in and stroking it over my cock. She did a really good job protecting my cock from the dangerous UV rays -very thorough.

Now I was protected from the sun we could eat. There were only two chairs so they sat and I stood holding my plate at chest height while they watched my cock. I knew I was nearly hard and all pretensions of modesty were gone; I loved having them stare at it. They did.

“Awfully hot isn’t it?” Jane asked; she was looking at Milly.

“Mmm, yes I was thinking that,” Milly replied as if I wasn’t there “, lovely day, we should make the most of the few really good one’s we get. Unzip me dear?”

Milly turned her back to her sister who unzipped her she then slipped the shoulder straps off, pulled the dress down and stepped out of it. She hadn’t been wearing any knickers and was now as nude as I was. Her sister’s dress followed suit a minute or so later and I was now nude with these two older ladies.

“I expect you’ll want to…what do they call it these days Jane?”

“Check us out, I think it is dear,” Jane supplied for her.

It was an invitation to stare and I did.

I had been dreading hair-everywhere-seventy-something pussies but they both shaved and they both had real all over tans. They were petite ladies; Jane’s hair was white but Milly put a brunette rinse through hers and they must have been very pretty when they were younger.

As I looked I moved over to the table to get one of those savories and felt it in my side- I twisted because I wanted my cock to stay on display for Jane and it was a mistake. I put my hand on my side and grimaced- it hurt.

“Not very supple are you Arthur?” Milly commented, somewhat unfairly I thought, shaking her head but she gave me a friendly little smile and moved over to me. Her hand went to my side and pressed where it was really sore.


I nodded. She massaged my side for me and in no time it felt great.

‘We do yoga,” Jane said.

It was a comment, like “England looking good on the third day” or “think I’ll plant those daffs this afternoon.”

“Really,” I said filling the silence, then, ” wish I could.”

“You really ought to Arthur dear, he should, shouldn’t he Milly?” Jane said and it reads like a lecture but she said it so nicely and it was clear from the way they were treating me that for all their teasing they really did like me and I felt like I belonged there.

“Come over here Arthur,” Jane told me.

I went over to stand in front of her and did stretching exercises with her; she made them look so easy but she was incredibly supple and I had to work to get close to what I saw in my mind’s eye as doing.

Milly gave me a clap then took my hands in hers and gave them a squeeze.

“You’ve started Arthur; that’s all it ever takes in life, a start. Good for you.”

Then she shocked me, she pressed up against me, reached up to hold my head and kissed me right on the lips.

“Right better get some more plants in before Maureen gets home.”

I’d forgotten and realized the time will run out better get cracking planting. Maureen usually got back around five and I finished at four thirty. I was out there on my own the last bit so I waved to them inside ,went back to my section -where I put my briefs shorts and singlet- on then did a bit more digging in my garden.

I stopped at quarter to, went in and had a quick shower and was ready with a nice cup of tea and a reheated scone for her as she came through the door.

I sat with her and she talked about her friend’s husband who had cancer and not long to go, about our grand daughter who had the flu and this person and that and as she did I had one of those moments of insight.

‘Maureen your whole focus is outside this home. I’m here and it’s like we’re just two people who live together but we aren’t together, we aren’t a couple. Is that what you want?”

“Arthur! I tried for years to talk to you; it was always, “just a minute” or something else and it all said to me “I’m not really interested” so I stopped trying and, yes, all my interests are outside this house and if they are it’s because you drove them there.”

I sat there absolutely stunned and went back over the times I had said…oh good grief, she was right. What a bloody dill I’d been.

She was crying and I felt like something you scrape off your shoe.

I sat up and looking straight ahead said, ” you’re right Mo, I never realized it, you’re right.”

I shook my head and sighed in exasperation at my own stupidity.

She looked at me and shrugged, I shifted across and put my arms out for her and we hugged.

Then we kissed, we never kissed, not properly and this was just a mouth to mouth not a tongues snaking every which way one but it was nice.

I asked how her golf was and she said not very good but she just played for the companionship- that hurt- then she asked how I was getting on with the gardening and I told her really good then I mentioned I had helped Mrs. Porter plant some shrubs because she found digging very difficult.

“She and her sister Jane are nudists, did you know?” and she asked it with a little smile on her face in that “I’m looking at you and I’m going to know if you’re fibbing” tone.

“Yes, Mo, yes I know,” games up here I thought.

“Were they nude?” she had sat up a bit and was leaning forward- just a bit.

“Um,” I hesitated and she started laughing.

“I think you would have noticed Arthur. So they were nude, were you?”

“My God Arthur Goldsmith you need to get that stupid mouth of yours stapled shut,” I thought but she had me.

I shrugged and I was going to go with “I guess” but I thought that might be pushing what little luck I had left too far so I said, ” Yes, yes I was nude too.”

“Like it?” and she asked it in an interested tone which surprised me, I was expecting the “You dirty old man” tone from her.

“Actually yes, yes I did and they put me right at ease.”

“Hold your cock?”

“Initially I did-‘

‘Darling you’re walking back to the pavilion discussing your innings, you aren’t settling down to an heroic last wicket stand. OK?” but she said it with a smile of infinite patience and I remembered why it was I had asked her to marry me all those years ago.

‘Yes they both did, oh I’m sorry, I don’t want to talk about it, I’m embarrassed; I enjoyed it and I shouldn’t have.”

“Why ever not? I would have.”

As she said it she curled up on the sofa and rested her head on my shoulder.



“Let’s have a proper dinner tonight, shall we?”


“Good now how about you go down to the off license and get us a nice bottle of wine and a few beers for while you’re waiting for me, take my car- away from you and lift the collar on the gear lever for reverse.”

As you can tell I didn’t get near Mo’s pride and joy and I thought it might go a bit faster than my ’64 Morris Minor Estate. It did, my God it was a rocket ship and I arrived very shaky at the off license to select the wines- wine singular be damned, if she could be romantic, then by God so could I.

Well I took a while; I knew nothing about wine and finally did what all novice wine buyers do- bought on price. Reassured by Mrs. Patel that my good lady wife she will like these ones very much I headed carefully back keeping a light touch on the accelerator. When I walked in the front to smell of dinner hit me, it smelt fantastic. In the kitchen Mo had her hair wrapped in a towel and was wearing a gown as she put the finishing touches to the cooking.

‘Back so soon?” she asked sweetly smiling at me in a way I could barely remember.

“I want you to shave and I’ve left some things on the bed for you to get changed into if you like.”

Yes, that’s right: wear anything else and I will kill you.

I went to the bathroom first and had a shave. She had left the aftershave on the vanity as a fairly unsubtle hint. I opened it and splashed a liberal amount over my face. Gosh, I thought, I did smell awfully nice.

I washed my hands and went into our bedroom where she had put out my brown slacks, fawn sports coat, plum shirt I knew she liked and my cream colored cravat. Well I got changed and once I’d finished getting the cravat just so I looked at myself in the mirror, hair thinning a bit but I stood straight and though I had a bit of a tummy I was fairly flattish there.

“Like a wine before dinner Mo?” I called out and walked in on her.

I stopped speechless and stared at her; she had put her hair up and wore a shiny sheath type number I never knew she had, it pushed her bust up and with the low cut neckline a good amount of it was on display. She wore hanging earnings and a matching necklace and she looked, well she looked like a Princess.

She saw me staring and did a twirl for me; the back was just as good. She looked up at me and that happy smile came back, I was back to being her prince charming again, rather more wrinkles and less hair than the young Prince Charming I had been but still the one for her.

I served the wine and she dished up the entree, followed by the main, the desert a coffee and, my favorite, an after dinner mint. Oh I should add I cleared away after each course and loaded the dishwasher.

We kicked our shoes off and cuddled on the sofa after that, French kissed too- well I thought she didn’t like it- and finally went off to bed. She got out my best pajamas and she put on a beautiful sheer nightie. It ended up keeping her neck nice and warm as we made love for the first time in a long while.

The next morning we shared a lovely breakfast and she asked if she could leave me here alone as she had to go and get a few things.

“Its alright, I’ll keep my clothes on,” I said rolling my eyes at her.

‘Oh, OK, looks like another scorcher, that’s all. Oh well, please yourself,” and she smiled enigmatically.

Well I got stuck in, a second dig, a rake over and I’d be ready to plant I thought as I worked away. It was hot and once again all the gear came off. A half hour later Milly opened the gate and came through. She was wearing a sun frock and she lifted it up to show me- no knickers.

I told her how Mo had been and our romantic evening, including the love making. She glowed.

“Oh that is so wonderful Arthur, Jane will be thrilled, Ill pop back and tell her how well it went- is that alright dear?”

I nodded with a smile, “That’s fine and its due to you two old girls,” and I said the “old” like it was in inverted commas. She smiled at me and went back to her place.

A few minutes later I heard Mo’s car engine, she was back.

Get dressed or stay like this? Stay like this.

So I did and was busy turning the topsoil over when I heard her walking down the path towards me.

She was wearing the prettiest pink wellingtons I think I have ever seen and a really pretty hat. Her body had been shaved and she stood in front of me legs apart. She eyeballed me and I looked into her eyes for as long as I could then I poked my tongue out and checked her out. As I stared I put my hand on my shaft and flicked my tongue under my top lip.

She was watching my face; she smiled and asked very gently

“Is the suntan lotion out here dear?”

No it wasn’t because, well because I’m a guy and very occasionally we forget things, sometimes.

I shook my head


“Doesn’t matter Doll, I’ll get it.”

I watched, open mouthed, as she turned and walked away in those silly little boots with her ass swaying from side to side. I was spellbound and I leaned on the spade waiting for her to reappear.

A few minutes later she did and I got the same hip swinging walk back. It was all too much for me and I moved towards her. She lay down on my freshly dug garden with a come hither look waiting for me to fuck her. I knelt before her and licked her pussy- it was true, they can taste nice- before lying over her. She positioned my tip at her entrance and pushed up to get it part way in and I pushed down going in to the hilt.

She put her hands on my head as we fucked and pulled my face to hers. Her tongue entered my unresisting mouth and we had a long tongues every which way kiss. I came in her and we lay there until I had gone soft and I rolled off her to lie in the dirt next to her.

Millie and Jane chose that moment to come through the gate. Mo saw them and I wondered but she lay there legs wide apart and gave a cheery wave.

“Some old Viking planting ritual?” Milly asked deadpan.

Well we all cracked up but we didn’t want to get up. They stripped off and lay on either side of us sort of cocooning us between their bodies. I kissed Jane and to my astonishment Mo had a long passionate kiss with Milly.

Our lives were wonderful after that; the nude sessions continued on into winter- indoors by then – and Mo and I got stuck into the yoga also receiving instruction in lovemaking from Jane- who was sooo good at it- with me and Mo and me or Mo.

The crops were a bit of a disaster, planted way too late and the early frosts got ’em. Mo reckons we need to get out there much earlier next spring and I’m inclined to agree. Meantime we like to go out in the dark and practice that Viking planting ritual, well Mo is sure it can’t hurt and there’s no use arguing with a female, is there?

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