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My Fabulous Christmas Gift

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It was a cold, snowy day, and I was sitting at home, alone and bored. My mom had the kids for the day because I was supposed to work, but the office called and said they didn’t need me. I puttered around, trying to keep myself busy, but the boredom quickly returned. The thing was, I couldn’t stop thinking about her — about the girl I met last night.

I’ve been happily married now for three years and Joe is a great husband and father, and I never thought about cheating on him, and if I ever did, I never thought it would be with a woman that was until last night.

She was beautiful and alluring. We met under the winter stars, on the balcony of the hotel ballroom. She said she felt as bored as I looked. I laughed and shook my head.

“I hate the holidays, and these boring Christmas parties. Everyone is so completely fake.” I muttered.

She just stood there, smoking her cigarette and staring off in to the distance and then looked at me, stared really. I could tell immediately that she was different — in a good way, a seductive way. Her eyes drew me in first, a hypnotic green. I found that I was short of speech, almost stuttering as she looked me up and down. I felt a little embarrassed as her eyes scanned my five foot ten inch frame. I never felt insecure about my body before. Men have always complimented me, often asking if I was a model. My long legs and slight frame carried my 120 pounds easily and I always felt that at least twenty of those pounds were in my chest. I’d often thought of a reduction, but my friends insisted I not dare, that other women would kill for what I had. I told them they should try walking a day in my shoes and then talk to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my tits; they’re just big. Men have told me they’re perfect; soft, supple, and very fuckable. I love it when they slide my rock hard nipple between their teeth and nibble on it gently — Mm

“Hey beautiful are you with me?”

“Sorry!” I said, embarrassed, “I’m Josie.”

“Hi, Josie you can call me Fabulous”

Did she really tell me to call her Fabulous? I stepped back and looked her over. I had to admit, she did look pretty fabulous. She was tall and slender, but bigger than I. She had an even bigger chest, beautiful breasts that had to be at least a double D. They were hidden beneath a beautiful royal blue sequined gown. The neckline came down enough to reveal her cleavage, but nothing more. The fit was perfect, outlining the shape of her, the curves of her hips; her tits. I studied her posture and wondered what kind of underwear she was wearing. I imagined a blue lacy thong. I thought about what it would be like to lift her dress just enough to slide my hand under it and feel for myself.

“Would she like it?” I thought, and before I knew what was happening, I felt my inner thighs getting damp. I wasn’t wearing panties underneath the mid length black Chanel dress. It was a spaghetti strap silk dress that waved gently in the evening winter air. The soft silk rubbed gently against my stomach and I tightened up, imagining this woman, this Fabulous, gliding her tongue across me gently, looking up into my eyes, letting me know she wanted to go lower.

“I’m sorry, Fabulous, I have to get going. I see my husband inside looking for me and I’m starting to freeze to death out here.”

I knew I stuttered awkwardly when I spoke and she smiled, almost knowing what she was doing to me.

“Here’s my card.” She said. “Call me tomorrow and we’ll get together. Maybe I can warm you up?”

She sipped her champagne, seductively looking at me the whole while. I watched as she slid her tongue along the edge of the glass and imagined it gliding along the lips of my wet pussy to my clit. Her tongue was soft and wet. I wanted to take it into my mouth and play with it, exploring every piece of it and suck it softly. I wanted to slide my hand up the back of her neck, into the long, thick, naturally red hair. I imagined tightening my fingers and pulling her head back, exposing her neck, the soft milky white skin begging to be kissed, stroked gently with my tongue. I had to get out of there before I had a full blown orgasm!

I thought about her the whole car ride home. Joe tried to make small talk, rehash interesting conversations. I wanted nothing to do with it. I stared out the passenger window, wondering what she was doing — wondering if she was thinking of me the same way I was thinking of her.

Morning came quickly and I had put the events of the night before out of my mind. I was pretty unaffected until I reached in my purse to grab my cell when the office called and saw her card. I stared at it for a long time, recalling the night prior. I sat there, staring out at the snow.

“Fuck it.” I told myself as I dialed her number

“I was wondering when I would hear from you” the voice on the other end declared.

Just the sound of her sweet, simple voice shot through me like a bolt of electricity. I stuttered without realizing it but quickly recovered.

“I – I want to meet you.” I replied

“See Mario at the front desk of the Sheraton on Hillside. He’ll have a key for you. Meet me there in an hour.”

I was already getting wet just thinking about her and I knew I was going whether I thought it was a good idea or not.

I parked and checked myself out in the rearview. I looked good for only having fifteen minutes to get ready. I applied some lip gloss and teased my hair a little. I decided to wear a loose designer red blouse and a mini skirt that looked like a candy cane — no panties, of course. I debated as to whether or not to wear a bra. I compromised and scrapped the bra, but added a cute green blazer. I was determined to be her best Christmas gift of the year, maybe her life! I checked through my purse to make sure I had money, my keys, and perfume. I saw her card again and felt the heat rush through me. The nervous tension was gone, replaced by sheer excitement. I had no idea what was going to happen in the hotel. For all I knew, she just wanted to have a few drinks at the bar and talk shop. I knew what she did for me and, up to this point, assumed her desire was the same.

“Good afternoon, Madam Merry Christmas.” His nametag read Mario.

I told him my name and asked if he had something for me. He smiled, checking me out. He could sense the heat and see that I was flushed. Normally, I would have stolen a glance at his package, but today, it wasn’t even an afterthought. I thanked him and made my way to the elevator. I pressed the button for the third floor and began trembling with nervousness. As the elevator doors opened, I glanced down at the key to see where I was supposed to be going. I smiled as the number 369 stared back to me. I was getting more comfortable with the hope that her intent was the same as mine.

I knocked and then slipped the key into the slot. The light flashed red and then green. The door clicked and I opened it. Once inside, I set my purse down and made my way around the corner into the grand opening. I had never been to this hotel and assumed it would be two full beds side by side, but that was far from the case in this room. It was a great room, wide open and filled with light. A single king bed sat in the center and a couch and loveseat were positioned at the North wall near the sliding glass door that led out to the terrace. It was there that I saw her. She stood facing out looking down at the frozen pond below, smoking.

I stood silently, taking in the sight of her for the second time, only this time, I studied her from a far, taking my time to visually inspect every inch of her. She was gorgeous. She stood, with cute fuzzy stockings leaning over the edge to flick her cigarette. Her satin robe barely covered her round ass and as she leaned forward a little more, I caught a glimpse of her pussy. It looked so inviting. I was suddenly overwhelmed with lust and sexual desire.

“uh-hm” I cleared my throat to get her attention.

She turned, startled, and smiled. She was holding a glass of white wine and sipped it as she made her way back into the room.

“So you came after all?” She said. She poured me a glass without even asking. She looked down as she spoke, but stood close to me. I could feel the warmth of her and I needed her to make one slight pass, one hint she wanted me, and I would melt.

She finished pouring, lifted her head, and turned toward me. Inches separated us and my nipples turned hard and sensitive. I wanted her to feel them — with her soft, perfectly manicured hands, and with her tongue, hot and wet with wine.

She handed me the glass and I held it, my eyes still locked on hers. We didn’t speak a word, just stared at each other longingly — lustfully. She moved in closer and I could feel her warm, wine scented breath on my lips. I started to quiver and the dampness on my thighs returned. She kissed the air in front of my mouth, teasing me purposefully and smiling softly with her retreat. I closed my eyes and breathed her in. Her scent was so sweet and inviting. I felt warm all over and couldn’t wait to taste and feel her.

Fabulous grabbed my hand and led me over to the bed. I followed like an obedient little puppy, still not speaking a word. Without warning, she spun me around and pulled me in close to her, but then stopping and teasing some more. I felt the heat of her pussy radiating against me. I knew she was as wet as I was and I needed to feel her.

I set my wine down and dropped my blazer. My blouse, red and transparent revealed my breasts, perky and excited for her. She smiled with approval and reached to caress one over my blouse. I stepped back, giving her a little of what she’d given me. She watched silently as I unbuttoned my blouse slowly, one button at a time. She rubbed her own belly and I watched as her hands glided over her breasts. She began moaning softly. I licked my swollen lips and let the blouse fall from my shoulders, exposing my luscious tits. Fabulous couldn’t contain herself. She thrust toward me, taking my left breast and working her tongue over my hard, pink nipple.

“Bite it.” I whispered

I felt her teeth clamp gently around my nipple and I felt a shot of electricity run straight from my nipple down to my clit.

“uhhh!” I moaned

She liked it and bit harder. I moaned louder. Blood was rushing to my pussy, to my clit. I could feel it swell and become engorged. I was hornier and more turned on than I’d ever been with Joe. I was insatiable. I needed to fuck this woman. I needed to make her cum and cum and cum.

I pushed her away and she fell on the bed, her robe falling open and exposing her beautiful double D’s. She untied her belt and opened the robe completely, letting me see her fresh Brazilian wax. Her pussy was beautiful and I was eager to enjoy it. I dropped my skirt. She was pleased to see I wasn’t wearing panties. She looked me over and nodded in approval at my landing strip of dark hair. I was certain she could see my wetness glistening in the afternoon sunlight. She licked her lips and beckoned me over to the bed.

I stood at the edge, hovering over her as she lay on her back. Her knees were bent; her feet at the edge of the bed. I knelt down and kissed the top of her foot. She moaned with pleasure. I extended my tongue and glided it up her leg until I reached her knee. Once standing again, I looked down and smiled a crooked, wicked smile. I spread her legs wide open and slid my tongue down her inner thigh. She moaned loud, begging me to lick her pussy. I teased her mercilessly, letting my tongue dance around her clit and feathering her pussy lips lightly. I knew she was in agony. She used her hands to bury my head into her. I stopped teasing and thrust my tongue deep inside her, encircling, trying to find her G-Spot. I tongue fucked her for only a minute and then pulled out. She looked like she was ready to faint and then I went for her clit, spreading her open with my fingers and letting my tongue find her bulging, sensitive button. As soon as my tongue made contact, she cried out and trembled fiercely. She gyrated her pelvis against my rhythmic oral movements and screamed in ecstasy. I knew I was one or two seconds away from her cumming all over my face and I couldn’t wait for it.

“Uh!, Uh!, Uh! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

She pressed my face hard against her pussy and came hard against it. I lapped her up and fingered her clit, bringing her to three consecutive orgasms.

“oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” she cried and then her body went completely limp. I stared at her and smiled with delight as she stared back; exhausted and completely satisfied.

“You know my pussy has been aching for you all day, right?” I asked

Fabulous looked at me and said

“Poor baby! What do you want me to do about that?”

“I want you to touch me. Sit behind me on the bed with your legs spread. I want to feel your cum on my ass as you reach around and finger my tight little pussy. I want you to pull my hair back with your other hand and lick my neck. Then I want you to reach down with that hand and pinch my nipple while you finger fuck the shit out of me! You think you can handle that?”

She nodded and said,

“Get over her and let me feel how wet you are for me.”

She did everything I asked and I moaned loud as she teased my clit with her middle finger, gently rubbing it and then sliding it up inside me — quickly finding my g-spot. She touched me in a way that sent shocks through me and left me totally at her mercy. She slid a second finger up into my hot cunt and glided her wet fingers across my lips. I sucked them dry and pushed her hand down to the bed.

“Lay down on your back now.” I demanded

She obliged and waited eagerly for me to straddle her face.

“Make me cum with your tongue. Make me cum so hard that I faint.”

She touched my clit with her tongue and I screamed with pleasure

“Yesss!” I cried as I dug my nails into the beadspread.

I leaned back to feel her huge tits against my ass, still wet with her cum. She reached around and squeezed my ass cheeks hard and pulled me into her face. I moaned loud and begged her to finger my ass as she sucked my clit.

She slid a wet finger into my tight, horny little ass, and I took it. I rode it and cried out with great pleasure. Her tongue worked my little clit with gentle speed and I knew I was about to explode.

“Oh Yes! Right there! Don’t stop baby! Please don’t stop! I want to cum all over you!”

“Ahhhhhh — Ohhhhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Yeesssssss!!!!

I watched her drink me in. She sucked me dry and made me cum a second time just as hard.


We laid there holding each other, caressing our tits and wrapping our legs around each other so tight it felt like we were locked together.

“What now?” I asked as I nibbled her ear

She smiled and reached over to the night stand. She pulled the drawer open and we both burst out laughing.

“I was thinking you might like to ass fuck me with this?”

“Absolutely my dirty little ho ho ho!”

I retrieved the strap-on and the Santa hat from the drawer

“I loved my Fabulous Christmas present.”

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