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Wrestling Buddies

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My friend Jeff and I grew up on the same block. We did all the things teenage boys do. Our parents were good friends and once a week or so they got together to play cards and have a few drinks. We usually hung out at whatever house our parents weren’t at.

We were both eighteen year old seniors with a couple months or so before graduating from high school. On that Friday night, his parents headed to my house for drinks. We were sitting in his basement, talking about gym class at school. Our class had just started a section on wrestling. One thing led to another and we ended up challenging each other to a wresting match.

We started on the floor in the classic wrestler’s stance. Jeff was on all fours, with me on one knee, with my right arm over the his back and holding his right wrist. Since it was still Fall, we were both in shorts and T-shirts. As I prepared to make my move, I noticed a strange stirring in my shorts. Jeff counted to three and I was instantly focused on the match. We wrestled for a few minutes with no one getting the advantage at first. Then he managed to get my hip down and roll me on my back. As my shoulder hit the ground, I noticed Jeff’s firm cock grinding into my thighs.

We moved back to the starting position again, with Jeff on all fours. This time I noticed that he wasn’t wearing underwear. He just had athletic shorts and a t-shirt. My cock was starting to get firm, especially when I rubbed my thigh against the back of his ass. Jeff is six months older than me and physically larger. He has brown eyes and hair. He started growing way before me. He had a full chest of hair and hairy legs to match. I had yet to sprout any hair above my waist.

One-Two-Three! While I was thinking about his underwear, he spun around and got the top position. My face went into the carpet as he sprawled on top of me, with his knees on my shoulders and his arms holding my legs down. That time, I was sure his hard cock was grinding into my back as I put up a losing fight.

As he climbed off me, I told him I had to piss and headed to the bathroom. I didn’t want him to see my aching hard-on, so I kept my back to him. Once in the bathroom, I took off my shorts and underwear, tried to piss through my hard-on and did everything I could to try to will this away. I was very turned on by his touch and decided that it must be natural if it kept happening to both of us. I decided to leave my underwear in the trash bin and go back to the match.

When I walked into the rec room, Jeff was sitting there watching MTV. I couldn’t help but notice that his hard-on was stretching the front of his shorts. He asked if I was ready for round three. This time he would be on top. Since I was twenty pounds lighter than him, I said I didn’t think it was fair. He told me I’d have to learn to wrestle from any position. As he lined up next to me, I clearly felt his cock against the side of my leg. Instantly, my hard-on returned. I put up a better fight that time, but not enough to win. Again face down, that time with his cock grinding into my ass and his chest on my back forcing me down.

Finally, I was back in the dominant starting position, so I decided to surprise him. I leaned into him as I had each time before, this time not embarrassed about my erection. He counted 1 – 2 , then I reached back and yanked his shorts to his knees. His bare ass was up in the air for the world to see! I couldn’t help but notice how much hair covered it. But that didn’t stop Jeff, He spun right around even with his knees stuck together by his shorts, grabbed me across the chest and threw me down on my back. I was laughing at him and he thought it was funny enough to chuckle, but I got no mercy. This time he laid across my chest, and used his free hand to take his shorts off. Then he held me down, while he spun his ass around and sat right down on my chest!

“Think you’re funny, smartass?” he asked. Then he moved his shirt on to my face. I tried to shake it off with my head, finally it moved off my head onto the floor next to me. What I saw next, was Jeff’s fully erect cock lying on my chest. I was mesmerized. Jeff leaned forward over my head and let it fall on my face. “Who’s the champ?” He asked.

I stopped smiling and told him it was a joke and to get it out of my face. He slapped my cheeks with it and then moved off of me.

“You’re on the bottom this time,” he said. He didn’t move towards his shorts, just knelt beside me wearing his t-shirt. I knew what was coming next. “1-2!” and he pulled my shorts to my knees, exposing my bare, white ass to the fresh air.

Since I was handicapped before having my knees bound, I was an easier target this time. He mounted me from behind, face into the carpet and ground his hard cock into the crack of my ass. I no longer tried to fight him; it felt so good right there. We struggled with each other for a few minutes, but both of us were enjoying this too much to fight hard. He left me enough of an opening to roll over on my back. Then our hard cocks were grinding against each other.

He looked at me and asked if I was enjoying myself.

I told him that for my first time, wrestling wasn’t so bad.

He moved up to my chest again. This time, he lowered his cock right onto my mouth. I didn’t hesitate to open it and take in his cock. I didn’t think it was gay or queer, we certainly hadn’t ever heard of bisexual before, it was just so hot and I was so turned on that it seemed natural. I told him to sit on the couch, then I knelt down in front of him. Turns out I was a natural cocksucker too, because I was able to get his entire cock into my mouth. Jeff’s cock was thicker than mine, but only about five and a half inches long.

I sucked it with gusto, using my tongue up and down the shaft, stopping every so often to lick and suck his balls. He grabbed my head and forced more cock into my mouth, he gave no warning when his dick started throbbing and spewing cum into my mouth and throat. I had tasted my own cum before and his was salty and slimy and different, but not too bad.

He leaned back on the couch and told me that I had just given him his first and best blow job ever. He said it was far better than any time he jerked himself off. I sat down next to him on the burnt orange couch, my cock pointing to the basement’s drop ceiling. Without a word, he leaned over across my leg and started sucking my cock. Pre-cum was already leaking from it when he started. I was so hot and hard it took only a minute or two in his warm, wet mouth before the cum exploded out of me.

Without ever putting on his shorts, Jeff went to the fridge, grabbed us each a soda and walked back into the rec room. As he came back into the room, his cock was already slightly hard. I had to chuckle that he still had his t-shirt on and a bare ass.
He asked if I had a problem with what we’d just done.

I said, “Hell, no!”

Then he asked if I thought it made us fags. I told him that his Penthouse collection got me hard before and I thought it still would. He agreed. When I told him it was the best cum I’d ever had, he laughed. I damn near gagged on it. It was like chugging a whole can of soda in one shot.

“You know my parents won’t be home for awhile. Up for another match?”

I knelt down in front of his growing cock and started sucking and licking his balls, they were much hairier than mine. He stepped forward and said he wanted to fuck my ass. When I agreed he disappeared upstairs and returned with a handful of rubbers and some KY. I bent over the couch and he lubed my ass with the KY and his finger. It felt so good, that my hard-on returned immediately.

Jeff slid the rubber over his fat cock, and knelt behind me. Going very easy at first, he entered my ass. The pressure was incredible. Finally, he got his fat head into me. Slowly, he slid the rest of his cock into my virgin hole. My face was pushed into the orange couch and I couldn’t see anything. Every sensation was focused on his cock sliding in and out of my ass. He started working it faster and faster. I would try to squeeze him with my ass muscles, but I couldn’t feel anything but his rock hard dick. My cock just kept rubbing against the front of the couch and getting more and more sensitive.

Finally, Jeff pushed deep into me and I felt the throbbing sensation of his cum shooting into me. At the same time my own cock shot a load of cum all over the couch.

It wouldn’t be the last time cum landed on the couch either…

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