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Mrs. Ford Takes a Ride

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Adam had just turned eighteen and was infatuated with his best friend’s mom. For the last year, while all his high school friends had been comparing notes on the girls in their different classes, Adam had said nothing and fantasized about Mrs. Ford. This wasn’t surprising as Lauren Ford was a beautiful woman. She was not very tall, about five feet five, with long blonde hair that she often wore in a pony tail. Adam thought she was incredibly sexy.

There was something about her, the way she always wore clothes that showed off her shapely legs and her generous breasts, or the way she talked to you in a throaty murmur, holding your eye, standing very close, all things that Adam found incredibly exciting. Of course Adam never thought there was any chance that anything would ever come of all his lustful imaginings but…

His parents had a party one Friday night with just a few friends over for the evening. Mrs. Ford came alone because her husband was away on business. Adam was up in his room about eleven o’clock playing a video game when his mother knocked on his door and came in.

“Adam. Can I ask you to do me a favor?”

“Sure mom.”

“Lauren is downstairs and wants to go home. Your father and I…well actually we’ve probably all had a little more to drink than we should have and we don’t feel we should be driving. And it’s silly for her to take a cab. Would you mind taking your dad’s car and giving her a lift home? She’ll come over and pick up her car tomorrow.”

Adam was definitely interested in driving Mrs. Ford home.

“Sure mom…I’ll be right down.”

“Thanks dear, that’s very sweet of you. I’m sure Lauren will appreciate it.”

Adam dove into his bathroom, brushed his teeth and combed his hair. It was a hot night so he put on a clean T-shirt and shorts and rushed downstairs. Mrs. Ford was waiting in the front hallway with his parents. They were chatting away loudly with lots of smiles and laughter. Adam tried not to stare but Mrs. Ford looked great as usual. She was wearing a little tennis outfit, sneakers, bare legs, a short pleated white skirt and a white sleeveless top that was unbuttoned just enough to show the top swell of her jutting breasts. Her blonde hair was teased and tossled in a very sexy sort of way. The gold jewelry she was wearing and her glistening red lipstick high lighted her healthy tan. She looked at Adam as he joined the group and pouted her scarlet lips at him in a suggestive, teasing way.

“Here comes my chauffeur now. Aren’t I the lucky girl!”

” Hi Mrs. Ford! I guess you need a ride.”

” I’d really appreciate it Adam, if it’s not too much trouble”

“No, I’d be happy to do it. Dad doesn’t let me use the car all that often.”

“That’s because he scares the crap out of me. Your taking your life in your hands Lauren”…Adam’s dad said with mock terror.

“We’ll be just fine won’t we Adam?”…Mrs. Ford said, sidling up beside him and squeezing his arm in hers.

Adam almost shivered with excitement. The press of Mrs. Ford’s warm body against him, the feel of her soft curves brushing against his arm made him light headed with desire.

“Don’t worry dad, I’ll drive really, really slowly…” Adam said, heading out the door with Mrs. Ford still pressed up against his side.

“Lauren, you make sure to send him home safe and sound…” Adam’s mother called after them.

“I’ll take good care of him Grace…” Lauren called back over her shoulder. Then she leaned in even closer beside Adam and said quietly in his ear…” This feels just like going out on a date doesn’t it? Mom and Dad telling you to be home early. I hope you’re not going to take advantage of me, are you Adam?”

“No! Of course not..” Adam stammered, smiling weakly as he opened the door of his father’s BMW for Mrs. Ford. Lauren slid in gracefully and Adam went around to the other side and got behind the wheel. He pulled out of the driveway and headed out.

Mrs. Ford lived about two miles away through the suburbs. She turned sideways in the corner of the big front seat and regarded Adam with an amused smile on her face.

“Do you mind if I smoke?…” she asked reaching for her purse and her cigarettes on the seat between them.

“I don’t think my dad would….” Adam began.

Lauren’s smile broadened as she reached past her purse and placed her hand on Adam’s thigh. She leaned over very close to his ear.

“I won’t tell if you won’t…” she purred, giving his thigh a warm squeeze.

Adam sucked in his breath and glanced nervously at Mrs. Ford. Lauren’s eyes sparkled mischievously as she loosened her hand on his thigh then let it drift lazily higher up towards his groin. Just before her hand was actually in his crotch, she leaned back, got her cigarettes out and lit one.

But the effect of her breathy murmur and quick caress was electric to Adam. His cock had grown rigid and was now jutting urgently through the light fabric of his shorts. He couldn’t adjust himself without drawing attention to his predicament and he didn’t want Mrs. Ford to see how excited he was. He just shifted about uncomfortably, stealing quick looks at Mrs. Ford as often as he dared.

“It’s a beautiful night Adam. Why don’t we stop in Allen Park. I can finish my cigarette.”

“Sure Mrs. Ford.”…Adam replied. He was thrilled with the thought of going parking with Mrs. Ford. Adam pulled into the lookout at Allen Park, a notorious make-out spot. He was lucky to find a parking spot a little away from the rest of the parked cars.

“This reminds me so much of when I used to go out before I got married. “…Lauren said taking a deep drag on her cigarette then flicking it out the open window. She reached over for her purse again and took out her lipstick. Then, with her eyes burning into Adam’s, she slowly and sensuously applied a coat of scarlet lipstick to her ovalled mouth. When she was done she darted her tongue across her lower lip like she was a cat licking up some cream. She knew what she was doing to the horny young teenager sitting beside her.

“Ummmm!….” Adam murmured in a daze, totally lost for words. Now that they were stopped Lauren’s perfume was wafting around the car, enveloping Adam in its exotic scent. Her eyes were looking deeply into his and Adam was scared to death that she could tell how nervous and excited he was.

Lauren moved over a little closer to Adam and let her arm drift across the back of the seat until her fingertips were playing around his neck and his hair.

“Remember how I said that having you drive me reminded me of being on a date. Stopping here reminds me of a lot of old dates. What about you Adam?”

“Oh I’ve been out some Mrs. Ford. But I only got my license last month so I haven’t been up here on a date yet. But a lot of the guys say it’s a really cool place to go with your girl friend, you know?”

“Ummmm…Is it? And what do the guys say they do with their little girl friends up here?” Lauren asked. She shifted closer to Adam until she was lightly pressing up against his side. She knew he was excited. She could see that his cock was hard under his shorts and she hadn’t even started on him yet. She was in the mood for a little fun.

“Ohhhh…You know the kinds of things kids do…the usual…” Adam stammered, hardly able to breathe with the thrill of having Lauren Ford pressing up against him in a parked car.

“I used to date a lot too Adam. I was pretty popular even if it’s hard for you to believe now!”

“Oh I believe it Mrs. Ford. You look great! I always thought so!…” Adam blurted out in excitement.

“What a sweet thing to say darling!…” Lauren purred and leaned forward to plant a warm kiss on Adam’s cheek. She made sure that her voluptuous tits were grinding into his arm as she did so and she let her fingertips drift up to Adam’s ear where they flickered about teasingly.

“Can I tell you a secret?…” she asked, pressing in even closer to the trembling youth. She moved her face next to Adam’s so that her warm hair caressed his cheek.

“If you want to!…” Adam whimpered. At last he was able to reach down and, with some difficulty turn his erection so that it was pointing straight up instead of straight out.

Lauren knew what he was doing and smiled inwardly. She’d always loved to cock tease, especially the young boys. She did a little adjustment of her own, opening two more buttons of her blouse. She moved her mouth so that her lips brushed against Adam’s ear and whispered…”The boys were always telling me how great I looked. But that was only because they were shy. What they were really saying was that they wanted to get into my pants. Boys are so predictable!…” she giggled, leaning back a little and inviting Adam to share her amusement.

Adam’s eyes were half closed. He was in a fog of lust and his face was flaming crimson from the caress of Mrs. Ford’s lips and hair. It took him a second to realize she was waiting for him to say something. But when he tried to concentrate he was immediately struck by the fact that his mother’s friend’s shirt had somehow opened up. Just inches away from his spellbound gaze was the vast creamy cleavage that had been the subject of so many hours of his lewd fantasies.

“Oh my Godddd!…Unnnn!…Do you really think so?…”Adam stammered. He had no idea what he was saying. He was transfixed by Mrs. Ford’s gently rising and falling bosom. The little white bra she was wearing practically lifted those wonderful globes right out of her spread blouse. The sight of Mrs. Ford’s awesome tits made Adam’s erection pound. Lauren could see how hot she was making him. She also knew he would never take the initiative with her. But that was alright. She had no problem making the moves on him.

She leaned a little forward and took one of his hands and moved it over onto her thigh.

She pressed her cheek against his so that she was once more purring in his ear…

“What was really bad was that they were usually too shy to do anything about it! I always had to make the first move!….” She said as she moved his hand up under her short little skirt.

Adam’s hand was shaking as Mrs. Ford boldly guided it up her thigh.

“Nnnn!…Mrs. Ford!…I don’t know!…Maybe we shouldn’t…Unnnn!…” Adam whispered faintly as his fingertips were brought to the edge of Lauren’s satin covered crotch.

“Shouldn’t what Adam?… Shouldn’t this?…” Lauren purred, darting her tongue out and thrusting it hotly into Adam’s ear as she took his hand and cupped it over her smoldering pussy.

“Ahhhhhh!…That’s nice!…” she moaned, stiffening up and clenching her thighs tight, trapping Adam’s hand between them. She moved her hand behind Adam’s head and held it as she rooted her moist tongue deep into his ear and ground her cunt down on his trembling palm.

“You probably think I’m being terrible, don’t you Adam?…Ohhh!…Letting you feel me up!…Yesss!…That’s it!…Rub it!!…Ummm Hmmm!…I’m getting so hot!…” “Ohhhhhh!…” Adam gasped, at the feel of Mrs. Ford’s wet tongue revolving in his ear and her satin covered pussy writhing against his hand. His cock was ready to explode and he didn’t know how much longer he could hold it.

“We’re not fucking or anything….” Lauren panted into his ear…”I don’t think I should let you fuck me, do you honey?…I could jack you off though!…I did that a lot with the boys I used to date!…As a matter of fact I got pretty good at it!.. What do you think?.. .” Lauren purred as she let her free hand drift down and sweep back and forth over the bulging front of Adam’s pants.

“Ahhhh!…Mrs. Ford!…You better stop!…I can’t!…I can’t!…Naaaa!…’

“I’m being terrible telling you this, aren’t I baby?…I used to love getting their cocks out!… They’d want me to let them fuck me or for me to suck them off!…But once I got their cocks in my hands, and got going on them, they couldn’t hold it very long!…I’d start out slow to get them real excited and pretty soon they’d be begging me to get them off. I learned a few tricks!… I could tease them until their balls were blue if I wanted, but eventually I’d get them coming and that would be that!…” Lauren laughed. She leaned back and let her gaze burn into Adam’s, as she let her brushing hand come to rest on top of his cock and kneaded it through his pants. With her other hand she slowly pulled Adam’s face down toward her cleavage. She tangled her fingers in his hair and held his face just short of actually touching her heaving breasts.

“Of course my tits weren’t so big back then!…Little boys love big tits don’t they Adam?…Don’t they?…” Lauren teased, holding him back even as his lips reflexively puckered and he strained towards her bared bosom

Adam helplessly twisted and writhed under Lauren’s wicked teasing. He could feel the moisture seeping through her panties into his cupped palm. He could also feel the moisture seeping from his cock and drenching his shorts under Mrs. Ford’s caressing palm.

“Do you like big tits Adam?…I’ve seen you staring at mine!…I’ll bet you’d love to get your hands on them and squeeze them…maybe suck on my big, fat nipples!…You’d like that wouldn’t you sweetheart?…

“Ohhhh!….Ahhhhh!…Mrs. Fordddd!…” Adam stammered as Lauren refused to allow him access to her wantonly displayed breasts but continued to tease him with her lewd words and her deft fondling.

“You’re not going to come already are you baby?…You wouldn’t leave me hanging would you?…” Lauren breathed into Adam’s ear. She let her hand slide slowly down Adam’s cock and into his crotch. She grabbed his balls and gave them a torrid, practiced squeeze, pressing them up into his seething groin.

“Naaaaa!…Pleaseee!…Noooooo!…” Adam panted, squirming with arousal and embarassment. He had never been so excited in his life. Then she moved her hand back onto his cock and rubbed it up and down more urgently. He tried with all his might to control himself but with Mrs. Ford’s moist breath gusting in his ear, her big tits thrusting into his face and with her provocative hand caressing his cock he couldn’t stop himself. He started to come and he started to come hard.

“Oh my!…What a surprise!…” Mrs. Ford snickered in feigned surprise, jerking his cock hard through his pants in time with his urgent ejaculation.

“Nooooooo!….Goddddd!….Naaaa!…” Adam groaned in embarassment as he helplessly hunched upwards against Mrs. Ford’s coaxing hand. His cock shuddered and the come gushed frantically under her pressing fingers.

“Ohhh!..You’re making a mess aren’t you Adam!…Ummm!… Coming for me just like the boys did when I was in school!… Yesss!…I can feel it!…It’s all hot and sticky!…” Lauren teased, carressing his spewing cock through his pants and squeezing it in time with his shuddering orgasm. She yanked his head upwards so he had to look at her.

“That’s too bad!…You couldn’t hold it could you baby?…Ummm!…So much yummy come!…We never even got it out did we?…I didn’t realize you were so, so ready!…” Lauren said. Her eyes twinkling wickedly.

She could see the keen humiliation masking Adam’s face as she deliberately milked his cock for more of his gushing boy juice.

“Mrs. Ford!…Unnn!…I’m sorry!…Oooohh!.. So sorry!…’ he moaned, on the verge of tears as cock continued to ejaculate under Lauren’s urging fingers.

Lauren just smiled at his distress. The front of his pants was a sodden, sticky mess from all the come he had spent. Patiently she masturbated him through his moaning and twitching until he seemed to be finished.

But Lauren wasn’t done with her best friend’s son just yet. She let go of his still slightly pulsing prick, pulled his hand from between her thighs and leaned back into her corner of the front seat.

“Well Adam….Maybe you can make it up to me…Take me home!” she said with a lewd wink.

Adam drove the rest of the way to Mrs. Ford’s house in a complete daze. He felt completely humiliated at the way he had come all over himself. A broad, dark stain discolored the front of his shorts which were cold and uncomfortable besides. Adam couldn’t help blushing in embarrassment. But Mrs. Ford didn’t seem at all to mind. She sat beside him watching him and smiling at him with cool calculation She hadn’t rebuttoned the front of her blouse which meant she still had Adam’s full attention.

When they arrived at her house, Mrs. Ford got out of the car and walked around to Adam’s side. She leaned down by his window knowing that this afforded him a great view of her barley contained tits. She let him stare for a moment and even shimmied her shoulders to make her dangling breasts jiggle thrillingly.

“Why don’t you come in for a minute Adam. We can have a quick swim and you can clean up a little before you head home…” Lauren invited with a teasing little smile. Then without looking back, she headed off to the house. Adam was still feeling pretty abashed but he would have followed those tits anywhere. He got out of the car and hurried to catch up with his mother’s friend.

Lauren took him through the house and out again to the pool. She turned to him and said…”There’s a spare pair of trunks in the pool house. Just rinse your shorts out in there and throw them in the drier. They’ll be ready in no time. I’ll meet you out at the pool in a couple of minutes…” and she went back inside the house.

Adam did as he was instructed. The only swim suit he could find was an incredibly brief speedo. It was tiny and tight, just a skimpy nylon strip of black that barely covered his front and backside. He knew very well that his cock was going to be on vivid display in this outfit so he grabbed a towel and tied it around his waist. He rinsed his shorts and threw them in the old drier that was out there. Then he went back outside to the pool.

Mrs. Ford wasn’t back out yet. Adam decided if he took a quick swim, he could get back out and cover up before she came down. He dropped the towel on a lounge chair and dove in. The water was cold and he swam the length of the pool underwater before popping up for air. He got his breath then dug in and did a couple of quick laps. He stopped at the shallow end and leaned back against the wall to get his breath. He was just about to hop out when he turned his head and saw that Mrs. Ford was standing on the deck, looking at him with an amused smile. She stood still and watched him while he gazed in awe at her.

Lauren was wearing high heels and the tiniest little white bikini he had ever seen. The bra was two long narrow triangles of gauzy fabric held together with string. The two strips of material barely covered her nipples. The rest of her creamy bare breasts bulged out all around the postage stamp size bra. At her crotch was another teeny white triangle around which a few whispy tendrels of blonde hair were clearly visible.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself!…” she said with a smirk as she strutted over the dozen or so steps from the house to the pool. She threw a little bag on the chair next to his towel as she went by. When she moved, her breasts jiggled hypnotically with every step and Adam couldn’t stop staring.

Lauren walked to the steps where Adam was leaning against the wall, kicked off her high heels and casually walked down into the water up to her waist.

“Ohhhh!…” she said, as she slipped into the chill water.

She turned so she was facing Adam, did a quick knee bend, submersing herself to her shoulders and then sprang upright again.

“Ouch!….That’s too cold for me!…” she said, hugging her arms together under her shuddering breasts. She smiled with amusement as Adam watched her like a deer caught in the headlights.

Adam’s mouth actually dropped open as he stared at his mother’s friend. Her minute bikini top had become completely see-through now that it was wet. What’s more, the cold water had made Mrs. Ford’s nipples fiercely pink and rigid. They jutted out through her transparent bikini top at least an inch. They were just begging to be sucked! He had never seen anything as sexy as Mrs. Ford’s gleaming tits in his life. His cock was a rigid bar of flesh at his loins that testified to his excitement. He was practically drooling as Mrs. Ford walked slowly over towards him.

“I’m getting out! How about you?”

She brushed his face with her hand as she stopped in front of him. Then she let her hand drop down until it was at the waistband of his swim trunks. Adam was sure that she couldn’t see that his erection was jutting out over the top of his trunks. Whether she could see or not, Mrs. Ford stretched his tiny speedo out from his waist making Adam gasp in excitement.

“Are you coming?…” she asked, letting his waist band snap back into place.

“Naaaa!…” Adam gasped as his waist band snapped smartly against his erection, making it expand even more and project even further from the tight confines of the tiny swim suit.

With an amused smirk at wide eyed Adam, Lauren slowly stepped up the stairs and out of the pool. Her pubic mound was virtually naked through the tiny wet triangle at her loins. Adam groaned faintly as he looked up into Mrs. Ford’s crotch. Lauren picked up her towel then came back to stand right above him. Keeping her eyes turned down into his, she slipped back into her high heels, spread her legs a little and started seductively drying herself. Adam blushed and tried helplessly to look away, but he couldn’t. Lauren’s rounded mons and lightly haired vertical slit were clearly visible at the apex of her spread legs. He could also see her wicked smile as she looked down at him between her looming breasts.

“You better get out sweetheart. Your mother’s going to start worrying about you.”

She held the towel out to him.

Adam didn’t know what to do. His enormous erection was sticking well out of the top of the undersized speedo and there wasn’t much chance of it going down anytime soon with sexy Mrs. Ford standing there. He decided to move quickly out of the pool and make a fast grab for the towel. But Lauren had anticipated him. As he jumped out of the pool, she casually flung the towel over her shoulder. Adam started to move towards it but she just turned so that she was continuously facing him and the towel was just out of reach. Adam found himself standing right in front of the sexy older blonde with the engorged head of his cock protruding obscenely from his swim shorts. And Mrs. Ford was staring right at it.

“Either those trunks are a little small or you’re a little large Adam…” she said, licking her lips in a very provocative manner.

“For someone who just came in his pants a little while ago, this is very impressive…” Lauren said, reaching out and closing her fist around his sensitive knob.

“Unnnnnn!…..Godddd!….I’m sorry Mrs. Ford!…” Adam groaned as Lauren squeezed and fondled his eager cock crown.

“Don’t be dear! I consider this a compliment!…” Lauren said as she slowly backed up, leading Adam with her by his tool until she backed up to a deck chair. Gracefully she sat down in front of him, her face on a level with his crotch. She looked up into his eyes with a wicked smile as she slowly pulled the speedo down and let it drop to his feet. She didn’t touch his cock again for the moment.

Adam stood there trembling with arousal and almost faint with embarrassment. His prick was rigidly erect as the blood throbbed fenziedly through his distended shaft.

“What are you going to do Mrs. Ford?…” he asked in a fearful whisper.

“What would you like me to do Adam?…” Lauren responded as she reached for her bag and puled out her lipstick. With Adam’s erection bobbing only inches from her face, she continued to look him in the eyes as she slowly and sensuously applied a gleaming scarlet slash of red to her pursed lips.

“Is there something special you’d like me to do to you right now sweetheart?…” she asked with a lewd wink. Still smiling up into his fearful gaze, she put her hands on his hips and parted her lips into an inviting oval.

“Anything at all?…” she purred.

“Oh God Mrs. Ford!…Please!…Please!…Put it in your mouth!…” he moaned in a barely audible whisper.

“Do you want me to suck it baby?…” she asked, closing one hand at the root of his shaft. It was so urgently erect that she had some difficulty bending it down until it was pointed directly at her glistening lips.


“Do you want me to blow you?…” she teased as she leaned forward and pressed her puckered lips lightly against his livid cock crown.

“Ohhhhh!…” Adam cried as Mrs. Ford molded her nibbling lips around his responsive flesh, making his balls churn with arousal.

“If you want me to suck your cock Adam, you have to promise me one thing!…” Lauren said, sliding her cushiony lips down a little further until they were locked around the widest part of Adam’s excruciatingly flared knob. She gave the end of his cock a sloppy, lurid suck.

“Naaa!…Goddd!…Anything Mrs. Ford!…Anything you want!…” Adam gasped in arousal. He couldn’t believe how exciting it was to see Mrs. Ford’s mouth suckling on the end of his pulsing tool. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold his come for very long. And so did Lauren.

She backed off his meat for a moment and said with a sexy purr…”Don’t come in my mouth, O.K baby? Let me know when you’re going to come but don’t come in my mouth!”

“Yesss!…Nooo!… Mrs. Ford!…I won’t!… I promise!”

“Good boy!…. Now!…Are you ready for me baby?… Are you ready for your blowjob?…” she asked, giving him another lewd wink.

“Please, Mrs. Ford!…Please!…” Adam begged.

Lauren smiled as she went back to gently sucking on his knob. But now she used her little hand at the root of his cock. She gently jogged his turgid flesh so that his knob was slipping in and out of the tightly cinched oval of her lips. She knew that this was the most sensitive part of his cock and she was giving it particular attention. She also used her tongue with practiced skill, flipping it seductively around and around Adam’s tender, engorged flesh.

“Shickkk!..Shickkk!…Shickkk!…” was the moist slurping noise that his cock made as Lauren popped the mushroom shaped knob in and out of her puckered lips.

“Ohhhh!…Ohhh!…Oh my Godddd!…” Adam gasped. He squirmed and twitched with excitement in response to Lauren’s expert cock sucking. It felt like his prick was surrounded by molten honey as Lauren worked him over. The tension in his balls was rising fast as those aching nuggets drew up tight into his groin.

“Mmmmm!….Mmmm Hmmmm!…Mmmm Hmmmm!…Mmmm Hmmmm!…” Lauren hummed, knowing that her murmured encouragement would vibrate right down to the bottom of his drum taut ball sack.

“Ohhh Godddd!….” Adam continued to groan, as he began to helplessly hunch his cock in and out of Mrs. Ford’s mouth in time with her lurid cock sucking.

Lauren knew he wasn’t going to last very long and she decided to help him along. She ringed the root of his throbbing tool with her thumb and forefinger. Then she smoothly leaned forward into his crotch, letting his big cock slide all the way back to her tonsils.

“Naaaaa!…” Adam cried as Mrs. Ford inhaled the whole length of his cock with practiced ease.

Still looking up into his eyes, Lauren managed to curve her ovalled lips into a wicked smile. Then she began to suck on his engorged flesh in earnest. Her smooth cheeks collapsed inwards as she vacuumed his responsive tool with wanton entusiasm .

“Ummm Hmmm!…Ummm Hmmm!…Ummm Hmmm!…” she coaxed, pumping the root of his cock faster with her ringed fingers in order to bring him to his inevitable orgasm.

“Ahhhh!…Ahhh!…Ahhh!….” Adam panted as his angry cock throbbed for release inside the searing confines of Mrs. Ford’s sunken cheeks. His cock expanded that last excruciating millimeter as his come began to surge in his balls.

“Mrs Ford!…Ahhh!…I’m coming!…I’m going to come!…” Adam cried, trying to edge backwards and pull his cock from Mrs. Ford’s voracious mouth.

“Mnnoooo!…Donnnn’t!…” Lauren mumbled loudly with wide eyes. But she reached around Adam with her free hand and grabbed his butt in a hard clasp, refusing to allow him to escape her greedy mouth. She continued to suck on him hard and jack him off in a demanding rhythm.

“Mmmm Mmmm!…Nooooo!…Mmmm mmmm!…” she kept humming even as she bore down on the dismayed youth’s cock with irresistable intensity.

Adam was frantic with indecision. Mrs. Ford was telling him not to come in her mouth but she refused to release him now that he was on the brink. He wiggled and squirmed but Lauren only gripped his ass tighter and held him firmly in place. The pre come was streaming from his cock and she knew the rest of it was on its way.

“Ummmm!…Ummm!…Ummm!…” she coaxed as she sucked and masturbated his cock furiously. With her other hand she jerked his butt forward again and again, forcing Adam to fuck her mouth rhythmically.

“Ahhhhhh!….Noooo!….” he cried pitifully as he rose up on his tiptoes and his balls convulsed. A huge jet of come erupted from his quivering cock, firing directly down Mrs. Ford’s throat.

“Oooohh!…Ummmm!…Commmmme!….Ummm Hmmmm!…Commm ommm!…” Lauren encouraged gutturally as the torrent of Adam’s sperm gushed furiously under her vacuuming suck.

“Ahhhh!…Ahhh!…Goddd!…” Adam wailed, practically dancing on his toes. His cock was lurching violently with every spasm of his balls. He was feverishly embarrassed that he was coming in Mrs. Ford’s mouth when she had specifically asked him not to. And was he ever coming! He was coming so much that she couldn’t swallow fast enough. His creamy sperm was beginning to trickle out of the corners of Mrs. Ford’s mouth as she urged him to fuck her face. And there was nothing he could to about it. He came and came and came as the wanton blonde worked skillfully to drain his youthful balls.

“Ummm!..Hmmm!…Commme!…Commmm!…Ummm Hmmm!…” Lauren continued to intone. With her face buried in his crotch, she waited for the tension in his groin to build. Then she yanked her head up, drawing his sperm up from his balls with her leeching mouth. Then she would plunge her frothing lips back down his tool and suck hard, coaxing another spasm to build in his cringing nuts. She repeated this lewd cycle over and over, forcing Adam’s orgasm to go on and on and on.

“Naaaaa!…Ohhhh!…” Adam moaned in surrender, ceasing to struggle as he let Mrs. Ford work her seductive skills on his lurching, spewing cock. Finally his come shots started lose their power and his orgasm began to wane.

“Ummmmm!…Ummm Hmmm!…” Lauren hummed happily. She continued to stare up wickedly into Adam’s eyes as she coaxed the diminishing flow of boy cream from his over worked testicles.

Eventually she let his softening shaft slip from her puffy lips. She nestled her face into his groin as she murmured in a very pouty little girl voice…”You promised you wouldn’t come in my mouth baby!…”

“Mrs. Ford!…I didn’t mean to!….What could I do?…I!…I!…Ahhhh!..” Adam gasped, as Lauren gave his super sensitive shaft a bunch of hard pulls with her little fist to draw up the last dregs of sperm from his balls.

And of course her practiced touch worked, making Adam’s little pee slit open wide and disgorge the last of his bubbling fluid on her cheeks, in her hair and down her shuttling wrist.

“You’ll just have to make it up to me!…” she said with a girlish giggle, wringing the last of his sperm from him with corkscrewing twists and pulls of her little hand.

“Ahhhhh!…” Adam groaned, rocking back on his heels. He was barely able to stand, he was so sapped of strength. He stared down at Mrs. Ford’s glowing, come streaked face and wondered what she meant.

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