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Everyone’s Gone to the Movies

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I walked into my friend James’ house with a huge grin on my face and a videotape in my hand. “Wait, ” I said, “until you see the home movie that Angela and I made last night.” Without further ado we moved into the back room and sat down on the couch in front of the TV.

It was late afternoon and still light outside, so James had to draw the curtains to keep the glare off the TV.

I sat down on the overstuffed couch as he popped the tape into the VCR. Then we both cracked a beer.

The screen flickered to life with an image of my girlfriend’s bedroom. Angela lay on her bed, completely naked. She was slowly caressing her body, running her fingers over her thighs and tits. She beckoned toward the camera and soon I appeared, in my birthday suit as well.

On screen I crawled onto the bed and began kissing and licking her ankles. I moved up to her calves, nuzzling the space behind her knees. As I reached her inner thigh she began to breathe deeply. I teased her for a minute by nipping at her thighs and the top of her pubes. She moaned loudly as I finally made my way down to her vagina lips, parting them with my tongue. On screen you could see the back of my head moving between her legs. Angela moaned in pleasure, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. “Oh yeah baby, “she cooed, “you make me so wet.”

“Damn,” James said from the couch, “this is making me hot as hell.” As if the bulge in his pants didn’t make that obvious. He pressed his hand into his crotch and shifted his legs.

On the video Angela had pulled me around so that we were now in a side by side 69 position. You could see her licking and sucking my cock, stopping every once and a while to moan or say something nasty for the camera. “Oooh, suck my pussy baby, that’s it!” She was such a nasty girl.

“Dude, I can’t take this,” James said. “I’ve got to jerk off to this video. You girlfriend is so hot.” With that he pulled down his shorts. He produced a bottle of hand lotion from a drawer next to the couch and squirted some lotion into his hand. He offered me the bottle. “I know it’s making you hot too man. Don’t be shy.” The fact was I had a huge boner myself. I also dropped trou and greased up my right hand.

As James and I stroked our cocks, the action on the screen began to get hotter. I had laid back on the bed and Angela was on all fours sucking my cock. Her backside was to the camera giving us a perfect view of her pink, wet pussy and puckered rosebud. She propped herself up with one hand and sucked my dick like a popsicle. With her other hand she reached back and fingered her cunt. We could see her head bobbing up and down and hear the loud slurping noises she made as she sucked my dick.

James and I sat there stroking our cocks and watching the action on screen. We didn’t even hear the front door open, so we were taken by surprise when his girlfriend Julia burst into the room. She took it well though. “Well well. What’s going on here?” she said in a sing-songy voice. “Looks like I’m missing all the action.” She turned and watched the screen. On TV I was fucking Angela doggy style, with our backs to the camera. You could see my balls hanging down, and her ass made a loud smacking sound as I fucked her. Angela cried out, “Oh yeah! Fuck my hot pussy baby! Fuck me good!”

“Damn, that’s hot!” Julia said as she began to get undressed. As James and I continue to jerk off in front of her, Julia peeled off her T-shirt revealing her large, round, freckled boobs. I couldn’t decide whether to watch her or the video. She dropped her panties and then came over to James and I. “Why don’t I free up those hands for you boys,” she said. She sat down in between us and took a cock in each hand. As she stroked my stiff, greasy dick I reached over and grabbed her tits. James used his free hand to finger her cooze. As Angela moaned on screen, Julia began to moan between us. “God, you’re fucking her good,” Julia said to me. “Do you like the way I’m touching your dick?” She stroked my cock faster and I moved my hand down to her wet pussy. James brought his hand up from her cunt as I did so, sticking his wet fingers into her to her mouth. She hungrily licked her own pussy juice from his fingers. On screen I fucked my girlfriend with wild abandon.

Julia said, “I want you both to fuck me with those hard cocks. This video is making me so hot. Let’s do something nasty!” I asked what she had in mind. Julia answered by jumping off the couch and repositioning me and James. She laid both us back, each with his head at the opposite end of the couch. Then she scooted us forward so that our crotches were pressed together. My legs went over James’ in a sort of opposing V position. Our ball sacks pressed together, as did parts of our buttcheecks. Julia got on her knees and grabbed both of our dicks together. She began to lick and slobber over them as if they were one big dick instead of two. My head was propped up so I could see her slide her tongue over the head of my cock and then down the shaft of James’. On screen Angela and I had switched to missionary position.

Then Julia did something I wouldn’t have thought was possible. She climbed up onto the couch and straddled James’ cock. From my position I could watch it disappear into her pussy. She rode up and down on his dick for a few seconds and I heard James sigh. Then, she reached back a grabbed my long, stiff cock. As she fucked James she rubbed the head of my cock against her anus. “James baby,” she said, “put some of that lotion in my hand.” James did as she said as he drove his dick into her wet pussy. She let go of my cock and began to rub lotion all over her ass crack. I saw a finger, then two disappear into her asshole. She then grabbed my cock again and rubbed the rest of the hand lotion up and down my shaft.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned as James fucked her and she began to rub the head of my dick against her rosebud. I could feel where her pussy juice had run down James’ shaft and was now making both of our ball sacks moist as they rubbed together. Then Julia turned back to me and said, “OK, now fuck me up the butt.”

On screen I had my girlfriend in my lap as she bobbed up and down on my cock. I could tell she was close to coming from the way she was practically screaming pornographic things at the camera. “Oh god, fuck my hot cunt! Fill my pussy with your cum! Fuck me! Fuck me Fuck my pussy baby!”

On James’ couch we all moaned in agreement. James’ dick was deep in his girlfriend’s cunt and I had my well-lubed penis half-way up her ass. She was crying out in unison with my girlfriend on the screen, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before we all came. On screen Angela moaned in the first of a wave of orgasms. Her body trembled as I continued to fuck her. Then I pulled out and she laid back on the bed. I squatted over her with my hard, wet cock inches from her chest. She reached up and began to jerk me off feverishly. It was only seconds before I came all over her tits in a perfect porno moment. My cum dripped from her tits and face.

Seeing that on screen made Julia get serious. She leaned forward all the way on top of James. My dick popped out of her ass as James’ sunk all the way into her cunt. But she immediately cried out. “Get the cock back up my ass right now!” James reached around and grabbed her butt cheeks, spreading her ass wide. I laid against Julia’s back and stuck my slippery dick back into her anus. She moaned in pleasure as both James and I fucked her rhythmically.

I soon felt an orgasm building in my balls and I began to fuck her ass faster. James called out that he was going to cum and I could tell by the fever pitch of Julia’s moaning that she was pretty close herself. Right as I was about to come I pulled out of Julia’s ass. James groaned and filled her cunt with his load. I stroked my cock quickly and shot my come all over Julia’s pussy lips and the shaft of James’ dick where it disappeared into her pussy. Julia sat up and cried out, “Stick your finger in my ass! I’m coming! Oh yeah fuck my pussy! Fuck me! My pussy! My pussy! Pussy pussy pussy pussy! Fuck my hot, wet pussy!” She jerked through what seemed like a five minute orgasm and then lay back against me. She pinched her nipples and sighed. On screen Angela did the same thing.

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