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What If

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i wonder, Sir…

What if we had the opportunity to meet somewhat regularly and each session went beautifully for both of us?

What if i waited for you in a lovely hotel room one summer evening?

What if i put on the little blue plaid mini-skirt and white blouse, white stockings, and little lace bra and panties you’d left for me, and put my hair up in a nice ponytail, as you’d requested?

What if i laid out all the toys we’d need on a side table for your use on me: dildoes, vibrators, anal plug and beads, lightweight black leather belt, paddle, rope, cuffs with furry lining, clamps, lotion, oil, lube, blindfold, gag?

What if i’d been waiting patiently for you for an hour, as you’d ordered, sitting on the bed crosslegged, centering my mind for our experience, still, just breathing and knowing it would please you that i was so very patient and well trained?

What if room service delivered the sparkling wine, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and whipped cream you’d ordered, and i blushed as the guy brought it right into the room where all the toys and my slutty little girl body were on display for him…and he smiled…and it turned me on?

What if you called and asked if i was prepped for you and ready, told me all you were going to do to me, told to tease myself and let you hear me lick the wetness from my pussy off my trembling fingers, told me you would not arrive for another hour because you were not adequately convinced i needed badly enough what only you could give me?

What if i whimpered into the phone, not crying because i knew you’d soothe me and make everything better if i could just be patient and obedient enough?

What if you said that sound of dissatisfaction offended you as my Master and you might not come at all, just to punish me?

What if i grew tired of being so patient and obedient and threatened to throw the temper tantrum more appropriate to the schoolgirl you’d dressed me as than an adult and the submissive i am for you?

What if your voice grew cold and you said, “Stand in the corner and wait for me. I will attend to you directly, ungrateful and spoiled little girl”?

What if i obeyed, fuming as i stood in a corner of the hotel room, my face to the wall like a child in time out, waiting for you?

What if you arrived, entered the room with your key, walked right past me with barely a glance, looked over the room to be sure i had at least set things up to your satisfaction, pushed the room service cart into the hall, then grabbed the belt and barked “Over my knee, brat” as you sat on the edge of the high hotel bed?

What if i turned to face you and found your eyes icy with anger, your mouth firm, harsh, a cruel edge to it i had never seen before, and i approached, eyes downcast, then kneeled before you?

What if you pulled back on my hair to bring my gaze to yours and repeated “Over my knees, right now” through gritted teeth?

What if i rose, slowly, and laid my body over your lap?

What if you lifted my very short skirt, yanked my panties down, then cracked the belt down hard on my disobedient little ass?

What if i yelped with the pain of the first stroke, but grew silent with the second, third, and fourth?

What if on the fifth i pushed off of you, kicked off my panties, stepped back, my eyes stinging, and snarled, “If i’m so spoiled, then make me obey”?

i wonder, Sir…what would you do?

Would you wrestle me, kicking and crying out, to the bed?

Would you twist my arm so you could rip off my shirt and bra?

Would you sit on my chest to keep me still while you grabbed the rope?

Would you tie up my hands and strap them tight to the headboard?

Would i feel your cock hard, pressing into my belly as you leaned forward to lash my chest to the bed?

Would you slide back to sit on my thighs to hold me in place?

Would your breath come hard and fast, like mine, as you spread my legs hard and bound each thigh, calf, ankle?

Would you gag me to stop me from the foul language and name-calling spewing from my defiant lips?

Would you move off the bed and look down at your raging little monster of a submissive, all trussed up and no way to move–pussy, ass, and breasts exposed for you?

Would you slap my pussy, hard, and listen to me moan?

Would you watch me there, both of us panting, sweating–see the depth of my arousal, so hot the whole room was thick with it?

Would you take out your cock and begin to stroke as you held my eyes, cruel little smile on your lips as you pumped your shaft and kept it from me?

Would you feed on the desperate hunger in my eyes?

Would you move to the side of the bed as you stroked, still smiling, your fist tight on your swelling cock, and shoot your cum over my belly, tits, and face as i lay helpless?

Would you leave me there after you licked a few drops of cum from your fingertips, ignoring my muffled plea for mercy, and go take a shower?

Would you return, hair wet, face hard but so beautiful to me, cock hardening again as you looked down on me, truly submissive, quiet now, cum drying on my body, waiting?

Would you sit beside me, remove the gag from my mouth, and quietly ask, “Do you want me to remove the gag, brat?”

Would you enjoy my lashes sweeping down, my humble nod?

Would you remove the gag then and say, “Who owns you?”

Would your cock twitch when i replied, “You, Sir; you own me”?

Would you then say, “And what are you?”

Would you smile when, without hesitation, i said, “i am your sexy submissive fucktoy,” as you have instructed me always to do when asked what i am?

Would you correct me, saying, “Good girl. You are always my fucktoy. But you are sexy only when you obey me. You are sexy now, lying there, open to me. You are submissive because I have had to make you so. Never make me prove my dominance in this way again. Do you understand, pet?”

Would you smile when you saw my smile, full and aroused, as i replied, “i understand, Master” and licked my lips hungrily?

and i wonder, Sir…what would you do with your sexy submissive fucktoy then?

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