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Mystic Mansion

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If there’s one thing I like being a girl, through all the things I don’t like, it’s the luck we have hitchhiking. And by being quite pretty, I must admit, my chances are even greater. I confess that I sometimes use my curves to increase my luck: when I decide to wear only my white tank top and an old pair of cut-offs, like today, I really make an impression.

Tightly wrapped by the white spandex, my breasts softly wave up and down, unhindered from any bra. And below, my legs seem to emerge from my jeans like two wild rivers. I never have to wait more than five minutes on the side of the road for a car to stop. It helped to lower the costs of my numerous trips across the States.

Anyway here I am just out of a small town, at six o’clock, heading south on a long and isolated road. As usual a car stops by quickly and we’re off for the forest ahead. But I won’t get very far with this guy, he’s turning east on the 55 while I must go down southward. It was still a pleasant hour. After letting me out, he took the 55 and disappeared in the forest. That’s when it hit me; at six o’clock, even with all the luck I can have, there are not many cars passing by. What do I do? I can’t walk 60 miles back to the town, and I know very well that the forest goes on for much longer. I pin up my hair tightly and begin walking deeper in the forest.

It’s now eight and after two long hours walking further in the forest, I see what could be my life saver; a small, faint light through the woods. Walking a lot faster now, I nearly run towards it; at night-time in the forest it gets really dark and cold. To my surprise and relief, it’s a house that looks like it was dropped there, with nothing more than a small trail heading for the big door. Good Gods it’s a really big house, radically out of place in the woods! But right now I don’t really care about the fact that this old mansion looks pretty weird, and I just walk through the light bushes and knock on the door.

Two knocks later, I finally ear footsteps from inside, coming quickly to the door. Behind the opening door, a woman in her early forties smiles warmly at me and after a quick hello, asks me to enter before I can even place a word.

“So, young stranger, where do you come from?”

“From a lot of places actually, but for today, I come from the town just outside the woods.”

“And to what pleasure do we owe your visit?” She said in her sweet voice.

“Well, I was hoping for a lift, but at this time of day, I had no luck at all.” I try to look as if I was a helpless little girl: perhaps she would invite me for the night?

“You had no luck dressed like this?” She laughed and gave me a long look up and down. “It’s quite curious. But don’t worry about anything, you can spend the night here if you want to.”

She then turns around and head for the kitchen while telling me to make myself at ease, at home. Clad only in a large but thin house gown (which will allow my eyes to see part of her ample and firm cleavage), she smoothly walks away. I’m really surprised by her light brown hair that flows all the way down to her thighs in soft curls. I don’t mean that I don’t like mine, but sometimes a redhead just wishes to switch color for a while.

Anyway, I’m still quite surprised by her incredible hospitality, but just as she asked, I make myself at home. After dropping my bags, I turn around the corner to find myself in a large living room. As I sit down, I hear her ask me from the kitchen if I wanted something to drink.

“Water would be fine.” But I was once more surprised by her. She peaked her head around the kitchen corner and smiled.

“Oh come on, if you consider yourself lucky to have found us, be more creative and try your luck again. Anything you want, you’ll have it. Don’t worry, try me!”

Maybe influenced by the tone in her voice, a happy one, I think about what I could ask her. “Pina-Colada, virgin.” Was my response.

She repeats my last word, but as a question this time. “Virgin?”

I reply with a laugh. “Not quite, but I like my drinks this way.”

Just as I spoke out my last word, she turns the corner with my Pina-Colada in her hand. “Here you go, a cold Pina-Colada, for a virgin…” She looks at me with a large smile and sits down beside me.

Puzzled, I ask; “How did you do this so quickly?”

“Well, you see, …how could I say: there’s magic in this house. ”

Even though she looks serious, I can’t help but to crack a smile. She goes on a bit with a new smile;

“Don’t laugh so quickly, you’ll see that it’s true soon enough.”

“OK, I want to believe you. I can’t say that I do now, but I do want to!”

After a few more laughs, I finish my drink and after taking the empty glass, she gets up and goes back in the kitchen.

“If you want to take your bags to your room now, I’ll show you were you’ll spend the night.”

“No problems.”

We climb up two sets of stairs to finally end up on the second floor, which is as big as the first and ground floor. There’s even a complete bathroom up here and four bedrooms; four large bedrooms. Two of them seem to be used, the two other look more like guest rooms. When she sees my eyes looking in one of the rooms, she tells me that Mary and Klaudia, her two daughters, will be back soon. The three of them seem live alone in this immense place and she doesn’t say a word about a possible husband. Again she asks me to make myself at home and asks me if I had dinner. As soon as I tell her no, she leaves the room. Before disappearing down the stairs, she asks me to get back down in about fifteen minutes, dinner will be served.

After throwing my bag on a big chair, I let myself fall back on the huge bed, letting out a long sigh of disbelieve. What is this strange house, and this strange woman? How can they live out here in the forest? I suddenly notice that I didn’t see any radios, TV sets or telephones at all. I look around my room and indeed there are none. The decorations and styling don’t look old or anything, but modern conveniences are non-existent. I take off my cut-offs and tank top and put on my old tee-shirt, which barely covers my buttocks.

As I look at myself in the wall-long mirror, I think back to my senior high year, two years ago. As one of the cheerleaders, choosing a boyfriend was important. When I decided to accept a date with Mark, he saw it like a divine grace. At least that’s what he told me. And every time I wore this tee-shirt to sleep, usually with nothing under it, he always marveled at the teasing curves of my thighs smoothly transforming themselves into my buttocks. But this time I’ll wear panties and my black boxers under this memory-filled shirt.

As I was searching for my boxers, the lady (who didn’t ask for my name and vice-versa) enters my room and tell me that dinner is ready.

“Just a minute, I’m still searching for my boxers. ”

“Oh don’t be shy of your pretty legs.” She then takes my hand and guides me out of the room. “Anyway, it’s only going to be me, you and my daughters. And don’t worry about any visitors, you’re the first we’ve had in months.”

After a brief hesitation, I follow her down, realizing that she’s completely right. But another surprise awaits me in the dining room. She did not only prepare dinner, she prepared a sumptuous meal that’s more fit for a king than for me. I look at her, with a thousand questions in my eyes, but all she gives back for answer is a quick smile and;

“You think you’re going to like it?”

As I sit down, I make long “no” signs with my head, not believing what I see. There is simply everything. She prepared all this stuff for me, and in about ten minutes? It’s impossible. She pulls me out of my wonder by asking me;

“So, what’s your name stranger?”

“Tanya, and yours?”

“Juliette. I know it sounds weird, but my parents were both literature students when I was conceived.” She smiled and even blushed a little! “What can I say!”

“It’s not weird, it’s unusual, yes, but not weird. I always found that name quite special. ”

“Well me too. But now eat, before it gets cold!”

With that she starts to eat herself. All through the long dinner we discover each others past and plans for the future, I learn that her “Romeo” died 6 years ago but that it wasn’t really hard for any of the three women still alive. He had been sick for 3 years and they all knew the moment would come sooner or later. But now, they were all living happy lives in this incredible house.

As time passes by, I begin to seriously wonder if magic really exist in here. Let’s consider those two things; we talked about music and I told her that I love Irish music. She then took the remote and simply turned the system on. Can you guess what type of music was already in the CD player? Yes, it was Irish, it was the Chieftains. But one thing special about this system is that it’s hidden somewhere, I that I can’t see any speakers at all. The music seems to be coming from everywhere. After dinner, we got back to the living room and this time I spotted the huge library on the back wall. And as I browsed through the titles, each of them ringed a bell. I had either read them or heard something about them. How can this be? I still don’t know.

It’s now nine and a half and suddenly, she asks me if I want to take a swim. I say yes, that’s exactly what I needed to relax from the weird day I had. Without hesitating, I tell her that I’m going to change and put on my swimsuit, and run upstairs to my room, as if it were my own home. In the room, I think about all the funny stuff that happened since I arrived, but not for long because I decide that, until they become threatening, I won’t bother with them. As I get back down and turn the kitchen corner, I see the pool through the doors. It’s, of course, a long pool with dim lights in it. Juliette is already in and is slowly swimming from side to side. I walk up to the edge and dip my foot in the water. Somewhere between 80 and 85 degrees, the temperature is perfect. But I realize, with a tiny shock that Juliette is swimming in the nude. She notices my reaction and asks me if I wanted her to put something on. I tell her;

“No no, it’s just that it surprised me.”

“I thought so.”

“Why did you think so?” Is she a telepath!?!

“I saw you looking down my house gown earlier, and back then you didn’t seem to be shy…”

But now I am. With a fake smile, I look at her and finally accept the fact that she caught me earlier. “Sorry…”

“Come on, don’t be shy my child.” she said laughing. “I won’t eat you!”

And I think to myself “Well, we never know, funny things have happened here…” While I climb down the three stairs down the pool, I can’t help but imagine her head between my legs and the feel of her tongue inside me. The little burning I feel inside me wakes up my nipples that now stand quite proudly against my thin swimsuit. She’ll probably think that it’s the cold water… Through our fooling around in the pool, I let my arm touch her breasts a couple of times and my legs her buttocks. She may be much older than me, but I could give anything to have a body like this when I reach her age. Firm yet smooth, thin yet generous, very generous…Breaking a long silence, she asks me;

“Could you unpin your hair for me?”

“Well, if you want to.” As I do, I let them fall down my shoulders and on my back. The tips touches the water and reach down to the middle of my back. Walking towards me, she asks me to turn around. Taking my hair in her hands, she plays with them; twisting them, pulling them up or straightening them to see how long they really are. During that and the small talk about my and her hair, she moves her hands and fingers on my back. I don’t know how she does it, but her body’s really hot. Not only figuratively, but hot like if she had a high fever or something. It must be my cooler body that gives me that impression, but still, I wonder…

When she moves her hands back up from the tip of my hair, she lets her fingers touch the skin from my hips up to under my arms, before wrapping them around my neck to grab my hair once more. Each time she does that, her fingers get closer and closer to the side curves of my breasts. I must confess that my one piece swimsuit has a low, very low back and that the swelling of my breasts is clearly visible from the sides. When she asks me if I had enough of the pool, she lets her finger trace the smooth outline of my breasts. I guess I had it coming, but I don’t really care. She doesn’t do it too clearly so that I could have reacted, but enough for me to feel a women’s touch on my breasts. I smile a bit when I see my nipples coming back to life, poking through my white swimsuit. I then slowly walk towards the stairs, with her just behind me.

After drying ourselves up, she puts back her robe and opens the patio door for me. At the same time, across the kitchen and lobby, the front doors open and two girls about my age burst inside. They seem to have had fun earlier ’cause they’re laughing and talking quite loudly. When they see me, they stop everything. But a second later, their smiles are back and, with curiosity in their eyes, they walk towards me and their mother. One of them is about my size, 5’8″ and has long dark brown hair that flows down in long curls past the middle of her back. With shining green eyes and a body even I could be jealous of, her beauty is simply stunning. The other one, with curly blond hair down to her elbows, has deep black eyes, which make an incredible effect. A bit shorter than her sister, but with the same kind of figure, she looks as sexy as her sister. The only noticeable effect of her being shorter is the fact that her delicious breasts look much bigger.

“Who’s this mom?”

“It’s our guest for the night. Tanya, here’s Mary (green eyes) and Klaudia (blond hair). I think you’ll all get along fine.”

“Don’t worry mom, with a guest as gorgeous as her, you won’t hear us complain.” Klaudia laughs.

I know my face is quickly turning red, but their smiles give me something to think about. When Klaudia sees my face, she comes to me;

“Don’t be shy Tanya, you are beautiful and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, isn’t it?”

I only give her an awkward smile for an answer, but that’s enough for her. She puts her arms around me and after that, she takes my hand in hers and asks me if I want to listen to some music with them in their room. “Of course, that would be nice.” With me close behind her, she runs up the stairs. Mary’s just behind me and, curiously, I can feel the stare of her eyes over my body. I don’t mean to say that I dislike it, but it does feels weird.

We spend the rest of the night doing just was we said: listening to music. And of course, we talked a lot. After only a few minutes, I didn’t feel shy anymore, and realized that I was even more lucky than I thought to find this house in the woods. Mary and Klaudia are really nice and their total lack of timidity is quite refreshing. After the usual small talk with my friends back home, the conversations I have here tonight are simply wonderful. They have the same attitude regarding their bodies. Klaudia only wears her panties and a bra, while Mary even took her bra off before putting on a tee-shirt. She turned around to do it but even then I could see the smooth curve of her right breast quite clearly. We spent the night all three sitting on Mary’s bed and it was a really fun conversation. Right now, I’m telling them about Jonathan Francis, a special boyfriend I had 4 years ago. With Mary on my right and Klaudia to my left, I must constantly turn my head from side to side to talk. When I finish my story, I let myself fall on my back on the large king-size bed. I do something like that each time because the conclusion of my relationship with him is quite special.

Anyway, I only had time to extend my legs that Klaudia stretches out beside me face down on the bed, moves her left arm across my chest to then wrap it around my neck and really gets closer to me. I feel the entire length of her left leg touching mine and once more, the heat is incredible. Moving one last time, she puts her left breast on my chest and the right one is pressed against my wide open arm. I’m literally burned by her skin. But one thing I discover now that I hadn’t notice earlier is how soft and smooth her skin is. I’ve had some high-school lesbian experiences and I know that nothing is smoother than a woman’s skin. But this is simply unbelievable. And my experiences never went further than kisses. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m going to go a lot farther than kisses tonight…

Like if nothing special was happening, Klaudia asks me if I have another story for them. And Mary also wants me to go on talking. She moves closer to me too, but remains sitting crossed legs beside my waist. During my “story”, Mary begins to caress my thigh with the tip of her fingers. My upper thigh I must mention because it’s really high. I feel her fingers moving close to my swimsuit, on the tender skin you rarely show to others, let alone allow them to touch it. The feeling is weird and new, but I like it. I like it a lot! As time goes by, she lets her whole opened hand caress my thigh and I realize that she’s looking closely at me to see if I don’t like it. But “Don’t worry Mary” I think to myself: I won’t be the one stopping you. Then Klaudia slowly lifts her legs over mine and puts her foot between mines. Letting the weight of her leg press on mine, I open my own legs a bit to let hers slip down. Turning on her side a little bit more, she places her other leg just where the other was seconds before.

When her inner thigh moves over me, I can’t help but to ask her about that heat. But, afraid she might take it off, I place my hand over her thigh to hold it if she moves back.

“My god Klaudia, your leg is so hot, it’s incredible…” I see Mary looking at her sister with a smile. Then Klaudia answers me, not even budging her leg.

“I know. But I don’t really know why, we’ve always been this way. Doctors always think we have fever or something, but we’re not sick.”

“You mean that Mary also have a body as hot as yours?” We all start laughing when we realize what could be understood by my question. Anyway, just as Mary took my hand to place it on her thigh, we hear Juliette calling;

“Shouldn’t you girls be sleeping by now?”

“Yes mom!” They answered like a perfect chorus.

Mary lets my hand down and gets up. Klaudia slowly moves off me and, after a quick kiss on the lips (casually, like if nothing special was happening, of course), she heads up to her room. I wish a good-night to Mary and go to my room too. I must say that I’m a little disappointed, and that my blood is still streaming fast. As I take off my now dry swimsuit, I look through the old door lock to see if someone will surprise me this time. No, this time, nobody’s coming to my door. But although no one comes to my room, I see the lights go out. Only my desktop lamp is still on, maybe the only light in the house. After putting my old tee-shirt back on with nothing under it, I slip under the bed-sheets and turn off the lamp. Once more I taste the absolute darkness of the deep forest night. Each time I can experience this kind of night, I play a while with my eyes, opening and closing them quickly, completely unable to see a difference.

Just as I was sliding my hands down over my belly towards my warm pussy, I hear a door opening. Pulling out my wet fingers, I sit up on my bed, and look through the lock once more. There’s someone walking with a candle in her hand. Of course, she comes to my door and without even knocking, she enters. Not knocking must be a family habit! I see Mary’s face above the candle flame, with a smile that asks me to keep quiet. She’s only wearing a white and lacy slip that barely reach under her waist.

“Do you want to go to sleep right now?”

“Not really. Feel like talking?” I had to giggle: I feel like a schoolgirl all over again!

“Yes, you?”

“Of course, come in Mary.”

She puts her candle on the desk and slips in the bed with me. Then, turning around she blows the flame out and lets the darkness reign again. I’m on my back and when she turns towards me, she places herself just like Klaudia had been, a few minutes earlier. I feel her burning leg on mine, that were not that cold to start with. Still intrigued by that incredible heat, I wait for her to start the conversation. Putting her hand around my neck and over my ear, she pulls me closer to her and plants a kiss on my cheek.

“So, where were you going when you found our home?”

“I had no exact destination, I was just visiting this part of the country.”

“Don’t you have a family or boyfriend somewhere, waiting for you? You talked about the past, but what about now?”

“A family yes, but no boyfriend…” Just by the tone of my voice, she understood that something was not perfect with that non-existent boyfriend.

“Had problems with the last one?”

“Yes, you can say that. But it was more than 5 months ago. Argh…” I sighed. “I don’t know what got into me when I answered your question. ”

“OK, let’s change the subject a bit. You must have met some pretty interesting boys during your trips?” By the way she insisted on “interesting”, I understood what she meant. So I tell her about the one time I met a guy with a tattoo on his thigh;

“It was about nine o’clock p.m. and I was a bit tired. When I entered in his pick-up, I immediately knew that I would love that ride. He was simply gorgeous, about 25 years old. I noticed, before the little light turned off, that he had a tattoo on his right thigh. So, not stupid, I asked him about it. He then turned on the light to explain what it meant to him. With no particular excuse, I touched it with both my hands. It was very high on his thigh, and he took a quick but very faint breath when he felt my hands on him. With one hand I was taking the hair out of the way to see it better, but the other was doing the real work. Going lower and lower around, I was gently massaging his leg, squeezing it’s long muscles. After a few minutes of silence, we both knew that I didn’t care about the tattoo, and my hand had made it’s way yet higher and closer to his inner thigh. Then, with my own thighs beginning to get hotter, and his jeans cut-offs beginning to get tighter, I unsnapped my seat belt and turned on the long bench. By then, the only sound in the truck was the soft country music. I bent down and without wasting any time, I began kissing the tattoo in question. ”

“Just like that, without any reason, you began kissing him?” She laughed against my neck, trying not to wake anybody else.

“His tattoo, yes.”

“Wow, quite feisty aren’t you?!…”

“Well I was so hot I didn’t even hesitate. Anyway, I was slowly going up on his leg and I finally reached his cut-offs. ”

Suddenly, Mary starts to kiss my neck, slow and gentle little kisses. When she notices that I stopped, he pauses and asks; “Am I making a mistake Tanya?”

“No…, it’s just that…”

“Shhh then, just continue your story, I like it. I really like erotic stories, and you tell it soooo well!”

My heart just went into over drive when she stretched her “soooo” in a purely erotic fashion. Purely erotic. I try to go on, but her sweet kisses are making me skip parts and go to the end more quickly than it really happened.

“Then I saw his feet pushing down the clutch and the brakes. When we were completely stopped, he turned on the four flashers and began to unzip his shorts. Springing in full view was his erect cock, a nice six or seven inches long. As my left arm grabbed it, my right went under his balls to caress them. Kissing the head, I slowly opened my mouth and swallowed it whole.”

Mary stops kissing me for a few seconds; “A whole seven inches meat inside your mouth?”


“Your hotter than I thought Tanya… go on, I want to hear the rest of it. ” Then she resumed her kissing, always staying in my neck.

“I then felt his hands on my head, pulling me up and down on his hard shaft, taking him deep in my throat.”

When I finish the last phrase, she crosses her leg over mine, and lifts her waist a little. I understand why she lifted herself when her thin slip raises up, she had just uncovered her own bush. Rubbing her pussy gently on my skin, with her leg across my belly, she simply drives me wild. After letting out a nervous sigh, I put my hand on her leg and caress it until I reach the beginning of her buttocks. After a few minutes of caressing her buttocks, she puts a hand on mine and pushes it lower until I fall between her ass cheeks and in the burning wetness between them. She doesn’t need to guide me any longer. I slip two fingers inside her slit and rub them up and down, from her hole to her clit, brushing both my fingers around the first and directly on the second. She lets out a soft moan and stops kissing me. Rolling completely over me, she straddles my hips and dives in for a real kiss. Filtering through my lips, her hot tongue finds mine and the passion is released. After a while, she breaks the kiss, arches backwards and, holding her lace slip in her hands, she uncrosses her arms over her head, freeing her delicious breasts for me. After bending back down, she whispers in my ear to close my eyes for a few seconds. Suddenly, she lets herself lay completely on me and I feel he breasts on mine; directly on mine. My tee-shirt simply disappeared!

But I soon forget about this little disappearing act when the two smooth and tender infernos of her breasts spread their weight all over mine. With our lips slightly touching, we let our breasts dance, making the soft and faint erotic sounds of two delicate skins rubbing on one another. Lowering slowly, Mary starts to kiss my neck and goes on lower. Leaving a fine saliva trace on her way down, she moves to the creamy white valley between my breasts and brings her hands to my chest. After cupping my breasts with her hands, she starts licking my nipples. A few minutes later, I’m bucking under her touches and when she starts to moan softly, I simply go wild. All this time she kept her belly rubbing closely against my pussy, stimulating my clit just enough for me to be on the edge of a raging breast orgasm. Then, placing her elbows more steady on the bed, she raises up a bit and slides her pussy over mine. But, there’s a surprise with he pleasure; I feel her clit, her incredibly huge clit licking it’s way up my slit about half a inch deep. When it reaches mine, it acts as a key to unlock my orgasm.

When she sees that I won’t be able to contain my moans any longer, she bends down and kisses me furiously. Pushing her tongue deep inside my mouth, she tilts her head a bit and goes even deeper. With my mouth opened as wide as I can, I let my moan go freely in her mouth, pulling her head harder towards mine with both my hands in her flowing hair. Her huge clit continues to rave mine, sending me to a climax way too fast… I can’t imagine how she does it, but I can feel her hips gyrating slowly between my thighs. As blood rushes to and from my pussy, I can feel it pulsing with pleasure against her. And when her tongue in my mouth stops and lays still, I know that she’s climaxing too. As if perfectly in sync, we both explode at the same time, our arms locking around each other and my legs constricting her ass, hips and pussy against me. As I arch my back for the final throes of my orgasm, I push my breasts against hers one last time.

Letting all her weight fall on me, she lays there, as spent as I am. When she pulls her tongue out of my mouth, I realize that she was way deeper than any regular tongue could have reached. Maybe she had that little thread under hers cut off? Perhaps. I’ll ask her about it tomorrow because for now, I can’t do anything else than simply enjoy her burning body pressed on mine.

Minutes later, she moves off me and gets up, taking her candle and lacy slip with her. After she opened my door, she lets out a faint “good night” before leaving. As I turn around in my bed, I feel my tee-shirt under me. I still wonder how it could have made it’s way there, but in the sweet afterglow of my first lesbian orgasm in a long time, I don’t really care. Squeezing some bed-sheets between my legs, I pull them against my pussy and fall asleep quite peacefully…

This morning, I wake up at 9:30, and there’s not a sound in the house. Thinking back at what Juliette said about this mansion being magical, I start to realize that she might have said true. The Pina-Colada, the Irish music, her two delicious daughters and the sensuous atmosphere that clings to everything are some of the examples. And I don’t even begin to wonder about my disappearing tee-shirt last night! I put my pillow against the large head board and then I sit up in the bed, uncovering my still nude breasts. As I go on with my thoughts, I see Klaudia walking by my door, completely nude, without even taking a glance at me. She turns the corner, enters the bathroom and starts the shower. Leaning a bit over the little table beside my bed, I look at the bathroom door to see what I expected; the still opened door. As I hear the splashing water, I get out of my bed to sneak in the bathroom. Her body intrigues me and I only got a few seconds to admire it. But just as I put my feet down from the bed, I hear other footsteps in the hallway coming towards my room. I jump back in my bed and wait to see Mary walking by. She throws a quick look in my room, only to see me faking to be asleep. She’s as nude as her sister and joins her in the bathroom. I hear her asking Klaudia if she could join her in the shower. I only hear a laughing “of course” from Klaudia and the shower door opening and closing.

This time I get out of my room and walk to the bathroom door, not even realizing that I’m nude myself. Peaking in, I see them both under the water having fun with each other. Of course, my vision is troubled both by the vapor cloud and their incredible bodies. But the shower walls are completely made of glass panes and except for the water running down the walls, I have quite a good view. And all of a sudden, the water stops and Klaudia gives her sister the soap, a strange red soap. With the soap, she’s spreading some of it all over Klaudia’s body. Giving more attention to the delicate parts of her sister’s body, she slowly rubs the red bubbles over her breasts, ass, legs and pussy with her expert hands. When she’s done, soaps her left arm from her finger to her elbow. She then brings this red soap covered hand to Klaudia’s ass and start to massage the fleshy buttocks. During that time, Klaudia bends down, puts her hands on the wall and spread her legs a little to let her sister have all the space she needs. After that, Mary slips her hand down between Klaudia’s ass cheeks and on her pussy. Lifting one leg and pressing it against the wall, Klaudia lets me have a perfect view of their little game. Mary slips one, two, three and finally four fingers in her sisters pussy. While Klaudia moves around following the caresses, Mary kneels down and sit on her feet. Then, breaking the silence, Klaudia says; “Now. Now Mary…”

Bringing her thumb back in her palm, she pulls out her fingers and slowly push them back up. Slowly slipping in, Mary’s fingers disappear completely in Klaudia’s body. Then, her thumb follows the same way and finally, slower still, Klaudia’s pussy swallows Mary’s entire hand, closing it’s warm lips around her wrist. Unable to contain herself any longer, Klaudia lets out a long and loud moan. Then Mary pulls her hand out a bit before going even deeper inside her sister’s pussy. Her pumping motion starts to take up speed as the red soap gives more than enough lubrication. From my vantage point, I can clearly see Klaudia’s cunt lips expand outward as Mary pumps her fist out of her body and slip back in as she pumps in. A few seconds later, her lips simply encircled the fist without running back in when her cunt adapted to the size of her sister’s fist and forearm. Klaudia’s moans are becoming quite loud and I’m afraid Juliette will hear her. I always check the stairs to see if she’s coming up; I don’t want to get caught!

After a few minutes, Klaudia explodes into moans and screams of pure pleasure. Then Mary slips her hand out of her sister’s body, releasing a flow of her juices mixed with the red soap. After making the water run a few more minutes to clean themselves, they shut it down once more and Mary gets out of the shower. By now I’m already in my room, dressed in my tee-shirt and a pair of panties. Walking to the bathroom door, I knock on the door-frame without looking in.

“May I come in?”

Mary answers me; “Of course!”, with the same expression her sister had minutes ago.

When I turn the corner, I see them both naked in front of me, staring at me as if to look at my expression. I just can’t control an expression of surprise. That’s not really bad. But there’s something else I can’t control; I find them incredibly beautiful and sexy, and it clearly shows. Klaudia, seeing my shyness, walks to Mary and wraps her arms around her;

“Look Mary, she seems to like us, don’t you think? Look at her nipples, they poke right through her tee-shirt. Don’t you just love her pert nipples?”

When I see their breasts entwining and Klaudia’s hands sliding down on her sister’s buttocks to grasp them firmly, I nearly faint. But I find the courage to say; “You both are simply beautiful. Incredibly sexy, sexual I should say, and really gorgeous. Here now I said it!”

Walking out of her sister’s arms, Mary comes to me, walks behind me while saying; “You are beautiful yourself, look at your body, it’s as sexy as ours, if not more.”

With that, she puts her hands on my waist, grasping the edges of my tee-shirt and slowly pulling it off. I close my eyes when it passes over my face before falling down on the floor. I’m pleased to see Klaudia’s expression. But just when I thought it was over, I feel Mary’s hands on my breasts, cupping them firmly. By reflex, I move my hands onto hers, but instead of taking them off, I guide her massage. Pushing up and down and side to side, I feel her fingers rubbing against my still hardening nipples. Klaudia kneels in front of me and pulls down my panties, revealing myself completely to those strangers.

I’ve only been completely nude in front of someone on rare occasions. And it was only with my last boyfriend. But now it feels son natural that I wouldn’t want them to stop. Mary’s hands, now teasing my nipples, dance across my breasts. Squeezing my bulging nipples between two fingers, she drives me mad with this peculiar pleasure. When I feel Klaudia’s lips trace a short line of kisses from my upper thigh to my red bush, I quiver with excitation; I have never let my boyfriends kiss me down there. While Mary pushes her bush against my buttocks, I feel Klaudia opening her mouth and caressing my hairs with her lips and tongue. With her hands she pushes my legs apart and I happily oblige, opening them quite widely. The moment I feel her tongue touching my lips, my knees tremble and Mary helps me to stay standing. When I arch my hips forward, she pushes her tongue in my cunt, wiggling her way deeper inside me. After that, she slips out and climbs up to my clit. After sucking it in between her lips, she start to flick her tongue over it. I can’ take anymore of this standing up;

“My God, couldn’t we go to my room, I’m afraid to fall over you Klaudia.”

When she stands up in front of me, she looks at me and asks; “Have you ever tasted a women Tanya?”

“No, never.”


Wrapping her arms around me and her sister, she plants a kiss on my lips. Mary, seeing this, releases my breasts, letting them touch Klaudia’s. The feeling is once again incredible, but Klaudia’s kiss is what gets my attention. When she opens her lips and plunges her tongue inside my mouth, I feel my own juices flowing. The taste, mixed with her mouth, is quite strange, but I know that I’ll learn to love it.

Once in my room, Mary locks the door while Klaudia asks me to lie back on the bed. She pulls me down until my buttocks rest on the edge. Opening my legs once more, she dives back in without loosing a second; I can hardly control my moans. Mary joins me on the bed and kneels down beside me. Bending over me, she starts to kiss my breasts gently. For the second time in my life, the first was this very night, my nipples give me incredible pleasure. Her light biting and tongue caressing are having incredible effects on me. I put my hands on the inside of her thigh and slowly move up it’s length. With the tips of my fingers I brush her pubic hair and make my way deeper. Slipping a finger in her slit, I feel the wetness and warmth, familiar signs of incredible arousal. Just when I push my finger inside her, she tells to Klaudia; “OK sis, you’ve had enough. Now it’s my turn. ” And with that she moves down to my bush and replaces her sister’s expert tongue. When I see her legs moving towards my face, my heart skips a beat. Passing her leg over my head, she offers me a perfect view of her womanhood. While her tongue is still on it’s way towards my slit, her hips lower themselves towards me. I smell the intoxicating perfumes of her sex filling my nostrils and her tongue slipping in my slit and cunt. I open my mouth wide, with my heart still quivering madly.

Up and down the length of my opening she caresses me while her pussy is just inches over my mouth and tongue. After a quick moan she opens her mouth and places her lips all around my pussy and pushes her tongue deep in my sex hole. I don’t know if it’s the position but I never imagined that a tongue could go that deep inside me. It’s incredibly long and she uses it to drive me crazy. Alternating between a wider or longer shape, she uses her lower lip to caress my clit. I wrap my hands over her hips and pull her down to me. When I start to gently brush her pussy lips, she arches her back to give me better access. Enraptured by the taste, I push my tongue everywhere; the length of her sit, her clit, her hole and even a bit closer to her anus. When my tongue gets out of her slit to lick the skin between there and her anus, I realize that I’ve lost all control. I’m simply in a sexual trance and I don’t want to break out of it.

Right then I feel Klaudia kissing my inner thighs up and down from her sister’s face to my knees. After a few minutes, when she bumps against her sister’s cheek, instead of going back up, she lowers her head and lets her kisses go even lower. Feeling her fingers spreading my ass cheeks apart, I get a nervous shock; she is going to give me a rim job. Of course I’ve never had one in my life, I have only heard about it. When her tongue lightly touches my delicate pink skin, I’m filled with strong shivers; I moan directly in her sister’s pussy. But when she starts rolling her tongue around my hole, I simply loose it completely. I pull my tongue out of Mary’s cunt and start moaning like a madwoman. Bringing two fingers from each hands closer to my hole, she pulls on my skin and I feel it opening a bit. Then she pushes her tongue inside slowly, exploring my last virgin sexual plane. My back arches upward, pressing my breasts and belly against Mary’s, while strange, new and powerful sensations fill my body for the first time.

Mary still has her fingers holding my pussy lips apart and her tongue never tires of caressing my rock hard clit. Now completely out of it’s hood, my clit must surely shine brightly under her tongue and Klaudia’s eyes. Slithering deeper, her tongue is simply pushing me to a totally new way of tasting pleasure; I’m a virgin to her tongue and I love it. My head slows down spinning and I drive my tongue back in Mary’s pussy, pushing out a loud moan from her at the same time. With a raging fury, I press my tongue against her clit and start to lick and suck her. It only takes a few seconds of this wild massage for her to explode. Leaving my pussy to raise her upper body with her arms, she moans and screams her way through her orgasm. As she closes her burning thighs around my face, I feel her pussy opening for me. Just when I was about to thrust my tongue inside her hole, I taste a long flow of her juices surge in my mouth and down my throat. She tastes amazing, a sweet and sour taste of a rare nectar. I’m definitely going to love this taste!

When she brings her body down on mine again, I feel her breasts molding themselves across my belly and her chin resting on my bush. Suddenly, she asks me; “Tanya, are you ready?” I don’t know quite what to answer, but she doesn’t leave me much time. After spreading my lips again, I feel her pushing my lips and the hood of my clit out of her way. Then, her tenderness hits me. Wrapping her lips around my clit, she sucks it in her mouth and rubs her tongue across it’s end, while rubbing her wet lips all around it. I understand now why I felt her whole body weight pressed against me; I can’t control my body when she starts to work her magic on my clit. She’s magical and my body can’t stay calm before such a sensual storm.

With Klaudia’s tongue still deep inside me, deeper than any tongue should be, Mary’s mouth is driving me further than mad with pleasure. My body’s turning into fire as waves after waves of zealous lava flow inside me. Nudging her tongue down a bit, she slips it in my pussy. As if perfectly timed, she and her sister’s tongues drive deeply into me, pushing me in the most powerful orgasms I have never felt. Their unreal tongues plunge way too deep and send unexplained shivers from my pussy to every single part of my body. Sliding against each other, they time their tongue-fucking: as one goes deep, the other one pulls back. This double feeling is incredible: the underside of my pussy is pulled and caressed one way while the top is licked and pushed the other. This infernal rhythm continues longer than I thought my body could sustain, igniting orgasms after orgasms. I can’t help but to fill the room, and probably the whole house, with my animalistic and carnal screams, unmistakable proofs of my absolute ecstasy.

Long and numerous minutes later, my body slowly relaxes from their continuing rhythm. Mary gives me my last orgasm when she pulls back to my clit and sucks it hard. She then rolls off, letting me breathe deeply, she turns around and wipes off the tears that had slid down my cheeks. I look down at Klaudia as she finally pulls out, who’s looking right back at me with eyes of fire. Getting up from her knees, she climbs up between my still spread legs and lays herself over me, pressing her breasts on mine. If she were a man, I’d have her cock buried to the hilt. So many strange things have happened here that I wouldn’t be so surprised. Closing those fiery eyes, she begins to kiss me. In an instant the kiss turns feral and our tongue begin a passionate dance. After she pulls back, she says: “You taste really good Tanya. And you,” she says as she turns her head to look at her sister; “Your tongue still tastes great sister…”

She also rolls off and lays beside me. While I cool off, they stay on each side and caress my body with their fingers. Out of the blue, I ask them;

“What’s with your tongues…”

Looking at each other, they smile and then turn back to me. “We can probably tell you now. As you’ve probably notice, strange things tend to happen around here. Well, there’s a simple explanation for this…”

Then Klaudia stops Mary; “No, don’t tell her, we can’t tell her. ”

“Why not?” Do I ask.

“Because if you know why we’re this way, you’ll be trapped here for the rest of your life.”

“Is this what happened to you two?” I ask, unable to graps the implications of such a statement.

“No, we were here from the beginning, welcoming lost strangers for the night… All you need to know is that you can expect anything. Surprises will come to you as small gifts.” She paused, then smiled as she resumed. “We felt that you needed our tongues to be longer. It’s normal, you’re used to have male lovers. So we gave this special length to you.”

“I’m a little lost with all of this,” that’s an understatement! “but I did find that some things were not quite normal. ” I lay back down on the bed and close my eyes with a smile.

“Why are you smiling Tanya?”

“I’m thinking about what you said, and I’m not sure I wouldn’t want to stay her for the rest of my life…”

Then Mary puts her finger on my mouth and shushes me. “Be careful about what you wish for…” I open my eyes and look into Mary’s. She’s also smiling and we all start laughing.

At the same time, Juliette enters the room completely naked and walks to the bed. After sitting near Klaudia, she looks at me and says;

“Well, aren’t we having a lot of fun here?” Our sweat covered bodies are enough answer for her. “Are you thirsty Tanya?”

“Yes, in fact I am very thirsty.”

Then, curiously, they all look at Mary. After asking me to sit against the wall behind me, Mary kneels beside me and moves her leg across my legs to sit on my thighs.

“Care for something sweet Tanya?”

“Yes, but…”

Raising herself on her knees, she places one of her breasts near my mouth and looks at me intently. Once more I close my eyes and open my mouth. When I feel her warm breasts against my lips, I close them around her nipple and start to suck like a baby. Unsure of what’s to come, I suck a bit harder. A hot liquid suddenly flows in my mouth, and I’m astounded by it’s incredible taste; a raw vanilla taste, with a little touch of sugar. With my eyes still closed, I open my mouth to slowly say; “Oh my God…” After wrapping my lips around her once again, I bring my hands to her breast and gently caress it with my fingers. Taking my time, I lick around her aureole, suck the magical liquid, taste it’s marvelous flavor and smell it’s enchanting essence. Drowned in a mellowness I thought was lost since our childhood, I delight in the overflowing sensations. Gently caressing her other breast, her neck, her shoulder and her arms, I dive in her motherly and sensual nature. Drinking in slowly the enigmatic mixture, I let my thoughts flow softly on dreams of this moments.

When I simply can’t drink anymore, I place my head between her breasts and wrap my arms around her body; “Mary, you’re so incredible.” As I kiss her breasts gently, I tell her that she’s beautiful, unique and angelic. Her only answer is her few kisses on my head through my hair. As I feel a powerful feeling of sleepiness taking over me, I fall slowly asleep my head between her breasts…

I wake up in the same room with Klaudia sleeping beside me. We’re both lying on our backs and I delicately turn around to admire her body once more. The huge breasts I had noticed the first time I saw her, even when she’s laying back, are standing quite proudly with only hints of spreading to her sides. I think it’s the first time that I’ve seen her exposed nipples limp. But they haven’t lost any of their incredible sensuality. Her blonde bush, both wild and incredibly dense, looks like some kind of temple, hiding some kind of secret. She doesn’t seem to shave it at all: it still has the age old and quite lascivious flower shape; a gold flower. And her lean legs, golden like her bush and the rest of her completely tanned body, are simply erotic.

Every girl who had the chance of seeing themselves being taken from behind while standing up, just beside a mirror, knows what erotic legs look like. And all the lucky guys that had that same chance know it even better. When you bend down to put your hands on the desk and raise yourself on the tip of your feet, the muscles all seem to take those special shapes and curves. And when he slips inside, the shivers add the final touch to the incredible art that glow from our legs. Well her legs are now looking like this. Subtly defined, with shades and highlights from the sun, they simply scream sex. Right now, with both her sets of lips partly opened, Klaudia looks like an incarnation of pure sex, waiting to be awakened. Who knows, maybe she is…

Turning around to lay on my back once more, I guide my hands down my body until they reach my thighs. Slipping them slowly inside, I feel my palms brushing against my bush. Wrapping one around my mound, I slip it higher until my fingers are over my slit. Parting my lips apart, I let my other hand move up to caress my hole and clit. As I slip two fingers inside me, I wrap those same fingers over my clit and press down. Massaging my clit and thrusting my fingers inside, I let myself drown in the pleasure.

Out of nowhere, Juliette enters the room, as naked as she was before. When she sees that I’ve stopped caressing myself when she entered, she points to her own pussy, then mine and signals me to continue. Walking silently as not to wake Klaudia up, she turns around the bed and sits beside me. Since she asked it, I’m still masturbating while her hands are already roaming all over my body. Tasting my nipples one after the other, she then moves up my neck, my chin, my cheeks, turns around over my eye and moves back down on my nose, always keeping her moist lips on my skin.

I slowly part my lips to let her in. As her incredible tenderness invades my mouth, I realize that it’s the first time that I’ve kissed a mature women. Or a mature man for that matter. I’ve only had the chance of tasting young men and women. While I’ve lingered in their amazing passions, I’m beginning to feel what time can add to the art of kissing. She slips her tongue maybe deeper than anyone that kissed me before, but instead of being awkward and gawky, it’s beautiful. Beautiful is really the word that fits, her kiss is beautiful. I slowly turn around on my side to face her, wrapping my arm around her shoulders and back to press her against me. Her warm breasts press on mines and I feel her hard nipples poking on my skin.

I feel Klaudia turning around to her side too and then placing her body behind mine, her breasts against my back and her legs pressed behind my thighs and calves. While her hand begins to drift all over my body, she pushes her pussy on my buttocks. Her bush is tickling the delicate skin between them and she goes on pushing deeper. Arching my back forward, I make my ass curve more, letting her go even deeper. Her mound is now grinding sensually against the back of my slit. She’s so close that I can even feel her clit finely rubbing on my lips.

After placing her hand on my breast, between mine and Juliette’s, she stops moving and pushes her mound firmly on my slit, making her clit even more distinct. I only have a few seconds to wonder why she stopped. Suddenly, her clit pokes a little harder on my slit, now slipping between my lips. Like a tiny cock, it finds my hole and cuddles it gently. Then, just like her sister asked me a few hours ago; “Tanya, are you ready?” Once more I don’t know what to answer, so I nod my uncertain approval.

Fear stings me for a while as her clit grows bigger, spreading my hole. Then it starts to slide in like a huge cock as my dripping pussy lets it in easily. Breaking the kiss with Juliette, I close my eyes and moan hard. I hardly hear Juliette getting out of the bed, wishing us both a lot of fun. Anyway, inches after inches, this miraculous cock slides in deeper and deeper, sending impossible waves of pleasure all over my body. While her cock still grows longer inside me, she moves her hand from my breast to my bush, pushing it down to my clit. As her finger massage goes on, her other hand passes under my shoulder and wraps around to the other side, cupping my whole breast between her long fingers. In a surprised tone;

“My God Tanya, how deep are you?”

“Well, you girls aren’t the only ones with surprises….”


But she does finally reach my limit and after kissing my shoulder twice, she slowly pulls out, lingering in the sweet sensations as her body’s covered with goose bumps. After what seems like the longest cock I’ve ever felt in me slipped nearly out, she pulls against my hip and thrusts it back in.

Now I don’t moan any longer, I cry out my pleasure. I’ve been stimulated so much that, without realizing it, I needed a cock inside my really badly. And it’s devastating pressure frees all the built up energy that was sleeping inside my body since I arrived. Long and thick, it feels huge in my pussy, as hard as velvet over steel it fucks me like there’s no tomorrow. Bending the knee of my upper leg, I allow her cock to go deeper and brush against my cervix. I feel her strength pulling my hips to hers while her moans entwine with mine in this nearly animalistic sexual ritual. Then she pulls my bent leg back against hers and turns me over on my belly, never leaving my body. Strangely, she doesn’t put her legs between mine. Instead, her inner thighs are pressed around my buttocks and her legs follow mines but on the outside. But when she brings her breasts down on my back and starts to thrust into me once again, I understand exactly why she placed her legs in that special way. I react instinctively but when she pulls out, I squeeze my buttocks together around her cock and this has a very distinct effect. It surely must feel to her like my hole is now much longer because I can feel her cock sliding between my ass cheeks. And, like a gift, the pressure I give to her cock must feel incredibly wonderful.

Suddenly she arches her back higher, without loosing any sexual contact, and uses her arms to push harder. Now she’s really fucking me like an animal as both our moans and cries are transformed into low guttural sounds. I hear a distinctive sigh of pure pleasure when I raise my ass and hips. She knows exactly what I want and she slowly backs up, never leaving my drenched pussy. Standing on my hands and knees, I wait for her to position herself correctly. After caressing my sides with her soft hands, she brings them down on my hips and pushes her cock deep inside before letting the passion fill us both again. As she madly fucks me, I feel my breasts swaying frantically and the feeling is simply incredible. As my whole body shakes after each of her thrusts, old feelings of male lust roam over me once again. Strangely, I don’t feel like I’m close to climax. With all these intense feelings I clearly should be, but I’m not.

I don’t know how we managed to get there without missing a single beat, but I’m now facing the opened window of the room. With my hands spread on the frame, my back bended forward, my legs straight while standing on my toes, I let the feelings control my whole being. Looking at the bright sun outside, I feel my breasts jumping wildly and love the feeling of her exploring hands all over me. I now feel the building climax deep inside me, but know it will take a long time before it hits me. That’s probably Kathy’s desire. And now mine; I don’t want this to end. Even if our bodies are dancing on a carnal rhythm, there’s more to this than animalistic sex.

When she cries out, I feel her cock pulsing inside me. Crushing me against the window sill, she locks her cock as deep as it will go. Then, to my delight, she cums inside me. Or is it really cum? I don’t know and I don’t care as my own climax hits me full strength. I feel her burning hot cum flowing into, into my womb then back out again, filling my pussy. When she begins to fuck me again, I feel like she’s pounding directly onto my climax and I scream my pleasure to the sun. But her rhythm also pushes out some of our cum and I feel it splashing against my legs. Looking down between my legs, I see it, thick ropes of some golden stuff oozing from my pussy and down on my legs. As her cock grows broader still, more of her cum flows out and soon I feel it sliding all the way down my leg.

We’re both breathing hard as she slows down and finally stops. Gently she pulls out and I realize just how big she had become. Looking around I’m astonished to see her cock: easily over 10 inches long and as wide as my fist! Impossible. Laughing, sits on the window sill, turns sideway and lets one of her legs hang outside. “Come here Tanya…” Her cock is still huge and erect, and I realize that my pussy is still hungry for more. Sitting in front of her, I move up and impale myself upon her cock, all the way down until I’m sitting on her thighs. As she wraps her arms around me, I realize that I don’t want to leave. I think I’ll want to stay here a long time, a very long time, making love under the sun for the rest of my life…

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