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What’s in a Name?

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The year was 1973 and the college was in upstate New York. This story is based on a long rambling conversation I had late one night at a party with a college classmate who had never been very talkative with me (or the rest of the world I believe) before that night.

We ended up talking in a quiet corner and he began a confessional of sorts that was triggered by a rude remark from a passing female and fueled by excessive consumption of a bottomless keg. He was a nice guy and an absolutely brilliant student, but had trouble coming up with the answer to a pretty important question.


What’s in a name? When parents name their children does that determine the way they look, or what they become? That’s a question that has always fascinated me because it seems that some people have names that, when you hear it, you can immediately form a mental image of what you think the person looks like.

Like me, Miles Carmody. What do you think of when you hear that name? A brusing linebacker, a bricklayer, or a weightlifter? Of course not. The image that most always comes to mind is of a skinny nurd with taped up broken glasses and a pocket protector who is socially awkward.

Except for the broken glasses part, you know me. Now that the introductions are over, I can tell you a little more about myself. I’m eighteen years old, soon to turn nineteen years old. I’ve always been told that I’m very intelligent, having been hustled through high school so fast I don’t even remember much of it. That’s just as well though, because I have a feeling it would have been just more of the same.

Now I’m a junior in college at eighteen, at least three years younger than my classmates, which is the way it’s been most of my life. Friends? Virtually nonexistent. Relationships, especially those of a physical nature? Don’t ask.

I had a date once, last fall. There was a girl in the neighborhood who was really cute. She was a senior in high school and had just turned eighteen. This was my problem all my life, being grades ahead of people my own age left me lost in my own little world.

Anyway, since I had known this girl as a neighbor much of my life, I managed to summon enough courage to ask her out for a date. She accepted, much to my surprise, and I figured she said yes because it would make her look cool to go out with a college guy. I got dressed in my “coolest” clothes, sans pocket protector, and drove over to pick her up.

We went out for dinner and a movie and I drove to a deserted area that I had heard guys took girls to make out. I had no idea how to kiss a girl or anything, but thought I was doing okay for a first time. I knew it wasn’t something new to her. After a few minutes, I felt her feeling around in my khakis.

All my dreams were about to come true. My pants came down a bit, and she pulled my underwear down. The moment I had waited for all my life was here at last. I was as hard as blue steel when her hand found my eager member.

Therein lies the problem. Four and a quarter to be precise, and precision is part of my nature. Measured it often, waiting for that growth spurt to come. Pulling on it didn’t help lengthen it any either, because I’ve been tugging on that baby relentlessly since I discovered it. Four and a quarter inches, and did I mention that it wasn’t very thick either?

Back to my date. She wrapped her tiny hand around my little pecker and two things happened. The first was that my date looked down at what she was starting to stroke and giggled. The second was that I came like a jackhammer. Semen wildly flying all over the place while my date sat there in shock, her hand and arm dripping with every ounce of pent up passion I had in me.

I apologized profusely and looked around the car for something to clean us up with before taking my date home. To no surprise, my future requests for a date were rebuffed by the young lady.

Not that it was a total loss however, because a couple of weeks later she was walking past my house with some girlfriends of hers as I was getting out of my car. I waved sheepishly to her and she returned the wave. The girls were all giggling until one of them turned around and yelled “Hey Oscar Mayer, how’s your weiner?”

Delightful. Nothing like a good joke, especially at my expense. Apparently the story of my date was now common knowledge in the neighborhood, as was the extent of my physical endowment it seemed. It would have been less painful if the description didn’t fit so well.

My parents had taken me to a doctor when they became concerned that I wasn’t blossoming quite like my peers in terms of the secondary sexual characteristics. It was like puberty had started and then gotten bored, abruptly stopped and headed elsewhere. My virtual lack of body hair and voice change were all my parents knew about, as I certainly kept my jewels covered at all times.

The doctor looked me over from head to toe and pronounced me fit as a fiddle, although he suggested I work out and lift some weights. He took me aside and told me that size wasn’t all that important, and that I should not let it bother me in the least.

Excellent advice. The people that tell you not to worry about things are invariably the ones that don’t need to themselves. I was the one that had to live in this body, and I hated it.

Funny thing about being abused and humiliated is that it never fails to hurt you. As for the people who also endure treatment of a similar nature for whatever reason and say that it doesn’t bother them and that they never pay any attention, you’re full of it. I know that, because I’m one of those people that always says that. Total bullshit. It never stops hurting.


My parents got me a membership at a local health club in response to that doctor’s advice, so I went down and gave it a try. The guy in charge gave me the tour and instructed me on how to use the equipment. It was as comical as you would imagine it to be, me getting thrown around by equipment, trying desperately to lift things that refused to budge.

I found some things that I could use without killing myself physically or emotionally like the treadmill, and started going regularly. I gradually became more comfortable using some of the things, and discovered it wasn’t so bad after all.

The only area I avoided was the showers. I would change my clothes in the locker room as quickly as I could, and would scurry out without showering. I had so many painful experiences in showers at school previously that I was terrified at the prospect of being naked in there with men.

Not that I didn’t look, mind you. I’ve always had a healthy curiousity about the human body in both models, so I would occassionally glance at the other guys. Okay, more than glance. I envied them as they padded off to the showers, some modest like me, others showing their bodies off freely.

Not all of them had great bodies, of course. Some of them were skinny like me, others were pot bellied. I could figure out the guys that were probably modestly endowed because they were the ones that held the towels close around them like I would, until reaching the sanctity of the stall.

The guys that didn’t cover up, they were the ones who had been blessed. They would march into the shower with towel in hand, or no towel at all with their cocks swinging wildly from side to side as they walked around totally unashamed. Arrogant bastards all.

Truth be told, if that were me and I was hung like a horse I would be like that too. Hell, I’d probably never have pants on, and just wave my schlong around in everyone’s face. But I’m not, and so I don’t.

One day I went to workout and on a whim brought a towel with me, thinking I might take a shower like one of the guys. Maybe I would and maybe I wouldn’t. Most likely I wouldn’t, that I knew. At the end of my workout I headed into the locker room and began to quickly undress as was my usual custom. It wasn’t nearly as crowded in the locker room as it usually was, and so when it came to decision time, I took the plunge.

I walked out of the locker area with my trusty towel wrapped tightly around me, and turned the corner. To my shock, there were no provisions made for privacy at all. No little metal stalls or separations whatsoever. Just a bunch of shower heads along the walls along with a bunch that worked from pipes in the middle of the room. You were supposed to stand there and let everybody see you? I wanted to see, not be seen!

Just then I realized that I was standing in the doorway and people who didn’t have bizarre concerns such as mine were trying to get in around me. I spun around frantically, stumbling back to my locker, where I dressed as fast as any human being possibly could. I ran out the door and haven’t gone back and likely never will.


It was at that point that I considered the fact that I might be homosexual. I had never really thought about it very much, since that was something that was not exactly approved of. I knew I liked girls, but the feeling was obviously not mutual, and I was very wary about subjecting myself to that again.

Men, now that was another thing all together. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that I might be attracted to men too. Was that possible? I know that I did look quite a bit at other guys in the locker room at the club, a lot more than I would ever admit. Was it possible to be attracted to both men and women?

Was I just envious and simply looking in admiration? Probably in part that was true. Still, I remember many times throughout my life that I seemed to be more than a little curious about guys.

Quite recently, for an example, there was that time that I watched this guy undress at the health club. I had been working out next to him for much of that night, and I remember admiring the way his muscular body performed so effortlessly the things I only dreamed of being able to do. I worked my way around the equipment so I could keep an eye on him. He wasn’t much taller than I was and I tried to imagine myself ending up with a body like that if I kept working out

When he came into the locker room as I was hurriedly dressing that evening, I deliberately found reasons to loiter around. He shed his clothes quickly and I watched in awe as he headed into the shower; his leg muscles rippling as he walked, his long flaccid cock dangling in front of him. No need to hide that piece of work, and no way any amount of exercise would help me there.

I remember going home that night and taking myself in hand and slowly stroking myself to climax. That time, instead of thoughts of Jan and Marcia Brady, Karen Valentine or Raquel Welch running through my mind, there was the image of that man walking past me toward the showers.


My mind was made up. I had to find out exactly what I was. Most importantly, I had to really have some interaction with somebody, anybody. I had already jerked off enough to need glasses, and at this rate I would be shopping for a guide dog real soon. Somebody… anybody had to be out there for me.

There was a bar way out in the suburbs, at least a fifteen mile drive from my house, that was notorious for being a place where “that kind” of men went to. It was always supposed to be an insult when people would ask if you went to ‘The Bat Cave’, because everybody knew what that meant. Well, I made up my mind that I would go and find out for myself.

I dressed in my hippest Sears bell bottom jeans, deciding against the nehru jacket that had hung in my closet unworn since I bought it. I tried to comb my short light brown hair in a way that would disguise the fact that I looked like Wally Cox, but gave up eventually and went back to my usual style.

I looked in the mirror at the reflection staring back at me. Five foot six, one hundred and twenty pounds if sopping wet and carrying a bowling ball. No pocket protector tonight, and I made a mental note to leave my glasses in the car before I went in the bar. I needed them to drive there, because otherwise the possiblities were frightening for me and everyone on the road.

It was a Thursday night, and why I picked that night I have no idea. As I drove there I went through every scenario that I could imagine. In the end, I realized that in my heart of hearts, I would drive out to the bar, sit in the parking lot for a while and then drive back home and jerk off while imagining what might have been.

I got to ‘The Bat Cave’, which was as isolated as could be, and looked around. There were only about a dozen cars in the parking lot, and at first I drove through and checked out all the cars, making sure there wasn’t anybody here that I knew.

As I reached the end of the rows of cars while doing my detective work it suddenly occurred to me how incredibly stupid this was. Goes to show you, an IQ of 151 doesn’t mean you don’t have your head up your ass as often as anybody else.

I got out of the car and wandered toward the door. Just casually inspecting the premises, listening to the music bleeding through the walls. ‘Magic Carpet Ride’. Hey, I knew that one. I don’t know what the hell I was expecting, ‘Cabaret’ maybe? For some bizarre reason, Steppenwolf gave me all the courage I needed, and to my surprise I grabbed the door handle and walked in.

I paused at the doorway, trying to take in the scene. It was safe to say that the rumors about the sexual orientation of the people that freqented this place was true. There were about twenty people in the place, all male.

It appeared that every eye in the place saw me come in the door, and it didn’t help any that I stood there frozen like a deer in the headlights. I had a decision to make. Either bolt back out the door, or go over to the bar and get a drink.

Ninety nine time out of a hundred I would have been back in the car by then. This time… I didn’t bolt. I walked over to the bar and hopped up on a stool that was as far away from everybody as possible. It was tough to see through all the smoke hanging in the air, but it seemed to be a pretty tame crowd.

The bartender came over toward me and before he could ask I already had my license and draft card out. He looked at the proof with all the confidence of someone handing him a eighteen dollar bill, and I couldn’t blame him. After giving it the eye a few times with double takes and looking at the cards and me, I was able to order a Bud. Not that I was partial to the stuff, but I saw signs for it all over the place so it seemed safe to say they sold it.

I sucked down some of the brew and wondered what would happen next. I didn’t have long to wonder, because over the next thirty minutes half of the guys in the place came over to say hello to me, or came up to the bar to get drinks and looked at me long and hard.

Friendly bunch, that much I had to admit, and I was certainly more popular here than I was anywhere else in my life. Faint praise indeed. Of course, the fact I was staring straight ahead and stuttering and stammering like a fool when I did dare to open my mouth was not helping matters. I didn’t really know what to say to people anyway, and even in a situation like this were I was fairly anonymous I was at a loss for words.

I was just getting ready to finish my beer and leave when somebody came into the bar. After walking halfway down the bar, he looked back and settled on a stool next to mine. We exchanged greetings and after a few minutes started talking. He talked, while I mostly listened.

He bought me another beer, and talked about the weather. I responded as best I could while keeping my head down and speaking into my drink. I didn’t even know what this guy looked like at this point, but I tried to peek into the mirror behind the bar to get an idea. Heaven forbid that I turn and face the guy when we spoke.

He seemed to be in his thirties and had red hair. That was all I could tell. I ordered another beer and told the bartender to get my conversational partner another. As he did, my new friend put his hand on my thigh under the cover of the bar.

“Say, would you like to come over to my place after we finish this drink?” he said while squeezing my thigh under the shelter of the bar.

“I… ah… er… umm… I don’t even know your name” I said laughing a little. I think there were more umm’s and er’s involved but you get the drift.

“My name’s Tom” he said laughing, offering a freckled and meaty paw to me, which engulfed my bony and sweaty one as we shook.

“Miles, my name’s Miles” I said, completing my longest coherent sentence of the night thus far.

“Okay then Miles,” Tom said while still chuckling, “now that we know each other’s names, the offer still stands. You seem a little nervous here, that’s why I offered.”

“Nervous?” I squeaked. “Does it show?”

“A little” Tom admitted, and then leaned over to me and whispered. “How’d you get in here? Fake ID?”

“No” I said. “I’m eighteen, really. I got proofed by the bartender almost down to a cavity check” I told him.

“That’s something I can handle if need be” Tom said chuckling. “It’s just that you look really young, but I’m sure you’re used to hearing that” Tom conceded before going back to his drink.

I nursed that Bud as long as I could, until Tom finally started getting up.

“Coming Miles?” Tom said. I said I would join him but needed to go to the men’s room. After draining some beer, I went to the sink and threw cold water on my face before looking at my ashen face in the mirror. Still time to back out.


Tom said that he lived only a mile or so away so I got in my car to follow, almost forgetting to put on my glasses as I pulled out of the lot blindly. Tom drove slowly on the winding road before he pulled into the driveway of a modest little cottage. I pulled in behind him and got out, still not believing I had gone this far. Still not too late to get in the car and back out, I reminded myself.

I followed Tom up the steps and into the neat and tastefully furnished home. He offered me a beer and as I followed him into the kitchen, I got my first look at him outside of the smoky bar.

He was probably around thirty five or so, and about four or five inches taller than me. His hair was a little long but he was thinning a bit on top. When he came over to me with the beer I was leaning back on his kitchen counter trying to act casual and probably failing miserably.

He handed me the beer and looked at me in an amused way, almost sizing me up. His hand went to my shoulder and I jumped a little. I tried to look him in the eye but my gaze only went as far as his neck, as I was hypnotized at the wild spray of chest hair peeking up at me through the neck opening of his shirt.

“I have to ask you, because I don’t enjoy being made a fool of, but is this some sort of fraternity prank or something? Some kind of initiation you’re having to go through?” Tom asked.

I had told him back at the bar that I went to college, but I assured him that I was not in any fraternity, even if there was one that would have had me.

“Okay” Tom said. “It’s just that you seem too good to be true. If this IS a joke of some kind, well, please just leave before I come out of the bathroom. No hard feelings here and no harm done, okay? Otherwise, look… I have to admit that you’re really turning me on.”

I gulped and nodded in response. Turning him on?Tom went around the corner to the bathroom. Me? Turning someone on? I stood and spun around a couple of times, went to the door and then came back.

“Still here?” Tom said suggestively when he emerged from the bathroom. “I guess that you’re for real then” he said coming up next to me.

“Yes… but I’m… nervous. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do” I admitted. as I felt the sweat that had been beading up on my brow begin trickling down my face.

“You’ve never been with another man before?” Tom asked. “You mean this really isn’t an act or anything?”

“Act? No!” I answered in confusion. Who the hell would act this goofy on purpose, I thought to myself.

“Well” Tom said while coming up right next to me and putting his face next to my ear. “In that case Miles my man, as for what you should do, just do what you want to me, because there’s no right or wrong. If it feels good do it.”

With that Tom leaned me up against the wall and kissed me. I stood there trying to reciprocate when I felt Tom’s hand working around the outside my jeans. To my confusion, I was hard already.

Tom stepped back and pulled my shirt over my head. He bent over and began sucking on my nipple before abruptly stopping. He took my St. Christopher medal and spun it around my neck to my back.

“I don’t like an audience” he said before going back to my nipples. The little nubs were hard and the licking and biting and sucking was really making me feel good. Back and forth he went across my scrawny hairless chest while still rubbing and squeezing my crotch.

Tom reached down and grabbed my wrist and before I could protest had pinned my hand over my head and against the wall. Tom leaned forward and began kissing all around under my arm, licking and nibbling the tiny wisp of hair nestled in the hollow of my armpit. My initial feeling of humiliation were washed away by the unbelievable sensations that I was enjoying as his tongue did magical things.

Tom soon knelt down in front of me and undid my belt. My legs were shaking as I felt my jeans come open and drop down past my knees. Now only my fruit of the looms were left, and I felt humiliated when I realized from the cool sensation that the front of my underwear was no doubt stained from the sticky wetness that my excitement had produced. If Tom noticed he didn’t mention it and merely grabbed them by the elastic and slowly pulled them down.

I looked down, waiting for the laughter or worse, as my dick sprang up from under the elastic in all its glory. I got no laughter or anything like it. What I got was Tom leaning forward and taking me into his mouth. His lips slid down the shaft right to my balls, and I looked down and saw his face nestled in the tuft of hair above my dick. He slowly drew back up the shaft before plunging down again.

My knees were giving out as I fell back against the wall for support. Only the weight of Tom leaning into me was holding me up. Tom’s hands cupped my buttocks and he squeezed and kneaded the cheeks of my ass while sucking my dick with such fervor that it felt like he was trying to swallow it.

I felt my impending orgasm begin to overwhelm me, giving me little time for telling Tom what was to follow shortly. Tom was clearly not interested in any warning anyway, but instead continued sucking with an intensity I could not believe.

The second orgasm of my life caused by another person was nothing like the first disaster. Tom kept coaxing and urging me which made me explode in a way I never dreamed possible. I felt my dick spasming and shooting my seed like a machine gun into Tom’s eager mouth until there was nothing left to give. After I finally stopped convulsing, Tom continued to let my dick roll around in the wet warmth of his mouth as it slowly deflated.

I managed to get my legs back under me as Tom arose from beneath me, and he considerately held me while I regained some of my composure. I realized I looked stupid standing there with my pants and underwear down around my ankles. Tom must have sensed what I was thinking at the same time, because he knelt back down and helped me get them off. He then tugged my socks off and now I was very naked.

Tom was still fully dressed but I knew I was supposed to change that, and Tom led me around the corner and into the bedroom. He turned on a light which cast a little light from next to his bed, a little more light than I would have preferred, but since Tom had seen my nakedness in the full light of the kitchen I realized that I had few secrets left.


Tom stood next to his bed and took his watch off and waited for me. The few steps that it took for me to join him look so long, I felt like I was walking underwater.

I finally was facing him and my hands went up to unbutton his shirt. The only problem was that my hands were shaking so badly I couldn’t even get the first button undone. After what seemed like hours, Tom’s hands came up and covered mine, trying to calm my nerves. He was softly smiling at me, not laughing, as he looked down at my clumsy efforts.

“Relax Miles” he said while holding my hands tightly. “This is supposed to be fun, remember? Just take your time and relax. You know what you like now and I probably like the same things.”

His comforting tone helped me to calm down a little bit and I managed to unbutton his shirt and pull it off his broad shoulders. Tom’s chest was covered with a thick mat of burnt orange hair which felt quite soft to the touch. I ran my hands through the dense growth that extended all the way down to his stomach.

His body was fleshy, but not fat I noted. I found his nipples, thick and puffy, and began doing what Tom had done to me. I pinched and squeezed one while I sucked on the other, and when Tom let out a soft sigh I assumed that I was doing it right. The fact that I felt them stiffen under my urging gave me confidence that I wasn’t screwing up too bad.

Tom held the back of my head with his hand, drawing me close and tight to him. As he did that and his arm raised slightly, I took the opportunity to slide over and begin kissing his armpit, remembering how incredible I thought that had felt.

Tom accomodated me by putting his hand behind his head, and I licked and kissed the expansive and thick tuft of hair that was now fully exposed, and I soon discovered that this was an amazingly erotic thing to do, even though it was not something that had ever crossed my mind before.

Tom began squirming under my affections and I felt him straining toward me, trying to rub himself against me. I warily looked down and saw the unmistakable bulge in his slacks that I had created and I was both terrified and excited at the prospect of seeing more.

“Am… um… am I doing okay?” I asked in a timid whisper.

“What do you think?” Tom asked, taking my hand and bringing it down to his crotch. “See what you did? You’re responsible for that Miles” he said smiling.

My hand was directed to the prominent bulge and I gasped audibly as my hand felt along the outline of what felt like a most prodigious weapon. I moved my hand along the length of it, trying to imagine the size of this thing, as the fear crept back in me.

“God… ” was my eloquent comment. In reply Tom asked what I had said.

“You’re… it’s so big” I uttered like a fool, while still rubbing it through the slacks.

“No, it’s not, not really” Tom said. “It’s just very, very excited about what you’ve done so far and what you’ll hopefully be doing next.”

I nodded and began to kneal before him, helped by Tom’s gentle pressure on my shoulder. I got to my knees and started to undo his belt, with my eyes firmly fixed to the left, where the bulge in his pants at this level looked comically obscene.

The pants came loose, and I helped Tom slide them down and off his legs, which were as hairy as the rest of him. Now only his socks remained. Socks… and the other. Tom was wearing boxer shorts and I tried to not look at that bulge, and failed miserably. It was like trying not to notice the elephant in the corner of the room.

My hands went up to the top of the boxer shorts and I realized that there was no snap, and I would have to tug them down as is, and somehow get them down past… it. I was eye level with his manhood, and I smelled the manly, musky odor of him as I began to tug the boxers off. Down past the burnt orange bush and lower still, exposing the pink cock shaft, the veins bulging and the taut skin straining.

I worked the elastic down and Tom’s cock sprang wildly out into view, almost hitting me in the face as it did. Not as big as I had feared, but still bigger than I had hoped, his cock slowly swayed in front of me. He was circumsized, which I was grateful for, not needing to compound my confusion my dealing with things I was not accustomed to.

“Do you like it?” Tom asked, and all I could do was nod as I watched his cock lazily bob in front of me. It curved a bit to his right and arched toward his stomach, giving me a view of the taut stretched skin and intricate network of veins on the underside of his cock

I had really hoped that my first experience of this kind would have been with someone built a little along the lines of myself, but my informal estimate put his equipment at about twice the size of my own. I put my hand at the base of the shaft and felt the incredible heat that it gave off. My fingers were just able to meet around the base, although it seemed that the head of Tom’s cock was the widest part of it, the thick puffy ridge around the bottom giving it an even more intimidating look.

I slid my hand up and down the shaft, while with my other hand grabbed his dangling nut sack, rolling the huge balls in my palm while clearly in awe of their impressive size and weight.

I knew Tom was not going to be content with what I was doing for much longer. Frankly, neither was I, so I leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock, tasting the sour and salty discharge that was oozing from the opening. Not exactly the tastiest substance I’d ever experienced but bearable, and when I saw that what I had removed was replaced by more I went back and licked that off too.

Tom moaned and ran his hands through my hair, urging me to take the next step. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the head of his cock in my mouth. Although Tom’s cock was hard, unlike my own it still maintained a bit of a rubbery nature when erect. Thich allowed me to take in most of the head, and I let my lips slide up and down from the ridge to the tip before I dared go further.

Trying to keep my teeth out of the way was the toughest part, and when I managed to master that I began to try and go further. At this point I now had both my hands on the shaft of his cock and was gripping it like a bat, which left only the head and a tiny bit of shaft exposed. I began to go up and down in that manner, my clenched hands milking the rod while my mouth went up and down the rest.

I must have come up with something good with my lips rubbing back and forth over that prominent ridge, because Tom was clenching my head tighter to him. I really wished that I could take in more of him but I felt myself start to gag when I did try.

Tom pulled away suddenly, and motioned me onto the bed. I wasn’t sure if I had done anything wrong or not so I just followed orders. Tom reached into his night stand and came out with a jar of something which he opened and started applying liberally to his cock, all the time staring at me while he stroked his swollen member.

I realized that I had an erection once again, and Tom saw it as well, for he climbed on the bed next to me and went down on me once more. I felt his mouth take in my balls, and the sensation I felt when he sucked on them almost lifted me off the bed.

I reached around between his legs and my hand found his lubricated cock which was still erect. The lubrication made it easier to handle him and so while Tom sucked my balls I milked his cock, my hand sliding slowly up and down the entire length of him.

A weird feeling washed over me when I realized that Tom now had my dick and balls in his mouth at the same time, and had cupped his hand under my buttocks. I was startled when I felt Tom rubbing an oiled finger around my anus. When he plunged it into my ass without warning I let out a yelp of surprise and pain as Tom began working his digit around inside of me.

What happened next was a blur to me. Tom let my nuts out of his mouth and began sucking my dick in earnest. I felt more activity around my ass and soon felt Tom try and cram another finger inside my ass, which had been strictly an exit until a minute ago. While this stretching was painful, it must not have been overly so, as I soon found myself blowing another load down Tom’s throat.

After my orgasm subsided I felt myself being rolled over by Tom, who slid a pillow underneath me. I suddenly realized what was about to go on next. It was not really something I wanted to happen, although I was certainly aware of the practice. Frankly, I was too scared to say anything and soon couldn’t even if I wanted to as my face was ground into the mattress.

Tom had removed his fingers and I now felt what I knew had to be the tip of the bulbous head of his cock poking through the opening. I know I tried to scream as I felt the head slide through the tiny opening but it came out as only a muffled and weak cry.

If I had looked behind me at that time, I would not have been surprised to see that Tom had clenched his fist and rammed his arm into my ass up to the elbow. That’s what it felt like when the head of that cock popped inside of me, and Tom began pumping away, with more of that weapon being drilled into me with each stroke.

It was extremely painful at first, and I hoped that it would be over soon. I whimpered each time Tom thrust into me, and the only other sounds were Tom’s grunts of pleasure and the sound of our sweaty bodies slapping together. Tom’s hands were on my hips, then sliding up my back and raking his nails gently back down before reaching around and pulling on my dick, for the first time all night finding it flaccid.

Tom slowly pulled himself out of me, and the feeling when his cock slid out was rather nice in a way. I was a little sorry that it was over, since the pain had subsided a bit. As it turned out it wasn’t over, as Tom was merely applying more lubricant, first to himself, and then back into me.

Tom penetrated me once again, and it again was painful, although considerably less so than the first time. Tom immediately began thrusting into me with renewed spirit, and then suddenly I felt him tense up as he let out a strangled moan. This was followed by a series of warm blasts inside of me that felt surprisingly soothing and enjoyable. Tom’s cock eventually stopped spasming, and he leaned forward and kissed my neck and shoulders.

“You okay?” Tom asked in a concerned way.

I nodded in silence and felt his now flaccid cock slide out of me as he rolled off and lay beside me while holding me in his arms. I lay there motionless while trying to absorb all that had happened to me in just a few hours, as the burning in my ass became more noticeable without the other distractions.

In a while, I felt Tom start to move a little bit behind me, and he rubbed his hand down my side. Reaching around, his hand found my dick which was once again as hard as a rock. I heard Tom chuckle at his discovery, and I let him roll me over on my back.

“Gee Miles, you’re really something” Tom said in what seemed to be genuine amazement. “You can’t get enough can you?”

“Guess I’ve been storing up a lot over the years” I said while looking down at Tom’s hand which encased my dick, leaving only the very tip invisible. I felt my embarassment rise again, and felt I had to say something.

“Sorry about my lack of… penis” I said searching for the right words.

“Hey, don’t say things like that Miles” Tom said in almost a scolding manner. “You have a beautiful cock and I thought that it had to be obvious to you how much you excite me. The things you think are important really aren’t, at least not to me. You’re a very attractive guy.”

Tom kept slowly stroking my prick, letting his thumb periodically glide over the tip, causing me to shudder. I felt a little choked up as well, because I wasn’t used to anyone saying such nice things to me.

“Do you want to put your cock inside of me now Miles?” Tom asked in a voice that obviously left no doubt that it was more than alright with him.

I thought for a minute and then shook my head no.

“No, I don’t think so, not tonight at least. I think I’ve had enough new experiences for one night” I said with mixed feelings. It really wasn’t something that I was ready for, not then at least.

“Well,” Tom said while climbing around toward the foot of the bed, “there is something that I know you don’t ever seem to get enough of. Feel free to stop me if I’m wrong though.”

And as Tom’s head bent over me and took my manhood into his mouth once again, I had to admit he was as far from wrong as he could be.


We took a shower together afterwards and yes I was ready again, and yes, Tom was most willing to take care of that once more. After I was drained once again, I knelt before Tom and took him into my mouth, in a deeper and more accomplished manner than before, as the warm spray of the shower rained down on us. When Tom warned me that he was coming I didn’t back off, and while I gagged a bit initially, I stuck with it and did my best to make it good for him. That seemed like another thing that I probably could master in time, with practice.

I dressed and Tom walked me out to my car, after I declined his offer for me to stay the night. School was waiting tomorrow morning and I had an early class. He gave me a big hug and his phone number, kissing me softly on the cheek after I got into my car.

“Hey, if you ever want to get together again, give me a call alright?” Tom said.

I nodded and told him that I would, and just before I left he gave me some advice.

“I hope that this was a good experience for you Miles” Tom said through the open window. “I had the most fantastic time possible, but do me a favor. Be careful where you go and who you end up with if you give this another try. You’re kind of vulnerable kind of guy and there’s a lot of guys that will take advantage… ”

Tom left the sentence hanging in the air, but I understood what he meant and thanked him for that. He was right of course, and I probably was lucky that I found him. And although I’m still as confused today as ever, I do feel a lot better about myself now than I did yesterday.

As for Tom’s phone number, I tucked it safely away, because I have a sneaking suspicion that one day I’ll be giving him a call.

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