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Mr. Steinberg

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The first time I met Mr. Steinberg, I was totally impressed with the way he carried himself. He looked pretty old to me, maybe in his 70’s, maybe even older, but I could tell from the way he dressed and spoke and especially with his young physique, that he exuded confidence and self assurance. I don’t think he was a body builder by any means, but dressed in casual attire, he stood straight and proud and when he moved around, his agility belied his age, however old he really was. 

Impeccably dressed in slacks and a pressed shirt, some stylish shined shoes, he impressed me as a man that took pride in himself and tried to put out the best image he could. While his face was weathered a bit, showing his age, he had a very full head of white hair perfectly styled. His smile was engaging, friendly and sincere, each smile with an almost personal touch to everyone he graced with it. Maybe only 5′ 8″s tall, which I’m sure was pretty close to accurate, as when we shook hands, I measured him up to my 5′ 6″ frame. Still he was actually a pretty imposing figure even with his lack of height and age.

I had an appointment for an interview with him, to see if I could rent one of his apartment units that was adjacent to my campus, very convenient for me if I could get it. As soon as I arrived, I was in love with the complex. It had 15 units that he rented out to college students only. Actually there were originally 18 units, but he had converted two, that were side by side, into one single large unit that he lived in, so he was on the premises full time. Also his nephew stayed in one unit and he did all the maintenance on the units from a/c repair to plumbing to landscaping, everything. The complex had four small separate brick buildings forming a square, which housed a very attractive swimming pool and yard area that looked luxurious to me. All the shrubs were neatly pruned, the gardens were weed free, there were 2 gas grills in the grass near the pool area and a dozen colorful beach chair recliners to lounge in. This was the fourth place I had looked at and by far the nicest one I had seen yet. 

This looked like heaven to me, more than I had hoped for when I read the ad. The best part was, there were 5 total hotties, in bikinis and various beach attire, obviously student tenants, laying out at the pool sun tanning when I arrived. Every one of these girls were drop dead gorgeous and totally fine ass. I was sold the second I saw them regardless of what the inside of the units actually looked like.

Locating his apartment, the first thing I noticed was the mezuzah on the door frame. I knew immediately what it was as one of my best friends was Jewish and they had one on the doorpost of their house. Mr. Steinberg opened the door immediately when I knocked and invited me into his apartment for my interview as a potential renter. His place was awesome, decorated like a house in one those home décor magazines, it looked like it was done by a professional interior designer. Immaculately clean and organized, I also noticed a large wooden Star of David hanging on the wall that looked like it was a million years old, but in a good way, a very nice piece to decorate his wall. During my interview, glancing around from where we sat and talked, I noticed one room had been outfitted as a home gym. He had an expensive treadmill, an elaborate pully weight machine and a very large assortment of free weights. 

My budget was tight, as my father had left my mother when I was 6 years old, and she struggled to make ends meet. Don’t get me wrong, we never missed any meals, I didn’t dress in rags and we didn’t live in the ghetto, but Mom didn’t have money to waste and the money she got at the plant, well lets just say she watched it closely. I was going to be given a budget of $1,200 a month from mom, which I was grateful for, she was a good mom. While the rent here was advertised as $800 a month, a little higher than the other places I had looked at, I knew it wouldn’t leave much left over for me if I was accepted. 

I had a part time job lined up in the school game room, just 18 hours a week, but that would help some, I mean, I did want some type of social life and maybe a pizza here and there. All my meals were covered in my tuition in the school cafeteria, breakfast, lunch and dinner, even on weekends, but it closed at 8PM, so I had to have eaten dinner by then or buy my own if I missed it.

We had a pleasant 15 minutes interview and then Mr. Steinberg gave me a tour of the last remaining apartment. It was fully furnished, very nicely appointed and looked spotless. I wanted to live here so bad, but Mr. Steinberg told me that he had a potential renter already lined up and my only shot was if it fell through. So, I shook his hand, which he had an amazingly strong grip for a man his age and he told me he would call me one way or the other and let me know later this week, as school was starting in about 10 days. I drove my two hour trip back home, with my fingers crossed and told my mother about it that night. She seemed really happy that I liked the place, a little concerned about the higher rent price, but wished me good luck.

Sunday, a week later, I got the feeling that I wasn’t getting the place and resigned to the fact that I would have to call one of the other apartment complexes Monday morning and take a unit there. I had run out of time and needed to lock something in. Later that night, thank God, Mr. Steinberg called me and told me the unit was available if I still wanted it. I was elated, and told him I would bring the check and deposit tomorrow and move in immediately.

The next morning, I woke with a purpose, excited but a little nervous. I packed, called my mom at work and told her I will see her in two weeks, then got on the road. She cautioned me for the 100th time to be careful with my money, as she couldn’t afford anymore. This was gonna be my first time away from home and I was excited about my parental freedom and independence.

Mr. Steinberg greeted me at his door with a strong friendly handshake. I had caught him in the middle of a workout and it was obvious to me that he took his workouts seriously. All sweaty and worked up, he was wearing those old NBA style short shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt, drenched in sweat. This old man was in really good shape. Still diminutive in height, he was pretty well built, in fact, extremely well built if you considered his age, which again I would have said 75 years old. He gave me the key to my apartment and told me to let myself in and he would check on me in a few hours.

As I walked to my unit, I couldn’t help but notice 7-8 girls partying around the pool. They were playing music, drinking beers and grilling hot dogs on the gas grill. They paid me no attention til they saw me unlock my unit and walk in, then moments later while I was looking around, there was a knock on my door and a girl’s voice saying “hello…hello”.

First off. Let me tell you a little about myself. I think I mentioned earlier that I was 5’6″s tall, but still hoping for a growth spurt. I had straight raven black hair, I wore it a little long, kind of a raggedy styled cut, but I never fussed over my hair much. I was thin, about 145 pounds on a good day and at 18, I had still not developed a trace of facial hair. My body was as smooth as the day I was born and I often fantasized of the day I would grow some hair on my face and chest.

I’m not making this up or gloating when I say I was attractive. I really was. I don’t mean the kind of attractive that is only mentioned when your mother and grandmother tell you that you are handsome. I had lots of “girlfriends” in high school that would comment on my eyes, nose, lips and cheek bones. More than once I heard comments from them that they would die for my nose, or that they loved my modelesque cheek bones or “oh my god, your blue eyes are so gorgeous.” Even though, they remained “girlfriends” as when I asked them on a date, they always said, “Donnie, we’re friends, I don’t want to ruin our friendship dating you.” I was still a virgin and had never even been to first base.

I tried sports, but I was too small for basketball and football. While not very good at baseball either, I tried to make the track and field team. I was okay at it, I guess. I tried long distance running, but the other guys would tease me too much. More than once, I heard them shout comments like, “Nice legs.” or “Dude, your butt is bigger and plumper than my girlfriends.” My least favorite was when they called me “Honeybuns”. That really embarrassed me so that didn’t last long before I quit.

So I went back to my front door and there were 3 girls there. We introduced ourselves, they actually gave me a can of beer and talking to them, I found out that they were all tenants

The Asian girl, Chinese specifically, her name was Jeannie. Oooooh my, I had yellow fever instantly, she exuded sex appeal. Wearing shorts and a halter top, I loved the tone of her smooth flawless skin. She had the biggest eyes and mouth I had ever seen on a girl. Her eyes were positively huge, these big almond shaped eyes that looked almost oversized for her face. Her mouth, with those fat pouty lips, looked like she could put her whole fist in it. Don’t misunderstand me, not in a freaky grotesque way, more in a very sexy way. Straight black hair that looked unusually thick with bangs to her eyes that made her look school girlish. Her body seemed soft, not muscular at all, just slim and sexy in those torn jean shorts she was wearing.

Krishondra was a very dark black girl, tall and skinny like a thoroughbred horse, but with a really nice firm round butt that stuck straight out from her backside and looked awesome in her bikini bottoms. For a skinny girl she actually had pretty big breasts that compromised the integrity of her too small bikini top. She told me to call her Krissy and she laughed at everything anyone said. I liked her immediately. She was instant erection material in her bright yellow bikini and was also a tenant, actually my very next door neighbor. What a beautiful girl, the prettiest whitest teeth I have ever seen. I was really attracted to her.

Stephanie was black also, the wildest looking of the bunch, she came off like a total hottie badass to me. She was so fucking pretty, very sophisticated looking. I gathered quickly that she was the oldest and the leader of this group as I learned this was her fourth and final year in the medical department and she was going to become a doctor. She had spent every single one of her semesters at Mr. Steinberg’s apartments and told me I would love it there and it’s kind of nice to have a guy finally living here for a change, which I thought was odd. She had a light brown skin tone, lighter than Krissy’s and had the most muscular developed thighs, topped by the firmest muscular ass I had ever seen. Her abdominal muscles were very prominent as her six pack tummy effortlessly revealed itself. She had several tattoos on her tummy and legs but all discretely well placed so that they could be covered in clothes as not to interfere in her upcoming “doctor’s professional appearance”. I later learned she was a standout athlete in high school in track and field, was also a former cheerleader and currently, as a hobby, not as a stripper, exercised on a stripper pole that was mounted floor to ceiling in her apartment. 

After chatting a bit, they invited me to come to the pool area when I finished unpacking and then they went back to the other girls. As I made trip after trip from car to apartment, I saw them all looking at me curiously and talking, maybe a good sign, maybe not. Back and forth from my car and apartment, I couldn’t help but sneak peeks at this group of girls, trying not to appear the pervert. I even took several long stares secretly out my window blinds where I got the opportunity to look to my heart’s content. This was the start of a great semester and I was loving it. 

I fell into my routine quickly, my classes were pretty easy, work was just running the cash register, clocking students in and out on pool tables, collecting the money, making change and sweeping the floor. 

I became acquainted with all the girls in the complex, but became fast friends with Stephanie’s group, developing a crush on Krissy immediately, but too afraid to push our friendship. At times I wanted to kiss her, ask her out, or tell her how I felt, but I didn’t want to go too fast and ruin our friendship.

Jeannie, Stephanie and Krissy, well, we partied almost every night. Stephanie would get the booze and we would all chip in equally to pay her back. Krissy was a party animal, she could out drink all of us. One night tequila, one night beer, one night wine, one night Ciroq, whatever, all we did was party. I almost always missed my free dinners at the university cafeteria as we were too busy partying and we would usually order a couple of pizzas delivered. A few days before my rent was due, I realized it was gonna be close and when I paid Mr. Steinberg on the 1st, I had $7 left in my account.

I promised myself to watch my finances closer, but by the middle of my second month, I was getting nervous how fast I was running through my monthly deposit money from my mom. God forbid I had to ask her for money, cause she would totally blow up if I did. So that wasn’t an option. Even though I tried cutting back, it didn’t seem to work out and I realized by the end of the third week of the month, I might be short on my rent. One night when we were all partying I mentioned this to the girls and asked what would happen if I were short.

They all looked at each other like they were hiding a secret and finally broke out laughing hysterically. I just stared at them dumbfounded til Krissy finally spoke, “Donnie, you’re gonna need to ask Mr. Steinberg if you can do some extracurricular stuff to make up your shortages.” With that comment, all three of the girls just couldn’t stop laughing.

“What do you mean, extracurricular stuff? Do you guys ever do extracurricular stuff? What extracurricular stuff.” I asked not understanding how this worked, but hopefully, I could do some too.

“Uhhhhhhh yea.” Stephanie chortled, “I have lived here for the last 3 years and I do it at least 2-3 times a month, sometimes more.”

“We all have Donnie, but heck, he wouldn’t even have to pay me, I would do it for free.” said Jeannie as Krissy squealed when she said that.

“Jeannie, you are such a size queen you little slut. To me, he is too big, he actually hurts at first, and when I finally get used to it, then he starts that pounding thing he does, ooooh my God, sometimes he just goes too deep. He wears me out. Last Wednesday when I told ya’ll to party without me, that was because he totally dicked me down.” Krissy laughed out loud.

“Oh my God, that pounding thing is brutal, that’s no lie, last week he abused my little pussy so bad it hurt for 2 days.” Stephanie piped in.

“You little slut amatuers, he can pound me with that big dick all night, I love when he does that long dick power fucking thing, in fact, I prefer him fucking me over my lame ass little dick boyfriend fucking me.” Jeannie taunted them. “That old man is King Donkey Kong when he gets in my pussy. Lately he has been bugging me for some booty hole, but I’m kind of scared cause he is really thick too. And all that kissing, I don’t really care for that but I let him, I mean he is actually kind of handsome in an old rugged man sort of way and his body is truly “oooh la la” for his age, but oh my, that man sure likes to kiss. He also likes to mark his territory, I forbid him to give me another fucking hickey. I have a boyfriend that wouldn’t like to see that.” 

“Ooooh my God, he wants your ass, Jeannie, please don’t let him, don’t you dare let him, he may make me do that too.” Stephanie said half jokingly.

“Wait a minute, Mr. Steinberg, old Mr. Steinberg, you guys have sex with him?” I asked unbelievingly.

“Yes Donnie, pay attention, he knocks $100 off my monthly rent every time I give him a shot, and as far as his kissing, he is the best kisser I have ever met, for real. His hickies, I don’t care for them either, but that old man can also eat a pussy like a lesbian.” Krissy laughed, then pulling up the leg of her shorts and showing several hickies way high up on her inner thighs.

“Ewwwww, for real? It looks like leaches ate you alive.” said Jeannie. 

I was so bummed, shocked and totally destroyed. The thought of Mr. Steinberg fucking my secret crush Krissy, just floored me. The thought of him kissing her and her liking it, that crushed me even more. Old Mr. Steinberg getting to touch my angel’s body while I thought I had a chance with her, well that just knocked me out to the max. I couldn’t process it, it just wasn’t sinking in. I just couldn’t believe he was fucking Krissy and both the other girls.

“So…I have an idea.” Krissy said like a light bulb went off over her head. “Mr. Steinberg wants some ass and none of want to do it, sooooooo, this sounds like a job for Super Donnie.” she giggled. “Ooooh please Donnie. Help us out.” she said as she hugged me tightly, laughing and smothering me in fake kisses all over my face, “Let him have your ass, I bet we can set it up for you, and you do need the break in rent.”

“But I’m not gay, I’ve never been fucked by a cock or even sucked one. I’ve never even thought about a man that way.” I begged off.

“Donnie, I bet I can set it up for you, I was actually gonna see him tomorrow. I could drop a few hints, tell him that you are gay, tell him that you’re horny and need some, and you do need some help on the rent.” Stephanie said seriously now.

This same rhetoric went on for the next hour, the girls trying to persuade me into doing this and me begging off. Them telling me how I might like it, that I should try it and that they knew I didn’t want to ask my mother. All good arguments for sure, but still, I wasn’t gay and I was scared to try it, for a lot of reasons. I almost said okay, but settled with “I’ll think about it.” and went back to my apartment to sleep.

That night, I dreamt about Mr. Steinberg. He was in his workout clothes, all sweaty and he was fucking me from behind. The dream was totally surreal, actually ridiculous, totally unbelievable. He had this unreal body of a 25 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger, obscene muscles everywhere. In the dream I was somehow actually watching myself getting fucked by Mr. Steinberg, like in a movie and his cock was an impossible 3 feet long and 1 foot wide. His balls were the size of cantaloupes and he was shoving all 3 feet of his unreal cock up my ass, all the way, which in reality would have come out my throat if it went in that deep, but in my dream, I was loving it. 

It was so erotic, so sexy, even though his physicalities were so exaggerated in the dream, I woke up panting and in a sweat. I myself, was amazed that my 5″ cock was so hard and I even had to masturbate so I could go back to sleep. After just a few strokes, I squirted all over my belly and fell asleep. The next couple of days, I couldn’t get that dream out of my head and every time I thought about it, I got a terribly hard erection and jacked off again. 

When I got home from classes on Friday, two days before rent was due, which I know knew was gonna be $100 short, Stephanie was standing on my door stoop.

“Donnie, great news, I spoke to Mr. Steinberg and he said yes. I told him a little fib, I said you were gay, had done this before, loved sucking cock and getting your butt fucked. He said he has looked at your ass and legs more than once and would love to, in his words, pop your keister.” Stephanie said it like she expected a thank you from me and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as she continued talking, almost having trouble breathing as we went inside my apartment and talked.

“Look Donnie, you can do this, it doesn’t make you gay as it no more makes me, Jeannie and Krissy whores. You gotta do what you gotta do in life to get by. Who knows, you may like it. So, here’s his number, you need to call him this afternoon, he wants to see you tonight, okay?” Stephanie nodded her head at me making sure I understood.

“Yea, okay, thanks I guess.” I said sarcastically, as she almost looked hurt at my insincere reply.

“Just do it Donnie, we do it, what’s the big deal, really, get over it, you might like it. Okay, I gotta run, I got lab at 3PM, come over afterwards and tell us all about it.” she giggled.

So I called Mr. Steinberg and we talked. I explained I was $100 short on the rent and he said in a very sincere understanding voice, “Don’t worry son, we can work this out, I’m sure Steph explained to you how it works. Just take a good shower and be here at 7PM prompt.” he told me.

I sat down and turned on the tv, I watched it for 3 hours, but I couldn’t tell you what I watched. My mind was somewhere else. About 6PM, I went to my bathroom and took a good hot shower, really scrubbing every inch of my body and especially every nook and cranny. I put on baby powder down there and gave myself a spritz of cologne. Fresh underwear and shorts, a clean t-shirt and I walked over to his apartment. I’m not sure, but I think I saw Krissy peeking out her blinds secretively watching my death march.

Mr. Steinberg greeted me at the door, immaculate as always, creased slacks, a freshly ironed shirt, Italian loafers and a huge smile. He actually was kind of a handsome man, and I bet he was very popular with the ladies when he was younger. We went inside and sat on the sofa next to each other.

“Donnie, Steph told me about your rent problem, don’t worry son, we’re gonna take care of this. So Donnie, you’re gay right and you have done this before?” Mr. Steinberg asked me.

“Yes sir I lied.” not knowing why I lied, I felt like maybe the truth might be better, but still I lied.

“Well lets go in the bedroom and get better acquainted.” he said as he rose and I followed.

Mr. Steinberg dimmed the bedroom overhead light and started removing his clothes. He neatly hung his slacks and shirt on his valet while I stood watching like a deer in the headlights. He was really in amazing shape.

“Come on Donnie, get undressed for me son.” Mr. Steinberg encouraged me from stalling anymore.

I peeled off my clothes, down to my underwear and then turned away from him as I took them off. I was embarrassed that I had a throbbing erection and was stalling.

Mr. Steinberg sat in a leather recliner chair in the corner of the room. He sat upright, not reclined and spoke to me, “Come over here Donnie, come kneel in front of me.”

Mindlessly I turned to face him, trying to hide with my hands, my erection sticking straight out as I knelt down between his spread legs. I could see the outline of a big bulge in the old man’s underwear, no, not a big bulge, a positively huge bulge is a better word to describe it.

Mr. Steinberg was really in good shape, a flat stomach, solid defined pec muscles, strong prominent muscles in his arms and legs, maybe he was a bit like a body builder. I wasn’t gay, but he was really fit looking undressed. I was impressed with the way he took care of himself. 

“Lower my underwear Donnie, take them off for me. I want you to suck my cock nice and slow for me son.” he instructed me.

As I pulled his underwear down, nothing could have prepared me for the shock of seeing his cock for the first time. It was so fucking fat, I mean ridiculously fat, like my Aunt’s new born baby’s arm. So fucking long too, and it wasn’t even fully hard yet. It just lay across his thigh in a semi erect state waiting for me to pleasure him. He was circumcised and it was very pink and fleshy looking. The head of his cock was by far the thickest part, it was huge, like a plum. I knew I was about 5″s long when hard and had read that was almost average, but Mr. Steinberg must have been at least 8″s long and it was not even erect yet. As long as it was, and I assumed it would get longer when fully erect, the most amazing thing was the thickness. I swear, it was as thick as the where my wrist joins my hand. As I stared at it trying to get a reference on size, I thought a comparable measurement was my can of Arrid aerosol deodorant.

I was having second thoughts now, why I agreed to do this, I don’t know. I didn’t even know if it was physically possible to put this in someone’s ass without destroying them permanently or sending them to the hospital. I started getting flush as I hesitated, until Mr. Steinberg took my chin softly in his hands and guided my face to his cock. As my face was lowered to his cock, I noticed he smelt so fresh, like soap, powder, cologne, I don’t know, just clean.

While I just had a little bit of hair down there, Mr. Steinberg was fully shaved, his big balls were shaved completely, his cock and pelvis were baby smooth, and even without any hair, it was still the manliest thing I had ever seen in my life. I was in awe, I had a strange attraction to it and without any more persuasion, I eagerly took the head of his cock into my warm mouth. It was soft and fleshy, not nearly fully hard yet, like it had a whole lot more potential to grow. The tip was warm, so smooth in my mouth, I could feel the heat of it as I clamped my lips over it and drew it in deeper. I took about 3 inches into my mouth and I swirled my tongue around on the sides of his cock. I felt it twitch, like blood was being pumped into it and in fact, it did grow fuller and firmer. I was thrilling, the power I had to make his cock grow.

As it started to swell in hardness, it both thickened up and straightened out more as the length grew. It got thicker with each twitch that I caused with my slurping on it and was becoming more erect rapidly. I had never entertained a gay thought in my life, but I was really enjoying this, as was Mr. Steinberg. He softly caressed my hair, gently patting my head and tenderly running his finger down my cheeks to touch my lips, as he groaned sighs of approval. He would hold my ear lobes softly and while not shoving my head deeper, he would give some gentle persuasive pressure downward on my head, urging me to go deeper.

I wanted to please him, even more than that, I was really liking the magic I had over his cock. I got a strange sense of empowerment that I could control his cock getting harder, so with his encouraging manipulations, I tried to go deeper for him. His cock was so hard now that it had risen off his thigh and was beginning to stand erect. While not pointing at the ceiling, it was fast on it’s way there. I adjusted my position and still kneeling, I sat up higher to accommodate this new angle, while still trying to go deeper. Mr. Steinberg was now fully erect and his cock stood up proud. I bet it was 9″s, no, probably 10″s long now, absolutely majestic and I desperately wanted to please this man. I was amazed at his erection, not only did I think his cock was unbelievably big, I didn’t even think old men could get erections, at least not like this.

His pushing my head down became a little more firmer, as I knew he still wanted me to take even more into my mouth. I tried, but it was so thick, I didn’t think it was even possible to get it down my throat. I held about 6 inches in my mouth, just slobbering all over it as much as possible to get it super slick, really getting into it. As Mr. Steinberg used a little more downward pressure still again with his hands to gently persuade me to go even lower, the tip of his bulbous spongy head touched my throat and I got a quick twinge of a gag. 

“Keep it up son, you’re doing very good for our first time together, take your time, I want you to take it all, but I won’t force you.” he encouraged me and those words inspired me to go deeper. 

By now, his cock was like a steel bar, unyielding to anything in it’s way, probably more rigid than any erection I had ever had in my life. He stroked my hair and watched intently as I sucked my first cock, smiling down at me every time we made eye contact.

“Try to put the tip in your throat son, just the tip. Control and master the urge to gag. You can do this.” he spoke gently to me.

I tried, I gagged, I choked, I sputtered and coughed, but he responded with, “Good boy, now try that again.”

I did try again, and this time I managed to get a bit into my throat without gagging. It didn’t go unnoticed. Mr. Steinberg patted me on the head and said, “Good boy son, I think you’re getting the hang of it, keep trying.”

Time after time I tried to gag it down, going a little farther each time. I felt my throat resist to stretch open to accommodate his girth, but still, it was definitely going in deeper. I fought the urge to gag and with a sincere sense of needing to please this man, I plunged my head as far down as I could go. When I thought it couldn’t go anymore, I just forced the rest down my throat until my lips finally pressed into his pelvis. I held my lips pressed to his stomach waiting for his acknowledgement, a word of praise, anything that showed he saw what I had accomplished.

Pleased with myself, I repeated this over and over with “oooohs and aaaaahs” coming from Mr. Steinberg. I would plunge it all the way down to the root, then draw back and just suck on 4-5 inches. I was loving this as he groaned guttural approvals and this really turned me on big time. He let me practice deep throating his cock for the next 10 minutes, until I no longer gagged on.

“That’s a good boy, now that we both know you can do that, we will even improve on that in the future, but for now, I want some attention to my balls young man.” he said.

With tears from my eyes running down my cheeks, I lowered my face to his shaved balls. I had heard the expression, “old man’s balls” before, and thought that meant they hung low, or were saggy, but not Mr. Steinberg’s. His were not only tight in the pouch, but they were independently displayed so perfectly. I could see each individual ball, so nicely nestled, one on each side of his sack, drawn up a little and looking needy for some attention. His balls looked huge, almost the size of golf balls.

I suckled his right ball into my mouth and gently massaged it with my lips and tongue, pouring copious amounts of saliva over it. He grunted, as I nursed on his testicle like it was the most fragile thing in the world. I alternated back and forth on his balls for the next 5 minutes until he pulled my mouth off with a pop and scooted all the way forward in his chair. Mr. Steinberg scooted his ass to the edge and then laid down in the recliner until his back was on the seat and his ass hanging off the edge. He then threw his legs up in the air and pulled them to his chest, exposing his little pink smooth asshole wide open and in my face. 

His muscular ass was directly in my face now but I didn’t know what he wanted me to do, so I just knelt there and went back to sucking on his balls. As I did, he gently pushed my head lower and lower, until it was under his balls, til my tongue was dangerously close to his ass hole.

“Eat it for me boy, suck it out, my asshole, eat my asshole, poke you tongue up there, chew on my ring, slurp all over it, gnaw on it, nibble on it, eat my ass out Donnie.” Mr. Steinberg commanded me.

I didn’t know people did this, but I did so want to please him. Now while he pulled and held his muscular legs as far up as he could, I spread his ass cheeks as wide as I could with my hands, giving me full access to his little pink star. I dove right in and stuck my tongue up there as far as I could. I mashed my face deep between his cheeks and pushed my tongue in and out his sphincter. He groaned and pulled his legs back even farther. I slurped all around his ring, making my tongue into a hard pointy tip and just worked his muscular butt with everything I had. 

I pulled off and opened my mouth as wide as I could, then locked back down on his ring, sucking it into my mouth and nibbling very gentle on it. It was rubbery, like a muscle sort of and I just lightly nibbled all over it. This drove him crazy and it may sound weird, but I never felt more proud of myself. I used every technique I could think of, I slobbered all over his ass, nibbled, chewed, nipped, sucked. I made it a slobbery mess, but it was so important to me to hear this man moan.

Mr. Steinberg, sat up immediately, “Enough of that son, suck my cock again, I need to cum now.” as he sat back upright in the leather chair.

“Hold it in your mouth as deep as you can without gagging. Then massage the flat of your tongue on the underside from side to side. Keep doing that til I tell you I’m gonna cum and I should warn you, expect 8-10 plus spurts, I’m a huge cummer, so don’t you dare pull off and be ready to swallow fast.” he instructed me.

Mr. Steinberg’s cock was so fucking hard now. Lots of pre-cum was drooling out of the tip. I did as instructed, holding over more than half of it in my mouth and massaging the sensitive area just under the head left to right, back and forth slowly with the flat of my tongue. Within 2 minutes Mr. Steinberg said, “Get ready son, here it comes. Don’t change your pace and swallow fast.”

Ooooooh my God, his cock spasmed and twitched really hard, it jerked and pulsed and then it sprayed the first squirt deep into my mouth. I was caught off guard and when the second squirt came out, it was filling my mouth to near full capacity. I finally composed myself enough to swallow, well actually gulp on the third stream and it went down my throat into my belly. I tasted it and it wasn’t unpleasant at all. It was slippery, very slick, a little sweet and a little salty. It kind of reminded me of saltwater in flavor, only a little sweeter. My mouth was full again in seconds, and as soon as I swallowed the second time, it seemed full again, but I didn’t let up. I hung in there and gulped down every drop of his seed, time after time as he kept squirting more ropes of cum into my mouth. I don’t know how many streams he unloaded, but I think it was way more than the 8-10 he claimed he might shoot. 

Mr. Steinberg just groaned all the way through his powerful orgasm, me never letting up or changing pace. That old man with the unbelievable cock filled my tummy up with his sweet cum. When he stopped shooting, I still didn’t stop, I didn’t rush him either, but I sensed my tongue wagging was getting to be a little too much for his sensitive cock. So, I just held it softly in my mouth and nursed on it while he sat in the chair and shuddered. The weirdest thing was, after it was over, after he had finished cumming, I wanted to suck it some more, I wanted some more cum, I was actually sad to see it end. Making him cum was exciting, but now I realized my obligation to service his cock might be finished as his cock would probably wilt.

Mr. Steinberg just smiled at me while I still knelt between his knees sucking ever so gently on his still hard cock. He took his bare foot and put it between my legs, then pressed it upwards and rubbed it under my painfully hard dick and balls. Then he just massaged his toes up in between the cheeks of my ass directly on my asshole. It felt so good I shuddered and almost collapsed. 

“You did good son, your friend Stephanie can’t swallow my cock all the way down her throat and nobody can eat an ass out like you do. Good job.” and when he said that, I thought “good job” maybe meant we were finished and I had somehow spared my ass from his unreal cock.

Mr. Steinberg finally pulled from my mouth, stood, and his still fully erect cock whacked me in the forehead, which I’m pretty sure he did on purpose. I swear to God, now standing up, still totally erect in front of me, out of his sitting position, it looked even 2 inches longer than I first assessed. Still as hard as a rock, he went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up a little. I just waited there, I wanted to go home and jack off, thinking he was just about to tell me to get dressed, and leave, that he will deduct $100 from your rent. However, when he reentered the room, with his big steel hard cock swinging from side to side and told me to get on the bed, I knew I hadn’t earned my $100 yet.

I sat on the bed, then as he directed me into a position on my knees and palms, with outstretched arms supporting my torso. He then gently pressed on the back of my neck til I compliantly sunk into the bed, buns up kneeling with my face in the mattress. He knelt on the floor, by the edge of the bed and dragged me by my ankles til my feet and half my shins were hanging off the mattress. Again, pressing hard with his hand between my shoulder blades, I understood he wanted my ass prominently upright for his pleasure. I was scared that what was coming was gonna hurt, but I let him mold me into the position he wanted.

Mr. Steinberg forced my knees apart so my ass was wide open and then he forcibly grabbed both of my cheeks with his strong hands and spread them as far apart as he could. I felt him bury is face between my ass cheeks and I shuddered as he started slurping on my ass hole. This drove me absolutely crazy as he sucked, licked and nibbled on my sphincter muscle. I groaned audibly as he slobbered all over my sensitive tight butt hole, giving in to the pleasure as a billion nerve endings were coming alive to his oral manipulations. My little asshole contracted and twitched as he made a meal out of it. I didn’t even try to fight it, in fact my hands went straight to my ass cheeks, next to his hands and I spread my cheeks even wider apart to give him deeper access to my hole. 

Sensing I could hold my cheeks apart without his assistance, Mr. Steinberg released his grip on my ass and put both hands on my cock and balls. His hands were slobbery wet and as he massaged my cock up and down with one hand, he fondled and squeezed my tight ball sac with the other. I just squeezed my eyes shut as it seemed every nerve ending in my body was firing at the same time. He ate my ass out til it was obvious to him that I was relaxed and pliable, stopping his masturbating my cock from time to time and not allowing me to cum.

“I don’t want you to cum just yet son, I want you to save that til I’m ready to pump your sweet ass full of my juice, so we can cum together, just relax and fight the urge to blow.” he instructed me.

Mr. Steinberg ate my ass out til I couldn’t stand it anymore, and then as he released me and guided me into the center of the bed, still buns up kneeling, I felt him climb on the mattress behind me. As my ass hole twitched in anticipation of being touched again, I felt Mr. Steinberg’s finger against it. Even through all of his slobber on my hole, I could tell his finger was lubricated with something really slippery. He scratched at the opening with just one finger, actually just his fingernail very gently teasing me, and it felt really good. 

He poked his index finger in to his first knuckle, then withdrew it and ran a circle around my sphincter, scratching that insane itch that I needed scratched. Back and forth, he worked that one finger slowly into my ass, maybe up to his second knuckle, but he would always withdraw it, then tickle and scratch til in my mind I was begging for him to put it back in. He teased my ass with that finger til I was going nuts when it wasn’t in me. I think he knew what he was doing, how he was making me crave it there, how he was making me want it, he knew exactly what he was doing.

I felt a second finger ease into me, a little pressure needed to get it in, but my ass was starving for more at this point and I didn’t fight it. I was comfortable that he was an experienced ass fucker and would be gentle with me, so I surrendered to his second finger. It felt so good as I felt it stretch my ring wider. It took him a while to get both fingers into the third knuckle, but when he did, he just held them there, letting me get accustomed to them. I got comfortable with them real quick actually and while he was patiently waiting, not moving his fingers, I started grinding my hips back on them. I fucked my ass back and forth on his fingers and I was in heaven. Over and over, I humped my hole down on them, desperately needing more.

“That a boy Donnie, let yourself go, feed that ass, it’s hungry, feed it. You know you want more, you know you need more. You know you want to be my little butt slut don’t you? Do you want more son?” Mr. Steinberg taunted me.

I wasn’t shy, my ass was hungry, I had never felt anything like this before. “Yes sir, please give me another finger, please do it now.”

Mr. Steinberg withdrew his two finger and suddenly I felt the thick bluntness of three fingers pressed against my hole.

“Get down on them Donnie, show me how hungry your sexy little ass is. Eat those fingers up boy. Fuck that gorgeous firm plump girly ass down on them.” he instructed me.

And I did, with no hesitation, I twisted my hungry ass all the way down in one fell swoop and I immediately knew I still wanted to be stretched even more.

“Oooooh son, I am gonna enjoy this ass, you’re getting it so worked up to handle my cock, I’m gonna love fucking your smooth girly butt.” he panted.

He slowly and gently “three finger fucked” my ass for a few minutes and I saw stars. I wanted still more, but was hesitant to ask. I think he knew I wanted more when he told me to fuck his fingers hard now, and as he just held them in place, I started rocking back and forth on them all the way to his third knuckle.

“Are you ready for some cock now son? Do you think your ass is hungry enough to handle my big hard dick now Donnie?” he goaded me know knowing the answer.

“Yes sir, please fuck me, I want it really bad.” I almost cried out. 

Removing his fingers, left my ass feeling empty, but I soon felt the hard blunt spongy head of his big cock nestled directly against my hole. He didn’t push it in, he just knelt behind me and waited for me to start feeding it into my ass. I was drooling out of the side of my mouth into his mattress, my eyes were squeezed shut, my cock was so hard but all I wanted was my ass full. I pushed back onto his cock and suddenly realized, it was way bigger than his 3 fingers were, but that didn’t stop me. I forced my ass back hard until his fat cock head got swallowed up by my ass. 

Suddenly, I felt a lot of pressure and it hurt some, so I didn’t move, I just sat there with my ass locked onto his cock head. I was afraid to pull it out and afraid to go any farther. Neither of us moved for a full minute until Mr. Steinberg asked, “Are you okay son, am I hurting you?”

“No sir, I’m okay, I want it, it’s just so big it hurts a little.” I replied.

“Grind you ass down on it as best you can, go slow, don’t hurt yourself. I gotta tell you son, you have one amazingly pretty little ass hole and it looks so hot with my big cock poking in it. Take your time, maybe this will help.” he said as he reached around and gently alternated between squeezing my nut sac and stroking my cock.

His stroking my cock and balls pushed me past the limits of pain and into a new pleasure and desire so that I slowly sank my ass down his cock til I felt his stomach touch my ass cheeks. I grunted and groaned as it hit rock bottom and we both stayed motionless for a bit. 

My ass was stretched so fucking tight and felt so full from his long thick hard cock. Mr. Steinberg started a very slow grind now, a gentle extremely slow in and out motion. He pulled back about 4-5 inches, maybe half of his cock and then slowly slid it back in til my ass swallowed it to the root. Over and over he gave me the slowest “cock in my butt hole massage” possible. He was a patient lover, never wanting to hurt me and willing to let me get used to it.

Within minutes, I started to thrust back on his strokes and he took this as a sign that I was comfortable and would allow him to take over.

“We good son, we good, are you okay? If so, I’m gonna take charge now.” he asked.

“Yes sir, please use my ass, it feels so good, fuck me good. Fuck me hard please.” I said with passion and a new sense of letting go. This old man was driving me crazy with his big dick probing and poking my bowels. I wasn’t embarrassed about what he was doing to me, not ashamed of what I craved, I just wanted more. He started pounding me good now, long deep strokes, hard and fast like an animal, he held my hips firmly in a strong grip while he used my ass as a fuck hole for his hungry cock.

I gave into the feeling, I just let him abuse me for his pleasure. I had no idea how it felt for him, but I felt like I had the better deal with his cock in my ass than he did. I loved it. Then he took short jabs for a while, bottoming out each time, making me suffer on the depth of his long cock, making me feel the length of it. He did that for a while and then changed pace into some “long dicking strokes”, pulling out til the tip just popped out of my ass and then stretching my sphincter to the max as he re-opened it when he thrust back into me. 

Over and over for the next 15 minutes he alternated speed, depth, technique, everything, just enjoying himself and seeing how I reacted to it. Pulling out abruptly, Mr. Steinberg twisted my hips with his hands and flipped me on my back. I spread my legs for him as he crawled right in between them. Grabbing my ankles, he pushed my legs forcefully up, until my knees were on my chest, then sunk his cock all the way back in. It seemed like he could go a lot deeper like this. He started pounding me faster than before, all the way out and then all the way in til he hit bottom, sometimes making me flinch when he bottomed out. I think this is what the girls called his “long dick power fucking”.

I was fascinated with him, his cock, his stamina and his body. The muscles in his arms strained as he held my legs back. His shoulders looked broad as his big cock pistoned in and out of my upturned ass. His pecs twitched and flexed as he bore into me. As he ground into me, he lowered his nipple to my mouth, and I knew he wanted me to suck it. His little bud of a nipple was rock hard and he groaned as I nursed and nibbled on it. My sensitive hard cock was sandwiched between his muscular stomach and mine, getting a lot of friction from his rocking fucking motion. 

Then it happened, he leaned over to my face and kissed me. Not a lip to lip kiss, but he forced his mouth down onto mine and pried my mouth open. He kissed me deep and hungrily, with passion like you kiss a girl you’re fucking. I kissed him back, but like he was a man and I was the girl, soft and passionately, with love. I felt very feminine in his grasp, like he was totally in charge and I was his to be used.

I won’t lie, I liked it when he kissed me, it made me feel safe, close to him, it was some kind of proof that he actually liked me, like it validated what we were doing together. I wrapped my arms around his strong muscular back and just gave myself to him. He put his face into my tender neck and I felt him suck my flesh into his mouth. He sucked hard and deep, often biting the flesh as he sucked. It sent goosebumps all over me. After a minute in that spot, he moved to another and repeated his sucking and biting process until he had done both sides of my neck several times. I let him have his way as the friction on my cock was building up.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, there was just too much going on. My body was overloading, things were getting too hot, I was crossing that line. As he kept pounding my ass, I finally cried out, “Mr. Steinberg, I’m gonna cum, I can’t hold back anymore, I’m gonna cum.”

“That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear son.” 

With that, he started purposely grinding his hard stomach muscles against my sensitive cock, while he did some kind of deep cock grind in my bowels powered by only his muscular ass. Within 10 more strokes, my cock that was trapped between his and my stomach squirted. It squirted and squirted and squirted, a warm seepage proving to him that he just made me cum with his majestic cock and pushing him over the edge with me.

I rammed my ass up into him, holding him as tight as I could, trying to get every centimeter of his alpha bull cock. He rammed back into me forcing us both to the extreme. As he held my legs up to my chest in his strong arms, I actually began to sob as I came. Tears came to my eyes as he now screamed out that he was cumming.

“Here it is baby boy. Take my juice up your sexy little butt.” he screamed, as he once more locked onto my neck and sucked hard with his mouth. As his body convulsed, I could almost feel each rope of cum fly up my ass. It felt so hot to feel his body tremble and shake while I clung to him as he came inside me. He spasmed at least a dozen times before releasing his grip on my legs and rolling off of me.

Laying next to him, I still trembled from the workout he just gave me. I reached down to touch my tender ass hole and felt it still gaping wide open with his slippery cum pouring out of it. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep as Mr. Steinberg jumped out of bed, still full of energy and went to the bathroom. I looked at the huge puddle of cum on my stomach, knowing that a lot of my own cum was stuck to his stomach, and I knew that this was still the most I had ever cum in my life.

I could have fallen asleep right there, but Mr. Steinberg was back in a flash in a pair of gym shorts with a towel over his neck looking down at me.

“Well Donnie, you were fantastic, everything I hoped you would be. You better get on back to your apartment cause I need to do my workout now.” he said.

I laughed to myself, “a workout”. I could hardly stand and he was ready for a workout now. 

“Yes sir, Mr. Steinberg, will this help me some on the rent?” I hesitantly asked, but needed to know.

“Son, I am going to deduct $100 from this months rent, and if you need help in the future, you just let me know, and I do hope you will need help.” he smiled at me.

I got dressed and stumbled to his front door, just wanting to sit or lie down at my own place til the trembling in my legs went away. Mr. Steinberg let me out and as soon as I walked across the complex to my unit and got inside, I collapsed on the couch. My legs felt weak and were still shaking. It wasn’t 2 minutes later there was a knock at my door.

The first thing that flashed through my mind was that Mr. Steinberg was at my door and wanted more. Spent and scared it was him, but almost hoping it was, I was kind of relieved to see Stephanie and Krissy standing there.

“Oooooh my fucking God! Have you seen your neck, it looks like you were eaten alive Donnie.” Krissy shrieked while Stephanie started laughing hysterically.

Confused, I grabbed my neck not really understanding what she was talking about, Krissy started pushing me towards my bathroom. Once in front of the mirror, I saw about 12 huge hickies all over my neck, both sides. Big, bright red love bites that looked like I had been mauled.

As Stephanie walked in behind her, she said, in between her laughing, “Don’t worry, they will go away in about a week. Now what I really want to know, is every little detail, but first, you gotta tell me, did you like it?”

“Yes, every little detail later sweetie, what we need to know right now, and I mean right now, did you like it Donie?” Krissy said.

I didn’t lie to them, I told them I loved it and even offered to single handedly cover the cost of our partying tonight while I told them in great detail exactly how this man may have changed my life. 

Secretly, in the back of my head, I planned to be short on my rent again, and often.

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