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Strings Attached

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She rolled lazily to her back, her hair falling gently across her forehead. Her toes gently brushed against the smoothness of the sheets as she relished the warmth and comfort of her bed. She suddenly felt the blood rush to her face as the memories of the previous night returned. It had started like so many other of “his” little adventures.

First there was the mysterious envelope with instructions and then the box. A small buzz of electricity passed through her body as the image of the contents of the box flashed across her mind.

First there was the fleece lined blindfold. Then there was the leather collar. Then came the wrist and ankle ties; soft and fur-lined, their touch alone caused erotic impulses to pass through her. All of the items were black and devilishly effective in stimulating erotic thoughts. She remembered the flutter in her stomach as she stared at the items. She didn’t want to admit it to herself, but she had been craving something more for some time… an intense sexual release that would shake her down to her toes. After opening the box she had smiled with a force that conveyed something more than curiosity. It was almost as if she were throwing down the gauntlet and challenging him back. Whatever he had in mind, she was not only going along, but she would surprise him with her own energy and passion. As she lay in bed, she felt her lower lip shunt slightly outward as she re-enacted the same defiant gesture she had performed the evening before.

She had been handed the envelope and instructed to open it. The smirk on his face had been the first indication that something was up. She had coyly asked, “What’s this?” but he had refused to answer, shrugging and simply telling her to open it and find out.

The envelope contained a nice card expressing his deep love for her, and as per usual, came with a series of instructions on steps she was to undertake. The first was to open the box he had hidden beneath the bathroom sink. That’s when her heart had started beating faster. After opening the box she was instructed to decide whether or not she wanted to take a shower. If she did shower, she was to shave off all her pubic hair, to the best of her ability. Whether she showered or not, she was to take off any remaining clothes and fasten the collar around her neck. Then she was to place the restraints on each wrist and ankle, leaving the extra strap material free to hang from each of the binds. Then she was to place the blindfold on and …


She opened the bathroom door and called out, “Okay, Dr. Kinky, I’m ready.”

She jumped as his fingers made immediate contact with her wrist. He had apparently been standing just outside the door. Her face betrayed her surprise and she cursed herself inwardly for already becoming reactive and not projecting a challenging attitude. He drew her from the bathroom and led her toward the living room. He stopped short of entering the living room, in the foyer like area of the house. She was puzzled as he instructed her to stand still in this location.

She heard him walk away back toward the bedroom. She felt a strange warmth coming from in front of her. It soothed her and felt good against her naked skin. She absentmindedly touched the wrist cuffs as she waited. “I am totally up to this,” she repeated over and over in her mind. She felt a small seed of warmth beginning to germinate between her legs. She squeezed them together in preparation for what was to come.

There was some rattling of wood and metal as he rummaged for various implements in the bedroom. She pondered what sort of plan he had in mind for her this time. She hoped inwardly that he would bring some of the toys she found so arousing. She was almost embarrassed as she thought about how stimulated she became by having her pussy and anus probed by fingers and various toys. “No,” she almost muttered aloud, “I won’t be embarrassed, I want it. I need something inside of me.” She felt the first hints of liquid begin to accumulate between her pussy lips. “He better fucking bring something,” she whispered to herself with determination. She felt the muscles between her legs begin to twitch with anticipation as she thought about what he might be bringing. There were the two steel butt plugs that seemed to enter her so easily. They stayed in place too, even during some of her most intense orgasms. Or there was the glass plug she had only experienced once before, and which seemed to almost have more of an effect on him when it had finally been sucked firmly into her ass. She could only begin to picture how the flat glass end looked pressed firmly against her asshole. She swallowed, the heat between her legs starting to permeate the rest of her body. She again felt the waves of warmth that seemed to flow from somewhere in front of her.

She blinked her eyes, but the blindfold did too good a job of blocking out everything. She was tempted to reach up and peek out of the blindfold to see what, if anything, he might have prepared for her. She was just beginning to lift the blindfold when she heard his footsteps approaching. She smiled, a defiant smile that said, “I’m ready, are you?”

“First we need to get you ‘situated’ properly,” he said, putting a bit of weight on the word ‘situated.’ She heard the sound of poles striking the hardwood floor and her brow furrowed in confusion as she tried to picture what he was doing.

“You look incredibly sexy,” he said as she felt his fingers gently grasp one of her nipples. Her mouth opened involuntarily and she drew in a breath. He pressed his lips against hers and drew her body against his, his fingers still firmly locked on one nipple. Their tongues touched briefly before he withdrew, rolling her nipple gently between his fingers.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned loud enough that he would know she was an active participant in his little game. The nipple that he had been manipulating hardened and she could feel the cool air against the stretching skin.

“Spread your legs,” he instructed softly.

She smiled and edged her feet about a foot apart as she heard him pick up something from the floor beside her.

“Wider,” he said firmly from below and in front of her.

She boldly spread her legs widely and wiggled her hips suggestively.

“Mmmm,” she heard him say softly as she felt a finger gently dragged down the crack of her ass. She felt her leg muscles tighten at first and she fought the urge to withdraw and instead pressed her ass back against the finger which had almost reached her nether core. The contact ended just prior to making contact with the sensitive lips of her pussy.

She drew a ragged breath as the touch of his finger was withdrawn. She felt a slight tug on her left ankle as something hard, wood perhaps, bumped against the back of her heel. There was a pause for several seconds as she felt the cuff around her ankle being tugged gently. Then his hand was on her right ankle.

“Move it just a little more outward,” he said with gentle pressure against her ankle. She complied and felt the cool air touching the newly formed wetness that had accumulated on her now exposed pussylips.

He continued to work as she felt something solid bump against the back of her right ankle.

“There,” he said, “put your legs together now.”

She wasn’t fooled by him and playfully tried to bring her left leg over to join her right, but as she suspected, he had tied her ankles to a wide spreader bar so that she could not bring them together. She felt the wood of the spreader bump against the back of both heels as she tried vainly to comply. His hands gripped her firmly at the waist so that she would not accidentally topple over.

“I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere,” he said sarcastically as he stood up, well aware she could see nothing and go nowhere.

She heard him walk away briefly. He returned and she heard what sounded like a chair being set down in front of her. She expected to be instructed to sit down, but the order was never uttered. Instead she heard some rustling above her head. Then she heard a thump on the floor as he apparently stepped down from the chair. She heard the rattle of wood as he picked up something from the pile he had deposited earlier. Then more rustling from above.

Finally she heard his voice from somewhere above her. “Give me your left hand,” he instructed. She lifted a hand and offered it to him. “The other left,” he said with a chuckle. She giggled as she lifted her other hand and offered it to him. He firmly lifted it above her head and she felt the cuff on her wrist tug upward as he tied it to something. She tried to picture where she was in the house and what he could be tying it to, but nothing came to her.

“Now your other hand,” he demanded. She complied and it too was lifted and tied above her head. He drew on the strap attached to the wrist cuff and her arm was drawn even further up and away from her body. She was pulled slightly forward and she bent at the waist to accommodate this. Her heavy breasts swung freely from her body. She felt heat in her breasts as the blood rushed to her engorging nipples.

She heard him step down and pull away the chair. There was a moment of silence.

“Probably the most erotic vision I’ve seen in a long, long time,” he said with a lustful tone.

She felt her body flush at his words. He moved to her side and she felt his breath against her cheek as he leaned in and whispered. “You are mine. I will touch wherever and however I want.” She felt his hand graze her buttocks before sliding gently up her back. His hand continued up her back, over the nape of her neck until suddenly his fist was full of her hair and her head was being slowly tilted back. “You are my horny little slut to play with,” he said in an almost demonic whisper. “I’ll bet you anything that that pussy of yours is already dripping wet.” She was almost too overwhelmed to react. She felt a trickle of fluid down her inner thigh.

“Now,” he said slowly and deliberately, “we get a little kinky.”

She noticed her breathing was becoming heavy. Her nipples were pointing outward like attentive soldiers, ready for action. She again opened her eyes, but there was nothing to see but the blackness of the blindfold.

He continued to hold her hair in his fist and she felt his lips begin to search for hers. She wantonly opened her mouth, her tongue reaching out in search of his. She felt his other hand cup her breast and she moaned loudly. Her ass and pussy openings fluttered as the muscles flexed involuntarily.

Their mouths locked as his hand pawed her breast, pinching the nipple firmly and drawing it away from her body. She drew an intense breath through her nose as their tongues entwined in anticipation of even more pleasurable acts to follow.

He gave her nipple one last good squeeze and twist before releasing it and she gasped, withdrawing her mouth from his persistent tongue. She was leaning with her full weight against the binds on her wrists, willing her breasts back into his manipulative fingers.

He pulled away and observed her panting. His hardened cock strained against the confines of his pants.

“Now we just take our time,” he said, sitting back in the chair and crossing his legs. “What shall we do?” He paused, rubbing his chin, although she couldn’t see it. “What shall we do?” he repeated as if in deep thought.

He simply watched as she swayed in her binds, testing the limits to which she could move. Usually he tied her up fairly loosely, almost to the point where she could free herself easily if she wanted to. But not tonight. Tonight she pulled firmly against the binds on her wrists and ankles and found little movement available. The thought of her true helplessness only added to her passion and she found her body vibrating against her ties.

She couldn’t know it, but he picked up a glass of wine he had poured earlier and sipped calmly as he took in the erotic sight of his naked wife, spread eagle before him.
Her breasts dangled, the nipples engorged with blood, the aureolas large and dark pink. The gentle curve of her full breasts as they hung freely below her outstretched arms was almost more erotic than he could stand. His cock thumped almost uncontrollably against his thigh, constrained by his pants. Let free it would have pointed skyward and throbbed against the air surrounding it, seeking any kind of friction in an attempt to satisfy its desperate need for release. But he knew that would come in time. And in the location, or perhaps ‘anatomy,’ of his choosing.

He set the wine down. He noticed that her breathing had stabilized. She almost looked like she was smirking at him. He chuckled lightly, the irony striking him as funny, given that she appeared more helpless than at any time in their previous lovemaking sessions.

This night would not be like any others. “Nope, not this time,” he said quietly.

Her head turned slightly, the smirk interrupted by a confused look, brought on by the words she thought she heard.

She heard him stand up. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to get a few ‘things,'” he emphasized the last word. He left for the bedroom.

Her mind was both blank and swirling. She was helpless… much more helpless than she’d ever been before. It was disconcerting, to a degree she had never experienced before. She tugged on the binds, but they didn’t yield. She felt the cool air against the wetness spreading surreptitiously out of her pussy, but there was still the unexplainable warmth striking her from in front.

“I’m not sure I’m up for this,” she pondered as the tug-of-war between her controlled persona fought desperately against the deeply guarded slut that wanted to yield entirely to her animal passions. Her thoughts turned just momentarily to a subject they had been discussing just a few nights previously; female ejaculation. She felt a flutter as she pictured her juices flowing freely from her pussy in her bound state. She felt herself wishing she had taken the time to read the book he had described to her, which provided instructions on how a woman could achieve female ejaculation through a G-spot orgasm.

Her thoughts were interrupted by his return. He once again leaned in and whispered into her ear. “We’re going to play a little game,” he explained. “It’s called ‘What’s the Right Answer.'”

He saw her smile.

“Don’t think you automatically know,” he warned. “Never ‘assume,'” he said, beginning to quote a silly saying they often used on each other. It usually ended with the words, “because by ‘assuming’ you make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me,'” but instead he said, “because if you assume, I’m just going to use the ‘ass’ of ‘u’ to satisfy ‘me.'” Her asshole spontaneously fluttered at his words. His right hand firmly gripped one of her asscheeks and pulled her ass open, exposing her twitching asshole to the open air.

She moaned involuntarily.

“Are you ready to play?” he asked with an aggressive tone.

She nodded meekly at first, but then more vigorously as she reminded herself to be more aggressive. She almost laughed aloud at the thought of being more aggressive when her entire body was bound helplessly. But she knew inside that a few subtle movements and moans could go a long way toward driving him nuts.

“In this game,” he began, “I ask you a question. If you get the answer right, you get one point. If you get the answer wrong, I get to do something with you. Any questions?”

She thought for a moment, then nodded emphatically.

“Yes, what?” he asked.

“What do I get for earning points?”

“Hmmm,” he said dismissively, rubbing his chin in a mock motion, “I hadn’t actually thought about that.”

She smiled, fully comprehending the evil purpose of his ‘game.’

“We’ll just have to figure that out as we go,” he said. “Are you ready to start?”

“Okay,” she said, preparing herself to have some fun with the whole scenario, although she was pretty sure that he would arrange it so that she was unable to correctly answer any of the questions.

“First question. What is my favorite color?”

She smiled, almost a smirk, as if the question were a complete setup. “Blue,” she said firmly.

“Wow!” he said, “you’re right. I guess you get a point. Well played!”

She smiled again.

“Well wait a minute,” he said, looking around as if trying to locate something. “I guess we’re going to have keep score. I hadn’t counted on this.”

She rolled her eyes beneath the blindfold.

He continued to look around as if searching for something to write on. “Wait,” he said suddenly, “I’ve got it.” He stood up and she heard the gentle rattle of a chain as he picked something up. “Here we go,” he said, “we’ll use this to keep score.” She automatically tried to open her eyes to see, but to no avail. Suddenly she felt his hand firmly gripping her left breast. He was squeezing the base of the breast, causing the nipple to stick out obtrusively. She drew in a breath as a small clip closed on the sensitive flesh surrounding the nipple, squeezing it to a point that bordered on pain, but caused flutters of excitement to course through her. Then her left breast was released and the same thing repeated with her right breast. She moaned as he released the right breast and both nipples were tugged downward by the weight of the small chain connecting them.

“Okay, you have one point,” he said, “so I’ll use one of these to show you have one point.” Then she felt a small tug on both nipples as he hung something of small weight on the chain.

“There, one for you. Ready for the next question?” he asked.

She nodded slowly, her body struggling just a little on the border of the mixed pain and pleasure emanating from her clipped nipples.

“What is your favorite color?”

She chuckled, but winced at the realization that this question would undoubtedly lead to another weight being placed on the chain and increasing the pressure on her nipples.

“Answer truthfully,” he reminded her. “I know the answer and believe me, you do NOT want to get caught cheating… no, definitely not.”

She pondered for a moment. It was such an obvious setup. She knew the answer he expected. But what would he do if she didn’t give it to him? The clips on her breasts were eliciting a tingling sensation that was already more pleasurable than painful. What would he do if she gave the wrong answer? Her mind raced with possibilities, most of them causing further arousal. But she decided for now that she’d go along and answer the question truthfully. Perhaps a little more tug wouldn’t really hurt that much.

“Purple,” she replied clearly.

“That’s right!” he said with mock astonishment. “You’re really good at this game. Well, I guess that means you have two points.”

She felt another tug on her nipples, but considerably more weight this time, and rolled her head back, trying to control the initial wave of pain. At the same time, she felt another breath of air touching her moistening pussylips.

“Okay, question number three,” he said with an excited tone. “You were married in what year?”

Her initial reaction was one of confusion. She had been married twice… in different years. Was this some kind of trick question? Was he making sure she couldn’t answer this one correctly? Which year was he looking for?

“C’mon,” he said encouragingly, “time’s running out,”

“Ahhhh…,” she mumbled, still trying to outsmart him.

“Ehhhhhhnnnntttt!” he said loudly, making the sound of a loud buzzer. “You’ve run out of time. Golly, and I thought that was an easy one… you had two correct answers to choose from for that question.”

She sighed in exasperation. She had overthought the whole thing. She should have simply answered with either year. She bit her lip in frustration.

“Well, well,” he said, “point to me. And I think I’ll take that point by doing a little ‘preparative work’.”

She wondered what he meant by ‘preparative.’ But she would soon find out as she heard him move behind her and felt his hands on her asscheeks, gently spreading them apart, exposing her sensitive asshole. She couldn’t help herself and she jutted her ass slightly back, causing her asscheeks to spread even further apart.

She felt the gentle probing of his tongue on her pulsing asshole and a moan escaped her lips. She felt him run his tongue around the tender opening and then cooed as his tongue gently penetrated into her anal opening. He fucked her with his tongue, only penetrating perhaps a quarter of an inch past the taut entrance. Then he swished his tongue from side to side inside her. Her body rocked with a pre-orgasmic shudder.

“I want this nice and wet… for whatever might come next,” he said, rising from behind her. He slipped a finger into the opening of her now sopping pussy and withdrew some of the fluid on his finger and spread it generously across her asshole.

She wanted desperately for him to insert his finger into her ass and she pressed back against his probing digit, trying to entice him to enter her. But he quickly removed his finger, much to her great frustration.

“Time for the next question,” he said.

She drew a deep breath, her body beginning to approach a steady heightened state of arousal.

He paused until they both noticed the silence. “Ready?” he asked gently.

She smiled and nodded.

“Okay. What is my favorite wine?”

“Wait! I know this one,” she stammered. “It’s the yellow label one. It’s something Crest, like the toothpaste. Oh! What is it?”

“Your answer please?”

“Wait! Wait! I’ll get this one. It’s… uh…. ah…,” the frustration was coming through in her voice. She began simply mumbling rapidly, “It’s available at Raley’s but not at Safeway… it costs $7.90 a bottle on sale, but ten something regularly. Ewwww… it’s on the tip of my tongue!!!”

He stood and gently whispered, “tick, tick, tick,” in her ear.

“Nooooo…aaaaaa… it’s from Washington!” she practically shouted.

She suddenly felt one of his hands clamp over her mouth, as the other firmly gripped her asscheek. “You’re not even close,” he whispered in the renewed silence, “so I’m going to just stop you.”

Her brow furrowed with confusion. “I am croshe,” she tried to say behind his fingers.

“Shhh… no more sound,” he instructed gently. She froze. “My absolute favorite wine doesn’t come from Washington at all, silly.” The furrows on her brow disappeared. She felt the hand on her ass begin to slide down further between her asscheeks. He removed his hand from her mouth and moved behind her. His hand continued downward, edging closer and closer to her pussy.

“The sweetest wine in the world comes from you,” he said as his middle finger dipped into her pussy and he swirled it around.

“Nnnnggggg,” she moaned as his finger stimulated the sensitive inner walls of her pussy.

He removed the finger from her pussy and raised it to his lips. He slid the slick finger into his mouth, savoring the sweetness of her nectar. “Mmmmm,” he said slurping on his finger so she could hear him. “You have to try this,” he said and his hand returned to her pussy, gathering more of her slickness on his finger.

She could do nothing to prevent him from sliding his finger in and out of her swollen pussy. The knowledge of her helplessness only added to her excitement. The inner slut was emerging and her muscles contracted involuntarily around his finger, trying to keep it inside of her.

He smiled as he felt her feeble attempt to trap his finger. Her pussy was too wet now to be able to hold his finger. He removed his glistening finger and raised it just in front of her nose and watched for her reaction. He saw her nose twitch and then her mouth opened slightly.

“You want it, don’t you?” he whispered. “Your pussy juices turn you on… especially when you’re forced to taste yourself. Go ahead,” he encouraged, “taste your pussy on my finger.”

She obediently opened her mouth and her tongue jutted out slightly. He allowed the finger to barely touch her tongue. She reacted immediately by extending her tongue and leaning forward against her binds so she could engulf his entire finger in her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as she sucked her juices in and her body shuddered at the thought of how wantonly wet she had become.

“You do like that, don’t you?” he commented with a grin as her tongue eagerly licked every drop of her wetness. “I sometimes wonder what kind of pussylicker you’d make… given your predisposition for the taste of pussy.” His other hand had returned to her ass and was lightly stroking her outer pussylips.

She began to speak with his finger still in her mouth, but the words were garbled.

“Wait, wait,” he instructed, withdrawing his finger from her mouth. “Don’t say anything.” He turned to his pile of ‘goodies’ beside him and smiled as he held up another toy.

“I won the last point and the fact you got to taste your own pussyjuice was more something reserved as a reward. So to mark my point, I’m going to use this.”

She froze, wondering what he was talking about. Was it some kind of whip or paddle that was suddenly going to strike? Her muscles tensed, unsure what to expect.

“You weren’t exactly the model of conciseness in your last answer were you?” he asked rhetorically. “I think I really appreciated the silence once you were done babbling… so,” he went on, “open your mouth.”

Her brow once again furrowed, but she opened her mouth. She felt the touch of something dry and rubbery against her tongue. Then it was drawn firmly into her mouth as she felt straps pulled around behind her head and fastened. He had gagged her!

“Mrrrrr… rrrr…nnnn… uuuhhh…nnnnnhhh…,” she stammered against the red rubber gag held firmly in place by the strap.

“Ahh, much better,” he said, stepping back to admire his work. “And no more of those rambling and senseless answers from you, I expect.” He felt his cock pounding in his pants at the sight of his wife so utterly helpless and at his mercy. He’d never used the gag on her… despite having obtained it many years prior. He watched for her reaction, not wanting to let the erotic excitement get drowned out by actual fear.

She was turning her head from side to side, testing the bonds holding the gag in place. It was not so large that it obstructed her breathing, but it certainly prevented any intelligible speech. Her initial shock and objections were passing and she felt the heat rising between her legs.

“Now back to our game,” he said, running a finger casually down from her armpit to her hips, another reminder that he could touch her wherever he wanted. “The next question is a geography question,”

Her head dropped forward as if in resignation. Geography was not one of her strong areas.

“Don’t worry,” he said in a comforting tone, “this won’t be too hard.” She couldn’t see the evil grin on his face.

He continued, “What is the capital of California?”

Her head popped up, knowing that she could answer this question.

“Aaa..kkk…,” she said, the gag blurring the word.

“What was that,” he asked.

Slower she repeated “Aaa..kkk…!”

“I’m sorry, but that doesn’t sound at all like the correct answer, which is ‘Ssssacramento,'” he stressed the ‘s’ sound, which she couldn’t make with the gag in her mouth.

“Nnnnnn!” she protested.

“My point,” he said curtly and reached for another item. Her head dropped again, but she also felt the small surge of wetness that came with the knowledge that he would be further stimulating her in one way or another.

He picked up a toy that they had only used one time before. It was a medium sized anal plug, but attached to the back of it was a collection of long thin rubber strands, almost like hair. It looked like a tail.

He leaned in and whispered to her. “You look pretty happy all tied up like this. But now that I’ve gagged you, I just can’t be sure, so I want to give you a way to let me know.”

She felt sure he would be removing the gag, but instead she felt him standing beside her as one of his hands began to pry her asscheeks further apart. “Stick your ass out more,” he instructed. “I’m going to lube up your asshole.”

The words sent a shiver through her and she quickly complied with his demand. She felt the cool liquid of the lubricant as it landed just above her asshole and began to drip slowly down over the sensitive opening. He rubbed the lubricant generously over her ass, his finger dipping in several times just slightly to test inside. “Open your asshole so I can make sure there’s plenty of wetness inside,” he said. She smiled as she pressed down with her anal muscles, trying to relax the opening to her ass to allow it to open wider. She’d seen movies of women who could easily cause their assholes to open almost an inch wide and she flushed with the thought of being able to do this.

“Good girl,” she heard him say as she felt the lube swirling once again around her ass, this time it felt slightly different, like some had gotten inside. She drew in a breath.

He removed his fingers from her ass and picked up the buttplug. He held it up and generously squirted a large dollop of lube over the bulbous end. He coated the black probe with slickness and set the lube bottle down.

“Relax, I’m going to put a plug in your ass,” he explained to her.

She smiled inwardly. She loved getting things shoved in her ass. It felt soooo good. Over the years they’d probably used a dozen different toys in her ass and each one had contributed to making her more horny. Some had even led to direct orgasm. She just wondered how large this particular plug was. She felt the initial contact as he pressed the tip of the plug against her pulsing asshole.

He was always amazed by how sensitive her asshole was to the slightest touch. Her asshole gapped open momentarily, then involuntarily shut down tight against the intruding rubber of the plug.

“You know you want this plug in your ass, so just relax and let me slide it in,” he coaxed her, running his other hand gently under her stomach and over her pussy mound. He used his fingers to spread her lips wide apart, deliberately exposing her clit and eliciting a muffled moan of pleasure.

She threw her head back and he felt her beginning to press back against the plug. She did want the plug and was quickly losing her inhibitions. The plug was not small and although it slid easily in at first, she paused as the thickest part of the plug began to stretch her anal opening. But the pause was only momentary and he held the plug still against her ass as she prepared to take the entire plug inside her.

He looked at her face and saw her draw a deep breath as a small string of saliva began to trail from the red rubber gag. She was breathing hard, her back arched strongly as she pressed back once again on the plug in his hand. He smiled and helped work the plug into her ass. It was suddenly sucked firmly against her ass as she accepted the largest portion of the plug inside of her. He heard her gasp and watched as the plug danced in front of him as her anal opening flexed uncontrollably in response to the stimulus of the probe.

The dangling tail danced before him as well and he heard her utter a guttural moan. He casually swatted the ‘tail’ so she would feel the contact of the rubber ‘hairs’ against the inside of her thighs as well as the swinging weight of the tail against her ass. It only encouraged further gyrations of her hips.

“You now have a tail,” he said, rising and moving in front of her. “I put the black buttplug with the tail in your ass. You can use it to show me that you like something. Just wag your tail if you’re enjoying it.”

He saw the corners of her lips curl up as she swayed her ass back and forth, feeling the ‘hairs’ of the plug striking against the inside of her legs.

“No orgasmic dances however,” he commented, noting how her breathing was getting deeper as she continued to swing her ass from side to side, savoring the sensation of the plug buried within her.

He couldn’t help himself and knelt before her and allowed his tongue to graze her captive nipple. Her body vibrated and she uttered a stifled moan behind the gag. His finger brushed her swollen clit and her hips jerked, causing the tail to sway even more, driving even more sensations through the buttplug.

He heard her breathing become jerky as more saliva poured from her mouth and dripped down her chest.

“My, my,” he said, pulling away from her slightly. “Methinks thou art about as fucking horny as I’ve seen you. Kind of like this helpless little slut routine, do we?” he said, using words that drove her closer to the edge. “Maybe a little more helpless fucking is what you need.” He rarely used the word ‘fuck’ and hearing him emphasize it here let her know just how aroused he had become. She was glad that she was not the only one becoming so aroused. He roughly placed his palm against the front of her pussy mound and curled one finger up into the opening of her pussy. He pressed his palm firmly against her clit as his fingertip danced lightly against the now ultra-sensitive opening of her pussy.

“Ahhhh, ahhhh!!!” she almost yelled from behind the gag, her hips vibrating, her knees shaking uncontrollably.

Just as quickly he removed his hand.

“Nnnnnnnnn!!!” she protested loudly and was left humping the air, searching vainly for something to press against her swollen clit and pulsating vagina.

She heard the electronic click of a camera and knew that he was photographing her in this fully naked, bound, and dripping state of arousal. The thought of being captured in such a wanton position drove her erotic feelings even higher and she pressed her ass back, opening herself wider, causing her to feel the cool sensation of the air on her soaked pussy. She mustered her courage and began to sway her hips from side to side in a wanton dance that caused the buttplug to swing back and forth between her legs.

“Ah… ha!” he responded. “You like it?”

She smiled against the gag, regaining her composure, and tried to imitate a whinnying sound like a horse might make.

He laughed. She heard him snap a few more pictures from different angles before returning to her side.

“I wish I’d thought to bring a big black stallion to mount you,” he said jokingly, “but I guess that will have to wait for next time.” He paused momentarily then added, “I’ll put that on the ‘to do’ list… let’s see,” he mocked picking up a tablet and writing, “tied up helplessly and fucked by huge black stud.” He watched as her body reacted to the image he had just created in her mind. Her hips once again began to tremble and the buttplug danced as her breathing increased.

“But now…,” he said, gently breaking the spell. “It’s time for the next question.” Her head dropped in resignation, her body still poised near the edge of orgasm, but unable to obtain the necessary contact to push her over the brink. Her entire body shuddered in frustration.

“Here’s the question… when the Bolshevik revolution occurred in Russia, the ruling governmental party prior to the revolution was known as what?”

She simply shook her head from side to side in resignation. She had no idea what the correct answer was.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “you have no answer to the question?”

She nodded slowly.

“Damnit,” he said, “you’re right! It was a trick question and there is no answer. It was a monarchy.”

He saw her smile against the confines of the gag.

“Hmmm,” he said, pondering the situation. “I don’t have anything else to hang on your nipple chain. I suppose I’ll just have to subtract one of my points.” He grabbed the ‘tail’ of the butt plug and began to tug.

Her head instantly flew back as the sensations against her nether opening drove her again close to the edge.

“I’m going to pull this plug out,” he said, “ready?”

She nodded slowly, preparing for the onslaught of sensations that were bound to follow.

He gently tugged on the tail, causing her anus to open and close rapidly as the pressure from the emerging plug increased. He pulled tautly and saw her anal opening spread as the breadth of the plug stretched it widely. He didn’t rush it, and savored the view of her sensitive opening being stretched.

He felt her ass muscles fighting desperately to keep the plug in and once he even lost his grip and watched as the plug was immediately sucked back firmly into her ass and she moaned. But her head rose once again as he gripped the tail and pulled firmly until the plug began to emerge from her anus. He applied a continuous pressure and she tried vainly to stretch her ass back to keep the plug in, but it popped unceremoniously out and he heard her suck in a breath as her hips began to dance uncontrollably before him. Her hips tremored for a good ten seconds before the spasms finally subsided and she once again resumed her ragged breathing.

“Good girl,” he said, patting her gently on one trembling buttcheek. Now the scoring is correct. “Time for the next question.”

He placed the buttplug aside and leaned in once again. “The next question is… in order to create the most representative genomic library of southern DNA fragments, how many different six cutter enzymes should be employed?”

He saw her head immediately drop and her head shake as she realized she could barely understand the question, much less know the answer.

“This one is a bit tough,” he admitted. “But you know what they say… all’s fair in love and bondage.”

“No answer?” he asked jokingly. She shook her head in acquiescence.

“I could tell you the answer, but I don’t think you’d understand it anyway, so we’ll just say that I win this point.” He bent down and picked up another item. “And because you seemed so fond of having that plug in your ass, I think we’ll put something else in there for now.”

He saw her imperceptively nod. He took a ¼ inch wide, 6-inch long smooth stainless steel anal hook he had purchased from an online bondage website and liberally applied lube to the end to be inserted into her ass. There was a metal loop on the top end of the hook and he had previously tied a length of rope to the hook. He took the lubricated piece of steel and pressed the tip against her asshole, which quickly yielded and allowed entry. The smooth steel was slightly cold to the touch and slid easily into the already well-lubed opening of her ass. He pressed the cool steel up against the crack of her ass, causing the tip of the hook to insert itself further into her anus. Because the width of the hook was much smaller than the buttplug she had just accommodated, the hook caused fewer sensations and she found it easy not to lose control as it slid deeper within her.

He took the rope attached to the top of the hook and looped it through a ring in the center of the piece of wood that he had used as a spreader bar to bind her arms over her head. He fed the rope through the metal loop and began to pull it taut. It caused the hook to ride up further in her ass and she reacted by arching her back, causing her tits to jut out seductively from her chest. He increased the tension, causing the steel to press firmly into her buttcrack while the point penetrated even deeper. He saw her fighting to maintain composure and decided not to do anything tricky to cause her to temporarily lose that control. He tied the rope off and stepped back.

Her head was thrown back, her back arched almost obscenely, revealing the taut rope that ran from the hook in her ass to the wooden rod which bound her wrists above her head. The chain connecting the clips on her nipples swung gently as small rivulets of saliva ran down the sides of her cheeks. But her eyes were prevented from taking in any of this by the blindfold that covered them.

She began to rock her hips forward and back, causing the rope on the plug to almost fuck her ass with the hook while the chain connecting her nipples continued to swing back and forth, tugging on her erect nipples. The sensations were all overwhelming her senses and she prayed for erotic release.

She heard him taking pictures from every angle and her gyrations became more urgent, her body trembling on the very edge of orgasm, but the aggravation from not being able to touch herself or rub herself on anything solid was so frustrating.

He stepped back and simply took in the sight of his beautiful wife, aroused and helpless before him. His cock strained more than ever for release and he felt wetness in his pants as his cock dripped precum down his thigh.

He used his fingers to very lightly touch her in a number of areas, leading only to more frustration on her part as he neglected her clit and pussy. Then he took the rope leading from the asshook and pulled on it sharply, causing her body to enter into small convulsions of pleasure.

He again stepped back and watched as her body writhed in frustrated agony. He leaned in and allowed his tongue to gently lick the lobe of her ear. He whispered, “Does my little slut need to cum?”

“Nnnnnggggggg!!!” she moaned against the gag, her head bobbing up and down emphatically.

“But what about the game?” he asked slowly, knowing the words would only add to her frustration.

She turned her head to face him and with the greatest constraint attempted to express one thought. “Uck u gam!!!!”

“Fuck the game?” he asked with a smile.

She nodded and returned her blocked gaze forward, more saliva dripping down and landing on her tits.

“Don’t you perhaps mean, ‘fuck me’ instead?” he quipped.

She responded by rocking her body back and forth, nodding her head emphatically, trying desperately to drive her body over the brink of orgasm, but there just wasn’t enough contact with her clit or her pussy to achieve full satisfaction.

“Easy now,” he said, pulling the chair up in front of her and sitting down. He placed his hands on her waist and gently restricted her back and forth movement. “Here’s the deal,” he began and lifted the blindfold momentarily and placed it on her forehead. She blinked several times and then her eyes fixed on him seated casually before her. He crossed his arms and sat back. His face looked stern and confident.

“Here’s the deal,” he repeated. “I control your orgasm. And the sooner you resign yourself to that, the more satisfaction I think you’ll take away from all this.”

He saw her draw a deep breath in an attempt to relax. He stared into her eyes and felt the same flash of passion he had felt some 25 years earlier when they had first met. He smiled. Then he continued…

“Instead of fighting for immediate gratification, use the opportunity to delve into your senses. Focus on the sensations that are flowing throughout your body. Discover new ones that you haven’t experienced before. I’ve taken all responsibility for your pleasure away from you. You don’t have to think about ‘what to do next’, ‘what would feel good?’, ‘should I touch him?’, ‘should I touch myself?’ None of that matters. I’m in control of all that. You’re just along for the ride. It’s an erotic roller coaster… lots of ups, downs, and curves.” He leaned forward and gently stroked the underside of one of her swaying breasts. Her eyes closed at his touch. “I personally love this particular curve a whole lot.” He saw her eyes smile. “Just experience the joy of the ride,” he continued, “your arms are already stretched up in fact… so go all the way with it. Release yourself to me… no inhibitions, no fears, total submission.”

“We’re gonna slow things down a little now… I’m going to touch you in certain places and I want you to just ‘feel the touch.’ Experience the sensation, the emotion, the smells, the taste, the sound. I hope we find erogenous zones that neither one of us ever knew existed. I may tie you up even more, restricting your movement further, or maybe just isolate certain parts of you so you can focus on the constant stimulation emanating from that part of you.”

“I’m going to touch and stroke your pussy in ways that I never have before. I’m exploring too… I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. Some kind of combination of relaxation, excitement, passion, maybe a little pain, but not for the sake of pain… it’s the best contrasting element for the pleasure. I relish the feeling that I can bring you pleasure… it is probably one of the greatest joys I know. So yes, this is for me too. I want to share this little adventure with you. It’s another piece in the “Full Life Experience”… another area to explore and expand upon in our love for one another.

“I’m getting downright teacher-like now, aren’t I?” he said as he stood, moving around behind her. She closed her eyes and jutted her ass out invitingly.

“Gonna play ball?” he asked as his hand gently cupped one of her asscheeks.

“Uh-huh” she managed to communicate.

“Good,” he said, “then let the adventure truly begin…”

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