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Movie Rental

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My wife and I were still in love after all our 20 years of marriage but as with most couples some of the spark had slowly dropped from the relationship, especially in the sex department. Now that might not be too bad if she’d been a nympho at the start but she’d always been a lot more reserved than I was. She certainly wasn’t a prude – we’d had sex in every room in the house, in the yard, on the beach, in the car and a whole bunch more places but it was always ‘normal’ sex.

If she got really tipsy (which wasn’t often) she’d let me go down on her and sometimes even reciprocate and go down on me. Anal wasn’t even an option to be discussed – I’d been cut off for almost a month early in the relationship just for trying to finger her ass and there was no way she’d consider watching porn. On the other hand, I loved oral, anal, porn and pretty much anything else to do with sex but I did love her and for that reason had never strayed even though the opportunity had come up a few times. The good news was that she travelled a fair bit for work and now that our son was away at college, that meant I had the house to myself a few times a month so I’d rent a couple of good porn flics, grab a few beers and some Kleenex and settle in for an evening of self pleasure.

The staff at the nearby XXX store knew me and we’d often chat about the latest movies, what rentals were hot and which ones weren’t – sometimes they’d even throw in a free rental for me to ‘review’ and let them know what I thought. If it was one of the girls, I’d flirt a bit but never enough to be annoying the way some of the customers did. The one I enjoyed flirting with the most was Sue, she was closest to my age, good looking with small but perky breasts and a nice rounded firm ass. If it wasn’t busy we’d chat for a while – she was married as well and as she put it, “working in a xxx video store is the only way I’ll get close to enough sex” because she got to watch or borrow whatever movies she wanted. I usually rented amateur videos because I liked the realism of them but occasionally would rent a hardcore one if my mood was right. Sometimes we’d talk about the movies, and I’d usually ask her something like, “so, would you do that?” and her usual reply was either, “already have!” or “with the right guy”. We both enjoyed the banter and more than once I’d end up whacking off at home thinking about doing what I’d seen in the movie with her.

One particular time my wife was gone for the whole week which meant lots of rentals for me & it just happened to be a week that they got a new load of movies in. I’d just returned a couple of harder core ones – “Red cheeked schoolgirls” – a spanking video and “Tied and teased” about a woman who tied up her lovers. When the usual “would you do that?” question came up, she said she’d done one and often masturbated thinking about the other but wouldn’t tell me which was which. I grabbed a couple more movies while trying to keep my hardon from being noticed (I don’t think I succeeded but she was polite enough not to mention it) and headed home.

When I put the first one in, it took me until the end of the first scene to realize it wasn’t the movie I’d rented – I’d picked one that was all men giving a huge facial to the woman but instead the girl rode him like a horse until he came and then moved up and lowered her freshly filled pussy to his face. I’d never seen anything like it in a movie and rewound and played it several times to see if I could see a cut in the sequence but it looked like one continuous shot from his cumming to licking her cum dripping pussy. My mind kept telling me it was gross but my cock wasn’t listening; it was hard as a rock. I watched the rest of the movie (several times) and it was pretty much the same theme – guy cums in girl, guy eats girl. Sometimes she’d squat over his face, sometimes he’d go down on her & sometimes they’d 69 but every time you could clearly see the cum oozing from her pussy as she got cleaned up. The loads (yup, that’s plural) I shot that night were bigger and harder than I could remember for a lot of years but I knew that there was no way I’d ever experience it with my wife. The next day I thought about it but couldn’t make up my mind if the wrong movie was accidental or done intentionally by Sue.

When I took the movies back the next night, Sue was working so I decided to have some fun. I threw the movie down on the counter in front of her and said, “This isn’t the movie I rented and worse than that it’s disgusting.” I’d been keeping my eye on her face the whole time and was pretty sure by the look on her face that it had been intentional to see what I’d do. In the same tone of voice I continued, “is this the kind of thing that you’d like to do?” She was still recovering from my first blast and it took a second before she could process what I’d just said. Slowly the look of shock on her face was replaced with one of confusion and when she saw me starting to smile she realized she’d been tricked too and instantly the smile came back.

“You bastard, I thought I’d made a big mistake and gone too far. Oh well, I guess I deserved it.”

“You still haven’t answered my question – would you do that?”

For the first time since I met her, she was actually blushing as she said, “I’d never thought of it until I saw that movie but since then I’ve masturbated to the thought every chance I get.

“Do you have any more like it for rent?”

“Not really, there’s another one in but it’s not available for rental yet – only for employee preview.”

Thankfully I was looking at her while she was talking (instead of trying to look down her top like I usually did) or I would have missed her wink. “That’s ok, are employees allowed to preview movies with other people and if so, could I preview it with you?”

“There’s nothing in our job description that says we can’t – but you can’t come to my place, my husband’s out for his usual overnight poker game which means he won’t be back until about late tomorrow morning but there’s just too many eyes and loose lips around.”

Now I was really happy that we’d sold our house a few years back and moved just outside the city! In the back of my mind, I knew where this was likely going but I asked her to come to my place after she closed shop and she agreed. I was as nervous as a teenager on his first date – watching the clock, checking my breath, re-arranging the cushions until I finally heard a car pull into the driveway. I greeted her with a hug that was definitely more than friendly and was quite happy to feel her press back against me. She’d obviously changed from her work clothes because she was in a knee length skirt, a loose peasant top and judging by the prominence of her nipples – no bra. We went down to the rec room and relaxed on the couch with a couple of drinks before starting the movie. She curled up with me on the couch and I fired up the DVD. Just knowing what was coming was enough to make me hard and the action on the screen just enforced it. From the lighting and video quality, it was definitely an amateur production but she was really hot with a shaved pussy and even though they were big, her boobs looked real. The guy was no slouch either and when his pants hit the floor; he was sporting a hardon that was at least a couple of inches longer than my 7″.

As the scene played out, there was lots of touching, kissing as well as the expected licking and sucking instead of just mounting her and fucking away. In between all the erotic contact, they were talking about their fantasies. She’d thought of lesbian sex, he’d thought of being fucked by a woman with a strap-on, she’d wanted to be fucked by two guys at once and both of them fantasized about mild bondage & spanking. She suggested that if he’d let her tie him up and have sex with him then he could spank her. By now, our hands were also busy touching and feeling each other and I’d just found out that I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t wearing any underwear and her pussy was totally clean shaven (another fantasy that I’d been told wouldn’t happen). Now this was sure as hell getting me harder but the movie didn’t seem like what I was expecting. When I turned and asked her if she’d given me the wrong movie, she whispered, “be patient” and then our lips met with the longest, slowest, hottest kiss that I could remember.

As we turned back to the movie, he was tied spread-eagle on the bed and she spent the next 5 or 10 minutes touching, licking and kissing pretty much every part of his body that she could, even putting 1 and then 2 fingers up his ass which he really seemed to like. I’d been sliding my fingers in and out of Sue while she stroked my cock in time to the stroking on the screen and I was quickly becoming thankful that I’d jacked off before she got there or I wouldn’t have been able to hold back. She wasn’t holding back and judging from the wetness and the clenching she’d already cum at least twice. Finally the action on the screen progressed as she mounted him and started fucking him slowly but forcefully. He was large enough that you could see her shaven pussy lips being drawn out as she raised herself up off of him. It was very gradual but her speed kept increasing until she was going as fast as she could and I thought he looked like he was getting pretty close to cumming & I was right. His face contorted and his hips started jerking up and down as he filled her with his cum.

“There was one more fantasy I didn’t tell you about.” she said to him as she slid her hand between them, covered her pussy and raised up off of his deflating cock. The camera caught the shocked look in his eyes as her pussy came closer and closer to his face before settling down on his mouth. He didn’t have much choice but didn’t seem to be fighting it too hard either and even as his tongue stretched out to meet her lips, the first few drops of cum dripped into his mouth. A few drops became a glob and the glob became a stream until her sex was mashed against his mouth. She rode his face for a few more minutes, the whole time telling him to keep licking & cleaning her up. When she was satisfied he’d gotten all he could, she moved back down and the camera caught his shiny face streaked with the mix of their cum. slowly but surely her tongue came out and cleaned him off just as he’d cleaned her.

When the scene ended, Sue took the remote and stopped the video as she turned to me for another kiss. When our lips finally parted she said, “I lied to you a few nights ago.” While my mind was reeling trying to remember what we’d said, she continued, “I’ve never spanked, been spanked or tied up a guy – but I do get really hot thinking about it.”

I don’t think I could have gotten any harder at this point but my cock definitely jumped a few times as I processed this new info. “Well, not only did you give me the wrong movie last time, you never even apologized for it.” As I said it, I was cupping one breast and could feel her nipple harden instantly.

With a sexy gleam in her eye, she looked up at me and said, “I’m sorry!”

“Well, it’s not only too late, but you don’t sound like you really mean it. Come here young lady and get across my lap.” As she assumed the position I couldn’t help but think that this was yet another thing my wife would never do. I’d brought it up in playful bedtime conversation but her reply was anything but playful and the word ‘divorce’ came up a couple of times. I reached for the remote and clicked on ‘play’ and as the guy in the video began spanking the girls ass, I looked down and the sight of Sue’s skirt covered ass quickly brought me back to the task at hand. I’d never spanked anyone before so I figured I’d start softly and work up – even so, the first smack seemed to echo in the basement followed immediately by a sharp intake of breath from Sue. We could both hear the sound of slaps and the occasional moan from the screen as I gave her ass a few more swats, slowly increasing the force but making sure to constantly change location and speed so she wouldn’t know where or when the next one was going to land. As the swats got harder, she became more vocal sometimes moaning or sometimes a quick gasp. After about 25 strokes I noticed that the girl on the screen now had her bare ass exposed to his hand so I stopped and asked her if she was going to be more careful with the movies she gave to customers and got a very quick “yes!”

When she started to get up, I told her I wasn’t done yet – that had just been for the movie error, she still hadn’t been punished for lying to me and before she could settle back down, I quickly pulled her skirt up above her waist exposing two very pink ass cheeks. Just as she started to protest, my hand came down for the first time on bare skin and both the sound and her intake were noticeably louder than before. It didn’t take long for her cheeks to go from pink to red and I’d randomly reach between her legs and tease her pussy for a few seconds before continuing with the spanking. She was definitely into it and I wondered if I could make her cum so after about 20 more swats I slid a finger into her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. That was all it took for an explosive orgasm and almost immediately I could feel her hot juices soaking through my pants. “Now you’ve gone and gotten my pants wet,” I said, “but that can wait for another time.” Gently I pulled her up to me and when I saw the tears on her face I realized I’d been spanking her harder than I thought. When I started to apologize, she stopped me and said it was everything she’d hoped for and definitely didn’t want it to be the last time she was spanked and then added with a smile that she didn’t want the next one to be too soon either. As I pulled her to me, our lips met again and tongues were soon dancing together.

I’d temporarily forgotten about the rest of our plans until she said, “I think we should go to the bedroom now.” Instantly visions of being tied to the bed flashed through my mind as we headed upstairs. I went to the closet and got out some of my old ties and when I turned around, Sue had already removed the rest of her clothing. When I started taking mine off she stopped me saying that she wanted to do it. Once we were both naked, I started to lay back on the bed but again she stopped me, telling me to kneel on the bed first.

As I knelt there wondering what she was planning I heard her say very slowly in almost in a whisper, “remember, I also said I’ve never spanked!” and as the word “spanked” came out I felt the sting of her hand across my ass. The first few strokes weren’t too bad and then I could feel the heat building until my whole ass felt like it was on fire. I’d never really been interested in being on the receiving end and just as I was wondering why Sue had gotten off on it the feeling started to spread from my ass to my cock which surprisingly was still hard as a rock. Pleasure and pain started to blend together until I heard myself moaning, “yes, yes, yes” each time her hand met my ass. Like her, I think I could have cum if she’d kept going but instead she stopped and rolled me over.

When my ass met the bedspread it stung so much that I actually arched up away from it before settling back down. It wasn’t long before Sue had me tied hand and foot to the bed and straddled my hips, slowly lowering herself down onto my cock. I’m sure it wasn’t long but it felt like forever before our pubes were touching and then she started rising up just as slowly. It was a good thing she was taking her time because I knew I was way too horny for this to be a long session.

Slowly but surely she sped up and it wasn’t long before I knew that I’d be cumming soon so I told her to slow back down again. Not only did she slow down, she stopped and she raised all the way off of me. I was prepared for her to thrust back down again but instead she moved up until she was straddling my face and lowered her soaking pussy to my mouth. “Here, taste me now because the next time you taste me you’ll be tasting both our cums together.”

I love eating pussy and I love a shaved pussy so the combination of the two is almost perfection. No hair got in my way as I licked, nibbled and sucked on her pussy. Being tied to the bed, I wasn’t really able to move from her clit to her slit easily but she quickly got into moving exactly where she wanted my tongue to go, occasionally moving up high enough that I was able to flick my tongue across her backdoor before she shifted back again. It wasn’t long before I could feel little contractions on my tongue and lips, each one stronger and quicker than the one before until finally she pretty much collapsed on my face and came with a wild moan and a gush of pussy juices. She stayed right where she was for a few seconds until she regained muscle control and then she slowly moved back down and guided my cock back into her hot, wetness. As I re-entered her, she leant forward and alternated between kissing me and licking her juices off my face. Just before sitting back up, she whispered in my ear “and the next time I do that I’ll be tasting both our cums together”

I did my best to hold back and did a fairly good job of it but eventually the feeling of cumming was building again except this time when I told her she should slow down she sped up instead. The sound of our wet bodies slapping together, her boobs bouncing beautifully with rock hard nipples and the feeling of her pussy sliding up and down my shaft was too much and all I could get out was “I’m cu” before she felt the first of many jets of my cum hitting the walls of her pussy. After the first couple of pulses of cum hit, she had another immense orgasm and sank down all the way onto me as I kept cumming. We lay there for a few minutes until we could both feel me softening and starting to slip out of her. “Oops, don’t want to waste any,” she said as she slid her hand in between us trapping my cum where it was.

Here was the moment we’d both been waiting for and all of a sudden I wasn’t sure I really wanted to do it — in fact if I hadn’t been tied to the bed I likely wouldn’t have. As it was, there wasn’t much choice in the matter as her hand covered pussy got closer and closer to my face. As she got closer I could actually smell the difference from the last time she sat on my face but didn’t have a lot of time to think about it because all I could focus on was her hand moving out of the way. She held herself about 6″ above my face and let the first drops of cum dribble out and just like in the movie they quickly turned into a small stream. I guess I could have kept my mouth closed but now that it was happening I wanted to find out what it would be like so I opened wide. I knew I’d cum a lot and as the first bit of our cum fell into my mouth I realized I was going to find out first hand just how much I had filled her with. As she lowered her cummy pussy to my mouth I heard her say, “you don’t know how erotic it is to see our cum dripping down into your mouth.”

I would have told her I agreed with her but there were a couple of problems — one was that her pussy was right on my mouth and the other was the volume of cum that was oozing from her, both making speech impossible. I was a bit hesitant at first but the taste wasn’t all that bad. Like most guys, I’d tasted my own cum from a finger after jacking off and can’t say that I cared for it but the combination of her juices and mine were totally different and not bad tasting. The whole time I was cleaning her up I could hear her above me encouraging me to keep going, to lick and suck on her pussy and to get as much out of her as I could. Just as I thought things were slowing down and she was pretty much empty, I could feel her pussy start to contract again as she said, “Oh my God this is fucking incredible” and I felt a whole new gush of our juices fill my mouth.

After she’d recovered a bit from her latest orgasm, she leant forward and as promised started licking our juices from my face. When she had my face clean, she leant forward, kissed me and got a surprise of her own — I hadn’t swallowed the last mouthful of our cum and as her tongue parted my lips I forced most of it up into her mouth. I wasn’t sure how she’d react but figured fair was fair and after her initial shock passed, she licked her lips, swallowed and came right back down for more. She finally untied me and we curled up together but the knowledge that she had to get back home kept us from falling asleep.

We’ve gotten together many, many times since then and explored pretty much all our fantasies — she’s licked and fucked my ass just as I’ve done hers, we role play, mild bondage, spanking and of course — still loving those creampies! I’ve got a wife that I still love and a lover that is everything my wife isn’t. The last time we were together we were joking that we should figure out a way for my wife to meet her husband and maybe they’d hit it off. We laughed at the thought for a bit and then looked at each other with a “I wonder if that would work” kind of look. Who knows — maybe we’ll try it sometime and see what happens!

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