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Picture Perfect

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Anna had worked at the photo processing lab for nearly two years. Rich had been her favorite customer since day one.

Rich was an amateur sports photographer and he was still learning the ins and outs of photography. He and Anna shared photography tips and techniques, he taught her about lenses and cameras, she taught him about color and composition. Despite the drastic difference in their ages, their personalities clicked from the beginning and they became friends of sorts.

In the past few days, Rich had acquired an overwhelming amount of orders and he asked Anna if she’d like to work with him for a couple of games. Anna liked Rich’s company and could certainly use the cash, so she accepted.

It was quarter till six and Anna stood in the small bathroom of the photo lab, inspecting herself in the mirror. She had pinned her long hair up for the work day and she let it down now, brushing it smooth. As she looked down over her body, checking her clothing for chemical spots and stains, she was modestly pleased with what she saw, not that she would ever admit it to anyone. She knew her faults- her body was small and lacked sensual curves, her breasts nicely formed but small. She liked her face though; she had pretty green eyes and a nice smile. Her skin was fair, her hair long and dark. She tossed her hair behind her shoulders and sighed at her reflection, moderately satisfied.

When she returned to the lab, Rich was already there, ten minutes early. The other photo girls joked with him – he was a regular and a popular one at that. When Anna finished up, she shrugged out of her lab coat and unclipped her name tag.

“You know, the girls and I were discussing having a name tag made for you, you’re here so often.” Anna said, with a grin.

“I could use one… the other day a lady mistook me for an employee, asked me where the 400 speed film was.” Rich said.

“Did you send her to an employee?”

“Of course not. I showed her where it was. And I’m expecting a pay check for it.” Rich laughed.

Anna laughed and punched his shoulder in a comfortable, friendly way. He asked if she was ready to go, and they headed out to his truck together. Pulling herself up into the big truck, Anna considered what this situation would look like to the strangers across the street. She was willing to bet anyone watching would think she was being picked up by her father. Anna was nineteen, but her friends picked on her, saying she could still order from the kids menu – no one would guess she was more than fourteen. Rich, on the other hand, was probably in his later mid to later forties. He was a good-looking man, in his own way. He didn’t have a movie star body or the chiseled features of a male model, but he had his own silly charm. He was tall with a fairly average build, not too muscular but not fat by anyone’s description. He had dirty blond hair and happy, hazel eyes. He wore a nice smile perpetually and framed it with a shaggy but short goatee. He liked to fish in his spare time and his skin glowed with the healthy tan of an outdoorsy type of man. They chatted on their way to the local high school, where they’d be shooting a basket ball game. Afterwards, they planned to go the Rich’s house. Anna, being part of the younger generation, knew a lot more about newer technology than Rich did and she was going to give him a crash course in Photoshop when they finished at the game.

Anna had been nervous about the action shots. She was pretty talented when it came to portraiture and prided herself in her shots from weddings, but she had never attempted to capture the action that Rich did. She was relieved to find it easier than she thought it would be, and excited to get to Rich’s place to put the nights work up on the computer monitor so they could do the necessary editing and discuss their results.

On their way to his house, they talked about the most exciting points in the game, points scored, good shots captured. They expressed hope that their pictures would sell, laughed and joked about that crazy mom wearing a hand-painted tee shirt, holding a sign supporting number thirteen. Rich didn’t live far from the school, so it was a short ride.

“Nice place” Anna said, stepping down out of the truck when they arrived.

“Thanks… I like it,” Rich replied, “close to the river. Its just down back of the yard, if you can see it there.”

“Yeah, I see it. You’ll have to take me fishing down there sometime. I’ve never been in a boat.” Anna said, as Rich opened the garage door for her.

Anna saw now why they hadn’t pulled the truck into the garage. Rich had set it up as a little wreck room. There were work tables, like any garage would have, but in the middle of the room there was a couch and chairs, set up for company and conversation. There was a pool table, a computer desk, some photography equipment in a corner. It was slightly disheveled, obviously decorated and kept by a man, but comfortable. They sat on the couch together, putting Anna’s laptop on the table in front of them.

Anna had looked forward to this the most. Rich knew very little about technology, and he was fun to teach. Anna liked the charming way he got so excited when learning something new about photography. When he brought up his pictures, he was bothered by the distracting things in the background. When Anna showed him how to use the edge finder to trace around the subject and the blur option to push everything but the subject out of focus, it was funny to her how amazed he was.

“Look at that!” he laughed, “that is just perfect! Its so professional!”

“Wait,” Anna said, “Check this out.”

Anna used the tracer and the smart erase to fix a lens flare.

“You just took it right out! Why didn’t you tell me it was this easy? I’ve been trying to get results like this for ages! Awesome Anna, this is truly awesome.”

He kept slapping his own knee in amazement. Anna couldn’t keep from laughing with his childlike delight. They continued editing, Anna showing Rich each feature of the software, Rich getting so excited by each one. Anna noticed that the more carried away he got, the more he seemed to touch her. It was friendly touching – a squeeze of her shoulder once, a gentle punch on her arm, a slap on her knee instead of his. She wasn’t sure why, but she liked it. She thought to herself that she was glad Photoshop had so many features. She wondered where he would touch her next. She had butterflies in her stomach.

When they finally finished the editing Rich went to the fridge in the kitchen and grabbed them both cans of soda. They talked and laughed on their ends of the couch. Anna bragged sarcastically about being such a fantastic, spectacular, wonderful photographer, and propped her bare feet up on Rich’s legs, turning her nose to the air. Rich laughed, “Yeah, sure…In your dreams!” He said, pushing her a little in an affectionate sort of way, tickling her. She giggled and leaned into him, bearing the tickling for a chance to try to tickle him back. It was when they were very close like this, Anna’s face close to Rich’s neck… She could smell his aftershave, could feel how large and strong his hands were, innocently tickling her sides. Her hands on his sides stopped the tickling and laid flat against him, his shirt between her hands and his skin. He noticed the change in her body language and seemed unsure of what to do at first. His hands laid flat on her little hips. He could smell her shampoo, something with coconut. He could feel how warm she was under her tee shirt. Her hand slid under his flannel shirt, around to the small of his back. She had been looking down. Now she looked up at him. With the look on her face, he was no longer unsure of what she wanted.

“I hoped for this.” Rich whispered.

He kissed her softly on the lips, slipping his hands under her tee shirt, feeling her smooth, bare hips, hand running up her back, feeling for a bra that wasn’t there – she didn’t need one.

Anna returned the warm kiss, pressing her body up into his, feeling his broad chest, his strong shoulders. She felt thin, soft hair on his back.

Rich held one arm around Anna, his hand on her smooth little back. The other hand came up to her neck, gently brushing her long hair from her cheek as his tongue explored her mouth. She tasted like root beer and spearmint gum. The hand on her cheek moved slowly down between the two of them, brushed lightly over her small breasts, down her tight stomach. He slid a hand up under her shirt, touching everywhere, feeling her nipples harden between his fingers. She leaned back, responding to his touch, breathing slightly heavily. She pulled away from his kiss and tugged gently at his shirt, trying to unbutton it. He helped her and they laughed at how clumsy their fingers were. She held her arms up, and he slowly and easily slipped her tee shirt up over her head, revealing her. She crossed her arms and looked at him, waiting for his reaction. She was nervous now… the fluorescent lights didn’t allow anything to be hidden. Rich realized she was nervous and put his hands on her shoulders, looking down at her bare form.

“Whats wrong? You’re breath-taking.” Rich whispered.

Anna relaxed and put her hands on his belt buckle, pulling him in to her. He ran his big hands down her back, down her sides, down her tummy. He bent to kiss her neck, lowered himself to his knees to kiss her breasts, her stomach. She sighed and tilted her head back, giving in to sensation. He guided her backward toward to coffee table and she sat down. He unbuttoned her jeans and she propped herself up while he pulled them down slowly. She leaned back on her hands and looked down at him, watching him kiss down her belly. He placed one hand gently on each of her fair little thighs and slowly pushed her legs open, looking at her. She was neatly shaved and had a small patch of soft hair, just above where she opened. He kissed the patch of hair first, then kissed her where she was warm and wet. His mouth opened and his tongue flicked gently against her. He pressed his face into her, kissing softly. He pushed his finger smoothly into her, and he could feel her muscles tightly contracting around it. He kissed more passionately. She was warm and tasted good. Anna leaned back, relishing the feeling. Her stomach was fluttery and she felt hot between her legs. She could feel Rich’s goatee, his tongue, soft and warm, pushing against her. She was getting so close, she began to tremble. The orgasm came in waves, crashing through her. She ran her fingers through his hair in the end, one leg involuntarily straightening at the knee, legs spread wide for Rich. Sweet Rich.

He stood up when he finished, but she stayed sitting on the coffee table. She took him by the belt buckle, she saw his jeans tented with his erection. She freed him from his jeans and had him in her mouth before his pants were pushed all the way to the floor. She looked up at him as she took him in and out of her mouth, sucking gently and pressing her tongue flat against him, moving it side to side as she sucked, up and down. He ran his hand through her hair, used his hand to guide her speed. She cupped what wasn’t in her mouth in her hand and squeezed very lightly. When he told her to stop, she stopped and turned her head to the side, letting her penis rest on her cheek so she could suck and kiss the rest of him.

He pulled her up to stand against him, kissing her lips, her neck, breathing heavily. His movements became more passionate, more urgent. He picked her up easily and took her to the arm of the couch. He sat her on the arm on the couch and she opened her legs to him, wrapping them around him. He looked in her eyes as he entered her slowly, pulling her hips toward him, getting deep inside her, his penis kissing the end of her passage. She leaned back and moaned deeply. God, it felt good. He was big, stretching her with his smooth thrusts. She felt hot and wet. They kissed, lips, necks, shoulders. His hands were all over her, down her belly, up her back. Her hands pulled his hips, guiding him. She pushed his shoulders back after a couple minutes, and together they watched him entering her, watched him move smoothly in and out. She pushed his hips back and he pulled out of her. She stood and bent over the couch, reaching down in between her legs to find him and guide him in. As he took her from behind, he ran his hands down her back, around to her breasts. She leaned back toward him and stood up straight, her hair falling all the way down her back and brushing the part of him that was exposed when he pulled out for another thrust. He bent his knees, keeping the fluid motion until he could barely stand it, then pulled out of her again. He turned her around and kissed her, picked her up and carried her to the pool table. He sat her down on it, and she leaned in to kiss him, but he pushed her back until she laid down. He hopped up onto the pool table himself, and supported himself over her. She looked up at him, smiling, open for him again. She was so pretty.

He ran his hand gently down her belly, then took himself in his hand and pushed his penis against her.

“Take me. Hard.” She whispered into his neck.

He plunged into her with one hard thrust. He pushed down into her, deep inside her, warm and tight. She lifted her legs and crossed them, he held them over her shoulder to drive even more deeply into her. She moaned and threw her head back, she raked her fingers down his back in the final throes, waves of pleasure crashing over her as they came mutually, him so warm, filling her up.

They laid on the pool table for a while afterward, kissing, talking, laughing. It was as natural as if they’d been loving each other for years.

So much for getting picked up by my father, Anna thought to herself as Rich dropped her off the next morning at the lab so she could get her own car. Wonder what the strangers across the street would think of that?

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