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Why Do You Want It?

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Have you figured it out yet? Have you figured out which of your little insecurities is the one that drives you to submit? You’ve spent hours on the internet reading stories about dominating women bending weak men to their will. You should surely have some idea about submission and why you want it.

Have you noticed the way the men give themselves to their Mistress? Some of them surrender slowly, some of them surrender quickly. Do you know which type you are? Have you decided how you will submit?

Will you humble yourself immediately and throw yourself at her feet and then hope that she will use you in the way you desire? Is that what you want? Do you want to submit and be used? Objectified. Ordered to perform. Do you want to be humiliated, degraded and taken by a woman to whom you’ve surrendered?

Maybe instead you want your control gradually eroded. Bit by bit. Drop by drop. One limit pressured and broken, only to see the next barrier fall and then the next after that. Is that what you want? To see your control, your manhood, slowly stripped away until you end up with nothing, the same as those who submitted immediately?

Is losing control part of the pleasure? Do you need to be forced in order to enjoy or can you be coerced into giving up control? What’s worse, accepting your fate through a series of small losses or having it stolen from you by trickery, blackmail or fear?

Do you know which type of submissive you are? Will you give your submission as a gift or do you want your Mistress to take it from you?

Have you pictured your dream Mistress? Is she wielding a whip and dressed in black leather? Are her crimson lips made up into a sneer and hair pulled back stern and dominating? Is this the Mistress you imagine? Thigh high boots. Leather bustier. Elbow gloves. The classic stern dominatrix who will put you in your place.

She will make you hurt in so many ways. She might inflict physical pain that will make you ache and beg for mercy. She might inflict mental pain that makes you wonder when she will start, or stop, whatever treatment she has in store.

But it’s the emotional pain you are attached to isn’t it? The emotional need to submit. To give yourself to her despite the way she treats you. You’re addicted to begging and groveling for more. Your own weakness arouses you. You know it pleases your Mistress when you suffer and you enjoy suffering for her approval. Is that the Mistress that you want?

Maybe your dream Mistress is simply gorgeous. She’s a fabulous blonde or a stunning brunette that looks like an A list model. She wears fashionable and expensive clothing. An amazing low cut dress that shows off her slim figure. A too short skirt and sky high heels that highlight her perfect legs. She looks amazing in whatever she wears. She’s out of your league and you know it.

You also know that every man who sees her wants her. You know you can’t compete. You’re nothing. She can have her choice. Your only hope of keeping her is to serve her. You know you have to do whatever she says. Her looks control you. She owns you.

Is this your mistress? The Mistress that is so beautiful you constantly fear losing her? You fear she will leave you for a real man. She’s beautiful. Why shouldn’t she have a man with big muscles, a big bank account, a big satisfying cock?

Is this the Mistress you desire? One that will humiliate you and cuckold you, but you will still beg to serve her. The one that will make you believe she still loves you even when her actions say she doesn’t. The one that makes you settle for second place since it’s better than no place at all. Is this the Mistress you want?

But there are other types too aren’t there? You’ve thought about them. You’ve seen them and fantasized about them. They all have a way of controlling weak men like you and each one of them can make you feel shame, deficient, worthless.

There is the intelligent Mistress who enslaves you with her clever tricks. She convinces you to do things you don’t want to do until it’s too late. By then she owns you doesn’t she? You’re trapped. You’re hooked. You’re addicted with no way out. You’ve never been able to figure out women, but this type of woman is particularly beguiling because she can see into your mind, find your weaknesses and set the perfect trap for you.

Then there are the women of authority. You know them don’t you? You’ve gotten hard in their presence haven’t you? The boss. The headmistress. The governess. The lady of the mansion.

These women start with a certain amount of authority over you and then they use their power and just keep taking more. They make you give don’t they? They make you give and give until you’ve given it all and have nothing left. They make you enjoy it too. You enjoy being weak for them. It’s your nature. Is that the mistress you dream about?

You can never quite figure out why you enjoy giving your power to them, yet you do don’t you? You love giving in to women like this. It feels good to be weak for them. You especially like this type of woman because it makes it easier for you to see that women are superior.

These women already have power. They already have wealth and authority. It’s not your fault you are just another weak male that wants to submit to their natural dominance. Really, it’s not your fault you’re so weak. They’re just more powerful. It makes sense that you should beg for favors. It’s right that you should kneel before them. They deserve to be served and adored. It’s the natural order of things. Is that your ideal mistress?

You’re thinking about yourself now aren’t you?

You’re thinking about how hard you are. Thinking about submission is making you hard.

You’re hoping your tiny dick will measure up. It’s smaller than other men isn’t it? Admit it, you’ve looked. For a long time you’ve looked. You know other ones are bigger. Thicker. More able to please.

Go ahead. Give it a couple of good firm strokes. You have my permission to touch it.

That’s it. Does it feel good? Does it feel good to follow my instructions?

How often have you worried that you wouldn’t measure up? Have you worried that even though you might be smart, or have a good job or be polite, you’d still be rejected by the Mistress of your dreams because your cock isn’t good enough.

Do you worry it is too small or that you aren’t skilled enough?

Do you worry you will cum too fast? Too slow?

You know it’s not good enough don’t you? That’s why you want a mistress. She will make you cum even though your dick is small. Your shame will please her since your cock cannot. She doesn’t care what insecurities you have — she will shame you and make you cum. Your humiliation will please her.

Do you always get relief with your Mistress? Does she always let you cum if you beg hard enough, adore her enough, suffer for her enough?

What if she didn’t? What if you begged, adored and suffered and then she sent you home hard and unsatisfied? Is this your fantasy? To be denied by a mistress. To give yourself completely to the Mistress of your dreams and then still be denied by her? Is that the shame you seek?

Denial is a powerful fantasy. Could you live it in reality, or is it just something you dream about? Is it something you masturbate thinking about, right before you make yourself cum. Right before doing the one thing that you would be denied if it was real. If it wasn’t a fantasy. Is denial what you seek? Can you handle denial?

Do something for me. Whisper to yourself “Please control my cock Mistress.”

Does it twitch when you say it?

Say it again — out loud this time if you can?

Does it feel good to give up that control. Just saying it makes you feel good doesn’t it. It feels good to let it out. Start to say it every day. Say it to yourself when you are alone and your little dick is all excited. Give your control away.

How will you serve your mistress? Will you be naked? In panties? As a sissy maid? Is this what you hope or is it what you think will please your mistress? Will you have begged for the privilege of being allowed to wear panties or will she order you to wear them whether you want to or not? You know that how you are dressed is a big part of the arousal. How do you see yourself when you submit?

What will you do for your mistress? Will you clean her house and be a servant? Will you worship her feet and kiss her heels? Do you think you should be allowed to tend her sexual needs? Do you think you can even handle that? Why do you think you’re worthy to serve her sexually?

Do you imagine being allowed to kiss her feet and massage them every night? Do you dream about the delicate scent of her worn stockings or is it the leather of her shoes and boots the scent that you crave? Is serving at her feet an expected part of service or is foot worship actually the ideal that you desire?

What about her ass? Will you kiss and worship her ass? Will you kiss it and tongue it and make it the center of your world? Will you beg to sniff her panties? Will you wash her lingerie by hand?

Then of course there is the ultimate service. Do you imagine that you will ever be found worthy to pleasure your Mistress’ clit? Can you imagine kissing it, touching it, pleasuring it with your mouth? Will you be allowed to service mistress this way to give her pleasure or will it only be to humiliate you after she’s been with someone else?

Surely you have thought at length about serving your mistress orally. Is she clean shaven or maybe just a small patch? Would you like it if was really hairy down there? Is it small and tight or large and loose with big puffy lips, swollen from accommodating cocks much larger than yours?

What about the taste? Are her juices sweet or tangy? Is it really wet and moist or maybe a little dry? Maybe she only gets wet after she has punished you. Maybe your submission isn’t arousing enough to make her wet. Maybe you’ll never know whether mistress gets wet because she never lets you touch it. Never lets you taste it. The scent of her arousal is the only thing you’ll know.

Will she even let you see it? What if you can only service her while blindfolded? Have you imagined the scent of her arousal? Have you imagined how it changes after she’s cum? Have you imagined it after she’s been with a lover?

How does your Mistress punish your weakness? You know that punishment is part of what you crave. You wouldn’t want to serve a Mistress and never be punished. You want punishment as much as you want an orgasm. In fact punishment may be completely hard wired to your ability to achieve an orgasm while dominated.

Will she paddle you? Will she make you hurt? Is physical punishment what you crave?

Maybe she will embarrass you? Send you out in public to humiliate yourself in some way. Maybe she’ll make you wear something feminine or buy something that only a submissive would buy. Maybe she’ll embarrass you in front of other women. Do you fear exposure or do you crave it? Will you beg for it too?

What about denial would that be worse than humiliation? Would you rather admit to a co-worker that you are the submissive pet of a dominant woman or would you rather be denied an orgasm for a month? What about two months? What about admitting it to your family? Denial or embarrassment — which do you fear, which do you crave? What if she makes you choose?

Then of course there is the ultimate dream of every submissive — penetration. Not by you of course, no Mistress would ever have a use for that silly little thing, by her.

This was the first thing you thought of wasn’t it. Way back at the first line when I asked why you wanted to be dominated, this was the first thing that jumped into your mind. You want to be penetrated. You want to be fucked. You want to be taken and used.

That’s why you seek domination isn’t it? Have you admitted that to yourself? You don’t want the guilt of admitting it. You want someone else to make you do it. To order you. To coerce you. To make you go where you want to go but cannot take yourself.

How does she take you? Is it soft and gentle or hard and sudden. How much do you have to beg? She knows it’s not a punishment. She knows you want it. She’s doing you a favor. Letting you realize your dream of being penetrated by your Mistress?

How does it start? Do you take a finger or maybe two? Do you work up to a plug or does she start there? You know where it will end, submitting to her strap-on. Will she ease you up to it or will she break you with it right away?

What about the foreplay? Do you imagine it being oral? Are you forced to deep throat a big realistic dildo? Are you forced to suck on it and worship it as though it were a real man? Her lover. Your lover. What will you think about when you suck your Mistress’ strap on for the first time? Will you look up at her and let her see your weakness? Your need?

How do you imagine the oral service ends? You know its not real, but you want a salty treat don’t you? You’ve tasted your own haven’t you? You’ve tasted your own and that’s what you’re thinking about while you suck Mistress’ cock.

Maybe you wish it would it shoot off all over your face? You’d like that wouldn’t you. Your sissy face all covered in cum. Imagine how humiliating. Imagine if she took pictures. You’d thank her and beg for more wouldn’t you?

You’re still thinking about being taken? It hasn’t left your mind. You’re pulling on your little sissy clit and trying not to cum because you want to wait until I describe the penetration. That’s what you want to hear about.

You’ve lied to yourself too long. This is what you want from your Mistress. You say you want to serve her. That’s what you say, but what you’re thinking is what can I do for her so she will take me. Use me. Make me into her sissy bitch.

You want to be forced to take a cock up the ass don’t you? It’s the whole point of your submission. You want to be fucked but not be responsible for it. You want to be forced. You want to feel like you had no choice, even though its just what you want, what you’ve fantasized about.

You hope that you can beg enough, be emasculated enough, be abused enough that eventually mistress will strap on a nice long, hard cock and plow your ass with it until you cum from the sheer delight of the sensation. Will it be the pressure against your prostrate that makes you cum or will it be the submission? Will it be the realization that you have nothing more to give or the humiliation?

You’ve tried it haven’t you? You’ve slipped a toy up there. You know what it feels like as it works its way inside? As you relax your muscles and feel that full, hard cock penetrate up inside of you. It feels good doesn’t it? It feels nice and full.

Moan for me. Go ahead moan softly as you think about the pleasure Mistress is giving you. The nice full feeling. The feeling of being taken. The shame. The pleasure. The pain. The acceptance of your place below a dominant woman. Moan for me.

Go ahead cum now. Its what you do when you think about it. You think about being dominated and stroke yourself until you cum. You have my permission. Cum now. Cum now for your Mistress.

So do you know now. Do you know what made you want this? Why do you want to be used? Why do you want to feel this? This isn’t her pleasure, her pleasure is your submission, your shame. You enjoy this feeling. You want it so bad, you must know the answer.

So, why do YOU want to be dominated?

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