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Mountain Music

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“Are you sure you’re ok with this?” She looked up at the man standing in front of her. Behind her Marjie and Davy were making impatient noises.

Davy looked at the other man over both women’s heads and winked. It was all JT could do not to grin back. He looked down on the love of his life and smiled, “Of course it’s ok. Not like I can go for a hike on these things anyway.” He waved a crutch around.

She cringed. She had tripped and fallen into him the day before. “I am so very sorry my Love.”

He lightly rapped her shin with the foot of the crutch. “Just go will ya? The sooner you go the sooner you can come back.” He lightly emphasized the word ‘come’ and Davy snickered. Jenn totally missed it and just gazed up at JT with concern. He grabbed her and kissed her till she was dizzy. “I so love you. Just go, have fun with the big dorkfish and Marjie and you can tell me all about it when you get back. I expect a blow by blow account.” At this Davy had to leave the cabin he was laughing so hard.

Marjie watched the lovers and smiled affectionately, they were sickening. She didn’t think the honeymoon ever ended for them. She reached up and tightened the ponytail her rich brown hair was caught up in and picked up her back pack when Jenn left JT. Her golden brown eyes twinkled in amusement at the look on Jenn’s face. “Oh come on now, it’s only a few hours.”

Jenn smiled. “I know. I think I can bear it, no worries. Besides,” she winked, “I think he’s got something up his sleeve. This will give him time to plan it.”

Davy, who had just come back in the cabin to check on their progress, started laughing again. The girls looked at him quizzically. He just smiled innocently. “Ready girls?” They nodded and smiled. He let them precede him through the door and paused to talk to JT. “Are you sure man? She’s your girl.”

JT sighed. “Yeah I know. Maybe I’ll find a way up there. But you deserve some fun and she’s the best.”

“You’re crazy.”

JT laughed. “You knew that. She’s mine to lend, and that’s all I’m doing – LENDING!” He glared.

Davy held up his hands. “OK OK I know! Easy. Maybe I won’t go through with it.”

“Just see how it goes when you’re there.”

Davy came closer and they clapped each other on the shoulder in a hug. “Sorry this happened man, it’s going to be a blast. It would’ve been better with you there.”

“Shit happens. Go on, have some fun with the hotties.” JT pushed Davy out the door with a crutch.

Davy closed the door and shook his head. He still thought the man was nuts. He hurried to catch up to the girls and they set off to explore the Hualapai Mountains.

A few hours later he was cursing that the spot they’d chosen was so far away. He’d been staring at two very curvy rear ends and dealing with some very heavy, blatant flirting from both girls. His balls were aching and he just wanted to cum and cum NOW. He sighed with relief as he spied the final turn. “Hey you two! We’re gonna park it here a bit. There’s a clearing just through the trees.” They were up at just over 7500 feet when he stopped them. Everyone needed a breather.

“OK Davy!” Marjie bounced up to him and gave him a light kiss on the lips before winding her way through the trees.

“Sure Davy,” Jenn smiled at him and kissed his cheek before turning to follow Marjie. He grabbed her hand and she turned back questioningly. He pulled her closer to him and cupped her face with his hands. She looked up at him, a bit confused. He lowered his head to hers, holding her still when she went to back up.


He mouth closed over hers, his tongue stroking her lower lip softly. She frowned at him and resisted a bit. He persisted. Her mouth softened. He pressed onwards, seducing her mouth with his lips and tongue until she opened for him and he could deepen the kiss. She moaned softly and he wasn’t sure whether it was pleasure or feeling like they were betraying JT. He pressed harder for a moment then let her go. He was shocked to see pain warring with the desire in her eyes. She stared at him a moment then turned and headed for the trees.

“Jenn, wait…” She stopped, but didn’t turn. He hoped she was listening as he spoke quietly. “JT and I planned this hike to be an adventure in all ways. We were going to share our girls, have a 4some and enjoy the evening to it’s fullest as the stars came out.” He saw her posture change; her head lifted a bit, tipped to the side. He smiled, she was listening. He hurried to finish. “When the accident happened yesterday…no, it wasn’t your fault!” He went to her and put his hand on her shoulder as her head dipped again. “Shit happens, ok?”

She nodded, “I know. I just hate seeing him hurt.”

He smiled, “I know that, but it’s just a sprained ankle.” She nodded again. Davy continued. “JT and I talked last night. He felt it was important for you to have some fun. It’s not often you get away from your kids. So we decided that I would carry through with the plan.” He grinned, “I gotta tell ya, I consider myself damn lucky too.”

Just then Marjie could be heard calling to them.

“So what was this? No holds barred or something? Do I get to touch her too?” Jenn looked interested, obviously mulling the possibilities over in her mind.

“Oh hell yes.”

“Right the fuck on!” She grabbed his ears and kissed him hard before dashing off through the trees.

Davy stood there for a moment, a little stunned by her easy acceptance. He had to wait until his cock subsided enough to be able to walk comfortably before he could follow the girls.

When he broke through the trees into the clearing they were locked together at the mouth and Jenn was unbuttoning Marjie’s sleeveless, cotton blouse. Marjie had one hand in Jenn’s hair and was squeezing her breast with the other. Davy moaned and started ripping at his clothes. By the time he had them off both girls were only in their underwear. Jenn was wearing bright red bra and panties, both in cotton with lace trim. Marjie, at odds with the things her mouth was doing to Jenn’s neck, was wearing virginal white. Her breasts were threatening to spill out of the top of her bra as she bent over to get at the slightly shorter woman’s neck.

Davy stepped behind Marjie, opened the clasp in about a second and sent the straps sliding down her arms. He pressed against her back and wrapped his big hands around full globes. Her ass pressed against his cock and she wriggled. He met Jenn’s eyes as Marjie’s nipples swelled and hardened. She grinned wickedly at him. Then her eyes closed in pleasure as Marjie wrapped her lips around a nipple and bit down gently.

Davy reached a hand down between him and the woman he was pressed against. He stroked her pussy to find that she was soaking wet already. His aching cock throbbed, leaping forward, and he grabbed it with his free hand. He stepped back slightly, placed a hand on the center of Margie’s back and lined his cock up with her slippery hole. He caught Jenn’s eyes again as he rammed forward.

She gasped as the motion drove Marjie’s head into her, forcing her nipple deeper into Marjie’s mouth. Marjie bit down, moaning as Davy pulled back and slammed into her again with a groan. Jenn’s knees weakened and she wobbled. Marjie’s tongue moved over her nipple, soothing the bite.

Jenn gasped, “Oh god her mouth is talented! But I’m about to lose my knees. Could we change position?”

Davy could feel Marjie growing wetter as he settled into a slow rhythm of long, deep strokes. He groaned in near agony as he pulled out. “Sure thing.”

Marjie stood up and grinned. “You think I’m talented there huh? Let’s try something else.” She leaned close and whispered in Jenn’s ear.

Jenn looked surprised, then grinned, “Really?”


“Well let’s get to it!”

Davy watched as the girls lay down on the ground. He looked shocked as Jenn lay down first, then Marjie settled on top of her in a 69. He quickly knelt behind Marjie and slid back in. Marjie locked her mouth around Jenn’s pussy, stroking with her tongue and Jenn paused a moment, letting the heat build within her. She chuckled quietly at her new, narrowed perspective on the world and stretched to lick Davy’s cock as it slid out of the hot, wet cave above her face. Davy groaned and Jenn grinned in delight. So she did it again as he slid back in.

Marjie shuddered as Jenn’s tongue licked along her slit and toyed with her clit. That combined with Davy pounding into her was driving her to orgasm quickly. Jenn sucked on her pussy, nibbled on her clit and did her best to get her there. She wrapped an arm around Jenn’s thigh and slid two fingers into her hole. She grinned as Jenn gasped and her hips bucked. Marjie matched Dave’s rhythm and moved her mouth to suck on her clit too. She was determined that they would all three cum at once.

Marjie’s juices were dripping on Jenn’s face and Jenn was in heaven. She wiped a finger through Marjie’s juices and reached up to tease her ass, slid a finger into it and groaned when Marjie did the same to her. The noises Marjie and Dave were making were getting louder. Davy had a hold of Marjie’s hips and was slamming into her hard and deep. Jenn was starting to have a hard time keeping her mouth on Marjie as that one slammed back into Dave with each thrust. She did her best to keep up, tongue on Marjie’s clit and moving fast.

Marjie’s first orgasm was coming quickly. She could feel it spiraling up through her body then it all coiled into her center nice and tight. She moved her mouth from Jenn’s pussy and stretched to bite Jenn’s inner thigh just as pleasure exploded through her in a billion tiny stars. She shuddered and cried out as Davy pounded harder, deeper and Jenn toyed with her clit.

Davy tightened his grip on her hips and moved faster, his own orgasm building fast. Jenn reached up to help him along, massaging his balls. With the added sensation Davy felt himself fall over the edge and as Marjie’s walls continued to twitch around him he slammed deep into her and came hard, filling her with blast after blast of hot cum.

He pulled out, he didn’t want to collapse on both of the girls, and sat heavily on the blanket. Cum dripped from Marjie onto Jenn’s face and she pulled Marjie’s hips towards her to clean her up. Tremors shook Marjie’s thighs as she rested her head on Jenn’s thigh. When Marjie was clean, she moved from on top of Jenn to lie beside her. They rolled onto their sides, face to face.


“Yeah, wow.”

Davy wasn’t sure who said what. And then the first one spoke again.

“But you didn’t cum.”

“That’s ok. I’m sure my time will…um…come.” Both of them dissolved into giggles.

Davy started to think about that. An old joke ran through his head and he had to stifle a laugh, Men have two brains to think with but only enough blood to run one at a time. And now that blood was flowing north, for a moment – he was touching very soft, supple flesh with his fingertips, he was thinking about what had just happened and realized Marjie was right.

Jenn didn’t cum.

He pounced on the girls, landing between them and pulling them both close to his sides, turning his head to kiss one then the other repeatedly. “So many orgasms, so little time! Let’s get to it!” Both girls started laughing until he moved again and pushed them shoulder to shoulder, kneeling at their heads. Marjie tucked her arm under Jenn’s neck just as Davy leaned over to kiss Jenn upside down. She giggled until he sucked on her tongue then moved south to nibble on her neck. When she was quivering from the onslaught he turned to Marjie and did the same thing to her.

Davy braced his arms on either side of the sexy duo and started at Jenn’s collar bone, biting and sucking there before moving south again. As his mouth captured a nipple Marjie leaned close to kiss Jenn. She licked the taste of herself and Davy off Jenn’s face and grinned. “Yum, we are good together!” Jenn, about to groan in response to Marjie, gasped as Davy closed his teeth around her nipple and pulled slightly, his tongue flicking over it. He kissed his way to the other one and gave it the same treatment.

When he tried to move to Marjie she told him to concentrate on Jenn, “It’s her turn after all.” So he shifted until he was kneeling between Jenn’s legs and picked up where he left off. Marjie’s hand slid down Jenn’s body to stroke the heat between her legs as she nibbled on Jenn’s ear. Jenn was soon moaning and groaning. Davy moved down her stomach, tonguing her navel then nibbling on a spot just about the pubic bone. Marjie moved her fingers to let Davy replace them with his mouth.

At the first swipe of his tongue across her clit Jenn’s hips bucked and he wrapped his arms around her thighs. Marjie’s mouth was working over her throat and chest and Jenn didn’t know what to do with her hands. She finally settled for clutching at the blanket as Davy’s tongue ring lashed at her clit again and again. He alternated between using it, his teeth and the tip of his tongue to bring her to the edge. The he slid two big fingers into her just as Marjie bit down on a nipple and started sucking hard.

Jenn exploded, her hips bucked and she cried out as the two of them pushed her senses to the limits. Davy’s hand was soon soaked with her juices and she was practically screaming. He knew what she was capable of and barely gave her breathing space before pushing her to the edge again. Marjie sat back on her heels, watching Jenn writhe with pleasure with a look of surprise on her face. When Davy finally let Jenn breathe, easing up on her and bringing her down slowly, Marjie spoke.

“I didn’t know she could do that!”

Davy sat up and looked down, “Yeah, JT showed me one night.” He considered his growing erection. “I didn’t know I could do that again so soon.”

Jenn, panting heavily, grinned at the sky, “Well, you do have quite the inspiration to spur you on out here.”

Marjie laughed, “Too true!” She looked at Jenn, “shall we help him out?”

“Oh hell yeah!” Jenn sat up and between them they wrestled an unresisting Davy to the ground.

They knelt on either side of him and gave him a 3-way kiss before moving in identical movements down over his ears, his throat and chest. They paused at his nipples to suck and nibble on them, eliciting groans from him. He lifted his hands and grabbed them both by the silky hair that was dragging across his chest and held them in place. So they obliged him, paying extra attention to that part of him before gently tugging away to continue their exploration of him. His hands slid over their backs and hips as they moved their mouths down. He was admiring the curve of their hips and considering exploring their openings when two tongues started to simultaneously lick his cock.

He paused in shock. This was very, very new to him. Short catlike strokes from base to tip and back down again. Then one mouth wrapped itself around his head and the other moved to his balls. When the mouth slid down the head he recognized Marjie’s technique and he groaned. Then one of his balls was gently sucked into Jenn’s mouth. He gasped as her teeth grazed him lightly and her tongue worked him over. Marjie was sliding her mouth up and down him, her tongue flicking over the head with every up stroke. Jenn moved her mouth to the other side and Marjie worked him deeper. Then they switched, but not before kissing each other around his cock.

Jenn’s hot mouth now enveloped the head of Davy’s cock and Marjie moved her mouth to his balls. Davy was in heaven. He waited until Jenn and Marjie’s teeth weren’t anywhere near him and slid two fingers into each girl. He started fucking them slowly, grinning as they moaned and grew wetter. They faltered for a moment in their attention to his cock and balls but then more than made up for it by increasing the intensity. He managed to hold off one wave of orgasm but when the second started getting closer he stopped them.

They whispered briefly to each other then Marjie moved, kneeling at Davy’s head and lowering her pussy to his mouth. “Show me what that tongue ring is good for!”

Jenn straddled his hips, facing his feet, and the girls were now facing back to back. She lowered herself over his cock with a loud groan. She ground down and was gratified to hear noises of appreciation. She closed her eyes and leaned forward to support herself on his thighs. She started out with small circles, keeping him deep inside as she used the internal muscles to work him over.

They were going at it slow and easy when another came upon the scene. He sized it up rapidly and stepped in front of Jenn. She opened her eyes in surprise when her hair was grabbed and her head wrenched backwards. Her face lit up with joy but she didn’t have a chance to shout out the person’s name before his cock was stuffed down her throat. She gurgled and happily moved her tongue over him.

When he groaned, Marjie’s eyes snapped open and she whipped her head around. “Jesus JT! You scared the hell out of me.”

“Don’t mind me Marjie, you just enjoy yourself. We’ll take advantage of their mouths for a while, ok?”

Marjie grinned, then her eyes drifted closed in pleasure as she gasped. Davy had just slid his tongue deep inside her, his hands coming up to grip her hips and hold her down. “I think I can manage that,” she managed to say. She heard JT chuckle just before she lost awareness of everything but Davy’s tongue.

Jenn had forgotten to continue moving her hips and had slid her hands up to JT’s behind, holding Him there as she nibbled on the side of his cock. He groaned as she wrapped her lips around him and began to move back and forth. Then he noticed that she wasn’t moving her hips.

He stepped back suddenly and she was left with her mouth open, eyes half closed, hands empty. She whimpered and lifted her eyes to his. He leaned over, bringing his face close to hers. He whispered, “Girl if you want to keep me happy, keep fucking my friend.”

“Oh!” She looked embarrassed.

He laughed. It was a low sound in his throat. “There is no need to blush. Just keep doing it; I will look after your mouth.” With that he left a soft kiss on her lips and stood straight again. He waited until her hips were moving, with slightly more force than when she started and he when he heard Davy moan from the depths of Marjie’s pussy he moved. He grabbed the back of her head, fisting his hand in her hair and shoved his cock deep in her throat. He started to fuck her face, slapping her hand when it drifted up to touch him.

Marjie was quickly approaching another orgasm and Davy’s face was getting covered in her juices. She ground down on his face as he drove his hips up to meet Jenn’s downward motions. He grabbed Marjie’s hips tighter, trying to hold her, but she was bucking increasingly more wildly. He moved a hand and slid two fingers inside her, capturing her clit with his mouth. He sucked on her, flicking his tongue over her, alternating between steel and flesh. She dropped forward on to her hands as the orgasm overtook her, her body shaking, the cries getting louder as he pressed the issue, making it more intense. He held her down when she tried to move off him and drove her to another one. When he let her go she collapsed.

He twisted his head to look at her and when she appeared fine, just shivering and panting, he stroked her softly then turned to Jenn. He looked surprised as he saw JT. He grinned, “Dude! Glad you could join us.”

JT groaned as he drove his cock into Jenn’s mouth. “Just in time for the end I see.”

“Ahh not quite, I still got some stayin’ power. I have an idea, now that you’re here.” He grabbed Jenn’s hips and stilled her movements.

JT withdrew from her mouth and listened with a small smile on his lips as Jenn whimpered. He spoke over her panting, “What’s that?”

“Well, you said she likes anal, right?” He waited for JT’s nod and grinned when Jenn squirmed, he held her hips tighter as JT tightened his grip on her hair. “Well, I’ve wondered what how a double penetration works. I thought we could give it a shot.”

JT’s grin got bigger. “Right the fuck on!” He looked down at his girl, who was looking up with a pleading look in her eyes. “Oh don’t give me that look; you’ve wanted this for years.” He laughed when she blushed hotly. “Alright, my love, you need to turn around.” He dropped to his knees before she did and kissed her deeply. “Now.”

Jenn shifted, almost losing contact with Davy but not quite, and turned so she was facing him. He grinned at her. JT, stroking his cock with one hand, gave her a little push and she dropped forward onto her hands, catching Marjie’s slow smile just before her hair fell like a curtain around her and Davy’s heads. He reached up and stroked her cheek before pulling her mouth to his.

JT knelt behind her and spread her ass. He grinned at Marjie as she crawled over. He licked a finger, getting it very wet and rubbed it over Jenn’s ass. He was about to do it again when Marjie spoke.

“Here, let me.” She leaned over and spit on Jenn’s hole, JT rubbed it in and groaned as Jenn’s sphincter flexed around his finger. Marjie spit a couple more times then reached for JT’s cock with her mouth and covered it in saliva too. JT groaned as her hot mouth enveloped him. When He was dripping she grabbed him and guided him to Jenn’s ass.

He put a hand on Jenn’s lower back and held her down. “Here we go, boys and girls.” He pressed forward and Marjie let go, slipping a hand between Jenn and Davy to pinch Jenn’s clit.

Jenn bucked and gasped as his head stretched her and the combination of sensations assaulted her. Her body tensed and she arched her back. Marjie pinched her again, adding a little caress. JT grabbed Jenn’s hair and pulled back towards him. The head broke through and he was in. He pushed deeper as Jenn started to shake with an orgasm. Her cries echoed through the canyon and Davy clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Now Davy!” JT slid all the way in and started to pull back out. “Fuck her now dammit.”

Davy started moving his hips and pretty soon they got a good rhythm going, pounding at Jenn mercilessly. She simply kept cumming, especially after Marjie moved and removed Davy’s hand so she could kiss Jenn. After a long hot kiss she moved up and gave Jenn her nipples, straddling Davy’s head again. He took full advantage of it to run his tongue along her slit. Encouraged when she moaned, he slid his tongue deeper.

JT transferred his grip from Jen’s hair to her hips and fucked her hard. The sensations of her tight ass flexing along his cock and Davy’s cock rubbing against his through the membrane, (something neither of them thought would be good), sent him spiraling quickly up to orgasm. “God, I’m going to cum,” he ground the words out through his teeth, trying to maintain control.

Davy grunted from beneath Marjie and fucked Jenn harder. He pulled Marjie closer and attacked her clit again, determined to make her cum one more time. Jenn was cumming again already, her new cries muffled by Marjie’s tits as she was held close, for that reason. Marjie bit back a scream as her already sensitive body took her there quickly and cum flooded Davy’s mouth.

That was it for him; between Jenn’s pussy clamping down on him and Marjie cumming all over him he was done. He slammed hard into her and shouted as he came. JT wasn’t far behind, driving deep into Jenn’s ass. He cried out too, slamming a last couple strokes into her.

Marjie sat down heavily on the blanket after removing herself from everyone’s mouths. Jenn collapsed on Davy’s chest and JT fell forward, supporting his weight with one arm and stroking her back with the other, he kissed her back too. Davy grabbed her face and kissed her again, then pulled Marjie to him and kissed her too.

After a few minutes, JT pulled from Jenn and wrapped a hand around her throat gently before pulling her back against him, then up off Davy. She moved willingly. He whispered in her ear and she smiled, turned her face to kiss him.

Davy sat up and pulled his girl to him. She sat in his lap and he hugged her tightly, also whispering in her ear. Then he grinned at JT as Marjie laid her head on his shoulder. “I don’t think anyone is going to be able to get back down the trail.” Then he frowned at his friend, standing there completely at ease with a naked girl in his arms and no crutches in sight. “Aren’t you doing damage to the sprain?”

JT looked innocent. “What sprain?”

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