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More Than a Massage

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At the nudist club I belong to, I had met Lynn and Jim on a number of occasions and we had become friends of sorts, often joining in the same games, or swimming together or simply talking.

At about my own age, they were an attractive couple in their early forties. He was fairly tall, a bit over 6 feet, slim-waisted and well muscled, still with most of his hair, always with a ready smile and nothing seemed to faze him.

She was also tall, about 5′ 9″, had long red hair past her shoulders, deep green eyes, a well proportioned body with flat stomach, nice legs and large breasts with no sag.

Perhaps I should say at this stage that I am shorter than her by a couple of inches, short brunette hair with hazel eyes, 5′ 7″, slim with small breasts (I do not even own a bra!) and a stomach that is still almost flat.

One day Lynn and I were talking while Jim was temporarily off somewhere else, we seemed to have quite a bit in common, similar background, education and all that, we even both had fully shaved pubic regions.

As we talked I mentioned that my back was occasionally playing up and because I had broken up with my man a few months earlier, I had no-one to manipulate it for me. Lynn immediately said that Jim had studied massage and that she was sure that he would be pleased to help, if I wished.

When he returned, she said to him “I have offered your services to Beth.” at which he very obviously studied my body and a broad evil smile crossed his face. She continued “not those services, you letch, your massage services.” and he agreed immediately.

As this was a family club with many young members, the club has a ‘no contact’ rule, so Jim could not help me at the time. Lynn suggested that as this was a long weekend, I should call out to their place after we left the club and if I liked, stay the weekend.

I readily agreed, but as I would need to go home first to get a few things, I obtained details on how to get there.

After calling in at home, I drove out and soon realised that their little piece of land was much larger than I had previously thought (I later found that it was forty acres) and it took about five minutes to drive from the gate to the house.

When I arrived at the house, I was at first a little taken aback to be met by Lynn totally naked, until she explained that they never wore clothing at home or around the property unless it was essential. They were able to see the driveway from the house and knew it was me as I was driving up, so found no need to hide as we had all seen each other naked regularly at the club.

She then said “In fact, you are considerably over dressed for this establishment,” and showed me to the guest room where I left my overnight bag and stripped off my travelling clothes.

She said that Jim was just restocking the bar and suggested we adjourn there to relax before my massage.

When she led me to the bar, Jim was behind the bar (naked of course) and he offered me a drink, adding, “Not the soft stuff they offer at the club, but a real drink. In fact, I have just made up a batch of my special summer punch, have one.”

I accepted and was surprised at the strength of it. The alcohol took my breath away for a moment and when I recovered, they were both very amused at my reaction. Delicious, but you wouldn’t want to take too many of them if you intended driving home.

We sat down and began to talk of the club and other things in common when Lynn reminded me that I had said I had broken up with my man and asked if I had anyone at present.

I replied, “No, but I have been out with this guy a couple of times and we seem to hit it off alright so I think that my days of celibacy are almost over.”

This brought a swift exchange of glances between Jim and Lynn who then said, “Good for you,” and changed the subject.

When we finished the drink, Jim asked if I was ready for my massage and I replied, “Yes.”

Jim led me through the house and to a room at the rear where there was a folding massage table set up, which he gestured me to. As I climbed onto the table, I saw that Lynn had positioned herself on a chair near the head of the table so as to watch. Jim applied some oil and began to massage my shoulders before moving down to my back. He soon stopped and commented that I really had no major problem with my back and that a little manipulation would fix me. He pushed and prodded at my back for a short while and suddenly there was a sort of click and I could feel the pain and stiffness go.

He said, “There, that should keep you going now but I did promise you a massage, so I will now continue with that.” With a laugh he added, “Do you want the cheap $5 back only job or the full body massage?”

I responded, “Seeing as I came all the way out here, I may as well have the works.”

Lynn spoke up and said, “That is a good decision, because Jim will give you a massage you won’t forget in a long time.”

She was right, and that is why I am writing about it now.

With that mysterious comment fresh in the air, Jim resumed massaging my back. When he had finished my back, my spine felt like jelly and he moved to my feet. He spread my legs slightly and slowly massaged his way up each calf. Pressing and prodding at certain areas where he felt tightness and deep massaging the larger muscles of my calves he reached my knees which he had now opened about a foot. He continued in a similar vein until he reached my thighs.

As he was working on the large muscles at the top of them, I felt his finger tips occasionally gently caress my outer labia. As I felt so soft and enervated from the work he had been doing on my legs, my only reaction was a slight gasp each time he touched me. I lifted my head to see Lynn’s reaction to this and she had a smile on her face and gave me a huge wink. Jim proceeded to massage my buttocks and then helped me to roll onto my back.

He continued the massage at my head and face and then moved to my shoulders. When he completed those, he moved himself to my side and I noticed then that his penis had become somewhat tumescent and while it still hung between his legs, it was considerably larger than I recalled it had been when we were at the nudist club or even when we were in the bar. He continued with the massage, apparently ignoring my glances at his manhood and indeed even its condition.

As he gently massaged my breasts, my nipples rose until they stood out like organ stops. Without pausing, he took my nipples between thumb and forefinger and rolled and gently pulled on them as if this was the most natural thing in the world, drawing quiet gasps of delight from me.

While Jim didn’t hesitate in his massaging and showed no other outward signs of noticing my reaction, his penis twitched and began to grow. I looked over at Lynn who was watching proceedings with a rapt expression on her face while the nipples on her heaving breasts were almost as prominent as mine.

After a minute I caught her eyes and raised my eyebrows slightly in enquiry to which she responded with a gentle shrug of her shoulders and a dreamy sort of smile. She moved the focus of her eyes to Jim and my eyes followed.

Jim was now hard and his cock was standing up, leaning slightly away from his taut belly. He appeared to be about average length but was a good bit better than average thickness with his prominent testicles hanging loosely in their sac. I could now see something I had not previously noticed at the club, and that was that his cock and entire sac were clean shaven although he had a thick bush of hair around and above his cock. Apparently they were both enjoying my massage as much as I was although, apart from tweaking my nipples and the earlier ‘accidental’ touching of my pussy lips, there had been nothing overtly sexual about the massage.

After a minute Jim’s hands left my breasts and massaged my stomach, finishing only a couple of inches above my shaven pussy. When he concluded there he moved to the end of the table trailing his fingers gently over my skin as he went, allowing one finger to innocently pass over my swollen outer labia on the way and began to massage again at my feet.

I watched him as he moved down there and his rigid cock bobbed arrogantly as he walked, but he didn’t seem to take any notice. He gave me the most incredibly sensuous foot and toe massage I had ever received, working my individual toes, the sensitive soles of my feet (which had my squirming with the tickling and erotic smoothing), and my heels and ankles. I could feel the sexual tension building within me and while I didn’t climax all I could do was lay there with my eyes closed. I was putty in his hands.

He then turned his attention to my legs and with a mixture of strong probing at my larger muscles and gentle stroking of the sensitive areas of my skin he gave me a truly memorable massage. By the time me reached the top of my thighs, I was so turned on that I could feel my juices dribbling from my pussy. He rested both hands on my thighs with his thumbs almost touching that most private part.

He quietly asked, “Do you wish to go further from here?”

I opened my eyes and noticed that Lynn had stood up and was watching us intently, she was smiling at us and she just raised her eyebrows as if to say, “It is your call.”

I looked back at Jim, totally captivated by his now fully erect cock, feeling so incredibly turned on and in need of at least one relieving orgasm. I said huskily, “Yes, please.”

He raised and flexed my knees until my feet were close to my bum and my legs well spread, he now had a perfect view of my swollen, spread and dripping cunt. Then he leaned his head toward my crotch and completely removed his hands from me. I wondered what he intended as I knew he could never get his head that far up the table. I heard a click and the massage table divided under my feet with the lower portion swinging down out of the way. This put my pussy only a couple of inches from the edge and I was forced to move my feet further up and out, exposing my dripping sex even more to his gaze.

Shuffling himself forward to the foot of the newly shortened table, he stood between my raised and spread knees with an even better view of my quim. Slowly he ran his hands along the sensitive inner skin of my legs to the top of my thighs and then with the thumb and one finger of each hand he began to massage my outer labia. The sensation was fantastic and with my whole world now centred on those fingers, I began to pant as I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching. I was surprised out of my reverie when Lynn placed a kiss on my left breast and then took the nipple into her mouth.

Jim had now separated my outer lips and one hand had found my little button of joy and was gently rubbing and tweaking it. After a couple of minutes of this, I finally exploded into a climax and came with a huge moan and a thrashing of my buttocks. Jim rubbed my clit gently until I subsided, after which he resumed tweaking it and began to push a finger of his other hand into my love canal. As he slowly fingered me in time with the tweaking, I came again, although not so violently this time. As this orgasm slowed, he moved his head down and replaced the hand manipulating my clitoris with his mouth and inserted first one and then two more fingers into my cunt. This lifted me back to a full orgasm and he had trouble keeping his mouth on my button as I bucked violently with it. Lynn was also having trouble keeping hold of my nipple.

As she was now standing beside me, I twisted my head and was able to place a kiss on her pussy and breathe in her womanly scent, to which she responded with a soft moan. I pushed her head away from my breast and looking her in the eye, I indicated that she should straddle me. She immediately understood and climbed onto the table and settled her pussy onto my face.

I quickly found her clitoris and clamped my mouth to it. As I sucked on her I placed first one, then two, fingers into her pussy and moved them in and out in time with my sucking of her clit. Jim had stopped sucking my clit and was just flicking his tongue across it as I administered to his wife and his fingers inside me lazily kept rhythm with mine. Her gasping gave way to moaning and that soon increased in level until she came with a shudder and I had to hold her to stop her falling off the table.

Jim had now decided that there was more to life than eating. Standing up, he separated my inner lips with his fingers, positioned his rigid pole at the entrance to my quim and pushed forward. With a single motion, he penetrating outer and inner lips and did not stop pushing until he was all the way in and I could feel his balls against the back of my thighs. There he stopped and held himself still, deep inside me. This was bliss, not only the first cock in my cunt for months but what a wonderful cock it was. I could now feel that it was indeed bigger around than any cock I had previously experienced and it also had nice thick veins ridging along it which my very sensitive love canal could feel in all their glory.

He withdrew slowly until just the tip was inside me and then thrust himself forward and impaled me again. Holding himself deep within me, he took hold of my ankles and lifted my feet until my heels were hooked over his shoulders. This gave him even deeper access to my overexcited cunt and I went over the top once more. This time I was the one who needed to be held down.

Once I had stopped thrashing around, he settled to a slow rhythm which I easily matched while I was also able to resume giving his wife a thorough going over with my tongue and mouth. The sight of me being impaled by Jim as I continued to finger her hole and suck on her love button brought Lynn to another climax and her juices gushed onto my face. Jim had to stop his rhythmic thrusting into me and support Lynn. She had cum with such gusto that she began to swoon and almost fell. Jim withdrew from me and assisted her from the table to where she collapsed into the chair from which she could watch.

Jim came back to massage table, lifted my ankles back onto his shoulders, lined up his beautiful man meat with my still gaping love canal and with a deep driving thrust, he returned to the job in hand. He now had unfettered access to my breasts and kneading them vigorously while squeezing and pulling on my oh so sensitive nipples. Without Lynn on my face, I could now exercise my vocal cords and amid gasps and moans, called to Jim “That’s it, pull my nipples and fuck me deep!”

He complied with renewed vigour. Although he kept the pace at the same regular rate, on each stroke he drove his cock along my love canal to its full depth and I could feel the knob of that mighty weapon knocking on the back of my cervix, with the veins sliding over the walls of my sensitive love canal.

Over the top of my own continual moaning and the grunts Jim was emitting each time he drove into me, I could hear Lynn gasping as she was trying to recover her breath. The knowledge that I had had this influence over another woman along with the glorious pounding I was receiving in my cunt combined to bring me to the heights of my most intense orgasm yet.

You know the kind. It starts along the walls of your cunt, causing them to contract and squeeze the wonderful cock that was giving them so much pleasure. It extends down, engulfing your now engorged love button and even causes a huge knot to form in your stomach.

This orgasm seemed to trigger Jim and he increased the speed and intensity of his penetration. His movements became more frantic until after a few more strokes he drove himself fully into my heaving cunt and with a wild cry of joy he drove deep inside me and he too went over the top.

I felt his red hot cum gushing deep into my womb as his cock exploded. He then continued to pump his jism into me as he spasmed again and again. He seemed to drive further and further into with each jerk of his lovely cock. After an eternity, he slowed down his desperate lunging into me and with a last couple of almost gentle thrusts he finished pouring his lovely man-juice into my already overflowing cunt. He unhooked my legs from over his shoulders and gently lowered them over the end of the massage table. He then collapsed onto the floor himself.

The room was filled with sounds of three people trying to return to equilibrium. I did stay for the remainder of that long weekend, and I may even write the tale of it later.

I have had other massages with Jim and Lynn since, and they usually finish with two or all three of us having some really great sex, but we have never been able to quite reach the heights of passion we achieved that first night.

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