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A Warm May Moon

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The events that I now reminisce about occurred one winter, and spring, a few years back and they changed my life. My hometown is not a large one so it is common to see the same people who frequent the neighborhood regularly. A small group of my co-workers with would often meet at the town bars, and other local events, for some drinks and to unwind. Although I was a woman who was not attracted to men, in our group I was never harshly judged for my sexual preferences.

To be honest I think most of the guys in the group found it alluring, perhaps secretly fantasized about conquering the dyke. Also, of course, there was the ever-present male fantasy of joining me, and one of my love interests, for an evening’s activities. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that my life was far more boring than theirs. You see, while there was no ill will towards me, there was a distinct shortage of women who would be interested in more than a friendship.

Although I had managed to have a couple of brief encounters to reinforce my preferences, I had found small town America not to be a sexual hot spot, if you are a woman who likes women. The best I could do was let my tastes be known and see if any girl showed interest. That is how I handled it until the first time I saw her, a woman that I couldn’t get out of my mind. She was so different that I was willing to take chances.

It was the company Christmas party when I was told that Brent was going to be bringing the girl he had been seeing for some time, and traveling an hour to another town to do it. Some of the guys had been going on about how she was suppose to be a knockout, but that could not be possible since she was with Brent. We had known Brent since high school and he had always been a bit of an ass. The type who was all talk but never seemed to accomplish much. We all still forgave him, like one would forgive an annoying little brother.

Partway into the evening they arrived, and indeed most were envious of Brent when they met the girl he introduced as Cindy. She was wearing a heavy sweater and snow pants because he had been showing her the area on snowmobile, and our employers were too cheap to provide enough heat to necessitate taking them off. Due to the heavy clothes I could not tell what her figure was really like, but it was obvious that she was petite. I guessed her at around 26 years old. Then I got a good look at that face. It was the face that would change my life. She had the creamiest skin and the prettiest long blonde hair I had ever seen, but it was her eyes that clinched it. Her eyes were large, almond shaped, and the most mesmerizing blue. There was a sweet innocence in them that could probably get any man to do anything. She was the life of the party that night. Trying not to beat myself up with something I could never know, I dared not spend too much time around her.

At one point I did manage to talk with her a bit and found her mannerisms and voice to be tuned exactly to my weaknesses. This woman was getting to me, but it wasn’t long before Brent walked up and interrupted.

“Gary and Meg want to show you something,” he said as he pulled her away. “Besides, I have to worry more about Andrea here trying to take you home than any of the guys.”

I tried not to let my face show the pain that his intentional blow had inflicted. When they got a few more steps away I could see him whispering to her and then she turned back to give me that puzzled look. As I was thinking of how negative her reaction might be, I noticed a brief and kind smile cross her face as she turned away.

After her introduction, Cindy started coming to our town much more often and eventually started spending as much time with some of the other women in town as with Brent. This appeared to be creating some tension with them and the cracks began to show on Brent’s little trophy case. She had related to her new friends that Brent was actually a little less libidinous than he led us all to believe, and seemed a bit intimidated by her, since they had rarely done more than make out. I had wished this had been kept quieter. Not for Brent’s sake, he needed a little deflating, but because I got to hear all of the guys fantasies about satisfying her. It was not that I didn’t have some of those same fantasies, but I started to feel an odd protective streak toward her and hated to hear the disrespectful tone of the talk.

As spring came, lighter clothing became more common and when I finally got a good look at her I was speechless. I had seen her in blue jeans already and her stunning little butt looked like it had been carved from stone by a master, but when the tighter shirts and shorts came out, she was awesome to behold. By then Brent had lost her and it seemed that none of the other men in town could entice her. She appeared happy just to hang out with us, and sometimes stay late drinking with the girls.

One such night we had all gathered at a friend’s house like schoolgirls giggling into the night and drinking wine. Of course the conversation went to sex, and as the giggling increased, I noticed eyes looking uncomfortably toward me. Then finally Joan, the loud mouth of the group, broke the tension.

“Don’t anybody flatter yourselves, Andrea has better taste than what anybody here has to offer!”

It was bold enough to break the tension and start the laughter again, but I couldn’t help but find my gaze going to Cindy to gauge her reaction.

“Come on Andrea, we always figured you were holding out on us with Eric. You two spent so much time together we figured one of you had to be tempted.”

I had to set the record straight, although I couldn’t deny all temptations, that was a special case, and also another story.

“Are you kidding?” I replied, ” I grew up in their house. He was like a brother! But I can tell you how he looked naked!”

The giggling erupted uncontrollably and continued until most had left. Later that night fortune found me on the front porch talking with the object of my desires. After some small talk she said that she had felt bad about the way Brent had talked to me, and about me. Then her curiosity seemed to get the better of her when she started asking how I coped so well with situations like the one that night. She even asked if I have ever been with a man. I told her that I had not been with many people period, but had tried dating some men out of desperation, when I was younger. But none of the guys in this town had what it took to tempt me. She told me that she had not been very experienced herself and that she was still looking for the right person.

“I think it will be a man though,” she joked and then added, “Though I think the right person just has to be somebody you care about, to give and receive real pleasure.”

I felt the last part was probably added to comfort me in my alienation throughout the evening. But with her I never knew. She so attracted me that I lost all nerve in her presence, and felt I could never be so bold as to suggest anything that could assault that purity which she exuded. I took no chances here. I was better off with my fantasies than risking that kind of disruption of this reality. But despite this, that reality was inevitably disrupted latter on that spring.

It was in April, at a town picnic, when a bunch of us all gathered together and played softball, and had too much to drink. I always stayed a little more sober; I had enough controversy without being a drunk as well. Late that night, Brent got worked up over something and finally let loose on Cindy. She had drunk a little too much as well and, after the bit of commotion, she had vanished from the crowd. Nobody seemed to have seen her leave, but I had. I walked down the trail she had taken near the creek and found her there, not far from where the parks brook emptied in. She had been crying and was sitting on the bank tossing stones into the water. I asked if she was all right and she said she just needed to get away for a while. This led into conversation about her friends in town and why she enjoyed it here so much. She reveled herself to be a more lonely person than I would have believed, and she had found the new people here to be a fresh start for her.

She continued to fascinate me. This girl, who seemed so vulnerable and innocent, concealed a wisdom and strength that Brent would not have wanted to take on, if he understood it. She was of course a little tipsy that night, but this allowed her to reveal these many facets to me. She mentioned that she wished she could have played ball since she really liked the caps we had printed up. I took mine off, placed it on her head and told her she could have it. In a very sincere tone she thanked me and leaned in to hug me. When I retuned the embrace she surprised me with a joking comment.

” Don’t try too much with me, it has been some time. Brent came after a long dry spell and I doubt he could have helped much if he tried,” she said, and then laughed with me.

When our giggling subsided I told her that I wouldn’t dare since she was well out of my league. That is when it happened. She lifted her head and looked into my eyes and kissed me. It was soft and halfhearted, but for a split second I got a sense of the tiger that lay below her surface when she lightly took my lower lip in her teeth. Then it was over, and she backed away.

“I’m sorry!” she said “I shouldn’t have done that to you.”

Quickly she was on her feet and going back to the crowd. I just sat there, dumbfounded trying to comprehend what had just happened. When I got back to the festivities, they said she had left. My world was a much more unstable and darker place. In one instant I had a dream come true and the next all of my hopes were destroyed.

Cindy didn’t come back after that and I knew I had to accept it. I couldn’t understand what had happened, but I had to accept it. I tried to get her out of my mind and go about my life. Then in mid May we had an early heat wave and I decided to have all the gang over to my place on a Saturday night. Things were going fine and I thought I would finally have a good time, when I turned and saw her at the door. She was in all her glory that night. Her silky blonde hair was in a ponytail pulled out the back of the ball cap I had given her. A white t-shirt accentuated perkier breasts that most women only dream of having. Then and a pair of pink terry cloth shorts that formed to all of her contours. She didn’t seem to notice me, but I couldn’t help but notice her, nobody could. Her flat tummy was only interrupted by a beautiful fleshy mound that protruded to form the top of a well-defined ridge descending between her sensuous legs.

My own crotch began to tingle and ache, because one could make out the subtle depressing of the fabric as it was pulled lightly into a crease in the middle of that ridge. I don’t know how most of the men could contain themselves, since I was having a hard time coping with the desires, which that body inspired. But as the evening continued, I began to ignore her in order to keep from torturing myself. At one point I saw her leave with Brent and found that to be as much irony as I could take. Most of my guests had moved out front, were down the street doing something or had passed out, so I retreated to my back porch and looked out over the park were I had lost so many troubles before.

I could hear some fools laughing about something in the front yard and then it quieted down. But as I stood there I sensed somebody was behind me. I turned to see Cindy moving closer to me. She said nothing until she started to hug me and then she spoke.

“I’m sorry”, she said into my shoulder.

“For what?” I asked.

” I shouldn’t have stayed away like this”

“Where did Brent go?” I gently changed the subject.

“Oh he was being an ass again, I told him to go fuck himself. That is probably the only partner he could handle,” she said in a way that let me know that she needed to relax.

It was not like her to speak so bluntly, but it gave us both the laugh we needed. It was late and she didn’t need to drive home so I offered her the big old green couch I had there. She pulled off her shoes and we sat and continued talking. Then, at one point, she playfully threw off her hat and sprawled out on the couch and laid her head on my leg and told me about her day. As she continued, I gently put a pillow in my lap and noticed how comfortable she looked while lying there, and how she became very much at ease in our talking. Then, more and more, she would just lightly smile and look at me. While Cindy lay still for a moment I decided to take a huge chance. Her head was on the pillow now, so our faces were a little nearer, and I leaned down bringing my face closer and closer to hers. I was waiting to see what her reaction would be. Would she be receptive, or was I acting too soon. She showed no sign either way and before either of us knew it our lips once again touched.

To my delight it was her lips that opened first, and her tongue that made entry into my eager mouth. My back was bent more than what should have been comfortable, but I didn’t care as I wrapped my lips around her boldly probing tongue. My hand had been resting on her hand, just over her belly, but now it moved along her hip and to the inside of her thigh. I softly nibbled on her lower lip and slowly slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and began to feel the heat from the leg of her shorts. I kissed the corners of her mouth while I got under the cloth and continued upward.

I had moved to the opposite side of her mouth when Cindy’s breath ceased on my face and there was an intake of air from her open lips. She was reacting to the contact that the leading side of my index finger had made with the hot soft ridge of flesh covered by the light cotton of her panties. I continually pressed my lips against her cheek as she arched her back in response to my increased pressure on her swollen folds. I slowly moved up and down with my hand and massaged her most sensitive and private region. My finger now rode quite comfortably in that precious groove between her puffy labia.

As I kissed beside a beautiful blue eye, I could feel the heavy moisture through the cloth, on my finger, I could feel how easily all her wonderful ridges of sexual flesh moved around from a sudden onset of uncontrollable lubrication. My heart was pounding, my own crotch was throbbing; I was in a lustful state of need and desired to have this woman. My own breath was coming heavy from my hungry mouth. I pulled up enough to look into both of her eyes as I turned my hand and moved a finger under the thin elastic of the panty leg band. She did not break from my gaze, but returned it with a look that told me she was ready to go where she had never been before, so long as I was with her. Once one finger was under, the rest easily followed up and over the soft carpet of pubic hair that covered her fully engorged mound. I traced the inside of the elastic downward until my finger once again lay on the side of her hot vulva. Then I rubbed and lightly moved it back to the center, but this time without any cloth between us. This beautiful woman’s hot, wet, groove accepted my finger and enveloped it with heat.

With me cradled in her yearning cleft, Cindy opened her legs and lifted up to bring her mouth to mine for an incredibly deep and panting kiss. I explored the inside of her breathless mouth and felt her wetness increasing. I could not hold back any longer. I had to taste her. I had to feel her super heated opening with my lips, just like I was feeling her irresistible mouth. I kissed the corner of her mouth and then whispered toward her right ear.

“I want to make love to you!”

Without hesitation Cindy replied, “I want to make love to you”.

“These fools have been partying long enough now that they would not even notice if we were here or not. Would you like to take walk?” I asked.

“Where to?” Cindy inquired.

” There is a very nice little clearing on the tallest hill in the park, could I show it to you?”

“Sounds nice,” she said.

I just a few moments I had pulled a blanket from the couch and we had quietly moved through he door and off the back porch without any of the guests being the wiser. The full moon was just coming above the treetops so we had little trouble seeing the path that wound its way down into the park. The insects of the night sang softly to us as we slipped away into the darkness. The only other sound was the small brook that ran by the base of the hill. There was a sweet smell of some flower or plant, peaking this time of year, which I had known for my whole life, but never actually identified.

As we started up the hillside trail I slipped my arm around her petite, curving waist and pulled her closely to my side. Then we broke free of the trees and into the clearing on the southwest side of one of the highest hills in the park. I would go there often by myself to think or just enjoy the sunsets. Since childhood I, and my friend Eric, had spent plenty of time there doing everything from having apple fights, with the little green fruits of a nearby tree, to drowning our mutual sorrows in a 12 pack of beer. I felt at home here, and I wanted to share it with this other woman whom had so captured my senses, and my heart. I wanted it to happen here.

Over the steeper side, the brook rushed by below. At the ridge, just above this drop off, I spread the blanket on the ground and then turned to her. She reached out and softly put her hand on my breast and began to run her fingers over the cloth that covered my stiffening nipple. I looked into her eyes again and held her head in my hands and pulled her lips to mine again. Then I whispered to her.

“Please, I want you to just let go and enjoy this. I want this to be better than anything you have ever felt. Better than anyone else.”

She just stood there, silent, except for the breath coming from her flaring nostrils. I lowered myself to my knees in front of her to move my hands behind her and pass them over that magnificent ass. I felt her hand stroke lightly on the side of my head and looked up at her eyes again. I took her hand and held it ever so briefly against my face and then enticingly kissed the inside of her gentle wrist. I sat back on the ground and pulled her to me, laying her down in the center of the blanket.

I lay beside her and began to caress her belly. I could not help but notice her reaction. I could feel her belly lift and contract under my hand and her entire body showed that this was obviously one of her more sensitive spots. Resting on one elbow, I reclined on my side next to her and slowly moved up with my rubbing until I could feel her near perfect breast touching the top of my thumb. With the backside of my index finger I teasingly caressed the bottom until I could feel more reactions from her and then I softly cupped it in my hand and felt her warmth as her increasing heartbeat resonated through my palm. My thumb traced the area above her nipple that immediately made itself known, upon my touch.

Now I was going to have her. I had never craved something so much in my life as this woman. My heart was pounding, my breath was shallow and quick and my face was flush. It was like a fever that was consuming me. At that moment nothing else mattered except experiencing her body and pleasing her in very way that I could. My nipples were so hard that it was uncomfortable and I could feel the blood in my breasts. This was nothing compared to the swollen, aching pressure in my vulva. If I were to move too fast, the cloth of my pants merely touching my extended clit would have put me over the edge. Below that, I could feel nothing but wetness, and my body was producing even more. I would not have been surprised if it began to steam from the heat down there.

I had to have her. I leaned in and kissed her forehead and then again on her nose, then finally our lips connected again. As she reveled in total surrender to another woman’s tongue in her mouth, I lifted myself up and placed one knee between her legs and a hand to either side of her. My breasts pointed down and I felt my nipples touch hers. She pushed her chest up to make tighter contact. My knee moved closer and she sensed it and moved into it. I could have cried from the tidal wave of emotion that tore through me when I felt the hot terry cloth press against my leg. She arched her lower back and moved herself up and down on me.

I was now almost out of my mind. If I could have swallowed her whole, I still could not have got enough of her. I moved to her neck just in time, because it pulled my leg from her loving motions, which I just could not handle all at once. For both of us, this had to last. The intensity needed to stay and not burn us out before we were both satisfied. One of her hands was in constant motion over my back while the other cradled my head when I moved my mouth over her throat and sensitized the crease of her neck before moving below her shoulder.

Her desperation subsided a little as I slowed the pace and held my face against her upper chest. I stopped for a brief time to lay my ear against her and let her racing heartbeat drown out all other sounds of the night. I held her, until its pace slowed a little, and then continued on to greater things.

Moving to her right side I began to nibble down her chest, lifting the cloth of her shirt lightly with my lips. There would be no quick, hasty, or direct approaches in anything I did. We had all night, and I wanted her to feel every bit of it. I wanted her to anticipate the slow teasing approaches and wonder if the obvious was going to happen or not. I also knew what felt good to a woman. This is why I was always happy with my sexuality, because who could better know the right places on a woman’s body, than a woman?

Down the outer side of her right breast I moved. I could feel her breath tightening again. My movement continued until I was nuzzling the crease at the underside of the beautiful lobe. Then I kissed the bottom while I brought the tip of my nose against the hard little knob of flesh that was standing like a lightening rod, pointed at the sky, waiting for it to strike it with its superheated electrical stroke. I circled her beautiful nipple with my nose until it was at the peak of its receptiveness and then I closed my lips over it and pulled the cloth tightly around it. By leaving her shirt on, the fabric provided a wonderful tactile barrier that heightened the senses and the desire for more, leaving anticipation for even greater satisfaction later.

She held me there with her hands and I decided to risk a little edginess to my techniques and brought my teeth very lightly together on her and dragged them over the rock hard little protrusion. The gasp was audible and her chest heaved. I was very careful not to bite, but instead to just suggest it, and to provide the sensitizing pressure that would send an aching need into her core and prepare her for even more, to leave her needing even more. But before I would leave the sweetest tits I ever loved, I made sure the left one received the same full attention due.

When all of her chest was over sensitized, and fully explored, I made my way to the next stop. I had been intensely curious about it since I discovered her strong reaction to my touch earlier. Directly below me was her soft tensing stomach, which I now exposed by lifting her shirt up and gathering below her still unexposed breasts. Soft and silky was the skin of her flat little belly, as it shined pale under the moon. Like everything else on her, her navel was small, tight and so well defined; a dark little pool in a plain of ivory. Nibbling away, I descended on this unspoiled region. Her tensing muscles brought her tummy up to meet my kisses and then dropped as her chest thrust upward. She softly rubbed my shoulders and trembled as my lips teased and my tongue found her belly button.

Her hips began to rock again, seeking to move her hot, steamy vulva up and down on anything it could encounter, but finding nothing but empty space. I knew this was from buttons I now pushed. This was one of her weaknesses and the supersensitive tickling, resonated to her core and moved down her body to filled her entire pelvic region with a feeling of neglect for the needs that were uncontrollably building there.

My hands closed on the sides of her shorts in a grip that gathered both them and the cloth of her panties underneath. She lifted and allowed me to pull the waistband over the smooth curve of her hips and then clear of that sweetest of asses. My lips then descended below the navel. I could feel her hands guiding me to what she had to have. I could hear the breath being pulled quickly into her open mouth. My mouth was on the most anticipated path now. Like a cord made of electricity, that yearning pulled from below her navel down the front of her, between her legs and descended deep into her epicenter. Her flesh shuddered and retracted from my lips as I felt the first tickling of her soft hair.

I rubbed her beautiful pubic hair over my face and breathed her in. So soft, so feminine, she smelled mostly of the perfumed laundered scent of her clothes, with just a hint of the fresh perspiration that her body was producing. But I knew her body was also exuding the imperceptible chemical triggers that were bringing me to insatiable levels. Although she had never been with a woman before, her body was inviting this to happen and I to please it.

The cloth waistline still covered the top of her sacred little opening, but her puffy mons extended upward into the night air releasing some of the heat of the blood that filled it to such proportions. Its feeling under my face inspired me to just lovingly kiss it several times and to feel its power under my lips. Then I moved to the side and kissed down the crease of her thigh as I continued to work her shorts off.

Cindy lifted her head and gave me a slight look of desperation as she noticed my attentive mouth passing by her most urgent needs. I simply gave her a reassuring smile as I stopped to kiss the crease of her knee while I lifted her leg and pulled it entirely free of the cloth. I then slowly caressed the bottom side of her leg as I guided it back to the blanket and ended by rubbing up the side of her foot as it settled flat to the ground. Then her right leg was freed of the cloth and I held it up while my lips reengaged her body at her ankle. There was a slight reaction, so I extended my tongue and let it trace around her skin and then teased my way up the inside of her smooth calf. I had to wonder how often this lovely girl shaved her legs, or of she even had hair on them, for every inch of her was like warm satin.

When I reached her knee, I lowered her foot back to the earth and kissed closer to the backside of her leg until she brought it down. As before, I would not rush clumsily and rashly into things. I wanted her to feel the excitement of the approach only to have it recede. The best part of any sex is always in the anticipation. I knew I could give this beautiful girl the best sexual experience of her life if I could give her as much of that anticipation as I could. I would leave her wondering when the final fulfillment would come, until she just surrendered to the anticipation and the feelings I could give her. She had quickly realized that, and this made me want this woman, as my own, all the more. We were so fucking sexually compatible that I would have a hard time living without her, after this. She was communicating all the right signals to me. I knew the aching need was almost killing her, but she did not succumb to it. She settled her spread legs down and her hands moved to her own breasts and she began to softly rub herself. She then lay back and presented her body to me again as she released herself to me in preparation to receive all the pleasure I longed to give.

My lips traced their final approach up the inside of her thigh and I slid my left hand under her right leg right below the firm orb of her sweet little ass. She could feel it getting nearer and nearer. It was then that I dared to allow my eyes to send my desire to painful new levels, when I beheld the most beautiful little pussy I ever could have imagined.

Her pubic hair was not tightly curled like most. It was a true blonde and the full moon made it appear even lighter. Between two fully engorged symmetrically shaped folds were the very tops of glistening pink inner lips, inviting and begging for me. Over top of this beautiful, wet, crease was a crest of her sweet straight hair. It was pulled together in the center, over her hidden opening, by saturation of the hot fluid that now ran downward in a glistening line to disappear between her muscular globes. This was one of the most stunning women I had ever seen, and nothing could have pulled me from her now. I now could take no more, and had to have my own relief.

I let her feel my tongue, on the inside of her thigh, drawing nearer. Would this time be the relief she needed? It had to be, for every ounce of her being cried for the lips of my mouth to cover the lips of her most private region. I felt her leg quiver as every new inch approached. Her hand moved down and pressed, palms flat, on her stomach to suppress the awful aching for what she hoped was coming. It was the most precious moment of my life. This beautiful woman, who I had wanted so badly that it seemed too bold to even dream of it, was lying there all but begging me to taste of the most personal part of her body. She wanted it! Even more unbelievable she wanted it every bit as much as I did. To have her aching for me like that caused me to fight back tears. When I moved the next fraction of an inch I felt the moist tips of that hair painting my cheek with her desire.

I turned my head and kissed her sweltering outer fold with all the love I had for this woman and then moved down to the lowest part. Oh fuck! She smelled so sweet! I had to do it! I had to have it! At the very bottom of her opening I extended my tongue and fulfilled our dreams.

I pressed into the stream of pure desire that she was producing and lapped it up into her crevice. As my mouth filled with the sweet flavor of her liquid, everything in her body seemed to stop. Her back arched and there was a long extended inward gasp as she pulled the clear, night air deeply into her lungs and held it, her chin pointed to the starry sky. Another woman was sliding her mouth over her swollen, sultry opening and she loved it! She was letting a woman taste the juices from it, and it felt so damned good!

As I moved up into her opening and began to suck on her, she released her breath and slid both of her hands over the back of my head. Her legs were stretched straight out to either side of me and her chest began to heave as she panted to catch her breath. I moved up until I found her irresistible little bud that was standing out and begging for attention. When my lips closed around it, her knees uncontrollably lifted and I wrapped my hands around the outside of those sleek, tensing thighs. My hair filled the spaces between her fingers while she held my head tighter. I looked up at my love and she had lifted her head in order to behold me between her legs, sucking the sexual energy from her and giving mine back. I looked into her eyes and heard her panting moans while she watched what I was doing to her. It was the hottest thing I have ever experienced.

I released her button for a moment, because my appetite for this beauties body demanded that I have as much of her nectar as I could. I turned my head to the side and sucked in one side of her irresistible, dripping wet opening. How sweet it was to suck on Cindy’s sexually inflamed pussy lips. And when I had sucked it clean, I moved to the other side. I had watched her with secret desire for so long, and now my mouth was full of her sweet juices. More than anything else, I loved the knowledge that she knew I was doing this. She could feel my mouth taking it from her, and she could have no doubt that it is what I had wanted to do all along. She tasted so pure, as if her body had made this perfect liquid for the first time just for me.

When I savored and swallowed what she had to give, I returned to her most sensitive spot and began my complete attentions with my tongue. When she felt me working on her with such purpose, her hips began to move again. Her breath came in and out with shuddering hesitation.

“Ohhh,” she could not hold back the sound. “Ohhh, please keep doing it!”

Her hips were pulling back to move it up and down on my tongue. We were inseparably bonded on that blanket. Lightening could have struck the hill beside us and we would not have noticed. Her right leg lifted to bring her foot to rest in the center of my back and begin to rub and pull me into the rhythm of her hips. The grip on my head became firmer until she just lost all control and began to buck on my mouth with total abandon. Before I knew it, her other foot was on my back and she raised both knees to cross her legs behind my neck and pull me into her needs.

Every breath was an audible gasp now as she frantically rubbed herself on my face. Pulling in with her feet, and rocking forward with her hips, she would lift her opening over my face and probing tongue and then press in as she descended. Her firm, swollen lips would part around my nose and mouth to spread her liquid passion as they slid over my skin. The sound of her uncontrollably wet surfaces contacting my face was indescribably erotic and I knew she could hear it too. I wanted her to hear it. I have found no greater pleasure than this woman using me like this for her pleasure. It takes a very special partner to know when the total satisfaction of their needs is the greatest pleasure you can have.

Her head now arched back again while she humped me. I could feel the stiffness rising in her legs. Her stomach was hard as a rock. We were definitely at the point of no return. Some invisible force caught each of her breaths halfway. The bucks and thrusts became more halting and jerking until I felt her fingers clench around my hair and pull me in very tight. The tremor started in her thighs and quickly moved into her hips. Her stomach heaved and pulled so tense I could see it.

“Ahhhh, ooh, hooh, oh…” the last breath grudgingly expelled from her lungs with loud vocal abandon that was so ecstatic that it sounded as if she were crying. She may have been, a little bit. She later told me that feeling such powerful pleasure, from the mouth of another woman, for the first time was so emotional that she could not describe the feeling.

I am not sure if I have ever came that hard myself. Wave after wave poured over her and her hands clenched and unclenched in my hair with each one. She never pulled though. It was clear she would never want to hurt me, but my hair was all there was to grasp in those unstoppable throws of passion. Her head now jerked from side to side with her mouth going into her shoulder. Her legs closed around me and then came rigidly back to the ground with her pretty, hair topped mound pushing up into the night air.

I know what it is like to need a break of sensation on the clitoris after such a release, continued stimulation on nerve endings that have nothing left to give can be too much to enjoy. So I moved back down and softly lapped up the new waves of nectar that her lovely body had rewarded me with. I caressed my love like this with my tongue until she could catch her breath, and bask in the warmth of my more tranquil affections.

When I had tidied her up nicely with my tongue, I lifted back up on my hands and knees and moved up to her shirt. In the moonlight I once again could see her enraptured eyes and kept her gaze while I pulled her shirt up to her chin. Then our eyes broke away while she pulled it over her head and freed it from her arms. Needing to feel the direct contact of our skin, I did the same. I looked down on her perfect little breasts. Not too large, they were fine and firm and a sight to behold. Her irresistible little nipples still pointed straight up, surrounded by attractive little pink circles that were slightly larger than quarters. They simply called to me. I descended on them and gave them a repeat of the earlier loving, but with direct, tender contact.

It was not long at all before she lowered her head and interrupted my work with her mouth. I rose up to her and sealed the most impassioned kiss yet. My lips were still wet from her release, and she did not care. We slid our lips over one another with great pleasure from the added lubrication. Both of us were in such a fever that even the lips of our mouths were flushed and puffy with desire. And that warm, wet, kiss was divine.

Then, while I kissed her, I felt her hands on the front of my jeans. I was surprised at how quickly she had me unbuttoned and was unzipping. Her delicate hand slid in and under all the cloth. When her fingers reached the top of my crease I broke the seal on her mouth and slid to the side to catch my breath. It felt as if a live wire had touched me. I was every bit as wet as her and would not be able to hold back an orgasm for very long. Cindy’s finger easily slid into my waiting opening and dipped into the collection of wet passion she had created.

“Did I taste good?” She whispered in my ear.

“Very good” I answered and pulled away to look at her.

While I was looking at her beautiful face, her hand moved from me and she brought it into view. I could see it was very wet and covered from my excitement. Then she brought it to her lips and closed them around its glistening end. I could not believe my eyes! I almost came, but then she spoke again.

“As good as you?” she asked before pulling my lips to hers and sharing all of our passionate juices with me.

Then, while this gorgeous girl gave me the kiss of my life, I felt her hand on my clit again, and her intentions were clear. I lowered myself until my nipples rubbed against hers and surrendered to her attentions.

Her fingers moved in and out of me and across my clit until my wetness was spread over all she was rubbing. The slippery massaging propelled me over the edge in just seconds. I tried to stay planted on her lips, but I couldn’t. I almost cried as I felt the full depth of feeling for this girl. To relieve my gasping I lowered down onto her and rubbed my breasts into hers. When I could take no more, her fingers returned to her lips and then both of her hands were on the back of my head pulling our mouths tightly together again.

We could not pull our mouths away from each other and so continued this embrace for a long time. I eventually got my pants off and was as naked as her on that hillside. I had eventually slipped a finger into her tight opening and I couldn’t bring myself to take it out, but instead massaged her on the inside for as long as I could. She seemed to feel the same, for I never grew tired of feeling her inside of me. It must have been a sight to see, two naked women oblivious to the world exploring and loving each other’s bodies in the moonlight. At one point we sat up with our legs wrapped around each other in the most tender and loving embrace of my life. At that instant we both opened our eyes on that full moon.

“I have never seen a moon as bright as it was tonight,” she said, “for the rest of my life, I know what I will think of when I see a moon like that.”

When the moon had neared the horizon, the sky was beginning to lighten, so we got dressed. I couldn’t help myself from putting her clothes back on her. I just wanted to do anything I could for this girl. We then gathered up our blanket and started back. The party would definitely have burned out by now and few would have noticed our absence.

I let Cindy get some sleep on that big green couch we started out on. I wanted to set there and let her sleep with her head in my lap while I looked at her, but that is also how the whole thing got started to begin with. There had been no rest from the result, and she needed some rest and time to absorb the wonderful thing that had happen.

She returned the next day, undaunted, and helped with the party cleanup. Although we had very deeply bonded, she was wisely hesitant to take on the burden of declaring herself involved with me. For the time being, she just kept visiting with our friends like she always had. But one night, a month later, eight of us were talking in a parking lot. I noticed Cindy turned away from the group staring at the evening horizon. There was a full moon rising, she turned and gave me a secret, loving, smile.

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