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Monster Mash

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“Watch out for the bat!”

I ducked just in time as a flying toy buzzed through the plastic hair on my Frankenstein’s monster mask and crashed into the wall. Immediately, two girls rushed to retrieve it. First to get there was a sensuous Black Cat. With her buxom build and auburn hair flowing down her black velvet back, I guessed that it was Kitty Rourke, the head cheerleader at Hooterville High and a notorious cocktease.

She grabbed the toy and giggled, “Hey, this looks like a…” just then, a tall slender Wicked Witch snatched it from her hand. “…dildo,” She finished.

“And how would you know, Miss Priss?” scorned the witch, whose gravelly voice unmistakably revealed her to be Primrose Promise, nicknamed ‘Primly Promiscuous’ around campus.

Not that I had personal experience of Prom’s promiscuity. Technically, I was still a virgin. I hoped that this Halloween party might change that. Every year, the class president of the student body threw the official unofficial Halloween blow out. It was rumored to be the big opportunity for everyone who didn’t lose their virginity over summer break. Wally Walsh, this year’s president, had promised the best bash ever.

My costume disguised me totally. The boots added four inches to my height. The padded suit made me look solid, not skinny. The rubber mask muffled my normally squeaky voice down to a deep bass rumble. There was an added layer of irony. No one would recognize Frankenstein’s Monster as the nerd known since Frosh Week as ‘Frankie the Fart’. A few moments of flatulence and you are labeled for life. Or high school, which is the same thing in a small town.

Prim and Kitty (if I had guessed right) tussled over the toy bat. The motor buzzed loud enough to be heard over the music emitted by competing stereos on the deck and in an upper bedroom. The witch shoved the cat, pulling the toy free. Pussy clawed back. The witch cackled,. Pussy countered by raking her plastic nails down the witch’s black turtleneck, ripping the fabric. Prim shrieked Her ripe teen breast, unsupported by any bra, flopped free, exposed to the room.. She tossed the bat in the air then launched at the cat woman, one hand sliding between firm young thighs, the other around supple shoulders. In a single athletic swing, the witch tossed the Black Cat out, sending here flying through the sliding deck door, which fortunately was open.

The cat splashed into the hot tub. A drunken football player dressed as a drunken football player grabbed her by both tits and yelled, “Allrighty then. Catfight! Let’s get this party really started.” As he dunked his captive, a toga clad guy and a cowboy grabbed the witch from behind and tossed her into the tub. Water exploded all over the deck.

When the witch sputtered upright, her shirt was torn totally off. Two round tits with no evidence of tan lines were exposed to the crisp fall air. Watching her nipples stiffen, thinking about whether Prim’s excitement was caused by the cold, exhibitionism, or the thrill of touching the Black Cat, gave me a voyeuristic charge. I felt my trouser monster stiffen.

An irony that few of my classmates appreciated was that this Frankenstein’s Monster was equipped with a truly monstrous tool. Flaccid, it tended to hide in my dense pubic hair, so none of the boys likely noticed in the showers. Erect, it was a good ten inches, and a true fistful.

“A real mouthful,” Emmy Sue Harrison had said the summer before at Camp Compunerd, where she accomplished her goal of eating every adult staffer of either gender between her eighteenth birthday and the end-of-summer cookout. Rumour had it she blew a few dads on Parents Day too. Even my Mom was walking bowlegged for hours after she went leaf gathering with Emmy Sue.

The cookout was the last time I saw Emmy Sue, who was still in the Camp Director’s hut when my bus left. Perhaps I’d see her next summer. In the meanwhile, her magic mouth was in Pittsburgh, and my aching balls had only had self relief since. If anyone made ‘clanking iron’ jokes about Frankenstein’s Monster, that would because of the sound of my leaden balls dragging on the ground.

My arousal was interrupted as a dense rowdy crowd of beer swillers blocked my view of the festivities in the tub. I was able to see a witch’s hat sale over my head, followed by a hunk of black velvet wrapped around a lacy bra. “O-kay! Titty time,” Someone yelled. The crowd cheered.

Inside, I headed upstairs in search of a washroom. Half way up the stairs I stumbled across a disheveled Little Red Riding Hood blowing a well endowed Grim Reaper. On the landing, the Big Bad Wolf was tonguing the breasts of a harem girl, who was in turn blowing a guy in surgical scrubs. He completed the chain gang by performing orally on a voluptuous girl dressed in a pirate costume. “Ahoy, Frankie,” she said, “Want your timbers shivered?”

I was about to accept what I guessed was a crudely offered blowjob when I saw she had a studded tongue. This could only be Very Merry Mary Mularkey, the town tramp. Not knowing where that stud had been already, and not wanting to, I grunted and mimed my urgent need of a washroom.

Opening a door, I looked into a bedroom. Just inside, a naughty nun was on all floors being anally attacked by a gladiator as she ate a Swiss Miss’ pussy. The bed was a tangle of arms and legs. I guessed there were at least three gals and two guys mixed into the mess of tangled and torn costumes. No one even noticed me.

The next door was a bathroom, but using it to relieve myself was impossible. In the tub, a nurse was sandwiched between a priest and a cheerleader. My view of the nurse nibbling the pink nipples peeking out the torn letter sweater, and the long thin cock plugging her pussy was partially blocked. Mrs. Walsh, the mother of our class president, whose house this was, was bouncing against the sink, violently fucking one Little Pig as the other two mauled her heavy breasts. Her hands were tied to the sink pedestal, but the restraints were loose and she was vigourously pumping the piggies erect organs. She noticed me. “Frankie, if you can wait a sec, I’d love to see just how well tooled you are.”

I grunted, “Nature calls” and went looking for a place to lighten my bladder. Recalling the house party in American Pie 2, I spied the door to the balcony. Unlike that movie, my stream hit the bushes below, without anyone’s heads getting wet.

Standing in the shadows, I could see the cat fight had calmed down. It turned out the Black Cat was not Kitty Rourke as I had imagined, but was our biology and sex ed teacher, Ms. Grimm. She was engrossed in a contest with the witch, apparently scored by how many loads of fresh cum each swallowed. It seemed as if gobs of goo on their tits counted too. Several girls doubled as fluffers for the fresh cocks and kept the contestants’ chests clean by licking the cum deposits off their tits. Between the legs of the witch, who I confirmed, was Primly Promiscuous, an androgynous Mick Jagger clone crouched in the warm water, practicing his or her vocal skills on Prim’s clit. ‘Mick’ had two sticky fingers probing Prim’s anus, making her squirm. Ms. Grimm used this distraction of Prim to pull ahead in the race.

Aroused more than ever, but not caring to share such public goods, I went inside. Finding a back stairway, I avoided the sordid temptations I had already witnessed. I was massively confused. My cock just wanted a warm pussy, or even a wet mouth around it. It wasn’t as if I had shared my virginity in a tryst of true love, after all. Emmy Sue was a popular and busy gal just providing oral affection. While dressing up tonight, I had relieved my aching balls imagining a party full of orgies like I had just witnessed. In those fantasies, I became the star. Still, I hesitated. If not true love, at least Emmy Sue had made each orgasm seem special. She swallowed sperm sacramentally. Her joy at pursuing her goal anointed her ministry. The head counselor even nick named her “Our Missionary of the Mouth”.

No doubt the disguise afforded by the costumes enabled some of the women to break free of convention, just as it might enable me to be accepted without stigma. Whether or not I knew a playmate’s identity, I knew I had to share a sense of joy. I had refused to join the senior trip to the roadhouse during Frosh Week because prostitutes were no better than my own hand. So, not scoring tonight beat passionless fucking. A mechanically blowjob seemed pointless. Self relief could only be beat by sharing the excitement.

“Come on, Frankie, we’re bobbing for apples in the kitchen,” a sweet soprano voice called.

In a scene straight out of Linus and the Great Pumpkin, Wally Walsh, class president, was dressed as Snoopy. He dumped a bag of apples into a big peach basket. Water splashed out, spraying the flimsy costumes of a couple of flapper girls who looked a lot like the famously slutty Garrett sisters. From along the counter, a couple of guys whistled as the girls’ startled jumping made their skirts flip up.

Watching the twins bobbing, I quickly understood the attraction of the game. As they bent over the tub, from one side, watchers saw the full deal down their frilly tops. Those of us behind instantly noticed the absence of underwear. The Garrett girls might be identical twins, but they differed in at least two ways. The left one had a hairless pussy. The twin on the right still had a tuft of hair trimmed in a cute heart shape. Her thighs also were adorned with wet trails of cum running down them. The girl on the left had a swollen set of pink labia, but looked as fresh as the morning dew.

Without thinking, as if by remote control, I leaned closer. I don’t know why. Was I hoping to stick my nose into that rose, to smell if it was fresh?


It was the same sweet voice which had lured me to the kitchen. I obeyed. The flying dildo/bat buzzed just over my head. I glanced left to locate the speaker. I spotted a literal wall flower- hiding in a corner was a tall slim lass dressed as Ellie Mae Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies, complete with ludicrous blonde wool wig and sock stuffed bosom. I was about to speak when the flying toy struck me in the right ear. The rubber mask softened the blow, but it still stung. Ellie Mae rushed over to see if I was all right, to the amusement of the onlookers. One teased “to hell with him, make sure the dildo works!”

Another shouted, “I think the nurse is still upstairs in the tub. Maybe she’ll lick it better!”

Ellie Mae got some ice out of the beer tub, but I refused to remove my mask. She pressed the ice against my ear. I could smell her sweet breath, but had no idea who she was. Her cotton stuffed boob warmed my cheek.

The onlookers were distracted as the Garrett girls bobbed up with apples, their blouses soaked through with water. ‘Snoopy’ nuzzled their chests, and then rewarded them with a sloppy ‘dog tonguing’ on their cheeks as his hands found the ass of each twin. They giggled through the groping, and then were whisked away by an Arab Sultan, a railway conductor and a ghost.

“More bobbing sluts. We need more sluts,” Snoopy lead a rousing drunken horny chorus.

His command was obeyed by the gladiator I had seen earlier, and an army chaplain, who escorted in the naughty nun from upstairs and Pocahontas. The nun immediately dunked in the apple tub, hoisting her habit to display a rosy rump. The Indian Princess was passed around the room, getting drunkenly mauled by a dozen manly boys, and a few randy girls. She took it good naturedly, even when she was bent across the counter. She immediately swallowed a goblin’s rigid cock while a Rapunzel ripped the potato sack Indian costume off and then attacked the upraised cherry coloured nipples like Rapunzel had not eaten for a week. Other guys crowded around, waiting their turn as the Princess started to pull a train.

This, combined with the Garrett girls show, revved my cock beyond semi tumescence to full mahogany. Ellie Mae snuggled closer. Her hand began stroking my cock through the monster suit as we watched the apple bobbing. My hand took on a life of its own, rolling around her slender waist, exploring the space between her rolled and tied shirt and the cutoff jeans. The soft young tummy was all real. My thumb teased her navel. My fingers fumbled with the button on her waistband.

‘Bill Clinton’ approached the naughty nun from behind as ‘Snoopy’ teased her by steering each apple away from her mouth. Bill ran a cigar along the nun’s moist nether lips. With his other hand, he unzipped his pants. Ellie gasped as Bill’s huge tool flopped out, not quite fully erect. Her hand stroked the front of my pants more aggressively.

Bill used his cigar as a dildo, fucking the nun deeply, first with slow strokes, and then increasing the tempo. Her head kept bobbing for the fruit, which Snoopy kept shifting out of her range. Just as she came up grinning with a ripe red apple, Bill replaced the cigar with his cock, entering her with a single thrust. She gasped, dropping her treasure. Snoopy chuckled and unleashed his own cock, stuffing it into her hungry mouth. The nun was pretty drunk, and she had trouble coordinating licking Snoopy’s meat with the thumping Bill was giving her from behind. She kept falling face first into the tub. Ellie Mae started giggling at the sight of the drenched nun.

I spied the dildo bat on the floor beside Ellie Mae, still humming. Slipping my hand out of her pants while her attention was riveted on the threesome straddling the tub, I grabbed the toy and ran it up her thigh. She squirmed and purred softly.

“That’s wonderful, Frankie,” she whispered, “but I think we best not be here if Hillary Rodham shows up. I heard the Walshes have a big Cee-ment pond out back, hidden behind yonder trees. What say we go check it out? Y’all up fer a lil skinny dippin?”

Suddenly I realized this wanton creature might be mine. If I got her stripped of her disguise, she could not deny her actions Monday at school. If Emmy Sue’s praises of my shaft were any hint, I would either have a new girl friend, or at least rumours about me in the girl’s locker room. A ‘can’t lose’ situation.

Ellie Mae took me by the hand and led me out, down the garden path and through a screen of cedars. In the darkness, I could just see the shape of a diving board, and some lounge chairs. The pool was unlit. The scent of chlorine mixed with Ellie Mae’s perfume.

We were not alone. Quiet voices stirred the night air. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I made out a couple making out on a lounger. The woman’s costume was in tatters, but might have begun the night as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. She was deeply kissing a French Musketeer. Her tiny hand made his pulsing cock look gigantic. As we watched, he kissed down her throat to nuzzle the valley of her ample bosom. After a few moments of suckling her left nipple, he stood beside the chair. The girl understood what was expected. In one gulp, his sword was swallowed. Despite the darkness, the thick knob of his cock was easily visible stretching her cheek. She shifted slightly and there was an audible gulp as the shaft slid with polished ease into her open throat. Her hand milked the Musketeer’s balls. Ellie Mae snuggled under my arm, reaching around my padded waist to tease my cock, searching for the zipper.

“Hey, guys, enjoying the show?” D’Artagnan asked. “Want to join in? Her pussy is ripe for licking. Sorry, but someone came in it already. Prince Charming, or the Hairy Godfather, I think.”

“No thanks,” Ellie Mae answered, and led me down past the lounger.

A splash caught our attention. Someone must have moved the apple bobbing to the pool. Half a dozen women and as many guys, in various states of costume, were jumping into the water, trying to grab apples in their teeth. In the shallow end, I saw guys who wore the remnants of Prince Charming and Godmother outfits taking turns licking the pussy of the Walsh’s 50 year old neighbour, Mrs. Wurst. This was a woman whose lawn I had cut for five years. Many a day as a youth, I had fantasized about her bountiful breasts, but she had always seemed very proper. There was no nude sunbathing, nor thong bikinis. She was a Sunday School teacher. Now I saw that her pussy hair was in a heart shape and she had “Bikers do it best” tattooed next to a rose on her left tit. The right one was tattooed “Apply Lips Here” with a lips logo and an arrow pointing at her nipple.

As we circled the pool, taking in the show, we heard Mrs. Wurst beg for a hard cock to suck. Out of the shadows came the one kid at school nerdy than me, Harvey Plotz. Harvey had arrived at the party only because he was delivering pizzas, Halloween or not.

Next day at school Harvey told me it had been his last and biggest order of the night. Someone had paid over the phone by credit card, so he had no need to return to the store. Mrs. Walsh had come to the door still naked, cum trails running down her thighs and lipstick smeared around her mouth. She had taken the pizzas and told him to wait for a tip. His cock had no doubt stiffened as he watched her Thighmaster sculpted ass walk away. While Harvey waited, the Swiss Miss rushed up, perhaps not realizing in her booze and hormone altered state that it wasn’t a guy dressed in a pizza delivery costume. She squeezed Harvey’s whiskerless cheeks in her cum coated hands and planted a wide open mouth kiss on him.

“Fresh meat, girls,” she yelled.

Harvey explained that the Swiss Miss, Lil Red Riding Hood and the cheerleader grabbed him and hauled him onto a couch in the corner, where they proceeded to tear his uniform off. Swiss Miss fellated him, sucking his already rising cock deep into her throat in one breath, then releasing it so she and Red could lave it with their tongues. The cheerleader pushed him into a lying position and lowered her pleated skirt over his face. Since she had already lost her panties, he got a face full of fresh pussy. Apparently the shower scene had not included a cock for her, and she had not even cum. Harvey reported that she was turned on (from having her tits licked well, I knew) that she almost instantly flooded his face with a torrential gush of her juices. Meanwhile, Swiss Miss grasped his cock- not that it needed help standing up- as Red climbed aboard, facing the cheer babe. Swiss Miss licked away at the junction of red’s labia with his shaft as the two riders kissed and toyed with each other. Harvey only caught brief glimpses of this through the pleats of the cheerleader skirt. The various actions all built Harvey up to new heights, and after several minutes, his cum exploded into Red’s womb. Red continued riding him as he stayed rigid, while Swiss Miss licked whatever leaked out. Red and the cheerleader then tumbled off to the floor. Swiss Miss, seeing Harvey was still erect, leapt aboard. Her orgasm came in waves, Harvey recalled, milking the second load out of his cock. She lay exhausted across his body while the other two girls were joined by Mrs. Walsh in cleaning stray cum- Harvey’s and the girls’ – off of him.

Mrs. Walsh had then suggested he head out to the pool to ‘get another tip’.

“I was shocked how randy Mrs. Walsh seemed,” I told Harvey.

“Dude, you know those Friday night bridge parties she hosts when her hubby is out golfing? She always makes me her last order.”

“But, uh, my Mom plays in those games…”

“Yup, and Mrs. Wurst. They vary the fourth.”

“You mean my Mom….and you?” If I hadn’t seen Mrs. Wurst swallow his sausage at the party, I would have known it was all fiction. That, plus Edna Walsh’s naked glory in the washroom, gave Harvey’s story credibility. But- my mother? She was a second grade teacher. Never dressed sexy. Wore only sensible briefs. Come to think of it, she had smiled for many a mile after her hike with Emmy Sue. Hmmmm….

“Yup. Dude, your Mom is one sweet fuck. And I think I know. With that variable fourth, I figure I’ve had half the MILF’s in town. Must be at least thirty by now. Your Mom is the hottest. She is an amazing cock sucker because when I pump my load into her mouth, I never see a dribble from around her mouth. But that’s not the hottest part. She loves to start the party by getting a mouthful then swapping it to one of the other women, kissing them. Most of them go for it. The best time, it was her and Ms. Grimm. They got so into it they must have tongue swapped for ten minutes. Meanwhile, your Mom started taking Grimmie’s shirt off, with help from Sally Wurst. Edna Walsh stripped your Mom, and then slid between them to lick your Mom’s pussy. I had planned to reward your Mom by fucking her ass, but Edna’s ass looked so sweet, I just went for it. To top it all off, Sally had a strap on. Guess what she did?”

“Harvey, this is already WAY tmi…”

“She fucked me, dude, right up the coal chute. I would never let a guy do that, but with Sally’s udders buried against my back, and my cock buried to the hilt in Edna, it all seemed right. I pulled out before I came, and sprayed gism all over Edna’s back. The other three licked her clean while I rested. Then we all showered, so their hubbies wouldn’t get wind. Of course, as we washed each other, Grimmie got hold of my cock. Once she stroked it hard again, the three of them all shared licks, like girls with one ice cream cone. Finally, they agreed Grimmie deserved a good dose of meat. Edna and your Mom licked her titties as I fucked her from behind. She liked it so much that she took me home so she could have more for breakfast. That’s something that never happens with the married ones.”

“Way tooo much information, Harvey.”

“Guess what else?”

“Don’t tell me, Harvey. She had a Doberman…”

“Eww, gross. No! It was Saturday, so she invited me to stay and watch through a one way mirror while she gave a private tutorial. It was two pair of twins. The Garrett sisters and the Holstein brothers. Their parents paid her a thousand dollars per kid to teach them all about sex. First she had Jesse strip. That boy had a beer can cock. She had each Garrett sister inspect it closely, and touch it all over, including watching it rise. She then made them take turns checking out Mouse Holstein’s equipment. It wasn’t as thick, and of course, it was already erect, but it was very long. Ms. Grimm showed Gina Garrett how to lick it, then got Georgia going on Jesse. The boys blew their first loads before Grimmie even let them in the twins’ mouths. While they rested up, she stripped so all four could see a mature woman’s anatomy. Then she stripped the girls herself, lecturing on the differences with an eighteen year old. Did you know that even identical twins are slightly different?”

“So I heard.” Having seen the Garrett twins bobbing for apples at the Halloween party, and getting hauled up the stairs to orgy country, I was more ready to accept the truth of this part of Harvey’s story.

“Well, Gina had huge pink areolae, with broad flat nipples. Georgia’s were smaller buds, but her brownish nipples stuck out like baby thumbs. Plus Georgia had a butterfly tattoo on the right cheek of her ass, and Gina’s was on the left. Ms. Grim started by using Georgia as a mannequin to show how to please a woman. Watching Grimmie run her tongue around Georgia’s nipples got me pretty stiff behind the mirror, and Jesse and Gina got revved too. Jesse started licking Gina’s pussy. Then Gina shifted into a 69 position and deep throated him, swallowing his cum. It took a while for Grimmie to notice, she and Mousse were busy, each sucking one of Georgia’s nipples, then sharing one. Then she showed Mouse how to lick down a female torso. Once she got Mouse practicing pussy licking, she noticed Gina and Jesse’s disobedience.”

I was swept up in Harvey’s story now. “What did she do then?”

“To punish them, Ms. Grimm spanked Gina and made her sit in the corner while Grimmie finished with Georgia. I was busy for a while enjoying watching Georgia squirm as Mouse’s tongue darted into her petals, opening her just like flower. He worked slowly as Ms. Grim talked him through each stage, explaining what a woman likes. How to pierce her opening, tease the clit while laving the walls of the pussy. How he should curl his tongue to scoop the clit upright, then spin it like a top. The importance of following that up with fingers, paying attention to the G-spot. She reminded him to vary the direction of the tongue, switching from rotation to little cock-like stabbing motions. After Georgia came two or three times and collapsed on the bed, Ms. Grim finally used Mouse as a practice dummy to show how intercourse worked.”

“How did she punish Jesse?” I asked, more engrossed in the story now that mention of my Mom had stopped. Plus seeing the Garrett twins in the apple bobbing had deepened my appreciation of their beauty. Despite my Halloween night with Ellie Mae, they loomed as attractive novelties. Every guy wants to have twins, together, at least once.

“She made him be her fluffer. He had to lick Mouse’s cock erect. Then she had Mouse tie Jesse to a chair in the corner and Jesse couldn’t touch his stiff cock. He was restrained while he watched Mouse fuck first Ms. Grim then Georgia. Between each one, Jesse had to lick Mouse back up. While Mouse did Grimmie, Gina had to eat Georgia’s pussy. When it was Georgia’s turn with Mouse, Gina had to clean the cream pie out of Grimmie. Georgia must have thought it looked pretty good, because she turned around and got Mouse going doggy style, so she could help clean Grimmie.”

“Did Jesse and Gina ever get more? And how about you?”

“Watching Mouse’s long lance penetrating Georgia’s fresh pussy really got me going, but I came the second time when Jesse slammed his beer can into Gina. She humped up at him like a trout taking a fly. Mouse fed her his cock. She took him cleanly without losing her rhythm with Jesse for a second. It was like ballet, only better. Meanwhile, Ms. Grim instructed Mouse on how to eat cream pie from Georgia. They had a regular daisy chain going.”

“Did you get to join in?”

“No. But the Saturday after, even though Ms. Grim wasn’t at the bridge night, I got to watch Ms. Grim teach them about anal sex.”

Mention of bridge nights brought unsettling images of my mother back into my head. Fortunately, the bell rang. I would never be able to look Ms. Grimm in the eye again. Facing my mother would be hard enough. Facing her without getting hard might be impossible for that matter.

That morning after, I also learned why a standard senior class Halloween bash had turned into a full blown orgy. Wally Walsh’s dad was a research chemist. He was secretly developing a ‘liquid Viagra’. Wally had stolen some of the serum, and had spiked the punch, the apple tub, and the entire Cee-ment pond. Unfortunately, he had tripled the concentration. Wally also did not know that his Dad had sprayed the air at the party with an air born version of the experimental drug. While Wally and Edna Walsh were partaking in the revels, Dr. Walsh was hiding in his lab videotaping the behaviour. No wonder virgin girls ripped their clothes off, and straight women licked pussies. Wally’s Dad lost his job over the party, but no one complained, so no criminal charges followed. The Walshes got everyone to sign releases and now make a nice living selling copies of segments of the tape on the internet porn market. Wally’s Dad also still cooks up his ‘homebrew’ for a select few.

But that was the morning after, and beyond.

Back at the Halloween party, Ellie Mae had my erect cock firmly in hand, stroking away as we watched Harvey, Sally Wurst, Prince Charming and the Hairy Godfather squirming at the edge of the pool. The Prince scissored Mrs. Wurst’s legs around his waist, and drunkenly tried to steer his swollen cock towards her opening. She interrupted licking Harvey long enough to beg Hairy to “just put it in for us, darling, and you can fuck my ass after. My ass isn’t quite virgin, but it is still fresh tonight. A macho trannie like you better not be afraid to touch a little dick.”

Prince Charming was recognizable as one of the senior class’ most notorious braggarts. Seeing that his cock was below standard size explained why he avoided showering after gym class. Ellie Mae made a giggling remark about “some Princes need bigger swords.”

She snuggled closer to me, her breath warm around the edges of my mask, her hand busily priming my pump. My cock had only known Emmy Sue’s hand and my own, but somehow I knew Ellie Mae’s touch was the gold standard. She alternated between long soft strokes with minimal pressure, and teasing squeezes at the base and head. Each time her hand reached the bottom of my shaft, her fingers raked my aching balls, sending shivers up my spine and throbbing pulses through my cock. At the opposite end, her tiny hand would cup my fat crown and then draw back sharply, pulling the slit open. I sensed that in my extended state of arousal, this could not last long. The scent of the warm pussy I held in the hand curled around her ass inside those cutoff jeans added to the intensity.

Ellie Mae either senses my impending explosion, or just knew what the pulsing in her hand foretold. Either way, she whispered, “I want our first time a little less exposed. Let’s go into those trees.”

I was speechless. First time? Did she know I was, technically at least, still a virgin? Was she? Since she was tugging on my cock like a leash, I followed.

The night was even darker with no lights, and a screen of oaks blocking the moonlight. Ellie Mae kissed me deeply as her hands fumbled urgently with the snaps and buttons closing my costume. Talk was unnecessary. She seemed possessed. Even after I learned of the secret experiment, I recalled her haste as inspiring. Her first words were “You really are a monster! I need that giant cock inside me. Help me with these clothes. But be gentle. I’m still a virgin. So far, I have only given head. Well, that and girly play.” She giggled.

Her top was held shut only by the knot tying the shirt tails together below her bra. It had already unraveled in our wrestling, so it only required a single tug to completely open. Once I had her blouse undone, the socks stuffed in the ridiculous bra just popped out, right in my face. Ellie Mae unhooked her bra.

She was surprisingly full and firm. I had just assumed that within the camouflage lurked teeny tits. Instead, Ellie Mae had natural eighteen year old breasts the size of half grapefruits. Breathing raised and lowered them. Just watching redoubled the stiffness of my cock.

She lifted them gently in her hands, as if weighing them. Her thumbs wrapped around the curves, as she squeezed the flesh in her palms. One at a time, she tweaked each nipple with a thumb. She did this just once, slowly, building my anticipation. She paused, watching me watching her.

“Not exactly monster size tits I’m afraid,” she sighed. In the moonlight I only guessed she was blushing.

“Perfect for this monster.”

Her nipples were unlike any of the few I had seen up close before. Perhaps surveying the dozens on display at the party, they would not be unique. But, in this first moment of them being all mine, I was spellbound. The expression ‘thumb like’ nipples is inadequate for her beauties. These ones reacted so intensely to the cool autumn night that their length was half the size of a baby finger. I had never seen nipples coloured the shade of a new copper penny.

“Touch them.”

That was all the urging I needed to test them. I moved my hands around to caress her nipples. I flicked each in turn, just once, with the side of a finger. I watched, hypnotized, as they bobbed up then down, pulling the weight of the breast with them.

I could smell her excitement as we stood together just a few yards from the other partiers, but still alone in the woods. Cupping her breasts in my palms, I turned her around and held her closely, nibbling her left ear. I kissed the side of her neck. She twisted her face to find mine. Her lips lightly touched mine, her tongue pressing between my teeth. We stood there tasting each other, her breath flowing through her flesh into my hands, my fingers caressing her nipples. Finally, she broke the kiss. I explored further with my tongue.

“Ouch. I thought it was vampires that suck blood from the neck,” she playfully protested as I softly ground my teeth on the curve where shoulder met throat.

We just stood there a few minutes allowing me to gently pull on her nipples into tiny erections as she began to move her ass against my stiff rod. Taking my cue from a subtle change in her breathing, I moved around her, crushing her boobs into my chest while I finally undid her shorts. “Please suck my nipples, Frankie.”

I crouched down and tasted her tits as I pushed her shorts to the ground.

As my lips closed over the tips, she arched her back and held my head against each breast in turn, moaning. I reached inside her shorts just in time to feel a fresh gush of moisture as her pussy clamped around my fingers. With each suck, her pussy clenched in tempo.

“What about my cunt, Frankie? Please. I can’t wait much longer.”

I caressed her firm young ass as I kissed down her flat belly, exploring and licking her tender flesh. She helped by tugging her cute baby blue bikini panties down ,exposing a natural looking blond bush, not obviously trimmed, but girlish- just a sparse nest of fine wavy hairs. I removed my tongue from her navel and leaned back, admiring the sight. I worked my fingers around the inside of her thighs from her ass, pulling her labia open gently.

Even after all the nude bodies I had seen at the party, there was something exceptional about hers. It was a religious experience, full of wonderment. I gently kissed her outer lips, and then worked out rather than in, tasting the silkiness of her inner thighs. I licked my way back to her slit, slowly exposing each new layer of tenderness as I pulled her buttocks apart and moved my fingers slowly into the space between her cheeks. My fingers teased her anus, making Elle Mae moan, softly, her sweet soprano “oh” barely audible. Then she giggled again.

My other fingers slowly gently worked her pussy open, revealing the inner layers one by one. I stopped at each step to taste her freshness anew. After each stroke of my tongue, I paused. “Oh, I like that, Ellie Mae murmured. “ Each time you start, it’s like an unexpected thrill.”

I pushed my thumbs deeply inside, pulling her open more. I used my tongue rapidly now to lap at her exposed clit.

“Oh, Frankie, suck my cunt. Eat my clit.”

Ellie Mae grabbed my mask, tugging at the ears. “Let’s get this off, so you can fit better.”

I resisted briefly, until she sighed. “Frankie, I know it’s you. Look at me.”

She pulled my head up. With her other hand, she discarded the wig. I was shocked to see that Ellie Mae was actually Kitty Rourke, the seductive tease I had mistakenly confused with the Black Cat when I arrived.

“I have always wanted you Frankie. Somehow, I knew behind your shyness was a great lover. I never guessed you would have such a monster cock. You picked the perfect costume.”

“But, you said you are a …”

“Virgin? I am. I know every body jokes about Kitty’s pussy, but other than the Garrett girls and Ms. Grimm, no one has ever tasted it before.” She blushed. “I sucked a few cocks for practice, but knew the first time had to be special. I’m glad it’s you.”

Having said this, she, pulled my mask off. She allowed me to press her back on a bed of leaves. Even in the Halloween darkness, the panorama of fall colors set off her flaming red hair. It was like a scene in a movie where suddenly the shading turns from black and white to Technicolor.

She placed one hand at the back of my head and forced me against her wetness. Sharing her desire, I pressed three fingers deep into her juicy cunt, probing the walls of her swollen pussy as I continued to lick and suck her engorged clit. Kitty moaned loudly now my fingers once again slipped up her ass. I felt her convulse with what I guessed was an orgasm. I did not abandon licking her sweetness as she bucked her hips off the ground. My fingers probed her passionately as I slurped up her fragrant secretions.

Kitty caught her breath. We lay there, listening to other partiers using the pool as a trysting spot, cutting through the woods coming and going. I noticed I was laying on something stiff. Reaching under me, I discovered the motorized bat. Turning it on, I steered it so it flew across her heaving breast, tickling the nipples. I grabbed it before it got away. This time, I directed it up her steaming twat. She purred like her namesake.

She reached down and pulled her up her lying body, so my hips straddled her chest. She pulled her head off the ground and took my cock deep into her throat. “I told you I have been practicing,” she murmured, pausing while licking my balls. “It’s like I wanted to be an expert cocksucker just to please you at this moment.”

She switched between taking me fully down her throat and licking my shaft and head like a Popsicle. Her tongue worked exquisitely, carving circles all around my purple head as her hand caressed my scrotum.

She milked my balls and fingered my ass. Not having cum yet, despite all the stimulation, I knew I would not last long. “I can’t hold much longer.”

“Go ahead, Frankie. I want you to flood my mouth with your sperm.”

She bobbed up and down, swallowing my entire cock deeply into her open throat. Within a minute, I lost control, and filled her mouth with hot seed. She grasped me around the base of my shaft, refusing to release me from her throat until my entire offering as spent. When I felt pumped dry, I slid down Kitty’s body, lying on top of her .She stretched up and kissed me, feeding me a ball of my own cum.

We rested, watching the earliest faint hint of dawn painting the sky, listening to other lovers sing their own private songs. Beneath me, I felt her rock hard nipples stabbing my chest as the toy buzzed in her pussy.

“Frankie, I’m close to cumming. I want you inside me.”

My cock was trapped between us in a semi rigid condition. “I want to be on top,” she purred.

Kitty rolled me onto my back and squatted beside me. She pushed her shimmering red hair aside, bobbing up and down, taking my hardening cock fully in her mouth with ease. “This sure beats bobbing for apples” she joked, catching her breath, a long tease of spittle connecting her chin to the eye of my revived monster.

Grasping me firmly by the root, she swung her left leg across me in a practiced gymnastic move. She rode me roughly like a pony, her hair flying wildly, her moans no longer restrained. Each stroke she increased the tempo. I started bucking my hips up off the ground to meet her. Her nails raked my chest. As her panting deepened, she leaned forward, forcing her erect nipples into my mouth, screaming, “Bite me, make me bleed.”

Kitty bounced forcefully in the crisp fall air for minutes which seemed like hours. She began rotating her hips, twisting gently from side to side, her pussy muscles kneading my hardness.

Each time her tits brushed past my face, I lunged at a nipple. About every third time, I caught one, making her “ouch” as the soft skin stretched out from her tit until I released it from my teeth. The harder I bit, the more intensely her cunt clenched around me like a fist.

“Fuck me hard,” Kitty commanded.

Noticing the bat toy discarded nearby, I applied it directly to her clit, beginning with a gentle circular rubbing motion. I discovered I could vary the speed of the motor, increasing then reducing the intensity of the vibrations. Kitty met the thrusts of my cock, while keeping her clit pressed against the toy. By moving the toy I guided her motion, exploring new angles of penetration and electronic stimulation. Then I started rolling the tip of the toy directly on her button. The pulses traveled through her, invigorating my cock, stiffening it to greater girth.

Suddenly, Kitty fell forward and bit down hard on the side of my neck, giving me a mark to match the one I had left earlier on her. With a final twist of her hips, she pushed down harder on me. “Yesssss,” she screamed, breaking the silence of the still night air.

Exhausted, Kitty collapsed. I was still hard inside her. “Your turn,” she whispered.

Softly, she rubbed her body against mine, planting tiny kisses. Gradually, she built up a rolling motion, never breaking contact. She located my hands and guided them to her ass. I used her cheeks as handles to piston her tight cunt up and down the length of my shaft.

Seconds later, a fresh load of cum erupted out of my loins, flooding her womb. “Guess they won’t call me Miss Priss anymore,” she chuckled.

We were still laying in that little clearing at mid day when a still naked Edna Walsh tripped over us. She was walking hand in hand with Ms. Grimm, who wore only a necklace of beer can pull tabs. They pretended they were looking for empty bottles, but something about the redness of their cheeks hinted at more amorous motives. Kitty asked Ms. Grim about the beer tabs. The teacher blushed. Edna explained, “That’s how she and Prim kept score last night in the hot tub. Poor Prim needs more practice. I think hers is more like an ankle bracelet.”

Kitty’s was one of many babies born in Hooterville the next July.

Luckily, Kitty has been a loving and understanding wife. We enjoyed a wonderful wedding, including sharing the Garrett twins after the rehearsal party. There were many Halloween parties that all seemed to end up in the woods beside the Walshes’ Cee-ment pond, but none as special as our first time.

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