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More Fading Vanilla

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Really?” Bill, my husband said when I said ‘ok’ to a question he had asked many times.

“Yes Bill, really,” I said probably sounding more confident than I felt.

It was a Sunday afternoon. We were lying on the floor of our lounge. We were both naked as we had just had sex. It had been good, in fact it had been very good; I so love being fucked doggy style with me on all fours and with my lover draped around my body.

Bill had, not only lasted well for a man in his early fifties, but he had also supplied me with a wonderful range of foreplay including licking my clit, pussy and anus. I had offered to suck him, but he had become too aroused and had wanted to fuck me as soon as possible.

He had made me cum twice before he exploded inside me and we both collapsed onto the thick pile, beige carpet. We lay there stroking each other and kissing gently. It was then, ten minutes or so after finishing when both of us were just about out of the traumas of our orgasms that he had said.

“I would still love to see you with another woman Dan.”

This was a few weeks after Bill had shared me with James, a gorgeous and very rich man he had found from a swingers site on the Internet. That had come about after telling me for the umpteenth time how he would like to see with another woman. I had always completely rejected that idea. We had both shared a rather conservative sex-life with mine being very vanilla. Since the age of nineteen, some twenty-six years ago before I met Bill I had not been with another man. During that time, it had never occurred to me to consider other men as potential lovers. For those twenty-six years, I have been impeccably behaved sexually; I have never had a man touch me or even kiss me other than a peck on the cheek. I have never had any sexual feelings about other women and had always considered myself to be completely straight. As I had said to Bill when he asked me about going with a woman as he watched. ‘Women do nothing for me.’ He had, half-jokingly I had thought, responded with. ‘What about another man then?’

I had taken some persuasion, but in the end agreed. Bill found James on the Internet, we had lunch at a lovely restaurant in Cambridge and then spent the afternoon, evening and night at his lovely converted barn near Magdelene college.

That had changed my outlook on life and my attitude towards sex. I felt as though I had been let free, emboldened and liberated. Deep down I had always been one of those women who felt guilty about enjoying sex. As I had got older that had been less of an issue and the time with James had ‘lifted the burden from me.’

So many things had happened in such a short time that my inhibitions had ‘flown out the window.’ Then and since I felt no guilt about having and giving oral sex to a virtual stranger or having him fuck me three times. Even more amazingly I had been aroused by watching him firstly caress then suck my husband’s cock.

Since Cambridge, I had been a different woman. I had become sexually curious and adventurous, at least in theory. I acknowledged that I enjoyed sex and felt no shame or guilt in that. I recognised that sex was like a drug, a sort of buzz. I also now realised that it didn’t matter how you got the buzz, it was getting it that was key. That’s why I was not fazed by Bill having his cock sucked by James and why I had now changed my mind about another woman.

“I’ll get onto it” Bill had said.

“But not some slapper from the Internet” I had replied.

“It was ok with James.”

I told Bill that was different and I was not sure I could go with a woman with whom I had no emotional involvement. We talked about it several more times until one evening when he got in from work he said.

“Lyn down the pub,” mentioning a girl that sometimes joined a group of us at the local pub we went to most Wednesday evenings. Lyn was an actress who often entertained us with outrageous tales of the goings on behind the scenes and after hours at the theatres and TV studios in which she worked. She had absolutely no inhibitions at all and talked very openly about her sexual exploits giving very strong hints that she might well be bi. “But then no one in the entertainment business knows what the hell they are,” she had once to a group of us.

Probably in her mid to late thirties, but almost certainly not the youthful age she claimed, she was single, but had had a host of partners and made claims to having had, ‘far more than I can count or would even want to.’ Tall, around 5 feet nine, to my five six she had a dancer’s figure. It was slim like mine and neither of had much in the breast department. She had very long legs and what looked to be a supple body going on how one Boxing Day she won the limbo contest in the pub by getting under the pole at eighteen inches, and in a skirt. Quite pretty, but certainly no beauty in my eyes she had a rather hard looking face with thin lips and small eyes, I guess we were not unalike in appearance either. Clearly knowing though how to make the best of make-up, her longish blonde hair, that she usually wore down with a slight frizz to the tresses and her lithe long-legged figure, unlike me she always looked dramatically glamorous and, I suppose, fairly available. Despite this, I had never heard any rumours in the village about her going with anyone from nearby but several times she was seen in local restaurants with women who presumably stayed at her flat overnight. Hence there was a fair amount of goodhearted speculation about her sexuality

On balance, I thought that Bill had made a good choice from an availability viewpoint certainly, but the thought of it still did nothing sexually for me and I was really dreading it should it happen.

For most women to ‘fancy’ another person there generally needs to be more than a physical attraction. Sexually I think that is the defining difference between the genders. Broadly speaking a man will fuck a woman if he finds her attractive. We don’t do that either, with male or female partners. Something else is needed. Lyn was certainly attractive and sexy enough for me, but that ‘something extra’ wasn’t there.

“Do you think you could ask her?” he flabbergasted me by asking. That was the limit and we had a blazing row with me telling him that I had changed my mind and that he could “fuck off if he wanted.” This went on for a few days during which his manipulation was at its most extreme and effective. Inevitably, I suppose I once more agreed that I would do it but I would not ask her. I thought and rather hoped that would be the end of it.

In his own indomitable way Bill solved the dilemma. She came into the pub a couple of Wednesdays later talking, as usual, about her latest adventures and sexual exploits in the theatre. “Well just the producer and leading man” she replied to someone’s query as to whether she had got lucky. “Oh messed around with the leading lady as well of course, got to keep in with the power brokers hasn’t a girl?” she beamed at us completely unabashed.

Bill managed to get the three of us alone at one end of the bar and cleverly turned the conversation around to rather saucy matters asking her about her exploits. This went on for a while with Lyn and him becoming ever more open and then, right out of the blue he came out with.

“You know Lyn, I reckon you could help an old married couple rekindle the spark in their marriage couldn’t you?”

She made some witty response ending with. “Any couple in mind Bill?”

Laughing he said. “Well I bet you can guess can’t you?”

She looked at both of us and went on. “Close to home are they?”

“Yes very,” he replied moving if anything closer to her as she said.

“What did you have in mind?”

I could hardly believe what was happening as he went on very boldly with what seemed to be the bombshell.

“I’ve always wanted to see my wife with another woman?”

There was silence as Lyn’s gaze slowly went from Bill to me and back again. It seemed to me as though she was thinking about it and I was rather hoping she would say no and go off in a huff. She took a sip of her drink as she once more looked at me and back to him before saying softly.

“Mmmm might be fun.” She looked at me and held my gaze as she said very softly. “What do you think Dani, is it OK with you?”

As they both stared at me I could hardly breathe let alone reply so, like a fool, I just nodded and covered my embarrassment by putting the glass to my lips.

“Why not get another round Bill?” Lyn said.

“Sure, same again?” We both nodded and he went off to the bar.

Lyn moved very close to me and said in a whisper. “Are you comfortable with this Dani?”

That made me feel much better. “Yes Lyn, yes I think I am.”

“Presumably it’s Bill’s idea.”


“And have you been with a woman before?”

I shook my head and said ver quietly. “No never.”

“Have you wanted to?”


“So why now and why me?”

“Bill and I are experimenting with different thing. He has been asking me for probably ten years if I would go with a woman.”

“And you have said no, so what has made you change your mind?”

I gave her quick synopsis of the episode with James. She said she understood and asked.

“Has that sort of freed you up Dani?”

“Yes, well it seems to have done that, but also it has made me curious about many aspects of sex and has prompted me to want to try more. I have led a very closeted sex-life. Until James I had not been with a man other than Bill since before we were married. Does this all make sense?”

“Yes, perfectly, I have sort of been there myself and got the too tight wet tee shirt.”

I laughed. “Are you ok with it.”

“Oh yes I am very ok, to tell you the truth I have always fancied you and Bill.”

As she was saying that Bill returned and heard her say that.

“Hold on a sec Lyn. Flattered though I am, this does not necessarily include me. It might just be you and Dani as I watch.”

“Yeah right,” she said laughing. “Pigs might fly.”

“True” Bill replied. “This is all a about Dan and me experimenting and I have this really big”

Lyn interrupted laughing. “Really now? You are a lucky girl Dani.”

“I was going to say. Really big thing about being voyeur.”

“Well it his choice isn’t it Dani.”

“Sure is, but Bill you did say the same about James.”

“And what happened then?” Lyn asked.

“He joined in.”

“As he will I bet with us Dan, if he is anything of a man he will not be able to resist the two of us together.”

“Well we’ll see won’t we?” Bill said.

Lyn seemed surprised and again asked if I was ok with it. Her understanding and consideration for my feelings together with her confession that she reiterated about fancying me and her looks and body began to provide that ‘something extra.’

Things then progressed quite quickly and it was arranged that the three of us would have lunch on Sunday at the pub then go back to our house, which was just a short walk away.

I hardly thought of anything else between then and Sunday and several times I tried to talk Bill out of it but there was no way that he was going to agree so my destiny was set for Sunday.

My feelings about going with Lyn were very mixed. The actual thought of being with a woman was very daunting again, but was slowly becoming exciting as well was exciting. Several times I thought of ringing Lyn and saying let’s forget it, but I didn’t and by time if nothing else I was becoming more and more committed

The idea of having sex with her in front of Bill was, when I was really honest with myself appealing; the exhibitionist side of me that had reare its ugly head with James was surfacing again.

I guess my main objection was the rather cold-blooded nature of the whole thing. I think that I would have been happier had it have been spontaneous when we were all a little tipsy. If Lyn and I had got it on like that I don’t think I would have had a problem The idea that we had propositioned her, had planned what we were going to do and when we were going to do it and now I had wait the few days was unappealing. In fact the Thursday, Friday and Saturday seemed interminably long. The bonus, though, was that Bill and I made love each of those nights and without the aid of the camera hence, I fucked him and not that for a change!

Funnilly enough, the prospect of the sex with Lyn, was not as daunting I would have imagined it would be. The daunting aspect was that I had no idea what I should do with her. The emotional side of it was sorting itself out. I liked Lyn, could see that she had a lovely body and that Billclearly fancied her all helped. Just why Bill wanted to see me with another woman was a strong concern. That was accompanied by his refusal to answer fully whether he would want to join in.

“I don’t know if I would want to or whether I would prefer just to watch the two of you two,” he said very non-committal. I wanted to ask what he would do if he did join in, but I guess I was scared of the answer so I didn’t.

At the lunch I purposefully drank more than I usually did at that time. We were all friendly and Bill was on top form. When he wants to be, which is usually more in business than social situations, he can be charming company. And with Lyn he was just that. He was very chatty cracking jokes and making double entendres that Lyn and even I could not help smiling at.

When he went to the loo she said to me. “Are you really ok with this Dani?”

I again nodded and said that I was a little nervous. She went on. “Look if at any time you want to stop just say so and I’ll piss off, ok?” The ‘something else’ was becoming more and more in play!

Just as I saw him coming back Lyn asked,

“So what’s it all about?”

“Who knows, male menopause perhaps” I replied as Bill returned and Lyn laughed.

In the house, Lyn sat in the middle of a settee her feet tucked under her bottom. As she was wearing a short, black skirt she was showing her legs almost up to her panties and that, and the fact that the pink, loose knit top she was wearing outside her skirt was showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra, made for a very come on sexy pose. Bill poured us brandies and I made coffee that we sipped as we chatted almost as though nothing was unusual.

“You have a lovely house,” she said after a while and Bill asked if she would like to look round it adding. “Come on Dani let’s show Lyn round.”

I realised that he had thought out the route for we got to our bedroom last. “And here Lyn,” he said coaxing her into the room in front of us, “is where Dani and I have our fun and where hopefully you and her are going to.”

This is it I thought, no way out now, no going back. “Why don’t I get us a nice bottle of wine?” he suggested. “As you two work out the fun.”

We were standing close and she said again. “You sure Dani?” very softly and throatily. This time I did reply.

“Yes Lyn I’m OK.”

Bill returned with a bottle of champagne and poured us all a glass. “Here’s to a fun afternoon,” he toasted, raising his glass adding coyly. “May I take a couple of photos of you Lyn?” Lyn raised her eyebrows but the actress came out if in her and she said. “Sure,” immediately striking a couple of poses.

“Why not sit on the bed Lyn?” Bill suggested getting his camera and taking the focus and light readings. He took a few shots and then said very huskily. “Shall we all get er more comfortable?”

“You can put that away then,” Lyn said sharply, “I don’t want any more taken. I don’t want to see my tits in The Sun. I have my reputation to maintain you know?” She went on, but now smiling.

It hadn’t really occurred to me that Bill would undress and I was taken aback when he unbuttoned his shirt and started on his trousers. Lyn smiled and slid her hands behind her obviously finding the zip on her skirt and looking at me as if to encourage me to follow. I reached round my back and with very shaking hands pulled the zip of my dress down. As she slid her, almost micro skirt down so I dropped my floral patterned, quite loose dress to the floor and stood before her in my underwear. She was now in just her panties, a frilly thong I noticed, and the fairly loose top through which her nipples, that were clearly throbbingly hard, poked very alluringly.

She moved a little closer saying. “Lovely underwear Dani, Janet Regar?”

I managed. “No it’s Perla” just as I saw Bill now in his boxers move over to a chair on the other side of the bed. I could see the bulge in his boxers that showed he was already very erect.

Lyn said. “Let’s sit on the bed Dani.” I sat beside her on the side of it. “May I?” she asked leaning behind me her hands going to my bra strap. She didn’t wait for my reply presumably assuming there was no need, which there wasn’t, but I felt so nervous and my heart was pounding. I felt it being undone and the cups being eased away from me.

I still didn’t feel very sexually aroused and I sat there rigid and tense extremely aware that just a few feet away my husband was reclining in a chair nearly naked watching every move. I could not look at him, though I wasn’t sure whether that was embarrassment, guilt, shame or something else. Instead, I sat there looking down at my legs. Lyn was still half behind me and out of my line of vision so I did not know whether she and Bill were looking at each other and all I could see were her hands that were by my sides on the bed. It was actually fascinating to watch them as they started to move and I remember thinking ‘she’s going to touch me’ as they, so slowly it seemed, moved upwards I closed my eyes still feeling far from sexually aroused, but certainly excited and intrigued by the situation.

It was only then that I suddenly wondered whether Bill and Lyn were in collusion on this. ‘Maybe’ I thought ‘this was all a set up!’

And then I felt the gentlest of touches. The softest of caresses. The most delicate brushing of her fingertips against my nipple She ran them round my areola tantalisingly slowly energising the Montgomery bumps that were the result of childbirth. She gradually moved closer and closer to the centre of each orb so that she then pressed with what was just the amount of pressure. My nipples obviously reacted and as they grew so she gently squeezed them between her fingers and thumbs. Pulling on them with hardly any pressure at all she coaxed them to their most extreme hardness and on until they were at their largest, swollen erectness; they were aching so much. Now I was becoming aroused and thus, as her hands cupped each of the orbs and began to caress them gently so I gasped a couple of times.

“Ok lovely?” She whispered into my ear, her tongue licking just inside it.

The feelings were so good and so intense that I slowly forgot Bill and really that it was another woman doing this to me. In my mind she became an anonymous object and a vague figure now giving me so much pleasure. It was a similar set of feelings that had slowly eveloped me with James.

There was a promise of so many sensations to come, so many different experiences and so many thrills for me. Nothing was said. I suppose it wasn’t necessary. Lyn continued arousing me for ages. She was so patient and considerate, taking her time, relaxing me, priming me, getting me ready I suppose. From a having sex with another women point of view that wasn’t necessary. I was ready for that, I had been for days I now realised. So the physical aspects were not really a concern to me, although they seemed to be to Lyn. It was more my emotional reactions that were of concern. I couldn’t help thinking: just why Bill was putting me through it, what did it say about our marriage and our sex life, both of which I knew were not as good as they had been in the past? Was this the start of something as the photography had been? Would it lead to him suggesting that we have more threesomes? Would it prompt me to go with other women when he wasn’t around and first and foremost in my mind would it end up with me having an affair or affairs with a man, or a woman?

Lyn’s hand continuing to caress my breasts sending what I now found to be the most delicious feelings through me, brought my thinking back to the here and now. Her other hand was running up and down my back, brushing through my hair, caressing the back of my neck and reaching round me to softly touch my eyelids, my cheeks and my lips. I could feel her boobs pressing into my arm and my back, her hair rustling against my shoulder. I could smell her perfume and feel her warm breath on my ear. I lost all recognition of Bill being there and my concern at doing this and I let myself become totally into what she was doing.

I felt her pulling me backwards. She lay me on the bed my legs over the edge. She sat beside me forcing my arm around her so that the edge of my hand was against her hip. She looked down at me a look of such care and tenderness on her face and held my gaze as she took my breast in her hand again. She smiled as she saw the look of pleasure run across my face and she pinched the nipple, a little harder knowing from her own experiences that was exactly what I wanted. Her fingers started flittering around my body. Running all around my breasts, under them and across them. Sliding slowly down to and round my waist. Touching my naval and squeezing gently on my hips. I felt as though I was in heaven.

Lyn was leaning over me, her breast dangling down towards my face. From that angle, they looked fuller than they were. Her nipples were darker, but not as round as mine and they were very bloated. Her long, golden blonde hair falling onto her breasts and framing her face made her look much prettier than I had always reckoned her to be. She had a slight smile on her face and her eyes were half closed as her hand slid slowly and softly even further down my body. Ever moving, albeit slowly, she traced her fingers across my tummy and let them slip just inside the elastic of my panties. They moved away again and ran over my chest before returning and going even further downwards. They ran outside my panties to where my pubic hairs begin as her other hand stroked my hair and my face.

I was now becoming very excited and was extremely aroused for she had been doing this for what must have been twenty minutes or so. Her hands were so knowing, gentle and arousing that their movements totally consumed my thoughts. Where they were, where they’d been and where they were going was all I could focus upon. I forgot the girl on girl thing, I forgot Bill, I forgot my reservations and doubts. All that seemed important, no crucial, were those wondrous fingers, those marvellous touches, those so stimulating caresses. I found that my hand which had been resting against her hip was now stroking her skin which was so wonderfully soft, almost like silk.

Hers went further down and flittered up and down my thighs. The inner fleshy part, the most sensititve part. She knew exactly what to do, what I wanted her to do and what would pleasure and further arouse me. They would slide upwards until I was full of anticipation, but only to move away just before they reached my panties. The panties that I knew were totally see-through. That would show her my pubes and the outline of my lips. The panties that were now soaked.

My head was lying back so I couldn’t see what she was doing or what she was about to do. So, when her fingers so lightly brushed across my mound merely, but so sensationally, softly touching me right where my lips join at the front, my entire body bucked like a horse. With no hesitation or fumbling like most men, the tip of her finger had immediately found the protuberance of my clitoris. She didn’t rub it or pinch it. She didn’t press down on it. No, her knowing fingers brushed across the tip of it sending shivers of such pleasure through me that I felt my bottom rise off the bed. Then they were gone, but they came back and then went again.

She knew exactly what to do and when. What would excite and arouse me. Exactly what my body and mind needed to make me respond to her and to take me to ever increasing levels of amazing pleasure. And I was responding. Not dramatically, not very energetically and not, really, all that evidently but my hand had slid down just inside the back of her panties and I was stroking and gripping the swell of flesh on her hip just above her taught bottom.

She again ran the tips of those wonderful fingers up and down my thighs this time though not stopping. No this time, they slid into my groin and along it. They slipped inside the elastic of my panties around my legs. This time they touched and slithered along the now engorged lips that were probably so evident through the sheer net of my panties. They returned to above my groin and ran across my tummy. Now uninhibited, now assured of their welcome and now encouraged by my reactions they pushed their way inside my panties searching downwards for my wetness, Several times they went so near that my body stiffened with the anticipation, but each time they stopped. ‘Would she ever touch me there?’ I thought. ‘Is this just a tease?’ I wondered suddenly realising that with all my being the thing in the world that I most wanted at that moment was for those fingers not to stop. For them to keep going, to plunder me and stroke me there. Yes what I think I wanted more than anything else was for Lyn to shove her fingers right up my cunt.

When at last they did I just simply erupted with sensations. I heard several deep grunts come out of my mouth. My eyes closed tightly and I gritted my teeth as I felt her hand cup my mound her fingers snuggling tightly between my legs right on and slightly inside my lips. I came immediately. Strongly and so gushingly. I knew that I made a noise. I knew that my body writhed and bucked and I knew that I cried out something, but what it was I have no idea. It seemed to go on and on as though it would be endless. With her other arm she cuddled me to her chest as she comforted me through the final throes of this awesome orgasm. My face was pressed against her breast, one hand was in her lap the other around her waist as those magical fingers just went on and on giving me new sensation after new sensation.

I lie in her arms for what seemed an age, the occasional sob escaping from my lips, as she stroked and consoled me telling me how much she had enjoyed it and asking whether I had. She edged her hardened nipple towards my lips. She was asking if I wanted it, offering it to me, inviting me to love her breast. My mouth involuntarily opened. She pushed forward and suddenly her big nipple was in my mouth and between my lips. I bit it gently then sucked it like a baby would their mother. I had forgotten everything other than the marvellous orgasm she had given me until I heard Bill say.

“Well I loved it, you were both marvellous.”

Lyn looked at him and said. “Pleased you liked it, have a good wank did you?”

He shot back. “No but I would have liked to,”

She replied. “Well you should have we wouldn’t have noticed would we Dani?”

Looking at him I saw a combination of lust and love on his face and I didn’t know what to think. Debased and demeaned that he had persuaded me to do this or pleased that he had insisted.

“Fuck it,” I heard him saying. “The champagne’s finished I’ll get some more.”

“Well Dani” Lyn said softly brushing my auburn shoulder-length hair away from my eyes. “You did enjoy it didn’t you?”

I looked at her and smiled and said, “Yes Lyn it was lovely, thank you.”

She kissed me. Not passionately and not deeply. Just a brushing of our lips together, but enough to make my pulse start racing again. “Oh shit,” I said.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. I smiled and said, “I think I may have enjoyed it a little too much.”

Bill poured us champagne and we all sat on the bed drinking it as he went on about how fantastic it had been and how exciting he’d found it. The bulge in his boxers was very obvious and Lyn after looking at it murmured smiling. “Yes we can see that Bill, very clearly.”

I knew then that he wanted to join in. That he wanted sex with one or both of us. I looked at Lyn and realised that she was thinking the same thing, but neither of us said anything.

Lyn and I had moved to lying on the bed alongside each other our heads on the pillows. Still both in our panties, our arms were touching and she was running her toe up and down my calf. We looked at each other and she bent forward and brushed her lips across mine again.

Bill said very hoarsely. “Is there an encore on its way?”

For an answer, Lyn kissed me fully on the lips and I did not object. In fact I kissed her back. She was a magnificent kisser but then I should have expected that for she had been so marvellous a lover earlier.

After licking all round my opened lips she would mould hers to mine and kiss me open mouthed for ages. Her tongue touched mine and licked my gums and teeth. She sucked strongly on first my bottom and then upper lip and then kissed me all over my face. My chin, my neck, my cheeks, my forehead and then, most magically, my eyelids. Always though returning to my mouth we kissed and kissed for so long it could have been an hour for all I knew. In many ways, strangely, this long bout of kissing and embracing was far more intimate, erotic even, than the more overtly sexual experience I had just gone through with her. Although her touching of my breasts and slowly bringing me to that shattering orgasm had demanded a physical commitment from me this lying in each other’s arms our mouths glued together asked for something more than that and that was an emotional commitment as well: that I found myself very willingly, almost avidly now giving.

Far more aware now of my surroundings I could see Bill and could watch him avidly taking in every single thing we did. My feelings there changed as well. Neither of us paid any attention or spoke to him at all but we were both aware of his presence and I’m sure that she as well as I was, to an extent, ‘playing to that gallery’ of my husband and a man she admitted to fancying. What I couldn’t work out in my sex addled mind was whether either Lyn, or I wanted him to join in?

As she kissed me so her hands touched and stroked, caressed and squeezed me all over body and now without the worry of my reticence.

Now, enthusiastically I returned her kisses and caresses.

I ran my hands through her fine hair, I touched her face, her eyes, her cheeks. I stroked and cupped her breasts and ran my hands, lovingly almost, up and down her back. I became less inhibited and more enquiring and adventurous. It occurred to me as I lie in her arms returning embrace with embrace and caress with caress that I was a quick learner. I smiled as I recalled and agreed with Lyn’s earlier phrase ‘like a duck to water’ and wondered if this was a latent aspect of my sexuality.

Her hand had once more found my mound and she was caressing me there. Mine was around her, inside the waist-band of her thong stroking the lovely roundness of the taught cheeks of her bottom. She removed her mouth from mine and looked me in the eye as her hand tugged at the elastic of my panties pulling them down my tummy a little. Smiling she murmured, “I don’t think we need these anymore do we Dani?”

It really is a very significant moment in any lovemaking when a woman’s knickers are removed. Irrespective of what has gone on before and how little of her they cover the physical exposing of her most womanly of places by their removal represents a quantum leap in the relationship and the emotional commitment to it. It makes her totally available, it opens her up and it signifies her acceptance that she is to be penetrated, in one way or another, by her lover. Thus, as Lyn said that to me I momentarily panicked. I realised how far I had gone with her both physically and emotionally. I also realised that she was now asking me to go even further. Up to now, in my rather pathetic self-justification thinking, I had been doing this because Bill had persuaded me. I could justify it as it would help perk up his and my sex life and thus, refresh our marriage. The sexual excitement and gratification she had given me was not selfish but was for a ‘greater good!’ However, to me the removal of my panties for her was a willing sacrifice. That was for me and me alone. It was a sign that I was going beyond what he had set out for me to do.

I croaked. “No we don’t” as I raised my bottom looking deeply into her eyes as she peeled the flimsy ‘last barrier’ from me. Quickly she slid hers off as well

Both now revelling in our totally nudity we gloried in that by rolling around the bed in each other’s arms. We luxuriated in the freedom of it and the sensations of the other’s body on our own from lips to toes. We enthusiastically stroked and caressed the other with no inhibitions whatsoever. Her fingers were in me and mine were around her lips. Her mouth encircled each of my nipples sucking them to new levels of swollen erectness and what felt like unprecedented degrees of aching, wanting desire. My mouth kissed and licked at her breasts as she held first one and then the other out to me as an invitation for me to suckle them like a baby at her breast. I kissed every inch of the wonderfully soft and such appealingly, arousing flesh concentrating and returning to those, what were now, deliciously ripe, pink buds in their centres.

I knew that this time we would not rely on our hands. I recognised that this was now grown up women’s lovemaking. That I had entered, willingly I knew, into something that went well beyond the bounds of adolescent girls exploring the limits of their sexuality. As we touched and entered the other with our fingers, I accepted that I would need to go further with girl on girl lovemaking than I had been before. And my heart pounded with the thought of what was to come, what she would do to me and what I would do to her. I wanted to do it. I wanted her to do it. And most of all I wanted Bill to be watching as we did it. To see me pleasure myself by giving so much to this woman. To watch as I received stimulation, excitement and satisfaction of a level that he could not, or chose not to provide. Maybe, to an extent playing into his hands but, nevertheless convinced that I was doing it for myself and, without sounding too grandiose, for my liberation I wanted to put on a show for him and maybe to rid myself of my dependence on him. But on the other hand, I would not have minded one iota if he had joined in and had sex with Lyn. It surprised me just how far my attitude towards sex had changed since that time in Cambridge with James and Bill.

Thus, when Lyn starting slithering her head down my body I was not afraid. When her pleasure seeking mouth planted delightful little kisses, licks and sucks, on my lower chest, waist and tummy I was resolved and ready. When her long blonde hair tumbled onto my thighs and stomach hiding her face from my view I was receptive. Not just receptive, I realised for I found myself reaching for her. She wiggled her body so that we were lying side by side, so that I was most available to her and so that she made her most precious place open to my investigation.

My first feel of this woman on my mouth was amazing. Not just the taste and feel and smell but also because of the response I received. The sheer gratification that her writhing body, deep moans and “Oh yes Dani yes” signified the clear sensational pleasure I gave her and the such evident intent that what we were about to do was to be so mutual and sharing.

And it was.

There were no limits or boundaries now. I was no longer merely the initiate, the junior partner or the follower. No I was fully involved now. I was becoming an equal player and a total soul mate to this wonderful teacher.

Slurping, licking, sucking and running my tongue all around that familiar but so strange of places I knew instinctively what to do. What I wanted to do and what I wanted her to do. Of course, she needed no instruction or cajoling for her educated tongue had already found and coaxed my clitoris into explosive action. Her experienced fingers had found and run around my lips opening the folds of that covering shroud to expose more fully that stalk of such pleasure to her eager tongue. Of course, her tongue and mouth inflamed me to such wondrous levels that I was so happy to find that I was providing a similar degree of sensations to her.

Lyn’s legs were open her thighs wrapped around my face as my tongue rotated and pressed, plunged and probed and as my fingers stroked and caressed, rubbed and penetrated her. Hers were doing similar things to me and I could feel my orgasm building. The slight stiffening of her body, the shudders and the increased urgency with which she was orally loving me told me that I was inducing her climax as well. That was a wonderful feeling.

Then nearly everything went blank. My body simply convulsed with such an amazingly powerful array of sensations that I may well have fainted. At the same time, Lyn was writhing so wildly that continued contact between her and my mouth was no longer possible. We may well have both been screaming, we could have been shouting out, we might probably have been moaning, grunting and sighing. I didn’t know, so consumed were I by the magnificence and power of what was happening to both of us simultaneously.

We clung to each other’s now perspiration drenched bodies as we cajoled and persuaded every last surge of excitement of the orgasm that we had promoted for our lover. The sensations were so acute that it was as if we became one. As if there were no divisions. I had no consciousness of where I ended and she began. We were one writhing, convulsing, bucking and climaxing pile of female flesh glorying in the sisterhood of that wondrous mutual orgasm.

As we so slowly returned to a sort of normalness so we both remembered that Bill was still there. Together we looked over at him. He smiled and said.

“Ladies that was amazing.”

Lyn looked at me and raised her eyebrows. I knew immediately what she was asking and I nodded.

“Why don’t you join us Bill?” She said softly to my husband.

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