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Moonlit Tenderness

Category: Mature
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I was laying on the moonlit bed of our recently converted spare room, looking out the low window wondering at the changes moonlight makes on the flowers and trees in full bloom in these late days of spring. The window was open letting in the cool, scent filled air. While I missed my children I was enjoying the peace and quiet of being an empty nester, of being young enough to enjoy it. Feeling so calm and at peace I dozed off.

I awake to the bed shifting under his weight. “Are you coming to bed?” my husband asks quietly with a hand on my shoulder.

I smile sleepily up at him, saying, “This is a bed.”

“That it is.” He says as he leans down touching the side of my face to softly kiss my lips.

His lips feel so soft against mine, so tender. For some reason this takes me by surprise. We’d been together for years and were trying to adjust to our empty nest, struggling with it if I were being honest. This tenderness, the intimacy, well I hadn’t felt this in years. I sense the smile on his lips when he deepens the kiss; I embrace the feeling and open my lips as the tip of his tongue lightly probes them.

I gently pull him down to lay beside me. He is wearing basketball shorts, shirtless as I like him. We may be getting older and heavier, but he is still a handsome man, strong, muscular, and tanned with his work as a contractor. I love the way his broad shoulders and arms feel as he tucks my body up against his, continuing the kiss as his rough hand rests lightly on my soft stomach. My eyes close at how sensuous this all feels.

He breaks the kiss to guide the straps of my cami down my arms, exposing my heavy breasts. I watch as he cups the side of my breast and envelops each nipple in turn in his warm wet mouth bringing them to tight points. His hands continue down my body to the waistband of my shorts, his thumbs caress my stomach as his fingers ease under the waistband of both my shorts and panties. He brings his hands beneath my body to ease them under my ample ass. I love how tender his hands feel as they cup my ass, the back of my thighs, my calves, and finally the bottoms of my feet as my shorts and panties slip to the floor.

As he is now standing he slips his own shorts off to expose his erect cock. He pauses for a second taking in my moonlit body. How does he see me, I wonder as I struggle to lay still. Does he see the fat I have accumulated over the years? The spread of my breasts as I lay on my back? The stretch marks on my breasts, my soft belly, my motherly thighs and hips? From the look on his face I wouldn’t say that is what he sees. I’d bet he sees the hourglass shape I’ve always had (I joke that my hourglass just has more sand than it used to). His eyes travel from my small feet, up my legs to my thick thighs, outward to the round curve of my hips. From the dip of my waist, passed my ribs, to the full teardrop shape of my 36DD breasts, and finally to my face as I smile tenderly at him.

“My god honey, you look luscious.” He breathes.

He places the tips of his fingers on the tops of my feet and begins guiding his palms up my body. I feel his touch not as a line of chills, but as a soothing calming wave climbing my body.

As he reaches my pubic hair he gently spreads my legs running his fingertips over the lips of my sex and kneeling between my knees. His hands move up to my stomach, gently kneading the soft flesh. They skim over the bunched up cami at my waist to the side of my ribs and under my shoulders as he brings his elbows to the bed. His lips come back to mine kissing me with such tenderness.

I feel absolutely weightless, calm and relaxed. But my nipples harden under his chest hair and the center of my sex grows wet with my need. He breaks the kiss and brings his lips slowly down my body to my sex, gently kissing me all over before slipping his tongue into my wet canal. He slowly licks me, rubbing my clit in slow circles with the flat of his tongue. I feel my core begin to quicken and heat, beneath the calmness I still feel.

This is all so quiet, not a word spoken, only our slow deep breaths are heard.

He rises up and places the head of his cock at my wet opening. He eases in as he leans forward to capture my lips once again. Slowly he pumps in and out all the while kissing me slowly and lovingly.

I feel his chest against my chest, his lips on my lips, my sex enveloping his sex. One arm is around his broad back, palm on his shoulder, the other gently resting palm up over my head. He caresses the side of my face with his thumb, his fingers at the base of my neck holding me to him. His cock feels so good as he slowly pumps in and out, in and out. He fits me perfectly, just the right size, thick enough to stretch me slightly, long enough to touch my cervix, maybe I’ve adjusted to fit his size over the years, to grip him firmly, to accommodate his length, either way we fit perfectly.

This is so sensual, so gentle that the quickening of my orgasm takes me by surprise. Feeling my sex tighten around him he pushes his cock as deep as it will go. I rock back and forth, rubbing my clit against his pelvic bone at the base of his cock, gripping his shaft as I tighten, embracing the engorged head of his cock deep inside me. I gasp breaking the kiss as I breathe my orgasm onto his parted lips. Feeling my sex convulse around him he closes his eyes and lets go, breathing his own orgasm against my lips.

We stay in this position, lips barely touching breathing each other’s breath, his cock losing firmness inside my sated sex, as we come down from our orgasms. That was amazing for how quick it was. Did it really happen? Were we on the same wavelength for once? Were we getting the hang of this empty nest thing?

“I love you,” he whispers with such tenderness and feeling it brings tears to my eyes.

“I love you too honey,” I whisper back as I kiss the corner of his lips.

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