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You Are Not My Father

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You Are Not My Father.

That was what my daughter Amy said to me. She was right of course, we had not met until she was twelve but much to the amazement of the three of us we got along well from the start.

I did all the Dad things and perhaps a few more. I took her out on a to dinner dates on her birthdays, just the two of us. I taught her to drive. I was always dressed and polite when her friends came over.

I kept my mouth shut when I discovered her and her best friend in a lesbian interlude the day before the prom.

Apparently she bragged about me a lot.

Her Mom was an inattentive Mom and an inattentive wife. She left us the day her daughter went to college. Three years later we still had not heard from her Mom except for me getting divorce papers from her lawyer for me to sign.

Amy was home after the spring semester for the first time in two years. She was embarrassed by the way her mother had treated me and knew her Mom cheated on me. She apologized for not telling me.

I told her I knew and expected her to leave when she did.

“You stayed with her for me?” she asked.

I nodded yes and she burst into tears as she hugged me with all her might.

On that Friday I took her to the dance club to drink and dance for her twenty-first birthday. We had not had dates for the previous two since she had stayed at school.

I was not surprised that several people there recognized her. I allowed her to get drunk.

When I put her in bed that night she gave me a long tongue diving kiss before she passed out. I unzipped her dress to make her more comfortable then covered her up.

“My baby has grown up,” I said to myself as I closed her door.

The next morning I heard her throw-up and took her some Alka-seltzer and a cold pack. She mumbled thanks, drank it and got back in bed.

It had been years since I had seen her in underwear but hers covered more than her bikini did. Of course her panties and bra were nearly transparent so I saw she trimmed her pubic hair and her big nipples.

She came out in early afternoon with another glass of Alka-seltzer and a piece of toast.

“So, you got me drunk so I wont do it again, huh?”

“I didn’t do anything except pay for all your drinks, you ordered them and drank them.”

“True, but don’t make me drink that much again. Since I am alive I want you to take me to the pharmacy, there are things I need.”

“No. Drive yourself.”

“Your car is too big for me to drive. Why do you still have that SUV anyway?”

“Because it’s paid for. And I would never let you drive my car, drive yours.”

“Ha! As if I had a….. No! Where is it?”

“In the drive way. Where else would it be?”

She ran out the front door, squealed loudly, ran back to me and gave me a passionate kiss then ran back out, then ran back in and I handed her the keys, she gave me another deep kiss then ran out and drove the car almost to the end of the street, drove back, ran in and grabbed her purse, gave me a big tongue diving kiss then drove away.

“Perfect” I thought to myself.

She came back about two hours later, jumped on my lap, then gave me another deep long lasting full tongue kiss.

“Hmm, daughters shouldn’t kiss their Dads that way,” I said.

“You are not my father,” she said but her next kiss was a bit more conservative.

“I love my birthday presents, both of them even though the first one is still fighting me a little. I love you so much I could, could,….well fuck it.”

She gave me another passionate tongue kiss.

“And no cussing in this house,” I said after she ended the kiss.

“Sorry,” she said and kissed me softly, lovingly.

I allowed the kiss to linger for as long as she wanted, which was twice as long as prudent.

I don’t think she felt my erection before she stood up and hurried to her room with her purchases. It was another thing fathers and daughters don’t share.

Twenty minutes later I went to check on her and found her asleep in her bed, fully clothed. I let her be and began to worry about dinner. “Fish and mashed potatoes should not tax her digestive system. I wonder if I have either?”

I had both so I put just a bit of Cajun spice and a bit of garlic on the fish and salt and pepper on the potatoes and allowed them to marinade. About three hours later I heard her shower so I started dinner. When she joined me she was wearing her robe and a towel as a turban.

“What’s for dinner?”

“Baked fish and mashed potatoes.”


As we ate I asked her what her plans for that evening were. It was Saturday night.

“I don’t know. I feel much, much better but I think I better stay home just in case. I will go through the DVD’s and see if you have anything besides science fiction we can watch.”

“Good luck with that.”

After dinner we sat on the back patio and she drank a Dr. Pepper as I drank a beer. I was on the big lounger and she sat at the patio table and messed with her hair.

I asked her what her plans were after graduation.

“Get a teaching job here. I never thought I would be able to do that and I am wondering how you can afford my schooling but my degree is less than a year away.”

“Any wedding plans?”

“Dad, you know I am a lesbian.”

“Oh yeah, I remember you and Terry telling me you had gotten a lot more pussy than me.”

“I’m sorry we were such brats. I knew you were fine with it and although what she said was true it was inappropriate of us to mention it.’

“Did you see Terry today?”

“No we haven’t spoken since she disrespected you about Mom.

I do have other outlets you know.”

“No I don’t and don’t want to know.”

She giggled and joined me on the lounger.

“It is big enough for two and sturdy enough to fuck on,” the saleswoman had said to her mother when we bought it. She and I had never fucked on it.

Amy curled up to me and I put my arm around her shoulder. I kissed her cheek and she moved closer to me. She began to tell me how the rest of her gang was doing. She was the only that was still in college, Half of her friends that had enrolled dropped out before their first semester ended. The rest had dropped out before their second year ended.

“You know some of those girls ragged me for staying in school. Now they worry because they are afraid their bratty kids could have me as their teacher.”

I kissed her nose and said, “By now you know that you are a lot more intelligent than any of them, except maybe Krissy. What happened to her?”

“She married a marine after graduation. He got killed just before his tour of duty ended. She lives with her alcoholic Mom and works at the grocery store.”

“Not a happy life. Did the two of you ever….?”

“Hook up? Yes, before she fell in love with Bryan.”

“I bet she would be very happy to hear from you.”

“Are you trying to fix me up?”

“No. I’m trying to fix her up.”

“You dirty old man,” she said and began to attack me. I fended her off the best I could until her tits popped out.

“Baby, that is just not fair,” I said as I stared at her tits.

She stopped the wrestling and after a longish pause covered her tits then draped her body over mine and kissed me with love.

“OK, I will call Krissy and see if she wants to go to lunch with me tomorrow. Can I bring her here if she wants to play? I’m not going to her Mom’s house.”

“Baby you always have permission to bring lovers here.”

“Yes, I have always had your support. I love you.”

She again draped her body over mine and kissed me. She ran the tip of her tongue across my lips and I allowed her tongue in. She was gentle, loving. The kiss continued until I felt her pussy press down on my erection and groan. She adjusted her position over my cock and resumed kissing me as she dry fucked me. Her orgasm was quick and intense. The kiss ebbed.

“Thanks” she said.

“Your are not supposed to use your father as a masturbation device.”

“You are not my father,” she said and got up.

“I’m going to see if the number I have for Krissy is still the right number. Take care of that thing while I’m gone.”

I nodded and she went inside. I reviewed my day with her. It had included passionate kisses; see through underwear, bare tits, a dry fuck. I realized I had enjoyed all of that but I still didn’t lust for her. My baby was apparently just very horny.

So was I so I took my cock out and slowly began to masturbate. Next thing I know Amy was flopping down on the lounger next to me and grabbing my cock out of my hands.

“I am going to pick up Krissy from work, her mother forgot about coming to get her at the store again. I am going to bring her here and hopefully ravage her. If not she will get at least one good nights sleep away from the drunk. Love you, Bye.”

“She stood and opened her robe for me. She was nude under it. I grabbed my cock and was soon spewing all over the place.

After I was done she kissed me and said, “We must do this more often and we can since you’re not my father.”

I eventually got up after I heard the front door close. I showered and put on fresh clothes then fixed a pitcher of sangria. They were back before I poured a second glass and handed the pitcher to Krissy.

“Thanks for inviting me over. Do you mind if I take a shower here? I stink.”

“Not at all. Amy will show you where. Your drink will still be here when you come out.”

She kissed my cheek and followed Amy to her bedroom.

I was back on the lounger when they got out. Each had a glass of sangria in their hand. Amy’s hair was once again wet. She noticed I noticed and gave me a grin.

“So, Krissy. I you could have any job you wanted what would you be?”

“A bookkeeper. I like keeping up with numbers.”

“Well you know there is a business school in town that gives out diplomas in a lot of things including bookkeeping. You could go there.”

“It’s expensive. Mom does not work very often, she is using most of my government benefits as it is so I need the store job.”

“Let me check on scholarships. I know that many go unclaimed and who knows I might find something you can use for the summer session.”

“That would be great but I still don’t think I could make it with Mom and all.”

“Lets give it a try then see if you can make it work.”

“Thanks, and thanks for suggesting to Amy that she call me. It was my best surprise in two years. I cried right there in the store.”

“Making people happy is my sacred quest. I…..” I was going to continue the movie line but Amy stopped me with an enormous kiss then Krissy followed with her own enormous kiss.

“Dad, we are exhausted. We are going to bed. Good night.”

I had never seen two more alert girls than they were at that time.

I waited until I heard moaning then got into Krissy’s purse and took out her wallet. I copied her driver’s license and her social security card with my scanner then returned them to her wallet. She had seven dollars in it. I added a twenty.

I went to the schools website and found the bookkeeper curriculum. There were one year, two year and four year programs. The differences were mostly in the number of math classes.

I wondered if a one-year curriculum would get her into an accounting firm so I called my friend Adrian at home. He said the two-year course would get her in the door at most places. He asked me who it was and I told him.

“The kid widow?” Redhead?”

“Yeah, friend of Amy’s.”

“Tell her that if she finishes the one year course she can work for me and keep going to school until she becomes a CPA.”

“Thanks, summer classes start in a week and a half. You can count on her next summer.”

“Are you going to pay for her studies on the sly as usual?”

“Yeah. The kid needs a break and she will keep Amy coming back home often.”

“Do you have a solution to her mother?”

“No, not yet. Do you know any rich drunks?”

Adrian laughed and said, “Have the school send the invoice to me. Talk to you later.”

“Thanks. Bye.”

I was still looking at the colleges curriculums when the girls went past me to the kitchen, got Dr. Peppers then came to my office and gave me very indecent kisses. As they returned to Amy’s room I yelled at them that they were going to give me a stroke.

Amy yelled back, “I know it takes more than one stroke.”

Krissy burst into laughter. Both then mooned me.

I threatened to put them over my knee and spank them. Both went Oooh.

I liked our game.

Krissy was mostly living in my house by the time the summer session at her school started. Amy took her to school and picked her up from classes.

I knew we would have a problem when Amy returned to her own school in the fall but I had underestimate the depth of their relationship. Amy asked me if it would be OK to leave her car here and let Krissy use it in the fall.

I bought an old used Corolla for Krissy and had the best mechanic in town fix everything that would need fixing within the next year. We got the car a new battery, new tires, new belts and a complete tune up. It was a good car with lots of miles left in it.

I told her that a church charity had fixed it up and donated it to her.

She said “Right,” then hugged and kissed me while I was on the lounger and I soon had an erection. Like Amy had done she rubbed her pussy on my cock. She had an orgasm and said “Thanks.”

She resumed kissing me passionately and during the kiss she resumed masturbating on me to another orgasm. She got up and walked away on unsteady legs.

I wondered if I looked like a dildo.

By the end of summer the girls were running through the house wearing only panties. I got indecent kisses often. They had used my erections to get off often.

Then it happened. I was on the lounger listening to music on my iPod when Amy again climbed over me and began long tongue filled kisses. When she felt my erection was hard enough she slid to my side and pulled the leg of my gym shorts up and grabbed my cock.

She gave it a couple of strokes than straddled me again and sank my cock into her pussy; she was naked under her robe.

I hoped that was all she wanted but I knew better. She began to fuck me.

“Remember, you are not my father,” she said as she picked up speed.

I reached up and kissed her tits then her lips. She had a fine orgasm then slowly dismounted me.

“I told you he would be”, she said to Krissy that had been behind me. She was nude and quickly began to fuck me. She had an orgasm and after giving me a deep kiss dismounted me and Amy got back on. Her second fuck was slow but intense.

Her orgasm was intense.

She again gave way to Krissy who said. “I’m on the pill, cum in me.”

I tried to hold off but I did cum in her as her orgasm was waning.

Krissy moved to my side and Amy began to lick my cum out of her pussy. They eventually staggered back to the house and to bed and I wondered why I did not feel guilty.

“Because you are not my father,” rang through my head.

Well she at least still calls me Dad.

I went to their bedroom and kissed each pussy, tits, and lips. “I love you,” I told them. They mumbled something that sounded like “love you too.”

I went to bed and slept well.

Amy drove back to college the next morning. Her kiss to me was a kiss to someone you love. Krissy got the same kiss.

I went to my school and began to get ready for the new school year. When I got home Krissy was nude in my bed. As she helped me get nude she told me we would be sleeping together except when Amy was home. She also said she was going to fuck me to old age.

Before I managed to say she was too late for that she was fucking me hard.

I welcomed her every menstrual period, I needed the rest.

Every first and last night Amy was home she was in my bed with just me. Every other night she and Krissy were together. We were a very loving family and the year went by quickly.

The next summer they did fuck me into old age. Luckily they had each other and that allowed me to recover.

Krissy went to work for Adrian the first of August. Amy went to work for the school district August tenth. On Thanksgiving Day I asked them if they had any intention of moving out.

“Are you tired of us living with you?’ both asked.

‘No. If you plan to stay here I want to enlarge your room and bathroom. If you are leaving I will need to join a dating service.”

“Call the contractor,” They said.

They now have a mini apartment in my house to live in. I have someone to fuck when I need a fuck, which is still fairly often.

They have each other and me.

Everyone in town knows I’m harboring a lesbian couple.

No one knows that they are harboring dirty old man.

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