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When We Met Paul

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“I have a fun evening planned for your birthday dear.” said Mark.

“What?” asked Vicki suspiciously.

“Well, remember how I said I wanted to have a threesome? I called Alison and told her. She thought I was kidding but I talked her into coming over. I said if she would just watch it would be okay as long as she was naked too.”

Vicki was apprehensive. She was thinking that her boyfriend just wanted to fuck her friend. She was somewhat insecure about herself and how she looked. She had large full tits that Mark loved to fondle and an ass he loved to grab but she felt she was overweight. Especially compared to Alison’s tight younger body.

“I want her to sit at the foot of the bed and use a dildo while I fuck you.” Mark said hungrily.

“I don’t think so” Vicki replied. “She”ll never come over. I bet she thinks you’re full of shit and wouldn’t bring it up to me.”

“Tell you what, if she shows up willing, you have to eat her out while I watch.” Mark said smugly.

No way Vicki thought. “HA! It’s a bet. What do I get when it doesn’t happen?”

“Anything you can come up with” he replied.

Later that evening the phone rang. It was Alison; Mark answered and spoke to her for a few minutes. “What? …who is he . . . really? …ok, if you say so, bring him. Ok see you in 10 minutes.” He hung up.

“Bring who?! Vicki said sharply. Mark answered “Alison forgot she had a date for this evening with some guy she just met. She says he is cute and wanted us to meet him anyway, so she asked if she could bring him over. What could I say? I said yes.”

“I win the bet then, no threesome.” She said gratefully. I guess not Mark thought sadly. He really wanted to see his girlfriend naked with another woman.

Ten minutes later the doorbell rang. “Hi dear. It’s good to see you.” Said Alison as she came in, giving Mark and Vicki a kiss. ” This is Paul”

“Hello it’s nice to meet you both.” Paul said with a smile. He was about six feet tall, muscular with jet black hair, and very handsome. The girls went into the kitchen while the guys sat on the couch and got to know each other.

“Where did you find him? He’s hot” Vicki whispered to Alison. ‘I met him through a friend of mine. We have been talking on the phone a lot and went out a few times.” “So . . . how is he?” “How is he what?” “In bed Alison, does he fuck well?” Vicki asked with a gleam in her eye. “Yes, he is good.” Alison laughed. “He’s also bi.” “Oh Alison what is it with you and gay men? Why do you keep attracting them? You need a straight man like my Mark.” “Well why don’t you lend him to me then?” Alison asked jokingly.

“I would have if you came alone. Didn’t Mark ask you about the threesome? You could have had him after me.” She said with a smirk. She was happy knowing nothing could possibly happen now. Then she could get Mark to forget all about it once Alison and Paul left.

The girls came back into the living room with drinks. Everyone sat and chatted for a while. Paul was an extremely charming and attractive man. Mark and Vicki could see why Alison was dating him. After a few cocktails everyone was feeling mellow. Paul looked at Alison and said “You didn’t tell me you had plans with these two tonight. You could have cancelled our date.”

“It’s no big deal.” Mark replied with a sigh.’ It just cost me a fantasy I had and now I owe my girlfriend a bet.”

“Mark! You didn’t tell him did you?” Vicki said blushing furiously. She was embarrassed and angry. They didn’t know Paul at all and here is her boyfriend announcing that she was some kind of freak into group sex, when she wasn’t. Alison was one thing. They had been friends for years; they had talked about their sex lives to each other before. It was possible she would have gone through with the threesome but not now!

“Tell me what?” Paul asked puzzled. “He just said he wasn’t expecting Alison with a guy when she was coming over tonight. Was there something big going on?”

“I’ll tell you! Vicki said angrily.”My freak of a boyfriend wanted Alison to come over and watch us have sex while she got off with a dildo.”

“I wouldn’t have done it” Alison said quickly. ” I just wanted to get Mark’s hopes up a little” she said with a laugh.

“Really?” Paul’s eyes opened wide. With soft smile he turned to Mark. “And what brought this on?” he asked.

“I have had threesomes before, with two guys and with two girls but she hasn’t. I wanted her to have the experience. I love my girlfriend very much and the thought of her with someone else bothers me. But . . . if I am there watching the thought of her with another woman turns me on.” Mark answered with a shrug.

“What about another guy?” Alison asked. “Guys always want to see their girl with another woman but if it’s another guy they freak.”

“Not me.” Mark said “I’d love to see Vicki with a hard dick in her mouth.”

The room got silent. Vicki couldn’t believe Mark said that. Not in front of Alison and Paul. She knew Mark really wanted to see her with someone else but she never thought it would be a guy!

“So you wouldn’t be jealous of me with another man?” she said skeptically.

“Not if I was there.” He said firmly. “Otherwise it’s cheating and all bets are off. Of course, I would want to join in. I wouldn’t just sit there. I would want to fuck you while he watched, watch you while you blew him or rode him, you know.”

“I can’t believe this” Vicki said blushing furiously. “Paul, I am sorry you got caught up in this. Alison maybe you two should leave.”

“I don’t know about that” Paul replied. “I can’t speak for her but I’m kinda turned on talking about this.”

Alison’s eyes were bright. “Me too. My nipples are hard, see?” They were poking through her tight tee shirt, so she rolled them between her fingers. Vicki hated to admit it but she was feeling it too. Her pussy was really getting wet as she squirmed in her seat. She glanced quickly at her boyfriend. She could see Mark’s cock was starting to get hard by the bulge in his pants. Paul’s dick was twitching too. It looked bigger than her boyfriend’s by the size of it. All of a sudden she really wanted to see it, feel it and fondle it.

Vicki bit her lip as she thought of how to do this. Then she got an idea. She remembered what Alison had told her in the kitchen and came up with a way to see if Mark really wanted to go through with his threesome talk or if he was full of it.

She looked at Mark challengingly.”You said if I won the bet I would get anything I could come up with? Here it is. You wanted to see me with another woman? Well I will if you will. I want to see you suck Paul’s cock!” Mark’s jaw dropped open.

Paul just smiled and said “All right with me.”

He stood up and started peeling off his clothes. Opening his shirt Mark and Vicki saw his flat stomach and powerful arms come into view. Then he pulled down the zipper on his jeans. He was wearing boxers and the tip of his dick was poking thru the opening. He sat back down and looked at Mark. “You heard the lady. Come over here and suck me.”

“No problem.” Mark stood up and starting taking off his clothes too. He looked at Vicki and Alison. He motioned to them to strip. “Let’s get this party rolling ladies.” I want to see you two rubbing your pussies while I suck him. Get them nice and wet because when I’m done it’s your turn honey.”

Mark wasn’t as big as Paul but his seven-inch cock was rock hard as he pulled Paul’s shorts off. Vicki couldn’t believe her eyes as she saw Mark begin to lick Paul’s hard prick up and down. His tongue darted around the head, flicking gently. Paul threw his head back with a soft hiss.

Vicki couldn’t remember ever being more horny. Her cunt was on fire, her breath coming in short pants. She turned her head and saw her friend Alison’s gaze locked on the scene before her. Her shirt was pushed up revealing her tits and her right hand was shoved down her pants. Her hips were bucking up and down as she fingered her clit hard. ” Oh God . . . ” she moaned. “This is better than gay porn anyday.” She quickly wiggled out of her pants and threw one leg over the edge of the couch. Her black pussy hair glistened with her juices. “Lick that dick Mark, suck him good!” she whsipered as her hand flew. Mark just grunted since his mouth was full of thick cock at the time. Paul was stroking Mark’s hair as his head bobbed up and down.

Mark stopped for a moment and looked over at his girlfriend. “I told you before we got together that I used to suck dick in the threesomes I had. I enjoyed it then so why do you think that would stop me now?” He bent back down and worked Paul’s dick furiously.

In moments Paul began to shake, “oh yeah here it comes!”

Mark let Paul’s dick out of his mouth with an audible pop and started licking the sides and rubbing it with his hand. With a grunt Paul’s cum spurted out of his dick all over Mark’s chest. After wiping himself off, Mark got up from the floor, his cock sticking straight out from his waist. It swayed back and forth as he walked up to his girlfriend. “You’re the only one still dressed. Paul, come over here and help her out of these clothes.”

His cock still wet from Mark sucking on it, Paul got up off the couch. His moved with a hungry look in his eyes to where Vicki sat transfixed. Her eyes swung back and forth to the two rigid dicks pointing at her. She could smell the musky odor of Alison pussy in the air. Her blouse was pulled over her head by the men and her large full boobs came into view. Paul crouched down and began to fondle them.

“Mmmmm very nice. You’re a lucky man Mark.” He said as Mark pulled Vicki’s pants off. He then took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck gently but firmly on it. Vicki began to tremble. It felt so good! She reached out with her right hand and grabbed Paul’s dick. Her hand slid up and down, rubbing Mark’s saliva into the skin. Mark wasn’t idle however. He stood next to them jerking his dick, watching Paul feast on his girlfriend until he shot gobs of cum all over his girlfriend’s tits. The cum arced into the air splattering wetly on Vicki’s skin. Paul lapped it up as it landed. When he stopped cumming, Mark went into the bedroom and got the vibrator he had given Vicki as a gift. He sat on the couch next to Alison.

“Here. Go use this on her.” motioning to his girlfriend. “Shove it up in her pussy.”

Alison looked like she was going to cum at any second, her nipples were hard and erect and her skin glistened from where she had smeared her cunt juices all over herself. She leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips and a quick stroke of his cock.

” You are so nasty! And a great boyfriend to share your girlfriend with another man. Are you sure you’re not jealous?”

” Look at her! She looks so hot!” Mark said, jacking his cock. Alison had to agree. Paul had stood up and Vicki had guided his cock into her mouth. She was sucking on it, rubbing his balls with her left hand and herself with her right. The pink folds of her pussy showed as her fingers moved in and out. Vicki didn’t care that her boyfriend and friend were watching her suck off a man she had just met. She only knew that she had to cum and soon or she was going to die!

Alison crawled across the floor like a cat. Mark’s eyes were locked on her ass as she moved across the rug. He moaned looking at the soft curves of her ass cheeks. He began to squeeze his cock hard; he was going to come all over himself just by watching if he wasn’t careful! She stopped in front of the chair and slowly parted Vicki’s legs. Paul shifted slightly to one side, starting to pull his cock out of Vicki’s mouth. She gasped out “No!” and grabbed his butt roughly, sucking him back in. Mark watched as Alison moved Vicki’s hand away from her cunt and put the vibrator against her clit. Then she turned it on. Vicki’s ass levitated off the chair in a flash. She moaned with her mouth full of dick, as she began to bounce up and down as Alison held it firmly on her pussy, not letting her Get away.

“Yeah it feels good doesn’t it? Yes it does. Cum for me Vick, cum, cum, cum, cum!” Alison panted. “Cum for me so then I can cum.”

With a shriek Vicki let Paul’s cock slide out of her mouth and screamed “YES . . . YES . . . YES!” A tremendous orgasm rolled through Vicki’s body. Waves of pleasure washed over her again and again as the vibrator hummed. Paul moved and sat next to Mark, holding onto his dick. “Man. She cums like a volcano!”

Vicki slowly came down to earth. She sat up straight and pulled Alison up to her face. “That was incredible. Thank you.” She then leaned forward and kissed her friend. Their mouths met and probed each other hungrily as the boys watched transfixed. Vicki suddenly jerked away. “Now it’s your turn” she said and shoved Alison onto the floor.

Alison fell on her back with her legs splayed opened. With a lunge, Vicki dove to the floor and clamped her mouth onto Alison’s cunt licking at her engorged clit. Alison’s mouth opened into a silent O as her back bent like a bow. Her hands flew out to the sides clutching at air as Vicki attacked her pussy. Her eyes were screwed shut as she felt her orgasm steadily building. In her delrium she wondered how Vicki knew how to eat pussy so well as she seemed to hit all the right spots to make her feel so good. After just a minute she knew she was close. She opened her eyes and raised her head. Looking down her body she saw Vicki’s hair draped across her waist and felt her hands cupping her ass. She turned to the left and got even more excited. Paul had leaned over and taken Mark’s dick into his mouth! He had said he was bisexual but this is the first time she had actually seen it! She began to cum. “OH God . . . , oh GOD . . . , OH GOD!!!! she yelled as her orgasm hit. Vicki clamped her lips on Alison’s clit and sucked hard. Alison jumped as if poked by a cattle prod. Her knees flew shut onto the sides of Vicki’s head as she flew over the edge into bliss.

When she stopped shuddering, Alison opened her eyes again. “Wow that was fucking hot.”

Mark tapped Paul on the shoulder. “Stop before I shoot.”

Paul sat up and looked inquiringly at Mark. “Why?”

“Because I want to cum with my girlfriend” he said.

Vicki smiled at her boyfriend. She came over and fell into his arms. They kissed, feeling each other all over. Vicki slid down his body and took his dick into her mouth. She sucked hard, stroking him balls. Her ass swayed side to side as Alison lay on the floor. Mark and Paul’s eyes met. Mark whispered to him. “Fuck her for me. Put your hard dick in my girlfriend!”

Paul broke into a grin as he slid off of the couch and moved behind Vicki. Alison took his place on the couch next to Mark to watch. Vicki’s eyes were closed so she never saw what was happening until she felt something pushing against her cunt lips. “Wha?!” she gasped, turning her head around as Paul’s hands grabbed her hips.

“It’s ok honey.” Mark said turning her face back to him with his hand. “I want to see you being fucked.”

Vicki could only look at Mark in disbelief as Paul’s cock penetrated her cunt. It felt wonderful! He began to pump her with strong steady strokes. His hips smacked loudly against her full ass as he slammed away. Vicki felt herself beginning to cum again. She leaned into Mark’s lap. She couldn’t concentrate on the blow job she was giving. Not with such a incredible fucking as she was getting! Paul was really giving it his all. He had a death grip on Vicki’s waist at he pounded home. Alison had picked up the vibrator and had it buzzing on her clit.

“He fucks like a star Vicki! Take that cock you bitch! Take it all! You’re such a slut. I love you! Cum on her ass baby!” she said to Paul.

“Shoot it man, shoot it! Cum on her” Mark urged. His own dick was hard as stone watching this man slam his girlfriend.

Vicki felt wave after wave of sexual energy crash over her, as she came repeatedly. With a few slow powerful lunges Paul pounded until he could take no more. ” HERE . . . I . . . CUM!!!!!!” he gasped and pulled out. He rose up slightly and Alison and Mark watched as semen geysered out of his rod. Gobs and gobs of warm fluid splashed onto Vicki’s ass.

Paul fell back into a near faint. “Never came so hard before” he panted. “Vicki, your pussy is so good.”

Vicki raised her head weakly from Mark’s lap. “Thanks Paul. You’re not so bad yourself.”

She glanced at Mark’s hard cock. ” I see you’re still ready for action.” She looked at Alison “You wanted to borrow him, right? He looks ready to be used.”

“You sure honey?” Alison asked.

“Oh no problem at all” Vicki smiled. “You’re just borrowing, not taking. Work him over for me.”

Mark couldn’t believe his luck. Here he had his fantasy come true by watching his girlfriend with another man, and with another woman, and both on the same night. And now he was going to have sex with another woman with his girlfriend’s blessing! Alison climbed into Mark’s lap. She spread her legs open and steadied herself by placing her hands on his shoulders. Vicki held Mark’s dick upright as Alison slowly slid down onto it until she was buried to the hilt. Mark’s hands glided underneath Alison’s ass to cup her soft cheeks as she began a slow grind up and down his shaft.

“Feels so good, so good ” Alison whimpered as her pussy started spasming. She rode Mark’s cock slowly and firmly. Her clit pressed into his pelvis on the downstroke and she ground her hips from side to side to really make it feel good. Paul sat on one side and Vicki took the other. “Oooh gonna cum, gonna cum” Alison said after a few minutes of steady humping. Paul and Vicki watched as Alison began to writhe uninhibitedly as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

“Mark, tell me when you are gonna cum, ok?” Vicki said quickly. “Don’t cum inside her. I want to see it!”

“O-o-okay hon-honey.” He stammered in reply.” Soon, very soon.”

Alison’s cunt walls were fluttering around his shaft like butterflies. He wanted it to last longer but they were squeezing him relentlessly.

“Gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum,” he warned, feeling the semen begin to rise inside him. Paul grabbed Alison off of Mark’s cock and laid her gently to one side. He then bent down licked Mark’s balls as Vicki put her lips around the head. Together they brought Mark to a gusher of a climax, his cum blasting into the air.

” AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” Mark croaked as he felt the biggest orgasm he ever had erupted. It went on for almost a full minute as cum kept oozing all over the tip off his cock, dripping onto Paul and Vicki’s lips. Alison just lay there next to them watching, too weak to do anything. She gently rubbed some of Paul’s cum still on Vicki’s ass with some of Mark’s into her tits.

The four of them collapsed, spent. Mark cradled Vicki gently in his arms. “Thank you for being so open to this.” He whispered, kissing her gently. “It was better than I ever imagined it would be.”

Vicki sighed contentedly. It was better than she ever thought it would be either. She thought she could never let herself go like that. She was grateful she had a boyfriend like Mark and a friend like Alison who helped her to such a fantastic night. She reached for Alison’s hand and held it tightly.

“Thanks for introducing us to Paul” she said. Paul nodded his head “The pleasure was all mine.”

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