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Very First Time and It Was Huge!

Category: Gay Male
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Until that time, I had been “mostly” heterosexual. To wit, barring my early life ones of “playing doctor”, this one was the first man-to-man one I had until I was 23 years old.

I had noticed that I took notice of porn pics/films/etc that included a man’s cock. Two women going at each other just didn’t seem to do it for me.

The scenes that I liked always seemed to have to include a hard cock or two.I felt “slighted” if they didn’t. I remember going to a local Drive-in Movie (wow, aren’t they a thing of the past?) with various girlfriends, but I noticed the scenes that most enticed me were the ones with cocks in them. In deed, I remember looking around at other cars while my girlfriend sucked me off. I looked for others getting head or fucking. I’d watched them as my girlfriend sucked me. Why was that, I wondered?

I began to think about “that time” on the oil tanker… (I’ll continue that story for those that want to email me), but I started to think about cock. I began to notice that I liked watching my own cock go in and out of my girlfriend’s mouth. It wasn’t so much her, but the sight of her mouth sliding up and down a hard cock that got me off.

One night, (“while on a break”,,ha, ha), I drove by a locally known gay bar. I didn’t dare go in, but just circled it a few times near closing. After a few circles, a man drove up along side of me and nodded at me. Instinctively, I nodded back. He pulled ahead of me and drove by the same bar I had been cruising by, but he put on his blinker and turned, and I followed. He seemed to slow down to wait for me and signaled and turned again. I followed. I had no idea if and what I would do if he stopped, but kept following him. Coincidentally, or not, he drove right by my home at the time. I worried that he knew me, but he passed by it and kept going for several blocks until he ran down a dead-end street and stopped. I pulled in behind him, several car-lengths behind him. “What would I do now”, I thought? Nothing happened. Several minutes went by until he flashed his dome light. I flashed mine in return. Still nothing… I was frozen in place and afraid to make a move. I sensed that he was gay and wanted to meet me, but I was afraid to make a move.

Shortly, he turned on his interior dome light again and waved at me. It was very cold that night. I remember his exhaust steaming ahead. Maybe because I had a few drinks earlier and was feeling little pain, I screwed up my courage and got out of my car and went to his passenger door. He leaned over and cracked it open and said “Come on in”.. and I sat along side of him.

He was tall and kind of looked like “Art Garfunkel” in a way,…tall, thin, with a blond curly hairdo. Nervously, I said, “hello”, but began to talk about his car,…an AMC Eagle 4Wheel drive, which was unusual at the time.

We exchanged small talk for a bit, but I suddenly noticed that he had his zipper undone and was slowly stroking his cock. It wasn’t near hard, but I noticed that it was huge compared to mine. (I’m no eunuch and have a decent cock, but his was huge!) I remember it reaching up well beyond the lower part of his steering wheel. I probably stared at it, but didn’t realize that I did. I remember that it seemed to stretch well above his belly button as he sat there. It wasn’t abnormally thick, just very long. It was the longest cock I had ever seen, in person or in film.

He flapped it against his belly without saying a word. All I could do was stare at it. I think he knew and reached into my crotch to feel me.

I was shocked at first, but I shortly screwed up my nerve to reach over and grasp his cock. My hand covered only a third of his length. I was amazed. He seemed to smile knowingly. It had to be ten inches or better and it still was not hard. This was the first time I had ever had my hand around another man’s cock, but it felt nice. I was scared. I mean, I’m not a pussy, but to have my hand around another man’s cock was a totally new experience for me. It felt wonderful. It was so much bigger than mine and hot to the touch.

Suddenly, I became reaware of where we were (parked on a street), and for some reason, I invited him back to my house, which was no more than a few blocks away.

He agreed and followed me home and I led him to the back door. I guess I was trying to stay “incognito”…?

I owned an old converted “row-home”. It had been converted to three apartments and I lived in the smallest first floor one. Basically, it was a one-bedroom apartment whose rooms were in line,…living room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

Terry (his name) needed to take a piss and I showed him the door as we walked towards the living room. I sat on the couch and waited. I’m not sure for what,…

Terry emerged shortly and I quickly noticed that he hadn’t zipped up and his limp cock hung out as he walked towards me. I was kind of dumb-founded as he walked towards me and even more so as he continued until he stood right before me as I sat on the couch. His semi-erect cock was hanging out his pants, no more than a couple of inches from my face. I was stunned and didn’t know what to do. I had never seen a cock up that close, let alone done anything else to it!

His hand was grasping the base of it and slowly waving it in front of my face. He was looking down at me and smiling.

He said, “Do you like it””

The only answer I could stutter was, “Yeah”…

He leaned towards me and placed its head on my lips.

It was wet from precum which he gently rubbed on my lips. He withdrew slightly, smiled, stroked one long time on his shaft, and another large clear drop of precum appeared at its tip. He leaned forward again and I instinctively put out my tongue and licked at it. I had never taste cum before, not even my own. It was sweet and warm, slick, almost oily. He pulled back again and I saw a long string of it stretching from my open mouth to his cock head.

I suppose that’s all it took for him because he leaned forward and a full six inches of his cock followed the head into my mouth.

Wow, here I am, sitting on my own couch, and there is a man with half his cock in my mouth!

It felt great. All my hesitations disappeared as I felt his head slide along my tongue. I could smell his mustiness as I moved my mouth further down his cock. I was amazed that I could actually have three-quarters of his cock in my mouth. My lips reached his hand that was still wrapped around his cock. I forced my lips against them and he slowly released his grip and allowed my lips to slide further until my nose was buried in his pubic hairs. I could smell him… kind of like “play-do”…

I gulped as he reached the back of my throat, and he took that as a sign I wanted more (which I did) and gently thrust his hips forward and forcing all ten inches of his cock into my throat. I felt his balls come to rest upon my chin.

When I felt him hit the back of my throat, I felt an urge to gag, but quickly suppressed that by swallowing and let him slide all the way in. I willing accepted it.

I think he knew he had me. He withdrew it slowly until his cock head was just inside my lips and then just as slowly pushed it full length back into my willing mouth. I looked up and he was smiling.

I felt his hands on the back of my head and he gently began to fuck my face,…and I willing accepted his cock. I remember thinking that while my own cock has a gentle upturn to it when erect, his bent slightly downwards, and that made him easier to swallow. It seemed to find its own way, perfectly curved to that of my throat.

Several times, he withdrew it all the way out until I could feel his head just begin to part my lips, and then slowly, very slowly, forced it back in, slowly, inch by inch until his cock head rest upon the back of my throat again. I was gone.

He continued to fuck my face like that for a few minutes. I willing accepted it.

Suddenly, perhaps wanting control, I stopped him and invited him to my bed. I stripped him down, laid him in my bed and crawled between his legs. I began to lick his balls and slowly slide my tongue up along the shaft to his swollen head, pausing to lick the veins just under the cap. He was still very hard and I decided to take control and grasped his wrists, holding his arms down as I began to fully take his cock in and out of my mouth. He struggled at first, but relented…I was stronger than he has.

I lay between his thighs, one arm on each side so he couldn’t move, and bobbed up and down on his cock. It was huge! I kid you not. It was 10-12 inches long and I somehow found a way to take him to his pubic hairs.

I felt him beginning to struggle against me and also felt his cock starting to widen and pulse. I knew he was going to cum. I held his wrist more firmly and sank my mouth as far down his shaft as I could and did everything I could to hold it there and not gag….

I felt his balls shrink at first,…then his cock seemed to swell.

My lips were wrapped around his cock just above his balls, and I felt a huge pulse and realized he was beginning to cum.

I felt my cheeks bulge from his first spurt into my mouth and instinctively swallowed…again,and again…

I swallowed as much as I could but it began to force its way outside my lips and slide down his cock.

I kept pistoning my mouth up and down, trying to swallow what I could, but his cum forced its way outside my mouth and slid down my chin.

I still had his wrists in my hands and all he could do was thrust his hips upwards. All I could do was accept his cock as he did so.

I remember his cum being forced past my lips and dripping down my chin. I remember grasping down for a handful and using it to massage his cock as he finished cumming. I never fully withdrew my mouth from his cock and continued to suck him dry as my arms kept him pinned.

Eventually, he stopped writhing and I laid my cheek on his hip, but kept his semi-erect cock in my mouth. I drifted off, gently mouthing his now soft, but still large cock,… savoring the taste and slick feel of his cum with my tongue. The smell of his loins filled my nostrils. Life was somehow different now.

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