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Eight months I have taken to cross this vast land. I had no conception of the vastness of this continent. Looking at a map of Australia one never realises the vast distances there is between towns, well a few houses clustered together in this land is called a town. Now here I was standing on the escapement looking down at the City of Perth. In the east I was told it was just a hick town, no night life and the kangaroos run all over the streets.

In the distance I could see the outline of tall modern buildings and as far as I could see was houses, not the hick town as the Sydneysiders said. This is a country whish only ever mentions the three eastern states, as I have found out in my travels. This state is the largest state accounting for one third of the continent, yet some people I have met in the east couldn’t even tell me the name of the capital. This is also the state which the rest of Australia depends on for its natural resources, without this state there would be very little national wealth, but it was treated as a poor relative by the people of the three eastern states.

I had arrived a fit eighteen year old and now I was even fitter, my muscles had hardened and I think nothing now of walking fifty kilometres a day. I’m a bit taller as well, when I left I was six feet five but I am sure I’ve put on at least another two inches. My backpack used to feel heavy on my back and I leant forward to take the weight. Now I am walking upright and hardly feel the weight at all. I took the advice of two Royal Marine Commando friends of the family and packed my pack on their instructions and found that their advice has meant I have never been in a situation I couldn’t handle.

A curved pruning saw, small axe, ex-army entrenching tool to bury my waste both human and other. A good sized light tent, a good ground sheet cum poncho and an extra large sleeping bag, only one change of outer clothing, three changes of underwear and socks, a woolly pullover, two one day ration packs (which I have never touched) a compass, and a good wind-up waterproof watch, plus toilet ware, was all one actually needed. I had a few extra small items such as my camera and notepad.

I tried every week to send home any film I had used and a letter telling my parents what I had been up to and also to let them know I was alright.

I eventually got into the centre of the city by rail and was amazed at the cleanliness, everything looked clean, maybe it was the bright sunlight, but there was no litter lying on the streets unlike British and eastern state cities.

I booked into a backpacker’s hotel and met Frank who had just returned from a two year trek of Europe and Britain. He told me he was waiting for his father to pick him up and take him home. I was shocked to find that his home was in the north of this state and was about as far away from Perth as I had travelled in the past eight months. He persuaded me to come and see the Kimberley; also we would be flying over the famous Bungle Bungle ranges.

His father came to Perth on business at least four times a year and usually stocked up with items that was hard to come-bye. He was sure his father wouldn’t mind an additional passenger.

The next day we taxied to the busiest light plane airport in Australia to meet his father. Not only was his father there but his grandmother.

“So you would like to trek the Kimberley?” this smiling, tall, weather-beaten man in a battered wide brimmed hat asked me.

“I’ve just trekked across from Sydney and I would like to see more of this vast country sir.”

“God we don’t call people sir here, I’m Bill and this is Gran, everyone calls her Gran. Now let’s get you seated, sorry you will have to sit at the back with Gran. We have all the other seats out to get the things we bought stowed. Anyway Gran always sits at the back; she says she feels safer there. Frank will sit up front with me, since he is also a pilot and I want to have a chat with him. We’ll be landing at Newman for a meal and I have to see someone there. So make yourself comfy we have a long flight ahead of us.”

The view from the small window was lovely and clear and I was surprised by the sudden disappearance of any habitation after about twenty minutes of flying. Now there was only brown bush below us, that went on and on, with very little change in the scenery at all. Occasionally I saw a road but even on that I could see no transport. To say the land was vacant would be how one had to describe it. Four hours later we arrived at Newman, I was glad the town was pointed out to me when we were in the air for there was no sign of it when we landed.

Gran, Frank and I sat in the waiting room and ate a prepared meal, whilst his father went and saw the person he was meeting. We were there only about an hour and a half before we took off again once more heading north. Gran pointed out items of interest but once again it was a barren wasteland. Over the Great Sandy Desert and then we hit turbulence and Gran said we had reached the Bungle Bungles and I saw as far in the distance these well known small mounds reaching for the sky.

Then the plane lurched and where the pilot sat was a great gapping hole, what had caused it I had no idea. The cockpit was now vacant with wires flapping in the wind. The engines had stopped and we were on a slow glide to earth. Slow, well we weren’t spiralling, gliding more like it but at a slow angle. Then there was this tearing noise as the light suddenly changed and the last I could remember was us plunging into this deep canyon, then oblivion.

I came too being held in my seat by the seat belt, I was bent in half looking at the ground a good six feet below me. The other part of the fuselage I could see belly down about ten to twelve feet away and my pack still tied to the bundle of whatever goods Bill had been transporting through the torn off rear section of the plane. There were no wings to be seen but the smell of avgas was strong in the air.

Then I suddenly thought of Gran who had been sitting in the seat on the opposite side of the isle from me. I looked sidewise and I could see she was hanging exactly like I was. I prepared myself, hit the seat belt lock and I dropped down to the earth and landed on my feet, but I felt real dizzy. The tail section I saw was snagged on a tree and dropped about two feet when I dropped. I am glad it didn’t drop all the way for it would have landed on top of me as it was I was head and shoulders inside the broken tail section.

I reached up and released Gran’s seat belt and caught her as she fell and carried her out of harms way and laid her down on the ground. I had just done that when the tail section landed on the ground and fell back onto the tree which had snagged it.

I looked up and saw only a sliver of sky. Somehow we had passed through that gap and landed in this canyon with the overhanging sides. At least it was nice and cool in the shade.

I was kneeling all this time by Gran’s side and wondering what I was going to do, when she opened her eyes and looked right at me.

“Oh I’m still alive, what happened?”

“It looks as if we crashed inside a deep canyon with overhanging sides. Its going to be difficult for a search party to spot us down here, I only hope the wings and engines are up top so they could spot us.”

“My boys are dead, aren’t they?”

“I think they were dead before we even hit the ground. We seemed to have been struck with something which totally tore away the cockpit area with Bill and Frank. How do you feel, are you hurt anywhere?”

“My stomach is very sore; I think the seatbelt cut into me quite bad.”

“Come on Gran lets have a look at it. We’ll have to look after one another until the rescue party gets here.”

“I am wearing a dress and it would mean me taking it off to look.”

“Ok Gran I’ll turn my back and you check, will that do?”

“Yes, that will do fine.”

I turned and heard her struggling with her dress.

“Young man, I do need your help, I can’t lift the dress I am that sore. I will have to ask you to do it for me.”

“My names Chris, Gran and I will help you.” I turned and helped her get the dress over her head exposing her partially dressed body. I expected an old woman to be wearing big cotton briefs etc., but no, she had on frilly lemon and lime laced panties and bra. The worst was the badly bruised abdomen where the belt had dug in. She must be in a good bit of pain with that amount of bruising.”

I helped her put her dress back on. “Gran I think you had better lie down and rest, take it easy I will set us up a camp and we will stay near the plane so that searchers can find us. I see we have plenty of water. So you stay right there.”

There was water aplenty, there was a lovely 30 foot pool about twenty yards away and I could see water seeping from the rocks making a little stream which fed the pool.

I thought of using the fuselage as shelter but there was too much jagged metal sticking all over the place. I retrieved my pack and put it aside as I examined the pile of items Bill had been transporting. There was tea, sugar, coffee in tins, flour, lots of dry package items, a new rifle and a number of boxes of ammunition. I know nothing of rifles except that they fire bullets and kill things. There was also a solar powered lantern and six solar garden lights one sees in driveways. I took some sugar and a box of tea bags, grabbed my pack and made for a small cave I spotted in the side near the spring.

Since there are no predators in Australia I knew there would be no wild ferocious animals in the cave, it wasn’t very deep and I could see it had been used before for there were outlines of hands sprayed on the walls. This would suit us fine. We were close to the aircraft, near water and out of the elements. I propped my pack against the wall spread the ground sheet and rolled out my sleeping bag, and walked back to where Gran was lying. I picked her up and carried her back to the cave and lay her on the sleeping bag.

“That’s the best I can do for now Gran. I’ll get a pot of tea on the go, sorry no milk though.”

“There should be a box of evaporated milk amongst the supplies. I got it for me as that is how I like my tea.”

“Thanks Gran, I’ll get the fire lit and then go see if I could find the milk for you.”

There was plenty of dry wood around; in fact the place was littered with it. The only thing wrong with that was it would give off very little smoke to attract attention to our position. I got the largest mess-tin I had and filled it with water, got the fire going in a circle of stones that was already there and went for Gran’s milk. By the time I returned the water was boiled and using my mug and the small mess-tin I made two cups of tea.

“Only milk Chris,” Gran shouted as she watched me preparing her drink.

The tea was very refreshing as I sat by her side propped up against the caves wall. “Gran how long do you think we will be here?”

“I have no idea, sometimes the search parties find missing people in a couple of days, other times its years after when they find the remains. It was only a month ago that they discovered the remains of a plane that came down during the second world war that was sixty years ago.”

“I have no idea even where we are and I have no idea which way to go to get help, so I think we had better stay where we are and hope like hell that someone finds us,” I added.

“That’s the best thing to do in this country, sit where you are, it may be difficult but that is the best way, believe me I have lived all my life in these remote areas and we are forever coming across people who have left their vehicles, dead of course, very seldom do we find live ones.”

“Thanks for cheering me up Gran, I can’t keep calling you Gran. You must have another name.”

“Promise you won’t laugh, Gertrude.”

“I’ll call you Gerry is that alright by you?”

“Yes that’s alright Chris.”

By now it was getting dark and cold, bitter cold.

“Gerry, we will have to share my sleeping bag, as neither of us can sleep out in the open. That way we can keep each other warm.”

“I was going to suggest that myself, but didn’t know how you would take it,” she said.

“Gerry you are quite safe I can assure you.”

I stripped down to my underpants and I helped Gerry off with her dress, then we got into the sleeping bag. I zipped up the sides and turned my back to her and she cuddled up behind me. That was how I woke the next morning I had slept like a log and I was starving. I was also as hard as a rock and dying for a pee. I slipped out of the sleeping bag grabbed my entrenching tool and only wearing the thongs I carry on the outside of my pack got some distance away from the cave. Dug a hole had a crap and pee. And used some broad leaved plant to wipe my arse with, filled the hole again and returned to the cave.

“Do you always wake up with such an erection?” Gerry asked.

I didn’t know where to look or how to answer her so I tried to change the subject. “I have to dig a latrine for us to use, no point digging little holes all over the place.”

“Good idea. Could you get me the rifle and ammunition from the plane, I bought it to shoot vermin and I can see our breakfast.”

I walked down again to the plane and on the way down decided I would during the day bring all the stuff up to our cave, saving all this walking back and forth. I grabbed her rifle and ammunition and took it back to her. By this time she was dressed and on her feet and looked a lot better already. She loaded the rifle and then crouched away down the side of the embankment. Shortly afterwards I heard a single shot and a shout. “Chris.” I actually ran thinking she had fallen or something.

There she was pointing at a dead kangaroo. “Pick it up and bring it back, I’ll show you how we can eat this. You get a good fire going, I’m not going to do as the aborigines do and just throw it on the fire and let it burn, I’ll butcher it with your help.”

Gerry set about butchering the carcass, after I gave her my knife. I took my small saw, axe and entrenching tool and went and dug a latrine. Once through the top layer the digging was easy and soon I had a good deep hole. I then covered it with branches leaving only a small opening two forked branches driven into the ground and a straight one inserted in the crutches gave a good safe seat. There must be some paper in the aircraft I could use for toilet paper.

By the time I had done this and went down to the pool and had a wash and shave Gerry had the meat cooked on spiked sticks and a cup of tea ready. So at least we had something substantial inside of us as I started transporting all the goods from the plane to the cave. This task took me all day, stopping every now and again listening for the sound of a plane or someone searching for us.

It was frustrating having no radio or any means to let us know what was going on in the outside world. Did they think we were dead, and give up, I doubt it they had years of experience looking for lost people in this vacant land.

The sun goes down quick mostly due to the small aperture we have to the open sky, and when it does it becomes very cold very quick. What other thing do we have but crawl into the sleeping bag? I noticed that Gerry’s bruise was now purple and brown the bluish tinge had gone already.

“Gerry you have quite a nice body for an oldie.”

“We will have less of the oldie, you cheeky bugger,” she said with a smile on her face.

This time I was lying on my back, not feeling the least bit tired and Gerry was lying in the crook of my arm all snuggled up with an arm across my stomach. We couldn’t even see the sky from here just a grey darkness with the water glistening.

“Do you think we will be here long Chris?”

“You know this land; I hope not, I have a lot of living to do yet.”

“And loving, if I know you young lads.”

“Yes and that too, it would be a shame missing out on that.”

“Well you needn’t miss out on that, I’m here.”

“Gerry surely you are past that now?”

“Who ever told you that, I get the urges still, maybe not as much as I once did, but I still do, like now for instance. I feel I need someone to comfort me; maybe this is going to be my entire world. Would you comfort me Chris?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never been with someone like you I would be frightened that I hurt them.”

“How could you hurt me?”

“Well I’m a big chap and you are a little old lady.”

As I said this she reached down under my underpants and clasped my penis in her hand and I hardened in a second.”

“You are big, but not all that big, maybe this oldie could accommodate you better than some of the young ones, anyway we have more experience.”

“You don’t mean it Gerry, do you?”

“Yes, I do and I will show you.”

I felt her slip her panties down and then off. Unzipped her side of the sleeping bag and draw down my underpants and sat astride my hips in less time than it took to write this. She inserted my penis into her hot and I found moist vagina and just lowered herself down. I felt myself slowly penetrating her warm body and it felt better than any woman I had previously entered. She seemed to be able to engulf me so easy. I thought I was really big in that department and even had some complaints from women that I was too big for them to take, but here was this little old lady with the greying hair just sliding down my shaft until she had totally engulfed it, and sitting on my thighs.

“Well you see, no bother, and I haven’t broke. Now you do your part and keep an old lady happy.”

I needed no second reminder, I rolled her over onto her back and slowly withdrew and once again sink into her moist passage. Her legs were raised and she was now encouraging me to really satisfy her. My opinion of older woman was changed at that moment and I vowed that I would forget the fickle young for women like Gerry. She was right she was giving me more satisfaction with her rolling hips and movements than any one else ever had. I even felt her reach a climax as I continued on until I shot my four millilitres of sperm into her body.

“That’s right Chris, let me have it all I can’t get pregnant so don’t you worry, I love to feel that hot stuff of yours enter my womb.”

I just left my penis in her warm pussy as I rested on my elbows with her under me and she put both arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth. I never thought anything wrong in that and returned her kisses.

“Chris, you know we may die here. I don’t want you to end your young life not having a woman as much as you want. I will give you as much loving as you want. I love to feel you inside me as I am sure you love to be inside me, so anytime we can make love.”

“Gerry you may regret having said that, you could be letting yourself in for a lot of this.”

“Oh what a wonderful way to die, you give me that cock of yours anytime hear.”

Slowly I felt myself swell again inside of her body. “Well Gerry I suppose you feel that also.”

“Oh and it’s wonderful to actually feel you getting hard inside me. You know I will love you back as much as you give.”

I lifted her hips this time and started pushing into her body feeling her hard cervix every time I was fully entered and she was crying out for me to even go harder. At first I was a bit reluctant so I gradually thrust harder and harder and Gerry was pushing back into me harder each time until I could hear the slap of my thighs banging into her bottom and really pounding into her. It took a lot longer this time until once again I deposited my load into her body. I gently lowered her down and I slipped out and we lay entwined in each others arms.

Waking with a woman hugging me wasn’t something I was used to and as usual I was as hard as a rock.

“Gerry I don’t know who is the most randy, you or me. Are you sure you want me at this time of the morning?”

“I told you anytime I will willingly submit.”

“I don’t want you to submit Gerry.”

“Well I’d love you to make love to me anytime, I realise what I have been missing, and will take all the loving you can give.”

I turned her around and got her on her knees with her head down and got behind her I placed my penis on the little mound under her crack and pushed in, sinking to my full depth in a slow easy passage. I gripped her hips and just pulled her into me. Gerry let out a long sigh as I done this.

“Oh God that was wonderful, drive it into me I just love feeling that boner of yours in my body.”

For an old lady she really loved getting poked, if they were all like this I definitely had been chasing after the wrong age group in the past. I pumped into her soft body her buttocks were like cushions as my lower stomach smacked against them. I took my hands away and slipped them up her back and undid the bra clasps releasing her breasts then leant forward and took one in each hand. They were lovely and pliable and I was teasing her nipples as I thrashed into her body. Once again spurting my sperm in her moist, hot passage, which so readily took my large penis.

I leant back and brought her back up to my chest and my arms were tightly around her chest.

“God Gerry, I could fuck you all day, you are so lovely.”

“I wish you could but I expect Mother Nature would somehow prevent it. I suppose you think me a wanton woman allowing you to use my body as you wish?”

“No Gerry I love you and respect you too much for that. I think we should go and have a good bath and get a good start to the day.”

“A very good idea I want to wash out my things anyway, I hope you don’t mind seeing me in the nude until my clothes dry?”

“A great idea we will both stay in the nude until your clothes dry.”

We got out of the sleeping-bag and I opened it up and draped it over a bush to air whilst we walked to the pool. Me with my penis swinging against my thighs and Gerry’s breasts swinging on her chest just like in a nudist’s colony.

During the next few days Gerry found a new way to sit, on my thighs with me rove up her. It has become her favourite position for sitting. We have sat for hours in this position discussing her two friends and how they would be envious of her having a young stud like me, satisfying her all the time. Her two friends were slightly older but she knew would be just as eager as she was.

“You know Chris if we hadn’t had the plane crash I would have gone to my grave never having had another man. Now two, three and even four times a day we have sex, I’ve never had so much in my entire life as I have had with you.”

“Gerry, I have to tell you something too, if it hadn’t been for the crash I wouldn’t have found out about how mature ladies still loved sex. I would still have been chasing women of my own age. Maybe one day I will meet one of my own age, but from now on I’m going to stick to mature ladies they are more fun.”

“Well I’ll get you started once we get back for now I am certain that we will be rescued.”

During one of our hunts on the wreckage we found Gerry’s missing case with her spare clothes, there wasn’t many but enough to allow her to change dresses, and underwear.

Eleven weeks to the day we crashed four aborigines walked into our area by the pool, two women and two men.

Gerry rushed over to them and was able to speak to them in their own dialect which to me sounded like nothing on earth. The two women stayed with us and the men turned and went back the way they had come. All sexual activities stopped from that point. Even although I never understood what the three women said we sat around the fire and chatted. Gerry translating as we went alone.

On the third day we heard the sound of a number of helicopters overhead, and then an hour later the Police arrived.

“We thought you were dead, we covered this area twice but saw nothing. You seemed to have survived real good. Your daughters and daughter-in-law have been informed and are waiting for you back home,” said the Police Officer.

I went and packed my backpack, rolling up the sleeping bag that had now so many memories. When it was all packed I walked to the police.

“Well young man we knew nothing about you. Gran says you really looked after her and that she wants you to stay a while so she can show you the area you intended to visit.”

Soon on arriving back to where Gerry lived everyone was there to meet her and I was left in the background. I thought now that she is back with her own I would be forgotten, but no Gerry came over to speak to me once she got away from everyone.

“My friend Iris, she is one of the ones I talked to you about is going to take you in for a couple of weeks and show you around. I have told her about us and she is as keen as mustard to have some of the same. I’ll be round for some also so save some for me.” She raised herself up and gave me a real sloppy kiss. “I love you Chris, really I do.” She turned away and in a short time returned with this other grey haired lady.

“Chris this is Iris, fuck her good, just like you did me.”

“Gerry must you tell him that straight out.”

“Iris I have nothing to hide from Chris, we have done it all. You must realise we thought we would die out there so we hid nothing. You do the same and you won’t regret it.” She turned away and her family gathered once again round her, there was quite a few too ranging from babes in arms to grown men and women.

“I suppose she has spoken to you about me too?”

“Yes how you would like to be fucked by a young man like me, and I’d like to fuck you too Iris.”

“Well that’s plain enough, get your things and we can go home.”

Like everyone else here she had a four-wheel drive vehicle covered in red dust. I threw my kit in the back and we departed the homestead in a cloud of dust. It took an hour to reach Iris’s home. I picked up my pack and we entered her house. She had the air-conditioner on and it was lovely and cool inside.

Iris was dressed in a floral dress, which I could see the outline of her panties and bra through it, it was that thin. Her hair style was almost identical to what Gerry’s was when I met her in Perth. She was slightly taller than Gerry and had enormous breasts and her face, arms and legs was really sunburnt. At the moment she was lost standing in the middle of what I would call the living room.

“What’s up Iris, don’t know how to say it. Do you want me to say it for you? Let’s get into the bedroom.”

“The exact words,” she said with a smile.

I followed her along the passage and we entered her bedroom and I started stripping as she stood by the bed.

“Well get your clothes off woman, I’ve got what you want or have you changed your mind?”

“No, no I was just thinking how long it has been since I saw a man undressing to go to bed with me.” Then she pulled the dress over her head and climbed into bed with her panties and bra on, cotton panties and plain white bra. She looked away when I dropped my trousers and kept her head looking the other way whilst I got into bed beside her.

“Why have you still got your underwear on Iris?”

She never replied but wriggled her hips with her hands under the clothes and then dropped her panties on the floor. The bra came next and these huge mammaries just flopped out on to her chest. Yes she was quite a bit older than Gerry, but I loved the look of these sagging breasts as much as a woman with firm ones. I pulled her to me and she threw her arms around me pressing her body on to mine.

I took one of these breasts in my hand and brought the nipple up to my mouth and took the nipple into my mouth and rolled it around my mouth. This caused her to take in a lungful of air and she let it out in little puffs. When I planted my hand on her hairy mound she clamped her legs together.

“Why did you do that Iris?” I said after removing my lips from her breast.

“I don’t know, natural reaction I suppose.” But now she opened up giving me access to her very moist cleavage. She must have been fantasising all the way here for she was as wet as hell.

I rolled over on top of her and she immediately opened and raised her knees. I took my penis in my hand and guided it to her vagina and just sunk in about two inches. She was as tight as a virgin.

“Gerry said you were huge but it feels it will be impossible to get it in.”

“Just you relax sweetheart, you will have the lot and then we can really swing.”

Even although she was relaxed and trying to push also it was slow going as I slowly engulfed my rod into her tight passage. Then as if by magic when I was fully in and had stretched her to accommodate me, the muscles relaxed and I was able to slide in and out with ease.

“How do you like it Iris, slow and gentle or deep and rough?”

“Oh a lot harder than what you are doing, please.”

She had her arms around me and now her legs were well up and I was striking her back thighs as I was fully penetrated. I treated her as I treated Gerry and she was begging for even more, she had her legs now that high that when I leant back away from her arms I took her legs in my arms and pounded into her with her feet above my head. She climaxed that much I thought she was electrocuted and I shot my load deep inside her, let her legs drop and bent forward taking a breast in each hand as I came forward.

“Oh, Iris that was sensational, you may have been tight at first but you soon got used to me.”

“I too see why Gerry is so happy having this all these weeks must have put her in heaven. Oh I hope I get a bit more of this, but not too much I just couldn’t take too much of this.”

Too late I was getting hard again and I started moving in and out of her now saturated pussy, bumping her cervix with every thrust. Soon she was responding rolling her hips and keeping time with me as we once again, but a little gentler this time fucked each other. When at last I finished I pulled her over on to her side and still embedded inside of her fell asleep.

I awoke on my own but I could hear her singing in the other room. A short time later she appeared at the door all smiles. “Come on lover I have cooked a breakfast for you.”

Without even washing I pulled on my dirty clothes and went into the other room and ate the breakfast which Iris had prepared for me. This lady just sat at the table and stared at me as I ate.

“I feel twenty years younger to-day, I thought once would be enough to satisfy me but when you done it again I realised I wanted more and more.”

After I had eaten and was just going to go for a shower she came over beside me and reached down and grabbed my penis through my trousers. “What about now Chris, then we can both go for a shower.”

So right there standing with her holding on to the table I entered her from the rear this time oh so easy, sliding into that lovely warm receptacle and holding on to her hips pumped her once again full of my sperm. We then went and showered together.

For the next two weeks we took every opportunity to indulge, I never saw Gerry all that time. Then one day with only a week to go before my visa expired Gerry turned up with this very elegantly dressed lady called Florence in a new shinny Range Rover driven by a man in livery, which was out of place in this location.

Florence was upper class English and you would think looking at her that you would think sex was the last thing this lady would ever think about, far less indulge in. She had only returned from the USA and was now on her way to Perth.

“This is Florence, Chris my other friend I told you about, sorry to give you such short notice but Florence will take you down to Perth, but she needs to leave now.”

I packed my backpack in ten minutes and kissed Iris and gave her a big hug. “Thank you Iris, I loved the short time we had together and I will keep in touch.” Tears were flowing down her cheek and when I went into the living room Gerry flew into my arms and kissed me as we had done all these weeks together.

“I love you Chris, please write us, you have changed my life for ever.”

I departed with Gerry and Florence watching Iris’s figure disappear from view.

At the tiny airport which was only a long strip of tarmac with a little building at the side, sat a Lear jet. This time I was going in style, I thought I would be nervous getting on a plane again but no I boarded without any nerves at all and this time sat near the front with Florence sitting across from me. It was strange she has hardly spoken to me all this time maintaining this holier than thou attitude.

This trip was a lot shorter and we landed at the main Perth airport where a car was waiting to whisk us to the large Hyatt hotel on the banks of the Swann River. She an elegantly dressed dowager me a tall well built scruffy dressed youth. She had two adjoining rooms booked, I was her grandson she told the clerks and she was here to see him off on his return home.

The first thing I did on getting into my room was to have a good shower and tidy myself up. I had three days before my flight left Perth and if Florence was as bad as Gerry and Iris I would be spending them all in bed.

A knock on the door was the start. I opened it and Florence slipped in dressed only in a housecoat. She came straight into my arms and planted a kiss full on the lips.

“I expect you thought I was very cold all the way down, in fact I was boiling inside wanting to grab you there and then. Gerry told me how big and beautiful you are, I must have a piece of that. If these two friends of mine have enjoyed it so much you must be good,” she said as she moved me back against the bed. For an old mature lady she really was quite strong.

My towel fell to the ground and she shed her housecoat which revealed her nude body. God she was really in good shape, breasts not as big as the other two and still looking good. I turned her so she was lying on the bed with her legs over the edge. There was no hesitation here, she opened her legs and I got between them and she put her hand down and guided me into her moist passage. I seemed to be slipping in a lot easier so I dropped my hand to her vulva lips and found she had used a lubricating jelly as I felt it between my thumb and forefinger. Well at least it won’t be a discomfort for her the first time.

Even with the artificial lubrication I had to stretch her unused vagina into a shape to accept my penis both width and length.

“Oh yes Chris I see why Gerry and Iris are so happy God it’s stretching me.”

I carried on slowly and quite easily getting my whole length in and started a slow withdrawal and enter.

“Yes just keep it like that slow and easy Chris but push it right in, I want to feel it as far in my body as you can get.”

So different from the other two she wanted it slow and I liked this way too, I could watch her facial expressions as she savoured the feel of a young man entering her elderly body. Yes these three ladies confirmed that from now on I’m sticking to this age group who really appreciated and gave all for clean sex. The best thing there was no fear of pregnancy, so you can go all the way as many times as you are able and they all seemed to come back for more.

It was lovely being encased by a lovely smelling lady and she now had her legs tightly locked around my waist as I sank time and time again into her. I also had my hands under her bottom pushing her into me so she could get what she wanted and allowed me to get as deep a penetration as I could. I shot my wad into her and her eyes lit up and opened wide as she felt my stream enter her body.

“You don’t realise how I like that feeling, God your kind to me, why have we so short a time together, I’ll be longing for you all the time.”

Yes she was as bad as the others, she almost lived in my room, and always naked except when we went for meals, but then a quick dash back up from the dinning room to continue where we left off. I was a typical nineteen year old, with a perpetual walking hard-on, always wanting more and more, so much so I had to stop for half a day as I was becoming sore.

On the day of departure Florence was at the airport to see me off and the tears were streaming down her face messing up all her make-up. Tears welled up in my eyes but never really came up I just had that feeling. I loved these three lovely ladies who had given themselves completely to me. Gerry, for initially not wanting me to die without having really tasted a woman’s love.

I took my seat in the isle seat with all these thoughts going through my mind, looking down when a soft voice spoke. “Excuse me young man can you let me in to my seat.”

There was a little silver haired lady about five feet tall smiling up at me as I allowed her to her seat. My journey back home wasn’t going to be as boring as I thought it was. Soon we were chatting away, and when the lights were out we had a blanket covering us I had my hand up her dress fingering her very wet pussy.

We promised to meet when we got back home but I knew we wouldn’t, but it showed me that there was an untapped source just waiting to be exploited.

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