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Dancefloor Flirtation

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The packed city club is jumping, the sound of drum and bass pulsates around me, colourful lights flash rhythmically and your eyes follow me as I stalk seductively up to the fully stocked bar. My sequinned skirt glitters as my hips move in time to the dirty baseline, the semi-sheer black body I’m wearing is designed to allow the imagination to wander and my long legs are emphasised by slender stilettos and opaque, black, lace topped stockings.

I shake out my shiny, brunette, waist length hair and check my reflection in the mirrored panels behind the precise arrangement of bottles.

I’m happy with the impression I’ve created tonight; my sexy green eyes are accentuated by feline, glittery, black eye shadow, fluttery lashes and thick kohl liner, my lips are natural and my cheeks carry a radiant flush; the kind you only get after an orgasm. My mind flits back to earlier today, your mouth on mine, your fingers trailing over my curves and your gorgeous cock filling my hot, little pussy. A smile passes over my lips as I recall the way you touched me…teased me…tempted me… I glance around, wondering if anyone can read my thoughts.

As if you’ve read my mind you appear silently next to me, we don’t speak, instead you catch my eye in the mirror and I instantly feel my pulse quicken and my heart race. The connection between us is immediate and intense, it’s hard not to turn and kiss you but I know that’s not the way this game is to be played. So I look away coyly, I check my phone and then take a glace back to the mirror; you’re not paying any attention to me. Dressed head to toe in varying shades of back and grey, you look like trouble. The battered leather jacket only adds to the dangerous bad boy image and I feel myself becoming inexplicably turned on.

Just at that moment, when I’m lost in a filthy fantasy, you turn back to the reflection and your smouldering blue eyes meet mine once more, this time you hold my gaze and I’m transfixed by the electricity between us, it’s almost tangible, the chemistry is undeniable and I’m mesmerised by you all over again. Suddenly you break the spell and shatter the silence by asking if you can buy me a drink, I turn to face you, smile, and accept your offer. You order for me. You swiftly introduce yourself as Sam…it’s not your real name, I know that…I give my name and you smile as I play my part perfectly. We begin to chat, it’s easy and fun, we make up jobs, lives, holidays and friends. It’s a thrill pretending that we don’t know each other. We start to flirt, slowly and tentatively at first, until the familiar sexual tension builds between us.

You begin to touch me, almost accidentally, but as I respond you become more obvious in your intentions. We’re sitting on two high leather bar stools and you slowly run your hand up my thigh as we talk, I lean in towards you as you lower your voice, drawing me in close. Your fingers slip under my skirt and inch upwards until you come across the lace tops of my stockings. A slow smile spreads over your face and your eyes twinkle irresistibly.

You kiss me, taking me by surprise, your free hand is around the back of my neck, pulling me to you urgently. Your fingers have crept higher and I part my thighs ever so slightly, I break the kiss, gasping audibly as your fingers find their way into my panties, you watch me intently as you slip two fingers into me, my pupils dilate and I moan softly as you stroke my pussy. You grin mischievously as you realise how much you’re turning me on, my pussy is slippery within seconds and my nipples harden through my top. You stop…and I’m suddenly aware that two guys are watching us. They smile confidently as I look over and somehow I can’t help but be a little excited by the fact that they know exactly what we’ve been doing.

We drink a little more, still keeping up the pretence, getting closer and more flirtatious as the night wears on. Eventually you pull me to you and tell me that it’s time to leave, I agree and we get up to go. By the time we get outside the fresh air hits us and the warm evening envelops us, it’s not late as we stroll out onto the street. You grab me, kissing me hard and I press myself up against you, I can feel your hard cock through your jeans and I squeeze it firmly. I can tell how turned on you are and it makes me feel uninhibited and deliciously sexy.

Before I know what’s happening you guide me down a narrow alley next to the club, it’s dark and badly lit but I feel safe with you, protected and excited. You take my hand and pull me into the shadows. You press me forcefully against the wall and I love the feeling of your weight pinning me to it. We kiss passionately, our tongues dance and intertwine, you grab a handful of my hair and I moan softly as you pinch my nipples. I’m so turned on and I know you are too. The outline of your dick is straining against your jeans, I begin to unzip you and you groan gruffly as my hand moves expertly over your cock.

I release you and your erect cock springs into my hand, I wank you slow as you kiss me. You part my legs and finger me perfectly, you hit my g-spot, circle my clit, the excitement builds quickly within me and I shudder as I cum all over your hand. I feel your dick stiffen as I orgasm and I want you inside me so badly. I tell you I want you to fuck me here in this alleyway, I tell you I want to be your filthy little slut and I beg to have you fill me with your hard cock.

You growl at me to turn around, I oblige instantly, desperate to have you in me. I place my palms on the rough bricks of the wall and gaze seductively over my shoulder. I press my arse against your now rigid dick and you run your hands up the back of my thighs, tracing the tops of my stockings before whipping up my skirt and ripping down my knickers, exposing my soaking little pussy. You can see how wet I am, I’m glistening and open, you stretch me with your fingers, I beg for your cock and for you to cover me with your cum. You finger fuck me; enjoying hearing how wet you’re making me. You tell me we might get caught, I’m beyond caring, in fact I’m too turned on to care and I realise that being caught only adds to the enjoyment.

You know how wet I am and once I’m dripping and slick you shove all of your gorgeous hard dick deep into me, I cry out loudly as your cock fills me. I love having you want me so urgently. You tell me I have to take it all and I whimper in pleasure as you begin to fuck me hard. You thrust into me and I tighten around you. You plunge into me again and again; pulling my hair as you do so. You grab my hips firmly and fuck me roughly, as your strokes increase I’m on the verge of an intense orgasm and I slide my fingers between my legs.

I rub my clit as my pussy is pummelled by your dick, you spit on my arsehole and begin to play with it. I let out a sigh of utter desire as you ease your fingers inside me. You fuck both my holes and I can feel you harden in my pussy as your fingers stretch my tight little arse, you probe me slowly and I’m beside myself, you have my whole being on fire and I can’t hold back. I buck against you and cum hard all over your cock, my pussy clenches tightly around you and you groan loudly as you feel my orgasm hit. You are relentless and keep fingering me and fucking me till I squirt and gush over your dick. My juices soak my pussy and trickle down my thighs as you make me cum again and again.

You’re incredibly hard inside me and I want you to spunk all over my arse, I tell you how much I want you to cover me in cum and you pull out but instead of wanking over me you turn me to face you. You tell me to suck you and I sink to my knees. The ground is rough beneath them but I gaze up at you as I take you in my mouth, sliding my lips down your length tasting myself on you. I lick and tease every inch of your throbbing dick, you’re so close…I feel you twitch as I blow you in the dark alleyway. I love the feeling of having your cock in my mouth I suck you deeply, slowly, moaning as I do so.

Without warning footsteps echo in the darkness and two men appear…it’s the guys from the club and they are taken aback by seeing me on my knees. You mumble at me to keep going and I know that I’m not going to stop, that I’m going to swallow all of your spunk as these men watch us. It’s a turn on for both of us and your cock has never been harder. Your hands are in my hair pulling it roughly as I continue my performance. You thrust into my mouth and as I twirl my tongue around the head of your dick you explode…letting out a guttural growl as you do so. Your hot cum hits the back of my throat and I swallow every drop.

I suck you clean and to my satisfaction I realise that the men haven’t left, they’re standing staring at us, you apologise, thinking it might be the right thing to do. The guys don’t move, they are both fairly young, one is blonde and stocky whereas the other is darker and tattoos cover his left arm. They smirk at us as you put out your hand to help me up. I giggle self-consciously as I press myself to you. They laugh and make some jokey comment about how much fun you must’ve had. You agree, detailing just how good it was, they again joke about having a gorgeous girl suck their cocks. I wink at you and ask them if they’d like to find out just how good it is.

They stare at you incredulously, you shrug and take a step back, I know you want to watch me with these men and I know they won’t need to be asked twice. I’m feeling reckless and sexy as I lean back against the wall. The blonde moves first, he kisses me confidently as he squeezes my tits, the other boy appears next to him and they both begin to run their hands all over me. I’m writhing against them enjoying having fingers and mouths everywhere. You watch them, our eyes lock as the tattooed boy slides his fingers into my now drenched, little pussy. The blonde pulls down my top and sucks my nipples.

You can see how turned on I am and tell them I want them both and they need to take me right now. They’re both hard and hardly hesitate as I move away from the wall. The blonde pulls out his cock first, it’s thick and erect and hardens further as I kiss him sexily before bending over to suck it slowly. I lick him and slide him into my mouth as the dark haired guy moves behind me, his hands are on my waist and he’s transfixed watching me blow his friend. He flips up my skirt, spreads my legs and shoves two large fingers into my soaking slit. He strokes me deftly as I suck the cock in front of me. He plays with me, teasing me slowly making me moan in pleasure.

You tell him you want to see him fuck me and I quiver with anticipation as he eases himself into me, his lengthy cock fills me completely, stretching me fully and I adore being taken like this by two hot men. You’re enjoying it too, you’re wanking over the sight unfolding in front of you, loving seeing me being fucked by these two strangers. I love watching you stroking yourself. I suck the blonde deeper as with every thrust from behind, I’m pushed further onto his dick. They spit roast me, filling me with cock, they fuck my mouth and my pussy and I can tell I’m about to cum. Slowly the heat builds within me and by now the men are also getting close…the blonde begins to twitch and throb as I lick and suck him. You can see things are reaching a climax, you instinctively move to stand in front of me and I can see how hard you are.

I’m desperate to make you cum too and so I pull away from the blonde and begin to wank him firmly as I wrap my lips around you. You moan loudly as I encase you with my mouth. I suck you deeply as the man behind me fucks me slow enjoying seeing me pleasure both of you. I alternate between the two of you keeping you both on the brink. I pull both your cocks in front of me and run my tongue over you both simultaneously. You both begin to wank as your cocks harden further.

I know I’m about to receive all of your cum and the thought of this pushes me over the edge. I hear the tattooed boy groan deeply as he feels me begin to cum around his dick, it’s too much for him and he grabs my hips forcefully. He fucks me hard as you and the blonde wank furiously and I lick and tease your cocks as you do so. You are both talking filth and uttering obscenities as you come close to climax. I’m in the middle of a second orgasm when the cock in my pussy erupts, I feel his hot cum flooding into me as you both shoot your spunk into my mouth. I lap it all up; it drips from my lips and falls onto my pert tits. The dark haired boy relaxes and pulls out, I can feel his cum deep inside me.

You’re left panting and breathless, I’m covered in cum and I know how hot this must be for you. Ignoring the men, who are rapidly recovering, I wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you passionately, you taste yourself on my tongue and as you kiss me you wipe the spunk from my tits. You then slide your cum covered fingers into my mouth and I suck them seductively. I press myself against your chest as the boys zip themselves back up. They recover their breath and make comments about how I’d made their night. They eventually make their excuses and leave; wandering back out into the street.

You smile at me naughtily and push me back against the wall, you slide three fingers into my cum soaked pussy and I moan softly as you finger fuck me slowly, you whisper filth into my ear as you feel the spunk inside me. You can’t resist and drop to your knees. You spread my legs wide and sink your mouth to my pussy, you run your tongue over it, licking it delicately. I shiver as you slip inside me, you slurp all the spunk from me and I know how much this will be turning you on. You rub my clit as you go down on me, I cum loudly as my orgasm rolls through me.

Skilfully you keep me climaxing again and again. My hands are in your hair desperately pulling you to me as I squirt all over your face, you lap up all my juices moaning with pleasure as you do so. I can’t take any more and pull you up in front of me, you grin wickedly and kiss me hard. I taste myself on you as our tongues intertwine. It drives me wild and we lose ourselves in the moment.

However the fear of being caught suddenly becomes a reality, I straighten my outfit and run my fingers through my hair; you sort yourself out too. Once we’re done you drape your arm around my shoulders while telling me that this was the sexiest thing we’ve done together, I snuggle into you as we make our way back down the deserted alley. We silently return to the crowded street safe in the knowledge that we have fulfilled a fantasy of two tonight.

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