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The rhythmic fidgeting roused Adam from his sleep. Curious what was going on, he opened his eyes to see a strange woman straddling him with her back to him. She had long dark brown hair covering most of her otherwise naked body. She seemed uninterested in him as she fidgeted away, very quickly jostling up and down on him. Now fully awake, he could see her left arm making some kind of quick movements back and forth.

He could not quite believe it, but he was watching her getting herself off as she aroused him. His cock quickly noticed the attention being given it, and as it became erect, her position over him, kept it from bending toward him. She simply stopped for a moment, rose on her knees to insert his cock in her, and then continued with her quick, jostling movements. Adam, wasn’t quite sure what to do, but he hardly thought he should interrupt her.

The strange was woman was occasionally letting out soft moans as she massaged her clit. It was mesmerizing to listen to, but the view was even better. She had dark olive skin and her thin waist accentuated her prominent hips and ass. Adam tried to catch a glimpse of one breast on the side of her turned slightly toward him, but could only see the smooth skin of her side. As she jostled Adam she seemed to be getting more aroused and her moans grew louder and more forceful.

The whole scene felt surreal. Adam was married, and happily so. But this was not his wife on top of him, grinding away at his prick, and so obviously enjoying herself. It’s not normal to be woken up by a strange woman using you as her sex toy, but it’s even more weird when she is someone you don’t even know. She leaned forward as she picked up the pace of her rapid back and forth movements on his cock. It felt so incredibly good that he was having a hard time understanding what was going on. She sat back up and fondled his balls, which were now drawn up tightly to his cock. He moved his legs to give her better access.

“I’m glad you’re awake.” she said, in response to his movement. She lightly raked his balls with her fingernails and began grinding herself harder into his pelvis. He was enjoying her movements but he could tell that she was mainly focused on how he felt inside of her. She would occasionally move and lean forward feeling for just the right spot for his cock to hit as she rythmically moved above him. His cock had never felt harder, and he cocked one arm behind his head as he watched her shapely ass jiggle and bounce with her movements.

She leaned forward again and the indents above her buttocks disappeared. Adam could make out the tight puckering of her asshole and he imagined playing with it. She was jiggling again and he could see her arm moving rapidly. He tried to move under her, but was only getting enough motion to keep him extremely aroused. Her movements were becoming frantic now and she was groaning so loud he could tell she did not have long. He desperately tried to fuck her from underneath, but that only seemed to speed her orgasm. “Yess. Oooh. God! Yes!” Her exclamations were the final straw. She slammed down on him repeatedly and then slowly stopped. Adam was completely frustrated now. She seemed to be completely oblivious and as she came to a complete stop, Adam felt himself suddenly slipping back into a light sleep. “That was good, Adam.” He heard her say, but he was too far gone to respond.

— Adam opened his eyes and saw the familiar sight of his wife’s back, in her nightshirt next to him. He reached out for her and grabbed hold of her hip. She didn’t move. Still asleep. He reached around and grazed her stomach with his hand and on up to caress her left breast. She grumbler and rolled onto her back.

“What is it?” she mumbled. Her tone suggested she still had not woken up. “Nothing.” Adam said and kept up his groping. “I’m just going to have my way with you.” He moved down to her thighs and stroked the soft skin there with the back of his fingers. “Go ahead, just don’t bother me.” She said and moved her arms to above her head. “Ha, ha.” Adam said, pretending to be unamused. He knew she liked this. He began rubbing the folds of her pussy through her panties and she squirmed underneath him. He quickly got rid of the underwear as well as his own boxers, and climbed between her legs. He could feel that she was wet. As quickly as he could he guided his cock to her and pushed inside her. God! That felt good. Adam was not gentle and Eva seemed to be more accommodating than actually enjoying it. Annoyed, he pulled out and told her to get on her knees.

“Adam, take it slow, I’m still waking up.”, she said groggily. “I know”, he conceded “but you feel so good, baby.” He really just wanted to use her body. He pushed his cock into her folds and grabbed her hips to hold her in place as he pushed hard into her. He grunted loudly as he bottomed out on her. The whole situation made him want to berate her as he fucked her as well. She started moaning as he pumped in and out of her and he didn’t let it go.

“That’s it. You fuckin’ slut. You really like it hard, don’t you?” She groaned in response and went down on her elbows. The increased pressure on Adam’s cock caused him to stop short.

“I didn’t hear you, bitch. Tell me how much you’re enjoying it. I want to hear you.” Eva was not naturally vocal. He knew he was pushing her, but enjoyed the feeling of power.

“Mmm. That feels good, Adam. . . Don’t stop!” she pleaded with him. He could tell she was enjoying this, even if she was hesitant to talk dirty.

“Don’t stop what, slut? What do you want?” He increased his force, pounding into her rhythmically, with a slapping sound for each stroke.

“I want you, mmgh, Adam, grmmph, Fuck me, please! Oh shit!, Mmm. I love your cock!” She was getting close, and her egging Adam on had him right on the edge.

“All right, you cum hungry slut. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll be walking funny tomorrow. Is that what you want?”. “Fuck me, Adam, God! Harder!” She had overtook him in her arousal. She was now pushing back at him with each stroke, getting increasingly dirty as she did so. “Fuck my pussy, Adam, God! Make it hurt Yes! Oh! Don’t stop! Unhh!” Her urging him on degenerated into groans and grunts as she clearly started an orgasm. She let out a loud scream and pushed back against Adam so hard he almost fell backward. Her orgasm was longer nad forceful, but as Adam pounded her to her obvious satisfaction, he still couldn’t quite cum himself. “Dammit!” he thought and pulled out of her. She collapsed on her side, obviously thinking he had cum when she had. “Fuck, that was good, honey. You can wake me anytime you want.” Adam just grunted in response.

Frustrated, Adam stood up and went into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and stared into the mirror. His face was flushed from the exertion. He pulled down the skin under his eyes and noticed how red his eyes were. “I need more sleep. ” he thought to himself, and stepped into the shower. It still hadn’t warmed up, but he welcomed the cool water, which almost eased the ache of his still-hard cock. Almost, but as the water ran over the back of his neck and down his back, he realized he was still thinking about the strange woman from his dreams. “Cold showers are useless!” he thought and finished up quickly to make sure he would not be late for work.

Sitting at his desk, he was finally able to concentrate. He was working out the details of estimating allowable loads on a particularly long bridge. Thankfully, the effort required to work through the calculations allowed him to forget the morning. He was still visualizing the model as he looked to his right. His cubicle was outside a small meeting room, where four people, three middle-aged men and a younger women were gathered around some large drawings. The woman had her back to him and was leaning over the desk, examining some large drawings. Her legs were crossed, accentuating her the round shape of her hips. She had a tight black skirt on that came to her knees. With her bent over, he could see every curve of her ass. “She either has a G string, or she’s not wearing any panties.” Adam thought to himself. The thoughts he had worked so hard to bury, came rushing back, and he could feel his cock stir. He strained to see more of her. She had a white light blouse of some sort, and thick, dark brown hair, tied back in a bun. He could see her slightly from one side, and noticed, that she had at least some bust to her. “Very nice.” he thought, “Iwhat curves! The view he had of her felt like his own private show. Suddenly she turned her head and caught him staring. Adam froze. It was obvious what he had been doing, he tried to look down, but then quickly looked back up and into her face, as if to say he was interested in her, not just ogling her ass. She simply gave a half smile and continued on with their discussion. A chill ran down Adam’s shoulders and through his shoulders. The woman at the desk was the same woman from his dream that morning!

— Groggily he opened his eyes again, but he was having trouble focusing. He felt strangely full, almost like he was constipated. He closed his eyes again, and tried to regain his bearings. He was on his bed, sitting up at the edge of it, with his legs over the side. He felt cozily warm, and soon realized this was because his wife was sitting on his lap with her legs wrapped around his waist, he opened his eyes. No! not his wife, it was this woman again! She had her arms around his shoulders and was embracing him loosely as if it were completely natural. She leaned back a bit and finally saw her face, a longish, thin one with high cheekbones and dark brown eyes. She smiled at him.

“Hello, again! Glad you decided to come back and play!” It made no sense to him. He had no complaints, but how had he decided anything? “I see you’re ready for me.” She was looking down now and reached one hand down to expertly guide his semi-rigid dick inside of her. Oh, that felt good! She was so wet, he barely had to push to get the right angle to penetrate. He reached for her hips and settled her wonderfully fleshy pussy so that he was pushing deep into her. “Mmm.” she moaned, softly. “You’ve hit just the right spot. Relax now. I’ll handle things for awhile.” She moved his hands off her hips and onto the bed so that he was balancing both of them. His feet could touch the ground, but she had him in just the right position so that he could not easily move. Adam didn’t mind.

Now she was closing her eyes and moving slowly. She began slowly rising up off of Adam’s prick, using her legs and then letting herself drop back onto him. She did it so slowly that it tool her two or three seconds to get to the top point. And she fell so suddenly he actually bounced a bit on the bed. That’s when he noticed the full feeling again. He was rubbing against something every time she bounced down. More than that, he seemed to be impaled on something! It was not painful, but he was definitely penetrated, and he hadn’t even been aware of it until she started moving. She was watching him now, and smiling again. “You like that feeling?” He only smirked in return and closed his eyes, he had somehow lost the ability or even desire to talk, he was just absorbing the situation.

But, Jesus, she had him just impaled on something, and as she was getting more worked up he was getting fucked, a little more with each bounce, and, oh, it was hitting an interesting spot. “Mmm. You do like it, I can see. Maybe you know how it feels now, from the other end.” He just groaned in response as she bounced him now even more vigorously. Suddenly his eyes shot open! Whatever it was, was moving inside of him. This wasn’t just her moving on top of him. He tried to look around for some indication of what was going on but all he could see was her legs and the bed. In fact it was moving in rhythm with her. She would slowly draw up and up and it was now pulling out of him until, suddenly . . . “Unnh!” He let out a sharp moan as it entered him and she simultaneously buried his dick in her pussy. He had never been harder! She picked up the pace now, clearly turned on by his excitement. “Ohh.” she groaned. “Unnh” He was starting to moan along with her an octave down, both in rhythm. He didn’t know how to move so he just sat there, penetrating and penetrated. She had him at the peak of his orgasm . . . almost . . . almost, and then she lost all rhythm and chaotically slammed down onto him as she screamed out her climax. “Oh! Fuck! Yesss!” And Adam was so close he wanted to just, take over, but he could barely move. She collapsed against him. “Oh Adam, that was amazing.” Somehow he could barely speak around her. “Please, lady, I didn’t quite . . .” She cut him off “Oh, you’ll get your chance, Adam, just be a good boy, now, and relax.” The words had an intoxicating effect and he found himself leaning back and closing his eyes. . .”

— He was walking out of their usual lunch spot with two of his coworkers, a sushi restaurant across the street from their office, when he saw her again, alone near the back of the restaurant. He told the others to head back without him and walked over to her table. He caught her eye as he walked up and decided to take the direct approach.

“Hi, I’ve seen you around our office and wanted to introduce myself. I’m Adam. I work on the mechanical modeling for most of our designs.” He tried to sound professional.

“Hi, Adam. I’m Lilith. I have heard of your work. Good to meet you.” She sounded pleased that he had stopped by. What was the connection here? He felt like he must be going crazy.

“So, yeah, if you have any questions about some of the designs, feel free to let me know and we can go through them.” He realized he was being over the top, but didn’t care. The check for her lunch came as they were talking and she began signing for it as they were talking.

“Thank you. I may take you up on that offer. I’ve been interested in some of the safety factors designed into the system. They seem a bit risky.” She stood up and grabbed her coat which was on the back of her chair.

“Oh, and about tonight. I should be by at eight, if you’ll be ready by then.” Adam, just stared. “Oh um, yeah. Sounds good.” he finally blurted out. What was she talking about? “Good, see you then.” she smiled at him and walked out. She was wearing heels and a knee length thin skirt that showed off her shapely ass. He couldn’t help staring at her as she walked off. She turned her head as she opened the door and gave him a wink.

Adam was strangely both aroused and panicky at the same time. What would he say to Eva? What was Lilith going to say to Eva? She was obviously in control here, and he realized he better at least let Eva know about this evening. He fished his cell from his pocket and pulled up her number.

“Hello?” Eva’s voice had a high flute-like tone to it. She sounded in a good mood.

“Hi, Eva. How’s your day going?” Adam tried to sound nonchalant. “Adam! I was just going to call you. Nothing unusual. Work is light here. I was thinking of knocking off early. How about you?” Adam decided just to b up front.

“Nothing bad, but I did have a last minute issue. A colleague of mine wants to stop by after dinner to, ah, to discuss a potential collaboration.”

“Oh.” is all Eva responded. She was clearly confused. “But don’ t you remember? A friend of mine, Lilith, said she would be by tonight. We were going to catch up on her trip to Egypt.” Adam didn’t know what to say.

“Adam? Are you still there?” “Yes, sorry, uh, okay, I’ll tell, um, him to plan for another night. Sorry about that.”

“I think you’ll like Lilith. She is a lot of fun.” Adam tried to recover. “Yes, that should be interesting. Okay, I’ll see you at home. Should be there by six.” He hung up and tried to make sense of all of this. Lilith didn’t act as if she knew Eva. Adam did remember Eva scheduling the dinner for tonight, but it had hardly registered at the time, just some friend of hers and he assumed it would be an early night for him as they caught up on each others lives. It appeared Lilith had something else in mind.

— The doorbell rang and Eva interrupted some last minute tidying of the living room to go to the door. She was dressed in a light blue summer dress that clung tightly to her torso. As she walked by Adam, he grabbed her hip and pulled her in for a quick kiss. He could feel her breasts rub against him as he pulled her close, and he held her there for as long as he thought he could get away with.

“You don’t mind if I cut out early tonight, do you?” he murmured to her as she broke the kiss. “You’ll like Lilith, Adam! Just wait ’til you get to know her.” Eva pulled away and gave him a smile. She continued toward the door as she said “But, yes, don’t feel obligated on our part to stick around. Eva opened the door and broke into a broad smile.

“Lilith! So good to see you!” She stepped out to hug Lilith and Adam heard her say. “God, you look stunning tonight! How long has it been?” Eva reappeared holding both of Lilith’s hands as they talked excitedly. Lilith had a strapless black dress that accentuated her breasts. The dress was form fitting, showing off her thin waist and the flair of her shapely hips. Adam lost track of what they were saying as he openly ogled her body.

“Sure we have that, don’t we Adam?” Caught again, Adam looked up and tried to play along. “Yeah sure. What?” Eva smirked at him in mild disapproval. “You can make up a martini for Lilith, can’t you?” Lilith smiled at him and he tried to put in a light mood. “A martini? No problem! You too, Eva?” he knew Eva liked one in the evening and they had a pretty good bar on hand for most drinks.

“Please!”, chimed in Eva. She and Lilith moved to the living room and settled into the overstuffed sectional in one corner. They were talking excitedly and had already moved on. Adam could see them from the bar they had which separated their dining room from the living room. He quickly mixed the drinks and brought them to the ladies.

“Adam! You never told me you knew Lilith from work! What have you been hiding from me?” Eva asked in mock accusation. Adam blushed. “Well, I just met her. I mean, she recently. .” he stammered and trailed off looking to Lilith for help.

“Adam was probably trying to keep our office love affair a secret.” Lilith played along with Eva’s mocking. “It’s been pretty hot.” Adam just kept his mouth shut. He knew he was in for a ribbing no matter what he said, considering how he had been ogling Lilith both in the office and this evening. Eva decided to let Adam off the hook and changed the topic. “Did you know Lilith has been traveling in Egypt for the last several month? She’s been exploring something we were both into in college: females in ancient mythology.” Eva looked at Adam to see whether she was boring him, but he looked interested, so she explained. “There’s many examples in ancient middle eastern mythologies of woman demons who bewitch and trick the men. They are the seducers, the charmers in the stories.”

“Sound like interesting women, to me!” joked, Adam. “What did you find?” he could see Lilith really enjoyed discussing this with Eva.

“It was the trip of a lifetime, believe me. I mainly visited a lot of the ancient ruins and the museums. It was eye opening to wander around the same places where these stories were told and retold.” Lilith talked about the old cities she saw and cravings that showed different female goddesses, as many evil as good, and just the fun of traveling around the birthplace of civilization. “It’s too bad so much of the area is unstable right now. The history and tradition in this area of the world makes anything else look like a recent colony. The fun of these ancient mythologies is to learn how our ancestors envisioned our different temptations and fears. Imagining them as goddesses and demons is a wonderful way of discussing them. Today, that approach has been banished from most of our lives, except, perhaps, during Halloween. It’s the only time we scare and allow ourselves to scare. To seduce and allow ourselves to be seduced.”

“Be careful what you wish for, Lilith.” Eva interrupted.”It’s Halloween next week. Lilith just laughed.

“Oh, I’m in no danger, Eva, believe me.” her eyes, twinkled and they both turned to Adam, as he rose to gather up their empty glasses for another round.

Lilith and Eva kept up the discussion for some time. They were on the couch together, sitting forward so they could rest their drinks on the coffee table. They talked about Lilith’s recent trip, about women in the workplace, about their college years. Adam was mildly interested, but mostly just enjoyed watching these two beautiful women in his home. He made sure their drinks were regularly topped off and helped himself regularly, as well.

There was a pause in the conversation. Adam had lost track of what was even being discussed, but noticed Lilith was looking intently into Eva’s eyes. Eva was looking back, but with a timid look, wide-eyed and almost frozen. Their faces were no more than half a foot apart and Lilith had a hand on Eva’s knee. Then she leaned in, tilted her head to one side and gave Eva a kiss. This was more than a friendly kiss. Both of them had their eyes closed and they lingered with lips apart, both obviously enjoying the sensation. Adam was shocked silent. Slowly, Lilith pulled back and looked toward Adam, smiling slightly.

“Sorry, Adam, I’m taking liberties with your wife, without even asking you.” She was speaking very carefully as if she were trying to avoid slurring her words. Adam relaxed a bit as he realized they were both obviously drunk. This could be fun! “You don’t mind, do you?”

Adam blinked and hesitated. “Hmm? Oh. Nono. Why would I care? I mean, two beautiful women on my couch, decide to share a kiss? What’s to mind?” Adam wondered whether he was laying it on too thick.

“I thought not.” Lilith said as she leaned back and put an arm around Eva’s waist. “Maybe you should come over here and show me how Eva really likes it. ” Adam stared blankly at her. “You know! How she likes to be kissed.” Eva and Lilith were now both looking at him, Eva with a shy grin, showing she was embarrassed but enjoying the attention from Lilith.

Adam stood up and walked over to Eva on the couch, hoping his arousal was not completely obvious to both of them. Eva looked up at him expectantly.

“She likes a good, passionate kiss,” Adam explained, bending down and cupping the back of Eva’s head as he gave her a deep open-mouthed kiss. She tasted of martini, and her kiss back told him that, despite her timidity, she was enjoying this as much as he was.

“Wow, Adam. That was hot! Do you like to be in control with Eva?” Adam looked at her, but her question seemed genuine, not mocking. “That is, of course, if you two don’t mind talking about your love life.”

“That’s okay,” Eva jumped in, as Adam sat down beside her. Now all three were on the couch. “Adam enjoys it, and I do too. Something about a man that takes charge in bed, really gets my juices going, so to speak.” Eva laughed nervously, not completely at ease with this level of discussion.

“I see! Well, don’t let me interrupt things. Personally, I’d love to see another kiss. Unless, that is, Adam’s too embarrassed for more. ” She knew just how to play it. Adam was about to try to change the topic, seeing his wife’s discomfort, but he wasn’t about to have his manhood questioned, especially when he was enjoying this as well.

Adam encouraged Eva to lean back into the couch and he half climbed on top of her to kiss her. This one was longer and more gentle. Adam dropped his hand from her shoulder to the side of her breast, and Eva softly moaned in appreciation. She had a hand on his hip and she pulled him closer as they kissed until he was practically laying on top of her. Slowly Adam looked up and saw Lilith admiring them without any hint of self-consciousness.

“You two are great together! What a couple.” She slid closer to Eva as she was talking and Adam reluctantly slid off of her until he was laying side ways next to Eva. “Oh, don’t let me stop you,” Lilith rubbed Eva’s thigh and gave a nod of the head to Adam. ” I’ll be quiet, just vicariously enjoying the intimacy!” she laughed, obviously teasing them about their lowered inhibitions. Adam had enough of a buzz going that he was happy to play along. He put a hand on Eva’s stomach and caressed her as he leaned in for another, longer kiss.

This time, Eva was waiting for him and passionately kissed him back. She rose up and pushed him back on the couch, rolling over and climbing on top of him as she did so. Her short dress rode up on her, revealing most of her well-toned legs. She leaned down to Adam to continue kissing him and Adam, losing all inhibitions, now began groping Eva, grabbing her hips and ass cheeks, moving his hand s to her breasts and roughly massaging them. He pinched to find her nipples and realized she had no bra. A hand roamed down under her dress to find, indeed that she had no underwear at all! Adam was completely enveloped in the moment when he heard Lilith again.

“You know what would be hot, you guys, is to watch the two of you fuck!” she paused as they both looked at her in shock. “Don’t worry about me, I’m just a spectator.” She smiled innocently at them, as if she had just suggested they all should go for a walk.

“Well, I mean that does sound fun . . ” started Adam, trying to not break the mood entirely. He knew Eva wouldn’t go for this.

“Okay. But no commentary from you, Lilith” Eva interrupted. Adam could see she was turned on by this, and didn’t want Adam to think she was the hesitant one. “That is, Adam, unless you object?” she looked at Adam with a questioning face. Adam stared back, now completely dumbfounded by both Lilith’s request and Eva’s willingness. Well, who he was he to disappoint two beautiful women? He rolled Eva over until he was again on top and kissed her lustfully. He was completely focused on her body. He ran a hand down her side and grabbed her shapely hip with one hand as her grabbed the back of her head to hold her for a long, wet kiss. Eva kissed back just as vigorously. She began unbuttoning his shirt, and soon he was topless. Adam responded by kissing down the front of Eva, grabbing both hips as he did so. Pretty soon he was kneeling in front of her as she was slouched back , almost horizontal. Adam pushed his chest between her knees and she, welcomingly, opened her legs for him. He pushed up the hem of her dress, and kissed the inside of her thighs, kissing until he could smell the spicy aroma of her wet pussy. He licked at the top of her labia, and pushed his tongue through the folds, searching for her clit. Eva moaned in appreciation and Adam knew he had hit the spot. He started licking gently, and then more vigorously, flicking the nub of Eva’s clit as he pushed into him for more. Stopping to a disappointed moan from Eva, he stood up and looked for Lilith.

She was relaxing on the couch next to them, leaning back with one hand near a breast and the other resting on her thigh. Her short black dress was just barely covering her crotch, from Adam’s perspective. She had a relaxed smile and was clearly enjoying the situation. From her pose he guessed she must have been doing more than just watching.

“Well, Lilith,” Adam offered. Trying not to ignore her. “I hope the show is to your liking.” He had had enough to drink that he needed to focus on each word, in order to not slur his speech, but he was enjoying it. The buzz helped him enjoy the situation, and not feel too self-conscious as he stripped off his pants. His cock sprang from his boxers and jutted upward at an acute angle from his torso. Instinctively he grabbed it and gave it a quick rub.

“I’m liking it more and more, Adam,” she grinned up at him and then let her eyes trail down. “My, that looks dangerous. I do hope you are careful with it.” She was relishing the discomfort she saw in Adam, with Eva in the room. Adam just blushed and returned his attention to Eva. He did have a good size cock,circumcised, smooth, and maybe even longer than average, but he also knew when he was being teased.

Eva was still lying back, half asleep on the couch. She lazily watched as Adam took off his pants, and then simply opened her legs as he kneeled in front of her. Adam pushed her the hem of her dress up past her stomach, and grabbed her roughly by the hips. Pulling her further down on the couch, he took one hand to guide his cock into her pussy. He rubbed it up and down her slit a couple times and felt the wetness of his arousal against his head. Centering his cock, he pushed into her, hard. God, she was wet. He pushed most of the way in one stroke, and another one had him buried deeply in her pussy. He leaned forward to giver her a light kiss, and then unceremoniously started fucking her. He needed her bad. He was so hard and unfulfilled after the last couple days, that he didn’t think he would last long. He didn’t care. The room contracted to the pleasurable feel of her folds massaging his shaft, ans he pounded her with increasing force. She was almost completely limp, submitting her movement Adam’s slow, aggressive thrusts. He could feel he was close. He increased the rhythm. He was like a metronome, slowly increasing the tempo with each push, grunting as he did so. Just a bit more. He closed his eyes and surrendered himself to the lust, reaching out in his mind for the climax. It was almost there.

“Adam?” It was Lilith. He tried to pretend he didn’t hear her, picking up the tempo again to put him over the top. She called again. “Hey, Adam?” Polite, but she was going to interrupt.

Adam opened his eyes, his thrusting slowing and eventually stopping. Eva was in a dreamlike state. He looked aside to Lilith and she was now sitting forward, as if involved in an engrossing discussion.

“I was just wondering if you noticed Eva?” Lilith turned to look at Eva and put a hand on her knee. Adam pulled out, and slumped to Eva’s other side.

“What about her? She seems to be doing all right.” Adam knew what she was implying but didn’t want to acknowledge it.

“Oh she’s probably all right,” Lilith stood up and looked at Eva, who was lying back with a drunk smile on her face. “I just wonder whether she might benefit from a little more attention. Maybe you should take a break. ” Adam didn’t know how to respond, but Lilith seemed to take his silence as an assent. She kneeled in front of Eva and smiled at her. “You don’t mind, do you Eva? Maybe Adam could even picked up a pointer or two.” She glanced at Adam and gave him a wicked grin, as she began to lightly kiss Eva’s leg. Adam shrugged and sat down in the chair across form the couch he was now almost behind and slightly to one side of Lilith. She still had on her short, black dress, and as she leaned forward toward Eva, he admired the hint of her ass cheeks peeking out from under her dress.

“Adam, if you wanted to see more you should just say so.” Lilith said, pausing as she licked her way towards Eva’s pussy. Lilith began shimmying out of her dress and soon had it completely off, leaving her in a sheer black thong and heels. Adam stroked himself as he watched Lilith return to Eva’s pussy and begin licking it softly. Eva moaned and tried to protest, but Lilith softly shushed her. She continued the licking, and gently inserted a finger, then two inside of Eva. Eva pushed back toward her and now grunted in approval. Eva stopped licking to encourage her. That’s it Eva. God, you’re beautiful to watch.” Adam, himself couldn’t decide who to watch as he alternated between admiring the fleshy movement of Eva’s breast in her pushing against Lilith’s fingers, or Lilith, whose hourglass figure was contorting in front of him to give his wife such pleasure. She returned to licking Eva’s clit, and Eva exploded in a powerful orgasm, screaming Lilith’s name, and opening her eyes, catching Adam’s as she came in shuddering jerks. Eva collapsed on the couch and Lilith rose her head to gaze back at Adam. She had a calm, serene smile on her face.

Lilith turned to Eva and lifted herself to move on top of her. She gave her lips a soft kiss and rested on top of her, asking her about it. That’s when Adam saw it. Lilith’s tail bone had grown a strange bump and was becoming slowly longer as he watched it. Up to that point Adam had convinced himself he had hallucinated Lilith, but he was certainly awake now, and this was stranger than even his dreams had been. What was she. Adam’s blood ran cold. He didn’t know whether he should be concerned for Eva, or what to even think of Lilith. Somehow, he felt no urge to move from where he was. He was still rock hard, despite now being at least as frightened as he was aroused. His last time with Lilith now finally made sense.

Eva couldn’t see it, with Lilith resting on top of her. As it lengthened the “tail” curled around underneath Lilith. He could see the surprised look on Eva’s face as she felt something hard and solid against her pussy, but the look changed to one of pleasure as Lilith caressed Eva ‘s breast and kissed her again, all while her tail probed her pussy and clit. Lilith pushed it inside her and began thrusting her with it, and no time at all had Eva shuddering and, this time screaming, as she came, this one lasting longer than the first. Eva finally collapsed and stared, this time at Lilith, but Lilith just stood and smiled down at Eva, then slowly turned to stroll over to Adam.

“Well, Adam,” she said, kneeling as she talked, “I hope the show is to your liking.” Adam smiled weakly and started to respond, but Lilith’s taking his cock into her mouth turned his words into a lust-filled “Aaaaah.” He rolled his head back and then looked back down at her. She was gazing right into his eyes as she sucked his cock and began rhythmically moving her mouth up and down on it. He worryingly eyed her tail, but saw it was receding back into her. Somehow it looked completely natural. Her sucking was so intense he could barely hold himself back and he started pushing against her, hoping, finally for release. She stopped and let go of his cock with a popping sound and looked around.

“Well, Eva. Are you just going to watch the show, or are you going to help?” She grinned at Eva, and, not needing a second invitation, Eva came over and took her turn at sucking Adam off. Adam grabbed her hair and encouraged her as she grabbed his shaft to stoke it while she sucked. “Mmm, that looks pleasurable, but I was thinking something else, Eva.” She looked down at her pussy and ran a finger over her slit. “Turnabout is fair play, don’t you think.?” Eva looked at her, and slowly realized what she meant.

“Oh.” is all she said at first. “Um, sure, I guess.” Eva hesitantly sat down and then, with Lilith’s direction and, after a helpful pillow, lay flat with Lilith kneeling over her face. Hesitantly, Eva started licking her and exploring her pussy. Lilith moaned in appreciation and returned to Adam’s cock, sucking him until Adam was again on the brink of coming, moving for Eva as she did so to increase help Eva to hit the right spot. She moaned into Adam’s cock as she played with his balls. As he started to stiffen, Lilith slowed her sucking and stroking and looked up at him.

“Oohh. God, Eva that feels good.” Eva was rapidly licking Lilith’s clit. Lilith closed her eyes, enjoying the attention. She had a hand still on Adam’s cock, but lost interest for a moment as Eva brought her to a shuddering orgasm. Her body shook and jerked as she screamed in pleasure from Eva’s licking. As she relaxed from the climax, she opend her eyes and caught Adam’s gaze.

“Oh, poor Adam. No one is paying any attention to him! How would you like to fuck me, Adam?” Adam just stared hungrily at her and then to Eva. Eva smiled back at him. “Okay, Adam, but I want to be on top. Lie down on the couch.

Adam did as he was told and was followed Lilith who climbed on top of him and leaned over close to his face. “I think you’re going to like this, Adam,” she whispered to him as she reached underneath her and guided his cock to her opening. Then she started rocking on top of him and he was inside of her. Her pussy was pure pleasure. Liquid velvet, tight and grasping as she rocked on top of him. She was clearly enjoying it as well.

“Ooh, Adam! That feels really good,” she moved around a bit as she rocked, sitting up and slding her pelvis back. “Right there! Unnh!” She was now bouncing forcefully on top of him, her breasts, jiggling in front of him. He could especially feel her right at the top of the head of his cock. The sensation was unlike anything he had experienced. The visual stimuli of watching this woman, the feel of his cock inside of her, it was almost overwhelming.

Adam, could feel his muscles begin to tense, and, finally, he knew, this was going to be it. A white light filled his head as he closed his eyes and he bellowed incoherently at the top of his lungs. He could feel himself shooting cum deep into Lilith, stroke after stroke, for so long, he felt like it would never stop. As he decreased in tempo, he felt a deep weariness overcome him and the light in his head turned dark.

“Adam? Adam, you all right?” Adam opened his eyes and saw Eva on top of him, his cock still inside her. “Whew! Thought you had a heart attack there for a moment. You went completely limp!” Eva rolled off of him and stood up. Adam was completely bewildered. They were in the living room, but just the two of them. Where had Lilith gone?

“Wow, that was amazing, Adam,” said Eva. “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you come so hard before!” Eva looked at him, a bit worriedly. Adam just stared back at her blankly, a weak smile on his face. Shrugging, she turned around and shuffled off, headed to the bathroom, before stopping and turning around.

“Seriously, Adam, you all right? Can I get you something?” Adam just shook his head. She continued toward the bathroom and Adam ogled her, almost unconsciously, as he shook his head. Was that a bump on her tail bone?

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