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The best word to describe Mindi was “effervescent”.

Oh, it wasn’t the only word. “Tall”. “Leggy”. “Blonde”. “Luscious”. “Fun”. All these and many more described the 19-year old quite well. Yet, despite her great looks and flirty, sexy appearance, it was her personality that drew everyone to her.

Most people liked Mindi, she was the kind of girl that didn’t have a bad word for anyone. She always seemed to glow with happiness, when Mindi came into the room, almost everyone was happy to see her.

It sure didn’t hurt that at 5’11”, Mindi was a stunner. Besides her butt-length blonde hair, her gorgeous bouncy boobs and kissable lips, she also possessed big, wide green eyes that always seemed to sparkle with life. If she hadn’t seen someone for a while, Mindi was the kind of girl that would run up to them and give them a big hug. Most of her male friends certainly didn’t object to that!

Folks who didn’t know Mindi might have thought her dumb or ditzy. That simply wasn’t true. She could be somewhat naive at times, Mindi was totally without guile. She spoke her mind and she spoke from the heart.

Academically, Mindi had maintained a solid “B”-average all throughout High School, being a cheerleader and having an active social life hadn’t slowed her down. She went without sleep, if need be, she usually did well on all her tests and exams.

It was a few days away from graduation, a great many of Mindi’s friends were going on to University. Mindi knew her future didn’t lie in Academia, she was heading to Secretarial School for the summer and planned to look for a job in the fall. Her pretty friend Sascha was very disappointed.

“Jeeps Min, you won’t be partying with us this summer?” the sweet blonde asked incredulously. The half-Swedish / half-Asian Sascha had been Mindi’s best bud since Grade Five and they were practically inseparable.

Cuddling together on Mindi’s bed, they were having a sleepover with “benefits” as both girls referred to them with a giggle. Sascha was between boyfriends and Mindi had retained her virginity – she had yet to meet anyone she wanted to fuck badly enough to give it up. It had been a bone of contention with her and her last boyfriend, Jerry. So much a bone of contention he had cheated on her with Vanessa. That had been it for their relationship, although she wasn’t angry. He hadn’t lied about it when confronted with it, it was a one-time thing. Vanessa was hot, even Mindi thought so, she really couldn’t blame him – and both of them had been drunk. If he’d just said to her “Hey Mindi, do you mind if I find someone to fuck seeing as you won’t?”, she might have kept on seeing him.

Mindi’s parents, Jack and Jill [ and man, did they get teased about THAT ] had raised her with very liberal attitudes about sex. They weren’t adverse to their daughter being sexually active, just wanted her to be “sure” and “careful.” If they had known about Mindi’s sexual relationship with Sascha, they would have been cool with it, but Mindi saw no reason to discuss her private life with them.

Jack and Jill had been together for 23 years, since High School, still romantic, passionate and happy. Mindi knew her parents were still very much in love – they weren’t exactly “quiet”, she thought with a giggle.

Sascha’s knowing hands were rubbing Mindi’s shoulders, it was likely one of her two best talents. Mindi was already melting, she was so horny for a little girl-on-girl loving, but she had to speak her mind.

“I have to make my own way in the world babes, I want to get my own place and I – damn girl, I want to get FUCKED!”

“I thought that’s what we’re about to do, baby!” Sascha purred as she caressed the big globes of Mindi’s breasts. Mindi’s big, fat, pink nipples hardened immediately at the familiar touch.

“Sash, you know I love you, but I meant REALLY fucked!” Mindi sighed as her friend’s hands pushed her down on the bed. She began unbuttoning Mindi’s sheer, pale-blue blouse and filled her hands with the supple tit-flesh. Sascha’s pink tongue snaked out and began licking them gently, her tongue trailed all over the other girl’s tall, sleek body.

Arching her hips upwards so Sascha could remove her matching miniskirt and French-cut panties, Mindi purred a bit, but went on. “Problem is babes, I don’t know any guy I’d really like to fuck. I want skill and care and gentleness and … ”

Sascha’s tongue flattened, she parted the labia of Mindi’s cunt with her fingers and began eating her out. A little squeal emerged from her girlfriend as she began to snack on her sweet, blonde pussy. She looked at Mindi with her beautiful, almond-shaped green eyes, her tanned figure a breathtaking sight between Mindi’s supple thighs. She never got tired of making love to the tall, scrumptious blonde. Luckily, Mindi was a “fun” girl, up for practically anything. As Mindi’s body wiggled under her tongue-lashing, Sascha had an idea.

“Min, you saying there’s no boys at school you want to lose your cherry to, right?” Sascha murmured between licks at the tasty morsel before her.

Beckoning for Sascha to join her in her state of nakedness, Mindi nodded. “Oh, there’s enough hunks out there – like Brian – but I want it to be memorable, someone with skill, y’know?”

“I DO know baby – someone who can get you as hot with his cock as I can get you with my fingers and tongue, right?” Sascha cooed as she and Mindi moved into a “sixty-nine”. Since they’d become lovers, Mindi’s unabashed “if it’s fun, do it!’ way of loving never failed to excite Sascha. Her body quivered as she felt Mindi’s sweet little tongue kissing up and down her thighs, then enter her heated, shaved cunt.

“Mmm-hmm” Mindi responded as she licked Sascha with loving strokes. She loved these games, but wanted to know what it felt like to have a real, hard, hot, pounding, throbbing, manly, veiny COCK fucking her deep and hard.

“Then baby, I have a Graduation Present for you.” Sascha purred as the first wave of orgasm washed over her curvy frame. Sascha hadn’t been a virgin for quite some time, and Mindi was right, most High School guys were only into the fuck-fuck-fuck, with little skill or precision. No, for her first time, her friend-lover deserved someone terrific – and Sascha knew just who that would be.

But that could wait. As Mindi’s fingers slithered in and out of her cunt, she buried her own face in the supple, sleek form atop her own. The warm aroma of wet pussy overwhelmed her and she ate Mindi to more than a few steaming orgasms until both girls fell fast asleep.

For her High School graduation, Jack and Jill had promised their daughter any special present she had wanted. Sascha had given her a “head’s up” – she had set Mindi up on a blind date later this evening – so Mindi had chosen a whole new outfit. Under her cap and gown, she wore a slinky black evening dress, with a low scoop in front that revealed a generous amount of cleavage, cut low in back to reveal her sexy skin, ending just a bit above her gorgeous rump. It had a nice slit up one thigh, so her sexy legs were going to be showcased as well, and Sascha had gifted her with a nice pair of black silk stockings and a matching garterbelt. Treating herself, Mindi had purchased a new pair of black, high-heeled sandals that added five inches to her height. As she took her Diploma and felt her parents eyes on her, her brother William accompanying them, she was more than a little anxious about what Sascha had in store for her.

All of her friends were at her graduation, there was a big party planned. Pretty redheaded Glenda was there with her steady, Jake. They were always together, Mindi envied them their closeness. Sascha had brought a new boyfriend, a nice college art student named Neil, who seemed unlike her usual type. Brian Braun was there with his pal Wade, who had been Valedictorian. Everyone had jokingly nicknamed them “Brains and Brawn”, both were there without dates, but Brian was openly flirting with sexy K’Yawna, who’d only come to their school last year. Wade was such a nice fellow, Mindi vowed she’d find him a nice girlfriend one of these days.

The tiny brunette twins, Jenny and Jacky were there, with their boyfriend, Peter. Some people thought their relationship strange, but Mindi didn’t judge. Jenny liked Peter for his carefree attitude and the fact he’d been Student Body President. Jacky liked Peter for his flashy sportscar and that he spoiled her rotten. Both twins had slept with him and the reports were good.

Jenny walked over to Mindi, hugged her and spoke. “Hiya Mindi, you coming … ”

” … to the party later on?” Jacky smiled, finishing her twin’s sentences as they always did.

“Just for an hour or so, Sascha’s got a blind date lined up for me” Mindi smiled.

Jacky clapped her hands, saying “Oooh, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do, but of course … ”

” … there isn’t much we wouldn’t do, right sissy?” Jenny giggled.

Mindi laughed along with her, but internally, was wondering if the rumor that the twins had slept with Peter at the SAME time were true. Maybe one day, she’d find out.

Mindi had fun at the party and made small talk, but glancing at her watch, she saw it was about time for her date to pick her up. It was then she noticed a long, black stretch limo pulling up. An attractive man got out, tall and rather dapper, he looked to be in his early 50’s. Mindi felt a bit trepidatious, she wasn’t sure she wanted to go out with someone quite that old and wondered just what the heck Sascha had been thinking? She decided to make the best of it and approached the gentleman.

Extending her hand, she turned on her biggest smile and said “Hi, I’m Mindi. You must be my date, you are …?”

The man chortled as he took her hand. “No, I’m not your date, I’m Richards, the chauffeur. Mr. Williamson has been detained at the office and asked me to pick you up here and escort you to the restaurant. If you will …?” He assisted Mindi in getting into the plush limo, which was the most comfortable thing Mindi’d ever ridden in, even better than Jerry’s ‘Vette.

Mindi gasped as the limo pulled up to Le Petite Chou, probably the most expensive restaurant in all of Bayfield. As a bribe for putting out, Jerry had offered to take her there some time, but Mindi thought her virginity was worth far more than French Onion Soup and Escargots.

Once inside, Mindi sat on one of the plush leather couches while she waited for Mr. Williamson to arrive. She looked at the decor, everything was first-rate. There were nice art prints on the wall, the reception desk clerk was dressed nicely in shirt and tie. All the woodwork was oak and the brass was polished until it gleamed. The music was soft and not blaring and the aromas of the food were making Mindi ravenous.

“Excuse me – Mindi?” Mindi turned at the sound of a rich, bass voice.

“You are Mindi, aren’t you? Sascha told me to be on the lookout for a tall, leggy blonde in a black evening dress who would knock my socks off … and, well … ”

Mindi giggled at the compliment. “Yes, I’m Mindi. You should be careful about going around sockless, your feet might get cold.”

Mr. Williamson – “Alfred” or Al, he insisted – laughed as he escorted her into the restaurant. Mindi took a good look at him and she was already melting. Standing nearly 6’5″, he had strong features, a firm jaw and she could feel the muscles underneath the Charcoal-Grey suit he wore. His hair was full and dark brown, with the faintest touch of grey at the temples. His eyes were a cobalt-blue and he had a dazzling smile. He smelled nice, of expensive cologne and he moved like a man who knew what he wanted. She tried to approximate his age and would have guessed mid-to-late 40’s. Sascha had done well, he was hunky!

He was also a charming, articulate and interesting dinner companion. Over a wonderful meal that featured exquisite sauces, Truffles and about 10 thousand calories, Mindi listened with rapt attention as Al spoke. Not once did he speak down to her, despite the difference in their ages, he treated her as an equal. If Mindi didn’t understand something, she wasn’t afraid to speak up and ask him to clarify. She was having a very nice time, so far.

Mindi heard music coming from somewhere and she began humming along with a tune she recognized. Al smiled and leaned in.

“You know that song?”

“Mmm-hmm, it’s Al Martino, `Spanish Eyes’. My mom loves that song.”

“They have dancing downstairs, would you like to go dancing for a bit?”

Mindi thought that sounded like a wonderful idea, so Al paid the cheque and downstairs they went. It wasn’t overly crowded and as they made their way around the dance floor, Mindi was pleasantly surprised to find he was an exceptionally good dancer. He moved her about with ease and she felt very comfortable dancing close with him. Yet, when a fast song came on, the Beatles “I Saw Her Standing There”, he had no trouble keeping up with her there as well.

Mindi wondered internally if it was true about men who were good dancers being good in the sack. He was so hunky, she was determined to find out.

Mindi moved in closer and whispered in his ear “I think we should stop dancing for a bit. I’d like to go to bed.”

Alfred nodded and said “I’m sorry, you must be tired.”

Mindi smiled and winked. “Not even slightly.”

It took him a minute to catch on, then Al’s face broke out into a broad grin. “It just so happens I have a nice room booked upstairs, at the hotel. Would the young miss care to join me?”

“The young miss will join you in any way you have in mind!” Mindi giggled.

Taking her arm, Al escorted Mindi out of the lounge and towards the elevator. Once they were inside, Mindi leaned forward and gave him a very hot, deep kiss that left no doubt as to her intentions.

“Aggressive little minx, aren’t you?” he smiled.

“I go after what I want.”

“And that would be …?”

“You. Me. Having sex. Making love. Fucking. That clear enough?”


Mindi was partly bluffing, this being her first time, her stomach was doing a mambo, but she trusted Sascha. For all she knew, Sash had even told Al this was Mindi’s first time with a man, he certainly had been treating her with kindness. As they exited the elevator, he patted her rounded ass.

“Hey!” she giggled.

“Sorry, couldn’t help myself. You have a delicious ass!”

“Well patience big guy, you’ll get to see it in just a few minutes!” the tall blonde cooed as he unlocked the room with his key card. Mindi tried to suppress a gasp when she saw the room, but it slipped out anyway.

The words “ornate” or “lavish” were perfect to describe it. It had a beautiful rich style, dark, but vibrant and inviting. A big leather couch was in one corner, with a full-size bar in another. On top of the bar, champagne was chilling in a silver Ice Bucket. There was a beautiful dresser in one corner and a vanity with a large mirror in another. The room was lit by a beautiful, spectacular chandelier, which Al dimmed ever-so-slightly as Mindi walked further into the room. The carpeting was thick and there wasn’t a thing out of place, it was immaculate.

“I take it you’re impressed?”

Mindi beamed. “Oh, yes! This is lovely, how did you ….?”

Al smiled and took Mindi’s hand as they sat down on the couch. “I had a long, involved talk with Sascha. I’m a business partner of her father’s and we’ve known each other a long time, she and I. She told me nearly EVERYTHING – so Mindi, if you have even the slightest doubt … ”

Mindi leaned in close and kissed him, with an ardor she hadn’t ever felt before. He leaned back into the kiss and she felt her breath nearly leave her.

“If I had ANY doubts, they’re certainly gone now!” Mindi purred.

“I didn’t have a doubt the second I laid eyes on you.” Al smiled as he took Mindi’s hand and led her to the King-sized bed. Mindi thought it was huge, big enough for a threesome, but she figured she had better learn how to walk before she ran.

Al came up behind her and gently put his hands on her shoulders. He had a nice touch, warm and comforting. “May I have the honor of undressing you?” he asked Mindi. She nodded. Mindi was trembling a bit, but it wasn’t from fear, it was merely from nerves.

Al kissed behind her neck, her ears and her shoulders as he caressed the small of her back with knowing hands. Mindi nearly melted in his arms, there and then, as her body tingled with excitement. He undid the clasp that held the dress up and it fell in a puddle to the floor. Mindi gingerly stepped out of it and turned to face him.

“Oh Dear Lord, you’re even more spectacular than I could have imagined!” Al grinned as she moved towards him for another kiss. Now clad in only her sexy lingerie, she was an enticing, alluring creature that Al intended to enjoy for as long as he was able.

Clad in black, she was so stunning, with a fresh sexiness, it was all he could do to concentrate. She wore a black satin bra that fastened around her neck, leaving no bra straps. She removed it and let it drop to the floor, revealing her 36D breasts. He cupped them gently, hands stroking lightly as he placed a worshipful kiss on each tender nipple. Mindi shuddered with erotic bliss. Now, all the beautiful teen wore was a matching black satin garter belt, sexy hosiery and those ever-so-sexy high heels. He moved away from her, not wanting to lose control of himself.

Turning around, he began kissing her skin softly, from her neck, her shoulders and down her lovely, supple flesh. Her stomach was flat, showing the effects of hours of exercise, her skin soft and silky. Her breasts jiggled provocatively as kissed the line just above her French-cut panties, then growling, Al pulled them off Mindi’s body. He saw her sweet pussy for the first time, sexy with just the merest wisp of blonde fur, pouty pink lips, like all of Mindi, adorable. He tasted it and as expected, it was sweet.

He moved back up, up, up Mindi’s tall, sexy body until they were eye-to-eye again, then he took her in his strong arms and they kissed again. Mindi began fumbling with the buttons of his shirt, racing to get him undressed. Before either of them knew it, Al was naked and his lean, well-muscled body was before her for the first time. Gently, Mindi pushed him down on the side of the bed.

Mindi was no stranger to cock, despite her virginal status. She had been able to keep that status, while still dating, by being an amazing cocksucker. The guys she had taken in her mouth had walked away weak-kneed and she was sure Al would be no exception. She took his cock, larger than many she’d had before, into her mouth and began laving it with her tongue while stroking it with practiced fingers. She stroked his balls gently while she sucked, looking up at him with her stellar green eyes, wide and loving. His cock grew in mere minutes, magnificent and proud, she couldn’t wait to feel that hard dick in her pussy!

Mindi was going to be patient though, good things cum to those who wait, she thought with a giggle. As she was fellating him, she could see Al’s dream-like expression. “Like this?” she teased coyly.

“Now THAT is a silly question!” he growled as her talented tongue worked magic on his hard shaft. Up, up, up from the base to the tip, then swirling her tongue around it, then she plunged her whole mouth down. If she was half as good in the sack as she was at giving a blowjob, Al knew this would be a night neither of them would soon forget.

Mindi kept looking up at him with her big, green eyes, she knew men [ and some women, she knew ] thought that was sexy. As she sucked on the big cock, she also reminded herself to be a bit noisy, guys found that a turn-on as well.

Al took all the self-control he possessed and moved away from Mindi. “This night is for you darlin'” he told her as he pulled her up and placed her on the bed. In the garter-belt, stockings and shiny heels, she was beautiful, wild, yet still had a young, fresh appeal. Once again, he began kissing her, this time using his hands to touch, caress, fondle and minister to her erotically. Mindi began squirming under his sensual touch, she knew her pussy was already wet and eager for their lovemaking.

“Oh fuck, eat me, eat my pussyyyyyy!!” Mindi squealed as Al tasted her sweet juices. He wasn’t the best pussy-eater she’d ever known, Sascha still held that honor, but he was damned good. His gentle demeanor and unrushed style let Mindi know he was a man who truly appreciated women, she couldn’t wait to have sex with him.

Al was having a raging debate in his head. Should he take her now, fuck her and help her lose her now-unwanted virginity, or should he play it a little slower? Heck, why not let her decide?

“Do you want to make love Mindi? Do you want to feel me inside of you, have my cock fuck you?”

“God, YESSS!” Mindi howled, her face contorted in pleasure. “Please Al, give me your cock. Fuck me with it!”

He pulled Mindi close and kissed the eager teen. “Okay hon, but we’ll go slow. There are a couple of ways we can do this, do you have any ideas?”

Mindi was not lacking knowledge in the ways of sex, but unsure of what would be best for her first fuck. She looked over at Al and asked “What do you think?”

“Well, out of Missionary, Doggie and Cowgirl … ”


“Girl on top.”

“Ah. Gotcha.”

“Out of those three positions, I think for your first time, Cowgirl would be best. You can control the speed, take as much of my cock as you want and I can play with your sweet body while you fuck me. Sound good?”

“Oh God, yeahhh!” Mindi sighed dreamily. Her first fuck! She knew it would be good, knew Al would take good care of her. He moved into position and the tall blonde straddled him. Nervously, she began to descend on his thick, meaty cock, the lips of her pussy just brushing it, a bit was in, it was so thick and hard, a bit more, a bit more, OUCH it hurt, a bit more, then she decided to go for broke!

Mindi pushed her entire body down on his shaft. For the briefest of moments, there was a blinding flash of pain, but that passed. Now her entire body was suffused with a sensual heat, she felt the sensation of a live, hard cock in her pussy for the first time. She began to move up and down on it, loving his big cock, she was fucking at last!

“Feel good, sugar?” Al asked as he saw Mindi’s beautiful, big-titted body bouncing up and down on his cock. It was so sexy, she was so adorably scrumptious, he couldn’t believe his luck. Her pussy was tight, instinctively, it was milking his cock, the walls rubbing against his shaft and making him moan with pleasure.

“Oh, yeah!” Mindi purred as she began to roll her hips from side to side, then back and forth. She had an instinctive talent for sex, it was as if her body knew just what to do. She writhed atop her first male lover, taking the full measure of his manhood, loving every second of it. Al’s hands didn’t remain idle, he played with her big tits as she rode him, he stroked the sides of her body with gentle fingers. It sent electric tingles throughout her body and her long, blonde hair whipped from side-to-side as she screwed him.

“Fuck me, Mindi! That’s a good girl, screw me. Love it baby, love Al’s hard cock in that tight, wet pussy of yours?”

“FUCK YEAH!” Mindi roared in an uncharacteristic tone. She was glad she had waited, Al seemed to know just what to do to stimulate her senses, but if she’d known fucking was this good, she might not have held out so long. He moved his body in tandem with hers so that his hard cock drove deep into her cunt as she rode him. She felt good, packed with man-meat, the sensations overtaking all of her senses.

Fucking was good and she knew she’d be doing a lot more of it in the future. Her hot, wet little pussy felt so full, having a cock buried deep in her cunt was thrilling. She flashed on the idea of having both a man AND a woman in bed, one fucking her, one licking, or she could be fucked and eat pussy – oh, the possibilities!! Al was being gentle and considerate, he wasn’t just content to let her ride his dick, he played and toyed with her body, she loved his amazing hands and gentle kisses.

Her gorgeous ass bounced up and down, she took in more and more cock. His cock was thick and meaty and longer than some she had sucked, but man, did Al know how to use it! He fucked with a precise skill, as he moved in and out of Mindi’s wet cunt, she knew she’d have to think of a special way to thank Sascha. Perhaps Sascha would like to join them for a future escapade?

For his part, Al was concentrating on Baseball scores, tax forms, seeing Roseanne naked, anything to take his mind of cumming. The wild little bitch was a naturally amazing fuck, she moved with a skill that belied her young age. Al had planned on being gentle with her, but he realized Mindi could likely take anything he dished out! Her little body was shaking, little yelps of joy were coming from her lips, he would have bet Mindi just had her first orgasm.

He would have been wrong about that, but it was Mindi’s first MALE-induced cumming. “Oh Jeez!” she gasped, trying to regain her breath. “I may not want to stop for a long, long time!”

“So, who’s stopping?” Al grinned as she slowed down. “Want to try something else, sweetie?”

“I’m up for anything lover!” Mindi smiled with a bright grin. “What did you have in mind?”

Al smiled at her and went into the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean up the mess. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much mess, Mindi smiled at his considerate behavior. He was a truly classy, caring man.

Al moved the lingerie-clad teen into a new position, her sexy little rump was wiggling at him, enticing him to fuck her. Doggie was his favorite and the tall, sexy blond had a sexy ass. Hell, she had a sexy EVERYTHING!

Mindi wiggled her rump at Al as she felt him slide his beautiful cock deep into her pussy from behind. It felt good and she felt his gentle hands grab her hips as he began thrusting deep into her cunt. “Fuck it, you fucker!” she yelled as Al began increasing the tempo of his screwing.

Al loved fucking the naughty teen from behind, he loved watching her big, round tits jiggle as her ass slapped back against his thrusting body. Mindi was really getting into the fucking, moaning loudly, her body ever-so-slightly glistening with perspiration as the heat of their coupling warmed them both.

The dim lighting of the room suited Mindi’s body, she looked even more beautiful, young and sexy, with her body still in the stockings and heels. Al continued thrusting deep within Mindi’s cunt, a little stronger now.

Mindi moaned deeply, barely recognizing the sounds that came from her own deeply-aroused body. Likely, she’d be sore tomorrow, but oh, was it worth it! A hard cock in her pussy and Al’s hands roaming all over her big tits, could it get any better than this?

“Harder baby, fuck my cunt, make me FEEL it lover!” Mindi hissed as Al continued to drill deep within her snatch. Every throbbing, pounding hot inch of his cock felt ever-so-good in her pussy, she was soaked and more aware of her erotic potential than ever. Mindi knew that once she let loose, no male she desired would be able to resist her.

“Oh, keep it up lover, Al baby, that’s so fucking good!” Mindi screamed as Al’s cock moved deeper into her pussy, hitting the very end of her cuntal walls. Al seemed to know just when and where to move, he knew what to do to get the desired response from Mindi’s horny body.

Al was screwing her with considerable restraint, he didn’t want to lose control just yet. Had he been a younger man, he would have let himself cum already and then revved up for another go, but instead, he concentrated hard on pleasuring her. Al had an ulterior motive, he wanted to fuck her again, so he wanted her to enjoy every minute of this passionate coupling.

“Want to try another way?” he asked the panting teenager.

“Any way with you, lover!” she purred in her most seductive voice. This time, he moved her about so her legs rested on his shoulders. Those long, sexy, stocking-clad legs, still in the heels. His cock was rock-hard and ready, he slipped back into the velvety, welcoming cunt.

“Oh Christ!” Mindi yelped as he stuffed her pussy yet again. She loved the turned-on expression on Al’s face as he fucked her deeply, she knew he was grooving on her long legs. Mindi loved being sexy, certainly Al appreciated her sexiness. She gyrated her hips as best she could to give him encouragement, Al drilled her horny puss as hard as he could. Her sweet little pussy was rippling again and Mindi knew she was well on her way to another orgasm.

Al however, was going to beat her there. She realized he wasn’t wearing a condom, and as he convulsed, he saw a look of fear in her eyes and figured it out. “Don’t worry, I’ve had a vasectomy!”

“Oooh, I’ve got another idea anyway!” Mindi squealed, sliding off his cock and taking it deep within her mouth. Loads of creamy, thick cum shot down her gullet, she relished its taste and vowed to get more in the near future. Perhaps mixed with pussy juice?

Al caressed and stroked Mindi, her climax streaking throughout her body. He cuddled her close and offered her a drink of champagne. “I’m too young!” she protested with a giggle.

“If you’re old enough to fuck, you’re old enough to drink!” Al laughed as Mindi nodded and accepted the drink. She sat with him on the side of the bed.

“Thank You” she said gently.

“No, thank YOU for this wonderful honor. I’d like to see you again.”

“I’d like that, too.”

Still snuggling together, a thought came to Al. “Mindi, do you by any chance have a pair of short-shorts – or cutoffs – and a checkered blouse, maybe some sexy boots?”

Mindi nodded. “I think I can come up with an outfit like that, why?”

“Oh, let’s just say I think you’d look scrumptious and sexy dressed like that – what can I say, it’s one of MY little fantasies! The `Country Girl’ look is sexy to me!”

Mindi nodded, she could see herself dressed that way – her breasts spilling out from the top, tied just under her boobs. Her round ass peeking out from a pair of too-short cutoffs, wearing a trashy pair of boots. Al was certainly inspiring her.

“Al lover, you have my promise – we’re gonna make that fantasy come true!”

Al thought to himself – my wife’ll LOVE her.

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