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Little Bird Sings

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“You will wear the blue skirt!” she tells me, reaching to pull it out of the closet.

I am already wearing the corset; black satin, laced, long suspenders linked on to sheer black stockings. Fishnet, she says, is tacky. Personally I think the whole suspenders-and-stockings thing is tacky, and much prefer bare flesh, but then, it’s not for me to decide.

I am feeling smooth and soft and sleek. She personally shaved me, earlier, a hair-raising (hah-hah!) experience as it always is, to let someone else loose with a razor around your most vulnerable bits. I had lain, legs akimbo and surrendered, as she had gently soaped and scraped, the sharpness against my skin as erotic as the submission. She had then anointed me with frangipani body butter, deliberately lingering, making it a sweet torment in itself.

Now she pulls the little skirt around my waist, snagging the Velcro fastening and standing back to admire the ensemble. Hmmm…she smooths her hands over my nipples and then naughtily darts in to give one a little nip with her small, white teeth. We laugh. She strokes my face. “My little slut!” she says lovingly. And we kiss. I easily fit into her lush body, head back, throat stretched, straining up to her greater height. I dare to slip my hands around to caress her generous bottom. She scolds me – “NO!” – and steps away, swatting at my hands.

She pulls me over to the chair in front of the dressing table and I sit down. She always likes to do my party makeup; she’s better at it than me. She smooths on foundation, blusher, a little mascara, smoky eyeshadow, and eyeliner – nothing too burlesque – and finishes it all off with a lovely warm red lipstick, lining the lips first, painting them in with the tiny lip brush, blotting, painting again. “It’s smudge-resistant” she says with satisfaction, before expertly slicking some onto her own lips.

She is already dressed and made up. My Honey, my Darling; she’s a big, strapping Saxon of a woman, six foot one in her bare feet, broad of shoulder, big of bosom, slender of waist and generous of hip. Her gold-blonde hair, usually snared in plaits, is tonight loose and wavy and falling halfway down her back. She is wearing the most heavenly little dress – a copper-coloured little wrap that ends just below that gorgeous bottom of hers – and a pair of caramel-coloured stay-ups. Nothing else. Her face is beautifully made up to a glow – a honey-beige foundation and light sheen of tawny blusher, coppery eyeshadow that complements her warm blue eyes. And lipstick – our lipstick. Yum. I want some of her, but I know I have to earn her.

Now she pulls our shoes out of the closet – hers copper kitten heels and mine black patent stilettos. We sit side by side on the bed to pull them on, and then stand up and loop our arms around each other as we admire ourselves in the mirror. What a pair we are – she a golden goddess, tall and tawny and magnificent, me tiny and dark with short black spiky hair. I fit in easily under her arm.

Time to go. We clippety-clop to the front door and pause for a moment as she slips on the last, vital piece of my outfit – the wide, black satin slave band that cinches around my wrist. It marks me as a subordinate, or sub. She is the dominant, the Dom (note the capital “D”!); her bare wrists say it loud and clear. Tonight I will do as she requires. If I do well, I will be rewarded, if I don’t, I will spend the night where ‘bad slave’ always spends the night – on a blanket on the hard floor beside the bed.

She drives to the party – I can’t in my high heels. We park a bit down the road – we’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, but we are still a bit shy of making ourselves too identifiable to our playmates so we feel a bit protective of number plates, last names, day jobs, and so on. Out of the car, we smooth our coats over our skirts and check each other’s lipstick in the late evening light. We take deep breaths and grin at each other before consciously adopting our party personae. She leads the way, striding forth in all her golden glory, whilst I dutifully trot behind, feeling a bit undignified as I have to do one-and-a-half bird steps to each of her leggy strides. We arrive at the front door and ahem and shuffle a bit, doing a quick last check before she rings the bell.

The guy who answers the door is a stereotypical hunk; shirtless, wearing rather obvious black satin short-shorts outlining what can’t possibly be a mother-nature cock, he has tanned and hairless designer abs and a chiselled Dan Dare jaw. I suppress a quick stab of jealousy as my Honey gives him the once-over. I’m not that into cock; she is. I imagine she’s mentally putting him on the sex-party equivalent of her dance card.

He graciously takes our coats, and I see him giving me the once-over, his eyes stalling on my rounded bottom which is pushing out the back of my skirt. He glances at her for permission; she gives him a curt little nod. His hand slides under my skirt and his fingers probe slightly into my bottom cleavage. “Mmm!” he says, the fingers of his other hand glancing over my nipple.

We move through into the ‘reception room’; big, open, a few chairs scattered about. Warmish coloured walls and gentle lighting, trays of drinks and a table full of light nibbles; as the night goes on we will need them to keep up our stamina. There are about eight or nine people there already; as a sub, I keep my eyes down though; it’s not my place to make too much eye contact. I just have to keep an eye on my Honey and follow her cues.

Greetings and air kisses between the Doms; then laughter as they admire each other’s subs. She takes a glass of champagne for herself and a fruit punch for me; I’m going to be working – and certainly worked! – hard tonight and she wants me sober so I can do her proud.

We circulate a little in the reception room, me sticking close to her and feeling nervous, as I always do at this stage. I wish I could have just one drink so I feel a bit more relaxed, but it’s not allowed. More people arrive; in the end probably about nineteen or twenty fill the room with body heat, perfume and nervous, slightly over-loud chatter. I surreptitiously check out the genders. Probably about seven males and the rest females. Great, I do so much better with pussy! I feel a bit more relaxed and manage to catch Honey’s gorgeous blue eyes. We smile at each other lovingly.

Dan Dare has come up. Surprisingly he’s a sub; I hadn’t noticed his slave band when we arrived. Maybe he’s only just put it on. His Dom stands nearby, sending him signals, standing back to watch with enjoyment as his slave glances at my darling for permission to fuck me. She makes eye contact with the Dom, nods and gestures towards the inner room. We go through.

The inner room is huge; its walls are lined with large, firm sofas heaped with soft, plump cushions. In the middle of the floor are the fucking stools, an innovation I have found a godsend as the doggy-style sex that seems fairly prevalent at these parties tends to have tiny me collapsing under some of the larger or more vigorous men. There are coffee tables, too, with large baskets of condoms and pump bottles of lubricant.

My Honey pulls me to her for a kiss before tugging free my tiny skirt with a rip of parting Velcro. Dan Dare grins at the sight of my olive-toned thighs peeping out from the top of my stockings, and pulls at the side of his ridiculous short-shorts, which whip off to the same ripping tune as my skirt. Oh God! What a ridiculous penis! Uh, oh, what a scary penis. It has to be enhanced. Bloody hell, and here was me hoping to get away with an evening of making pussy happy. I should have known better.

Dan Dare’s Dom sits down and languidly pulls his (tiny! ha!) cock out of his flyless trousers and starts fondly massaging it. Honey sits down too, and I nudge one of the fucking stools in front of her; she likes to watch my face as I am penetrated. As I am lining up the stool, Dan Dare retrieves a condom from the packet and takes it over to Tiny Dick, who playfully bites the over-large cock before theatrically rolling on a condom. I arrange myself appropriately and D.D. pumps a heck of a lot of lube into his beefy hand and applies it with an unexpected gentleness, his fingers roaming and teasing me a little in a way that troubles me. My Honey will not be pleased if I allow myself too much pleasure at this stage. Thankfully, she sees where those big male hands are roaming and she frowns slightly at the other Dom. “Sidney!” growls Tiny Dick quietly, and shakes his head. Sidney? Good Lord! I suppress a laugh. Sidney stops his ministrations and I brace myself as he homes in on the target.

Fingers circling, pushing in. I can feel myself opening up. I can’t help it, I am getting more aroused, but I know that I can handle it. Oh, God, now that huge cock is lining itself up. In, just a tiny bit. I can feel myself stretching, stretching, and for a moment I yearn for the female softness of Honey. Then I lock eyes with my Darling, and I can see the excitement and lust in her eyes as she watches me being penetrated.

D.D. works very slowly, as if he knows penetration is not something I relish. His strokes are exquisitely slow – in…out…in…out…oh…oh…oh…please…please…please…in! – as I open and open to this enormous cock.

Honey now has a friend – an interesting friend. A sub, red-haired, large-breasted, very naked, and…wait for it…very pregnant. A dark line descends centrally from her navel to her tidy pubes, and those lightly freckled breasts look as though they will spurt forth milk any second. Honey is mesmerised by those ripe breasts, and as I watch, her hands start to roam, and grab, and pull at the large, dark nipples. In turn, Mamma’s hands are roaming down over Honey, pulling aside the wrap dress to expose her engorged labia. I feel jealous; I want, I want! All those breasts, two cunts, the swelling belly…please, please, pick me!

Mamma’s finger is swirling gently around Honey’s clit, teasing, teasing. I am lost, my eyes riveted to the stroking finger, my ears full of Honey’s moans as the teasing drives her to buck up against the tormenting hand, and full of D.D.’s grunts as he works me, works me. I can sense the lustful need in him building, and I know that he will be keeping good eye contact with Tiny Dick, waiting for the moment when he can let go and spasm. The fullness inside me is glorious; I want so much to lose control but I know I can’t let myself get too close to the edge.

Meanwhile, Mamma’s finger has been replaced by her flattened hand, circling slowly and lightly on Honey’s clit. My God, that woman knows cunts! Honey’s face is flushed, she pulls a squishy pillow up behind the small of her back to support her as her head and shoulders crane backwards, arching her up to the lightly touching hand. Tiny Dick laughs; I steal a glance at him and see that he is now riveted by the clit-stroking hand, and it dawns on me; he has two subs, Mamma and D.D.! His eyes meet Honey’s and I can see her torment; the feeling is so, so exquisite and such, such torture. If Honey nods, Tiny Dick will signal Mamma to take her over the edge. If she doesn’t, the feeling will build and build and the orgasm will be cataclysmic. How long can she hold on?

Honey glances back at me, her eyes unfocused with lust. I hope the Dom doesn’t let Mamma make her come too quickly, I want to see her wait for it and wait for it, the tart.

Dan Dare is fucking harder now, and harder. His grunts are getting louder and I can feel his hands biting into my shoulders as he fights against his instincts; Tiny Dick is watching him now, and coolly smiling. Honey is bucking, and, unable to help herself, grabs Mamma’s hand to push it harder onto her clit.

A signal passes between the Doms and then to the subs and all hell breaks loose. Mamma’s hand is pushing harder against Honey’s clit. Honey slips to one side to arch herself along the sofa, giving her a better view of Mamma’s fat tits, swaying violently as she works Honey’s pussy. Dan Dare has lost control and is fucking me so hard the stool is moving across the carpet a little with each thrust. This isn’t going to do my stockings any good, and my knees are getting carpet burn. What’s more, I’m so fucking full of lust I am scared I won’t be able to hold on. Honey, slack-mouthed and sweating, is crying “fucking tits, fucking tits, fucking tits!” as she rams into the frantically rubbing hand.

At last, Honey and Dan Dare come simultaneously, Honey screaming “titty bitch, titty bitch!” and D.D. roaring like the incredible hulk as he slams me sideways and across to the sofa, my face now so close to Mamma’s lovely, open cunt I can smell her delicious spicy pussy smell.

Tiny Dick is laughing. A few people scattered about the room applaud; one woman lifts her face from attending to a needy fanny to proclaim, in mock posh voice, “bravo, bravo!”. I am slumped over the fucking stool with a depleted D.D. on top of me. My face is almost within licking distance of that gorgeous, spicy, pregnant cunt. D.D. unsheaths his dick from inside me, and falls back to sit leaning on his hands for a moment, head up, gasping for breath.

Tissues have appeared from somewhere and Honey is mopping her sweaty forehead; some kind person has passed over her half-finished glass of champagne. Mamma’s hand rests on my Darling’s now-quiescent cunt.

I manage to make eye contact with Honey and then glance back pointedly at the spicy heaven inches from my face, waiting, wanting, needing me to pleasure it. When I look back at Honey, she is already signalling Tiny Dick, who obviously gives his consent as Honey gives me the nod. Oh, bliss! I know, though, that when I go in to deliver, that big swelling belly will obliterate any view of those milky breasts, so I take the liberty of a bloody good ogle before I go in. I know that Honey will probably do them justice; she loves to suck titty and she will never be able to resist those huge bazongas.

Now, I know you’ll think I’m bragging, but I am seriously good at pussy pleasing. So, if you want to learn how to drive a cunt insane with pleasure, take note.

The thing is, not to do it wet. Pussy hates slobber, it loves dry. Dry means friction, and friction means…well, do as I do, and you’ll find out.

I part those darkened, moist pussy lips with my finger, gently, teasing the bejesus out of them. Steering away from that engorged fat clit as it strains against its hood. I pause for a moment to let my breath brush over the exposed flesh, and I hear Mamma gasp as she settles herself to be tortured.

Now I lick – swallow first, tongue dry, and just the very tip of my tongue. Just to the side of the clit. Lick. Stop. Lick. Stop. Lick. Stop. Stroking up along the labia, my breath tickling the clit but not giving it any purchase, anything to rub or lurch against. Mamma whimpers. “Quiet!” says Tiny Dick. I hear a suckling noise; Honey is getting some titty.

After a minute or so I change tactics. Dry tongue lick, starting with the tip of the tongue, a full sweep, from below the clit, up over it – God, it’s engorged and hot! – and stop for a count of three. And again. And again. And again. Then moving on to a fuller tongue, a really good all-encompassing lick. Remember; keep it dry! She is squirming, desperate for purchase. But she ain’t gonna get it, not yet, anyway. I want her tormented, I want her to beg for it. She still won’t get it then, even if she begs, cause I know what our two Doms want to see.

She is trying so hard not to squirm; I can feel and see the tension in her thigh muscles as she wills herself not to buck up against my mouth. Oh god, I am so enjoying this. I wish I could see those beautiful milky tits and Honey’s mouth on them. Honey must read my mind, as she starts making loud sucky noises – she knows how good I am at painting a picture from sounds. I am so aroused, but I have to focus on the task in hand, or rather, in mouth!

Lick. Stop. Lick. Stop. And then, after a couple of minutes of this, when she is desperately trying not to whimper and her control is about to break, I bring in the light suck. Just clamp my mouth over that fat, straining clit and suck, gently, for just a second or two, and then back to lick, stop, lick.

“O…o…o…o…o!” she wails, thrashing up against me. Tiny Dick is not pleased. “Quiet!” he scolds. I back off, leaning away so she can’t find my mouth. I get a quick glance up over that huge belly. Tiny Dick is fitting a soft cloth gag over Mamma’s mouth. Honey is in raptures; slumped down under the sub’s left arm, she is pinching one taut Mamma nipple with her fingernails and sucking/licking/nibbling at the other with her red-tinted mouth. I wish I had a camera.

Before I move back in again, Tiny Dick reminds Mamma who’s boss. “If you move again, Sweetie, we will stop this. Okay?” She nods, huge brown eyes moist and pleading. Hmm, food for thought. I don’t want this to end; I’m having too much fun, and ultimately I want to feel that cunt spasm and spasm under my tongue, hear her wail and wail and wail. Will have to play this cunt very carefully but hell, that’s what I’m good at. Back to work.

Back to what I think of as ‘side licks’ just to the side of the clit, calming things down a bit. Meanwhile Mamma has got herself a little more focused and in control; there’s an art to feeling the intense pleasure but holding back the climax. Her heavy breathing attests to how much she is struggling, as I go back to the full lick and then, when I think she can handle it, the piece de resistance – the suck and flick.

This is the biggest secret to getting a cunt to explode under your mouth. You seal your mouth around the clit and suck – not too hard – and you flick your tongue rapidly up and over the clit, over and over again. Your victim usually tries to squirm to get away, especially if they are holding back on coming, but the suction (and your hands pushing down their thighs) makes it difficult. Magic!

And yeah, it breaks Mamma’s control. She tries to pull back but can’t get away, then thrashes to the side. Honey pushes with her body to move Mamma back under my mouth and holds down her left thigh. Next thing Dan Dare has moved over and is also holding her down. A muffled whimpering comes through the gag – “Mmm…mmm…mmm…mmm…mmm…mmm…!”. “Quiet!” orders Tiny Dick again. She tries desperately to comply, and for a few seconds I stop flicking and just suck. She quiets down, but then I torment her with the flick again. She is straining so much it is now taking me, Honey and D.D. to hold her in place. Her diaphragm is heaving as she brings every ounce of self-control to bear.

“Break off!” says Tiny Dick, very quietly. Man, this guy is a sadist. I pull away and look at Honey. She is smirking. A tear is rolling down Mamma’s face. Tiny Dick pushes himself out his seat and strolls over, nonchalantly smiling, that minuscule cock sticking out in front of him like a misplaced roman nose. He bends over and looks into Mamma’s eyes.

“Do you want to come?” he asks conversationally. She nods, her eyes pleading. He sniffs. “Just a minute.” He strolls off into the reception room. Honey is grinning from ear to ear, and I know what she’s thinking; ‘What a pro!’

Dan Dare is sitting on the arm of the sofa to one side of Mamma, looking at the floor. I manage a quick glance around one side of the room. Several people have got themselves grandstand seats, with my dealing to Mamma’s cunt the big event. I get a quick glimpse of two men and a woman who have arranged themselves, with judicious use of a fucking stool, to ensure they don’t miss a thing whilst getting on with their own show. She’s over the stool with her mouth around the cock of a guy on a sofa and her arse is full of the other guy. All proceedings have been halted, however, awaiting recommencement of the main event.

After a couple of minutes, Tiny Dick comes back, champagne in one hand, camera in the other. There are very strict rules about photos, but he is entitled to take photos of his sub as long as no other participants are identifiable. He takes a couple of sips of his champagne, hands his glass to D.D. and readies the camera.

“Okay, give it to her. But don’t rush it. I want some really good shots.”

I move back over the fragrant, desperate pussy, but don’t immediately latch on. Instead, I just breathe on her gently for a few seconds. Then I recommence with side licking and don’t move to her clit until I feel her desperately struggling to get it under my tongue.

Tiny Dick is laughing quietly and snapping away. I lick lightly, just the tip of my tongue on the tip of her clit, and then pull back for a couple of seconds before pushing three fingers of my right hand into her cunt and then latching on fully with the suck and flick. I don’t let up, and this time she completely loses control.

Despite the gag, she manages to get out an earsplitting “eeeeeh…eeeeeh…eeeeeh…!” With D.D. and Honey both holding her in place, she still manages to buck repeatedly up against my mouth, and her cunt convulses onto my fingers as she comes and comes and comes. Finally, tears are pouring down her face and her cunt stops twitching. I give one last suck and then ease back to look at my handiwork.

Her cunt is absolutely dripping with her own come. I tear my eyes away from that lovely, lovely pussy I have just tormented into eruption to look at her face. Her hair is sticky with sweat, her face red and tearstained. The gag has slipped and she looks as though she is in shock. Tiny Dick is still taking photos and D.D. now has a massive hard on.

Suddenly there is a burst of noise and I look behind me to see that the whole roomful of people, utterly transfixed by the performance, is applauding. People with their dicks, cunts, arses and mouths still engaged with one another are managing to detach their hands sufficiently to put it together for me and Mamma’s pussy. Honey looks pleased.

Tiny Dick puts the camera down. Noticing Dan Dare’s huge erection, he takes the cock in hand and strokes it gently before tugging it and nodding at Mamma. “Fuck her!” he says. As D.D. moves to comply, Honey gives a little mew of disappointment and Tiny Dick puts his hand on D.D.’s shoulder. A quick Dom’s communication passes between Tiny Dick and Honey, and within seconds D.D. is pulling Honey down so her pussy is over the edge of the sofa. She shoves a cushion behind her back and sighs contentedly as she arches back to bring her tits forward to D.D.’s mouth.

Redundant for the moment, I take a seat on the sofa next to Honey so that I can enjoy/inwardly fume over the unfolding spectacle. A condom goes over that enormous cock, but it appears there is no need for lubricant; Honey’s cunt is wide open and very wet. D.D. places the tip of his donger just into her hole, but holds off fucking into it as he flicks his thumb over her clit, causing her to gasp and twitch. Sneakily he ventures a side-glance at me, and I know what he’s conveying; ‘See, you’re not the only one who can make a pussy squeal!’

Still with just the tip of his cock in her cunt, he leans forward and with one huge suck takes one nipple and it seems like half her tit into his mouth. Honey lets out a high squeaky noise, and I suppress the urge to slap the fucker’s mouth away. He straightens up, then starts pumping his pelvis; those magnificent abs ripple as he pushes and pulls back with exquisite slowness. For what seems like an age, he hardly gives her any cock at all, just playing her cunt with the tip. Then without any warning he slams in, right up to the hilt, and she is impaled on the biggest cock that has ever fucked her.

“Whaaaaarrrrrghhhhh!” she wails, and now I am hooked. All jealousy is gone, and I just want to watch her being screwed till she explodes.

Okay, so maybe Dan Dare has some moves, but it turns out his repertoire is limited. Slow, shallow thrusts, gradually moving in to fuck his cock right up her a few times, then back to slow and shallow. And yeah, okay, sure, it’s working; she’s losing it big time, squirming around on that pole, head back, tits turgid as she desperately tries to get one into his mouth. Finally he gives her what she wants – having got his cock well-anchored now, he leans forward to half-lie against her, bending her back further to get a tit into his mouth.

I am just about to risk homing in on her other tit, the one nearest me, when she jerks her head over to alert me to what’s happening to the right of her. Tiny Dick has settled down in front of Mamma and is fucking her; those pregnant tits are now going free and waiting to be played with. Tiny Dick gestures me over with his head; I kneel to the side of the sofa and lean in to get at those turgid babes. I quickly figure out that she likes a little bit of pain. I nip and nibble at one globe, reaching out to twist, pull and nip the other one with my fingernails.

From here, I have the most fantastic view. My Honey, with pussy stretched to the extreme as that monster dick fucks up inside her, its owner alternately leaning in to torment her titties, and then pulling back to give her clit some light-as-air thumb. Mamma’s pussy, not anywhere near as stretched, is nevertheless being worked briskly and enthusiastically by Tiny Dick. Her motherly mammaries, of course, are being attended to by moi.

And all of this is happening against a background of rampant fornication; from my vantage point I have a mind-boggling view of people engaged in various types and stages of carnal capers. There is a sort of background hum of groans, moans, murmurs and pleading noises periodically drowned out by the cries of someone in orgasmic extremis.

Honey begins a rising, high-pitched keening; Dan Dare now moves to sinking his cock into her up to the hilt with every slow lunge, whilst his hands are vigourously working her knockers. Finally Honey hits high C, as D.D. starts pussy-pummelling her so hard she is literally rising up off the sofa. She lurches forward to grab his shoulders and sits high on his cock, wiggling desperately against him and pedalling unsuccessfully for purchase with her feet. D.D grabs her arse and grinds her against his cock with a sort of snarling rumble as he tips over into his second come of the evening. I stop molesting Mamma’s mammaries, transfixed as Honey throws her head back, eyes bulging, and screams.

Meanwhile, Tiny Dick has also come. Blinked and I missed it. His orgasm was so quiet and, well, modest, that by the time I tear my eyes away from the thoroughly fucked Honey, he has finished, quietly extracted himself from Mamma’s beautiful pussy, removed the condom, and is wiping himself with a tissue in a businesslike way.

The cessation of orgasmic lurching on our sofa coincides with a lull all around the room. People are getting up, straightening whatever inadequate bits of clothing are still entangled around their bodies, pulling fingers through there hair. Someone goes around with a little waste bin gathering tissue-wrapped condoms and offering wet wipes for comey fingers. There’s a burst of pretend-normal conversation; “Ha ha, wasn’t that nice, God, I could murder a drink, where’s the toilets?”. Everyone starts moving towards the reception room, except for a couple of people who look too sated to move.

I’m pleased for the break; I could do with a wee and a drink of something myself. I help Mamma lever herself up off the sofa. We avoid each other’s eyes; as subs, we’re not supposed to look at each other too much, anyway, which makes it a bit less awkward. Dan Dare lifts Honey off his cock and she looks down at it in awe; even in its flaccid state, it’s an extraordinary specimen. She fingers it admiringly and it nudges back at her, a sleeping giant only too ready to be reawakened given half the chance. She looks up at me and grins. Slut.

She staggers to her feet and I follow her through to foyer; we’re both walking a bit funny due to the reaming we’ve both received from that bloody great truncheon. She retrieves a makeup bag from her coat and we find the bathroom; have to wait a minute or two before a couple of giggling women tumble out, wafting their hands to try to dissipate the smell of dope. We lock ourselves in and take turns weeing and reapplying lipstick – she’s right, it is pretty smudgeproof.

Back to the reception area. I get her another champagne and myself another fruit punch, and then go back to get us plates of nibbles. Everyone is standing or sitting around chatting in a sort of lets-pretend-this-is-all-normal kind of way. For me, this is one of the more difficult parts of these evenings. As a sub, it’s so easy to transgress in these circumstances. I’m not supposed to look people in the eye, especially Doms, nor can I take part in conversations. But I’m a naturally nosy person and I like to listen in to the chit-chat; it’s all too easy to forget myself and open my big/little mouth to chip in. Fatal mistake, that. It means no reward at the end of the evening, but what’s just as bad, it makes my Dom look bad in the eyes of the other Doms. Badly trained sub – tut tut!

I sidle half behind Honey to keep myself out of trouble as I juggle my plate of nibbles and glass of punch. The nibbles are really nice; one is a sort of cheesy puffy thing and a bit spicy, the other a vegetable pate in a vol au vent. I wonder if I can get the recipe for the pate; Honey and I are pretty much vegetarian these days.

I tune in to Honey’s conversation. Tiny Dick is asking her about me; would she be happy for me to teach Mamma and Dan Dare how to do pussy properly? I quietly gloat. She says “sure!” as though she’s agreeing to let me share my secret recipe for chocolate mud cake (just so you know, I share that with no one). He asks her something else that I don’t catch, and she explains a couple of things about our ‘arrangement’. No, she doesn’t allow me to come at these parties. He grunts and seems to be expressing regret mixed with understanding.

As the conversation unfolds, I glean that Dan Dare and Mamma are married and this is their house, specifically purchased because it has ‘suitable rooms’. Tiny Dick lives with them and has been their Dom for a almost four years. There is another sub living in the house, but she’s away for a few days looking after her Mum, who’s just had her bunions done.

He walks off, and Honey turns. “Hey, why is my little bird lurking behind me? Come out from there, I want to show you off!” I step forward reluctantly and do a low scan of the room, eyes not quite high enough to really lock with anyone else’s. A few of people are looking at me and I get the impression they are talking about me.

One couple in particular is openly staring at me and I am surprised to see that one is a sub. I can’t help it, I lock eyes with her and then find it hard to tear my eyes away. She is one naughty looking little minx. Tiny, not much above five foot, and slim with an elfin, heart-shaped face, brown eyes, and the wickedest little smile. Pretty young. She’s wearing nothing but a wide, sculpted leather belt around her waist, and high-heeled sandals with straps that wind up to her upper thighs. She is standing next to a beautiful, statuesque African woman who is obviously her Dom. She glances away, and so do I, but Honey chuckles and I realise she caught the exchange.

“Fancy that little piece of pussy, do we?” she whispers in a sing-song voice. I sniff. At least it doesn’t seem as though I’m in trouble. The African woman is coming over now, the minx trailing behind her, keeping her eyes down though that naughty smile says it all.

“Helloooo!” says the African Queen in a rich, melodic voice. “Ah think your little one here has caught the eye of mah little one!” she chuckles.

“I think the attraction is mutual!” smiles Honey.

“Well, what say we let them play together, and enjoy the spectacle?” suggests African Queen, gesturing in the direction of the main room with her champagne glass. Minx squeals with delight. I would too, but it would get me into trouble.

“What did you have in mind?” asks Honey.

“Ah would like to see your little one give mah little one’s pussy the same workin’-over that lucky hot Mamma got!” she smiles, showing even, white teeth.

“And maybe we could tend to each other’s pussies, too, in case they get jealous?” suggests Honey, biting the edge of her champagne glass and looking coy. I can tell she’s intrigued by the woman’s lush lips; she’s probably visualising her cunt lips.

“Hmm. If you don’t mind, ah would really like to watch mah little one getting a good workin’- over without any distractions. But mah husband will be arriving soon, and ah am sure then we can come to a very interestin’ arrangement.” She leans in, and unexpectedly kisses Honey full on the mouth. Next thing Honey has pushed her glass and plate into my hands, seized African Queen by the shoulders, and the two of them are standing, kissing and tenderly exploring each other’s mouths with the most amazing erotic restraint.

I can’t help but watch – sounds weird, but it’s the most arousing thing I’ve seen all evening. I want to be Honey and African Queen both at the same time. My god, I hope I get some of that dark, luminous flesh before the night is out.

They break off and lock eyes for a moment. Deep breaths, and then they turn in unison to wave Minx and I forward into the main room. Minx goes to a raised cushioned platform at the far end of the room. She lies down on it with her pussy poised on the edge, her body spread-eagled backwards and her arms above her head. African Queen moves two small footstools and positions them for Minx to lift her legs onto. Minx lies there whilst the three of us view her pink, shaved puss. I probably don’t need to tell you that I am seriously turned on at this point, and can’t wait to get started.

Honey and African Queen have a brief, whispered, nodding conversation. Honey moves an armchair closer to the action and takes a seat. To my surprise the beautiful black woman addresses me in her mellifluous voice.

“Ah want you to make her come the way you did that other lady. But ah want you to look at her all you want and touch her wherever you want – ah like to see people lookin’ at mah little one and touchin’ her.” She moves to take a seat by Minx’s trailing hands, shuffling underneath her so that Minx’s head and upper torso are on her lap, and her slim white wrists are being firmly held in one large, black, hand.

I kneel between the footstools and take the opportunity to have a good look at my quarry. She is tiny; her breasts small and sticking up like two brave cupcakes with pink nipple frosting. Her labia are pink and fat; I probe with one finger to part the firm lips and expose the tiny, tight hole.

“She has never been fucked there with a cock” says African Queen with considerable pride, stroking Minx’s face and then her breasts, “but ah want you to put your finger up her, please.”

I do so, carefully; the hole is so small I am scared of hurting her. But she obviously likes it; she looks me in the eye and smiles and lifts up to meet me. I work my finger slowly in and out and she gives a soft, happy moan.

After a minute or two of this I withdraw my finger and start circling her clit. Something makes me change tack, though, and I find myself flattening my hands on her and moving out to stroke her thighs very lightly, then around to her arse. When I lightly touch on that opening, I feel it giving way very easily. So she’s been arse-fucked, but her cunt is still virgin. Interesting. She squirms a little in delight, locked in place by the hand holding her wrists.

I return my hands to her thighs, and slide up to her torso and breasts. She likes having her breasts teased; show me a woman who doesn’t! I stop to take a brave look at African Queen and she nods. “That’s it, that’s good. Now ah want you to lick her and make her come.” I oblige.

I won’t go into detail; you know it already anyway and I don’t want to bore you. For some reason I really want to go slow, even slower than usual, and she has admirable control, keeping her eyes locked with her beautiful Dom as she goes through the erotic torment and finally succumbs. Her orgasm is loud, violent and prolonged, and earns me more accolades from the audience and a happy and approving look from Honey.

As I push away from the virgin cunt I realise a tall, handsome black man has joined us and is sitting on a nearby armchair. He is wearing leather pants, cut away over the thighs and crotch to reveal a stereotypically large (ish), erect purple-black penis. I can hardly take my eyes off it, it’s so beautiful and shiny. Good job it’s okay, even expected, for subs to look at Doms’ penises. I wonder where that is about to go, and I’m not sure whether or not I hope it’s in me!

Minx, meanwhile, has half-sat up, and is curled against African Queen with a very happy, cat-got-the-cream look on her face. The Black God beckons to her, and she goes over to sit on his knee. He briefly strokes her breasts and then her pussy, like an owner petting a much-loved cat. She slides down off his lap onto the floor and takes the cock into her mouth, sucking it like it’s a lollipop. He laughs at her indulgently, disengages her,, and tells her to go and get herself something to drink. She skips off to the reception room like a delighted child.

“Well!” says African Queen to Honey. “This is mah husband” (she pronounces it hos-bond; really cute!) “and ah’m sure he would like to know you a little better.” She pats the sofa next to her, and Honey goes to sit beside her. The Black God moves to sit to the other side of Honey and gently pulls her dress apart to reveal her breasts. His big black hands come up to cup them as African Queen turns Honey’s face to hers and begins kissing her again, with those lush, purple-brown lips.

I take a seat on the footstool, feeling surplus to requirements but with a feeling of anticipation – I suspect this is going to be quite a show!

The threesome rearrange themselves a little into a half-lying position. Honey is half-twisted towards African Queen’s languid, deep kisses. Black God is now lying along Honey’s other side, his hands roaming her breasts and now down to her fanny. He doesn’t beat around the bush (hah hah!); his fingers are soon flicking over Honey’s clit and into her cunt.

This goes on for a few more minutes, and then everything stops for a whispered conversation. The tableau moves, with me in tow, to one of the sofas and a fucking stool is pulled up. African Queen easily sheds her colourful wrap to reveal a cleanly-shaved body of stunning beauty. Dark-chocolate coloured skin glowing with a sheen of light. Medium-sized breasts with erect plum nipples. She sits down and adopts the customary position, pussy poised at the edge of the couch, back supported with a couple of cushions, and parts her legs to reveal the plump, deep purple lips.

Honey repositions the fucking stool slightly before making herself comfortable on it, her mouth poised above the black beauty’s luscious cunt lips, her caramel-coloured derriere jauntily poised, and her legs apart. I can see her pussy lips peeping out.

At this point Black God eases a condom onto his glistening organ, it bucks and twitches at his touch, more than ready for action. He helps himself to a little lubricant from the pump bottle and then kneels behind Honey. I move into place to catch as much as I can of the spectacle.

The first thing he does surprises Honey. He spreads the lubricant, not around her cunt, but onto her tight, pink, seldom-probed arsehole. She jumps and her head whips around.

He chuckles. “Ah hear that tonight you have already had a very big cock in this lovely pussy of yours, my dear!” His voice is as slow, lazy and melodic as his wife’s. “Ah think that this lovely bottom of yours shouldn’t be left out now, do you?” She looks at him with a mixture of trepidation and something bordering on embarrassment. She will look like, pardon me, a real pussy, if she says no to this. She glances at me, and I sit back with my arms folded and give her a challenging look.

Black God is chuckling at her hesitancy, his lubricated fingers are circling her tiny pink hole, teasing her. There is something about his certainty and confidence that is very erotic and is making it hard for Honey to say no. African Queen chips in, reaching out to turn Honey’s face to hers.

“Now, my dear, ah know you would really like to have my husband put it up your bum, wouldn’t you?” she says in the sort of voice you use to cajole a child. “And it would make him so happy, my dear! Now why don’t you let him put it in and I know you will like it!”

Honey gulps and nods, and African Queen hunches down a little and gently pulls Honey’s face down to meet her plush pussy lips. “Now, there’s a good girl then. Oh, yes, that’s good, well done!” as Honey begins to lick.

Black God is now starting to work his thumbs into Honey’s little hole. Massaging and stroking alongside before delving both thumbs in just a little, then a little more, until she starts to relax and open. It is amazing, just watching him work that tight little arsehole so it starts to want to be penetrated. Honey is making little happy gulping noises as she works at the purple/brown pussy, kissing and suckling the labia as though she was kissing those other large, firm lips.

Her bottom is starting to wiggle in delight too, but the wiggling and suckling stop suddenly when she feels that big black cock being braced to enter. African Queen chides her; “Now, don’t you stop, mah good girl, you gotta take it in your bottom and you keep lookin’ to mah pussy, too, you hear?”. I nearly snort with laughter but manage to control myself. I’ve never seen Honey in quite this situation before; the Dom is being dommed, good and proper!

Honey complies and returns to pussy-suckling, and Black God pushes gently against her arse. I see the pink opening stretch as the dark cock probes in a bare inch. It looks amazing, the glossy, taut skin of this big black splendid penis pushing into Honey’s caramel arse. What a picture!

He reaches around with one hand to gain purchase on the front of her hips; with the other hand he holds his cock to her arsehole, moving the tip of it oh-so-gently in and out, as Dan Dare had previously done to her cunt. His face is serene and composed, focuses on his penis and the hole he is attending to. He has a masterly air about him; he knows just how to work taut little female arseholes. I’m deeply impressed.

Gradually she opens up. Occasionally, as he moves in a bit deeper, she gasps and stops ministering to African Queen’s cunt, only to be scolded and have her head moved back to party central. After about five minutes, Black God is completely in, and Honey is spluttering with (I think) a mixture of astonishment, a little pain, and erotic joy.

At this point things really get under way. He starts fucking her bum in earnest, with slow, controlled strokes. Absolutely a pro. His hands now encircle Honey’s thighs and are doing dirty things to her cunt. Honey is eating pussy, not necessarily like a pro (she could never ace me on that one) but with a certain amount of competence. African Queen’s body is rocking sensually, a hand entangled in Honey’s golden hair and her face transformed with a beatific glow. At some point I twig to the chain of command here; Black God is the Uberdom. As he moves towards his own climax, he is doing very clever things to the pussy in hand, playing it in tune with his own building sensations. African Queen is watching him for cues, and is, in turn, controlling Honey’s pussypleasuring activities with the hand that’s entangled in Honey’s hair. To my glee, Honey is now the Underunderdom, effectively being played by African Queen who is being played by Black God. Tee hee! I am enjoying myself immensely here!

Finally the inevitable happens and they all come at once, loudly. African Queen rams Honey’s face hard into her purple/black lap with one hand as she exults, her other arm flailing about above her head. Black God throws back his head and comes out with an amazing, musical ululation. Honey’s cries are muffled by muff, but she still manages to get out a prolonged “fffffffmmmmwwwwww…!” before she, black cock still inside her, collapses sideways onto the floor taking the fucking stool and the owner of the cock with her. Black God roars with laughter, and carefully extracts himself from the clutches of Honey’s thoroughly opened arse.

Minx appears from nowhere, looking happy and excited, and distributes tissues all round. She ministers personally to African Queen’s puss as the black woman pats her head fondly. A male Dom comes over and makes quiet negotiation with Black God. Minx is soon parked on a fucking stool with the Dom in her arse and a male Co-Dom in her mouth, whilst their female sub sits on the floor alongside the stool, working a pair of vibrating nipple clamps on Minx’s pink-iced cupcakes.

I’m watching idly, but aware of a slight frisson of boredom. After all, (as far as I am concerned anyway) however exciting all this carnal mayhem may be initially, it eventually becomes a bit repetitive and tiredness and soreness take the erotic edge off things. My mind is wandering to thoughts of a nice cup of coffee or tea, and I wonder what the time is? Did I remember to set up the hard drive to record Graham Norton?

This is another one of those dangerous stages. If my attitude becomes obvious I’m in trouble. And if I erotically disengage too soon, by the time Honey has had her fun and we get home I’ll be completely off the boil and won’t even want my reward.

I glance around for Honey. She’s standing near the doorway, chatting to a matronly looking woman, pulling up her (misnamed) stay-ups and then regathering her wrap dress around her. I don’t know why she even keeps it on; maybe it feels safer to her to be able to cover herself up a bit in between assignations. But the fact that she’s retying it is a good sign; she’s ready for a break.

There’s a clattering noise, and Mamma and Dan Dare appear with trays of coffee and tea. People sweep aside condom baskets and lube bottles to make way for the refreshments, and Tiny Dick comes in bearing a big plateful of what look like homebaked biscuits. He’s wearing a little floral apron and grinning at his own joke against himself. I’m beginning to like the guy, minuscule penis and all. Turns out he baked the biscuits, and made the vegetable pate.

This is always an interesting part of the evening. People finish up their current liaisons, usually with a bit more decorum and quiet than they do earlier in the evening, as they feel more self-conscious. Inadequate bits of clothing are reassembled, cups of tea and coffee poured, and verbal exchanges move from the “Aaaarrrghh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” sort to “Did you say one teaspoon of sugar?” and “Are these biscuits gluten free? Oh goodie!”

Honey has kindly got me a cup of coffee and a bikkie and I park myself on a footstool at the edge of the room. The coffee is so good I practically inhale it. There is still some low-level shenanigans going on. The two male co-Doms and the sub have finished having their way with Minx she is now spread out facedown over the knees of her Doms, her bottom being stroked soothingly by Black God. African Queen is explaining their set-up whilst combing her hands through Minx’s tangled blonde hair. Seems they ‘obtained’ her four years ago when she was only nineteen, and contracted her to be their sub to provide for the arse-reaming needs of her male ‘owner’. There’s a clause in her contract stipulating that her cunt would stay virgin until they decided otherwise, and they would choose who ‘opened it’ (their words, not mine!).

Someone asks the African Queen whether she likes anal sex (funny how, over coffee, arse-fucking has suddenly become the much more formal ‘anal sex’!) and she roars with laughter. “Ah, no! I’ve never liked it up mah bum, but I do so like seeing him sticking it up someone else’s!”

This sends everyone off into fits of laughter, subs included. I nearly choke on my coffee and drop my biscuit, leaning over to fossick around behind my footstool to find it. When I sit up again, Honey is standing right in front of me. She pats me on the head fondly. “You wanting to go home?”

“Yes please!” I say, my mouth full of biscuit. I swallow, park the rest of the biscuit between my teeth and stand up, trying to juggle coffee cup and plate and brushing some crumbs off the footstool. Mamma appears and takes the crockery and I thank her, remembering to keep my eyes down and belatedly remembering I’m not supposed to talk to her. It is so unnatural, but what would I say anyway; “Thank you so much for hosting this lovely evening and allowing me to give you the best cunnilingus you’ve ever had in your life, and I hope everything goes well with the birth and all!”?

We wend our way through to the foyer and Tiny Dick comes out to make sure we have our coats. He’s still wearing his apron. I wish I could ask him for the pate recipe. He warmly thanks Honey for coming along and making the evening so successful. We wrap ourselves in our coats and clop off into the chilly night. Actually morning; it’s 1.30am. No wonder I’m so tired.

We get into the car; I offer to drive as Honey has had a bit to drink. Sitting in the driver’s seat I take off my stilettos and unsnap my stockings, peeling them down over my feet and tossing them over my shoulder onto the back seat. Honey caresses my thigh. “You’ve been so good, little bird!”, she croons. Thank goodness, she’s happy with me. So far so good; my reward seems imminent and I find myself feeling aroused again.

We drive home in silence and I hope she’s not falling asleep already. I keep myself on the boil by playing over some of the evening’s climaxes (yeah, I know, terrible!) in my mind. Mamma bucking against restraining hands and fighting to keep quiet as I torment her with my mouth, Honey impaled on Dan Dare’s Dick, Honey impaled on Black God’s dick as her arse gets thoroughly rogered. Honey totally dominated by those beautiful African Doms! Oh yes, I’m still ready to be awarded my prize – no worries there!

Home. I pull the stilettos back onto my bare feet and we rush inside out of the cold. The cat greets us, balefully complaining; we forgot to feed her before we went out. Here’s one pussy that didn’t get satisfied tonight! Honey says she’ll feed her, and I should go and ‘get ready’; this said with an arch look and a playful slap on my bottom.

I go into our bedroom with some reluctance – it’s not unknown for Honey to get engrossed in something else (listening to answerphone messages, checking and answering her emails) and leaving me to steam away in the bedroom by myself. I am not entirely sure this isn’t deliberate. Nevertheless if I hang around in the kitchen or plead with her to come with me, I forfeit the prize.

In our ensuite I cream my face with cleanser and wash off the makeup, put on some moisturiser, brush and floss my teeth. I look at myself in the mirror and make an attempt to calm my spiky hair; I think there’s come in it. I swipe at the comey bit irritably and contemplate washing it then and there, but I can’t be bothered. Really, my hair does tend to make me look a bit like a startled blackbird.

I have a last wee, wash my hands and go back into the bedroom, turn the dimmer down, take off the corset and put it away in the closet. I hear Honey’s footsteps coming closer and the lust surges up in me. I race over to the bed and fling myself onto it, face up, wiggling about to position myself plum in the middle.

Honey comes in, stands looking at me with her hands on her hips, and laughs. She prises off her shoes, tosses them into the corner, and then peels off her stay-ups. She slowly opens her dress with a mock-coy expression on her face. “Want some of this, little bird?” she asks.

“Oh, God, yes please!” I nearly shout.

I’m momentarily winded as she leaps on top of me. Her mouth and hands seem to be everywhere. At this rate I’m going to come any moment. She straddles me and leans forward to let me get at her breasts. I suck, nibble, lick and she starts to grunt with pleasure.

Now our genitals mesh and I feel the torrent of lust that has been held back in me for so many tormented hours building to a crescendo. She rides me like a mad thing, fast and furious, her face tight with concentration.

Finally, little bird sings.

When I’m still, she sits on top of me, looking down at me with a mixture of fondness and amusement. “Was that worth it?” she asks.

I give her a pondering look. “Hmm, well, I’ll have to get back to you on that one!” She swats me and we get up to pull the covers back and crawl under them. It’s 2.15am. I’m glad I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, or rather, today.

She turns away from me and I spoon in behind her. As I drift off to sleep, I have the same thought I always have at this moment.

When it comes to getting laid, sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

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