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Meeting Lady Anna

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“Got a light?”

Melissa looked up as she was putting her lighter and cigarettes back into her small purse. Standing next to her at the bar was another young woman, maybe a couple years older than her own 22 years. The young woman was striking, with shoulder length, slightly curly red hair. Her face was nearly flawless, her lips full and pursed in a slight smile.

And her eyes were a bright green that caught the dim light of the bar and seemed to magnify it.

Melissa realized that she was staring and tried to cover by pretending she hadn’t heard the woman. “What?” she asked, feeling the heat of embarrassment coloring her cheeks.

The other woman smiled knowingly. “Your lighter….may I borrow it?”

Melissa fumbled with her purse. “Of course,” she stammered. “Sorry….it’s so loud in here. ” She turned and offered the lighter, but the woman didn’t take it. Instead, she leaned forward and placed her cigarette between her lips for Melissa to light it. Again, Melissa found herself distracted; this time by the ample cleavage that the woman revealed when she leaned over. Her breasts were amazing, Melissa thought, probably C-cups. She realized then that the woman wasn’t wearing a bra beneath her tight fitting black dress and that her nipples were hard and straining against the fabric. She felt her own nipples harden in response.

The stranger gave a slight clearing the throat noise and Melissa realized she hadn’t lit the cigarette yet. She lit her lighter and held it up for the woman. Melissa was surprised at herself…she intentionally held the flame low so the woman would have to lean just a bit more to light her cigarette, revealing a bit more of her lovely breasts. As the cigarette lit, she looked right into Melissa’s eyes and smiled.

Melissa’s cheeks colored again when she realized she’d been caught ogling the woman. She turned away and put her lighter back into her purse.

“Thank you very much,” the woman said in a throaty voice and then exhaled the smoke toward Melissa. When Melissa only nodded in return, she went on. “My name is Anna.” Again she smiled.

“I’m Melissa.”

The other woman chuckled and took the seat next to Melissa at the bar. She took another drag of her cigarette and gently blew the smoke toward Melissa again. “You’re not very talkative, are you?”

Melissa didn’t know what to say. Was it just her imagination, or was this beautiful woman coming on to her? An attractive girl herself, she was no stranger to being hit on…although it was usually a guy doing the hitting. She’d only ever had one experience with another girl a year before when she was still in school. It was an experience she cherished….and one she wouldn’t mind repeating….

The two got to talking, nothing too in depth, just the usual small talk made at bars by people who’ve just met. As time went by, Melissa found herself very attracted to Anna. Apparently, the woman was 30 years old, which surprised Melissa; she didn’t look any older than 25.

They had a couple of drinks while they chatted. Finally, after a trip to the ladies’ room, Anna returned and picked up her purse.

“Leaving so soon?” Melissa asked, almost desperately. She didn’t want her time with Anna to end.

Anna smiled knowingly again and looked at the watch on her slender, cream colored wrist. “Already?” she asked, surprised. “We’ve been talking for over two hours.”

Melissa checked the clock behind the bar and noticed she was right. It was half past two in the morning. “Wow,” she said. “Time flies, huh?”

Anna’s smile widened. “When you’re having fun.” She placed another cigarette between her lips and grabbed Melissa’s lighter. “I have to meet up with some friends back at my place.” She said as she lit the cigarette.

Melissa frowned. “Okay,” she said meekly. “Well…it was nice to meet you.”

Anna tilted her head back and blew smoke up into the air. Her eyes never left Melissa’s. “Why don’t you just ask?”

Melissa’s eyebrows came down in an expression of confusion. “What do you mean?”

Anna laughed. “You want to come home with me, but for some reason you won’t ask…”

Melissa wasn’t even going to deny it. “What about your company?”

Again, Anna laughed. “Oh, I’m sure they will like you just as much as I do.” She stopped laughing and added in a low voice, near a whisper, “You are very sexy.”

Melissa was shocked by Anna’s straightforward manner. Despite their flirtatious conversation, this was the first conclusive proof that Anna was trying to pick her up. She wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. “Can I come with you?” She was only slightly embarrassed at having to ask.

Anna seemed very pleased by the question. She exhaled her cigarette smoke gently toward Melissa’s face. “I bet you will,” she said and smiled wickedly.

The cab ride took about fifteen minutes, but they may have been the longest fifteen minutes of Melissa’s life. In the back seat, Anna was pushed right up against her, one breast rubbing lightly on Melissa’s arm. She also had her hand on Melissa’s leg, rubbing the inside of her thigh just below the hem of her short, leather skirt.

By the time they reached Anna’s apartment, Melissa’s panties were damp from desire. She couldn’t wait to get this hot woman upstairs; her mind was racing with the possibilities.

Anna lived on the fourteenth floor so they got into the elevator. When the doors shut, she was surprised when Anna strongly pushed her against the wall and leaned up against her body. Their breasts pushed together and Anna slid a leg in between hers, rubbing her inner thighs. Her face right up in Melissa’s, she smiled that wicked smile again. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” she breathed.

Melissa gave a slight moan of pleasure as her body reacted to Anna’s. She was so overwhelmed with desire she couldn’t respond. Anna chuckled and leaned in, pressing her lips to Melissa’s. The kiss quickly became hard and strong, Anna shoved her tongue into Melissa’s mouth. Her hand found Melissa’s right breast and started fondling roughly.

She broke the kiss. “Well?”

“Yes,” Melissa gasped and tried to resume the kiss. Anna leaned back avoiding Melissa’s searching lips.

“Yes what?” she asked in a demanding tone.

Melissa barely hesitated. “I want you to fuck me, Anna,” she moaned. “I want you to fuck me so bad.”

Anna released her hold on the girl and briefly ran her hands over her own huge tits. “I know you do,” she said. “I’m going to fuck you so hard all night. You won’t be able to get enough.”

Melissa suddenly remembered something and she grew worried at the thought. “Wait….what about your friends?”

Anna smiled again. “They’re going to fuck you, too. The three of us will take turns fucking you till the sun comes up. We are going to make you come so hard, so often…it’s going to be the nastiest fucking thing that you’ve ever done.”

Melissa shook her head. “I don’t know about that.” Part of her was excited at the idea, but whoever these ‘friends’ were, they were strangers to her. She wasn’t a prude, but she wasn’t that type of girl either.

The elevator bell sounded and the doors slid open to floor 14. Anna eyed Melissa warily. “Don’t get cold feet now, baby,” she said. “Come inside, please. I guarantee you have the night of your life.”

Anna turned and walked down the hall, leaving Melissa there in the elevator to decide if she wanted to follow…

Anna entered the apartment two doors down without glancing back to see if Melissa followed. The young woman hesitated for a moment. She had been so excited moments ago about being with Anna, but now she was unsure. The thought of others being included had been….interesting but intimidating as well.

Fuck it, she thought and caught the elevator doors as they started to close. She made her way down the hall to find that Anna had left the door slightly ajar. She knocked lightly and pushed the door open without waiting for an answer.

The apartment was huge, much larger than her own. A large living room spread out from the entrance. A spiral metal staircase wound up the corner of the room to a loft area above; that had to be the bedroom, she thought. Seated on a leather couch beside a large coffee table were two other women. Both were attractive and young; one a petite brunette with thick rimmed glasses and an olive complexion, the other a taller blonde with a body to die for. Both looked up at her as she came in.

The door closed behind her and she turned to find Anna leaning back against it and smiling at her. “Came to your senses?”

Melissa smiled back at the redhead. “I guess I did,” she said.

Anna came forward. “Girls…this is Melissa. I almost scared her away,” she said to the two as she sat down on a love seat across from them. She took a cigarette from her purse and placed it to her lips.

“Awww,” the little brunette cooed and patted the couch beside her. “Come on in, we don’t bite.”

The blonde laughed as she leaned over to light Anna’s cigarette. “Don’t lie to her, Bella. Sure we do.” She laughed again and looked at Melissa as if trying to reassure her.

Melissa went over and took the offered seat on the couch. The girl in the glasses smiled warmly at her. “My name is Isabel…Bella for short,” she said and gestured toward the blonde. “That’s Dana.”

“Nice to meet you, Melissa,” Dana said and took a sip from her drink. She motioned toward a small pitcher on the table. “Would you like an apple martini?”

Melissa was still buzzed from her drinks at the bar, but she nodded. She knew she needed to loosen up if what Anna had said to her in the elevator was to be expected. She flushed at the thought.

“I’ll get you a glass,” Bella said and rose slowly from the couch. Melissa watched her make her way to the open kitchen appreciatively; the girl’s little body was so tight it almost made her jealous. Bella’s ass swayed seductively as if she knew she had an audience, which she probably did. Her short skirt left little to the imagination.

Melissa looked over at Anna, who only smiled her wicked smile in return.

“So…you two met at the club?” Dana asked as she refilled her own martini glass.

Anna spoke before Melissa could answer. “Yeah…I saw her sitting at the bar and knew I had to talk to her.” She took a drag from her cigarette. “I knew you guys would like her.”

Bella returned from the kitchen with two more glasses. “What’s not to like?” she said with a smile, brushing her short dark curls from her face. “She’s gorgeous.” She set the glasses down and Dana filled each.

The four of them started talking as they sipped their drinks and Melissa realized she liked these other two girls. She was much less nervous after only a few minutes inside. And each of them was quite attractive…

Isabel wore a loose fitting white blouse and a tight leather skirt. Melissa figured the girl was younger than she, maybe twenty at most. The shape of her pert breasts could just be made out beneath the material. Her hair was short and curled into tight ringlets that framed her perfect face. Her skirt showed off her toned legs and shapely ass beautifully.

Dana was a bit older than Bella…and more full bodied….most guys would probably call her a ‘bombshell’. She wore a low cut dress that revealed a lot of her impressive tits and barely covered her ass. She had blonde hair that ran perfectly straight to just below her shoulders. Her full lips were accentuated by a small birthmark just above her mouth. Her ears were pierced several times each, mostly studs and a set of huge gold hoops. Her nose was also pierced with a small diamond stud.

For the second time that night, Melissa felt herself grow moist…

They kept chatting and drinking. Melissa pulled her cigarettes from her purse and took one out. Bella fetched a lighter from the table. “May I?” she said holding the lighter up for Melissa.

Melissa allowed the girl to light her smoke for her. As Bella returned the lighter to the table, her free hand fell into Melissa’s lap. Melissa tried not to react, and must have kept her cool because Bella left her hand there, gently rubbing the top of Melissa’s thigh.

Anna spotted Bella’s hand and smiled again. She turned to Dana and beckoned the blonde to join her on the love seat. Dana slinked over to the other smaller couch and sidled up against Anna.

“So…”Anna said and planted her mouth on Dana’s. The kiss was brief, but passionate. “What do you think of our new friend?”

Dana turned to look at Melissa, her hand sliding up Anna’s chest to cup one of the woman’s large tits. “I think I like her,” the blonde said. “What about you, Isabel?”

Bella’s hand was now rubbing the inside of Melissa’s thigh, quickly making its way up under her skirt. Melissa’s legs spread apart as much as her tight skirt would allow, giving the young girl as much access as possible. Bella took the cigarette from Melissa’s hand and took a drag before putting it out in the ashtray on the table. She exhaled the smoke into Melissa’s face.

Her dark eyes locked onto Melissa’s. “I think I like her a lot,” she said. Bella leaned in and kissed her just as her hand found Melissa’s dampened panties. Her lips pressed lightly onto Melissa’s and her tongue darted playfully into her mouth. Each time it did, Melissa felt Bella’s fingers poking at her panties in time with the kiss. Her head swam with the alcohol and the effect Bella was having on her. She moaned in delight.

Anna kissed Dana again then laughed. “It seems like she likes you too, Bella,” she said. Anna turned back to Dana and they resumed their kissing, the blonde’s hand now reaching down into Anna’s dress to fondle her breast.

Melissa couldn’t focus on them any more as Bella pushed her down onto the couch. Her hand pushed Melissa’s panties to one side. “Ooohhh, you are so wet,” she whispered as her hand made contact with Melissa’s outer lips. She caressed Melissa’s neatly-trimmed pussy as she lay down atop her on the couch. Her mouth found Melissa’s again and their kissing resumed with a vengeance.

She felt Bella slip a finger into the fold of her pussy and gasped in delight.

“You like that, baby?” the brunette asked as she began to stroke in and out, in and out. Her other hand began to pull at the buttons of Melissa’s shirt.

“Oh God… yes,” she responded. Bella’s finger felt amazing in her tight little hole, loosening her up and getting her even more wet if that was possible.

With Melissa’s blouse opened, Bella pulled her back upright. She sighed in disappointment as Bella’s finger left her to pull off the move. Bella pulled the blouse from Melissa and tossed it aside. It was soon joined by her bra.

Free from restraint, Melissa’s b-cup tits fell forward. “So nice,” Bella said and took a nipple in her mouth as she pushed Melissa back down to the couch. She alternated sucking on and nibbling at Melissa’s nipple. One of her hands reached up and ran through Melissa’s hair as the other returned to her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Melissa nearly shouted as she felt two fingers slide in this time.

“Mmmmmmm,” was Bella’s reply as she sucked on Melissa’s tit.

In ecstasy, Melissa glanced over at the other two girls. Dana had Anna bent over the arm of the love seat, her face buried in the folds of Anna’s dress which was now hiked up nearly to her waist. Anna supported herself with one hand on the floor. With the other, she reached back and grabbed Dana by the back of the head. Taking a handful of hair, she pulled the other girl further into her. She was looking at Melissa but speaking to Dana. “Oh, yeah, Dana. That’s it….tongue-fuck my pussy.”

Melissa’s attention was brought back to Bella. The girl had moved to her other tit, which she was sucking on greedily. Her fingers withdrew from Melissa’s now burning pussy and gently rubbed her clit. Melissa’s back arched off the couch in pleasure, encouraging Bella to rub more furiously. She felt like she could explode any minute.

Bella slowed her hand and released Melissa’s tit from her mouth with a slight ‘pop’. Slowly she started kissing her way down Melissa’s stomach. She lingered on Melissa’s pierced belly button for a few moments, building up the anticipation. One finger returned to Melissa’s pussy as she resumed her downward journey. After what seemed an eternity, Bella’s lips closed down on Melissa’s clit. She sucked at it as hard as she had sucked at her nipples.

“Oh my God!” Melissa did shout this time as Bella’s lips went to work. The brunette starting slamming her finger into Melissa harder and harder. The combination was driving her crazy!

Across the table, Dana was now finger fucking Anna’s still bent form from behind. The redhead squealed in pleasure and encouraged her. “Yeah, Dana….fuck me good….fuck me so good…” Dana smiled at her. “You like that, don’t you, slut?”

Anna responded by bucking her hips back against Dana’s fingers. “Yeah,” she said in almost a growl. “I love it…I fucking love it!”

The dirty talk of the two other girls was only making Melissa even crazier. She started grinding her pussy into Bella’s face. The brunette stopped sucking on her clit and began licking it in long, hard strokes. Her finger left Melissa’s pussy again.

“How’s that, baby?” she said in between licks. She removed her glasses and tossed them carelessly onto the coffee table. “Am I getting you nice and hot?”

“So hot,” was all she could manage in response.

Bella grinned mischievously. “Then I bet you’ll love this….”

Melissa felt Bella’s finger rub against her tight asshole. She gasped reflexively; she’d never had anything in her ass before.

Bella seemed to sense her reluctance. “Relax, baby,” the brunette said. “You’ll love it….I promise.”

With that she began sucking on Melissa’s swollen clit again. All resistance melted away, and she pushed her ass toward Bella’s probing finger. All wet from Melissa’s pussy, Bella’s finger slid in easily.

After only a moment, Melissa finally did explode. Her orgasm came on quick, rolling through her body in waves that emanated from her pussy. Bella didn’t stop…she kept sucking on her clit while shoving her finger further up Melissa’s ass.

“I’M CUMMING!” Melissa screamed. “Don’t stop, baby! I’m fucking cumming so hard!”

Her shouts were not the only ones in the room. Anna was also crying out in delight. Dana had her bent even further over the arm of the loveseat, so far the top of Anna’s head was resting on the carpet. Her dress had fallen down around her face. Dana’s hand was down by her own pussy and she had three fingers pushed into Anna. The blonde bucked her hips to push her hand forward as if she was actually fucking Anna. Her free hand alternated between fondling her own now exposed breasts and slapping Anna’s ass.

The redhead was bucking her hips back furiously. “FUCK ME, DANA! FUCK ME, DANA! FUCK ME, DANA!” She was screaming at the top of her lungs. “MAKE ME FUCKIN CUM, BITCH!”

Dana seemed just as pleased as Anna, she smiled and doubled her efforts. “How’s that, Anna?” she asked. “Do you like that, you little fuck-slut?”

Anna’s body clenched and she let out a high pitched squeal. She buried her face against the side of the couch and screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm hit her.

Melissa’s climax was slowly subsiding, but Bella didn’t even pause. The hot little brunette just lapped up her juices and kept going to work on her pussy. Her finger was now buried in Melissa’s ass to the second knuckle. She wiggled it around, sending tiny aftershocks through Melissa’s frame.

Anna pulled herself back onto the loveseat with some help from Dana. The two kissed passionately for a few moments, Anna’s tongue licking her own cum from Dana’s mouth. When she broke the kiss off, she looked into the blonde’s eyes. “That was great, babe,” she said. “But don’t think that because you can make me cum that you’re in charge now.”

Dana’s smile faded a bit. “I know,” she said quietly.

Anna retrieved a cigarette from the table and lit it. She blew the smoke out contentedly. She eyed Dana again. “Good,” she said taking another drag, ” ’cause I’m in charge here.”

Dana’s smile returned. “Yes, Lady Anna,” she said.

Melissa would have thought the exchange kind of weird if she’d been able to focus on it much; Bella had pulled her finger from her ass and replaced it with her tongue. She thrust it in and out of Melissa’s ass while one hand gently stroked her clit and the other reached up to grope her tits. Melissa was well on her way to another orgasm. “Your tongue feels so good in my ass, Bella. Don’t stop.”

Anna watched intently as she smoked her cigarette. With her free hand she pushed Dana toward them. “Go join them, you slut,” she said in a demanding tone. “You know you want to.”

Dana watched the other two girls as well. “Yes, I do,” she said as she got up. “Thank you, Lady Anna.”

Bella pushed Melissa’s legs back, raising the girl’s ass higher into the air. With the better access this allowed, she started ramming her tongue into Melissa’s asshole with abandon. One arm circled around Melissa’s leg to go back to work on her clit.

Anna watched while she smoked, her free hand drifting down to play with her pussy. “Nice, Bella,” she encouraged. “Tongue-fuck that tight little asshole.”

Dana kneeled beside the couch and leaned in to take one of Melissa’s nipples into her mouth. Her hand slid up Melissa’s stomach to replace Bella’s on her clit. Bella slid her finger back into Melissa’s pussy and stroked it in and out in time with her tongue in Melissa’s ass.

Anna continued to watch and play with herself. “That’s it,” she rasped, “Fuck that little slut, both of you.” She took her hand from her pussy and, sliding it around to her back side, slowly inserted two fingers into her ass. “Oh, fuck yeah,” she moaned in pleasure.

Dana got up and moved to Bella. Grabbing her short dark curls, she pulled the brunette away from Melissa’s ass and kissed her deeply. Their tongues groped in their open mouths as Bella lowered Melissa back down to the couch. Dana broke the kiss. “It seems like Melissa’s having all the fun over here, baby,” she said as she ripped Bella’s blouse from her body, spraying buttons all around and revealing Bella’s perky little tits. She threw the girl down on her back at the other end of the couch and dropped the ruined garment to the floor.

“Oh, Dana,” Bella cooed. “You’re so tough…” She looked down the couch at Melissa who lay there breathing heavily and trying to recover. Bella’s legs rubbed against Melissa’s. The feeling of her black stockings drove Melissa wild again.

Dana only paused a moment before reaching beneath Bella and yanking her leather skirt down around her legs. Melissa stared at Bella’s naked body….well naked except for her stockings and high heeled boots….her pussy was shaved bare and was glistening with moisture. She was having fun, too, despite what Dana had said.

The blonde pounced on the smaller girl like a wild woman, shoving her tongue back into Bella’s mouth and groping for her pussy. Bella spread her legs wide to give Dana good access to her pussy. “Oh, yeah….give it to me, Dana.”

Melissa looked over to Anna who was now rapidly fingering her asshole. They made eye contact and Anna smiled her wicked grin. “What are you waiting for, Melissa?” she asked between heavy breaths. “Get in there and return the favor, you little slut.”

Her commanding tone excited Melissa further and she rose and slid down the couch. She took one of Bella’s outstretched legs in her hand and ran her tongue down it. The nylon was smooth and pleasing to the touch. She slowly licked her way up Bella’s leg.

“Oooooo….I’m such a lucky girl,” Bella laughed.

Dana moved her hand away from Bella’s bare pussy as Melissa moved in. Bending down Melissa started licking the brunette’s outer folds. Dana started massaging Bella’s small breasts. They were obviously sensitive as she started writhing in joy.

Melissa stuck her tongue into Bella’s pussy and ran it up and down the length of her slit. “Oh yeah….lick me….lick me, you naughty little girl,” she whispered.

Dana kissed her again and slid her hand down Bella’s chest. Melissa watched up close as Dana began to rub her hand across the top of Bella’s pussy. Her clit began to pop out and Dana took it and pinched it between two fingers. She gently tugged it toward Melissa. “Suck on that, baby,” she offered.

Melissa took Isabel’s clit in her mouth and gently sucked on it. She even gave it a little nibble. “Oh!” Bella gasped. “Oh, yeah…..suck my clit, slut!”

Melissa was beginning to discover that she liked dirty talk and she went to work on Bella’s clit in earnest, licking it, sucking it, biting it. The hot little brunette squirmed beneath her.

Dana coaxed her on. “Nice….nice….put a finger in her pussy, Melissa.”

Melissa obeyed and slid her finger into Bella’s hole. God, she was tight! Her pussy seemed to clamp down on her finger as if for dear life. Slowly, she began to slide it in and out.

Anna pulled her fingers from her ass and let out a long breath. The redhead lit another cigarette and continued to watch the other three girls go at it. After she finished her smoke, she rose and made her way to the spiral staircase. “I’ll be back in a few moments,” she called back over her shoulder. “I’m going to go get ready.”

Dana’s face beamed in delight. “Yes, Lady Anna.”

Bella also tried to reply but couldn’t quite form a sentence. “…Lady…..Anna….” she finally managed to get out.

Melissa glanced back at the alluring woman she had met earlier that night, but she was already ascending the stairs. Shrugging, Melissa went back to work.

Dana was now straddling Bella’s face over the end of the couch and the Brunette was lapping away at the bombshell’s pussy lips. Dana smiled down at Melissa. “Put another in,” she instructed.

Melissa slid another finger into Bella’s pussy, which took some work because it was so tight. She managed, though, and began stroking them in and out.

“OH,FUCK!” Bella cried out. “Yeah, fuck me….oh, God, fuck my tight pussy!” Her hips drove downward onto Melissa’s intruding fingers.

Dana was pinching her own nipples and sucking on a finger as Bella struggled to eat her out. She slid the finger from her mouth and brought it around to her plump ass. Her eyes widened in pleasure as she stuck her finger into her own ass.

That gave Melissa an idea. She took her mouth from Bella’s now swollen clit and licked the pinky on her free hand. She kept slamming Bella’s pussy with the two fingers of her other hand. After the digit was nice and wet, she brought it down and pressed it against the rosebud of Bella’s ass.

Melissa tried to imitate Anna’s wicked grin. “You want some of this, you nasty little thing? You want it?” “Oh, yeah!” the brunette cried. “Put that finger in my ass, baby! I’m such a dirty slut and I want it in my ass so bad…Give it to me!”

Applying pressure, Melissa slowly slid her pinky into Bella’s ass. She had thought the girl’s pussy was tight! She could barely get her pinky into her ass to the first knuckle!

Bella seemed to go wild. She started thrashing about. “Give it to her, bitch!” Dana instructed as she pushed her own pussy down onto Bella’s face.

Bella did what she could to keep eating Dana, but she couldn’t focus on that. “FUCK!” she cried out. “FUCK! FUCK! YEAH, GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE IT TO ME, SLUT!”

Dana decided to give up on Bella eating her pussy; it was obvious the girl couldn’t manage right now. Melissa felt a bit of pride at the fact that she could eat pussy that well. Her brief experiences in college were nothing like this night had been.

Dana made her way around Melissa’s body and started caressing her upraised ass. “You’re doing so good, baby. You’re going to make her cum so hard!” With that, she lowered her head and started tongue-fucking Melissa’s pussy.

That only drove Melissa’s efforts even more. She really went to work on Bella, sucking on her clit and wiggling her pinky in the girl’s incredibly tight ass. She even slipped another finger into her pussy and started ramming it in without caution.

That seemed to drive Bella over the top. “OH! OH! YES! FUCK ME, BABY! I’M CUMMING! OH! OH! YES! FUCK! YES! I’M CUMMING!”

Melissa kept going throughout Bella’s orgasm, not stopping her work until she was sure the girl was finished. It was quite a few moments later.

Dana grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back roughly, turning her face toward her own. Dana kissed her passionately.

The two of them fell to the couch beside Bella, who was still recovering her senses from her climax. They lay there for a few moments caressing each other and giggling softly.

Melissa looked at Dana. “We’ll get to you, baby,” she said realizing the blonde hadn’t been satisfied like she and Bella had.

Anna’s voice caught her by surprise. “I’ll make sure of that.”

Melissa had almost forgotten about the other woman. Looking at her now at the foot of the staircase, she wondered how that was even possible.

Anna stood before them wearing a black sheer body suit that clung to her like a second skin. She also wore thigh high black leather boots. Her perfect tits stood out, her nipples straining at the sheer fabric. Her wavy red hair was tussled about her head, making her look even more sexy. She was smoking another cigarette, only this one was in a foot and a half long holder. She blew smoke above her head and smiled dangerously. What caught Melissa’s eyes most, though, was what stuck out from between her legs. There, protruding out almost grotesquely, was a huge cock. It was obviously a dildo, the plastic shone in the dim light, but Melissa could not see any straps at all. She couldn’t figure out how it was staying in place.

She did know one thing, though….her pussy was getting wet just looking at the huge thing. She couldn’t wait to have Anna slamming it into her.

“Now,” Anna said taking another drag from the long stemmed holder and exhaling the smoke toward them, “are you girls ready to get started?”

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