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Meeting My Online Friends

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“Are you ready for this?” Alex asked as he ran his hand slowly up the inside of my leg from my knee to just under the hem of my jean skirt, which had already ridden up my thigh.

“Oh yes…more than ready.” I said, as I placed my hand on top of his and moved it up higher under my skirt until his hand was right on my moist panties.

We were driving in Alex’s car on our way to meet another couple, who we only knew from an online friendship. In fact, Alex and I had met online and had only had our first in person date the week before. All four of us had been having an online friendship through emails and chat rooms for several months now and we decided it was time to finally take it to the next level.

The other couple was Paul and Carol, a married couple in their mid 60’s, who had been in the swinging lifestyle for years. They were both retired now and owned a vacation cabin in the mountains, which is where we were headed. From her pictures I knew that Carol was a taller than my 5’2″ height, with silvery hair that she wore long, and pretty blue eyes. She is a little on the plump side, a real BBW, and sort of pear shaped with thick thighs, a very sexy large butt, and gorgeous tits that were huge and looked as soft as pillows. She had dark nipples with the largest areolas I think I had ever seen and was looking forward to letting my mouth make love to them.

Paul looked to be in great shape for his age, tall and lean, with gray hair that he wore short. He had an infectious smile. From our chats I knew he had very imaginative fantasies and was not shy to talk about them. I was also looking forward to meeting his cock in person. They both were completely shaved and I made sure that I was as smooth as a baby’s butt this morning.

“Alex, did you shave your cock and balls today like we talked about?”

“Of course, baby.” he answered, as he let his fingers rub along my slit through the thin material of my panties.

I met Alex online shortly before we met Paul and Carol. It was the typical hookup in a chat room one night when I was feeling particularly horny and he was very nice and friendly. We chatted for a bit about our likes and dislikes, sexual and otherwise, and then turned on our cams and had a little cyber fun. The best thing about it all was that Alex didn’t just say thanks and sign off after he came. He came really good too…I saw it! No, he stayed and we ended up chatting all night and becoming friends.

Alex is almost 20 years older than me at 53, retired Navy, and runs his own warehouse now. He is a big burly guy who kind of has that biker look. His salt and pepper hair is a little long and he has a thick gray mustache. I already said he is a good cummer and he is very well endowed. His cock is thick and perfectly shaped with smooth soft skin and a mushroom head that turns a deep violet color and swells when he gets hard. I love watching him stroke it until he cums and shoots all over himself.

It turned out that he lives not far away so a real meeting started entering the back of my mind right away. I didn’t want to be the first to bring it up. I don’t know why because I am usually a pretty straightforward girl and not afraid to ask for what I want. In fact, some of my close friends who know my lifestyle say I am just a slut…in a loving way of course. From them I take it as a compliment. Anyway, I waited for whatever reason and about two weeks ago Alex suggested that we meet. I invited him to my house on a weekend when I knew my daughter was going to be visiting her grandmother. I won’t go into detail about our first date. That is a whole other story but a very exciting one. Briefly, I met Alex at the door wearing a white cotton dress that came down to mid-thigh with spaghetti straps that showed some cleavage. I didn’t wear a bra under it but had on my favorite pair of sheer french cut panties. We went through the typical awkward first meeting but soon were comfortable on my sofa together. We ended up watching each other masturbate since we had done that a lot on cam for each other already and that was a great ice breaker. Someday I’ll write the rest of the story.

Back to the present…Alex still had his hand up under my skirt and my panties were quite literally soaked by now and I was squirming sitting next to him. I had reached over and was rubbing his cock through his khakis. I giggled when I looked down because he had a big wet spot on the front of them.

“Oh my…did I do that?”

“Oh shit!” he said as he burst out laughing.

I gave his cock a squeeze and said “I don’t think Paul and Carol are really going to mind…in fact there are probably going to be a lot more wet spots this weekend.”

We pulled into the long drive leading up to the cabin. As we pulled around the bend through the trees I saw that it was more than a cabin. It was lovely, with a big wraparound porch that looked like it went all the way around the house. Alex and I got out and walked up onto the porch. Before we could knock on the door it swung open and we were greeted by both Paul and Carol. They looked so cute holding hands smiling at us. Paul looked casual in jeans and shirt. Carol was voluptuous in a leather skirt and a very low cut scoop necked top. Her boobs were practically spilling out of them and I had to punch Alex in the arm because he was just staring at her tits. Whoever said that big women shouldn’t wear tight sexy clothes has never seen Carol!

“Hi, you two…come on in.” Paul said, as he swung the door open. Alex and I walked in and I just felt so good that I gave Paul a big wet kiss on the mouth and hugged him and then did the same to Carol. Paul and Alex shook hands and when Carol stepped up to Alex to hug and kiss him. Introductions weren’t really required because of our online friendship but we were all hugging and kissing and casually touching each other, enjoying our first face to face meeting.

“You are so cute, Molly!” Carol said to me as she spun me around. Paul laughed and said “Yeah, how did someone your age get hooked up with us senior citizens?”

I just smiled and stepped up to Paul, placing the palm of my hand right on the front of his pants.

“There isn’t anyone else I’d rather be with, and besides, I’ve seen your cock and it still looks pretty spritely to me.”

Carol took my cue and reached out and did the same to Alex, looking down at the wet spot on his pants.

“My, my…did you start without us, Alex?”

Alex just grinned and blushed a little. Carol started to fumble with his zipper as she kissed him deeply. I could tell her tongue was already swirling in his mouth.

Paul put his hand around my waist and led me into the big open family room. As we walked his hand slipped down lower so he was cupping my ass and I just pressed up tighter against him. The room had a big L-shaped leather sofa in front of a fireplace and it was just perfect. “This is our great room and over here is the kitchen” Paul said as we walked through and into the kitchen. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Sure. Wine if you have it…red please.”

I was standing at the island in the middle of the kitchen looking around when Paul came up behind me with my glass of wine. He reached around and handed it to me and at the same time pressed his body up against mine. I could feel his bulge against my ass.

“Thank you. Mmm it’s good.”

As I sipped on the wine with Paul behind me, I felt his hands slip around my waist and pull me tighter to him. I leaned back into him and laid my head back resting against his chest. His hand slid up under my top and cupped my breast, giving it a little squeeze. I loved his touch and relaxed against him, sipping my wine. With my free hand I reached around behind me and felt for his hardening cock in his pants, rubbing it as he kissed my neck and nuzzled my ear.

Paul slid his other hand up under my top and was massaging and caressing both of my tits, using his fingers to pinch my nipples, just as Alex and Carol came into the kitchen. I looked over and smiled at them, noticing that Carol’s blouse was completely unbuttoned and the zipper on Alex’s khakis was down. He hadn’t bothered to zip it back up, but then, why would he. They poured themselves some wine and we all chatted as Paul continued playing with my tits under my top and I kept rubbing his cock behind me.

Eventually we broke apart. I was over talking to Carol and Paul and Alex were on the other side of the island talking sports. I kept getting peeks at Carol’s huge nipples and couldn’t resist any longer. I put my hand out, just inches away from her blouse.

“Carol, do you mind? I have wanted to do this since we got here.”

“Of course, Molly…please.” Carol said, as she took her blouse completely off.

I softly ran my fingertips along the side of her breasts. She has large pendulous tits that do hang a bit but are so full and round and soft looking you’d want to sleep on them. I placed my hand right on her nipple and it was easily as big as my palm. After touching and feeling her tits up for a bit I leaned over and lightly dragged my tongue around her areola, making smaller and smaller circles until I sucked the nipple into my mouth. Carol was holding her tits up for me and I kissed each one back and forth.

My attention was caught by realizing that Alex and Paul were talking about Carol and me, not sports anymore. I glanced over out of the corner of my eye. They both had their cocks out, idly stroking themselves as they talked.

Paul: “Yeah I love her tits too…I love to titty fuck her and cum all over ’em.”

Alex: “We’ll have to do that to both. Damn they look hot with Molly sucking her tits like that.”

Paul: “Do you like to ass fuck? Carol is really into that and she’s got a nice big ass.”

Alex: “Hell yeah, if she’ll let me I’ll fuck her any way she wants. And Molly is a real cum slut too. Our first date she sucked me really good and I came on her face. You need to get some of that.”

At this point Carol and I had stopped and were looking at the guys with raised eyebrows and little smirks on our faces.

“Uh, you guys know we are standing right here, right?” I said to them with my hands on my hips.

The guys jaws dropped a little and they got these sheepish grins on their faces until they saw we weren’t mad at them. We all started cracking up. I slipped my top off over my head so Carol and I were both topless now with just our skirts on. I took Carol’s hand in mine and we walked to the family room, knowing the guys were ogling us the whole way. I looked back over my shoulder and saw Alex and Paul following us, their hard cocks leading the way.

I sat on one of the end of the sofa and Carol sat on the other end. Paul and Alex came in and Paul plopped down and Alex sat by Carol. She crossed her legs and her skirt was so short she gave me a perfect view of her panties, which I know was her intention. Alex was sitting next to her, his hard cock standing at attention sticking out of his pants, with an arm around her. I rested my hand on Paul’s thigh and crossed my own legs very slowly; watching Carol and Alex looking right up my skirt. Alex finally looked up and met my eyes and gave me a big smile as his hand moved to Carol’s breast.

Paul asked “Does anyone need a refill?”

We all just shook our heads no. I was so turned on already that I just wanted to rip my clothes off then and there. I think everyone else felt the same way by all the looks going back and forth. I turned to Paul and leaned in and kissed him. My mouth parted and I felt his tongue slip in and flick over mine. My hand slid up his leg and my fingers wrapped around his cock. I felt his hand moving up my side and over, resting on my tit. I love my tits played with and squeezed hard and he instinctively knew that. I moaned into his mouth as we kissed and felt him give my nipples a pinch. Even though is cock was out his belt was still buckled. I started to unbuckle his pants and stole a glance over at Alex and Carol. Carol was sitting there watching us and had lifted one of her heavy tits to her mouth, sucking her own nipple. Alex was leaning over and was pushing her skirt up higher too and was kissing her thick thighs.

I knelt down in front of Paul and quickly finished undoing his pants, tugging them down to his ankles as he lifted his ass off the sofa, grabbing and giving his rock hard cock a few vigorous strokes.

“Mmmmm…this is what I want, baby.”

I gazed at his cock as I let my fingers caress every inch of it, feeling the velvety soft skin on the shaft and the unique contours, memorizing how it felt. Leaning in I did the same thing with the tip of my tongue, licking it all over, feeling Paul shiver when my tongue slid up the underside of his cock. I slipped my lips over the head and sucked it into my mouth. I felt Paul’s hands go to my head, brushing his fingers through my hair. I made little wet slurpy sounds as I sucked him. I could also hear Carol cooing and murmuring to Alex.

“Oh yes, honey…lick my pussy baby..oh god yes…put your tongue on my clit…ohhhhhh.”

I knew that Carol was being licked while watching me suck her husband’s cock and Paul was watching Alex licking his wife’s pussy. The idea just got me so hot. My hand went down and I pulled up my skirt so I could shove my hand down inside my panties and rub my wet slit. I could feel Paul’s cock throbbing in my mouth and I wanted him to cum. I slowly pulled my mouth off of his shaft, letting it go with a pop. Sitting back on my haunches I looked up at Paul as I place my hands under my tits and squeezed and pressed them together and then leaned in and started to suck him in earnest.

I sensed movement to the side and looked over at Alex and Carol. Alex was kneeling in front of Carol as she sat on the sofa and had bunched her skirt up around her waist and ripped her panties off. He was holding her ankles and had pushed her legs back to her tits as he rubbed the head of his cock on her labia. Carol’s pussy looked so delicious. She was already so wet that I could see her juices glistening even on her thighs and running down to her ass. Her lips were so full and swollen and flushed a deep red. Alex was holding her legs back as he looked down at his cock rubbing against her slit.

“Fuck, Carol…your cunt is so fuckin…just fuckin…shit, its goddam hot!”

“Well then fuck that cunt, baby…fuck me!” Carol said to him in a husky voice as she tried to scoot herself forward on the sofa to press her pussy against his cock. With a singular thrust Alex pushed is cock deep into Carol’s pussy until he was buried up to his balls. He pulled back slowly until the head of his cock almost came out and then thrust it in again harder. Pretty soon he was fucking Carol in a steady rhythm, not too fast and not too slow. They both moaned every time he pushed his cock in and I could hear the wet slapping sounds his balls made as they smacked against her plump ass. Carol was holding her tits and pulling on her nipples as they jiggled and bounced with every plunge of Alex’s cock into her cunt.

Leaning in to Paul I pressed my tits against his cock so it lay right in the valley and squeezed them together. Rocking up and down giving him a titty fuck, I looked into his eyes and gave him a wicked smile.

“I remember you said you liked this.”

“Oh fuck yeah I do…damn your tits feel so good around my cock.”

Paul was bucking his hips up and down to fuck my tits faster and faster and I thought he was going to cum. I realized then what was exciting him so much. He was watching Alex fuck Carol and it looked like Alex was seconds away from cumming. Alex was grunting from deep within his throat as he pounded his cock in and out of her. Carol looked like she was in heaven and was giving herself entirely to him.

“Cum Alex…that’s it…fuck me hard…mmm yesss…cum in me…shoot that hot fucking load deep up inside my slutty old cunt, you fucker.”

That was all it took for Alex. With one last hard thrust he let out a giant groan and I could tell he was spurting is cum inside her. He was pressing his cock as deep into her pussy as he could while Carol was rolling her hips, grinding her clit against his cock as hard as she could. Her whole body was quivering as her orgasm traveled through her body. Her meaty thighs were locked around Alex’s waist, pulling him into her.

“Ohhhhhhh I’m cumming all over your cock you motherfucking bastard…fuck meeeee!”

Hearing Carol talk like this just drove me crazy with lust. I let Paul’s cock slip from between my tits and crawled over to Alex and Carol just as they were coming down. Alex slowly pulled his cock from Carol’s pussy. I took hold of it and quickly started to lick it clean, tasting both of their cum on it. It was so wet with their juices that it was running down my chin. Alex groaned and practically collapsed to the side, totally spent. I immediately moved in between Carol’s legs, which were still spread open and pulled back. She was watching me with desire in her eyes and reached out grabbing a handful of my hair and pulled my face into her soaked and cum filled pussy.

Just as I pressed my face against her slit and started to lick the juices out of her I felt someone behind me and could feel hands pushing my skirt up so it was around my waist. Alex was on the sofa now next to Carol so I knew it was Paul behind me. I could feel him moving the crotch of my panties aside. I arched my back and raised my ass up until I felt the head of his cock against my slit and slowly pushed back against him, feeling his cock sliding into my cunt, my lips caressing his shaft as he filled me up.

“Oh FUCK ME!” I cried out, although it was a muffled scream into Carol’s pussy. I could feel Paul’s hands roaming all over my ass and reaching around to my tits. Carol’s pussy was covered with Alex’s cum and I was licking her all over, lapping it up. I could feel his cum oozing out of her slit onto my tongue. I wanted Carol to cum again. I spread her lips apart with my fingers and slithered my tongue inside her, curling and swirling it around and around. My face was drenched with fuck juices as I ate her.

Paul was hanging onto my hips, squeezing me as he fucked me from behind. His cock was rubbing my inner walls and with every hard thrust it felt like it was probing my cervix. He was smashing my tongue deeper into Carol’s pussy every time he rammed his cock into me. It was like he was fucking his wife with me in the middle and I was so close, my body was on fire. Paul and Carol were using my body in their own sensual sex act and I could hear them saying to each other.

“Baby…her cunt feels so fucking good on my cock. I can feel her squeezing it…she is going to make me cum inside her!”

Breathlessly, Carol answered “oh god Paul…I love seeing you fuck her like that. Fill her pussy with your sweet cum, baby…cum in her cunt as I cum in her mouth!”

Alex was sitting next to Carol, massaging her tits and urging them on.

“Fuck her Paul…fuck Molly’s slut pussy and unload your cream into it.”

Suddenly I could feel Paul’s cock grow even harder and start to pulse just as I felt the first warm gush of his cum coat my inner pussy. His fingers were digging into my hips as he pumped his cum into me.

“Aaaahhh fuck, Carol…I’m cumming…I’m cumming in Molly!”

“Oh baby…fill her pussy, baby! Fuck her, Paul…ohhhh I love you, Paul. Nnnnggg, honey…I’m cumming tooooo!”

Carol’s thighs squeezed tight around my head as she started to cum. Her hands were on my head pulling me tighter into her pussy, my nose pressing against her clit. My mouth filled and overflowed as I felt her gush into my mouth.

It was the most intense feeling I have ever had. Paul and Carol…husband and wife…both cumming together with me in the middle. I was rocking back against Paul’s cock and forward to eat Carol’s cunt as they both filled me with cum at both ends. My orgasm started deep within the middle of my body and shot throughout me like a bolt of electricity. I barely kept from passing out and the sounds coming from me were primal as I had the most intense orgasms of my life, one after the other, they just kept coming…I just kept cumming.

I don’t know how long I had been lost in the throes of my orgasms but when I finally came back to earth I was lying on my back on the floor. Carol was oh so softly and gently kissing and licking my thighs and all around my pussy. I could feel my face and thighs covered in lovely wet cum and Paul and Alex were on either side of me, tenderly sucking my nipples. I just lay there, feeling the last waves of my orgasm drain away.

Carol moved up and we all just lay in a drained heap on the floor with our arms and legs entwined, trying to catch our breath. I glanced up at the clock on the wall and saw that Alex and I had arrived less than an hour ago. This was going to be a very memorable weekend.

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