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Massage at The Forest

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Since my husband passed away a few years ago I haven’t been in a significant relationship. It didn’t find any joy in going through the process of finding a man, figuring out if I liked him, and if he liked me, and then determining what we both wanted from each other. My marriage with my husband had been fantastic. We got along well and raised two wonderful children. We had a great, although not wild, sex life. We were both very passionate, but not compulsive.

We were a bit reserved. Still, we had sex in every room of the house, a few times outside on the back deck (how the neighbors didn’t hear us is beyond me), and on a beach here and there while on vacation.

Burying myself in my job was my solution for me not having a man in my life. The hard work was paying off and I was making my way up the corporate food chain. I was being given increased responsibility and had just completed a major project. It was late spring and the summer was coming. I had been working 70 hour weeks, and my business associates were impressed. The project was a success and I needed some rest.

Right after the project was delivered, I agreed to meet my friend Hannah Friday after work for a quick bite and a couple of drinks. I had known Hannah since grade school. We shared everything, from first dates, to first sex, to getting married, to career strategies. She was a lot like me, but she had a zesty little streak in her that you couldn’t tell she had by just meeting her. We both looked alike; tall, blond, thin, and with enough boobs and ass to fill out any party dress or bathing suit. When we sat together at the Friday happy hour we attracted plenty of looks from all ages of the male population. I say all ages of the male population because the attention was nice considering we were both 60, and “retirement” had become a new word in our conversations.

Hannah could see the toll all the work had taken on me and suggested I need a vacation. I told her I was in no mood to plan anything considering all the planning I had done on my project.

She pressed for me to do something, and said, “Listen Mary. You need an attitude adjustment activity; even a trip to a day spa would do you good.”

I wasn’t buying into any of it, and said, “Hannah, most of the spas around here are a waste of time and money. I go into them expecting a resort quality massage and instead come away with a hot shower and a pat down.”

Hannah continued, “Mary, that’s not true. The Forest has been rated as one of the best places to get a massage in the state. Look it up in City Living magazine.”

I couldn’t believe what she had just said, “Hannah you must be kidding me. The Forest? That nudist place? I know you can handle all that nudity stuff, but not me.”

The Forest was a local nudist club. Unless someone told you about the place, it was almost impossible to know it existed. The club was about 20 miles out of town and sat on about 200 heavily wooded acres. They advertised from time to time as a health retreat. But once I heard that it was a nudist resort, I never took the place seriously.

Hannah went on, “Mary, listen to me. The place is very nice. You don’t have to go onto the grounds. They have private indoor facilities where you can get a great massage and spa treatment. If they are not expecting many outside customers, they might let their guard down and you might see one or two naked people. But girl, you need the whole treatment, including eye candy, make that eye meat and butts candy!”

We both started to laugh. But Hannah couldn’t stop. “Talking about eye candy, if you go there and you are lucky, um… well, let me say this. There is a lot of sex everywhere, guys and gals touching each other; even here at the pub. The difference is, at a place like The Forest, everyone is naked, which adds a little fuel to the touching that you might see. Besides, I would guess that a small percentage of the members are swingers.” I told Hannah to stop talking, and that I wasn’t going to go to “The Forest”.

Hannah and I ate our finger food and relaxed with a few drinks. A number of the guys flirted with us which made me feel good. It was nice experiencing someone having a sexual interest in me.

Eventually Hannah told me she had to get home. Her husband was returning later that night from a 2 week overseas business trip and as she liked to say, “He’s usually fully loaded when he returns from one of these trips, so I want to look good so he has no problem laying down the goods.” We both laughed, although I have to admit my laugh had a hint of jealousy in it.

When I got home, I could still feel the effects of the male attention I had received earlier. Hannah was right; I had been working too hard. I did need an attitude changer.

I got on-line and started checking the ratings of all of the spas within 25 miles of my home. Rats! Hannah was right. The spa at The Forest had one of the highest ratings in the state. There was a link to their Website so I clicked on it. The place looked very nice judging from the photos. It had the feel of an old country club, all wood buildings painted dark green. There was also an earthy feel about the place. Even their Website was well done. It had an on-line reservation system so out of curiosity I checked to see if any time was available for the up coming Tuesday. The schedule for a massage was wide open. I hesitated for a bit. The place looked very legitimate, and as Hannah said, the massages for outsiders are done in a private room. Why not? I got my credit card out and picked a time for early in the afternoon. When I got my confirmation, I started to feel pretty good. I knew Hannah would be happy too.

The next day Hannah called to see if I got home alright and to fill me in on her husband’s trip. I told her about my reservation. Hannah was thrilled. She said, “this will be the start of a new you.”

She went on, “Now Mary, I know you are more measured than me. But if no one is there, they do have outdoor massages. It’s great to lay outside with someone rubbing their hands up and down your body. Besides, it’s like lying at the beach with your top undone. You’ll have a towel over you and no one will see you.”

As usual, Hannah went on and showed a bit of the devil in her. “Hopefully you will get a nice young male masseur. Nothing to worry about, I hear all of the masseur there are gay. Even the masseuses are gay. So don’t be asking for a woman the way you usually do, unless you really do want an adventure.” She laughed and then said, “You go girl! Feel like a woman!”

Tuesday came before I knew it. I got up early that morning and ran a few errands. I made my way over to The Forest just after lunch. There was just a small sign on a country road that said, “The Forest – Members and Guests Only.” The security guard at the gate was nice, and said, “It’s slow this time of the year; you’re our only guest today.”

As I drove to the main building I noticed another small sign that said, “Nudist may be encountered beyond this point.” Well I guessed I really was at a nudist club.

The property was well kept, just like it showed on their Website. I parked my car, walked into the main building and found the check-in counter. A woman came out from the back office totally naked to meet me; it was the last thing I was expecting.

She saw the surprise in my eyes. “Oh, I’m sorry. You’re our only guest today. I should have been better prepared. If you give me a second…”

I stopped her, “oh don’t go do anything special for me. I get to the gym often and it has a ladies shower. I’ve seen plenty of naked women. You’re fine. This is my first time to a nudist club and I didn’t know what to expect. You kind of surprised me.”

She laughed, “Well this is what we do here.” She put her hand out and greeted me, “My name is Sparkle.”

Sparkle was very nice. She had an approachable smile and personality. Having been in “project mode” for so long my brain was in hyper-drive and I was quick to examine every situation I encountered. I estimated Sparkle to be about 40 years old. She had a nice body, but it was one of those that probably look sexier clothed than naked. She was about 5’5″, and weighed about 140 lbs. She had long dark hair and no tan lines. Her breasts were good size but they were kind of long and hanging. I judged that they would look great in the right bra and blouse. I was thinking more guys would have an eye for her in a bar than here naked. She had a shaved pussy with a mound that kind of stood out. It was easy to see her pussy lips; they hung down, almost like she had just come from having sex.

I had never gotten into the shaved pussy thing. Judging from my time in the ladies shower at the gym I could see it was very popular, especially among the younger women. I remember when Hannah started shaving her pussy. She did it long before any one else. She said guys liked it because it made her look like a virgin. I remember laughing and asking her, “do they think you’re a virgin after they stick it in you?”

I had always had this impression that to be a member at a nudist club you had to have a great body. But as I looked at Sparkle I thought, “I’m 20 years older than this woman and I have a better body and she’s the one walking around naked. I got something wrong.”

Sparkle brought me back to the situation at hand. “You are Mary Williams I assume.”

“Yes”, I responded.

“We have massage scheduled for you with Chad. He’s young but technically very good. I’m sure you’ll like him. Do you want him to set up a table indoors or outdoors?”

“Indoors”, I quickly responded.

Sparkle notice a bit of uneasiness in my response and questioned me, “Are you sure? It’s a wonderful day. A massage with a touch of sun and hot air will feel great.”

Sparkle could see I still wasn’t convinced. “Don’t worry. If you are modest, just remember that there is almost no one on the property today, maybe about 10 members. It’s kind of slow this time of year. Nice weather but school is still in session and summer break hasn’t started. I’ll give you a couple of towels to cover yourself. Trust me you will feel great.”

Sparkle pointed to where the outdoor massage table would be through a window. She gave me some towels and told me where to undress. I made my way down to a small locker room and got naked. Their towels were true spa towels and barely covered my body. I really wanted a big beach or bath towel. As I made my way out to the table I became more at ease when I noticed no one was around. The sun and the air felt good on my body. I approached the table and lay down on my stomach and used the towels to cover my butt. I was so relaxed I slowly dozed off.

It was probably out for only a minute or two before I woke up to a finger doing a slow circle over my temple. As I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was a huge cock. It was just hanging there along with a nice set of balls. The pubic hairs above the cock were short and looked like they had been cut and shaved by a hair stylist. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that my masseur was standing next to the massage table waking me up. He was naked! He was also young, had a great body, and was cute as a button.

He saw the look on my face. “Ms. Williams, I’m Chad. Is there a problem?”

“Yes.” I responded. “I wasn’t expecting you to be naked.”

He asked if I was a member and I told him, “No!”

He looked very embarrassed and apologized. He said he was fairly new working at The Forest. He said all of the non-member massages he has done have been indoors. He said he never checked my membership status and assumed since the massage was outdoors I must be a member. He said that since he started working he had become a bit of a nudist and does most of his outdoor massages naked.

The look on his face was one of someone who had made a major mistake. He said, “I have to fix this. Let me get some clothes.”

When he turned to go back to the main building, I said, “Chad, stop. It’s OK. I just didn’t know that this is how the outdoor massages are done. I asked for an outdoor massage and I want you to give me one the way you usually do. And it’s Mary, not Ms. Williams.”

Chad was still concerned, “I’m sorry Ms. Williams. Are you sure?”

“Chad, its Mary, and I am as sure as I will be. When does the massage start?”

“Well right now Ms. Williams, I mean Mary.”

Chad had me lay down on my stomach. When he removed the towels covering my bottom I was concerned, but I told myself to be quiet, that I had already acted surprised enough in one day for both Chad and Sparkle.

Chad asked me if there were any special areas that I wanted him to focus on. I almost burst out laughing but told him no. He oiled his hands and slowly moved them up and down my legs and back. Then he began the massage in earnest on my feet.

Once Chad started work on the bottom of my left foot I realized a bit of a problem I have getting massages. I’m not a nymphomaniac or one of those poor women who has that condition where they have 1,000 orgasms a day, but I do have a number of what I call, “mini-G-spots” around my body. I don’t know how many times my husband use to put his finger inside me looking for the G-spot on the roof of my vagina and I had to tell him, “No. I don’t have one there. But I have small ones here, here, and here”, pointing to spots around my body.

It was hard to believe that Chad had been massaging me for less than a minute and he had already found one of my “mini-G’s”. As he massaged the bottom of my foot, he said, “Mary, there is a little knot here. Let’s see if I can work it out.”

When I’m getting a massage and someone touches one of my “mini-G’s” I count ducks or sheep to keep from having an orgasm right there on the table. But for some reason, I wasn’t seeing ducks or sheep in my mind. It was warm, with a touch of sun, I was relaxed, and I kept on thinking about Chad’s cock. It had to be the biggest cock I had ever seen up close. I knew that there were two kinds of cocks, the ones that are shriveled up and grow big when excited, and the others that just hang there and don’t get much bigger when excited. My husband had one of the shriveled ones that grew from about 3 inches to about 7 inches when it got excited. It was perfect for me. Chad’s was a hanger, and in his hang state he was already much bigger than my husband’s cock hard! I started to think about what Hannah said once about big cocks. She slept with a guy one night that she said had a 10 inch cock. I remember her telling us about it, “You know, big cocks are great to look at, great to hold, great to play with, and great to suck, but if you are going to have one in you, you better be in control of the action or that cock will tear you up.”

My mind thinking about cocks and Chad working on one of my “mini-G’s” was having an effect on me. My pussy was really wet and could feel it getting ready to pulse. I was very close to an orgasm, and I wasn’t going to be able to stop it. As my pussy started pulsing, my legs shook a bit. I bit my lip so I wouldn’t moan. With my orgasm, I could feel a flow come out of my vagina onto my pussy lips. As I lay relaxing, recovering, I wondered if I had wet the massage table. I’m not a “squirter”, but I do have a tendency to wet the sheets pretty good during sex. I was also wondering if Chad knew if I had had an orgasm. I was laying there naked with my legs slightly apart, he had a full view of my pussy. I also noticed that once I came, he started massaging other parts of my feet and was slowly working his way up my legs. Sparkle was right. Technically, Chad was very good.

As Chad worked his way up my legs I knew he would soon encounter another one of my “mini-G’s” that was on the back part of my knee. I figured if we talked, we could have a pleasant conversation and I wouldn’t be cumming all over the massage table. I told him a little bit about myself and asked him where he was from. He said he was a year out of college and new to the area. He had a degree in engineering and worked various shifts at the local power plant. He said he studied massage when he was in college and got licensed when he moved here. He said he took the job at The Forest to make some extra money to buy things for his new apartment. He said he wasn’t a nudist when he started, but he found that he liked being naked in the outdoors and fresh air.

There was only so much we could talk about. Chad continued to working on my legs and I relaxed my head. The outdoor massage area was a partitioned maze. It offered some privacy from the rest of the grounds but you could see other massage areas. As I lay there day dreaming, I saw a very attractive black woman and three white men come into one of the other massage areas. The woman sat at the end of the massage table and started stroking the cocks of two of the men. The third man just stood there stroking his cock watching the activities of the other three. The woman looked to be in her 40’s, very slim, petite, maybe 5’2″. She had good sized breasts and a nice round bottom. She was dark skinned which made watching her stroke the white cocks very exciting. The two men she was playing with were a bit younger than her. The guy watching appeared to be about her age. It was clear that they didn’t see Chad or me, and I don’t think Chad saw them.

Watching the activities of these people wasn’t going to help my “mini-G-spot” control and Chad had just gotten to a good one on the inside of my left thigh. Almost immediately I knew I had lost it, especially when Chad said, “Mary, there is another knot here too.” I just hoped I could hang on without embarrassing myself. I looked over at the other massage area and could see the woman was working those cocks pretty well. They were standing straight up and I wondering how much pre-cum must be in her hands. As Chad focused on solving my “knot”, I could feel my pussy swelling again. My body was getting tense and my toes started to curl. I took one last look at the black woman. She was now sucking one of the younger men. I closed my eyes and thought of Chad’s cock. This time I couldn’t keep my moan silent. I could feel a flow building in my vagina. As Chad worked my “knot”, my legs shook, I let out a long moan, my hips bucked a couple of times and I started to squirt all over the massage table. I had a massive orgasm. When it was over, I laid there totally numb.

As I opened my eyes, I could see that the foursome had stopped their activities and were looking at Chad and me with a smile. I turned to look at Chad and started to apologize, but as I did I noticed his cock was standing straight out and the wetness from my squirt was all over his forearm. He looked more embarrassed than I was.

I knew I had to say something, but what? And his cock, I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. The sight and smell of my pussy cumming, and me squirting on his arm had put him in a terrible state.

I reached out and grab his cock. “Mary”, he said. “What are you doing?”

I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to do something with the cock I had in my hand. I moved my palm over the head and noticed there was already plenty of pre-cum coming from his slit. “I’m sorry Chad. It’s just that it has been so long and you were massaging me so good and it is such a wonderful day, I was overwhelmed. Now look what I have done to you, I have to make it up to you. You can’t walk around like this. You certainly can’t finish my massage in this state.”

Chad was speechless. He just starred at me. I remember what Hannah had said, all of the masseurs are gay. I began to wonder if I was making matters worse.

“Chad?” I asked.

“Yes”, he responded.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I’ve had a couple, but not right now.”

Maybe he really doesn’t like girls, but his cock wasn’t going soft in my hands. I needed to know if he liked women. “How come no girlfriend I asked, do you like sex with girls?”

“Of course I do”, he responded. “But sex isn’t a big thing for me.”

“Have you had sex with any of your male friends?”

Chad just looked at me and didn’t respond.

“It’s OK Chad. You can tell me.”

“Well”, he said. “My college roommate and I use to jerk each other off. We didn’t do it a lot. I let him suck me too when I was hot and horny. He really liked it, but I guess that was because he was gay. Why are you asking me all these questions?”

I made sure to keep my hand on his cock. I noticed he wasn’t pulling away. “Chad, I need to make up for what just happened. Look at you. You are hard stiff. We are going to fuck Chad. You are going to fuck me. And from what you are telling me, I think we both need a good fuck. I want you to take you cock, put it in my pussy and shoot all of your cum up inside of me.”

“Mary”, he said. “How can you talk like that? And besides, if we did that I would get you pregnant.”

“Pregnant”, I laughed. “How many pregnant 60 year olds do you see walking around?”

“You’re 60?” he said.

“How old do you think I am?” I wanted to know.

“Oh, I would have guess 35 or 40. You have a great body, tight and no lines.”

This kid really was an angel. But the chit, chat wasn’t helping me get what I wanted: a good fucking. “Well Chad, I guess not eating a lot of food much of my life has paid off. And you are about to experience how much, first hand. Come on sweetie while my pussy is still wet and your cock is rock hard.”

I lay down on my back on the massage table. I spread my legs, had Chad climb between me, and told him to take a good look at my pussy. He seemed a bit uncertain. I told him not to worry and I would tell him what to do. He placed his cock on my pussy. I grabbed it, rubbed it a bit up and down my lips, and stopped at the entrance of my vagina. I told him to move forward and I guided him into me by keeping a hand on his cock.

Oh, my. What a sensation. He was about half way in and my vagina was working overtime to accommodate him.

As he looked in my eyes and I told him, “Fuck me Chad. Nice and easy. When you feel me getting wet you can fuck me the way you want. I love your cock honey, I really do.”

It didn’t take long for my pussy to swell and get wet. Chad moved his body totally on top of me and placed his head in the nap of my neck. He moved his hands under my ass and held my butt and started to stroke my pussy with his cock real good. I could feel his balls slapping against my bottom. I couldn’t believe I was taking all of him. I was completely soaked and my sex juice was running out of me and down the middle of my butt. One of his fingers found my asshole, another one of my “mini-Gs”, and the tip slipped in. He quickly pulled it out but I told him to put it back in, just the tip. My pussy had more cock in it than it ever had in my life. With each stroke I let out a soft moan. I could feel his balls getting tight and I knew he would soon shoot. The timing was perfect as his fucking and his finger tip in my asshole was bringing me to the top. It was only a couple of seconds more when I let out a load moan and gushed all over his cock. My cumming pussy made him shoot his seed hard and deep inside of me. We collapsed into each others arms, sexually satisfied and exhausted.

As we lay there Chad lifted up, looked at me and said, “You’re older than my mom.” I smiled and pulled him back to me. We rested for a bit more before Chad raised himself off of me.

I started to look around to see if anyone had noticed us and was taken back when I saw the black woman and her 3 male friends in our massage area watching us. The three men were stroking their cocks and one of the men was playing with the black woman’s pussy.

They knew it was rude to be there, but obviously they wanted to get a close up view.

The woman spoke, “Were sorry for intruding on your fun. But you two were beautiful and we couldn’t help ourselves. Chad is such a cutie and none of us had ever seen him in a state like this. We just had to watch.”

“Hi Ms. Miller”, Chad said. “I’m sorry.”

The woman cut him off. “Oh, Chad stop! We are the ones who should be sorry. You were great”.

The woman turned to me and introduced herself, “Hi. I’m Monica Miller, this is my husband Joe and two of our friends, Brian and Jim. All of us are members and we come here to play when we know there will be no one on the grounds.” Monica was even more beautiful than I could see from a distance. Her husband Joe was playing with her and from time to time would pull her lips open to show a nice pinkish red pussy.

As I was talking with them, for some reason I left my legs were wide open, in the same position they were in when I had had sex with Chad. Chad’s cum was beginning to drip out of my pussy and my entrance hadn’t had time to close due to the size of Chad’s cock; you could see right in me. My position wasn’t lost on Monica and her three male companions. They were stroking their erections as they eyed my body. Monica was smiling.

Chad was standing there with his cock in a semi-erect state. Monica looked at Chad and said, “Chad you got a great cock. Ever since you started working here months ago I was wondering if I would ever get a chance to see you use it.” As she said this, she moved to the end of the massage table and positioned herself between my legs. Monica went on, “Today is a special day for me. Not only did I get to see your cock in action, but I’m also going to taste your cum.” Monica looked at me and said, “I hope you don’t mind”, and then proceeded to place her mouth right on my pussy.

I couldn’t believe it. I had never come close to having sex with a woman. As I looked down my body, a woman was eating me out and it was right after I had just had sex. She was tasting my lovers cum, and my orgasm. The smell of sex from my pussy must have been overwhelming her senses. When I say she was eating me out, she really was. Her tongue was right up my hole. Her husband moved behind her and started fucking her. The two other men were on either side of me were stroking their cocks. After I gave one of them permission to touch my breasts, the other did as well. I reached out and fondled their balls while they rub their cock heads across my nipples. I saw Chad feeling his cock while he watched the 5 of us playing.

I’ve received some good oral sex in my life but Monica was a world-class pussy eater. After she got all the juice from my hole, she started to French kiss my clit. As the guys were rubbing their pre-cum all over my nipples I was wondering how many volcanic orgasms I could have in one day. Monica ran her tongue over my clit, and gently rubbed a finger up and down my pussy lips. I could feel the balls in my hands getting tight. When the guys shot their loads across my tits, that was it! It let out a big moan and started squirting wildly into Monica’s face as her husband dropped his seed in her pussy.

What a seen. We were all numb.

Monica’s husband toweled her face off and she climbed up on top of me to give me a French kiss which I passionately returned. The feeling of her tits rubbing against my cum covered nipples was fantastic.

As I lay there I noticed that poor Chad was sporting a huge erection. This was the second time in less than an hour I had put the poor kid in such a state. I directed Chad to get on the massage table and I would give him a relief fuck. I rolled over onto all fours, lowered my back and put my ass up in the air with my legs spread. I knew the view; the flow of my waist to my hips, the roundness of my bottom, my puckered asshole, and my pussy with slightly opened lips would be too much for him. It had been a view that was always too much for my husband; especially after my husband had been watching my ass all day while we biked or hiked.

I told Chad I was his and he didn’t hesitate. He got on the table and slowly slipped his stiffness into me. He held my hips as he moved in and out of me. He even bent over and placed some kisses on my back; he was very loving. Monica was standing by the side of the table and spoke softly, “Go easy Chad. You don’t want to go too far in her. Look down and enjoy the view. See how wonderful your cock looks in her pussy. Watch how she enjoys you and gets wet.”

Chad’s fucking was perfect. I reached back to feel his balls only to find Monica’s hands directing the show. She was controlling Chad’s thrust and was massaging his balls. As she bent over to manipulate how Chad fucked me, her three male companions were tag teaming her pussy. Each guy would enter her, pump her four or five times, and then withdraw to make way for the next one in line. I wondered what her pussy was feeling.

My pussy was feeling wonderful. The combination of my doggie position and Chad’s perfect thrusts produced a flow of girl love all over his cock. The warmth of my love on Chad’s cock sent him off and he shot inside of me. Monica was letting out a low moan as her tag team partners started shooting inside of her. Her husband was the last one to enter her and obviously he loved the sensation of fucking her pussy loaded with the seed of two other men.

When we all recovered Monica offered to do another clean-up job but I said, “Sorry Monica, I’m taking this cum home with me.”

We all used the outside shower to clean-up.

I got dressed and slip Chad a $100 tip as I made my way over to the front desk.

Sparkle saw the smile on my face and asked me how the outside massage went. I told her it was great and she laughed when I asked her to reserve another one with Chad for the same time next week.

As I drove home, I could feel the cum from the last fuck with Chad make its way down my vagina and into my panties. It was heaven! I felt like a newlywed.

Later that evening Hannah called and wanted to know how my massage went, “Did you get an outside massage?”


“Did you let a guy massage you?”


“Did you see any sex taking place on the grounds?”


“Don’t tell me you had one of those lesbian women massage you? Did she look at your naked, hot, sexy body and make a pass at you?”

“Oh, Hannah, no! There’s a better chance of you winning the Lottery than me have sex with a woman!”

Hannah finished, “I’m glad it went well for you, but when are you really going to do something exciting, out of the ordinary, and let your hair down?”

I thought to myself, “I believe I’m doing that again next Tuesday.”

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A great story… well written…thanks for sharing…