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Yet Another One of Those Days

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Jimmy was disappointed to find his fantasy woman from the previous trip to his grandparents wasn’t on the train this time, but amused himself by remembering his mother’s cries as all those cocks filled her slutty body. He’d been tormented in her presence since the revelation in Dan’s cellar and had tried to avoid her as much as possible; a trip to his gran’s would be just the thing to help him work his mind straight, he thought, and he was right – though not in the way he expected.

He arrived to see his gran hanging out the washing and waved hello before going into the house to put his bag in the guest room. He put his clothes into the wardrobe and hid his stash of porn mags under the bed, a vital supply as he hadn’t been able to ease his rampant libido for fear his mother might hear him – he couldn’t face any awkward questions from her at present. His friend, Paul, had gone on holiday for a week and Jimmy needed to get his rocks off before he exploded. Another good reason for this trip as it would enable him to jerk off in privacy. His cock pressed insistently against his jeans and he considered doing something about it, but was forestalled by the sound footsteps on the stairs.

“Hello, Jimmy, a nice surprise to see you,” his grandpa said from the open doorway.

Jimmy turned and smiled. “Thanks, gramp’s, sorry to come unannounced but I had to get away for the weekend. Hope you don’t mind?”

“Not at all, you’re always welcome, you know that. Have you seen your gran?”

“Yes, she’s hanging out the washing.”

“Well, I was about to do some work in the garden and wouldn’t say no to a bit of help.”

“Sure, no problem.”

“Off out already?” asked his gran as they met her coming back inside the house.

“Jimmy’s going to help me in the garden.”

“He’s only just arrived and you’re putting him to work, already?”

“I don’t mind gran,” Jimmy said, kissing her cheek, “I’ve been studying hard and will be glad to give my eyes a rest.”

“How long is it ’til you go to University?” she asked, filling a kettle at the old-fashioned Belfast sink.

“About six weeks,” Jimmy replied absently, watching his granddad unlock the shed.

“We’ll miss you.”

“Oh, I’ll come visit when -” Jimmy said, his composure ruffled as he turned to see his gran’s large buttocks waving at him as she bent over to fetch cups from the cupboard. His cock flexed its muscle, reminding how long it had been since he’d satisfied its growing potency.

“When?” his gran prompted, placing three mugs on the clean, white Formica top.

“When, er, I have autumn break.” Jimmy said, mentally shaking himself, the wobbling image of her ample flesh jiggling wantonly through his oversexed mind. He forced himself not to stare at her buxom breasts and kept his eyes on her face; plain, but not unattractive with a lifetime’s experience etched in the wrinkles at the corners of her brown eyes and lips. Her light brown hair was salted with grey, cut neatly into tight curls that danced gaily as she busied herself making the tea.

“No girlfriend yet?” she asked, spooning sugar into two cups, leaving hers unsweetened. She was sweet enough already, she always said.

“No, not yet.” Jimmy smiled, taking two mugs in each hand.

“Time enough for my favourite grandson to make some lucky girl very happy.” she said, patting his cheek fondly.

Jimmy walked carefully down the garden path, ducking under a fragrant row of silk under-garments, blowing in the breeze like ship sails on the high seas and into the shed, putting a hot mug of thick, sweet tea by his grandpa on the table where he was rummaging through cluttered boxes.

“Tea, gramps.”

“Thanks, Jimmy. I could’ve sworn I had some six inch nails in a jar. The fence needs repairing at the top of the garden. I’ll have to pop into town and get more.”

“Won’t these do?” Jimmy asked, holding a box of rusty nails.”

“No, lad, they’ll not last the winter and there’s no but a dozen six incher’s in there. I’ll need to break open the piggy bank and buy some.”

Jimmy grinned at his grandpa’s dry wit. His grandparents were comfortably off in retirement and managed to go away two or three times a year on SAGA cruises. He sat down on an old box and sipped his tea, breathing reminiscently on a plume of aromatic smoke as his grandpa sat opposite in his old chair, puffing his pipe alight. He could hear his gran clattering pans in the kitchen and a pang of nostalgia gripped his heart; familiar sounds and smells of his childhood that he would leave behind all too soon.

They chatted about ‘manly things’, as his grandpa called it until their mugs sat cold and empty on the table. His grandpa left, promising to return within half an hour and Jimmy promised he’d try and fix some of the splintered wood while he was gone. Jimmy’s attention, however, was drawn to the billowing pair of pink knickers on the line as he stepped out of the shed and he mentally admonished his rising libido, but obeyed its insistent call to ease the growing pressure in his balls. With a pensive glance towards the kitchen window where his gran’s attention was on the stove, he plucked them from the line and scuttled back to the shed, furtively clutching his prize. Without waiting to reconsider, Jimmy spread a sheet of newspaper across the table, unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock, carefully wrapping the shaft in damp silk but leaving the head free to avoid staining the delicate fabric.

“God, yes,” he sighed in relief, stroking hard and fast to bring himself quickly to the boil.

Jimmy closed his eyes, summoning erotic images from the hormone-soaked recesses of his mind; Paul’s fat cock, hot and throbbing; Mrs. Shelby’s big tits and bushy pussy; Dan’s hairy arse; his mother’s tight, juicy cunt. Oh God, yes…almost there! Pre-cum greased his palm, splattering the paper under his dripping nob. He stood on tip-toe, buttocks clenched, balls tight, hand a-blur on his throbbing cock, seeking the release he desperately craved…then the door opened.

“Jimmy…Oh, Jimmy!”

Jimmy started in surprise and half turned to see his gran framed in the doorway, her mouth slack with shock. They faced each other for almost a minute, heavy breathing the only sound breaking the stunned silence.

“Gran I…” Jimmy began to say before she interrupted him.

“Are those mine?”

Jimmy looked down and realised he’d tried to cover his actions by putting her knickers over his erection, soaking them with pre-cum in the process. He nodded and hung his head in shame, carefully pulling them carefully off his throbbing cock. Her eyes narrowed as she saw his powerful tool jutting lewdly from his hairy crotch, considering the boy she knew was so obviously more grown up than she realised, and took the soiled garment from him.

“I’m sorry gran. Please don’t tell grandpa,” Jimmy pleaded, putting his best little-boy-lost expression on his red face.

His grandma appraised the sincerity in his voice and saw no reason to embarrass the boy further. At his age, men had more hormones than sense and she could always wash her knickers again.

“I came to get the mugs and tell you I’m making your favourite for dinner. Make yourself decent and we’ll say no more of this,” she said, smiling to reassure him, “and don’t forget to wash your hands before you come to the table.”

“Yes, gran,” Jimmy said, smiling back in relief.

His erection, however, was decidedly unrelieved and went back into his jeans under severe protest. After regaining a semblance of control, he walked stiffly into the bright sunlight to get on with the job, leaving his grandma to remove the impulsive emissions from her knickers. A large stain covered the crotch surrounded by smaller spots, circling the stain like satellites around a planet. The musty aroma stirred a long dormant emotion within her and she looked through the window to where Jimmy bent over the broken shards of fence on the immaculately tailored lawn.

“Oh, Jimmy, whatever were you thinking,” she murmered, rubbing the viscous stain between forefinger and thumb. She turned off the tap and put her knickers in to soak, sucking her finger clean in a natural response to clean it as she did when making cakes for the church bazaar.

“Hello Moll, I’m back.” Her husband’s voice startled her and she blushed furiously, plunging her hands into the warm, soapy water to hide the incriminating evidence.

“Hello luv. Get what you wanted?”

“Yes. What’s that, I thought you’d done a wash?”

“They…they fell on the path. Need a scrub.” She improvised, rubbing furiously enough to splash suds onto the front of her apron.

Molly watched her husband walk up the path and breathed a sigh of relief, finished scrubbing her knickers and hung them back on the line. She stood and watched them working on the fence for a while then went back in to prepare lunch, a simple egg salad, and called them in to eat.

Jimmy could hardly look his gran in the eye and kept his attention on the meal, glad to be out of there and back at work an hour later. He desperately needed to ease the throbbing demand in his jeans but could find no opportunity to do anything about it, for the fence repair took all afternoon. His grandpa was pleased to get the job done in time for tea, though, and they went back, tired and hungry.

The privacy of the bathroom offered another chance to ease his frustration, but as he worked soap into his cock under the shower, his grandpa called to say the meal was ready. With no time to enjoy a leisurely wank, he rinsed off, dressed quickly and went down to eat, flushed and tense.

Molly saw that her grandson was ill at ease and wondered if he was still embarrassed about being caught earlier. She saw he was keeping his eyes firmly on his food, shovelling chicken and potatoes into his mouth as though wanting to be away from the table – and her scrutiny – as fast as possible. She thought the modern generation was much more at ease about sex, much more so than hers had been. Sex, to her, was something done in privacy – between a man and his wife, preferably. Her husband, bless him, was the only man she’d ever taken in her bed: always with the light off and only in two positions; on top, or from behind. Oral sex, to him, was a way of talking about it, not doing it – and he’d done precious little of either for longer than she cared to remember. She resolved to amend that tonight when they went to bed – if he had any energy after coming back from the pub. He left as soon as he’d finished helping her with the washing-up, taking Jimmy along for a few beers. That suited her fine; she’d have the house to herself and time to take a long soak in the bath. Before doing that, she turned down the sheets on her bed then went into Jimmy’s room to do the same.

“Oh, dash it.” Molly muttered in exasperation as her necklace fell on the floor. She looked sadly at the broken chain and got down to pick it up, spotting Jimmy’s magazines lying under the bed. Curiosity got the better of her common sense and she picked them up, flicking through the titles with growing interest when she saw that one featured large, mature women.

“Oh Jimmy, you’re full of surprises,” she murmered, turning page after page of buxom women posing, stripping and masturbating without a hint of self-consciousness, using their fingers and a variety of toys that made Molly blush to the roots of her hair. She’d never owned a dildo – her husband would’ve been most upset to think she needed anything other than him – but occasionally satisfied herself with a well placed finger or two. This, she felt, was going to be one of those occasions. Molly lifted her skirt waist high, sat on the edge of the bed and slowly rubbed her crotch through her damp knickers, taking her time looking through a series of pictures showing a large brunette enjoying a well hung young man’s intimate attention.

‘Lucky girl’, Molly thought, regarding the woman’s moist, red lips sucking on his thick shaft. She tried to turn the page, found them stuck together and peeled them apart carefully to find that Jimmy had obviously enjoyed this picture very much. A large stain had smeared across the woman’s ample buttocks, her body spread over two pages with the hung stud kneeling behind her, his impressive erection poised to strike. She couldn’t help but think of Jimmy looking at this picture, dick in hand, as he had been in the shed, and felt her pussy flood with heat. Molly moaned and pulled her crotch to one side, turning the page to see the stud had plugged the woman’s hairy pussy with every inch, the next page showed them in close-up, his big balls resting on the crack of her bum and his cock pulled back to expose her swollen pussy in the next. Molly breathlessly turned the page and thrust another finger inside her pussy, looking at the brunette’s large breasts wrapped tight around his slick prick before he came all over them at the end, his thick, white cum making her breasts look like freshly creamed cakes.

“Oh my,” she whispered, licking her lips and unbuttoning her blouse, softly stroking her nipple through her bra.

The rest of the photos returned to the theme of female display and masturbation, which held little excitement to her. She’d never been sexually interested in women and cursorily glanced at them before returning to the center-spread, unbuttoning her blouse fully to play with her nipples, imagining the hot young stud sucking them while she fingered her wet pussy, getting it ready for him to push his big dick deep inside her from behind. Molly got on her hands and knees on the bed, the magazine inches from her face as she lifted her big bum for him, rubbing her clit fast and hard, wishing she could feel him pounding her pussy, knowing he would go on and on until she came – unlike her husband who usually squirted his sperm before she’d really got going.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Molly hissed through clenched teeth as her orgasm took hold of her body and mind.

The image of Jimmy spurting over (her bum) the page rose shockingly in her mind and sent her body over the edge with a sharp cry of guilty pleasure; her mind’s eye replaying the image of him in the shed, his hand vigorously stroking himself off, powerful spurts of hot sperm that covered her as much as the brunette. Molly collapsed on the bed, her body quivering from head to toe as she pushed a third finger up her wet pussy and used the palm of her hand to rub her tender clit; wanting – needing – more than she could give herself.

“Well,” she sighed as the tremors subsided, “you are a wicked lady!”

Molly giggled girlishly and rolled over, spreading her legs to run her fingers through her hairy pussy, spreading the lips like one of the models in Jimmy’s magazine.

“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. deMille,” she chortled, laughing out loud to think anybody but her husband could be remotely interested in her that way, anymore.

She sat up, looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. “Bath-time, madam,” she said.

After tidying Jimmy’s bed and replacing the magazines back where she found them, Molly relaxed in the bath, the warm water soothing her as much as the fresh, clean feeling of a good orgasm.

‘Hurry back, darling,’ she thought, rubbing her clit gently, ‘I need your love tonight.’

“Oh, Moll, I can’t, I’m too tired.”

Molly sighed and released the limp piece of meat between her husband’s thighs. “You’re always too tired – or too drunk, she thought – “Mike, what’s wrong? Don’t you love me any more?”

“Of course I do, Moll,” he said, rolling over to hug her warm curves, “but it’s not like I’m a teenager anymore.”

He gave her a warm kiss, rolled over again and was soon asleep, snoring softly, oblivious to his wife’s deeper need for more than just a loving hug and a kiss. Molly resigned herself to another sexless night, closed her eyes and tried to sleep. It was no use. She opened her eyes, flushed and breathless after – she checked her bedside clock – only twenty minutes. Carefully, she rolled out of bed, put on her dressing-gown and padded quietly to the door, intending to ease her frustration in the bathroom rather than disturb her sleeping spouse. The hallway was dark, but she needed no light to find her way, although a thin beam showed under Jimmy’s bedroom door. Once again, curiosity overcame her common sense and she carefully padded down the hall, wondering what he was up to at this time of night. Soft snores drifted faintly to her ear pressed up against the thin wood and she smiled fondly; he was sleeping.

‘I’ll just turn off his light and let him rest properly,’ Molly told herself, opening the door quietly. She peered round and saw he was indeed asleep – but one part of him most definitely wasn’t. The head of Jimmy’s semi-erect cock twitched slightly as though sensing her presence, stretching itself along his firm thigh, not fully awake as yet, but certainly not as sleepy as its recumbent master. Molly crept carefully around the bed without taking her eyes from the thick muscle twitching between Jimmy’s legs, one under the sheet, and the other spread across the bed, exposing his full balls amidst the thick hair around his crotch.

‘I should cover him up, really, or he’ll get cold’, she thought, reaching over to pull the sheet across him but inadvertently brushing his cock as she did so. Molly caught her breath as it stirred upright to see what was happening, the skin peeling back from the shiny nob which throbbed palpably under her hand.

She pulled it away; ‘fantasising about it was one thing, but actually touching it was quite another,’ common sense dryly informed her – ‘but nobody need know,’ curiosity mused – ‘besides, I’m only going to make him more comfortable’, she thought, ‘and, after all, it won’t bite!’

Molly stifled a giggle and tenderly wrapped her palm around the stiffening shaft, feeling the strength course through the network of veins along it, pumping blood into the hot length until it jutted proudly erect from her hand’s warm embrace. She regarded it critically, comparing how her husband’s felt to the one before her. This was actually the first one she’d seen in a state of arousal, as her husband always waited until the light was off before making love to her – and no wonder – this felt twice as thick, longer by about three or four inches and endowed with a much larger pair of balls which swelled potently underneath. She caressed it with her fingertips, tracing the thick vein which twisted around the shaft, before encircling the meaty nob with index finger and thumb, squeezing it carefully. The slit opened and closed, as though winking complicitly with her secret play, and oozed pre-cum in a clear stream that coated her hand, spilled down the shaft and trickled over Jimmy’s balls to disappear into the hairy crease between his cheeks.

Molly took a deep breath and licked her lips, wondering how it would taste if she just touched the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue. An insistent pulse beat in her clit, parting the lips of her pussy. A warm trickle of juice slid down her inner thigh and she rubbed them together briskly, unable to contain her excitement at the illicit sensation of (incest) feeling another man for the first time in her life. She looked at Jimmy’s face to see any sign of him waking, then back at his cock, torn between obeying her common sense and letting him slumber on or satisfying her curiosity by leaning over to (suck him off) taste him. Jimmy’s breathing grew faster but still he slept. She risked moving her head a little closer, tickling his flesh with warm breath, stroking his shaft rhythmically up and down, squeezing his heavy balls hard enough to bring a fresh flow of pre-cum sliding between her fingers. The musky smell of his sex aroused her too much for common sense to prevail any longer; her tongue snaked out to lap around the hard, shiny nob.

Molly smacked her lips together and moaned quietly, savouring the salty flavour on her tongue, rolling it around her mouth as she went back for more, taking the head between her lips for a longer taste. It pulsed harder in her hand and she stroked it faster, bringing more pre-cum into her mouth where it slipped down her throat, provoking more juice to trickle from her pussy. Her breasts swung free as she leant further forward, rubbing on the bed as his cock slid to the back of her throat, making her moan louder. Jimmy groaned and Molly paused, her lips wrapped halfway down his throbbing shaft. Her heart missed a beat as she thought he was waking up, but his eyes remained firmly shut and she breathed a sigh of relief. She gave the head of his cock a long, loving kiss and stroked it harder, wanking him off scant inches from her face, willing him to cum.

Jimmy moaned again and lifted his hips, subconsciously offering his cock to her eager mouth. Molly flicked the head with her tongue and swung her breasts over his balls, shivering in delight at the way his hairy sacs tickled her sensitive nipples; she sensed his orgasm was close and, although she would’ve liked him to cream her breasts like the brunette in his magazine, decided she’d rather watch him cum – something she’d felt, but never seen, a man do before.

Jimmy arched his back and groaned loudly, writhing in Molly’s grip as she feverishly jerked him off. The first spurt flew from his nob and splashed across her face; Molly gasped in surprise and then in awe as an even harder spurt streaked over her head, trailing sticky drops behind it like the tail of a comet which landed in her hair. A plume of thick spunk followed close behind, gushing over Molly’s left tit and dripping down her big, round belly.

“Oh my God!” Molly groaned, rubbing the creamy juice into her breast, trailing her fingers through the sticky streaks and down into her pussy, massaging his cum into her cunt and watching her grandson take control of his spurting cock. She wanted to make herself cum with him, but his orgasm had begun to rouse him from sleep, bringing him dangerously close to discovering her. She had to get out of there; now!

Jimmy opened his eyes and looked blearily around, finding himself covered in cum. He’d had the oddest dream; drowning in a river of thick custard, begging someone – anyone – to pull him out, but he could only make out his grandma standing far away on the other side, trying to reach him, but unable to bridge the gap. He shook his head to clear the dream-cloud from his mind and sat up.

“Oh great,” he muttered, “a wet dream – just what I needed.”

Jimmy sighed and slapped his contrite penis across the head, chastising himself for falling asleep. He vaguely remembered beginning to jerk off when he got into bed, but was too pissed to stay awake for the evidently spectacular conclusion. Groggily, he rolled out of bed and staggered to the door, not noticing it wasn’t latched but swung easily open, wending an unsteady path to the bathroom to clean himself up now rather than run the risk of staining the bed sheets any further. He opened the bathroom door, switched on the light and stopped dead in his tracks.



Both stared at each other like thieves caught in the glare of a prison spotlight, neither one able to move in the shock of the moment. Jimmy gaped at his grandma who sat on the toilet, one hand out of sight between her thighs the other gripping a large breast tight enough to make her knuckles stand out. He’d either caught her finishing off her private business on the loo or — he didn’t want to think that far; instead, he stammered an apology and began to back out the door when he noticed something odd about her hair. It appeared to be dripping with – he looked closer, unable to believe his eyes.

“Bloody hell! Gran!” Jimmy whispered, shocked to discover her wearing fresh cum and, apparently, masturbating in the bathroom when he thought she’d be fast asleep.

“Oh, Jimmy,” she moaned, feeling her orgasm come perilously close as she saw Jimmy’s cock twitch with interest at this new discovery.

Molly had no idea whether he’d tell her husband and could think of only one way to prevent that happening. She reached out, grabbed his cock and pulled Jimmy towards her, wiping the head of his hardening shaft clean with her tongue. ‘Ah! The vigour of youth’, she thought, feeling his flesh respond instantly to her hot mouth.

“God, gran, it was you, wasn’t it? You tossed me off just now, it wasn’t just a dream!”

Molly nodded on his thickening prick and moaned, sucking with more verve as she rubbed her clit harder. Just a little harder, she was so close, so close – nearly there!

“Won’t grandpa hear?” Jimmy hissed, running his fingers through her sticky curls and trying to contain his lust. His grandma’s large breasts swung free from her gown, ripe temptations to his adolescent passion which couldn’t be ignored, and he seized them with trembling hands.

“He sleeps like a baby when he’s drunk,” she assured him, crooning with bliss at his firm hands on her breasts. “Don’t you want to? Weren’t you thinking about me in the shed?” Molly breathed, staring in mesmerised fascination as a clear teardrop of juice slid from the distended slit, swung to and fro from the pinkish glans under the head for a tantalising second before it began to stretch under the weight of gravity, pulling it down towards her body. She leant in as though drawn by the animal magnetism of Jimmy’s throbbing shaft, panting fast in short, sharp bursts, mouth open, tongue wagging from side-to-side. The pearly drop fell past her chin and landed in her deep cleavage with a soft splat, sliding between her breasts like the first raindrop to precede the imminent shower.

“Oh, gran, I’m sorry!” Jimmy gasped, deciding to go along with her preconception rather than go into the complicated story about his mother with her mother!

“No Jimmy,” his grandma said, rubbing her breasts together, “you’re horny.”

Another pearl of pre-cum seeped from the slit as if to confirm her statement which Jimmy couldn’t deny. He was horny; horny enough to ignore the fact that this was his mother’s mother sitting before him, offering her warm tits. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse and, bending slightly at the knees to align his shaft with her cleavage, slid between her pendulous breasts with a hot sigh of pleasure.

“God! That feels so good, gran.”

“Call me Molly,” she whispered, squeezing her breasts tight around Jimmy’s cock.

His grandma’s tongue flicked over the sensitive head with each upward thrust; the taste made her pussy flow, dripping into the bowl between her spread thighs, aching with desire to take the hot, thick meat inside her. The taboo idea of feeling her grandson’s cock filling her wet pussy tipped Molly over the edge and with a muffled squeal of delight she came, longer and harder than she’d ever thought possible.

The hot fragrance of her excitement gave Jimmy all the enticement he needed. Swiftly, he helped her stand up, turned her round and bent her over the toilet thrusting, and missing, in a desperate hurry to sheathe his hard cock inside her soft, wet cunt.

“Oh! Jimmy we sho -”

Whether they should or shouldn’t became a moot point as the head of his cock slid home at the second attempt, squelching inside her sopping wet, hairy pussy with lewd abandon. Jimmy sighed and pushed more meat between his grandma’s shivering thighs, feeling the warm, wet flesh enfold him in a loving embrace that accepted his desire without judgement. Molly bit down on her fist to prevent a loud cry escaping from her lips as she felt him slide deeper than she was used to, then back, teasing her pussy into giving more juice to help him slip right up to his balls. She couldn’t stop a guttural moan, then another, as he started to screw her smoothly, steadily stroking in and out, his balls slap-slapping on her clit.

“Oh gran – Molly! So tight, so wet, so…fucking hot!” Jimmy groaned, amazed at how sweetly she took his full length.

He planted his shaft to the hilt and took a moment to savour how good her cunt felt, flexing the hot muscle to fill her completely. Jimmy groaned with lust, reached under her heaving belly and grabbed a lively handful of flesh, sliding his hands up to fondle her luscious tits then down to feel her hairy pussy, rubbing her clit gently as he began to move in and out the snug, wet hole once more.

“Yes, Jimmy,” Molly whispered, feeling him utterly possess her. “Yes, yes…” as his strong hands roamed at will over her breasts, between her thighs. “Yes, darling, oh yes!” His hands gripped her hips, pulling her harder onto his pumping cock, spreading her big buttocks rudely open. She could almost feels his eyes burning into her soft skin and wriggled back on his cock, wantonly inviting him to make her cum again. “Harder, Jimmy, oh yes, oh! Oh…” Molly felt his thumb poke inside where her husband never(I) went and jumped in surprise. “No, Jimmy, no…oh — Jimmyyyyy…IIIIII’MMMMMM!”

Jimmy took his thumb from her arsehole and pounded her creamy cunt into a frothy, boiling mess of cum as his gran’s orgasm rippled around his pounding cock, pulling out as she slowed down to slap his wet meat on her bouncing cheeks. Fuck yeah! He knelt behind her ample arse, pulled the cheeks open and ran his tongue in a long, snaking line between them, plating both holes and lathering her clit with spit before sucking it softly between his teeth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh…mmmmmmmmmmm…” Molly moaned, jamming both fists in her mouth to stop herself screaming in bliss at the unfamiliar sensation of his wet tongue working across her sex, his lips covering her pussy with hot kisses, intimate probings of her most intimate, secret places. ‘Oh! You dirty sod – don’t stop,’ she thought, revelling in the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced. It rolled on and on through her pussy, soaking his lips, streaming down her trembling legs in a hot shower which Jimmy drank noisily; slobbering over her steaming cunt, licking her clit, lapping inside her, slithering up her crack, poking in her arse, back inside her cunt then round and round her clit until Molly swooned with ecstasy.

Jimmy held her up with both hands under her fat arse, feasting on the clean, fresh musk that poured from her cunt. He stuck his nose up her steaming fuck-hole and inhaled deep and long, teasing her clit between his teeth to induce fresh juice into his mouth, spitting some back and drinking the rest, more drunk with passion than alcohol now. His cock throbbed, demanding another turn in the juicy cunt, but Jimmy ignored it, burrowing his tongue as far as he could push it, curling it round the slippery channel to drain every drop of juice he could get, sucking her lips out, pulling them right out as he slipped a wet finger in her tight arsehole.

Molly whimpered and jiggled on her toes; bouncing on Jimmy’s face, his tongue, his finger, spurting cum in a hot, gushing stream that made her feel almost incontinent with the rush of orgasms bursting through her. Her bladder had indeed let go, though she could hardly tell in the state she was in; steaming piss rained on Jimmy’s cum soaked face and splattered in and around the toilet bowl.

“Please, Jimmy…oh, please,” she managed to gasp, begging him to give her what she needed most.

“Please what, gran, please stop?” Jimmy whispered, standing behind her and teasing the head of his cock in her sopping wet cunt.

“Oh Jimmy, no, you know -”

“Yes gran, I know, but I want to hear you say it.” Jimmy hissed in her ear, rubbing his shaft through her bushy slit, nuzzling her clit with his nob.

“- Jimmy, please…don’t tease!”

“Say it!”

“I want it inside me.”

“What, gran…what do you want.”

“Your big dick,” she hissed, turning her head to look in his wild eyes, barely recognising the sweet, helpful boy she thought she knew.

In his place stood a feral, sexual animal, filling her body with a passion she’d only dared dream of; a potent beast that consumed her cry of pleasure with hot, burning kisses, feeding her excitement back to her with a lithe tongue, drooling on her mouth, the back of her neck, roughly mauling her soft breasts and pumping inside her with a ferocity that frightened and aroused her in equal measure. Growling and grunting, pounding and pumping, hard – harder – diving into the liquid pool deep inside her pussy, slipping and sliding, faster – faster – plunging deeper – oh yes, deeper – within her rippling flesh.

Just as Molly felt she could take no more, she heard him whisper; “I want to cum all over your big arse!”

“Oh, Jimmy!” Molly gasped, feeling his hands slide from her breasts, down her belly and around her hips to grip her wiggling cheeks. She’d never heard anything sound so obscene and, at the same time, so arousing.

“Yes, fuck, yes!” Jimmy groaned, digging his fingers in her ample cheeks, pulling them apart to memorise the sight of her cunt lips stretching around his cock as he pulled back, her arsehole puckering up when he drove it back up with a wet squelch that drizzled her cum over his balls.

“Harder Jimmy!”

“Gotta cum!”

“Yes, do it!”

“Right there?”

“Fuck me, yes!”

“All over your arse!”

“Cum all over my arse!”

“Fuck yeah, gran, all over your fat arse!” Jimmy hissed, his grans crude urges giving him such a rush of lust that he shot a load right up her gaping cunt as he pulled out to wank himself off on her jiggling cheeks.

“Oh – my – Goddddd!” Molly cried, unable to believe she’d just said anything so crude out loud. “Oh, Jimmy -” a hot rain of spunk spattered down her back and onto her buttocks, slithering down the back of her thighs which ran with her own juices.

Jimmy panted like a dog in heat and fisted his spunking cock hard over his grandma’s arse, creaming the cheeks and coating the hairy crack with every drop he could summon from his pumping bollox; grunting with pleasure at each fresh surge, groaning as he slid back inside the molten heat of her body to share the afterglow.

“- you beautiful, dirty boy!” Molly sighed, grinding back on the hot, hard muscle to squeeze every last drop of joy from their illicit tryst.

“Oh gran! You feel so good,” Jimmy said, pulling her to him and hugging her sweaty body tight.

“I told you,” she whispered, relaxing in his arms, “call me Molly.”

Jimmy chuckled and kissed her neck. “That’s not going to be easy to get used to.”

“We’ll see.” Molly replied, shivering a little as an orgasmic aftershock skittered up her spine to leave her satiated and happy.

“We should go to bed, really,” Jimmy whispered, “It’s getting late.”

“You’re right, it is,” Molly whispered back, dusting his face with feather-light kisses, “but we should clean up first.”

Molly giggled like a teenager as Jimmy wiped her clean with a damp flannel and returned the favour, accepting his goodnight kiss with a gentle caress before going to their beds to catch up on some much needed rest…

…and woke to feel something hard pressing into her back. For a fleeting moment, she thought of Jimmy, then opened an eye to find her husband grinning amiably at her.

“Mornin’ sleepy-head, you must’ve been dreamin’ about something nice by the smile on your face. I’ve been tryin’ to wake you for ages!”

“It feels like you’re wide awake already,” she murmered drowsily, reaching down to squeeze his erection, unable to stop herself comparing the slender rod in her hand to the thicker tool she’d enjoyed earlier.

“Ready an’ rarin’ to go,” her husband grinned, rolling her over and slipping a couple of fingers between her legs. “God, Moll’, you’re so wet – must’ve been a good dream!”

Jimmy came round to the sound of his grandparent’s bed squeaking industriously next door. He grinned at his hard-on and slapped it playfully.

“Wide awake as usual, I see,” he muttered, stroking it to the rhythm, thinking back to the good fuck he’d enjoyed last night.

The squeaking stopped abruptly, followed by a low moan and he had an idea why his gran was so passionate with him; no wonder, he thought, if that’s all she’s been getting.

He lay there, studying the ceiling and considered jerking off to be a waste today. Who knew what opportunity may bring for something sweeter. He heard footsteps along the hall and feigned sleep as his door opened, listened to them stomp downstairs and surmised his grandpa had checked to see if he was awake. After a while he heard his grandma’s lighter step follow downstairs and lay there enjoying a lazy Sunday morning lie-in, drowsing fitfully until he was roused by a light tap at the door.

“I’ve brought you a cuppa, Jimmy,” his grandma said, closing the door behind her.

“Mornin’ gran,” Jimmy smiled, sitting up in bed with the tip of his hard-on peeping over the top of the sheet, “did you sleep well?”

“Like a log,” she replied, setting the cup on his bedside table and sitting on the edge of his bed, glancing at his dick with a faint blush on her plump cheeks, “what would you like for breakfast?”

Jimmy grinned and boldly eyed her large tits, bulging invitingly in her loosely tied dressing-gown. “I’d like to have you for breakfast,” he whispered, reaching out to squeeze her tits.

“Jimmy, no!” she said, pulling his hands away though smiling at his effrontery. “I meant cornflakes, or maybe toast.”

“How about something hot,” he persisted, sliding a hand along her inner thigh, “and wet,” he added, slipping his fingers into her warm, bushy slit to feel her moist lips.”

“Jimmy, stop!” Molly insisted, pulling his hand away gently but firmly and placing it on his lap. “Behave! Drink your tea and come down when you’re decent – I wondered if you had any regrets, but I see that isn’t the case.”

Jimmy looked up at her with an appraising eye. “Do you?”

“No,” she said promptly, “it happened, I’m not sorry it did – as long as it remains our little secret – no harm done.”

“You’re really something, gran,” Jimmy said, stroking his cock free of the sheet.

Molly leant down and kissed the head, “so are you,” she smiled, “you’ll make some girl very happy one day.”

“I could make a lady very happy today,” Jimmy said.

Molly stood up, licked her lips and beamed at him, “aren’t you sweet! Drink your tea and come down when you’re ready.”

A leisurely breakfast, followed by a slow walk through the surrounding countryside flanked by her old stag and young buck, soon worked up an appetite for a lavish Sunday lunch of roast beef, roast and mashed potatoes, a variety of fresh veg’ from the garden with lashings of thick gravy. Jimmy ate every morsel and helped his gran with the washing-up while his grandpa sat back in an overstuffed chair to digest his favourite meal of the week.

“What’s for dessert?” Jimmy whispered in his gran’s ear, nuzzling her neck.

Molly shushed her over-eager grandson, but bumped back into his jean-clad erection that pressed into her buttocks, relishing the attention.

“I could eat something hot,” he said, nibbling her ear lobe, “and creamy,” he added, licking his way round her neck to kiss her lips, his hands reaching round to cup her beautiful, big tits.

“There may be something sweet to eat – if you behave!” Molly whispered back, flicking soap suds playfully at his face.

“I’ll be good, gran.” Jimmy said, and stepped back to wipe his face with an edge of the tea-towel then used it to finish drying the plates, stacking them carefully back in the cupboard as his grandma bent over to open the fridge and peer inside.

“Do you fancy a slice of tart, Mike?” She called, wiggling her buttocks for Jimmy’s benefit.

“I couldn’t eat another thing, luv,” he replied, “I’m stuffed!”

Jimmy leered at her ample arse and said; “I could manage a big piece!”

I bet you could, Molly mouthed silently at him, putting a home-made blackberry tart on the counter with a conspiratorial wink of an eye. Jimmy waggled his tongue at her and took a good slice on a plate into the living room where his grandpa was watching an old Western on TV through hooded eyes. ‘Another five or ten minutes and you’ll be fast on,’ Jimmy thought, chewing slowly to savour the anticipation of tasting a sweeter treat than his gran’s superb baking. A soft snore, several minutes later, proved him right.

“That was great, gran,” Jimmy said, louder than necessary to gauge his grandpa’s reaction.

The old man grizzled and smacked his lips contentedly, settling deeper in his chair to snooze away the day.

He glanced happily at his gran and took his plate into the kitchen as she went over to kiss her husband. “I love you Mike,” she whispered in his ear, “but I need this too much to say no.”

“How much time do you think we have?” Jimmy asked from the doorway.

“Oh, Jimmy, are we so bad for doing this?” Molly said, moving slowly towards him as though reconsidering her impetuousness. Doing what they did last night in the heat of the moment was one thing, but this felt like a betrayal of all she held dear.

Jimmy wrapped her in a reassuring hug and whispered; “It’s only bad if the eleventh commandment is broken -” she gave him a quizzical look and he added “-Thou shalt not get caught.”

“It’ll break his heart if he found out,” she whispered.

“Then we’d better be quiet,” he said, guiding her by the arm into the front room where they sat on the couch, facing each other in a silence broken only by their breathing, getting heavier with each tick of the clock on the mantelpiece.

“Molly, I…” Jimmy began, but was hushed by her finger on his lips.

“Don’t talk,” she – don’t think, don’t hesitate – “just kiss me, Jimmy.”

Softly, their lips melted together and Molly surrendered to her grandson’s desire without a second thought, allowing him to intimately explore her body and willing him on with little gasps and groans.

Deftly he unbuttoned her blouse pulled her bra down as she unzipped his jeans; one fondling soft flesh while the other caressed a bone hardness that made her heat flare deep between her thighs. Molly groaned as she felt his tongue dance in her mouth, slide over her chin and down her neck to explore her breasts, lavishing them with careful attention to every inch of their scented peaks. She sighed, holding his head onto her breast, feeling him suckle her erect nipple hungrily, trapping it delicately between his teeth while flicking the tip of his tongue on the tender bud.

Jimmy pushed her gently back onto the cushions and ran his hands along her thighs, parting them and pulling her skirt up to expose a pleasant surprise; underneath her tights, she was wearing the pink panties he’d been wanking into the day before. He stroked her legs and smiled, then kissed his way along the nylon highway to place his lips on her silky slit, breathing her musky fragrance deep until his head swam with desire for her.

Molly bit her lip as she felt his tongue flutter over her crotch and along the sides of her panties, moaning softly, her pussy lips opening like the petals of a flower to receive the moist stimulation of Jimmy’s mouth. She spread her legs wide either side of his head, resting her feet on his back to trap him between her thighs, holding him tight in the heat of her crotch and pushing herself on to his tongue. The clean smell of her pussy excited Jimmy’s tongue into a frenzy of licking and lapping, soaking the thin barrier between him and her pungent flesh. His teeth tore at her tights, trying to break through, nipping her skin inadvertently in his haste to taste her and, as Molly tried to ease them down, and he dug his nails into them and pulled hard, tearing them free with a rending sound that she felt sure her husband would hear. She watched the door carefully until her vision blurred and heaved a sigh of relief as they remained undisturbed; then gave herself completely to Jimmy’s intimate caresses.

He’d pulled the crotch of her knickers into her bushy slit, parting the lips until they bulged out and licking them gently, sucking her silk-wrapped clit until it throbbed as hard as his cock; feeding on her hot crème as swiftly as it trickled between her thick, puffy lips. He wanted to bury his tongue right up into the steaming slit, but contented himself by lapping at her hairy pussy, taking his time in building her pleasure to a peak. He sinuously slid his tongue down her crack and pushed both hands under her fat cheeks, lifting her onto his lips to suck her clit, looking up over the marbled horizon of her big, round belly to gauge her reaction; her eyes were closed, mouth open, panting softly, rapidly, shaking her head from side-to-side as though denying this was happening, her hands squeezing both tits to enhance her obvious pleasure as she bucked into his mouth, pushing her clit against his wiggling tongue. Noisily, Jimmy sucked harder, gently fondling fat arse, running a hand between her thick thighs into the hairy slit and pushing a finger into her wet pussy, holding on tight as she writhed in his face. The smell of her cum intoxicated his lust and spurred him to suck harder, nipping her clit with his teeth as he slid his finger back and forth in the slippery hole, chewing her lips on the way down to sliding the tip of his tongue alongside his finger, licking the crème from it as pulled it out and plunged his tongue right up her juicy cunt, dripping spittle into her crack and drinking her juices as fast as they flowed down his throat. He ran his finger tips along the back of her thighs, tickling the sensitive skin and lifting them up to enable his tongue to delve deeper in her sopping wet crack, flicking it round her rosy ring while dipping his nose into the scented pool of her cunt, then using it to rub her clit as he pushed his tongue back inside her cunt to lewdly suck the juices out.

Molly thought her heart would burst, so fast was it pounding, as she felt him lick her out. She crushed him between her thighs and sucked hard on her breast, partly through intense pleasure, but mostly to stop herself crying out from ecstasy. Never before had she felt so dirty, yet so sensual, as a woman and revelled in her grandson’s love, willing him on to make her cum. Waves of bliss rippled through her, each one rising higher than the other, cresting one peak only to climb inexorably to another, then another, seeking the ultimate wave that would wash her away into utter ecstasy. She moaned as his tongue teased around the very spot she needed him to hit, then groaned when it was drawn deep between his lips; deeper, sucked within a wet vortex that sweetly drew her orgasm into his mouth that opened to receive all she could give.

“Oh, Jimmy, that was beautiful,” she whispered, opening her eyes to see him sitting beside her.

He blew her a kiss and licked his wet lips, savouring the flavour of her and stroking his hard cock meaningfully. Molly hesitated for a moment before deciding she’d repay the compliment and suck him, leaning over to kiss the head softly, smothering the hard nob with her lips then trailing her tongue down to his big balls, sucking them gently and sliding back up to the tip under his guiding hand. His low moan encouraged her to take the head in her mouth and suck it like a whore – as her husband said it was something a lady never did – finding the taste not unpleasant. She cupped his balls in her hand and sucked a little deeper, feeling him throb hard on her tongue. A husky groan greeted her as she bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, telling her she wasn’t doing much wrong. Emboldened, she went deeper and gagged as the head filled the back of her throat, and so she withdrew to grab some air, moving her hand from his balls to wrap around his shaft at the limit of her ability to take him in. The tick-tock of the clock acted as a metronome, measuring out each stroke of her mouth, moving with more confidence in a subtle rhythm that felt natural to her, she squeezed his shaft and felt his pre-cum coat her tongue, using it as a lubricant, sucking faster, harder, until she felt his hands pull her free with a moist slurp.

Surprised, she was about to ask if something was wrong when his lips fell upon hers with a hunger that took her breath away; their tongues swapped the secret taste of each other, feeding their desire to share the deeper meaning of each others love in a way that ignored the conventions of society.

“Slide up on me gran,” Jimmy whispered in her ear, “I mean, Molly,” he corrected himself, much to her pleasure.

“Are you sure I won’t be to heavy?” she asked, wriggling up into his lap, helped on by his strong hands.

Jimmy grunted and shook his head, concentrating on guiding his hard cock between her soft thighs into the welcoming wet heat of her hairy cunt. It slipped in smoothly with a slight push of his hips and he sighed blissfully, grabbing a chunky handful of her lovely big arse in both hands and a healthy mouthful of luscious tit-flesh to suck on, becoming enveloped in the sweetly scented rolls and folds of her big, beautifully soft body.

Molly gasped as she felt him fill her to the brim, wrapping her arms around his neck and laying her feet on his firm thighs to get a better grip and keep her balance in this unfamiliar position. She held him to her breast, suckling him like a child and taking him deep inside her to feel him fill her like a man, moving slowly on his thick hard shaft.

They rocked gently together for a while, absorbing the erotic tension to enhance their pleasure, writhing into a sensual rhythm that brought them gasping to a new level of sexual awareness. Panting with bliss, Jimmy kissed his way up to her lips and flexed his stiff muscle deep inside her trembling body. The slick heat of her tight cunt still amazed him and he ground his meat deeper before sliding back, rolling her ample tits in both hands as he pumped her gently. Her moan of pleasure was matched by his cry of surprise at finding her so tight and hot, then muffled between another passionate kiss that took their breath away.

Her cunt rippled around his cock, milking him of more pre-cum that slipped down his shaft and onto his balls, smacking in the crack of her arse as Molly began to bounce faster, riding him harder.

“Yes, Molly, yes; like that,” Jimmy whispered, leaning back slightly to match his thrusts with hers, sliding up to meet her coming down and pulling her cheeks wider, stretching her cunt to make sure she took every inch of his cock.

In this position he could see every ripple of her body and came to understand a fundamental truth about beauty – despite all his preconceptions about pert breasts, firm thighs and supple skin, he could see that they meant nothing without the inner glow of a woman’s natural beauty – and, despite the fact his grandma’s tits sagged a little with age and the wrinkles on her skin were more pronounced, he realised she was beautiful simply because she felt beautiful; her mouth open, tongue sliding along her lips as though savouring the taste of him; her eyes half-closed, enraptured with the sensual delight of taking him deep; her hands resting lightly on his shoulders, nails digging in whenever he thrust too hard; her tits shaking from side to side, and up and down in a hectic dance as she rode him harder, striving to reach the orgasm he felt tingling through her body. Jimmy slid his hands round to take the bouncing beauties in both hands and pull her towards his lips, kissing her passionately as he gave them a loving squeeze.

“Yes, Jimmy,” she gasped between his lips, feeling him swell deep inside her pussy, “yes, my darling,” she breathed faster, rubbing her clit on his hard body, “oh yes, my sweet baby – I love you!”

The final three words echoed through Jimmy’s mind as she buried her face in the crook of his neck and bit savagely into the skin, shuddering to a halt when he wrapped his arms around her and thrust hard enough to raise her up on his throbbing cock. Molly felt the nerves between her trapped clit and pinched nipples ignite a surge of pleasure that shivered down her spine, and explode in her pussy; gushing over Jimmy’s balls that pulsed under her buttocks, pumping hot spurts of spunk within her own orgasm, intensifying the sensations to an almost unbearable peak before subsiding into a trembling afterglow that surrounded them with an aura of utter bliss. He managed to stifle his cries on her breast, kissing them in a delirium of excitement and sucking her nipples harder with each passing wave until the ecstasy passed with a languorous sigh, tinged with a lingering regret that the ride was over. Slowly, they came down to earth and Jimmy retained the presence of mind to slide his hands down her back, and pull her knickers back into place as he slipped from her creamy cunt, letting them soak the crotch rather than her couch – that may take some explaining! he thought wryly.

“That was lovely, Jimmy,” his gran said, with a dreamy smile of the well-fucked-woman on her lips.

Not given to a poetic turn of phrase, he nevertheless surprised himself, and her, by replying; “you were beauty in my arms, Molly.”

His grandma beamed brightly and gave him a long, loving kiss that slid from his lips to the tip of his cock, licking him clean and sucking their combined juices into her mouth; something she’d always wanted to do.

“The pleasure,” she said, feeling his cum seep into her knickers with a thrill of pleasure that made her clit tingle, “was all mine.”

His grandpa woke to find his wife sat exactly where she was when he went to sleep and Jimmy sat in his chair, watching the news and eating a snack to keep him going for the journey home.

Jimmy caught the train on time and was back in his own room by 10pm, unpacking his bag where he found a tightly wrapped package under his clothes. He took it out with a smile of recognition and read the note attached:

I thought you’d enjoy having these as much as I enjoyed having you in them. love, Molly. XXX

Jimmy placed them carefully in the bottom drawer, under a pile of sweaters, and lay on his bed looking at the ceiling until he fell into a dreamless sleep; content to see what the next day would bring without fear for his future.

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