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Mary’s Own Medicine

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WE were at Mary and Huw’s for a dinner party … eight of us. Huw is a writer of modest achievement – so far as he always reminds us – who supplements his income lecturing at the local university. Mary, a striking woman in her early 40’s, is a doctor.

Huw jokes that all the great writers — Dickens, Wilde – did their apprenticeships via the backing of wealthy wives. We always tell him he’s not a great writer but Mary is certainly wealthy — old money.

Their dinner parties are legendary with cost never an issue and this night was to be no different on that count. But it was different for another reason. Something that might have been hinted at before, something deep between us all unspoken in the past suddenly became a wonderful and startling reality.

I was at the party with my wife, Jennifer. The other couples were Tom and Chrissie and Tania and Ivan. Our friendships are very strong, forged by school fetes, sharing the burdens of bringing up families and nights like tonight when there are no rules. Friends with whom you can just let go are very precious indeed.

Huw and Mary’s house lends itself to these sorts of parties. There are plenty of bedrooms if people don’t want to drive home, so we tend to drink a fair bit. There’s a spa, a swimming pool and a lake and in summer, skinny-dipping is almost mandatory with so many opportunities on offer. Summer was also a great time to use the outdoor entertainment area that was big enough to stage a ball.

This night however, we were seated in Mary and Huw’s magnificently huge dining room. She had inherited the farm-house from her mother and father, a former Governor with a knighthood. Most of the farm had been sub-divided, adding further to the wealth, but four or five acres old of the estate remained, with the house deep inside a grove of conifers. Once again sparing nothing, Mary had completely renovated an old barn at the back of the farm-house, turning it into a surgery from where she worked.

This night, the food was as brilliant as ever. The main course, prime King Island beef fillet, had been whisked away by the maid hired for the night, the cheese and bikkies were out and next round of bottles of “best wine only” opened.

Somewhere around the table, the topic suddenly became silly games we played as children.

Chrissie said she’d played spin the bottle at her 10th birthday party with the boy down the street on whom she had a crush at the time. He was about 13 and he’s put his tongue inside her mouth and she didn’t know what to do.

“No such problem these days,” chimed in Tom. “That tongue of your knows exactly what it’s doing.”

Tania had been a convent girl and she said she’d only ever played musical chairs and hide-and-seek.

“Well,” said Mary, “and you’ll laugh at this now, but we used to play a game called funny doctors.

“It started out as doctors and nurses but as we headed into pubescence, got a bit more daring and we’d operate on our sexual buds. I thought it all a pretty normal part of growing up.”

“Now you mention it, I did that sort of thing with a couple of my cousins,” Ivan said. “I remember I got my first erection that way. They operated on it for me. We really had no idea of what we’re doing but I certainly remember being very excited by it.”

Eventually, except for Tania who had often battled with her convent up-bringing when we went swimming, we all admitted to a similar experience and mostly remembered how we’d been aroused without fully knowing why.

“Innocence is wonderful,” Chrissie said. “It wouldn’t be the same now, it would be just pure old lust.”

“And what’s wrong with lust,” said Jennifer, my wife, a girl who never had a problem with such a thing. “Why don’t play it now and see what just sort of reaction we all have?”

“You’re kidding,” Chrissie laughed. “We’re all in our 40’s, not pre-pubescent and know exactly what causes erections and what’s makes them get un-erect, as in ejaculation.”

“Wouldn’t that make is more fun,” Huw said? “Back then we thought we might have been doing something naughty. But if we all joined in now, we’d know how naughty it was.”

“You’re a dill Huw,” Tania said. “But I love you for it.”

“No, I am serious,” said Huw. “I wish I’d known then what I know now. Then I would really have got off on sweet Susie Parish down the road blowing air on my old fellow to stop it being red and swollen.”

We all laughed and then Mary said: “What about we go out to the surgery and have a bit of fun? At least we’ll have the right equipment. And it’ll sure beat skinny dipping since it about six degrees outside.”

There were a lot of strange and quizzical looks, but no one said no, so we followed her out along the covered walkway and into the surgery.

“Welcome to my workplace, then,” she said. Like everything else of Mary’s, it was huge and opulent. We stood in the waiting room as she turned on all the lights and set the heating at a summery 25 degrees.

“Okay, I’ll open up this dividing wall so we can use the surgery and the waiting room,” Mary said.

She moved in first and sat at her desk.

“Not fair,” said Chrissie, “you can’t be the doctor.

“All right,” she said with a wicked little grin, “I’ll be the patient then.”

“Bags being the doctor,” I said.

“Well that’s sorted,” Mary said. “What’s next?”

“Everyone else should sit in the waiting room,” I said.

They arranged the plush chairs so they were all facing into the studio and took their seats.

I then went and sat behind Mary’s desk and beckoned my “patient” to sit in the chair on the other side.

“How can I help you today Mary,” I said in my best bed-side manner voice.

“Doctor, I have a rash I am very worried about,” Mary said demurely.

“What sort of rash,” I inquired?

“Oh it’s read and splotchy and awful,” she said.

“Sounds nasty, I had better take a look at it,” I said. “Where is it?”

“Oh it’s all over my chest,” she said. Obviously Mary was up for some fun and there was a cheer from the waiting room.

“Would you like to go behind the curtain then and take off your blouse,” I said.

“Certainly doctor.”

Mary walked to the screen but not behind it, which meant we could all still see her. There she took off her blouse … no big deal. We had seen her bollocky naked in the past, so this was pretty tame. I looked around and found her stethoscope. I got up out of the chair and went to her and put the stethoscope on to her exposed chest.

“Mmmm,” very nasty I said, “it’s really spreading over your body.”

“Yes,” she said,” will you need to see it all to make a diagnosis?”

“I think that would be wise,” I replied. I heard a, ahem, titter, from the waiting room and I looked across to see the other six smiling like split lemons. And Huw had the biggest grin.

“Would you mind taking off your bra,” I said softly.

“If it will help with the cure doctor, of course,” Mary said.

She took off her bra and I put the stethoscope on to her chest and moved it over her breasts. I heard a happy little sigh in my ears.

“Look I just need to feel the rash, just to be sure,” I said, hearing the words and not quite believing what I said.

While skinny-dipping, we might have accidentally touched one another’s spouses. However, none of us had ever done anything as deliberate as this.

I wondered what Mary’s response might be but she just stood there and pushed her breasts out waiting for me to feel them.

I took them firmly in my hands, lingering a little longer than elsewhere on the nipples.

Mary’s nipples have been a source of joy for me. They are deep brown and almost perfectly round.

“Look’s it even here,” I said, squeezing the nipples between my fingers. ” I’d better get a closer look.”

“I am in your hands, doctor,” Mary said in a voice that left no doubt she was enjoying all this. I leant forward to get a better look and flicked each nipple with my tongue.

“Look, I think a regular daily massage is what’s needed,” I said. “Like this!”

And again I squeezed her breasts and wrapped her nipples in between my thumb and fingers, feeling them become firm.

“That enough,” I heard my wife says and I thought oops, the game’s up. But instead of calling it off she was pressing on with it.

“It’s someone else’s turn,” Jennifer said. “I’ve always envied Mary for being a doctor, so I bags the doctor role next.”

Tom leapt to his feet. “Patient,” he shouted!

Mary put her blouse back on … not the bra I noticed … and we both sat down on the chairs.

Jennifer then invited Tom into the surgery.

“How are you Tom, haven’t seen you for a while, what’s the problem,” Jennifer asked?

“Well,” he looked at Mary, “it’s a rash.”

“Oh there’s a lot of that going around,” Jennifer said, smiling at all of us, then adding, “I’m going to need a look at it, just where about is it?”

“Well, that’s the difficult bit, it’s in a private place.”

“That’s okay Tom,” Jennifer said, “we doctors see all sorts of bits of people bodies, it’s all done very professionally, so no need to be embarrassed. Just unbutton your shirt Tom.”

“It’s not underneath my shirt,” he said, barely holding back a smile. “It’s lower.”

Jennifer didn’t miss a beat. “Well drop the old strides then,” she said.

So Tom did.

“I’m afraid the undies are going to have to come down, too,” said Jennifer.

There was a theatrical whoa from the waiting room.

Tom put on a sheepish look and pulled down his underwear.

There was his “affliction” standing up nice and straight for the doctor to look at.

“Well,” Jennifer said, “this could be harder than I thought.”

She ran the stethoscope down his penis.

“Mmmm, blood seems to be getting to the area in good amounts,” she said.

“It is sore to touch?”

“I am not sure,” Tom said.

“Oh well, only one way to find out,” Jennifer said and ran her hand along his penis.

“Sore there?” ” A little.” “And here?” “Yes.”

“And how does this feel,” Jennifer said, wrapping her hand around the head of his penis and slowly masturbating it.”

“Oh, very sore. I think it needs to be kissed better,” Tom said.

There was a bit of a gasp from the waiting room, I can tell you, suggesting poor old Tom might have gone a bit too far in his excitement.

But Jennifer was anything but fazed. I think Mary’s boldness had become as contagious as the fictional rash.

“Just the treatment I was going to recommend,” Jennifer said. “I will need to get the nurse in for this though, it’s a very difficult treatment. Tom, could you pop up on the bench for me, lying on your back please?”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Jennifer looked at Tania and said. “Nurse, can you come in here please, we have a patient I need some help with/”

Tania looked at Ivan, hesitating momentarily — the convent girl remember? — before Jennifer repeated the order and more firmly this time.

Nurse Tania got to her feet and walked over to the bench where Tom was now lying on his back, his penis reaching for the sky.

“I’ll just need you to hold this for me nurse,” Jennifer said, pointing at Tom’s erection.

Tania moved closer and gently gripped the base of his penis. She was still a little apprehensive, but did as she was told.

“Thank you, now keep it nice and firm while I … and her words disappeared as she enveloped the head in her mouth and began sucking. To say all this was unbelievable was a major understatement. But there was not a protest from anyone, certainly not Tom.

After about 30 seconds, she stood up again. “Mmmm,” she said, “how was that?

Tom moaned something indecipherable, but you knew it meant good.

“I think I can see the problem. Nurse we need to wrap this in something warm, a poultice, can you prepare one.”

Tania got a horrified look on her face as she worked out what Jennifer meant.

“Look I’ll help you. You just lie still there Tom while I get the treatment ready for you.”

Jennifer went to Tania and lifted up her skirt. This was really out of control but no one wanted it to end, either. Those in the waiting room were quietly hoping for their turn. And the further those before them went, the more chance they had of a good time when their moment as patient or doctor did come.

And suddenly, Tania was over her nerves as well.

Sufficient to allow Jennifer to pull down her knickers and gently rub in between the top of her legs.

She then leant forward and kissed Tania while her free hand squeezed her breast.

“Yes, that should help, the perfect poultice, nice and warm and moist,” Jennifer said after about a minute. “Now all we need to do is administer it.

Jennifer motioned Tania, who was by now hypnotized by her own arousal, to climb on to table and straddle Tom. We could see his penis slip into her and both murmured. Ivan wriggled on the couch, trying to make his erection comfortable in his trousers. Watching his wife having sex with another bloke was sending him wild, just as watching my wife had turned me on.

“Now we just need to keep that going for a little while and the swelling will go and that will ease the rash too,” Jennifer said.

“Tania, I think we can make the poultice work more quickly, here, let me help you.”

Jennifer began taking off Tania’s top, then her bra. She kissed her on the lips, then moved down to her bare breasts. Tania responded wildly to all this stimulating, riding up and down on Tom like a rodeo cowgirl.

Soon, he squirmed, raised himself upwards in a large thrust and exploded.

“Perfect, I think we’ve fixed the problem Tom,” Jennifer said. “Now the nurse will just have to help you clean up and you can be on your way.”

Tania by now had a glazed look on her face that said “fuck me, I want to come, too!”

“Oh I am sorry Tania,” Jennifer said. She motioned Tania off the table, then pushed her back against it, opening her legs to full view.

By now, doctors and nurses were kind of over. Huw came over to where Tania was, let slip his trousers and began to have straight sex with her. He had become so excited by the previous episodes, he came quickly so Ivan moved in to finish off his wife.

“Darling,” she said “your convent girl is now a slut.” That took him over the top and still Tania had not had her orgasm.

What could I do but help out.

I slipped in where Ivan had been, feeling the stickiness of his presence, and managed to finish Tania off at the same time as I began spurting.

“This is all well and good for Tania and you blokes,” I heard a female voice say. “But I started this game and all I’ve got so far is a kiss on the nipples.”

It was Mary. Tom was in the best state to help her out so he climbed down off the table and whipped off her top, then undid her skirt. He laid her on the floor and quietly worked his way into her.

I went to Jennifer and did the same to her. Mary and Huw had a very expensive carpet and it was like being in bed. Someone dimmed the lights.

There was a lot of moaning and shifting around for half an hour. I know I had sex with Mary after Jennifer, and maybe Tania again. It was all a mist.

Eventually, the excitement ended, with all of us spent. Mary invited us into the spa, which was heated, and we sat in the warms waters, still naked and stared at each other.

We were in awe of our boldness.

Tania was the first to speak at any length. “You don’t know how much I’ve always wanted to do that,” she said. “Ivan and I had talked about it, but, well, you never think it’s going to happen.

“I hope you’re okay darling.”

“Fine,” Ivan said, “better than fine.”

“What about everyone else,” said Mary? “Obviously we’d all been keeping this bottled up for a while. And I’ll be the first to admit it’s much more fun as an adult. Huw was right, knowing full well it was so naughty doubled the excitement.

“I love Huw mightily, but it was so exciting to be touched by another man. I guess at our age we all need something more to spark up our sex lives.

“That’s what I tell my patients who are having marital problems. A little of my own medicine has been just terrific.”

There was a murmur of hear hear as we left the spa and ambled off to our appointed bedroom, each with our own partner.

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