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On Being the ‘Other Man’

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Sometimes I wake up at night and I can still feel her mouth on me. I wrap my arms around myself and ache to feel her body on mine, lick my fingers and wish I could taste her salty skin, find my hands inside my shorts and fool myself for just a minute that it is her hands on me, making me moan. Still, this is not nearly as difficult as being in her presence. To admire her, watching her move, studying every curve and remembering how my hands explored, no, loved every one of them. To talk with her, not hearing the sounds she makes, only seeing the shapes that form as they exit her lips, knowing how wonderful it felt to be inside her mouth.

I try not to touch her; I think we have maybe shook hands once since it happened and nothing more. I do not think I am in love with her. I try to talk myself into believing it is mere infatuation. Besides, it does not matter anyway. I can never again have this woman I so desire, you see, she is my father’s wife.

It happened two years ago, the weekend of my baby sisters wedding. A three-hour drive for me, I had planned on taking the Friday before the big day off as to arrive early in the afternoon, giving myself enough time to get settled before the rehearsal and dinner. A good nights sleep was important to me because as a groomsman, all of the guys in the wedding party, including the fathers, were getting up early Saturday morning for a round of golf before donning our tuxes and heading to the chapel. I had planned on staying at a hotel but my father insisted I stay with him in the house he shared with his wife.

As my bad luck would have it, an emergency at work cut short my plans. I had been working for the same company for four years and had finally clawed my way to middle management and abandoning this disaster would surely cost me the next highly coveted rung on the corporate ladder. I called my sister and told her I would be there as soon as I could but that I might miss the rehearsal. Knowing how hard I had been working and how important my job was to me, she told me she understood. “Just be there by the time the organ plays ‘Here Comes the Bride’, or your dead!” she laughed.

I figured I would be out of the office and on the highway by noon, however, the clock on my dash read 3:43 as I pulled out of the company garage. I went home for a quick shower and was on the highway by 4:30. A gorgeous spring weekend, traffic was heavy with travelers heading for the shore, but I still felt I could make it to the 8:00 rehearsal dinner just in time. I was wrong. About 15 exits short of my destination, traffic started getting thick. Ignoring my instinct to get off the highway and take back roads, I quickly watched the ‘stop and go’ traffic in front of me turn into just plain ‘stop’. Trapped between exits, I turned on a news station to learn a jackknifed tractor-trailer had closed the highway ahead. Indefinitely.

“Shit!” I muttered. “Can this day get any worse?” I got my dad on the cell and explained my predicament. “Just get here safe,” he said. “We will leave the front light on.” It was just short of 1:30 when I pulled into his driveway. Exhausted, I lugged my belongings out of the car and headed up the walkway. As promised, the porch light was on. So was the one in the kitchen.

Barbara greeted me at the door. “So, how was your trip?” she asked with sympathetic frown. A mumble was all I could manage as I entered the foyer and put down my bags. Barbara wrapped her arms around me and with an affectionate hug that made me feel a little better said “Well, your safe now. How about some tea?”

My dad had met Barbara, a widower, about three years after my mother left him for another man and they were married about two years after that. I had always liked her and thought she was a wonderful partner for my heartbroken father. She was in her late 50’s and very attractive, brunette hair, brown eyes, a few extra pounds but a wonderful womanly figure with ample breasts. “My dad always was a breast man,” I thought to myself as I sipped my tea across the table from Barbara, admiring her in her silky bathrobe under the soft dinning room lights. “Just like me.”

“I told your father to get some sleep and that I would wait up so he could be up in time for your golf match in the morning. Do you think you will be able to make it?”

I glanced at the clock on the wall. It read 2:00. I groaned. “I’m going to try!”

We chatted a while more. The friendly conversation and warm tea had me feeling better, helping me forget the past 12 hours. I had never been alone with Barbara and I enjoyed the few moments we shared together. I could see why my dad loved her. She rose from the table to remove our teacups and as she bent over to pick mine up, her gown opened slightly revealing the tops of her milky white breasts. A small drop of cream spilled off my saucer as she lifted it and she wiped it up with her finger and licked it off. “Now you need to get to bed,” she said with a smile and playfully touched my nose with the same wet finger.

She had the guest room set up for me and as we pulled down the sheets of the queen size bed together, it was agreed that she would have my father try to wake me up at 6 AM. “Goodnight Honey,” she said as she gave me another gentle hug. Her back felt wonderful and warm beneath the silkiness of her nightgown as I returned her embrace. She kissed my cheek and I felt her warm breath in my ear. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

Sleep came quickly, but in the few minutes between states of consciousness, I kept thinking of Barbara. Ever since I was a kid I had had older woman fantasies, what healthy American boy has not? But I had never though of my father’s wife that way. I drifted off to sleep with an image of Barbara in my mind, a small drop of white cream on her fingertip, disappearing amid her warm, pink lips. A soft sucking sound. Then, sleep.


I was awaken by soft fingertips stroking my naked back. “Hey? Sleepyhead?” A pleasing feminine voice. “Are you gonna wake up?” I rolled myself over and looked up to see Barbara. She smiled. “Good morning sleepyhead.”

“Good morning,” I rubbed my tired eyes, a bit disorientated. “What time is it?”

“It’s about ten, Hon. Your Dad tried to get you up but nothin’ doin’ ”

“Oh man,” I said with a disappointed yawn. “Was he pissed that I didn’t get up?”

“No, he understood.” She pulled my sheets back. All I had on were boxers. “Well, look at you.” She smiled. “How about a hot breakfast?”

After throwing on a shirt, I joined Barbara in the Kitchen. She put a plate before me and began filling it with eggs, bacon, hash browned potatoes and toast. “Whoa, Barb! What are you trying to do to me here? I have to keep in shape for the ladies,” I laughed as I took a sip of some much needed coffee.

“Sweetie, what are you worried about? You look great. Why if I were your age…”

“Hey, you have the next best thing…my dad.” I was a virtual clone of my father. Same black hair, his receding hairline and salt and pepper highlights, a road map to where mine was heading. We shared the same dark brown eyes, half blind without glasses, though I had recently opted for contacts. I had also inherited his stocky frame that was prone to holding onto extra pounds if I was not careful. In fact, the only thing I think my old man did not pass on to me was his diabetes. For this, I was grateful, especially after watching him begin to suffer complications from his disease. In particular, he had begun to complain of circulation problems. The tingling hands and cold feet he could live with, but what bothered him most (he had confided in me one night over a beer a month or two before) was that he had been having problems getting and maintaining an erection.

“Jeeze dad, what are you telling me this for?”

“I just needed to talk to someone about it. I can’t speak to my buddies about something like this.” I saw his point. “It worries me that I can’t always satisfy Barbara. She’s a very,” he hesitated, “well, she’s a horny women.”

It is this that I thought of as I watched her dance around the kitchen in her white t-shirt and shorts, cleaning up the breakfast mess with the energy of a hummingbird. Her legs looked very lovely in her khaki shorts, long and tanned nicely from working in her garden. I admired them from her soft thighs, to her strong calves and down to her ankles. Through her brown sandals flashed freshly painted toenails.

“After you take your shower, can I model my dress for you?”

“Sure!” I said as I finished my breakfast and got up to help her at the sink with the rest of the dishes. We did not talk much but she smiled every time she handed me a plate to rinse and dry. Our hands would touch every once and again. She pressed up against me while reaching for a sponge and I felt her warm bosom on my arm. She was not wearing a bra. She went to hand me a freshly cleaned coffee cup and the slippery porcelain fell from her hand and into the soapy dishwater. Water splashed on us both and we laughed. Small drops of water on her t-shirt revealed glimpses of brown nipple underneath.

“Thanks for breakfast,” I said as we put the last plate away. “And for the company too.” I kissed her on the cheek.

“Come on,” she smiled. “Let’s get ready.”

The bathroom was adjacent from her and my father’s bedroom. I shaved at the mirror in my boxers with the door half open. Barbara went into her room to get dressed leaving her door half open as well. We chatted through the open doors about the day’s events as we each readied ourselves for the wedding. When I was prepared to get in the shower, I left the door as it was. The shower stall had a clear glass door with no frosting as some do to distort the bather inside. As I showered I could clearly see into Barbara’s room through the half opened doors. Most of the time she was out of view but every now and then, she would pass behind the open area of the door in various stages of dress. As the glass began to fog up and I could no longer see out clearly, I heard Barbara’s voice.

“Just have to grab my lipstick Hon. Off the vanity.”

I saw her silhouette enter the bathroom and exit leaving the door completely open as she left. As she reentered her room, I could see that she had left her door all the way open as well. With both doors open, I could now see unobstructed into her room. It was hard to make out because of the fog on the glass, but it looked to me like she was sitting on the edge of her bed. She appeared to be on the corner with her legs straddling either side. I swore it looked like her dress was hiked up and that her hands were in her lap. To see better, I wiped a tiny peephole through the fog on the shower door. As I peered through, I saw that my sight was not as distorted as I initially thought. Barbara was in the exact position I had imagined she was. What I could not make out before, but could now clearly see, was that she was masturbating.

My heart began to race. I looked again. She was watching me shower, touching herself as she did. Now my mind began to race as well. I had a major, life altering decision to make. This was my father’s wife. While my heart and mind debated the next move, a third party entered the contest. I suddenly felt myself becoming very aroused. Sexually dormant since splitting with my girlfriend about 6 months prior, except for the occasional late night jack off session, my penis commenced engorgement. Reason and common sense were abandoned as I continued to watch Barbara finger herself under white panties through the silver dollar sized peephole I had made in mist of her shower door. My hand moved down my wet body and I began stroking my growing member. Pure lust governed all decisions from that point on.

My soapy hand felt wonderful on my rapidly stiffening cock. I leaned my body against the wet tile, water showering over me, as my free hand wiped my peephole into a large dripping slash in the foggy glass. Barbara looked so beautiful. Her white dress hiked up to her waist, her sexy legs dressed in tan stockings held by white suspenders, her back arched, her left hand unseen within her lacy white panties. Her face was stunning, lightly made up, breathing deeply through slightly parted lips. I wondered what she was thinking as she watched me. I wiped away another window in the misty shower door, just south of the one I was looking through. I wanted her to see how turned on I was. I wanted her to see my cock, harder than it had been in months. I wanted her to watch me masturbate as I was watching her. As I began to lose myself in my own pleasure, the wonderful vision of Barbara slowly faded back to silhouette as fog reclaimed the glass. When I finally lost sight of Barbara I turned off the water, took a deep breath and opened the shower door.

The bathroom was all misty from the hot shower. With the door now open, nothing remained between Barbara and I except ten footsteps and a cloud of steam. I stepped out of the shower, water dripping from my excited body. Barbara continued to touch herself as I walked slowly into her room. As excited as we both were, I could still sense a certain amount of trepidation in us both as I now stood, fully erect, before her.

She started to say something but I put my finger to her lips and she stopped. We looked each other in the eyes and after a moment, Barbara kissed my fingertip. With that our eyes silently gave consent and she parted her lips and slowly sucked my finger into her mouth. I ran my other hand through her hair as she lovingly sucked on my finger. Passion building, I slid it from her mouth, took my cock in my hand and guided it to her soft lips. Barbara held onto the base of my cock as she accepted the tip into her warm mouth. I let out a soft moan as she sucked lightly on the head and then rolled her tongue around it. She let go of my cock and her hands slowly made their way to my butt. As she caressed my ass, she slowly guided my firm dick deeper into her mouth.

The feelings of pleasure Barbara’s mouth gave me cannot be described here with pen and paper. Wet and wonderful, sucking gently, her supple tongue rolled from one side of my shaft to the other as she sucked me in deeper and deeper still. Barbara’s fingers began to explore between my butt cheeks as my cock disappeared completely inside her gorgeous mouth. Her fingers began to tickle my hole as she rocked me back and forth, in and out of her lips.

“Oh Barbara!” I moaned as I made love to her mouth.

Slowly, she looked up at me, letting my cock slide from her lips. I came down to her level and we embraced, kissing gently. We parted and she caressed my face. I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy, still lingering on her fingers and took them into my mouth. I sucked on them, tasting her wonderfulness. I kissed her again as my hands found her soft thighs. I enjoyed the silky feel of her stockings as our kisses turned more passionate. My hands found their way to her panties and I began to pull them down. Barbara lifted herself and I broke away from our delicious kiss so I could remove them. I pulled her panties down her magnificent legs, adoring each silky curve. Once removed, I brought the lacy garment to my face and breathed in deep. I did not think I could be any more turned on at that point but the dark, dusky scent pressed me to the point of no return. I had to have this woman at all costs, no matter whose wife she was.

I looked up at Barbara as I unstraped her shoes and slid them from her feet. My eyes never left hers as I sucked and licked her stocking toes. Barbara was softly purring, caressing her large breasts through her clothing. I continued loving her feet making my way to her ankles and then up her calves. I licked and sucked her stocking clad gams, caressing them, loving them. Her thighs were full but firm as I reached the edge of her nylons. At the seam, soft silk turned to wonderful, salty flesh. I tasted every inch of skin on my way to her waiting pussy.

Her muff was dark and earthy. I situated her sexy legs over my shoulders as my tongue got lost inside her sodden hole. Her clitoris was full and ripe with lust, her labia puffy and delicious. I ate her pussy like a starving man, alternating between sucking on her clit and sliding my tongue as deep inside her as I could. Her hips bucked back and forth and the feeling of her sleek nylon legs on my neck and shoulders only intensified my excitement. Warm juices dripped out of her and down the soft skin between holes. No drop went wasted.

Barbara was moaning heavily now, her fingers lost in my hair. “Oh Baby! Make love to me baby! Please make love to me!”

I started to kiss my way up her body, taking her dress with me as I went. Mouths met and we broke away only long enough to get the dress over her head. My hands found Barbara’s plentiful breasts as she unhooked her bra to set them free. Light brown freckles dotted her chest. We both fell flat to the bed as I sucked Barbara’s large brown nipples in my mouth. I could feel my cock right up against her dripping pussy. Barbara begged me to put it in her, but I had to know how those gorgeous boobs would feel wrapped around my swollen dick.

I climbed up her body and straddled her chest. Her heavy boobs fell to either side as I lay my cock between them. Seeing what I wanted, Barbara cupped her breasts together over my cock. I reached behind and began to finger her pussy as I fucked her tits. Barbara was moaning heavily but still managed to take my cock head into her open lips between trusts. I could feel Barbara’s pussy beginning to clamp down on my fingers as I watched my dick disappear within he cavernous boobs.

“Oh Baby, put it in me, make love to me!!!!” Her mouth was pleading with me again. I wanted to abide by her but looking at those sultry lips, I had to have them once again. I took my cock out from between her boobs and placed it in her mouth.

“Suck me Barbara! Please, suck me!” I moaned as I felt the inside of her warm mouth once again. Barbara’s mouth was the softest, most wonderful place I have ever been. Loving and passionate, she complied with my request and engulfed me to my pubes. I continued to finger her steaming hole as my passion began to reach boiling point. Barbara moaned as she loved my cock with her mouth. I could feel her starting to cum on my fingers as I adored those sweet, sultry lips on my member. I could tell Barbara wanted to moan out but she was not letting go of my cock until I came with her.

“Oh Barbara, Oh baby!!” My fingers were wet with her cum and once I brought them to my mouth and tasted her sweetness, I myself let go inside her magnificent orifice. Unseen, a warm gush exploded into Barbara’s beautiful mouth.

“Mmmmmmm,” Barbara’s eyes filled with delight as she tasted my love. I held her face close to my body as she continued sucking gently. I was trembling the pleasure was so intense. I stroked her hair and she opened her eyes to meet mine. I said nothing, only admired her beautiful face as my cock began to relax finally, still inside her mouth. Barbara was no longer sucking me, only holding me inside her mouth as I slowly softened. Finally flaccid, she released my tired but happy penis. I exited her lips and she kissed the head softly. A small drop of my cum trickled out the corner of her mouth and I wiped it up with my finger. She licked it off when I put it to her lips. I touched my wet fingertip to her nose and she smiled. I smiled back.

Barbara and I lay face to face in the silence of the bed she shared with my father, holding one another. As my hands caressed her hourglass hips, I tried in vain to define what had just happened between us. My feelings were torn between unadulterated exhilaration and unqualified shame. I was about to share these feelings with Barbara but she spoke before I could.

“I love your father, you know that.”

I nodded.

“I don’t want to lose him, but because of his problem, he cannot love me the way I need to be loved. I did not want to be unfaithful to him. I choose you because you are his. Do you understand this?”

Again, I gave my silent affirmation.

“What we just shared was wonderful and beautiful. But there is still one more thing I need.” Fingers encircled my cock and Barbara’s tongue entered my mouth before I could speak. Barbara stroked my exhausted cock back to life as she kissed me deep and wet. She rolled her body on top of mine and broke free from our kiss. “I asked you to put it in me and now… you’re going to!”

Barbara held my dick under her pussy and lowered her body onto me. Still wet and warm from her orgasm earlier, Barbara’s hole felt as wonderful and inviting as her mouth had been. The warm folds of her insides embraced my cock and she held me deep inside her. She began riding me, slowly at first, leaning forward to kiss me passionately. Then, sitting more upright, she offered me her breasts to worship. I held onto her well-rounded hips as I sucked and lightly bit her fat brown nips. Our momentum escalated with our excitement.

Barbara moaned my name as we made love. Her pussy was so wet you could hear it sloshing up and down on my cock. She called me things like ‘her special baby’ and ‘her wonderful lover’ in between moans and sighs. When she started moaning, “Fuck me! Oh fuck me baby!” I could hold back no longer.

“Oh Barbara, I’m going to cum!”

“Yes baby, cum inside me. Cum with me, deep inside me.”

She dropped her face to mine, kissing me feverishly. Her immense tits pressed on my chest as I grabbed at her hips and ass, pulling myself as deep in her wet cunt as I could. Barbara moaned her pleasure directly into my mouth and clamped her pussy firmly on my throbbing pole. With a furious gush, hot jets of semen filled her womb. She pulled back, only for a second, before trusting herself back on my cock, sending another gooey load deep inside her love nest. I wrapped my arms tightly around her as my spasming private finished unloading inside hers.

Our thrusting and kissing slowly deescalated until we once again found ourselves side by side in each other’s arms. I stroked her hair and caressed her body as she did mine. I feel in love with her body then and there, every mole and freckle, every curve and every secret wet place. “Thank you,” she said tenderly with a gentle kiss.

Like waking from an amazing dream, reality began to steal us from our state of affairs and we both knew that as wonderful as these moments were, they were about to quickly end. Neither wanted to say what had to be, so Barbara kissed my mouth once more and rose from the bed. She looked so exquisite in nothing but her garters and hose, a trail of my cum glistening down her inner thigh and on to her stocking. She went to where her dress was and picked it up. “I guess I need to pick out another dress.”

I smiled politely as I rose from the bed, walked to her and took her in my arms. She seemed surprised by my actions but still returned my embrace with her head on my chest and we stood in each other’s arms silently. We kissed one last time and she smiled as she stroked my face, her eyes damp. With that, she turned and went into her closet. I turned and started to walk out of the room but stopped when I heard her voice, the hint of tears behind her words. “Your tux is in the closet, we picked it up for you. Your dad said we could meet up with him at the church around one thirty.” I glanced at the clock on her nightstand. It was 12:45. Silently, I continued out of her room, picking up her panties from the floor as I did.

Barbara and I resumed preparing for the wedding in silence. After about fifteen minutes, we both emerged from our rooms and she did a little turn for me. “How do I look?”

She had fixed her hair and freshened her make-up. She now wore a red flowered dress, pretty, but not as sexy as the first. “Beautiful.” I replied.

During the short drive to the church, I was consumed with the thought of facing my father. I think Barbara felt the same as she said nothing during the trip but put her hand tightly on mine as we pulled into the parking lot. “We’ll be ok,” she assured.

I was greeted by friends and family with “It’s about time you made it!” and “Thank heaven you’re finally here!” My father shook my hand and gave me a big hug. “Good to see you!” He gave Barbara a kiss and I felt for a moment what could only be described as jealousy.

As I listened to my baby sister exchange her vows, I looked to my family in the pew. There was my Dad, looking very proud, holding Barbara’s hand. Next to them, my mother sitting with her husband, the ‘other man’, the one she had left my father for. I remembered how much I had hated him and blamed him for breaking up my family and making my dad so miserable. It was then that I realized that in one selfish act, I had become the ‘other man’, and I suddenly hated myself for what I had done to my unknowing father.

I pondered these issues the remainder of the wedding and into the reception as well. I politely talked to friends and family as my feelings for Barbara and the shame I felt towards myself waged war inside my brain. Late in the reception, I approached Barbara during a slow song and asked her to dance.

Her hand in mine, I led her to the dance floor as the DJ spun ‘You Belong to Me’ by the Duprees. I put my right arm around her waist and held her left hand to my chest. As her head rested on my shoulder, I silently watched our reflection in the mirrored walls. She looked as breathtaking in my arms as she felt. As the song neared its conclusion, I spoke. “We can never do this again Barbara. I’m so sorry. You made me feel things this morning I never have before and if you were anyone else’s wife, I would sweep you up in my arms right now and take you away with me forever.”

She said nothing, only held me closer as the last few notes of the song faded, ending our dance and our brief love affair forever. I felt a warm, salty tear on my cheek. Was it hers? Mine? I don’t know. Maybe it belonged to both of us. Just like our special morning did.

And always will.

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