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On My Own Now

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This is a coming of age story of a young man in the 1960s.

My father and I never really got along. He was a hard man, few words and worked hard all of his life to provide for his family. He was tough though. When I turned 13 he came to me and told me that he would provide a roof over my head, food on the table and laundry, but if I wanted any thing else that I had to do it for my self.

“Get a job.”

That meant cloths, toys, entertainment, Etc. My father decided that my younger brother and I would be able to make a living. He was carpenter, contractor, cabinetmaker, so that is what he taught us to do. By age 8 he was taking us with him to work and work we did. He expected us to work hard; this was not a game or a play day. So by the time I was 15, I could do most of what a grown man working as a carpenter could do; forms, framing. roofs, finish and trim, cabinets, build a whole house if required. While the guys that I hung out with in high school were earning a $1.25 and hour in a gas station or hamburger joint I was knocking down $4.00-$5.00 driving nails. It was pretty good. I made more than enough to take care of my needs and money left over to support my passion for fast cars. And I loved cars. Horsepower and racing were like an addiction.

I left home at 18 years old. The relationship with my father just got too tough. Were at loggerheads most of the time. I desperately sought his approval, but never seemed to get it. I don’t think that it wasn’t because I hadn’t earned it at times, but instead he just wasn’t able to give it. I cannot ever remember him saying that was a good job, I am proud of you or heaven forbid I love you. Never got that from him. But let me step out of line the least little bit and he would beat my ass good. Like I mentioned he was a hard man. He had kicked my ass more times than I can remember. Not that I hadn’t had it coming, but he got carried away many times when handing out punishment. I never raised a hand to him. Far to afraid of what would happen if I had. So just after I turned 18 I left home. Didn’t say anything to anyone except my little brother. Packed what belongings I had,; cloths, bedding, tools, and spare car parts and left.

At the time I had a really good friend that I hung out with. Joe Crain was his name and we were pretty close. Worked on cars together, drank beer and chased girls. Not to successful in that area though. Joe did have a steady girl friend and her mother used to buy beer for us. Pretty cool. Joe and his girlfriend, Karen, had didn’t exactly have a normal relationship. They fought all the time. They argued, fought broke up, got back together, made love, and started the cycle all over again. It was crazy. Joe’s parents were nice people and seemed to like me. They were aware of what it was like for me at home and felt empathy for me for my situation. Joe’s father had some kind of sales job the kept him on the road and away from home a week to two weeks at a time. He must have made good money because they had a large two story brick home with a three car garage on a large lot in the better part of town. When I moved out they offered me an apartment that was over the garage. For $75 a month. I could keep my tools in the garage and I could have the carport on the end of the garage to work on my car. This was great! The apartment wasn’t big, kitchen, small dining area, medium sized living room and bedroom with bath and it was modestly furnished. It fit my needs and budget, so I moved in. If I was available there was a standing invitation to Sunday dinner every week. Sara Crain was a very good cook and I looked forward to those dinners and her company. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make too many of them as I was usually racing on Sunday afternoon at one of the two local drag strips. Life wasn’t too bad. I missed my brother and sister, but other than that I was getting along pretty well.

At the time I had a 55 Chevy 2-door hardtop with a 327″ motor with Mickey Thompson cross ram intake and two 500 cfm carter AFB carburetors, headers, 30/30 Duntov cam, Mallory dual point ignition and Borg Warner 4-speed transmission with a McLeod dual disc clutch. In the rear were 4.11:1 gears with lift bars to control traction. The car was pretty quick for it’s time. I ran NHRA C/Modified Production at 13.08 seconds and about 110 mph in the quarter against a 12.87 second NHRA national record. I was in the hunt and competitive. This was not a race only car, it spent the majority of it’s time on the street. I had some success with the car on the strip, but that only gave trophies as a reward. My real passion was street racing. It was more exciting, and the monetary benefits were greater. It wasn’t uncommon for me to go out on a Wednesday or Thursday night and pick up $200-$400 street racing. Remember this was back in the early to mid sixties.

I decided to delay going to college for a year or two. Work and save up some money so that I wouldn’t have to work so much and go to school too. Most of my family and friends didn’t think that I would continue my education. They figured that I would work full time or end up in jail. I was kid of a rowdy kid. Loved Racing, drinking beer with my buddies and getting into the occasional fight for the hell of it. That’s what we did. Not real bad, but bad enough for the times.

Having my own place had a lot of advantages for me. No curfew, no asking permission for what I did, lots of freedom. Made me the envy of a lot of my friends. There was a down side to this though. Although I wasn’t very successful with girls at the time what with working, fixing my car and racing I didn’t have a lot of time to date, this opportunity to date got worse. If the girls parents knew who I was and that I had my own apartment they frequently would not let their daughter go out with me. OK, you can’t have everything.

Things on the whole were pretty good. I worked for a number of local contractors. Put in my 8 hours a day monday thru fFriday and was doing very well finically. Had more than enough to live on. Money to put into my car and saved some for school. I sometimes was able to pull Saturday work and once in a while on Sunday. So I was making enough money to support my self nicely and had money left over. Joe’s mother, Sara would buy beer for us which we kept in the frig that was in the garage. We could drink it when we were working on our cars, or doing yard work for her. The rule was, no drunks and we couldn’t leave if we had been drinking. This was OK.

Things went on like this for several months. I had noticed that across from my living room window was the window for both of the upstairs baths at Joe’s house. One was the main bath for the second floor which Joe and his older sister used. She was a sophmore in college and was only home on holidays and during the summer. The other was the bath for the master bedroom. I had a perfect view of both.

The first time that I noticed this was one night as I was turning off the lights to go to bed I notice the master bath light on across the way. I saw Sara enter the bath in her Robe. She reached in to turn on the shower and removed her robe while the water heated up. At 36 she was a very good-looking woman. Pregnant and married before she graduated high school. Trim petite, outstandingly firm figure with raven black hair down to her shoulders. Her breasts were not large, but firm, pert and topped with fairly large nipples. This was an amazing sight, especially for a 18 year old teenager with a bad case of raging hormones. The sight of Sara standing nude in her bathroom window not more that 50 feet from me was causing those hormones to explode. She had shapely well proportioned hips and ass. I could clearly see her pubic area with its tuft of black hair. Was this exciting or what!

I was watching my best friends mother, what was wrong with me, was I some kind of pervert or something, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She stepped into the shower. I couldn’t see her again till she stepped out and toweled off. Wow! Was I enjoying this? After drying off she hung up the towel, put on her robe, turned off the light and left the bathroom. Show over.

As I had the lights off in my apartment I was fairly certain that she had not seem me, at least I hoped that she hadn’t. I ran to my bedroom, threw my self on the bed and jacked off to the best orgasm that I had had in a long time. This routine went on for a couple of more months. I would see her maybe two or three times a week and usually it was the same thing. The only change that occurred was when Monique, Joe’s sister came home for the summer. Then I sometimes got a double feature. Monique would enter the master bath and do her nightly routine. It was like seeing a younger, thinner version of her mother. She had the same outstanding figure; small pert upright breasts with large dark nipples. That same black patch of pubic hair that covered her sex, but not quite as large. For a hormone infused teenager this was unbelievable. Monique’s routine was much the same as her mother’s except for one very exciting difference. A few times while Monique was waiting for the water to heat up she would get heated up. She would stroke her vagina with her fingers and rub her little clitoris to orgasm. This was something that I had never seen before. It was exciting to watch, very exciting. So now my personal voyeur show was a double feature. I must have jacked off a thousand times that summer watching the two of them.

This went on all summer. It was better than TV, which I seldom turned on now that I had live entertainment. This was great. When Monique returned to school in the fall I was back to a single feature, but that was OK, it was still an outstanding show.

I had come to the realization the neither Sara or Monique was aware that I was watching them or they didn’t care. We spoke often during the day and evenings when I was home and they gave no indication that they were aware. I thanked my lucky stars for that. Besides the embarrassment, I was uncertain what other ramifications would occur if they knew. I

liked living there and wasn’t looking forward to having to find another place to live. As sort of a bonus I also got to watch Joe’s girlfriend through the master bath window once. She had stayed over in Monique’s room to go somewhere with Joe early the next morning. It being easier for them to leave very early from Joe’s house rather than pick her up at her home and leave from there. Joe liked girls with big tits and she was no disappointment in this area. Her melons were the size of large cantaloupe halves with small but cute nipples. As she was young so they were firm and high on her chest without a hint of sag. This was just a bonus show for me.

Shortly after Monique returned to college things changed. Sara seemed sad most of the time almost to the point of being depressed. I didn’t see her radiant smile as often and she just wasn’t happy. One night about 10:00 a month after Monique returned to school Sara came up the stairs to my apartment. The door was open as it usually was, “May I come in?’ she asked meekly.

“Please, enter Madame,” trying to make a small joke.

She had been in my apartment on numerous occasions, to bring me leftovers from dinner, deliver my mail, to ask if she could pick up something for me at the store, lots of different times, so this was not unusual. That it was this late was different. She came in as sat at the dining room table. As it was a warm fall evening I asked if she would like a Pepsi or a beer, those being the only beverages that I had on hand. She accepted the Pepsi as well as I did. She was dress in khaki shorts and a white sleeveless blouse that was a little tight. I got out drinks, gave her hers and sat down at the table with her and asked, “How are you this evening? You look a little sad, is there anything wrong.”

She looked into my eyes, I could see the sadness in the depths of hers. She didn’t say anything for a while, just looked into my eyes. Softly she spoke, “My husband is screwing around on me. Not with just one woman but lots of them. It’s been going on for years; I just ignored it, not wanting to admit that it was happening. I guess if I knew then I would have to do something about it. So I just ignored it. He hasn’t touched me in over a year. It makes me feel so bad. I do love him and don’t want to leave him. He is a good husband and provider. He loves the kids and takes very good care of them. I don’t want to loose him or leave him, but I can’t go on in this state of depravity.”

It all came out like a damn bursting. I didn’t know what to think, do, or say, young and immature as I was. She put her head on her arms on the table and began to cry softly. Not knowing what else to do I got up and moved over next to her and put my arms around her and just held her. I held her for quite a while. I didn’t know what else to do or what to say to her. She felt so warm, so soft and so vulnerable in my arms. Shortly she raised her head and stood.

“I shouldn’t be dumping my problems on you Jerry, but I don’t know who else I can talk to about this. I trust you and know that you will keep it to yourself. I just needed to let it out. Thank you for being here.”

Tears welled in her large dark eyes and began running down her cheeks. I put my arms around her again and held her close to my chest. I could feel her tears wetting my T-shirt. I just held her like that until she seemed to recover. She raised her head from my chest and looked up into my eyes. We stared into each other’s eyes for an couple of minutes and then without and warning or provocation she kissed me. Gently at first and then stronger with more passion, I felt her lips part and I touched her tongue with mine. We kissed and hugged each other like this for what seemed like hours, but were in reality only minutes.

She finally broke our kiss and embrace, ” We shouldn’t do this, this isn’t right. I need to go now.” With that she moved back and left.

Wow! That was intense. I finished up my dinner dishes, took a shower and went to bed, all the while trying to sort out what had happened. I slept little that night thinking of holding her and how good it felt having her body next to mine.

Over the next week we saw each other in passing. She would smile and say hi, I returned the greeting and that was about all. Things seemed to go back to normal. This week her husband was out of town on business again, Joe had gone to a football game at his sister’s college for the weekend and it was just the two of us around. She asked me over for dinner. I accepted. When I arrived at her back door, she let me in and led me into the kitchen dining area. The table was already set and she told me to take a seat and she would serve dinner. She served parmisan chicken, green salad, string beans and hard rolls. An excellent dinner. Much better than the soup and sandwich I was going to make for myself. We made small talk though dinner about , where I was working and what kind of jobs they were, nothing serious or heavy. After we ate I helped her clear the table, do the dishes and put them away. Really a very pleasant evening. I told her that I needed to get back to my place as I had some things to do and didn’t want to over stay my welcome. Thanked her for dinner and headed toward the back door.

At the door she took my arm and turned me around and put her arms around me and hugged me before I realized what was happening. She then kissed me firmly on the lips and stepped back, “Thank you Jerry I needed that, Good Night.” And with that said she let me out the door.

Wow! Life is good was all I could think. I returned to my apartment, finished what I had to do, showered and went to bed. I lay there thinking of Sara and how she felt. The girls that I had dated up to that point in my life and there weren’t that many could not come close to comparing to this woman. What a woman! I drifted off to sleep after a while with thoughts of her floating through my head.

I must have been around 11:00 when I heard the door to my apartment open. I never locked it so all anyone had to do was walk in. I lay there listening trying to decide if I should retrieve the baseball bat that was just under the edge of the bed. I saw a form enter the bedroom doorway and knew who it was immediately. It was Sara. She had on the satin robe that I had seen her put on many times after she had finished her bath. She crossed the room, stopping at the edge of the bed. She undid the sash of her robe and slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. In the faint light coming through the bedroom window I could see her magnificent figure standing before me in all its splendid glory. God, she was a good-looking woman.

She lifted the bed covers and slipped in beside me. I started to say something, but she put her finger across my lips and said, “Shhhhh….”

She then put her arms around me and gave me the most passionate kiss that I had every felt. It was warm, wet, and filled with a passion the was like fire. We hugged and kissed and played tongue tag for some time. My cock got hard instantly and with each passing moment seemed to get harder. I moved my hands down to cup her breasts and to feel and rub her nipples. Her breasts felt so soft warm and supple, while her nipples were hard and erect and on fire. As I caressed them I could tell the she was become very aroused. She had positioned her self so that her pubic mound was pressing on my upper thigh and she was rubbing her soft luscious bush and the lips of her vagina against my thigh. I could feel their wetness as she rubbed up and down. I felt her hand touch my hardened cock, her fingers around it as she stroked.

I reached for her vagina, placing my hand between my leg and her sex. She rubbed her mound against my fingers, as I stretched my fingers lower they contacted the wet, soft, slightly swollen labia lips. My finger slipped between then and I could feel the wet heat inside her. We continued this for some minutes.

In time She pulled my hand back to her breast and slid her leg over to the other side of my hips. She was now straddling me with her hot wet vagina lips pressing on my cock. My cock was hard as a steel rod and twitched as she rubbed against it.

She moved herself so that her vagina slid back and forth on my hard cock. If she didn’t quit this soon I was going to cum very quickly. I suppose you would call this dry humping. She was rubbing her pussy against my hard cock.. I was not inside of her, but the lips of her pussy were around either side of my dick. After a while she slowed this action. We were both very wet from her vaginal juices. She kind of slid back slightly tilted her hip a little more and moved forward again. My dick slipped inside her pussy. A couple of more movements on her part and I was completely inside. It was tight, tighter than I had imagined a woman who had had two kids would be. She began moving up and down on my swollen shaft as I continued to suck and nibble on her breasts. I could feel the walls of her vagina tightening and massaging my cock as she moved up and down. I slipped my hand down to caress her mound and when I touched something there she gave a start and a yelp. It must have been a good thing as I kept rubbing that spot and she got more and more aroused. I could feel the pressure in my groin building and knew I was going to cum soon, very soon. Just as I started my release and the first shot of cum erupted from my cock I felt her vaginal muscles tighten on my cock and the rest of her body arching and tightening up. My cock continued to erupt, sending load after load of cum into her. It was an intense orgasm for both of us. Only glad that I had lasted long enough to allow her have her moment also. She collapsed onto my chest and we just lay there for a while catching our breath. It had been very intense.

My dick softened and I felt it slip out of her. We lay there holding each other for a while, basking in that wonderful after glow. Neither of us saying a word. Eventually she raised her head and kissed me long a passionately. She then raised herself off of me and stepped to the floor.

I started to say something, but she again put her finger to my lips and said “Shhhhhhh…..”

She put her robe on and turned and left. I slept very soundly the rest of the night.

The next morning I saw her outside and started to say something about last night. She put her finger to her lips and smiled. OK, don’t speak of it.

The next few days went pretty normally. Hi, how are you, nice day etc. It was Thursday night that she came to me again. Much like the first time she came in her robe, took it off, stood nude before me before climbing in bed with me. I can’t say enough about what an incredible body Sara had. It didn’t mater her age or having children or any thing else she was incredible.

This night started off much like the first, hugging, kissing, fondling with her breasts, her stroking my hard cock with those incredible tender small hands. All so good. She seemed to especially like when I was kissing, sucking and nibbling on her nipples. This seemed a special turn on. This time she lay beside me and directed my hand to her vagina. I stroked massaged and inserted my finger in to her wet warm love hole. She then put her hand behind my head and gently pushed toward her groin. Taking the clue I repositioned myself with my head between her legs. The scent of her arousal drove me crazy. I lowered my head and kissed her nether lips and stroked them with my tongue. I moved my tongue up and down the full length of her labia; I inserted my tongue into her vagina as far as I could. She responded by raising and thrusting her hips harder into my mouth. I moved my mouth up higher and kissed her soft full pubic mound. I moved down slightly and found her clitoris and began licking and sucking on it. She seemed to really like this as she thrust her pussy further into my face. I continued sucking and licking on her until I could feel her tightening up and quivering. Her orgasm was pretty intense and as she came she washed my face with her juices. Once her orgasm started to subsided she pulled me up, reached down and inserted my dick into her warm wet pussy.

She whispered in my ear, “Fuck me, Fuck me hard!” I was more than willing to comply.

I fucked her as hard as I could. Driving my shaft as deep and as fast as I could into her. She responded by matching my movements and rhythm. God this was good! She came again, this time more violently than before. Her juices were flowing to the point of almost squirting. As she began to come I lost it and started to cum also. We were locked in an intense embrace, our bodies in sync and as one as could possible be. When finished we again collapsed. I rolled to her side so as not to put my full weight on her small frame. We lay locked in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep. I don’t know how long I slept, but when I awoke she was gone, back to her own bed. Life was good, and I was thankful.

The next day and the next week she seemed happier and in much better spirits that before. I hoped that I had had something to do with that, and that I would have a chance to do it again. I knew that I was not to speak of it or make any overt reference to our coupling. I just had to keep it inside to myself. Actually that felt like a good place for it.

My main concern at this point was that we not be caught. That would be a very bad thing. I would loose her, loose my best friend, Joe and probably piss off her husband. No doubt I would have to move also and that was not a good thought. I liked it here. One other thought occurred to me. What if she somehow got pregnant? What would happen then? I didn’t even know if she could get pregnant.. I just never occurred to me either way.

About a week after she had come to me the second time Sara came over to the garage carport where I was working on my car. It was up on jack stands and I was swapping out the trans. I saw her as she walked up to the side of the car. I scooted out from under the car to greet her. As I slid out from under the car flat on my back I looked up and saw a gorgeous sight. She was standing about a foot from my head wearing a knee length skirt. As I looked up I could see her legs all the up to where they met and the soft downy black bush of hers. I think that I could even detect a portion of her vagina lips as they peaked out from her bush. She smiled down at me. She put her hand on the front of her skirt and leaned forward slightly and hid my view of that precious muff.

“Come on get out of there for a while. There are a couple of thing that I would like to talk over with you, if you have some time.”

“Yes, Yes, what’s on your mind?”

She began, “About us, I really need that and it was very good. I hope that you will want to repeat it. We do need to keep this strictly between the two of us. You can’t tell anyone. Do you understand, no one! That’s the first thing. The second you can never ask for me to come to you. I will come when I can and need to. Third I think I love you, but we cannot act on that. You must never let on to any one. Do you understand?”

The smile on her face told me everything I wanted to know.

“Yes, I understand completely.”

With that she turned and started to walk away, a few feet from me she turned, smiled at me, winked and then head back to the house. OK, back to the transmission. Going racing tonight and I need to get ready.

Our affair went on for over two years, until I moved to go to college. She would come to me about once a week and with her I explored the full range of sexual experience. We seldom spoke while making love. She was not a screamer or moaner, but enjoyed our tryst immensely. She was a sensual lover and gave herself completely. About four years after I moved away Sara contracted ovarian cancer and unfortunately died. I was unable to attend her funeral as I was in Viet Nam at the time, courtesy of the USMC. After I returned from Viet Nam, I ran into Joe. He a Karen had married and their relationship had not changed much. He surprised me when he told me that he was aware of his mother and I and our relationship. He told me that he was cool with it as long as it wasn’t hurting anyone and that it made her happy. She deserved a little happiness, as his father wasn’t taking care of her like he should. It’s been over forty years since I was with Sara, I still think of her, I still love her.

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