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MaryAnn, Josie, and Hedonist Resort

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Divorce didn’t figure to be a matter of any particular concern to Josie. Both she and her husband had done well in their careers. If need be she could live well on her own salary plus royalties, but she didn’t need to. Rod had been so anxious to shed his middle-aged wife in order to marry the girl barely older than their daughter he agreed to give Josie whatever her lawyer asked.

So life continued much as it had before except that she was miserable. She never knew divorce could be so traumatic. Sure her friends had divorced and her best friend, MaryAnn, had become a widow, but their worlds kept on turning. Josie had never thought her marriage would end until death did them part. It would survive everything, including getting older. Not that she was old, forty-five was now about mid-life. And she kept in shape, far better than most of her friends. She stood 5’6′ and weighed a comely 135, just as she had when she went to college. And her figure was even better, thanks to a creative surgeon. About the time her breasts sagged a tad, her husband bought her an “enhancement” boob job.

Where she had always been very pretty, with light red hair setting off a fair complexion, and a nice 34 C, now she was voluptuous. She got a rush out of hearing conversations stop when she walked into a room. The looks she got ignited the seven-year-itch generally thought to be endemic to men. In fact she had made preliminary overtures with a couple close friends who were swingers. She always felt a yen for exhibitionism but never had the opportunity to try it out. Now it wouldn’t work, her swinging friends had no interest in bringing a divorced woman with a fantastic figure to their parties without a husband.

But MaryAnn had a great idea and it didn’t require a husband at all. Her friend suggested they have a wild woman’s night out. This might be just what Josie needed. She jumped at the invitation. Twas settled, they would cross the border and go to the Club Nocturno, an exclusive night club a few kilometers into the back country of Mexico. It was more than a night club. It was a hotel and night club much like one of the hedonist resorts on the Gulf Coast and in a few Caribbean Islands.

The club itself featured singers, flamenco dancers — the usual fare, until midnight. Then the wraps came off and practically nothing was off limits. They would be there on a night aimed primarily at women. After the witching hour, buff male dancers would be the entertainment.. Only those paying a hefty cover charge would be allowed in. Josie could let her troubles behind for the evening, maybe even catch the spirit of the thing and let herself go. She had no how much spirit she’d catch or how far it would let her go.

Late that night the two were their room getting properly and nervously worked up. Both were excited — a few drinks and they were even more excited. And a few they did have. Josie could feel her inhibitions slip away after the second bloody mary. A couple more and she was giddy, laughing at everything. The language got earthy.

MaryAnn made a suggestion, “Josie, you have those lovely new jugs, why don’t you emphasize them? Wear that blouse which unbuttons down the front, leave your bra behind and some of the buttons undone. At that office party before your divorce you gave every guy in the joint a boner. All us gals got the fucking of our life when we got home. I’m so glad I gave Ron such a wild time before his accident. You were our inspiration. and if you get the dancers inspired tonight we’ll both have a wonderful time. Hey at the Club Nocturno the dancers will be practically naked. You should give them something to look at as well. and remember if you slip one of them a big tip he’ll show you everything.”

Giggling, Josie asked, “How much of a tip would a guy need to let me feel everything?” The question was meant to sound facetious but she realized she wanted to do just that.

MaryAnn said, “Josie, give yourself every opportunity to kick off the traces. Don’t fuck around, change into that blouse you wore to the party after your boob job, and if you have a sexy skirt, put it on as well. I don’t want you coming back to this side of the border frustrated, and you know how to get rid of frustration — without a dildo too!”

This was a dare. Josie realized she wanted to be noticed, even if it was by her friend, the other women at the club, and performers paid to incite, maybe satisfy, satisfy their lust. She went to her room and changed. Her skirt was slit nearly up to her right hip. Net stockings were hooked to a garter belt just out of sight unless she wanted to reveal it. Then her blouse was indeed unbuttoned even farther than MaryAnn remembered. No bra with this outfit, but she did have a pair of sheer black panties, not for the sake of decorum, but because they made her feel sexy — a feeling she reveled in. She was wound up and ready to go.

MaryAnn later said, “I knew you were going to go crazy when I saw what you put on. God I could see a wild woman wanting to get fucked.”

A little before midnight they were led to a ringside table at Club Nocturno. By this time the “tee hee, oh isn’t that awful” girls had gone home. Those remaining were affluent, hard-core female hedonists. Josie sat right alongside the dance floor, her bare right leg facing the dancers. Soon she was really getting with it, hooting and hollering at every dancer. If one wore anything more than a thong she bullied him into stripping down to the it. For those wearing nothing more than a thong she demanded that they flash their “equipment” to the howling gals. And she stuffed a lot of Rod’s alimony money down the front of those worn by several guapo young men. And she got bolder as she drank more, and she drank more as the evening wore on. Night club prices weren’t going to slow her down on her first wild night since she said goodbye to her erstwhile husband. She was ready for anything, and wanted to prove it.

After several nice, but not overpowering, young men danced, the star, named Armando, made his entrance. The MC introduced him as “all man who has developed his body by hard work and wrestling horny senoras in Romantic Mejico.” He made a great living by dancing, and not from the club. He did it for tips. They were great plus it was a heady experience to be a sex object, even to middle-aged women. For a few who looked and acted like Josie it went further than just acting like a sex object.

Armando came on stage already alerted to the wild, drunk redhead who was extra generous with her money and extra demanding in her requests. Naturally she would be the girl he would play off. First he danced around the room listening to the howls and calls for his body. Most of all he was young, stylishly brown, and not more than half Josie’s age.

He went for the tips. Fives and tens disappeared into his thong, then to make room for more he deposited them in a bag in the middle of the dance floor. After the obligatory tour of the stage he made his way to MaryAnn’s and Josie’s table. Josie was as close to the action as she could get. The young man had only to look down and get a view of her titties, and they were beauties. God, he hoped she wasn’t just another American tease. His reverie enhanced his performance. He danced in front of her, even bending over and looking back at her though his legs. She blew him a kiss. He smiled back

Then he turned, squatted down and looked her in the eye while running his hands over her breasts, never touching, but a few millimeters away.

Josie asked, “you like?”

Armando stayed in character. He answered “Si senorita. me gusta” Josie recognized that he was flattering her with the term “senorita” — a young, single girl.

But he had said yes! Josie gave him a good look. With his face just inches away, she pulled the blouse aside, even tearing a couple buttons in her eagerness. She nearly gave him a mouthful of her bare, skillfully reconstructed, 36 Ds. In fact his temptation was to put his lips on them, but even Club Nocturno had it’s rules. No touching the customers, at least not on the first pass around the dance floor.

He then pointed to his crotch said “por favor, senorita?” Josie slipped in a twenty. This were looking up for Armando.

He would be back but the routine, such as it was, required that he not spend all his time with one woman.

MaryAnn leaned over and told her friend, “Let him see you take off your panties.”

Armando was dancing but kept tabs on the lovely redhead out of the corner of his eye. Looking right at him, Josie reached inside her skirt, raised her ass, and pulled her panties down and off. To make sure he caught the significance of it, she waved them at him. This was getting hot and Josie was sharing the spotlight with the paid performers, literally. The management knew how to make a party raunchy. When a customer got carried away he had the stage manager turn the spotlight on her. Josie was caught in the alternating black, white, green, red lights. The excitement of something like this caused was contagious. It brought customers back and encouraged others to come in.

The noise was deafening. MaryAnn leaned over and shouted in Josie’s ear. “Give him a real thrill. Rub your panties on your bare pussy. Make them wet then indicate he could smell them. He’ll go nuts.”

Josie looked at her friend and smiled. “Yeah. I’ll go for it.”

The next time Armando looked over, Josie smiled back at him and slid her hand into the side of her dress. Then was moved her hands rapidly while gyrating her hips. This making her panties wet was fun! Then she sniffed her them, kissed the crotch, waved them at him again, and beckoned him to the table with her finger — which she then put in her mouth up to the last knuckle and sucked. That did it. It was show time, big time. He came back and again moved his hands over her breasts, now exposed. Her blouse was still unbuttoned and she again pulled it aside showing her tits in the flashing lights. No more subtlety, she wanted to up the ante, make it hotter. She moved forward until they touched. When they did she held his hands tight against her expensive boobs. He, perhaps a bit carried away, pinched her nipples. She smiled in delight and reached out and groped his crotch.

That did it! The line had been crossed. She fondled his balls and cock and the reaction was obvious. It sprung loose for all to see, and it was large enough to be seen from the balcony. She put the crotch of her sheer panties over her face then pulled his to hers. Soon a 45 year old redheaded gringa redhead and a young Hispanic dude clung together in a wild embrace. They felt each other’s tongues through the thin material. The thought crossed Josie’s mind that she may have gone too far, but this was a heady experience. The spotlight was on her. A hard bodied young man was kissing her while fondling her titties. She squeezed his balls. What more a woman with a yen for exhibitionism want?

Perhaps a cheering section? She heard it start in the back of the room. MAS, MAS, MAS came the cheer, probably from the staff. MAS MAS MAS echoed the women sitting near the action. Josie was on stage and she was hot. She wanted to cash in on the excitement.

Hoping she asked him to go with her to the bedroom, she tried, “Vamos a la recamara?”

Whether it was her words or the look in her eyes, Armando caught on. “Si, si, venga conmigo.” Neither knew the other was faking the language, and not well at that.

He stopped to pick up his bag of money and led her across the dance floor to a door in the back. In broken English he again made his offer, “Senorita I have very special place we go. Come with me.”

She followed her young lover-to-be through the door into well appointed room, complete with a muted red glow. There was a big bed the center, the covers pulled back as if ready for occupancy.

Armando turned her to him at the edge of the bed and again commenced kissing her. It got even hotter. Their upper torsos rubbed against each other. She felt his chest hair on her titties, and he loved the feeling of her nipples against his. She unfastened her skirt and stepped out of it. Now she was naked except for her garter belt, hose, and her heels. As they kissed he fondled her ass. With each squeeze she ground her hips into his.

“Oh jesus, you young Adonis. I want I want to feel you inside me,” she said in a voice that was heard in the showroom itself. The patrons immediately hushed. They heard voices from the speaker system, obviously voices from a couple in the throes of passion. Then a huge screen dropped slowly from the ceiling. Flashing across the screen were images of the two lovers, only one of whom knew they were being watched. The other, on her first visit to Club Nocturno, was about to become a star of a porn show on closed circuit HDTV!

The young man followed his cues. He pushed the older but still voluptuous Josie back on the bed. Then he lay beside her, sucking on her titties while fondling her pussy. It didn’t take long for her first orgasm. She held his hand tight inside her and moved to the rhythm of his fingers. Then she held him tight, shuddered and it happened.

Next, and to the delight of the patrons watching the whole thing in the screen, Armando straddled her belly and pushed his cock between her tits. She smiled up at him and held them tight. As he pushed up she bent over and licked the head of it. But that wasn’t want she wanted. It had been two months since her divorce, longer since her last good, old-fashioned thumping and that’s exactly what she wanted. “Now, Armando, do it. Do it hard and fast. I want it.”

She was a good sized woman but when Armando moved on top of her she felt overwhelmed. He was not only big, he had muscles her ex husband would have died for. And he was appropriately big all over, especially for a televised performance. She raised her ass and guided him into her, slowly and feeling every inch. In the other room, the assembled women and other dancers sat agape as the two started their love dance together.

Josie was in ecstasy. The young guy was good. She pulled him tight, his hard chest pressing hard against her titties. He grabbed one as he moved in her, his cock bigger and harder than any she’d had in her in a long time. She pulled his face to hers and they held a long kiss, tongues entwined. Then she broke the kiss and said, “Look at me I’m going to cum. Please look at me when I do” Then she started her mantra “YES YES YES, OH GOD YES, DO IT DO IT DO IT HARD HARD” was followed by a spate of incoherent babble. Each stroke felt better than the last. As if she couldn’t get enough of the young man she wrapped her legs around him and shoved hard every time. When the orgasm hit, it hit hard. She was nearly out of her mind in ecstasy as it overtook her. All she could think of to say was “OH GOD HOW I LOVE YOU.”

Armando responded in kind. his short strokes were followed by even shorter and faster strokes. Then he shoved it in as far as it would go and held it. Josie felt it happen, hot and wet inside her. That induced even more babbling and shaking. She was in heaven and wondered if God did assume she had been talking to him when she proclaimed her love.

Finally. they lay still. She felt the young man’s heart beating against hers. His equipment was softening and retreating. Their juices oozed out and run down her ass. Yes, this must be what heaven would be like if she hadn’t become an atheist many years earlier.

She looked up at Armando’s face scant inches away. “You like fuck fuck me,” she asked?

“Hell babe you are the best I ever had.”

“Oh my God, where did your accent go?

Armando kissed her nose, grinned, and answered, “Part of the show maam. Most gringas love it, being fucked by a peasant boy. I actually live in San Diego and get my muscles surfing, not lifting lovely senoritas.”

“Pacific Beach?”

“Yeah, north of the pier.”

“I’ll be damned. I could have got the same thing by walking out the front door and flirting with you?”

“Yeah but you wouldn’t have been on TV.”


“Yeah your blond friend and everybody else was watching us on a big screen right now. That’s the camera right up there, and another there, and down low is the one that gives them the close-up crotch shot.”

Josie was taken aback. What on earth had she done? “They still watching?”

“Probably not. The cameras were turned off shortly after went off. Anyhow you were so good I’m sure we incited a sex orgy. Most likely everybody out there is screwing. Remember anything goes at Club Nocturne.”

“MaryAnn screwing too?”

“I hope not.”

“I’m not sure I appreciate that. You looking for someone else already.”

“Hey this is an orgy. Everybody has seconds but not with the same person.”

“How about me?”

“Just go back out there without buttoning up your blouse. You’ll have all the sex you can handle. Don’t be surprised if the owner invites you to his penthouse. You’re something special.”

Back in the club MaryAnn had watched the show on the big screen, and she wanted to talk with her friend about it. And soon they appeared, both dressed, sort of, and both looked ebullient. Josie gave her friend and asked, “Did you watch?”

“Oh god yes, You were wonderful, at least with him. Well it’s an orgy. I think he’s going to ask you.”

But he didn’t need to. A dark handsome guy solved the questions. “You gals were magnificent this evening. I think the four of us owe it to ourselves to go to my penthouse. If we need help I can call for reinforcements. Club Nocturno wants everybody to leave happy. You and your escort Armando are invited up to my penthouse. We can have a wonderful time. And if fun things are happening I can extend your stay at no charge.

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