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Mary Rose and Theresa

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We were in Rob’s truck, heading for his uncle’s hunting cabin in the mountains. It wasn’t hunting season, so it was a good time to go up there for a weekend just to enjoy nature. Of course, we brought Mary Rose and Theresa along because nature is so much more enjoyable when you are fucking in it.

Mary Rose was in the cab of the pick-up with Rob while Theresa and I were in the back, which Rob had fitted with a big, comfortable, padded seating/storage unit under the cap. We had to share the space with all of the gear, but there was still plenty of room.

We started out talking back and forth through the little window but once the chatter died down, Theresa and I started making out. I slipped my hand up her shirt to fondle her round, full breasts and she accused me of getting her all worked up. While I was promising that I’d take care of her in whatever way she needed me to, we heard a groan. We both craned our necks toward the cab and could no longer see Mary Rose’s head. We grinned at each other, then quietly moved toward the window and peeked through. Sure enough, Mary Rose had Rob’s impressive cock out and was sliding her mouth up and down it while he was driving. I knew why Rob was groaning; Mary Rose was a skilled cocksucker. I based my opinion on personal experience.

Theresa was mesmerized and whispered to me about how hot it made her to watch. I whispered back, asking her how wet it was making her and how she would feel about getting fucked while watching. She responded that if I didn’t stop talking about it and start doing it, she’d take care of it herself. She was on all-fours as she peeked through the window, so I moved down beside her and, after fondling her tits and feeling her hard nipples, I started to work her pants and panties down over her ass. While they were bunched up at her knees, I probed her pussy with my fingers, finding it overflowing with slick juices. My cock grew even harder as I thought about slipping it into her. While she continued to watch Mary Rose sucking Rob’s cock, I worked her pants and panties all the way off and opened my own pants. I pulled out my rigid cock and rubbed it against Theresa’s pussy before slipping easily into her.

Holding her by the hips and hunched over against the top of the cap, I slowly slid my cock in and out of Theresa’s juicy pussy. This wasn’t the first time I’d fucked her, but I was pleasantly surprised by how obviously turned-on she was watching Mary Rose blowing Rob. I leaned forward over Theresa’s back as I fucked her, hoping maybe I could see some of the action, too, but all I could see was the back of Mary Rose’s head bobbing up and down. Theresa was right up against the glass dividing the cab and the bed and taking everything in, including my rigid cock. I noticed that she was supporting herself with one hand while the other had snaked back between her legs. I could feel it occasionally on my shaft as she massaged her clit while I was fucking her.

I could see that Mary Rose’s head was moving faster and, as it did, it seemed that Theresa’s pussy got even wetter. Taking her by the hips again, I was fucking her harder, anticipating that she was close to cumming. Mary Rose finally raised her head but remained leaning over, still playing with Rob’s softening tool after having swallowed his load. I think seeing Rob’s tool fully exposed pushed Theresa over the edge and I could feel her shudder as her orgasm coursed through her. As Theresa came, she pulled me along with her and, before she finished cumming, I had exploded into her. I kept sliding in and out of her as long as I could, then pulled out and collapsed next to her. Theresa lay down and pulled her clothes back on while I tucked myself away. We kissed a little bit, then Theresa rolled over so that we could spoon and we were soon snoozing.

After a brief nap, we awoke before we got to the cabin. I don’t know if Rob and Mary Rose were ever aware that we had both watched them and fucked during the trip. Once we were at the cabin and had unloaded our gear, Mary Rose decided that she was going to take a shower. The original bathtub in the hunting cabin, which was an old freestanding model on feet, had been retrofitted with a shower and the shower curtain hung around the entire tub from a continuous rod attached to the ceiling. After she’d been showering for a few minutes, I entered the bathroom to place some of my toiletries in there and to take a leak. While I stood there, I was thinking about how Mary Rose was naked behind the curtain just a few feet away from me and my dick began to harden. I got an idea and left my dick hanging out while I washed my hands. I stepped up to the curtain where the two sections overlapped and slipped my hard cock between them and into the shower.

Almost immediately, I felt a soapy hand sliding up and down my tool followed by warm water rinsing it clean. The shower then went off and I felt Mary Rose’s talented mouth slide up and down my cock a few times. When she stopped, she opened the curtain, turned away from me and positioned her ass hanging over the rim of the tub. With the edge of this tub much higher than a more modern tub, her ass and pussy were at an ideal level for me to slip into her from behind. Taking my cock in hand, I rubbed it against her pussy, much as I had with Theresa in the back of the truck, then slipped into her. I took her by the hips and started fucking her, giving her my full length in somewhat rapid strokes. She was bracing herself against the far side of the tub with one hand while the other was between her legs, stroking her clit.

Mary Rose had obviously gotten somewhat worked up while sucking Rob’s cock on the drive up and I was happy to do what I could to give her some satisfaction. She seemed pleased that I was giving it to her pretty hard and it didn’t seem as though it was going to take much for her to reach an orgasm. It had been long enough since I’d fucked Theresa that Mary Rose’s pussy was making me feel pretty damn good, too, so I was looking forward to filling her with my goo. I could feel her pussy getting more engorged and more slippery the longer I fucked her and it was having the effect of bringing my own orgasm on more quickly.

The sound of my hips smacking against her wet ass echoed in the small bathroom along with the little moan she let out each time my cock filled her snug hole. She was pushing back against me just as hard, so we were getting maximum penetration. I could feel my cock beginning to swell due to the immense pleasure of her hot pussy, which only made me fuck her harder and faster. Her little moans were stringing together into one longer one that kept getting higher in pitch. Finally, she slammed herself backward and let out a triumphant-sounding cry as she came. I held myself inside her until she was ready to start moving again, then fucked her just a few minutes longer before I let out a satisfied grunt of my own and spewed my seed into her.

Once I was completely spent, I slipped free and leaned back against the sink to catch my breath. Mary Rose straightened up and turned, grabbing her towel and giving me a nice full-frontal view of her naked body before she started drying off. I tucked my cock away and gave her a quick, passionate kiss before leaving her to dry off and heading back to the bedroom.

Theresa would have been incredibly aroused by the scene that greeted me as I entered the bedroom. Of course, Theresa was probably incredibly aroused anyway, because she was in the middle of the scene in the bedroom. Rob was sitting on the edge of one of the beds with his pants and briefs at his ankles and Theresa was kneeling on the floor in front of him, sucking his cock. He was leaning back on one elbow with the other hand embedded in her curly brown hair. She had one hand on his thigh and the other wrapped around the base of his tool, pumping as her lips slid up and down. I watched for a few minutes, appreciating what Theresa must have felt while watching Mary Rose sucking him and feeling the blood trying to return to my flaccid organ.

I finally moved into the room and knelt behind Theresa, reaching around her as she sucked him to fondle her luscious breasts. I slid my hands up under her shirt and unfastened her bra, releasing her fleshy globes, then ran my hands over them, brushing my palms over her hard nipples. She moaned around Rob’s cock, causing me to think about how hot and wet her pussy must be. I slid my hands down to her waist and worked her pants and panties down to her knees. Checking her pussy with my fingers, I found that my suspicions were well founded, as she was dripping wet. Making like a garage mechanic, I got on my back and scooted under her, my head resting on her pants and panties, which were bunched up at her knees. With a hand on each of her ass cheeks, I raised my head and started slurping up Theresa’s juices. I could hear her moan around Rob’s cock again, which encouraged me, so I licked her pussy enthusiastically. My slurping gradually went from her juicy slit up to focus on her clit and I could feel her start to hump her pussy against my face.

Mary Rose came in from the bathroom wearing only a towel, which she quickly dropped as she realized what she was walking in on. She had the option to suck or fuck me, though I don’t honestly think my soldier was quite ready for either yet, or to go and sit on Rob’s face. Wisely, she chose the latter. Rob reclined fully on the bed as Mary Rose straddled his head. I heard her moan from where I was as he started licking her pussy. I heard a surprised squeak from Theresa shortly after as Rob apparently started shooting his load down her throat. She continued stroking his cock and sucking him until he was spent, then straightened up and grabbed my hair, humping her pussy harder against my face. I released one of her ass cheeks and maneuvered that hand into position to slip a couple of fingers into her. As slick as she was, they slid in easily and I began to pump them in and out as I licked and sucked her clit. One of her hands left my hair and I felt it massaging the growing bulge in my jeans.

I could hear both Mary Rose and Theresa both moaning lustfully, but it wasn’t clear who was closer to cumming. Theresa had gotten all worked up and had a tongue in her pussy before Mary Rose did, but Mary Rose had just had an orgasm not that long before; it was a tough call as to who had an advantage. It really didn’t matter who came first; as long as they both came, they were both winners. I felt Theresa open my jeans and extract my rapidly recovering wiener, stroking it in her soft hand. By the time she had it completely hard, I could feel that she was on the verge of cumming by the way she was tensing up and how her pussy was practically overflowing. Finally, she let out a moan and started to tremble as she came. I kept licking up all of the juice that she was producing until she finished cumming and we tried to untangle ourselves.

I got my head out from between her legs and, as she stood up, I worked her pants and panties the rest of the way off. I then stood and, as she stroked my cock, raised her shirt over her head and helped her out of her bra. She looked so fantastic standing there naked that my cock could not have gotten any harder. I pulled my own shirt over my head as Theresa worked my jeans and underwear down and helped me step out of them. I pulled her against me so that I could feel her soft, smooth skin against mine, my cock nestling in her bush as we briefly made out. After a few minutes, she urged me onto the bed across from the one Rob and Mary Rose were occupying. I took a quick look at them, seeing Mary Rose’s ass as she humped against Rob’s face, before climbing onto the bed and lying on my back.

Theresa straddled me on the bed and guided my cock into her pussy before leaning forward with a hand on each side of my head. As she started to ride me, her tits swayed invitingly in front of my face. I slid my hands up from her waist to fondle them while raising my head to lick and suck her hard, thick nipples. She started out riding me nice and slow, both of us enjoying the intensely pleasurable feeling. She closed her eyes and just rocked, my cock sliding in and out of her snug, slippery pussy.

I could hear Mary Rose getting louder and snuck a look over at her, still seeing only her back and her ass as she rode Rob’s face. I could see his tongue going wild on her pussy but his flaccid tool still lay lifeless against his leg. It was pretty hot to watch them, but I wished I could see Mary Rose’s pointy tits and the trim black hair of her bush. I turned my attention back to Theresa’s tits, even as it became apparent that Mary Rose was on the verge of cumming. As I was licking and sucking Theresa’s nipples some more, Mary Rose let out an ecstatic cry, followed by a sigh of relief.

Theresa was riding harder by this point, possibly spurred on by the erotic thrill of being in the same room with Rob and Mary Rose. I pushed my ass up off the bed each time she came down, her ass slapping against my thighs. She was getting noisier and I could feel her pussy getting more slippery, but I was in no danger of cumming yet. I let go of her tits and slid my hands back down to her hips so that I could pull her down each time I pushed my cock up into her. She was moving faster, doggedly pursuing her orgasm, as her breathing rate continued to pick up. Finally, she seemed to go into slow motion, quivering while letting out a long, low moan.

Once she’d recovered, I pulled her down close to me and we made out, then I rolled her onto her back. As I pressed my body against hers and started fucking her, I noticed that Rob and Mary Rose were lying on the adjacent bed watching us intently. I went back to making out with Theresa as I fucked her with long, hard strokes. Her pussy felt so good that I would have been happy fucking her all night long. Of course, I hadn’t had the opportunity to blow a load down anyone’s throat yet, whereas Rob had done it twice but hadn’t gotten laid yet. I knew we still had a lot of variety to experience over the next forty or so hours.

I heard movement on the other bed and, stealing a quick glance, was delighted to see Mary Rose lying almost directly across from me. Her lower legs were hanging over the edge of the bed and her knees were parted, so I was able to look right up at her well-groomed pussy and beyond to her perky tits and hard nipples. My cock got harder even though I had just fucked her a little while earlier. The visual had the same impact as finally seeing Theresa completely naked despite having already fucked her and eaten her pussy. I turned back to Theresa and started kissing her neck and licking her ears while pounding my cock in and out of her pussy. I could feel my orgasm gradually coming on and was enjoying the slow and pleasurable build. Theresa was raising her hips in synch with my thrusting, making fucking her feel even better. My pace continued to increase as my orgasm got closer until, finally, I pushed as deeply into her as I could and started to spew. I let out a groan of relief and satisfaction as I continued to spurt into her. I collapsed on top of her when I was finally spent.

We lay there catching our breath for a while before I rolled off of her and we looked over at Mary Rose and Rob. Rob suggested that we probably wouldn’t need to bother with clothes while we were in the cabin, given what our trip had evolved into. We all agreed and decided to head down to the kitchen, naked, and rustle up something to eat.

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