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Mark’s Party

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Mark and Penny headed towards the hotel. Both were more excited then they let on; Penny had been given a precious gift from her husband, and now, months later, she was giving him one back. Mark had been touched that his wife wanted to live out his fantasy with him and now they were on their way to do just that. As they drove through the city, Mark thought back over the conversation that had led them to this new adventure in their lives.

He found himself remembering how he had just gotten home from the cabin that Diane and Brian owned. Penny and Brian had been sitting on the porch swing when they had pulled in the drive. They each shared hugs and handshakes, before Mark and Penny had gone inside. Each one told the other about their fantasy filled weekend and Penny even shared with Mark that Brian and her had acted out one of his fantasies. Mark asked how it went and Penny told him that it was fun and interesting. Then she had reached around his waist and asked if he had any fantasies he wanted to act out, and if he wanted to act them out with her.

Mark had told her no, but she could sense that something was on his mind, because though he was quiet and not telling her, he was thinking something. She pointed this out to him, by reaching down and running her hand over his now erect cock. “What is it? It must be good to get this kind of a reaction out of you.” Penny continued to stroke her husband and urge him to tell her of his fantasy. “Mark, I won’t criticize you or tease you, just tell me what it is, perhaps it is something I’ll want to do.”

His body was responding to her touch, so he moved her hand from his shaft and curled his fingers with hers, “Well if I’m going to tell you, I can’t be distracted.” She laughed and pressed herself closer to him. They moved to their bedroom and each had taken a seat on the soft blankets. Once more Penny and Mark found themselves looking at the other with trust and honesty, and trying to discuss something that was important in their marriage.

Mark started with holding her hands and telling her that he wouldn’t expect her to do this if she didn’t want to, nor would he ever make her feel bad if she said yes. Penny touched his cheek, “Mark I know that, but I do want to know what it is, then let me decide.”

“Okay,” he took a deep breath and started to tell his wife of one of his most recent fantasies. “For a while now a group of guys from work, along with me, have been shooting pool on Wednesday nights.”

“Yeah, I know.” Penny nodded, “those are usually the nights that the girls and I go to the movies.”

“Right. Well eventually over time, we all would sit around have some beers and start talking about our wives. We’d each make a few comments about somebody’s wife and eventually your name came up.”

Penny’s eyes light up, “Oh, I’m really excited now!” she said and smiled real wide.

“You don’t even know what we discussed,” Mark laughed and kissed her lips.

“So,” she shrugged.

He shook his head in mock disbelief and continued, “The talk eventually got around to what wives would be good in bed, and again your name came up.”

“Well… I’m sure you can answer any questions they had about my performance,” she rolled her eyes and laughed.

“Oh, I told them all about how wonderfully talented you are,” he saw her blush and continued. “After awhile we all talked about whether or not our wives would be willing to have a group party. I thought about if for the next few weeks and waited for the conversation to continue again, which if you know men who are drinking eventually the conversation of sex will come up again.”

“If you know men, period. The conversation will come up,” she answered.

Mark chuckled and pressed on, “The three guys I thought you would get along with best, I later invited out to beer the next night. We got together, shared a few laughs, and I got around to asking them if they were serious about the other conversations we’d been having. They all said, ‘Hell yes!’ and before long it became apparent that this is something I also wanted.”

Penny looked at him; her face held a look that Mark knew was one that showed her deep in thought. He waited patiently, or at least as patient as he could when he was waiting for an answer from the love of his life, to a fantasy that some would be offended by. Mark didn’t want his wife to feel obligated to do this just because of his willingness to have her experience her bi-sexual desire; he wouldn’t want that.

She took his hand and held it to her, “Mark, I would love to live out your fantasy. It sounds exciting and fun. You’ll be there right?”

“Yes, most definitely, it is my fantasy, remember.” He grinned and kissed her lips. Do you want to meet them ahead of time?”

Penny thought for a moment, “No, I don’t think I do, at least not like a dinner or anything. Let’s just plan this out like, a chance encounter.”

Mark smiled, “That sounds great, Hon. I love you.” He pulled her close and kissed her lips. Penny pressed herself closer to him and they came together, each one with the new fantasy in their heads. Penny’s was new because the whole thing had just been presented to her. Mark’s was new, because now he realized it was no longer going to be an unreachable dream, but in fact a reality.

Over the next few weeks, Mark made plans and kept Penny informed as to what he was doing. He had gone to the classiest hotel in the city and booked the best room at the Quay Grand. Then later he had called Carol and they had gone together to find Penny the perfect outfit for the evening. It had taken them several stops, but finally they had found a long black skirt, with a long slit up the side and a blouse with a v-neck that, if left unbuttoned, would dip suggestively low.

They arrived at the hotel and checked in. Penny was thrilled to be at the Quay, and, when they entered their room, her eyes were immediately drawn to the view of the Harbor. The nighttime lights from the city and the boats out on the water were breath taking. Mark’s arms wrapped around her and held her close, his mouth nipping at her neck. She leaned back into him, “This room alone is a fantasy.”

He watched her as she moved around the room. The suite had its own lounge and dining room, along with a full gourmet kitchen and a beautiful balcony. Mark headed to the bathroom when he heard Penny’s squeal of pleasure. Leaning against the doorframe, he smiled at her excitement of the enormous bathroom with a fully equipped private spa. “We’ll have our own fantasies after yours,” she winked as she pressed herself against him and kissed him quickly on the lips.

“You get yourself primped up and I’ll get your clothes.”

Penny grinned and shut the door behind him, and soon was covering herself with soap and standing under the hot, steamy water that fell from the shower. Mark in the meantime, called down to the desk and asked if his friends had checked in. They had all arranged to get their own rooms at the hotel. He was told that two of them had, but the third had not yet checked in. Hanging up the phone, he went and opened the dress bag that had kept Penny’s gift hidden from her eyes. Opening it up, he laid it down on the bed and pulled out the shoes that Carol had insisted on.

Next, he pulled a small black box from his suitcase, opened it and laid it on the skirt and blouse. The diamond anklet glistened in the lights and he smoothed his hands down in anticipation of seeing her surprise. Mark went over to his bag and pulled his suit out, and as Penny was walking into the room, she found him, just finishing the buttons on his cuffs. “Nice,” she said as she looked over his trim form. His features still full of youth and love for her.

He winked and then grinned as he saw her eyes pick out the black box. “Mark! It’s lovely.” She picked it up and hurried over to him. The kiss she gave him almost ended the evening’s activities as Mark felt his arousal press against her towel wrapped body. His fingers skirted around her back and held her close. She pulled away, set her foot on the edge of the bed, and handed him the box. “Here Hon, put it on me please.”

Mark bent down and circled his wife’s ankle, pressing a kiss against her flesh, before securing the anklet and moving away from her. She hugged him once more and went back to the dress. “I hope you like it,” Mark told her, his voice just now giving just a hint of doubt.

“It’s great. I know you and Carol snuck off sometime last week and this was why, wasn’t it?”

“Actually, yes it was. We weren’t sure if you would think it was for something else or not.”

“No, I didn’t know what it was, but you’ve never done anything behind my back, so I wasn’t thinking that at all. I’m glad you took her; you both did a great job. I love everything.”

Mark watched her walk back into the bathroom and when she returned, the ensemble rested on her supple form, just as he had pictured her. “Great,” he told her. He finished getting dressed as she did her hair and her make-up. Finally, he took her arm and looped it with his, “Ready?”


They left the room, and headed to the hotel restaurant. Mark eased Penny into her chair, placing a kiss on her shoulder. She looked up to him, and followed his body as he sat across from her. They enjoyed the soft caresses each gave the other with their feet and the occasional touch of fingers to fingers, throughout the meal. Penny was responding to her husband’s gentle persuasions, and she continued to feel herself shiver with excitement, as dinner progressed.

When dessert arrived, the server handed Penny a glass of wine and a small card. She opened it, reading a very sweet hello that was penned to her. Looking around she didn’t see anyone that she recognized, passing the note to Mark, he too read it and smiled up at her. “A friend of yours?” she asked.

He just smiled, enjoyed his own beverage and dug into his dessert. Penny drank her wine and soon the two moved on to the hotel lounge. A jazz band was playing up on the small stage and a few couples were on the dance floor. Mark led Penny out to the center, where they both moved together. The couple soon became lost in the music and when it changed from the quick, steady beat to one of slow, tantalizing pleasure, they easily merged and swayed to the tempo.

Penny felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to look to her left. “Yes,” she asked the hotel employee that now stood beside her. The young woman handed Penny a card and a small red rose. “I was asked to give these to you,” she smiled at Penny and Mark, then left.

Mark watched as his wife opened the little card and once more read a nice penned hello. She grinned up at him, “Gentleman number two, I presume?” He only smiled as he took her back in his arms and finished their dance. Soon the song ended and they moved though the throng of people towards the hotel bar. “I have to use the restroom. I’ll meet you at the bar, ok?”

“Sure, I’ll be there,” he bent down, kissed her cheek, and watched her leave before he continued. Mark quickly scanned the room, catching Craig and Scott’s eyes. When he reached them, he shook their hands and told them how Penny had blushed over the simple gestures they had given her. He also told them how he appreciated them doing something like that to break the ice.

After several minutes, Mark looked over towards the entrance of the bar and caught Penny’s eyes. She smiled, and waved towards him, then touched the arm of the man next to her. Mark nodded his head and soon Penny and Dale arrived to meet with the rest of the group. “Hey Dale,” Mark shook his hand, everyone grabbed a drink from the bar and headed to a corner booth.

Penny slid in and Dale and Scott followed suit, one on each side of Penny. Mark and Craig found themselves next to the other guys. Each one ordered a second round of drinks and soon they settled comfortably and faced the comedy act, which was now up on the stage.

Conversation between the men and Penny moved easily. Soon Mark could tell Penny had warmed up to each of the gentlemen, and he began to feel as if his fantasy was going to happen. He looked over at his wife, and saw the blush on her cheeks. His eyes roamed over Dale then Scott, noticing that each one had their hands on his wife. Dale was touching Penny’s hair, while Craig he was sure was touching her thigh. He watched his wife responding to the attention, and felt his own body begin to respond as well. He reached down and adjusted his slacks, giving more room for his arousal.

Penny’s giggles became more pronounced and he watched her chest rise and fall as Dale leaned over and gave her ear a slow, teasing kiss. Penny’s mouth parted in surprise and in pleasure. Mark watched her mouth, slightly open as if an invitation for something else. He rubbed the front of his crotch and felt the erect shaft under his firm hand. Craig’s hand now brushed up to touch Penny’s cheek and in the process, he grazed his palm over her breast. Mark’s eyes darkened as he watched his wife’s nipples stand erect under her blouse and bra.

Dale’s hand and moved from Penny’s hair and now slid slowly down her arm, curving around her bicep and down to her wrist. He rubbed circles into her palm and then brought it up to his lips, where Mark watched him take a taste of his wife’s skin. He saw Penny shiver, and then her head lean back slightly, as Craig took a small nibble of her skin. His tongue slid over her shoulder, then back to her ear, whispering words of pleasure that only she could hear.

Penny lifted her head from the back of the booth’s seat, smiled at each man and excused herself to the use the restroom. Mark scooted out, his erection obvious to his wife. Dale followed suit and Penny slid free from the booth and the table. She pressed herself up to her husband, and kissed his cheek. Mark pulled her close and kissed her ear. She sighed into his embrace, “I think they like me,” she winked at his rolling eyes.

“I think you should reward them,” he smiled wickedly at her.

“Mmm…” she said. “I think I know just the thing.” Mark grinned back at her, and watched her move to the ladies room. He knew what she was doing, and the idea of it, made his cock strain against his slacks. Mark took his seat back at the booth, as did Dale.

“She’s quite the lady,” Dale remarked his eyes glancing to the bathroom, waiting for the evenings jewel to reappear.

Scott nodded, “Yes, you are one lucky son of a bitch, there Mark,” he said then punched Craig in the ribs, “I believe I’ll be trading seats with you when the lovely lass returns.”

The men laughed and joked, until Penny arrived back by their sides. They noticed something in her hands, and each one let out a groan or a soft whistle as Penny placed a pair of black thongs into Scott’s hands, “Since you didn’t get to sit beside me, you can have these,” she smiled. Scott’s eyes lit up, and he pressed the material to his nose, breathing deep, then smiling at the others, “Well this almost makes up for not sitting next to her. But not enough,” the group laughed as Scott slid in next to the black-haired beauty.

Each man gave Penny a cocked eyebrow, noticing her now partially unbuttoned blouse. Her creamy white breasts were almost fully exposed and the edge of her bra would peak out at the men as she slid herself back into her seat. Craig slid in this time next to Scott, leaving Dale and Mark on the other side of Penny. Dale slowly lavished once more Penny’s skin and Scott aroused new touches.

Mark could tell by the heated flesh of his wife’s skin, and by the way, she was shifting in her seat, that it was soon time to increase the evening’s activities. He waited for a few more minutes enjoying the feelings of lust that his wife’s arousal was bringing to his groin. His eyes followed the path of Scott’s fingers tracing the line of her blouse, even allowing it to dip between the unbuttoned parts of her shirt. Looking down he saw Dale’s hand move to her thigh, and slowly begin its assent up. Biting the inside of his lip, his cock jerked hard against him, as he imagined the wet, slick folds of his wife bringing forth her sweet cum for him and the others.

He swallowed the rest of his drink, set the glass on the table and motioned for the server to bill their room. Signing the check he eased out of the booth, quickly arranged the bulge in his slacks and chuckled as the men followed his lead, with pretty much the same movements. Penny grinned and watched each man, follow her movements. She looped an arm around Mark’s and the other around Scott’s. They left the bar and headed down the hall of the hotel.

Their loud voices and heated laughter filled the hotel, as they waited for the elevator to arrive. Scott leaned over and pressed a kiss to her neck. Penny purred her delight and felt his hand cup her breasts, while Mark’s hand squeezed her ass. The elevator opened as one couple stepped out and another stepped in with Penny and Mark’s group of friends. Penny stood at the back of the elevator and Mark reached out to push the button for the top floor, he grinned at the middle-aged couple that had gotten into the lift with them, and saw they were getting off one floor below them.

Mark leaned back on the wall of the elevator and watched Dale slide his hand underneath the back of Penny’s skirt. The slit moved open allowing him easy access to the soft, flesh of Penny’s rear. Mark’s cock continued to strain, as he watched her lean back into Dale’s palm welcoming his touch. The couple next to him, their faces red, pretended not to notice, but Mark had all ready seen them both glance several times at Penny and the two gentleman beside her.

Craig waited, leaning against the opposite corner of the elevator and watched Scott’s hand slowly work free the buttons of Penny’s blouse, then slide his hand into her shirt. He could see her nipple perk and harden from Scott’s ministrations on her body. He reached down and pushed his cock to one side. His eyes captured those of the woman who was trying not to notice what was going on behind her. He watched her face flame as he stroked his cock against the fabric of his slacks. Soon the elevator stopped, and the couple rushed out. The group laughed, and exited the elevator when it arrived at the next floor.

They moved along the hall. Once more, the sound of the party filled the luxury hotel, and when they passed an old couple, Penny purposely groped the nearest cock that was closest to her. She heard her own husband’s loving groan and she rubbed harder, bringing a nice stream of juice to her all ready soaked pussy.

The group arrived at Mark and Penny’s suite. Mark opened the door, and then closed it firmly after hanging the Do Not Disturb sign on the door. Turning towards his wife and his group of friends, he leaned against the door. He watched his wife move to the living room of the suite, and as she did, she would lift one foot and remove a long black heel. Soon both heels were scattered on the floor, along with each man’s shirt. Mark pushed himself from the door and removed his own clothes. The path of discarded material weaved its way to the living room, where his wife had found a comfortable place on the floor to sit.

Her naked flesh contrasted well with the deep Burgundy carpet of the hotel floor. Mark saw her bra draped across a chair, her skirt in a puddle on the floor, and her blouse hung loosely on top of the coffee table. Craig was sitting on the love seat, while Dale rested on the sofa. Mark saw Scott standing in front of his wife, her hand on his thigh. His cock leapt against him, as he moved to lean against the balcony doorway. The coolness of the window hit his fevered flesh as he settled back to watch his wife live out one of his fantasies.

Penny slid up onto her knees, and ran her fingers up and down Scott’s thigh, enjoying the feel of his muscles, as they rippled under her flesh. Penny sighed as she licked the balls that hung down from Scott’s shaft. Sucking each one into her warm mouth, her hand worked the shaft slowly then faster. Using her tongue, she pushed each one of the hard marbles against the cheeks of her mouth, and sucked on them, enjoying the taste and the scent of the stranger’s sex filling her senses. She heard his growl of pleasure and felt his hand in her hair.

Mark watched as she released Scott’s balls and ran her tongue up the shaft and then over the pre-cum soaked head. His own hand went down to his cock and slowly began to stoke it, imagining his wife’s pink lips encasing his head, and then his rod.

Penny continued her treatment of lust to Scott’s cock, guiding it fully into her mouth. Her hair moved over her back, and shoulders, as she angled her mouth to accept the thick rod, that kept pushing against her. She sucked and stroked, as she bobbed up and down on the shaft. It continued to plow into her, begging her to continue the driving movements of her hands, mouth and tongue. Pushing faster and faster she could feel him ready to unload the bitter, heat from his balls into her mouth.

Mark’s growl reached Penny’s ears and her eyes slid to her husband’s. They locked and held as she sucked the first shots of cum that Scott sent to the back of her throat. Mark’s eyes darkened, as his wife’s mouth was full of the other man’s seed. He watched her throat move to accept the warm gift, his own hand moving slower on his cock so he wouldn’t cum. He was waiting, he knew sometime he would fill his wife with his own gift, but right now, she was doing this for him.

Penny sucked Scott’s cock, until she felt he had emptied all he had for the time being. She released the softened rod from her hot mouth, ran her tongue up along his stomach, then his chest, as she stood to face him. Her lips touched his, and she shared the taste of his cum. Scott pulled her close and thrust his muscled tongue into her mouth, lapping at his own flavor. Running his hands down her body, he released her, and slowly staggered to the Ottoman, where he rested his ass on it. “Fuck, that was nice,” he groaned, then chuckled softly as he watched Penny turn to Mark.

She walked up to him, and stroked his cock before moving back towards the other three men. Mark watched as she knelt in front of Craig. Placing her hands on Craig’s knees, she eased them apart with no resistance from the man himself. She smirked up at him, then heard Mark move to another part of the room, looking around she saw him, and smiled. He grinned back, knowing she could see nothing but approval in his eyes. He knew at that moment, what an amazing wife he had. He had never doubted it, but something about her willingness to live this fantasy for him, made her all the more special.

Penny ran her nails up the inside of Craig’s thighs; she could hear the raking of them, over the tight curls on his legs. Her teeth bit the inside of each knee. Using the tip of her tongue, she slid up the light pink path her nails had made as they traveled up his skin. She licked and pulled at the curly hairs of his muscled thigh. Her nose nuzzled the sac that was tight against his body, her breath stirring the hairs, as she moved. Penny’s fingers drummed over his sac then cupped the velvet package and rolled the round dice in her hands.

Her eyes looked over to Mark’s as she quickly forced the cock down her throat. Penny watched his eyes widen as she twisted the shaft back and forth as her head wasted no time in deep-throated him. Mark leaned slightly forward, his cock once more in his hand, as he watched the lips of his wife inhale the swollen cock deep into her mouth. He eased his own stroking as he watched her lift her breasts and surround Craig’s cock with them, “Oh fuck yes baby,” Mark moaned as he watched his wife’s tits devour the other man’s rod.

Penny moved her mouth to the tip of Craig’s shaft and rubbed her large breasts over them. Her nipples caressed his groin, and her tongue licked at the head of his dick. She swirled the wet tip and sucked the juices that seeped from it. This was Mark’s gift from Penny and she relished watching him being pleasured. Craig moved his hands to her boobs and squeezed them around his cock. Her hands free now went to work on his balls and one of his nipples.

Cradling the sac once more, she lifted and rubbed it, fixated on the tightness of it clinging to his body. Her nails ran over his nipples and she pinched and pulled at the pink flesh. Her mouth moved over the tip of his shaft, each time it would thrust between her tits and expose itself. “Oh God, Penny girl, I’m gonna cum, baby,” Craig moaned. Penny looked from Mark to Craig, moving her breasts she lifted her body up slightly and lowered her mouth fully down on his rod, as if her mouth were a wet pussy that needed fucked.

Adjusting her jaw, she took him far down, swallowing the loads of cum that emptied deep into her throat. She fucked him with her mouth hard and fast, not stopping until he groaned her name several times, “Oh fuck, Penny, yesss…suck me dry. OH FUCK YES!!!” he yelled as he held her head down to the base of his cock. Penny milked him dry, savoring the liquid life that settled in her gut.

Penny eased his cock from his mouth, and once more shared a deep tongue kiss with a man that wasn’t her husband. Craig grabbed her breasts and sucked each one, before releasing her. Everyone could hear the sloppy juices of her sex as she walked back to her husband. Once more, she paused in front of him, this time bending her body and licking his balls and his cock before turning away from him.

Mark watched his wife’s ass move away from him. His eyes looked over to Dale. Dale was shifting on his ass, not sure what the raven-haired vixen had in store for him. Mark was curious too. His wife was so erotic right now, he had a hard time not throwing her on the floor and fucking her right now, in front of everyone.

Penny looked on at the cock that awaited her. She ran her eyes over Dale’s body, enjoying the way it tensed under her gaze. Then she looked back at her husband, a wicked gleam in her eyes. Mark read her expression and moved towards her, he was curious as to what his little minx had playing on her mind. Penny pressed her hand on her husband’s chest, and then had Dale stand before her.

Mark watched as his wife moved her index finger down both men’s chests. Then she circled each cock, stroking them both, with hard firm grasps. She slid to her knees, and Mark growled as she licked Dale’s sack and then licked his. The men stood angled towards the lovely beauty on the floor, kneeling before them. Her mouth lapped at each man’s testicles, teasing them both. She would suck on the right sphere of one and then the left of the other. Soon Penny was sucking Dale’s entire package of flesh while she caressed and fondled her husband’s familiar, yet loved jewels.

Watching Penny’s mouth swell with the balls of Dale, drove Mark’s cock to jump and leap towards her. His hand grabbed it and he stroked the flesh-covered muscle. Mark’s eyes squeezed shut as he felt Penny’s mouth gather his own balls into her mouth, and she sucked and teased them. “Yes, honey,” he moaned as his hip thrusted into her mouth. She continued to tantalize Dale’s cock and balls with her hands, and then she left Mark’s sac, tight and wet, only to return to Dale’s.

Penny moved back and forth lavishing each man with her tongue, teeth and lips. Her hand wrapped around her husband’s cock, as her mouth took in Dale’s swollen head. She moaned her own excitement, feeling the two cocks being controlled by her. She sucked and teased Dale’s member, then moved to her husband’s. Working his shaft, she inhaled his scent, familiar to her. Mark, thrust his hips forward and fucked his wife’s mouth hard and fast. Dale moaned out in pleasure as Penny’s fingers pinched the top of his penis. Bobbing her head up and down on her husband’s package, she felt the tip hit the back of her throat. Removing her sweet, moist mouth from him, she treated Dale once more to the same exquisite torture.

Mark watched Dale’s face grimace, then he saw Dale hold Penny to his shaft. The white cum shot into her mouth and Mark watched it leak out of her lips. Her throat moved with each swallow she took of the offered treasure that Dale forced into her mouth. Mark moaned out loud as she played with his rod. She licked Dale’s cock clean, covered his balls with her tongue, then slid it up to his chest, licking and biting him all the way. She came to Dale’s mouth and his tongue cleaned the cum from her chin, then entered her mouth to clean his seed from her hot cavern.

She stepped back and looked at her husband. His cock held firm and hard in his hand. Penny moved up to him, pressed her body against his. Mark tangled his fingers into her hair, and pushed her to her knees. “Fuck me, Penny, suck my cock. I need to cum for you, baby.”

Penny licked her lips, and then set to work on her favorite piece in the room. She licked the head, circled the ridge, and trailed it down the extended vein that she felt the blood rushing through. Her tongue moved down, to the base of his cock, circled it, then moved lower to his balls, tasting his sex, smelling the familiar body beneath her nose. Penny took his balls into her mouth and played with each rounded dish of delight. She pushed and prodded bringing the liquid inside to a boil.

“OH GOD, PENNY!!!!” he yelled, as her mouth went from his balls up to his cock and she impaled herself onto him. The swollen head once more hit the back of her throat and her teeth grazed the sides. He pushed into her deeper and harder. Holding her head with both his hands, Mark rammed into Penny’s open hole. Her tongue stroked the front of his cock, while her fingers worked his balls. He knew he was coming, and Penny did also.

Her hands went to his hips, and together they worked his rod deeper into her mouth. He pushed her head down, while she pulled his hips forward. Her jaw flexed and her tongue pushed the hot cum down her throat as her husband released his fiery load deep inside her. Each one dug their fingers into the other. Her nails raked his ass, his fingers pulled and twisted her hair, as she milked all he had, and swallowed all he offered. She licked his rod clean, when he finally allowed her head to move off his pelvis. Her tongue rubbed across the shaft and the balls cleansing those as well. Mark watched Penny tremble in desire, as she stood up, and pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Their tongues swept along the waves of lust that the fantasy had created and Mark’s fingers soon found his wife’s clit. She had done so much all ready, and the night was still full of fun and possibilities. Penny knew her first orgasm would be hard and fast, she had worked her body into an erotic frenzy, her belly full of the luscious gift of the men and her husband. Her leg came up and Mark held it with one hand while he drove two fingers deep into his wife’s slippery cunt. Her juices overflowed him, her moans echoed in his ears, soon Penny was grinding her pussy into his hand and pulling the lobe of his ear with her teeth. “Ohhhh fuck, Mark…yesss… deeper…OH GOD!” she screamed as the waves of cum washed over her, soaking his hand, her pussy, and her thighs.

Penny shuddered against him, as she continued to thrash and quiver in his hand. She called out his name, and rode his palm through every moan and shake that consumed her. Soon she was panting for air, and Mark’s fingers were sliding slower inside her. He lifted her to the bed and laid her down. Kissing her belly, he slid his tongue down to her pussy and licked at the juices. Moving away Mark took a seat while he watched Craig and Dale approach his wife’s cum filled body.

He watched as each man secured Penny’s ankles and wrists. His cock was all ready getting hard once more, his hands finding their way around it, he slowly began rubbing the moist salvia from Penny’s mouth around his shaft.

Craig bent down and pressed his face into Penny’s cunt, his tongue lapping at her juices. She lifted her hips, trying to urge him to go deeper. Her hands strained on the leather straps that held her, as his tongue flicked her clit, and snaked between her engorged lips. Penny heard the sounds of her sex being sucked from her body, and she felt the teasing presence of his finger, running over the entrance to her ass.

Mark’s cock was now at its fullest potential, his fingers rubbing over the head of his penis. He watched as Craig spread his wife’s pussy apart, to allow his tongue to scrap the inner walls. Penny gasped in excitement, as more liquid fire escaped from the inner recess of her body. He pulled the juice out, and then coated his fingers with it. Removing his tongue from her hole, his fingers slid along the walls and gathered her honey against them. Craig pulled his finger out of Penny’s cunt and ran the juice over her anus, dipping his finger in and allowing her ass to welcome its presence.

Taking three fingers, he rammed them into Penny’s hole, stealing more of her hot nectar. The three digits came out covered in sloppy wetness. He stroked the juice over his cock, and lifted Penny’s hips.

Her eyes blazed down her body. She saw her slick, coated mound and the black, trimmed curls glistening in the light, bringing another shudder from her body. She watched as Craig’s cock began to disappear. Penny’s back arched high, as she felt the head of his swollen member enter her ass. Her muscles tried to deny the foreigner, but soon, she relaxed and welcomed Craig’s shaft fully.

Mark clenched the tip of his cock, and stopped his ministrations, so he could prolong his own release. He watched Craig pound his wife’s ass, as his own body shook with a need to release his cum somewhere. Mark tightened the hold on his tool, and watched Penny thrash on the bed. Her legs pulled and her arms twisted. He knew his wife; he knew she wanted to touch this man, to scratch and claw his body just like she did his.

Craig moved faster into the tight hole of his friend’s wife. He drove hard and fast, each thrust deeper then the last. He heard his balls slapping the woman beneath him. “OHHH FUCK!!” he growled, his fingers digging into her hips. Penny watched his body move and gyrate against her. She squeezed his cock with the muscles of her ass, tightening them then releasing them. Penny felt the head of his dick buried deep inside her, and she welcomed it with words of lust.

“OHHHHH YESSSS!” She screamed as she came. Craig watched the liquid ooze from the pussy that was on display for him. It gathered on her lips, and hairs before it spilled over onto his cock.

“SHIT!” he yelled out as his hot, load of seed filled Penny’s ass. He continued to ram into her, making her accept it all. She milked his cock with the walls of her ass, taking and refusing anything but what he gave her.

Mark’s eyes darkened as he fought to hold back his cum. He watched Penny’s pussy lift and fall as Craig withdrew his cum covered cock from Penny’s ass. The room stilled for a moment the only sound that was heard were heated gasps of breath. Penny looked over at Mark, noticed his aching cock, and smiled.

Glancing up into her eyes, Mark smiled back as he slowly released his cock. He moved his hand to the arm of the chair and gripped it. Craig left the room, headed to the shower, his head shaking in amazement at the woman he had enjoyed, still tied to the bed.

Scott moved over to the bed, released Penny’s hands and ankles. Flexing them, she watched as he moved over to the dresser. Pulling a tube of cream from the top drawer, she smiled when he returned and ran the vanilla scented cream under her nose. He squeezed a liberal amount into his palm, then began working it into her muscles.

Scott smoothed the lotion over her arms, then down her hands and across each finger. Penny sighed in contentment as she felt her body give into the much-needed rest. Mark watched as Scott’s hands moved over his wife’s shoulders, and along her neck. His body was breathing easy, but by no means normal, nor was his cock any less strained.

Scott watched Penny’s breasts lift and fall as she calmed her body’s movements from earlier. He caressed her ribs, and chuckled when she squealed and shifted on the bed. Smiling, he pressed more lotion into his hands, cupped her breasts and kneaded them. Her nipples begged to be noticed, so Scott captured one and sucked greedily on it. She hitched herself up to his mouth, and her hand went into his hair. Pressing his face deeper to her breast, Penny moaned and squirmed.

Mark enjoyed the movements and sounds of his wife, as Scott released her nipple, then pleasured the other just as he did the previous twin. He groaned in lust as he saw Scott’s hands slide down his wife’s stomach, then along each joint of her hip and thigh. His hand moved over his own leg, until he reached his balls, where he massaged and cupped them. Penny’s eyes slid to Mark and she licked her lips as she watched her husband fondle his velvet package.

Scott pressed lotion along the upper thighs of the black, haired diva, then caressed and massaged her calf muscles. He stroked her feet, and tickled each toe. “Roll over sweets,” he told her. Penny smiled, agreed quickly and soon found herself on her stomach. She sighed as she felt the bed shift, and Scott’s strong fingers push and pull on her shoulders. Penny’s body was floating between arousal and sedation, as Scott worked each muscle under his fingers. Stroking her flesh, he soon squirted more lotion, this time on the small of her back.

Her body trembled as he worked thumbs and knuckles into her waist, then down along each patch of skin on the cheeks of her ass. He worked both legs, bringing purrs of delight from Penny’s throat. Soon he had returned his attention to the firm calf muscles and the tiny feet. Fingers danced across her skin, as she found herself stretching in contentment. Mark grinned as he saw a small yawn escape her lips.

“Not getting tired, are you Hon?” he chuckled, as her eyes shot open.

Scott looked over to his friend and grinned back, “Can’t have that can we.”

Mark shook his head no, and then watched as Scott grabbed Penny’s hips and lifted her up. Penny winked at Mark, placed her knees under her, supported herself with her hands, and opened her legs up wide for the welcoming cock, she felt pressed against her.

Scott looked down at Penny and guided his rock, hard cock into her pussy. She opened it further, when her fingers slid down her softened, vanilla scented stomach, and separated her own slick lips. He entered her slowly, teasing the entrance with only the head of his swollen member. Penny pushed back, trying to capture more of his shaft, but Scott refused.

Mark’s eyes began to glaze over as he watched Scott slide into his wife’s body. He felt his blood boiling, his balls tight against his body. He moved his hand from his balls to the swollen cock, which jerked and ached to be allowed to cum. Mark, took pleasure in his forced discomfort, prolonging his own orgasm, so he could watch the expressions on his wife’s face as she was brought to climax in many different ways.

Penny moaned as she finally got her wish, and felt Scott’s full dick enter her hot, juice covered pussy. She gasped out for him to fuck her hard and fast, but again she was denied what she wanted. Scott took long lazy strokes of her sex with his shaft. The entire length would be pulled out of her, and only the head would rest, before he repeated the movement in the opposite direction, entering her slowly, bringing her and him, exquisite pleasure.

He pushed into her, allowing her to plead and beg him to give her more, each sound she made was music to Scott’s ears. Soon however his own body needed answers, and he increased his tempo. Penny purred her thanks, and welcomed the new movement. Her fingers moved along her clit, stroking it and rubbing it. She kept the same speed as Scott, she’d decrease when he did, and increase when he did.

Soon the movements of her hand were a blur to Mark, as he saw Penny’s cunt being rammed by his friend Scott’s dick. He watched her mouth open, as if a welcoming for a cock that wanted to spew into it. Mark wanted that mouth, that pussy and that ass, yet he denied himself. Enjoying the erotic view of his wife cumming for another, he pushed his hand down his shaft and squeezed it firmly, once more locking the juices inside.

Scott fucked Penny faster, his rod massaging her walls, and coaxing another overwhelming amount of juice from Penny’s body. He pushed into her deeply, the head of his cock touching the spot that hit his tip hard. Penny clamped down on him, and only released as he pulled out of her, then she would squeeze again as he tried to reinsert his shaft.

“OHHHH YESSSS BABY!!! Scott shouted as he emptied a loud of boiling hot cum into Penny’s sex. He moaned out her name, as he pulled her ass to him, and continued to drive his cock deeper into her pussy, forcing her to accept his gift.

Penny bit her lip, as the first shot of semen filled her. Her back arched and she screamed for him, to fuck her again. Scott continued to drive into her, bringing her climax to the edge, then he grabbed her hair, brought her head back and fucked her one last time, hard and mean. Penny screamed out her orgasm and delivered a hot, flow of cum over his cock, covering and soaking the softening rod.

“Fuck, Penny,” Scott muttered as he eased his cock from her, and rolled her over. She smiled up at him, blew him a kiss then watched his naked ass move away from the room. Mark left his chair, climbed onto the bed, and swept his tongue into his wife’s mouth.

“God, Penny! I love you,” he whispered against her lips. She touched his cheek, and then kissed him back.

“I love you,” she whispered back, just as Dale entered the room.

“Interrupting, perhaps the evenings over?” he asked, his brow cocked to one side.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Penny grinned, as Mark took his place back at the chair. His eyes glued to Penny’s body. The sweat and cum that covered her, glowed on her skin as the room’s lights caressed her.

Dale chuckled low as he looked at the woman on the bed; he had waited for a while to enjoy her body. They hadn’t met before, but Mark had passed out some racy pictures of her, when they had all agreed to this little get together. Now she laid there, open and ready for him. He placed his knee on the bed, his hands rested on either side of her, as he slowly lowered his body over her. Kissing her lips, he teased them open, little bites and nibbles to each one brought shivers to her flesh, and goose-bumps to his.

Mark settled back as he watched the teasing of his wife’s body begin once again. His cock was to the point of hurting, it ached to be released into the folds of his loving mate, but for a bit longer, he held off. He wondered was this a fantasy or a physical need to torture himself, shaking his head in both frustration and in desire, he enjoyed the scene that was unfolding in front of him, once more.

Dale trailed kisses along Penny’s jaw, and over her neck. He traced the shape of her ears, her collarbone and her shoulders. His teeth nipped her soft, white flesh, as his nose nuzzled its way down to her nipples. The path of his hands along her breasts was soon followed by his tongue. Dale smiled, “Yummy,” he told her, as he licked the vanilla lotion from her skin. “Glad you brought edible,” he looked over to Mark and grinned. Turning back to Penny, he watched her eyes darken as he sucked on the rosy bud that was calling to him.

She gasped, arched her back, and moaned as he bit her tit and sucked even harder then before. His fingers glided down her stomach, and toyed with her pussy. Running them back and forth between the cum soaked lips, Dale was soon guiding his own rod into the trimmed bush below him. Penny pushed her hips up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He had been wanting this cunt for too long and Dale wasn’t wasting time any longer. Fucking Penny hard and fast, he impaled her with his cock, grabbing her hips and forcing her to take him deep. He slammed himself in and out of her, towering over her as he fucked her pussy. Penny tightened the hold she had on his waist and pushed her own cunt further up. Grinding their hairs together, each one felt the juices from the previous fucks, soak and cover each hair on their skin.

Mark stroked faster on his cock, with each thrust into Penny’s body that Dale made. He moaned as his wife thrashed underneath the other man. Mark growled out as his hands fondled his own balls and ravished his own cock.

Penny grabbed Dale’s head, brought his lips to hers, and bit the bottom one, before pushing her tongue into his mouth. The lovers fucked fast and hard. Dale sucked Penny’s tongue, and then, in return, bit down on her lip. Penny scratched at his skin, and dug the heels of her feet into his back. Dale felt the bubbling of cum rising to the head of his cock. Pulling his mouth away from Penny’s, he bent down and bit her nipple hard, then sucked on it with greed as he felt his cum explode from deep inside him.

“YESSSSSS!!!!” Penny screamed, her nails leaving streaks of red on Dale’s back.

“OHHHH FUCK!!” Dale shouted, as he left her nipple and thrusted his dick one final time. His cum shot out, as Penny’s flowed free. Each one gasped and moaned. Dale shivered as Penny quaked around him.


Dale and Penny looked over to Mark, his hand covered in the hot, liquid fire that had shot out of his body. He watched as Dale and Penny slowly began their descent from the climatic finish of his fantasy. His hand stroked his own cock, the seed covering his palm, knuckles and balls. Mark’s eyes could barely make out the image of Dale leaving his wife’s body, and exiting the room.

He lay there spent, and exhausted. Penny rose from the bed took his hand and led him back to the sloppy wet blankets. Together they pushed the blankets away, and crawled on top of the sheets, only a few dots of cum had soaked through. Mark held his wife, kissed her face, then her lips. Words of love covered her ears, as he held her close. The couple slept through the rest of the night, and found themselves the next morning, looking forward to their next set of adventures.

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