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Making The Sale

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“Damn, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” I said it out loud, standing by myself in the middle of my new apartment’s kitchen. Actually, it wasn’t so new, and it wasn’t really mine, but whatever. I had my doubts in any case.

It seemed like a cool idea when my mother’s friend offered it: A nice luxury apartment off campus, mine for a quarter while she was away on sabbatical. And it was great in many ways – lots of room, a great pool and workout center, and all the privacy I wanted.

Of course, that last feature turned out more of a minus than a plus. I had privacy, all right, but too much. Being away from campus made me lose touch with day-to-day campus social life, and I hadn’t met anyone yet at the complex. And when two of my friends took the quarter for study abroad, it just got worse. I had been here a little over a month, and I felt like a bit of a hermit. No, not just a hermit, a celibate hermit. My sex life had gone from very active to essentially nothing.

It was so much easier when I lived on campus. There were always plenty of people around, and parties, either planned or impromptu, that provided lots of possibilities. Plus, the social atmosphere was decidedly liberal and open-minded. College students were far more open to bisexuality and lesbianism. On the other hand, the apartment complex was unknown territory, including people with different backgrounds and different ages, and who knows what else. I simply didn’t feel comfortable approaching anyone in a sexual way. So I ended up just doing without.

Unfortunately, after a month of forced celibacy, I was becoming seriously obsessed with sex. By then I recognized the pattern in myself. The first hint came when I noticed myself looking at every attractive woman I passed on the street. And not just looking, either. I started playing a little mental game, imagining how each one would look in the midst of orgasm – the look on her face, the arch of her back, the sounds she would make. It’s amazing how even an average-looking girl can seem incredibly sexy when you think of her in that context. And of course, it was just a short jump from there to imagining it was me causing that look, kneeling before her, providing her every pleasure she could ever imagine!

The proof of my mental state hit me when I went to the grocery on a recent Saturday. As had been the norm lately, I seemed to notice every attractive female in the store, but the real evidence revealed itself as I was stooping down to look at some items on the bottom shelf. This girl paused right next to me. She was gorgeous: a pretty blonde in her early twenties, full breasts in her white tank top, nice legs, and wearing tight, form-fitting cotton shorts that emphasized the exquisite shape of her darling bottom. She stood there for several minutes, facing away from me as she tried to decide between two brands. Her bottom was exactly at my eye level, and it was absolutely to-die-for. While she pondered her choice for what seemed like forever, I just sat there, trying to look and not look at her beautiful behind, as it swayed back and forth right in my face. The swaying was a natural result of her constant shifting of her weight from right to left, but to me, it was her response to the long, slow rimming I was giving her in my head. God, how I wanted to pull down those pants and run my tongue between her luscious cheeks.

That did it. When I found myself almost drooling over some stranger’s backside, I knew I was in trouble. I could only hope no one had noticed. I quickly finished my shopping and got out of there. In my car, I couldn’t clear my mind of the image of those shorts and the delicious-looking butt they contained. I rushed home and masturbated until I fell asleep.

The next day was Sunday and, with a heavy course load, I spent the free time catching up on my studies. I was just finishing up when I heard a knock on the door. I figured it was a friend stopping by unannounced, but when I looked through the peephole and saw the distorted image of a girl I didn’t recognize.

Wary, I asked through the closed door, “Yes, may I help you?”

“Uh, well,” she started, “I’m selling magazines… for a good cause! Could you help me out?” Through the peephole, I could see her trying to put an appealing look on her face.

Oh boy, I thought, a sales person – just what I need today. “Oh, I don’t know,” I said. “I really don’t read that many magazines. I’m in college… I don’t have a lot of extra money.”

“Oh pleeeease,” she answered, “I only need a couple more sales to reach the next level. I’m sure there’s something you could use. Won’t you just take a look?”

I felt a little rude talking through the door, so I gave in and opened up. I was greeted with a bright smile and a seemingly sincere “Oh thanks so much!” She offered her hand, “I’m Kelley, by the way.” They teach them well, I thought cynically, but I let her in.

She seemed too old to be selling magazines – a couple years younger than me, I guessed. I questioned her about that, and she confirmed it – eighteen and in some kind of rehab program. The magazine sales were part of the “transition” plan as well as a fundraiser for the program. She explained that the top seller would win a weekend in Chicago, and she was in the top three so far. That sounded like pure sales pitch, but I let her proceed.

As I listened, I noticed that she was quite an attractive girl. She wasn’t beautiful in the movie star sense, but she was definitely cute. She was a few inches taller than me – about 5′ 6″, I guessed – and more filled out, especially on top. Full waves of chestnut hair fell halfway down her back, and enchanting green eyes flashed brightly when she talked. Wire rimmed glasses, cut-off jeans, and a white peasant top gave her a sort of neo-hippie look that was very appealing.

On the other hand, I sensed something slightly amiss with this girl. She seemed somewhat oblivious to her surroundings, and just a bit flighty. I wondered if those traits were that got her into trouble to begin with.

I let my eyes run over her body as she continued her pitch. Her baggy top gave only a hint of the curve of her breasts, but her short denim shorts revealed long, lovely legs. Soon I was back to my state of the previous day, lusting after a complete stranger.

“So what do you think,” she asked suddenly. I realized I had not heard much of what she’d been saying.

“Uh, I don’t know,” I started, trying to stall. “Have you had much luck in the rest of this complex?”

“Oh yeah,” she said, “it’s been great.” That wide-eyed, slightly lost look returned to her face. “The two guys down the hall bought eight! Plus, I have a date with them tonight.”

“A date?” I asked suspiciously. “With BOTH of them?”

“Yeah. They were real nice.”

Kelley looked at me as if there were nothing at all odd about having a date with two guys immediately following a business transaction. I wondered if she realized what those guys expected from her. I momentarily felt a little sorry for her, but then realized that, though younger, she was probably far worldlier than I was. She seemed like a good-time sort of girl, and probably looked at the propositions as exactly that – a potential good time. And I immediately realized, with a tinge of guilt, that I was wondering about possibilities myself.

“So,” I said, “have you gotten a lot of ‘dates’ from selling magazines?”

“Oh a few,” she answered, “But I’ve never really met anybody that stuck.”

Big surprise, I thought. Now I was getting a little nervous in my anticipation of what may come. It seemed clear that Kelley was just a little “easy”. Of course, she had only mentioned guys, but she seemed to have a wide-open attitude to life that could include experimenting. I thrilled to the possibility that I might seduce her.

I dragged out the conversation while I plotted my next move. Finally I asked her, “Kelley… have any of your “dates” ever been with a girl?”

Kelley’s expression didn’t even change at my question. “Uhhh… well, no,” she said sweetly, “but that would be okay, I guess.” She gave no hint that she recognized that I was suggesting us, and now.

Gathering my courage and doing my best to hide my nervousness, I forged ahead. “Well, what would you think about having a date with me, right now?”

Her eyes opened a little wider as she realized what I was saying. She looked at me for a long moment, smiled slightly, almost to herself, and then I got my answer. “Ummmm, I’ve never done that before,” she said. She looked away briefly, then returned with the same slight smile and a shrug, “But I think I could try it. You’re cute!”

I felt a tingle up my spine when she said it. I had to compose myself, but then I inched forward and touched her bare arm. Her skin felt extra hot to me. “I’d really like that,” I said, giving my best attempt at a seductive look. Kelley’s only response was a subtle rise of her eyebrow that told me she was intrigued and ready for the next move. I leaned forward again, paused to gauge her action, and placed a soft, demure kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes when I did it, then re-opened them with a warm smile.

Given a green light, I took her face in my hands and gently pulled it to mine. Her lips were soft, deliciously soft. Wasting no time, I ran my tongue softly over them. Almost immediately, her mouth opened to allow me inside. She may have been nervous, but she certainly wasn’t inhibited.

Her openness fueled my ardor, and I began kissing her more deeply. Kelley was a wonderful kisser. Her supple lips and eager tongue quickly had me hotter than I expected to be at that stage. My month of celibacy had affected me more than I knew. I eased her onto the couch so we could be more comfortable.

Kelley’s arms surrounded me as she began to get more into our kissing. Following her lead, I embraced her fully, and we fell side by side into a prone position. My hands moved to her waist, then rested on the swell of her hips. Finally, I grew bolder and took her firm buttocks in my hands. A soft moan from Kelley told me she liked that. My hands trembled with lust as I caressed and kneaded her soft, round globes.

We made out for several minutes, both of our temperatures rising. My god, could that girl kiss! Unable to hold back any longer, I slipped my right hand down the back of her pants. It wasn’t easy, because her shorts were a little tight. Fortunately, Kelley took the initiative and undid the button to loosen them. Then she looked me in the eye and smiled warmly. God, I thought I would faint with excitement.

At first, I simply ran my hand over the silky fabric of Kelley’s panties, but once it was clear that she was enjoying it, I took the next step and ventured inside the waistband. I let my hand wander over the smooth skin of her lovely bottom. My fingertips found the edge of her rear valley and enjoyed the extra warmth of that place. Now my left hand joined the right inside her panties, and I delighted in playing with her wonderful rear end. By now we were both pretty worked up. Our little cries of passion were smothered in each other’s mouths as were writhed together.

My hands moved inward, my fingers exploring the steamy space between Kelley’s buns. I ran my middle finger slowly down her crack until I found the hot little circle of her anus. A circling motion and a gentle pressure drew a welcome groan from my sweet companion. Encouraged, I played with her there a little more. She seemed to like it, especially when I got the tip of my finger just barely inside. Promising myself to come back to that spot, I let my fingers wander further down, until I found the heat of her soft folds. Kelley gave a quiet “Mmmmm,” and pushed her hips back at my hand. I moved my fingertip slowly back and forth over the outside her slit, then eased it inside and was delighted as she soaked it with hot fluids. That drew a more urgent “Mmmmm” from Kelley.

Suddenly, she broke our kiss and looked at me wide-eyed, her nostrils flared with passion. “This is better than I thought it would be!” she said in a breathy voice. That was music to my ears! I nuzzled her neck and continued to play with her pussy as her hips swayed back and forth. Through the light material of her blouse, I could feel the little nubs of her erect nipples pressing against my own. I removed my left hand from her pants and brought it to her breasts, quickly realizing there was no bra underneath her top. I was so horny, I was sure I would wet my pants.

I fondled her breasts for several minutes, reaching under her top to feel their silky softness, punctuated by the firm, rubbery points of her nipples. I could feel the moisture building between my legs and knew I had to have more. Kelley was indeed a great kisser, and her sexy mouth had enflamed my oral desires. I wanted to taste her – everywhere. “I think you’re ready for more,” I said. Kelley seemed in a fog. She just nodded and softly said “Yeah.”

Kelley and I both started pulling her clothes off. Her eagerness only added to my own arousal. In seconds, she was down to just her panties. Her peasant blouse was gone now, revealing two very nice breasts with large pink-tan areoles and those hard little nipples I’d been playing with. Then Kelley reached for her panties, but I stopped her. “No,” I said, “I want to do that.” She smiled sweetly again, and then paused as I frantically scrambled out of my own clothes.

I took her in my arms again and kissed her even more passionately than before. The warm silk of her skin against mine was unbelievably erotic. It had been far too long since I’d felt another girl that way.

Kelley was wide-eyed with enthusiasm. “Ohhh, that feels good!” she said. We moved to the couch, where I resumed exploring Kelley’s luscious body. As I ran my hand up her thigh, she opened her legs to give me access to what I obviously wanted. I teased her a little, caressing her thighs up high, then moving back toward her knees, never touching that place where we both wanted it.

Finally I couldn’t wait any longer. My right hand cupped the crotch of her panties, which, as I expected, was soaking wet. Her hips moved forward to meet my hand. This time I slipped my hand down the front. A small tuft of soft pubic hair filled my palm, and my fingers felt the deep, liquid heat of her cunt. Two fingers massaged her quivering vulva while sweet Kelley sighed deliciously. I was astonished to feel how wet she was – wetter than anyone I could remember being with. Her juices drenched my hand, and I shivered to think that I would soon have that juicy morsel in my mouth.

Still, I did my best to control myself. I knew it would be even better if I could drag it out. I started whispering things into Kelley’s ear, telling her how sexy and hot she was, how I couldn’t wait to eat her out, that I was going to make her come longer and harder than she ever imagined. She seemed to like my talking, since her breathing came harder, and her cunt moved more urgently against my fingers.

I slipped down to take each of her nipples into my mouth. The creamy skin of her breasts felt wonderful against my lips as my tongue toyed with her precious nubbins.

My middle finger slid easily and deeply into her warm slot. I quickly added another, and then a third, moving them all around inside her, drawing a long moan from deep in her throat. Kelley’s legs spread wide and her vaginal walls clung to my probing digits like hot pudding. Still holding her boob in my mouth, I glanced up to see an ecstatic expression on her face, head back, eyes blissfully closed. Her mouth opened and closed repeatedly, the sounds alternating between a soft, sexy “Mmmmmm,” a more frantic, mewling, animal sound. She was definitely having a good time, I thought, but the best was yet to come.

Her hips continued their sexy rhythm as my fingers worked their magic inside her. It felt so good in her pussy, I wanted to put my whole hand in there, but I didn’t. Instead, I slipped them slowly out of her. Kelley responded with a disappointed sigh, but that didn’t last long. Moving my hand deeper between her legs, I found her asshole ready and waiting. It was tight but receptive, and the abundant lubricants on my finger allowed it to easily slip inside. I quickly pushed my middle finger up into her butt and was rewarded with a very sexy “Oohhhhhhhhh!” as she raised her ass for more. I put my thumb in her neglected pussy and jiggled her insides from both directions.

Kelley’s legs were now splayed wide open, and her hand held my head gently as I continued to suck on her lovely breasts. I worked my whole finger up her ass and started slowly pistoning in and out of both holes. Her cries got more frantic as she begged for release. She was clearly close to orgasm, but I wasn’t about to let her have it. I had promised myself that she would come with my mouth pressed firmly onto her, and I was not about to deny myself that treat. Besides, I wanted to tease her some more, to wake up all her hidden desires and make it even more incredible when she finally got there.

Still, I knew the time was near. I pulled my hand from her panties and gave her now over-stimulated nipples one final dose of loving. I smiled wickedly and asked if she was ready for the “main event”. She just rolled her head and moaned “Oh god”. Moving slowly down, I kissed and licked every inch of her flat tummy, delicately stimulating her until I reached the band of her panties. My hands trembled as she rose slightly and I slowly slid them over her hips. Then they were off, and Kelley’s legs spread wide like the gates of heaven.

Such a wonderful, sexy sight! I stared briefly at her tightly trimmed brown bush, then looked down at her inflamed genitals. As expected, they were sopping wet. Kelley’s lips were fleshy, open and ready, and a thick coating of girl juice covered her inner folds. Looking lower, I was thrilled to see that a stream of excess moisture had actually run down the crack of her ass. I was dying to eat her anyway, and I always get an extra thrill when someone is that wet. I mashed my thighs together and almost came right then.

I brought my lips to her inner thigh and gave her a slow, wet kiss, a hint of what was coming. Her legs parted even farther, and she groaned with lust. I teased her just a little more, but then I just couldn’t hold back. I took one last look, closed my eyes, and immersed my lips in her liquid heat. My long, heartfelt moan was answered by a very audible cry, as Kelley finally got what she needed.

My tongue moved slowly back and forth in the greasy crevice of her cunt. Her fluids quickly coated it, and I eagerly took them in. My hands held her hips, which moved constantly, grinding against my open mouth in the most erotic dance I’ve ever experienced. Her continuous, rhythmic moans filled the room as I explored her slot for some time, dipping inside, then curling around her clit, then plunging deep into her sticky heat.

Finally, my tongue wandered down, tracking the stream of juice that had dripped from inside her. It found the soft tissues around her anus and trailed wetly over them. I heard a soft “Oh!’ from above as her hips rose slightly to let me in. I tickled her asshole a bit, then used my hands to get her to turn over. Now she was on her hands and knees, her butt right in front of my face. It was beautiful: full, but not big, with round cheeks that formed a deep crevice between them, and a darling pink rosebud that just begged to be licked. I kissed gently at the edges of her crack, moving slightly in toward the center with each successive peck. Finally, I spread her cheeks slightly with my thumbs and touched my tongue to her hot little hole.

Kelley twitched slightly and emitted a whimpering gasped at the feel of my soft tongue on her most private spot. Encouraged, I kissed her wetly right there, then ran my tongue several times over the rim of her anus. She gasped and sighed and trembled deliciously. I spread her asshole a little further to expose the more sensitive flesh inside. Then I gave her the most exquisite rimming possible, the kind I’d been dying to give for weeks. My wet tongue found every millimeter of sensitivity on her lovely pink circle, as I kissed and licked her into ecstasy.

Her delirious comments, “Oh godddd! I can’t believe you’re doing that!” made me even hotter, and I lovingly ate her ass until she was a quivering, sex-crazed slut. Remembering how wet she’d been before, I moved my head down to check the effect of my efforts. My tongue found her slit again and was immediately covered with a ton of thick, hot juice. I placed my mouth over her sloppy cunt and sucked it briefly before turning her over once again.

Settling between her legs, I let my mouth return to its most favorite spot. Kelley’s hands pulled at her knees as I ate her out, opening herself lewdly in a desperate attempt to maximize her pleasure. She was out of her mind, crying “oh god oh god” over and over, punctuated by incoherent sobs of passion. The sight of her total abandon made me wild.

I’m sure I attacked her pussy like a crazed animal, but I honestly don’t remember. What I do remember is Kelley grabbing my head, mashing my face into her sopping cunt. I remember her juicing so much that she dripped in my mouth and smeared all over my face. And I remember her long wail when she came, her whole body shuddering as I struggled to keep my lips glued firmly over her throbbing hole.

I brought her to two more orgasms before letting her down. Those weren’t as intense as the first one, but they did produce the same gratifying tremors across her body. After the third, I did my best to wipe my face before moving up to kiss her. Kelley’s breathing had calmed, but she wasn’t ready to stop. “What about you?” she asked.

I had actually cum while I was eating her (who wouldn’t have?), but I was still in quite a state, especially after a few more wet kisses from that darling mouth of hers. “Well, I guess I could use some help,” I said.

“Um… I don’t know if I can do… what you did,” she said.

“That’s okay, ” I answered. I wasn’t too surprised, really. “But if you could just do this…” I said, taking her hand and moving it between my legs. Kelley explored inside me while we resumed kissing. She pulled away briefly to say inquisitively, “Your mouth… tastes like…”

“You” I answered with a knowing smile. Kelley looked at me funny, then returned to our kiss. Soon however, she broke off to nibble at my neck, then moved down to my breast. I thought that was nice, but then she began moving further, and I caught my breath in anticipation. Kelley looked up at me with a playful grin, and then suddenly her head was between my legs. I felt her soft, wet tongue enter me – Ohhh, Yessss! Kelley wasn’t great at this, but I was so worked up from doing her and excited by the fact that she wanted to do me, that it didn’t matter. Kelley made a point of looking up at me a lot while she was licking me, and that made it even hotter. Soon I was humping her mouth and crying out her name as I made it.

Kelley seemed to enjoy seeing me cum, and she got me off a second time with her tongue way up inside me and one long finger up my ass (a fast learner, that girl). Then I gave her two more, working every part of her body to give the maximum pleasure. When we finally broke off, it was almost five o’clock. I had been making love to her for over three hours.

I did purchase one magazine subscription that day, though I didn’t really need it. I’m sure Kelley had been hoping for more when she knocked on my door, but she seemed quite satisfied, nonetheless. I was confident that she had received something far more satisfying than a silly sale. Before she left, we exchanged phone numbers and one last kiss. I haven’t heard from her since, and I haven’t called yet either, but every time I see a magazine now, I feel a little twinge in a certain place and have to smile.

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