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Lunatic Princess

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The warm afternoon sun felt good on Nancy Horne’s legs. So did the feeling of her husband’s hand on her inner thigh and his fingers lazily caressing her soft skin. She smiled, looking down at Bill’s hand on her, just below where he had pulled the hem of her skirt up to uncover her shapely, tanned legs. Her golden blonde hair shimmered in the sun and her brown eyes seemed to sparkle with excitement. When Nancy saw her husband’s hand begin to disappear under her skirt and inch towards her damp panties she placed her hand on his wrist, stopping him.

It was a Saturday in early April. They were both hoping for time alone that afternoon and growing impatient for it.

Nancy raised her head and her hazel eyes met her husband’s face. He was wearing a boyish grin that gave her a rush of excitement. “Behave,” she teased. “I think that Alex is still in the kitchen.”

Bill Horne frowned. He glanced back over his shoulder from the back porch landing where he and his wife were sitting. Their nineteen year-old son, Alex, had gone inside the house earlier, leaving them alone. He told them he planned on going to a friend’s house that afternoon, but wanted to eat first. Now Bill was growing more eager for Alex leave so he and his wife could continue their amorous play in private.

Bill leaned into Nancy until his lips brushed over her ear. A silver hoop dangled from her lobe and brushed Bill’s chin. “The minute he’s gone you’re getting thoroughly fucked,” he whispered. Then he pushed his hand higher under her skirt and pressed his fingers to her wet lips through her panties. He could feel her heat and moisture through the cloth and his desire for her grew.

Nancy let out a girlish squeal as her husband’s fingers pressed down on her lips and hard clit. Her pink button pulsed as he rubbed it, filling her with pleasure. When she felt them trying to pull her panties aside she clutched his wrist tighter, shoving his hand back down to her knee. She gave a wary look over her shoulder towards the screen door to their house.

“What’s with you today, Bill?” she chuckled. “I feel like I’m a teenager again and we’re in the back seat of your dad’s old Buick.”

Nancy wasn’t a teenager anymore. She had not been one for over twenty years. But her slender body and pretty face made her appear years younger than she actually was. Dieting and exercise had kept Nancy healthy and looking youthful. But she had also been graced with a natural beauty and abundance of curves that only genetics (or costly surgery) can bestow. She sometimes examined her blonde hair for grey streaks, or the corners of her brown eyes for lines, but was both relieved and surprised to find neither, or at least very few of the latter. Her friends would sometimes joke that she was forty-three — going-on twenty. This always filled Nancy with pride and a little vanity, which she tried hard not to show.

The sound of the back door opening made Nancy flinch and she jerked her head around to see her son standing there. She gave him an awkward smile, very aware of Bill’s hand on her knee. She hoped he didn’t move it any higher — at least until their son was gone.

“I’m taking off, Alex said. “If Josh comes by later, tell him I’m at Danny’s.”

“Okay, Honey,” his mother said. “Have fun.”

“But not too much fun,” his father chimed-in with a laugh.

“Don’t worry. We’re just helping Danny and his dad set up their new pool,” Alex explained. “Josh said he’d stop by here so he could go over with me to help us, but I guess he’s probably already over there.”

Like their son, Josh was nineteen and attending Farnworth College. He and Alex had been best friends since childhood and Bill and Nancy were happy and a little relieved that their son was friends with someone so responsible and well-mannered. Josh visited their home often, and over the years they had come to regard him almost as their second child.

Bill watched his son gallop down the porch steps and walk down their driveway towards the road. Once he was out of eyesight Bill turned towards his wife with a wide grin. He squeezed her thigh harder and ran his hand up to her panties again as he nuzzled her neck.

This time Nancy welcomed her husband’s rubbing and prodding under her skirt. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and parted her legs so he could tug her damp panties aside. She moaned as she felt his finger slide inside her tight, wet pussy. For over an hour she had been yearning for his touch there and was more than ready to receive him. She opened her legs wider, feeling her skirt climb higher. She pushed with her hips to meet his thrusting finger and thumb on her throbbing clit. Her juice began to seep down her parted lips and she wanted more of him inside her, and now.

“Are you going to fuck me right here, so the neighbours can see?” she joked, reaching out to rub his hard shaft through his jeans. When he groaned she gave his balls a squeeze, feeling his shaft thicken against her palm.

“Would you like that?” he asked, somewhat seriously. “Gary next door has been wanting to see your tits for years. This could be the moment he’s been waiting for.”

Bill’s finger began moving faster and deeper in his wife’s tight, wet pussy as his other hand glided down her back. He moved his hand around to the hem of her pullover and slid it up until her left breast was uncovered. Now he was even more glad that he had been able to convince her to not put a bra that morning as they got dressed. He gave his wife’s heavy breast a squeeze, pushing it up and cupping as much of it as he could in his wide palm and splayed fingers. He bent down to capture her hard, brown nipple between his wet lips and began sucking and pulling at it hungrily.

“How do you know that Gary wants to see them?” Nancy asked, feeling surprised and intrigued.

She moved her eyes towards their neighbour’s house next door, searching for signs of life there in the windows and yard. She could feel the breeze wash over her hard, wet nipple and the hot sun on her bare breast. Suddenly the thought of their handsome neighbour leering at her during this intimate moment and seeing her exposed breast and legs wide open made her very horny. She looked back down at her chest, watching as her husband uncovered her right breast and pushed it up to lick her thick nipple.

“I’ve seen how he stares at them whenever he’s over,” Bill said, his not breath caressing her bare chest. “The last time he was here when you had that green tank top on I thought his eyes were going to pop out and roll across the floor.”

Nancy laughed and clutched his shoulders tighter, urging him to suck and grope at her harder. She arched her back and took another look over at the house next door as her clit pulsed. When she saw her husband begin to undo his jeans her eyes grew wide and she became nervous. “Bill, you wouldn’t dare — not here!” she gasped with a laugh.

“Where do you want me to fuck you then?” he asked as his blue eyes met hers.

“In my pussy,” she giggled. “And preferably in the house, where no one can watch you do it.”

Bill stood up, his erection tenting his unzipped jeans, and pulled his wife to her feet with a swift tug by her wrist. As soon as they were inside he hauled her pullover over her head and let it fall to the kitchen floor. Her breasts jiggled as he pulled her in to the living room and pushed her down on the couch. A second later he was on her. His hands seemed to be everywhere as he reached under her skirt to pull her panties off and toss them aside. Then he ran his hands up the underside of her legs to spread them and push her knees up towards her chest.

Nancy ran her hands over her husband’s broad back as she wrapped her legs around his thighs. She let out a throaty moan as he entered her with a hard thrust of his hips. Their foreplay had ended on the porch. Now she needed to feel him pounding inside her dripping pussy.

“Fuck me hard, Bill,” she begged. “Stuff my wet cunt with your thick cock. I want to feel your cum dripping from my sore pussy.”

As Nancy had hoped, her nasty talk fueled her husband’s craving for her. He began moving his hips faster as his hard shaft moved in and out of her like a jackhammer. She lifted her ass up from the couch, pushing back to receive his shaft and grind her clit against him with each downward stab he made deep into her. Her heavy breasts quivered as she was pushed harder onto the couch. She could feel her musky juice begin to trickle down her and coat his balls as they slapped against her.

Nancy was oblivious to the sounds of their rough lovemaking or how wanton she looked — legs splayed and pushed back as she lay on the couch topless with her blonde hair fanned out beneath her. All she was concentrating on were the wonderful sensations caused by what her husband was doing to her. He pressed his weight down on her and continued to pump his cock inside her dripping pussy. She cried out in pleasure, urging him to push faster and harder into her. A few minutes later she opened her eyes and tried to gasp in shock, but all that left her parted lips was another moan.

From where she was lying on the couch, getting fucked harder than she had been in weeks, Nancy saw Josh standing on the entranceway to the living room. He was wearing a t-shirt that hugged his broad shoulders and left his tanned, muscular arms bare. The bulge in the front of his tight jeans was very noticeable and Nancy’s narrowed eyes locked on it. She imagined what his engorged shaft might look like. Probably as big as her husband’s, she concluded. For a moment she imaged having both cocks in her as she licked her lips. Josh had a foxy smile on his face as his blue eyes were riveted to Nancy, watching as her husband continued to work his shaft in and out of her.

Nancy’s first impulse had been to scream and push Bill away to alert him to Josh’s intrusion. This was quickly replaced with shameless wantonness when she saw the hungry look in Josh’s wide, blue eyes. They moved up her bent thigh to her quivering, bare breast. She smiled at him seductively and reached up to squeeze her left breast. She gave her thick nipple a pinch and a good tug as she ran her tongue over her lower lip. Her eyes locked on Josh’s erection as he watched her get slammed into the couch by her husband. Seconds later, Nancy felt the first orgasm wash over her. She arched her back and closed her eyes as she let out another moan. When she opened her eyes she was somewhat disappointed to discover that Josh was gone. She closed her eyes again, picturing him there, watching her get fucked as she came again.


Nancy never told Bill about Josh’s presence during their lovemaking. She knew that could never adequately account for having not halted their coupling to tell him of their audience of one. Instead, those few minutes became the source of arousal whenever Nancy recalled them. Over the next several days she thought back to the look in Josh’s eyes, his expression and the tent in his jeans — all of which told her that he obviously wished it was him rather than Bill, shoving his hard cock deep in her tight pussy. And the thought of it began to excite Nancy more.

It was four days later, on a Wednesday afternoon after classes at college, when Josh next visited their house. He stopped in with Alex and they had gone upstairs to Alex’s bedroom. But they had been in the kitchen long enough for each of them to pour a glass of Pepsi.

“Hi, Mrs. Horne, how are you?” Josh asked as he entered the kitchen. He brushed his sandy blonde hair back and smiled at her.

“Not bad,” she said with a coy smile as she watched his eyes leave hers and move downwards.

Nancy felt her pulse quicken and tried to ignore the increasing wetness of her pussy as she sat at the kitchen table, looking over grocery flyers. She was very conscious of how Josh took furtive looks at her from the corner of her eye as she asked her son about how his classes had been that day. After Alex had gulped down half of his glass of pop he returned to the fridge for more. Nancy arched her back, pushing her breasts out at the front of her blouse and gave Josh a warm smile. He winked and grinned, then licked his lips he stared at the outline of her hard nipples poking out at the material. Then he turned and followed Alex upstairs.

Nancy could hear music coming from her son’s bedroom upstairs later as she sat at the kitchen table. She wished that she was alone so she could go up to her room to masturbate. Or maybe the living room couch — the very spot where Josh had witnessed her, nearly naked in lewd abandon. She tugged the hem of her skirt up her thighs and slid her hand under it. She was surprised by her wetness, then amazed by how quickly she made herself cum right there as she rubbed her throbbing clit and thought about Josh burying his cock inside her.

Over an hour later when Alex and Josh returned to the kitchen Nancy had regained her composure. She had satisfied her libido enough to feel less flustered around them. When she heard their voices as they came down the stairs she looked at the front of her blouse and pulled it away from herself so her stiff nipples weren’t obvious. She watched as Josh put his coat on, his eyes darting towards her briefly.

“Oh, you wanted to borrow those Kings of Leon CDs, didn’t you,” Alex said to his friend.

“Yeah, if you don’t mind,” Josh replied.

“No, Hang on — I’ll go get them.”

Nancy grew nervous when her son left the kitchen to go back to his bedroom. She avoided Josh’s eyes until he spoke.

“You’re looking as lovely as ever, Mrs. Horny,” he said, shooting her a grin. “But you looked especially beautiful the other day.”

Nancy knew that most women — respectable women — would feel mortified by Josh’s bold remark in reference to what he had witnessed, but she felt her heart accelerate and her clit jump. She gave him a feeble smile, feeling her cheeks flush. “I’m hoping we can forget about what you saw on Saturday,” she said in a low voice.

Josh let out a guffaw. “Are you kidding? I’ll never forget that!” he said. “That’s the wildest thing I’ve ever seen. You looked so hot, Mrs. Horny.”

“Josh… you’ve been coming here for years, and I look at you almost like a son. I just wish that we could…”

Nancy was interrupted by the sound of Alex coming back down the stairs. She gave a nervous look towards the hall and stared back down towards the grocery flyer spread out in front of her. She began twirling strands of her hair around her finger nervously, hoping that Josh would leave soon.

“Here ya go, Josh. I think you’re gonna like these.” Alex handed his friend two compact discs with a smile.

“Thanks, man,” Josh said. “I’ll get these back to you in a few days, after I listen to them. I’ll probably rip them too.” He paused and looked back to Nancy. “Bye for now, Mrs. Horne,” he said as he left.

Nancy was relieved when her son returned to his bedroom after Josh left. She was agitated and turned-on again and did not want Alex to notice. Rather than sitting in one spot and letting her emotions control her, Nancy got up and began making supper. She hoped that would sweep thoughts of Josh from her head. But she feared that his face would return to her mind that night when she and Bill had sex, like it had on Saturday afternoon and every night since.


That Friday afternoon when Nancy was watering plants in the living room she was surprised to hear the back door close. Thinking it was Alex home early from school she hurried out to the kitchen to greet him. When she saw Josh standing beside the table her heart sped up. Nancy wasn’t sure whether the rapid beating in her chest was from nervousness or the beginning of arousal, or both.

“Hi, Josh,” she said, then paused to gave him a baffled look. “Shouldn’t you be at school?”

“Yeah. I cut my last class. I just stopped by to return Alex’s CDs,” he said, nodding towards the table.

Nancy walked over to the table and put the brass watering can in her hand down beside the CDs. When she looked up she noticed Josh’s eyes focused on her chest. A small gush of juice moistened her pussy and her clit gave a throb. Now she was conscious of how her tank top hugged her breasts and she regretted not putting a bra on that morning, but Bill had been so charming and insistent after they had sex that she gave in to his request. Now she wished he was home rather than at work.

“Okay. I’ll tell Alex that you stopped by then,” Nancy said. She hoped he would take that as his cue to leave. Instead, he took a step closer as his smile widened.

“Thanks, Mrs. Horny,” he said with a wink as he ran his eyes up her tight jeans to her chest.

Nancy sighed and clenched her jaw, gathering her thoughts. “Josh, please don’t call me that,” she said, trying to sound stern. “I like you a lot and I don’t want there to be any tension between us. I’m hoping that what you saw on Saturday doesn’t change how you look at me or think of me.”

Josh gave his head a shake and smiled reassuringly at her. “No — of course not. Don’t worry about that,” he assured her. “I mean, it’s not like I disrespect you for doing it with your husband. It’s just that…”

When his voice faded out and his eyes moved to the floor Nancy furrowed her brow, giving him a curious look. “Just that what?” she asked, a little puzzled.

Josh slowly raised his eyes to hers again and smiled. “I wish I was him,” he said.

Nancy laughed. She was flattered and excited by what Josh had said, but tried not to show how turned-on she was getting. “Well, you’re not him,” she said. “Besides, you’re Alex’s best friend, and half my age.”

“I know,” he said with a sigh. “I’d still like to see you like that again though. You’ve got really nice boobs. I mean, I only saw one, but it looked nice… really big nipples too.” He let out a nervous laugh as he stole a glance at her chest. “Like they are now,” he added as he grinned at her.

Shocked by his brashness, Nancy looked down and saw her nipples poking out at her tank top. Her cheeks grew hot, but she still found herself smiling at Josh. “They get that way sometimes,” she said and pulled up the right corner of her mouth.

“Like when Alex’s friends stare at them?” he said pointedly.

“You’re the only one I’ve seen staring at them.” Nancy listened to herself, noticing how her voice had gotten softer, lilting and seductive. She knew what Josh wanted and the thought of it began to entice her.

“Am I the only one who’s seen them like I did on Saturday?” he asked.

“Of course!” she blurted out and laughed to hide her arousal.

Nancy’s nervousness and arousal increased during the next several seconds of silence as Josh stepped closer, staring openly at her breasts and nipples pushing out at her tank top. After a few moments he said “You’re not wearing a bra, are you?”

“Josh,” she gasped. “That’s none of your business. You know better than to ask me something like that!”

“I’m sorry,” he muttered. “I was just curious because of how they looked.”

“Well, you’ll just have to keep on being curious,” she said with a smirk, then playfully stuck out her tongue, taunting him.

Josh laughed at her antics, then quickly reached for her left shoulder. He hooked his fingers in the strap of her tank top and yanked it down her arm, almost to the elbow. He let out an excited laugh as his wide eyes moved over her.

Nancy gave a cry of surprise as she felt her tank top slide down the left side of her chest. Her eyes and mouth formed wide circles as she looked at the predatory look in Josh’s eyes. She clutched his hand in hers so he couldn’t pull the strap any lower, feeling the curve of her breast beneath her fingers and wrist. “Cut it out, Josh!” she exclaimed. “You’re beginning to frighten me.”

The smile on Josh’s face vanished and the hand still holding the strap of her top relaxed against her bare arm. “I’m not going to hurt you, Mrs. Horne,” he said. “I just wanted to see if I could see a bra strap under your top.”

Now he was the one who seemed frightened and Nancy found it appealing. He seemed more like a nervous, horny boy and not threatening. She looked down and noticed that the top of her left breast was uncovered. Her wrist rubbed on her nipple through the material and she pressed down harder on it. Her eyes went to Josh’s mouth and she knew that they were both thinking about the same thing.

“Well, now you can see,” Nancy said. She pointed bare her shoulder towards him, feeling his hand run down her arm before it fell limp at his side.

“Yeah,” he breathed. “I can see a little more than that too. Thanks!” His wide blue eyes never left her partially exposed breast as he spoke.

Nancy giggled. “Don’t thank me,” she said. “I didn’t mean to show you see anything — especially not that much.” She knew that she should pull her top back up, but Nancy was immobilized by her growing horniness and the throbbing of her clit.

“Mr. Horne’s a lucky guy to get to see them every day,” he mused.

Nancy smiled and let out a soft laugh. “Thanks,” she said. “I’m lucky girl too; he’s a great husband.”

After a few moments Josh raised his eyes to hers. He smiled, then gave her a pleading expression. “Could I see them, please,” he asked.

His request and the manner in which he asked sent a shiver through Nancy. Her panties felt damp and now she wanted Josh to leave so she could massage her swollen clit. “Josh, you know I can’t just let you…”

“I swear I’ll never tell anyone,” he blurted out, interrupting her. “Please, Mrs. Horne.”

Nancy smiled again, amused and moved by his persistence. “You already saw one the other day,” she said. “The other one looks just like it.” She let out another laugh and peered down to her chest.

“Prove it,” he demanded with a grin.

Nancy drew in a deep breath and let it out as she gathered her courage. She could feel her heart pound and her fingers tremble. “I’ll tell you what,” she said. “I’ll let you see the one you saw on Saturday. You can already see most of it now anyway.”

Realizing that her offer was better than a complete refusal, Josh nodded. “Okay, thanks,” he eagerly said.

Nancy reached down for the front of her tank top. Wanting to tease Josh, she slowly pulled it down lower over her half-bared breast, then reached inside to lift her heavy mound from inside. It settled with a bounce and she could feel the air wash over her tingling nipple. “There… have a good look, Josh,” she breathed as she smiled at him.

“Wow, Mrs. Horne, you’ve got such nice boobs,” he said as he stepped closer to her.

Nancy was looking into his eyes when she felt his hands on her hips. Then they slid up under her tank top and over her bare skin along her sides. “No, Josh — no touching,” Nancy said. She quickly reached out for his wrists to keep his hands from moving further up her bare skin.

“Not even a quick feel?”

Josh held her tighter and pressed against her so she was backed against the table. She could feel the bulge in his jeans pushing on her stomach. His hard shaft felt big as it poked into her. His hands felt hot and slightly rough on her soft skin and it excited her. She squeezed his wrists tighter and pushed down when she felt him trying to slide his hands up her body.

“No, Josh,” she said forcefully. “All you can do is look, and you’ve done that. Now let go.”

Rather than releasing her, Josh began rotating his hips, grinding his erection into her stomach. Nancy looked down to the bulge in his jeans pushed into her and felt her tense muscles relax. His muscled thigh slipped between her legs and he pressed it hard against her, rubbing her throbbing clit through her tight jeans. Nancy inhaled as waves of pleasure suddenly shot through her and her pussy became even wetter. As Josh continued to hump against her and massage her clit with his thigh she knew that one, or both, of them would eventually cum.

When Josh bent down and wrapped his lips around her right nipple a cry of surprise and pleasure left Nancy’s open mouth. She looked down and watched as he eagerly sucked on her thick nub. She removed her right hand from his wrist and ran it up his back to the nape of his neck. The whiskers on his upper lip and chin rubbed against her soft skin as he sucked and tugged at her nipple. Nancy liked the feeling of his stubble raking her tender skin and she pushed her breast hard against his face. Her fingers ran through his thick, sandy hair as continued to grind his hard shaft against her quivering stomach and pull hard on her thick nipple with his lips. A few moments later his body tensed and he grew still, letting out a soft grunt. Nancy continued to run her fingers through his hair and hold him to her cushiony, round breast as he came, leaning on her.

Josh looked up into Nancy’s face, seeming ashamed. His mouth was agape and his cheeks were red. He frowned and his eyes moved to the left. Nancy smiled and ran her hand over his left cheek. It was hot and she could feel his rough whiskers on her palm. She bent down and softly kissed his bristly cheek, then grazed her own over it. “It’s okay, Josh,” she whispered. “No one will ever know about this.”

He looked up at her, seeming surprised and grateful. Then he gave her a relieved smile.

“You better go before Alex or Bill get home though,” she said.

Josh nodded, stepping away from her. He took one last look at her bare breasts as he adjusted his jeans, then bolted from the house.

Nancy fell limp on the chair beside the table. She needed to cum, but could not wait until she left the kitchen. She unzipped her jeans and shoved a hand down inside her wet panties. She began rubbing her throbbing clit as she pressed her thighs together. Her left hand went to her breast and she pinched and tugged at her hard nipple. It wasn’t long before her first orgasm happened and her fingers were coated with her musky juice.


For the next few days Nancy’s mind was in turmoil — mostly from guilt, but also arousal as she thought about Josh’s eyes and mouth on her and his thick cock grinding against her through his tight jeans. She had been with Bill since she was eighteen and married to him for twenty-one years. In all that time she had never allowed another man besides her doctor to touch her. To make her actions even worse, it was her son’s best friend whom she had crossed that line with. She thought that confessing her actions was the right thing to do, but feared it would bring an end to her marriage, along with a friendship that had lasted many years. Nancy ultimately decided that silence was her best option.

The next Saturday afternoon when Josh visited Alex Nancy found him sheepish around her. She was at the kitchen table doing the crossword puzzle in the morning paper when he arrived. He smiled and was polite, but she could tell that he was nervous and perhaps guilt-ridden too. Bill was in his office on the other side of the house, writing emails and surfing the Internet. She was glad he was not in the kitchen to observe her and Josh’s awkward exchange and perhaps question it.

“Hi, Mrs. Horne,” Josh said in an unnaturally meek voice.

Nancy fought a smirk, thinking of how he had called her ‘Mrs. Horny’, and rightfully so. “Hi, Josh. Alex is up in his room,” she said.

“Thanks, he muttered, then lingered a bit as his eyes moved about. There was obviously something on his mind and Nancy knew what it was.

“It’s okay, Josh,” she said in a soft voice. “Alex and Bill don’t know about what happened, and they won’t.”

Josh’s eyes brightened. “Thanks,” he sighed.

A grin appeared on Nancy’s face and her eyes flickered. “For what — not telling them, or for what I let you do?” She sat back in her chair and crossed her arms, feeling them push up on her breasts so her cleavage appeared in the V-shaped neckline of her dress.

“Ah… both,” he said with a tentative laugh. Now there was a smile on his face and his eyes locked on her chest.

Nancy eyed the growing bulge in his jeans and gave him a wily look. “Yes,” she said.

“Yes what?” he asked, cocking his head to one side.

“Yes, I’m wearing a bra,” she replied. “That’s what you were wondering, wasn’t it?”

“Ah… actually I was pretty sure you were,” he said, seeming more at ease with her.

“So, you don’t want to check for yourself this time, then?” she teased as her narrowed eyes followed his.

“No,” he said, sounding surprised as he pushed his hands deep in the pockets of his jeans. “I believe you.”

“But wouldn’t you rather see for sure? Come here.”

Nancy straightened her back and lowered her arms. She watched as Josh cautiously approached until he was standing to her left, looking down at the front of her dress. She hooked a finger above the top button and pulled her dress away from her chest. She observed the expression on Josh’s face as he looked inside her dress at her round, full breasts, held snugly within a white lace bra. She smiled and ran her eyes down to his erection, pushing out at his jeans. Had they been alone in the house she would have reached out for it.

When Nancy felt Josh’s hand on her right breast her eyes widened and darted down towards it. She arched her back, pushing her hard nipple into his palm as he curled his fingers around her firm mound and gave it a gentle squeeze. Nancy felt her breathing grow quicker and her clit respond to his groping as his hand wandered over her rounded breast. He squeezed it again, his fingertips pushing into her. When he pinched her hard nipple she bit her lip to suppress a moan. Then she took him by the wrist and eased his hand from her.

“Better not start something we can’t finish,” she whispered. “Alex will wonder what’s taking you so long.”

Nancy watched as Josh reluctantly took his eyes from her chest, then turned and hurried towards the stairs. She listened to his footfalls and gave her soaking pussy a slow rub through her dress. She wished that she was alone, or that she and Bill were alone so they could have sex. Then, as her hunger grew, she knew that what she really wanted was for her and Josh to be alone. Someday, she thought to herself with a devious smile.


During subsequent visits by Josh over the next few weeks Nancy was relieved that their interactions were polite and devoid of anything sexual. Not only did she fear that her husband or son would suspect something, but she needed to force the thoughts and feelings that Josh stirred in her from her mind. She knew that she could not do that easily if he made advances at her, or if she allowed herself to behave lewdly with him. Occasionally she noticed his eyes on her, but she could ignore that much attention and knew it was probably unrealistic to not expect it of him.

It was a Monday evening when Bill mentioned to Nancy that he wanted to take Alex on a fishing trip. They were on the living room watching television, or at least he was. Nancy was beside him on the couch, flipping through a magazine and ignoring the ball game on the screen. She looked up at her husband when he spoke.

“When were you thinking of taking him?” she asked.

“This Friday,” Bill said. “I can take a day off of work and we can drive up to Maple Ridge and rent a cabin there.”

“Have you asked Alex if he wants to go.”

“It was his idea,” Bill replied with a chuckle. “He’s been asking to go for weeks mow.”

Nancy gave him a nod. “Well, I hope you guys have fun,” she said. “Spending a weekend in a camp and getting eaten by mosquitoes doesn’t excite me.”

Bill slid closer to his wife and wrapped his arm around her waist. “How does getting eaten by me sound?” he asked as he cupped her breast.

“Mmmm… now that’s how I like to spend my weekends,” she said as she turned towards him.

“Maybe this weekend you can let Josh eat you instead while I’m gone,” Bill suggested with a ribald grin.

Nancy jerked her body around to face him. “Josh?!” she exclaimed, feigning surprise and growing nervous. “What are you talking about?” she asked with a nervous laugh.

“Come on, Nancy,” he said. “Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed how he looks at you.”

Nancy sighed and felt her shoulders slump. “Yeah, sometimes,” she admitted. “He’s a young guy though. They all have perverted minds. But I’m old enough to be his mother, and Alex is his best friend.”

Bill tugged at his wife’s left knee, parting her legs, then slid his hand up under her skirt. He pressed down on her clit through her panties. “He still wants to fuck you,” he said in a hoarse voice.

Nancy felt her pulse quicken and her clit throb. But she was still wary of where her husband was steering the conversation. “Well, he can’t,” Nancy retorted. “That’s your job.” She chuckled, feeling herself getting more turned-on by the thought of what her husband was suggesting.

Bill tugged her panties aside and pushed a finger between her wet folds and deep inside her. When he felt her grip him he began working it in and out. “Don’t you find him attractive?” he asked.

Nancy waited a moment, then said “I never thought about it, I guess he’s cute. But you’re not suggesting that I let him do something, are you?” She widened her eyes and studied his hungry expression.

“If you want to, and if you promise to tell me all about it later,” he said.

“Bill, I love you, but…”

“I love you too,” he interjected. “And I know our marriage is strong enough that this would… spice things up.”

Nancy was so horny that she would have let Josh have her then and there while Bill watched if he had have walked in the room. She was still surprised by her husband’s suggestion though and needed reassurance that if she followed through on it that it wouldn’t eventually come between them.

“I don’t know,” she drawled. “These things can backfire and ruin a marriage.”

“I know. But I’ve thought about it for a long time and it makes me hot,” he said. “Imagine getting fucked by a young fat cock — that hasn’t happened in…”

“Not since you were Josh’s age,” she interrupted and laughed.

Bill pushed his wife’s skirt up to her hips and tugged her panties down. He tossed them aside, then unzipped his jeans to free his hard cock. He tugged them down past his knees and pulled Nancy astride his lap. Gripping her hips, Bill helped her lower herself on his rigid shaft until it was buried in her wet pussy. He looked up at her, watching her breasts shake as he held her ass, guiding her up and down on his cock.

“How would you like to have Josh’s cock in you instead of mine?” he asked her.

“Just one time though, right?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he grunted as he lifted his ass up to thrust inside her tight walls.

“I’ll think about it and let you know tomorrow,” she said. “Right now, I want to be fucked by you.” But Nancy knew that her mind was already made up.


Alex was excited about the up-coming fishing trip with his father on Friday, but nowhere nearly as excited as his parents were. Nancy had agreed to a liaison with Josh if the opportunity presented itself, and just that promise and anticipation had already invigorated their sex life. She was pleasantly surprised by the surge in Bill’s libido and how his hands found their way under her clothes whenever they had a few moments alone. Nancy was also happy to be able to fulfill her fantasy without having to deceive Bill any more than she already had. She genuinely loved him and did not want to hurt him or their marriage.

On Thursday evening Alex returned home close to nine o’clock with Josh. Bill and Nancy exchanged sly grins as they sat together on the couch when they heard the two young men in the kitchen. Bill turned to his wife and quickly undid a button of her blouse and pulled it open wide.

“What are you doing?” she whispered with a giggle and looked down at her cleavage.

“Giving Josh something to look at.” Bill began to fondle her breasts, making her nipples stiffen until they stood out from her blouse. A few moments later he looked her over, seeming satisfied with her appearance. Then he got up from the couch.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“To get some juice.”

Nancy could hear the muffled voices from the kitchen but didn’t pay attention. She was lost in a fantasy world and distracted by her throbbing clit. A few minutes later she looked up and saw Bill walk in, sipping juice from a glass, followed by Alex and Josh. Bill gave her a sly grin as he at back down beside her.

When she saw Josh and her son entered the living room Nancy felt conspicuous, but very turned-on. She turned slightly on the couch to face Josh as Alex spoke with his father. She noticed Josh’s eyes gravitate towards her, but knew that he would not dare be obvious about ogling her with Bill and Alex present. Nor could she do or say anything suggestive with her son standing there.

“Has Alex told you about our fishing trip this weekend?” Bill asked Josh.

“Yeah,” Josh said. “It sounds like fun.”

“Not to Nancy,” Bill replied. “She won’t come with us. I guess she’s scared of chipping a nail.”

Nancy laughed, but it was because she saw through her husband’s guise. She knew he wanted Josh to know that she would be alone for the weekend. Now it seemed likely to her that Josh would pay her a visit and she became more excited.

“You don’t like fishing, Mrs. Horne?” Josh asked, locking his eyes on her cleavage.

“Only if it involves choosing one in the grocery store, or picking a lobster from a tank at a restaurant,” she joked.

Nancy felt somewhat relieved when Josh and Alex went back out to the kitchen to talk. She gave her husband a brassy grin. “You devil,” she whispered.

“What?” he asked, feigning ignorance.

“Making sure he knew I’d be alone — that’s what,” she explained.

Bill grinned and slipped his hand inside his wife’s blouse. He gave her breast a squeeze as he kissed and nibbled at her neck.

Nancy tightened her lips to suppress a moan when she felt her husband tugging at her hard nipple. She pushed him away, scolding him with her eyes. “Bill, they’re right out there in the kitchen,” she whispered in his ear. “Be good.”

Bill leaned away from her, still grinning. “I’ll be good as long as you promise not to be while I’m away,” he said.

“Mmmm… I’ll be so slutty, you wouldn’t recognize me,” she purred, thinking it was probably the truth.

“What are you going to let Josh do to you?” he asked in a hoarse voice.

“Whatever he wants.”

Bill leaned closer and kissed his wife’s rosy cheek. “I love you,” he said. “Don’t worry — this is going to be the best experience we’ve ever had.”

“I’m beginning to think so,” she agreed.


Nancy woke early Friday morning, filled with excitement and anticipation. Her husband and son would be leaving for their fishing trip later that morning and she wondered if and when Josh would decide to visit her once she was alone.

She rolled over beside Bill and slid her hand down the trail of hair on his stomach and inside his boxers. She stroked his resting cock and gave his balls a soft squeeze as she reached inside her panties to rub her pussy. She could feel his cock stir and begin to stiffen. He rolled over and smiled at her.

“Looks like someone’s a little horny,” he said.

Nancy gave his hard cock a squeeze, feeling it growing in her hand. “And you feel like you are too,” she said.

Nancy pulled the covers down to their feet and tugged his boxers down to his knees. His cock thickened and rose until the swollen head was pointing up towards her, precum glistening along the slit. She opened her mouth and bent down to engulf his shaft with her lips. Sucking hard and giving the base a hard squeeze Nancy began working her hot, wet mouth over Bill’s shaft. She moaned and sucked harder when he thrust his hips, pushing the head of his shaft to the back of her throat. She could feel him throbbing in her mouth and taste him on her tongue. But she wanted something else.

Turning over on her stomach, Nancy slid her panties down over her thighs, then stuck her ass up in the air invitingly. “God, fuck me, Bill,” she moaned, looking back over her shoulder.

Bill rolled over and crouched beside his wife. He ran his hand over her ass and down to her dripping pussy. He pressed down, running his fingers over her pink lips and up to her clit, making her moan louder and wiggle her hips. “No,” he said.

Nancy gave him a wide-eyed stare. “No?!” she asked in disbelief.

“The next person you’re getting fucked by is Josh, and I want you to really want it by then,” he told her as he pushed two fingers in her tight hole.

“I can always make myself cum after you leave,” she teased as she pushed back with her hips to meet his fingers.

“But is that as good as feeling a big cock inside you?” he countered.

“No,” she agreed with a frown.

Bill slipped his fingers from Nancy’s wet pussy and crawled over to the other side of the bed. He stood there, looking at her, his hard shaft twitching and pointing at her. “Suck me,” he said.

Nancy smiled and obediently sat on the side of the bed so she could slide her wet lips down his thick shaft. She cupped his balls and gave them a squeeze as her head bobbed up and down. Her breasts shook as they brushed over his thighs. The hair on his legs felt coarse on her sensitive nipples and she pressed her nipples harder against him. When his fingers ran through her hair and tugged at it Nancy grew still, letting him fuck her mouth hard as she moaned on his cock. When he pulled out from her mouth a few minutes later she was surprised and disappointed. But she smiled as she watched him rapidly stroke his cock. Moments later it erupted, spraying her breasts with his thick cum. She watched it run down to her nipples, then she began to smear it over her soft skin, making it glisten.

Nancy was still sitting on the edge of the bed, rubbing her pussy and spreading Bill’s jism over herself when he turned and went to their closet. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Finding something for you to wear,” he said.

“Thanks, but I can dress myself,” she said with a chuckle. “I’ve been doing it for years.”

“But I want to pick out something especially sexy for you to wear for when Josh comes over,” he explained.

Nancy watched with amusement and curiosity as her husband rifled through her clothes on the hangers. A few moments later when he turned and held up a black mini skirt with white flowers she grew apprehensive.

“This looks nice,” he said.

“Bill, it’s way too short,” she said. “That’s why I don’t wear it anymore.”

“You are this weekend.” He tossed it to her and turned back to the closet.

Nancy stood up, holding the skirt against her. She frowned. The hem of the skirt came down less than half-way over her thighs. She knew that if she bent over or moved the wrong way someone could see up it. But the thought of that sent a thrill through her anyway.

A minute or so later Bill emerged from the closet holding a white cropped blouse. It had a scoop neck and buttons down the front. “And this blouse,” he said, tossing it over to her.

“I’ve never worn that blouse, Bill. You bought it for my birthday because you liked how I looked in it, but I didn’t wear it because you can see my tits if I raise my arms or bend over.”

“Well, you’re wearing it this weekend — without a bra,” he ordered.

Despite her nervousness over wearing such revealing clothes around Josh, Nancy was turned-on by how forceful Bill was. She liked for him to be in control and making her do something that she would normally never dare to. Maybe because it somehow freed her of any guilt since she had little choice in the matter.

“With no bra?” she asked, surveying how short the blouse in her hands was.

“That’s right,” he said. “And no panties either.”

Nancy laughed. “Hell, why don’t you just make me lie naked on the couch and wait for Josh to jump on me?”

Bill laughed as he ran his eyes over his wife’s cum-soaked breasts.

“I’m wearing a bra and panties,” she insisted. “I don’t want to be too obvious. I’ll look like I’m begging to get fucked.”

“Well, you were a few minutes ago,” he retorted.

“Yes, and you wouldn’t — you prick,” she said.

Bill walked over to his wife and pulled her to him as he stroked her head. Her sticky breasts rubbed against his spent cock and she wished it was hard and sliding between them. She ran her hands up his thighs and grabbed his ass, tugging him closer to feel his cock and balls on her.

“I’ll fuck you harder than I ever have before on Sunday night, while you tell me what Josh did to you,” he said, then kissed her forehead.

Nancy peered up at him with a loving smile. “And what if he doesn’t dare come over?” she asked.

“I have a feeling he will,” Bill told her. “All of Alex’s friends would if they dared to.”

“I hope not,” she said. “I can only take one at a time.”


Bill and Alex had only been gone a few hours that afternoon and already Nancy missed them — especially her husband. She craved his hard cock and even resented him a little for denying her sex that morning. Now she needed it and the thought of Josh perhaps coming over appealed to her libido; maybe even to the spiteful side of her a little.

It was close to four o’clock when Nancy heard the back door open and close. Her heart instantly sped up and she got up from the couch, hoping it was Josh.

“Hi… anyone home?” Josh called out from the kitchen.

Nancy went out and greeted him with a warm smile. Instantly she saw his eyes widen and flicker as they danced over her. She was almost wet enough for him to take her then. “Hi, Josh,” she said. “Alex left with Bill for their fishing trip, remember?”

“Yeah, I know,” he said. “But when I was over last night your husband said that his computer was acting funny and he asked me to come over to see if I could fix it.”

Nancy smiled, surprised by Bill’s cunning. “I see,” she said.

“Plus, I thought you might be lonely with Mr. Horne and Alex gone,” he added with a faint smile.

“And you decided to come over and fill the void,” she said with a cunning smile.

“Yeah… I bet you have a nice void,” he said as his eyes moved over her again.

“Bill’s computer is in his office,” Nancy said. “Come this way.”

Nancy lead Josh through the downstairs hall to her husband’s home office in a back corner of their house. It was a small room with only one window beside the computer desk. Nancy walked in and turned the light on and stood beside the desk in the corner. She folded her arms across her stomach as she stood beside Josh. She could feel her crop-top slide up a ways, but did not look down to check and see how much skin she was showing. Her heart was racing and she was starting to soak her panties.

“I never use the computer, so I had no idea it was broken,” she said. “But help yourself.”

Josh sat down on the chair at the desk and wheeled himself closer. He turned the computer on and waited for it to finish booting. From the corner of his eye he looked at Nancy’s bare, smooth thighs, a foot or so to his left.

The room was silent except for the computer fan whirring. Nancy could feel the tension in the air and her excitement began to build as she waited for Josh to do or say something. A few minutes later he leaned back in the chair, staring at the computer monitor.

“Everything seems okay. I’m running a virus scan. If that doesn’t find anything, then I don’t know what the problem is,” he said, glancing up at her. “But tell Mr. Horne I’ll take another look if it keeps up.”

“Okay, thanks,” she said with a nod.

Nancy flinched when she felt Josh’s hand on her leg, just below her knee. She looked down and the corners of her mouth turned up as she watched him stroke her. His touch was gentle and she liked it.

“You’ve got nice legs, Mrs. Horne,” he said, staring at her thighs.

“Thanks,” she said. “I thought it was just my tits you liked.”

Josh’s eyes widened when he heard her blunt remark. He grinned. “Those are really nice too,” he said as his eyes moved to her chest.

When Nancy felt his fingers rubbing the back of her right knee she drew in a deep breath and shivered. Then when he drug his fingernails up her soft thigh her knees nearly buckled. She reached out with her left hand and braced herself on the hutch atop the computer desk. She felt the hem of her blouse rise up over her stomach, but she didn’t care. She peeked down and saw that it was now barely covering her white bra. Her thick nipples poked out from it and Josh’s eyes were on them.

“I guess I don’t have to ask if you’re wearing a bra today,” he said as he looked up under her top. “I’ve got the best seat in the house.”

Nancy smiled down at Josh. His hand was still caressing her thigh, just inches from the hem of her skirt. She wondered how long it would be before he moved it higher. “I am… wearing one,” she said.

Josh gave a brusk nod. “I can see it — it’s white,” he said. “Are you wearing panties too?”

Nancy nodded. Her mouth was dry and she found speaking difficult.

“Do they it match your bra?” he asked as his eyes went to the front of her skirt.

“No,” she said. “They’re… they’re pink.”

“Mmmm… so they match your pussy then,” he said with a lewd smile.

Despite everything, Nancy was still taken aback by his boldness. She frowned, silently rebuking him. “You’re awfully bold today, Josh,” she said.

“You’re awfully sexy, Mrs. Horny,” he retorted.

Before she could say anything, Nancy felt herself being spun around and pulled down on Josh’s lap. She landed hard and let out a cry of surprise. His right hand went around her waist and under her top to stroke her back and his other hand rested on her left thigh, just under her skirt.

Nancy looked down when she felt Josh’s fingers on the inside of her thigh, then raised her eyes to his. She could feel his hard shaft poking up at her ass and she shifted sightly, feeling his bulge on her.

“There — isn’t that more comfortable?” he asked and smirked.

“Maybe not for you,” she giggled. “It feels like I’m sitting on something big of yours that I probably shouldn’t.”

Josh grinned as his right hand moved to her ass. He gave it a squeeze, forcing her to rub it against his hard shaft. “No, that feels nice,” he said in almost a moan.

“Nicer than what you did to me in the kitchen?” she asked with a glint in her eyes. “Think I could make you cum in your pants again?” She began moving her hips, grinding her firm ass against his erection.

Josh’s smug grin drained from his face and his eyes left hers.

When Nancy saw Josh’s look of embarrassment she actually felt sorry for him. She leaned against his chest and put her arm around his shoulders. “It’s okay, Josh,” she softly said. “It surprised me when it happened, but it was kind of flattering and really exciting.”

“Really — why?” he asked as he looked back up at her.

“Well, just that I made you that turned-on,” she explained.

Josh nodded, then his eyes moved down to her chest, inches in front of her face. Her right breast had become uncovered as her top slid up when she put her arm around his shoulder. He stared at her hard, thick nipple, poking out at the white material of her bra.

“Your boob is showing,” he mentioned as his eyes fixed on it.

Nancy glanced down, then shrugged. “So? You’ve seen it before,” she said. “At least this time it’s covered by my bra.”

“Yeah, too bad,” he sighed.

Nancy let out a sexy giggle. She could still feel his hands on her ass and the inside of her thigh. When she shifted her hips she felt his shaft rub against her ass and push up at her cheek.

“Your skin is so soft,” Josh said, sounding mesmerized as he stroked her.

“Yours feels hard,” she retorted, rubbing her ass into his cock.

Josh let out a shy laugh, then his eyes focused on her nipple poking out at her bra. “Well, yours isn’t soft everywhere,” he said. “It’s hard right here.” He reached out and rubbed his fingertip around her thick nipple. “Is your other one hard too?”

Nancy gave him an enigmatic smile. “You’ll have to see for yourself,” she taunted.

Surprised by her tacit permission and waiting for her to stop him, Josh reached for the hem of Nancy’s blouse. He slowly pulled it up to reveal her bra-clad breasts. When he saw her firm, round orbs pushed up by her bra his wide eyes glimmered.

“Man, you’ve got nice boobs,” he said.

“Thanks,” she said, sounding genuinely pleased.

“Can I feel them… please?” he implored.

This time Nancy did not hesitate or refuse him. She gave a quick nod as she said “Sure, as long as you don’t tell anyone I let you. Bill would kill us both if he found out.”

Josh looked startled for a moment and scared. “Okay. No, I… I won’t say a word,” he vowed.

“Then go ahead, Josh,” she said.

When Nancy felt Josh clutch her right breast she smiled and tugged harder at his shoulder and leaned against him. She watched and tightened her lip as his hand went from one of her heavy mounds to the other, squeezing, rubbing and pinching her nipples through her bra. She was so wet that she began to worry she was going to leave a spot on his jeans.

Josh’s fingers slipped inside the right panel of her bra, searching for her hard nipple. “I wish you weren’t wearing a bra,” he lamented.

With a devilish smile, she said “Want me to take it off so you can play with them?”

“Really?” he gasped incredulously.

Nancy smiled and nodded as she slid from Josh’s lap. Her arm was sore from being around his shoulders and her leg was getting numb from how she was sitting. She also wanted him to have a better view as she undressed for him.

As she began unbuttoning her blouse Nancy backed up against the computer desk and leaned against the edge. Once her blouse was open she shrugged it off and tossed it to the floor. Her eyes never left his as she unhooked her bra and slowly slid it down her arms to reveal her breasts. She leaned over slightly, making them sway while his wide eyes followed their graceful movements. She ran her hands down to her nipples and tugged at them, watching his expression and getting even more turned-on by the look in his eyes.

“WOW…” he gasped, staring at her pendulous orbs. “I love your nipples.”

“How would you like to suck on them, Josh?” she cooed.

Before he could reply, Nancy stepped away from the desk and stood in front of Josh. Her knees touched his as she put her hand around him, pulling him to her. She cradled his head as he wrapped his lips around her right nipple, groping her breast and pushing it upwards. Soon both of his hands were on her firm mounds, kneading and rubbing as his mouth moved from one thick nipple to the other. Nancy ran her fingers through his hair and ran her other hand over his broad shoulders and back as waves of pleasure went from her nipples to her throbbing clit. Their soft moans mingled and filled the room as their hands explored each other’s body.

When Nancy looked down to Josh’s lap and her eyes encountered the bulge in his jeans she knew what she wanted to do, and should do if she was going to thoroughly enjoy him later. She slid to her knees and ran her hands up his thighs, smiling up at him. She heard him gasp when she began unfastening his jeans and pulling the zipper down.

“Lift up,” she said as she gave his jeans a tug towards his hips.

Once Josh’s cock was freed from his underwear it rose until the mushroom head was under Nancy’s chin. She held it by the base and ran her tongue up the underside to taste his precum. He let out a growl when her hot breath washed over the head and she wrapped her lips around it.

“Oh, god, Mrs. Horne,” Josh moaned.

Spurred-on by his enjoyment, Nancy began working her tight lips up and down over his shaft, swallowing as much of his thick meat as she could. Her fingers gripped the base tight as her head moved up and down faster, bringing him closer. She reached under her skirt and began rubbing her clit hard through her panties as her mouth moved over his shaft. His moans grew louder and he began lifting up from the chair, thrusting the head of his thick shaft to the back of her throat. Nancy could feel the veins of his shaft on her lips and she tightened them around him and sucked harder.

When Josh let out a familiar grunt Nancy quickly pulled off of his cock, wanting to feel his thick cum coat her breasts. The first stream splashed over her mouth and chin and began dripping down to her chest. He shot two more bursts, spraying her breast and nipple with his hot jism. Nancy kept stroking him and rubbing the head of his shaft over her nipples while she licked his cum from her lips and chin. When she felt him begin to soften she let go of him and leaned back on her heels. She sighed and gave him a proud smile.

“Did you like that?” she said and licked drops of his cum from her fingers.

“That was… you’re amazing, Mrs. Horne,” he gasped.

Nancy felt almost as breathless as Josh, but she still needed release. While he was catching his breath she stood up and quickly took her panties off and dropped them on top of her blouse. When Josh opened his eyes and they widened, she grinned.

“I thought I’d take those off,” she said. “They were getting kind of wet.”

“You’re really that turned on?” he asked, almost in disbelief.

Nancy sat back down on his lap. She let her right leg hand over the side so her thighs were parted wide. She looked into his eyes as she pulled her skirt up. “Why don’t you check for yourself,” she said.

Josh’s eyes lingered on her pink, wet pussy and the strip of hair above it for a few moments before he slowly reached out for it. Nancy moaned when she felt his fingers touch her slick lips and began to rub them, spreading her juice around. He fumbled for several seconds before shoving a finger in her, deep. Nancy flinched.

“Easy, baby,” she whispered as she gently took his hand in hers. “Like this…”

Nancy began to guide Josh’s hand, moving his finger in and out of her tight pussy. She gripped him inside her and slowly rocked her hips to meet his probing finger. After a while she tugged at his hand, drawing his shiny finger from within her walls. She guided the tip to her throbbing clit and pushed down. She moaned and arched her back.

“Yeah, that’s it,” she moaned. “Rub me right there… harder… yeah… god, that feels so good, Josh.” Her juice was running down and wetting his jeans as Josh continued to rub her swollen clit and Nancy began moving her hips in a tight circle.

When Nancy came for the first time Josh’s fingers stopped moving, but she held his hand and coaxed him to keep stroking her button. She put her arm around his shoulders and held on to him as she grew light-headed. She began bucking her hips to grind her button hard against his wet finger and telling him not to stop between throaty moans. By the time Josh had made her cum two more times Nancy lay limp against him and smiling.

“Thanks, I really needed that.” Nancy leaned into him and tenderly kissed his cheek.

“Anytime,” he smiled. “Hopefully I’ll be better at it next time.”

“You were wonderful, Josh. I came, didn’t I? Three times.” She made a point of not telling him there would be no next time.

Josh held Nancy tight against his chest and gave her a pleased smile. He craned his head up and kissed her rosy cheek and gazed into her narrowed eyes. Then he began to slowly stroke her back as they cuddled.

Nancy felt tired after cumming hard but she knew that her craving had not been completely satisfied — neither had Josh’s. They just needed time to recover. She lost track of time as she sat on his lap and he held her as his other hand gently explored her breasts and dripping pussy. His touch was more gentle now as he caressed and stroked her body, then entered her with his finger once more. When Nancy felt his cock stiffening and pushing up on her thigh she was surprised, but excited.

“Ready for some more fun, Josh?” she asked with a titter.

“If you are,” he said.

“I’m always ready for fun — especially with a nice cock.”

Nancy got up from his lap and looked down to the bulge in his jeans. She reached for his hand and pulled at it, bringing him to his feet. “Let’s get that nice cock of yours out,” she said as she tugged at his jeans.

Once Josh’s hard shaft was out and pointing at her, Nancy cured her fingers around it and squeezed. she gave it a slow tug, drawing him towards her as she backed up to the computer desk. She looked down, stroking his shaft, then smiled up at him. “What do you want to do to me, Josh?” she asked, sounding coy and sensual.

“You know…” he shyly said.

“Tell me,” she urged him.

After several seconds of silence Nancy said “Do you want to fuck me, Josh?”

He nodded as his smile widened.

Nancy glided her hands down her stomach to her wet pussy. She spread her lips wide to show him her hard clit as she looked up at him. “What do you want to do to Mrs. Horny, Josh?” she breathed.

“I want to fuck you,” he said, looking into her eyes.

Nancy turned around. She gathered her skirt around her waist and bent over. She braced her hands on the computer desk and looked back at Josh as he stared at her glistening lips. “Shove your thick cock in me, Josh,” she said. “Show me what you’ve thought about doing to me.”

When Nancy felt the head of Josh’s cock press against her wet lips and slide over her clit then back down she reached around and took his shaft in her hand. She guided the head to her folds and pushed back as it pierced her. She let out a throaty moan and braced her hands on the desk again. Her hair and breasts hung down, swaying as she began moving her hips.

“Fuck my cunt, Josh,” she said.

Josh grabbed Nancy’s hips hard and began thrusting his hips fast. His thighs and balls slapped against her as he stabbed at her soaked pussy with his hard shaft. Her loud moans excited him almost as much as the look and feel of her wonderful body. He reached up and squeezed her right breast hard in his hands. His nails dug in her soft skin a ways as he continued to pump his thick cock in and out of her.

“Yes… oh shit, Josh… fuck me hard,” Nancy cried out through clenched teeth. Her fingers were curled into fists and she was looking back, watching him fuck her hard. She cried out in pleasure and pain when he pinched her nipple hard and pulled on it. “Don’t cum in me though… shoot it anywhere else you want,” she said.

Josh grunted a reply and took hold of both of her hips again. He was breathing hard and moaning louder. His cock made loud wet sounds as it moved in and out of her tight, drenched pussy.

“Harder… slam it in me… oh… fuck, yes,” Nancy cried out. She began to push back with her hips to meet his shaft and feel it deeper inside her. She reached for her left nipple and gave it a twist, then pulled at it. She could feel the hair on his thighs rub over her soft skin and the sensation added to her excitement. She squeezed his shaft harder as he buried it deep in her.

When Nancy felt Josh pull out from her she looked back, waiting for what she knew would happen next.

“Turn around,” he said.

Nancy obeyed and when she felt his hand press down on her shoulder she sank to her knees. She was about to open her mouth wide when she felt his cum splash over her face. It landed in a steak across her right cheek and mouth. Josh pumped his cock in his fist hard, sending another ribbon of cum over her mouth and chin. She began lapping at it as the final bit hit her left cheek and ran down her flushed face.

Josh slumped back in the chair, watching as Nancy wiped his cum from her pretty face and lapped it from her fingers. She sucked one into her mouth as she smiled at him, then wiped more from her cheek.

Nancy settled down on Josh’s lap and threw her arm around his shoulders. “This has been an experience I’ll never forget, Josh,” she said and kissed his cheek.

“Me either,” he said in a husky voice. He pulled her to him, stroking her back and pressed his lips to her cheek and returned her kiss. He smiled, licking his cum from his lips.

“Just remember, you can never breathe a word of this to anyone, Josh,” she reminded him.

“I know,” he said. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Horny. I never will.”

Nancy smiled at Josh, feeling secure that she could trust him. Then her mind drifted to Bill and her smile widened. She knew that she had a wild tale to tell her husband when he returned home on Sunday.

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