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The Gentlest Thing

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Dressed all in white she was the sweetest thing. He had to be gentle with her. Lightly he pulled her to him, and kissed her. She yielded, opened her mouth to receive him and placed a hand on his shoulder. His lips barely touched hers, yet they felt so sensual. Hardly touching her, his lips teased her, making her want more.

Yet she did not try to force this, she was happy to receive what he was willing to give.

Once more, his lips traced the contours of hers while his hand reached behind her neck and stroked the nape of her neck. Little by little, his tongue sought out her mouth, and moved in tiny circles to the same rhythm as his fingers on her neck. She began to be carried along by the pace, and her tongue responded eagerly, touching his and entwining it.

Her hand squeezed his shoulder and they kissed deeper, but not harder. Now his other hand traced lazy, expanding circles on her back, just touching the tops of her buttocks. All to the same rhythm as his tongue.

She could feel that his whole body was moving to that rhythm now, and she found herself swept along once again. They pushed their bodies into each other and wrapped their arms round each other. Her leg bent at the knee, she lifted her thigh onto his.

His kisses moved down to her neck and his hand ran down her body and traced the contour of her thigh. She felt herself push into him, though it was not a voluntary act. She was being driven by impulse alone now. As they wrapped around each other, she felt his sex against her, hard and ready.

She wondered how it would feel inside her and reached for him to kiss him deeply, her breath coming quickly. His hand stroked her buttock and she raised her leg higher on him, which enabled his hand to reach down past her backside and to her now moist panties. Ever so lightly his fingers traced over her sex and she moaned in pleasure.

Their kissing became more passionate now, and he rubbed firmly against her panties. Then his hand moved to her hip and pushed her onto her back. She raised her hands above her head and he knelt up.

Both his hands stroked her wrists, then worked their way down her arms to her armpits and cupped underneath her breast. Her nipples were hard through the material and he stroked the underside of her breasts.

She started to breath rapidly, giving in to the pleasure. Slowly, he exposed her breasts and his head lowered so he could kiss them. He sucked gently on her breasts, just below the nipples, and she shivered in pleasure.

Oh, how she wanted him to take her nipple in his mouth. He knew this, and acquiesced. His tongue circled one nipple, then the other, then back to the first. As he flicked one nipple with his tongue, his hand massaged the other breast and teased the nipple. She arched her back so he could take more of her in his mouth.

Her breathing rate increased as did his rhythm. She shuddered in orgasm, but he kept on licking, sucking and playing with her breasts and nipples. Then his tongue moved to her cleavage while both hands pressed down on her breasts. His head lowered past her navel, her panties, to kiss the insides of her thighs.

She spread her legs wider, lifting the knees and his lips barely touched the soft smoothness of her thighs. She felt like she was melting, and both their bodies were melding together. He looked at her perfect pubic mound and could not hold back any longer. He had to taste her.

Gently, he moved aside her panties and his tongue traced the contours of her lips. She reached down and pushed his head into her, letting him know what she wanted. His tongue savoured the moistness of her lips, pressed them apart and entered her.

She reached down and pulled up her thighs, which were kept apart by his hands. His tongue now glided along her lips and circled her clitoris. At the first contact she jerked in orgasm.

But it was not going to stop. His tongue circled her clit again and again, sometimes mixing in other patterns that sent her into orgasm again and again. But as she felt she was reaching her peak, he would slow down, start again, then slow down again. She was hot, moist and ready.

He moved up to her breasts and sucked hard on each nipple, leaving her breasts moist, then he kissed her deeply. He positioned himself above her, and his hard penis was poised at her lips. She looked down to see it ready.

Yes, she said. Please. But it wasn’t to be – yet. He sat back on his heels and held his penis. He ran it around her lips and flicked her clitoris. Please, she begged. Then he placed it between her lips and very slowly entered her as she watched.

He went in all the way. When he was inside her she felt herself tighten around him and she wrapped her legs around him. He began a very slow and gentle rhythm, taking his penis all the way out, and slowly entering her again.

With each stroke it felt he went deeper. With each stroke they melted into each other. With each stroke she felt her self coming more and more. His arms were supporting him as they both watched him sliding in and out of her.

Then he lowered himself onto her and pushed himself higher up her body so that his pelvis was rubbing against her clitoris with each stroke. At each stroke she could feel him entering her and also rubbing her clitoris.

She began to push against him with urgency, knowing that she was close now. Again and again he entered her. Again and again he rubbed against her clitoris. Both his hands squeezed her breasts and he kissed her neck as his strokes began to quicken.

Faster now, and she exhaled with each stroke. Faster, and she felt a heat in her whole body, a tingling the presaged the climax.

Oh yes, she said. It’s so good. His strokes kept their rhythm and he kissed her deeply. Lips joined together they orgasmed simultaneously, their cries of orgasm muffled by their kiss. And long, long after the climax, they were still kissing.

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