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Loving Audrey after Amanda

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When I woke up, Audrey was gone. For a split second, I thought that it all might have been a dream and my heart sank. But I soon realized that I was lying in Audrey’s bed and there was still the heavy aroma of sex hanging in the air. Throwing the covers off me and sitting up on the side of Audrey’s bed, I surveyed my sticky naked body to find that I had a few fresh bite marks, a couple of sweet hickeys and several fingernails scratches all over me.

The sheets were still damp, reeking of spent sweat and sex; as I ran my fingers through my hair, I found that it too was laden with remnants of Audrey’s excitement. As I stumbled over to the window, my toes came in contact with a delightfully soft fabric. Looking down, I found Audrey’s panties under my foot and immediately snapped them up. Glancing around, I also found her bra not too far away, but the rest of the clothing she had so sexily stripped off for me last night was missing. The thought of Audrey running around not wearing a bra and panties, combined with the delectable odors of her sex still hanging in the air around me was starting to get me hot again.

Pressing the soft cotton of her panties to my face, I inhaled deeply of her sex. Closing my eyes, I ran my hand sensually down the front of my body with her panties wrapped around my fingers and let them tease all around and over my slit through the still damp fabric. Seeing Audrey’s gorgeous naked body in my mind, I realized that my greatest sexual fantasy of the last three years had finally come true! I had a night of wild and unbridled sex with my best friend Wendy’s mom – Mrs. Thompson.

Contrary to what she may have told you, Audrey has always been an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman. True, she has really toned up and sculpted her body considerably since her divorce, but she has always been sexy and I have wanted her ever since I was a sophomore in high school. I didn’t really know or understand why I became so attracted to Audrey; I wasn’t a lesbian! In fact I’d never even thought about being with another woman. I had always really liked guys and when it came to the Thompson family, Wendy’s older brother Nick had always been the object of my affections. But one fateful Friday night, Wendy had a few of us girls over for a slumber party and Audrey forever captured my sexual imagination that night. It was the night that she and Wendy’s father had decided to separate; and instead of locking herself in her room and crying, she came down and joined our pajama party. Wendy was a little embarrassed, but I’ll never forget the incredibly sexy, dark green, silk night gown that Audrey wore. It accentuated every nook, cranny and voluptuous curve of her beautiful body to a divine level and I was hooked. I remember I got so wet that I had to stay wrapped up in my sleeping bag for fear that all the other girls, Wendy and Audrey, would see the big wet stain in my pajama pants. It was a wonderful and a terrible day when I learned that Wendy’s parents were divorcing, which wasn’t until a month or so later. Nobody but Audrey and her husband knew it the night of that slumber party. Wonderful because I somehow convinced myself that I might now actually have a chance to get Audrey into bed; forgetting that she was my best friends’ mother, good friends with my own mother and 34 years older than me. While most people would look at those facts and figures and scoff, they only seemed to turn me on even more. Something about the forbiddances of it all really got me hot. But at the same time that it was wonderful, it was a terrible day too; not only because it really hurt Wendy, but also for the fact that she and her Mom were moving to New Orleans.

After Audrey and Wendy moved, I still couldn’t get Audrey out of my head. I stayed in close contact with Wendy and I would often find myself practically interrogating her about what her Mom was up to. “Was she seeing anybody? Any chance you’ll be coming back to Houston? I’d love to come visit you all.” I was almost obsessed, and all about a woman. I decided to explore this new side of myself and soon learned that I was at least, definitely bi-sexual. I had my first sexual encounter with another girl when I was sixteen. I met this girl on the beach in Galveston over Spring Break; she was seventeen and it is about the only time that I have ever been grateful to be Danica Patrick’s identical twin. She honestly thought that’s who I was and it was then very easy for me to manipulate her into bed. Turns out that it wasn’t her first time to fuck another girl and she ended up teaching me a lot; primarily that I really liked fucking girls.

But after a few more encounters with different girls, I soon began developing strong lesbian tendencies; men were fast losing all appeal to me. Audrey and Wendy moved back to Houston just in time for Wendy and me to start our senior year of high school. It had been almost two years since I’d actually seen Audrey and her sexiness had increased a hundredfold in the elapsed time; I about went insane. I remember that I practically lived with them my entire senior year and did my best to get as friendly and close to Audrey as possible. Of course, I never called her Audrey; it was always Mrs. Thompson and there were times that it became torturous because she was getting back into dating. I feared that my chances were slipping away.

I finally got up the nerve to share with Wendy that I was gay, but I never said a word about being hot for her Mom. Wendy was totally cool about it and she was even instrumental in hooking me up with my first real woman – Pamela. Pamela was twenty-seven years old and the executive chef at the restaurant where Wendy worked as a cocktail hostess. Wendy knew Pamela was gay, or at least, bi-sexual, and she hooked us up by getting me a job there as a food runner. It didn’t take long for me and Pamela to hit it off and it was less than a month before she and I had sex. Pamela was an incredibly hot and passionate lover; so much so that I nearly fell in love with her. But she turned out to be married and her husband was a freak; he liked to watch Pamela fuck younger girls and then join in. Now, if it had been another woman, I might have been into it, but by then, I knew that I was pretty much done with guys for good.

Wendy and I graduated from high school and then left to go to college in Arizona a couple of months before Hurricane Ike hit; I’ll never forget the hug goodbye that I got from Audrey. It kept me hot all year. I couldn’t even look at another woman. Audrey was constantly in my thoughts and fantasies; especially now that she had whipped herself into the body of a supermodel. Wendy kept a picture taken the previous Christmas of Audrey, herself, her brother Nick and her younger sister Tiffany on her dresser in our dorm room and it served me tremendously well throughout my freshman year at Arizona State.

I overheard a telephone conversation between Wendy and her Mom in early May. Wendy was telling her Mom about how she was going with a group from her drama classes out to Los Angeles to do some summer stock theater. I managed to overhear that Audrey’s social life wasn’t going anywhere; she hadn’t been on a date in months, was very lonely and then I heard Wendy repeat that Tiffany was going to be in Chicago for the summer with her father and stepmother. I don’t know if I was completely crazy or what, but I figured that if I was ever going to make a move on Audrey, this summer would afford me the best chance to do it; especially since my own parents were going to be in Europe for nearly a month. It was the perfect setup for a secret and torrid affair.

I got back to Houston in late May and my Dad immediately swept me and my Mom off for a surprise trip to Indianapolis for the 500, where I actually met Danica Patrick. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie “Dave” where Kevin Kline plays both the prick of a President and the sweet Temp Agency guy that fills in for him as his security look alike? Well, the scene where the two of them come face to face pretty much sums up my meeting Danica Patrick. She was stunned at first, and I have to admit that as her eyes coursed over every inch of me, I got pretty hot. Yeah, I’d fuck her! Only thing was, she’s a cold bitch. Anyway, Mom and Dad continued on from Indianapolis to London for their European tour and I flew back to Houston. I hadn’t yet had a chance to see Audrey since I left school and I was really getting desperate to. But no sooner did I get back to Houston, did I get a call from Wendy and she told me that her Mom had come out to Los Angeles to see her in a play. When I asked her when she’d be back, she told me that she was then going to Annapolis, Maryland to see Nick and she’d probably be back around June 20th.

I counted the days on my calendar until the twentieth and called their house on the afternoon of the twenty-first. Audrey answered and we talked innocently about our recent trips and such for about an hour. Just hearing Audrey’s sensual and sexy voice over the phone got me hot and I was just about ready to ask her if she wanted to do lunch or something when her cell phone rang and she had to go. I couldn’t believe it! Here I’d finally gotten up the nerve to basically ask my best friend’s Mom out on a date and a fucking blackberry got in my way. Two days later, Hurricane Amanda became headline news.

I didn’t really think much about it at first since it was still so far away, but the closer it came to the upper Texas coast, the more terrified I got. I was as terrified of that hurricane as those two little kids were in “Jurassic Park” when the T-Rex was attacking their vehicle. I know you may not believe this, but when I went over to Audrey’s house the night Hurricane Amanda was coming ashore, having sex with her was the last thing on my mind. I had only seen and heard hurricane horror stories on the TV, particularly those of Hurricane Ike from the previous year and I was genuinely petrified; particularly since Amanda was a much stronger storm. When I showed up on Audrey’s doorstep last night, I was honestly looking for a mother’s protection and love.

But when Audrey shared all of her hurricane experiences with me, I once again began to see her as the object of my lustful affections. Her overall courage in the face of so many horrific natural disasters, plus her incredible calm right now in the midst of yet another one was making her immensely appealing and unbelievably sexy to me. I felt completely protected and the longer she held me close to her beautiful body, the hotter I got. Her blouse was soft, her breasts were so big and firm, and her delicious smelling perfume was driving me wild. I don’t know if it was divine intervention or what, but I was going for broke and about to plant a kiss on her at the exact same moment that her lips came to me. And well, you know the rest. Audrey has already told you of our incredibly passionate night together. But now, let me tell you of Amanda’s aftermath.


As I said, I woke up the day after Hurricane Amanda and Audrey was gone. The power was still out, so I had no idea what time it was exactly, but I’m guessing it to be sometime in the afternoon. With remnants of our raw sexual frenzy still all over my body, the bed sheets and in the air, I stepped over to the window and peered out the mini-blinds. Hurricane Amanda had left quite a mess all over the yard and from what I could see, all over the block. Still holding Audrey’s panties in my hand, I glanced down at the front walkway and I saw her coming toward the front door. My pussy immediately began to tingle as my body filled with a powerful flash of lustful heat. I knew that probably the first thing she’d do is come up to check on me, so I turned on my heels and headed into the master bathroom.

Even though the power was out, daylight was flooding into the bathroom through the wall of glass bricks in the shower stall, plus the window over the commode. I intentionally left the bathroom door open and hopped into the shower. Even though the wall was glass, the only thing that could really be seen and penetrate the bricks was light. Equipped with several different shower heads at different levels, water sprayed all over my body and I knew that it would only be a matter of minutes before Audrey’s beautiful naked body would be pressed up firmly against me.

Reveling in the warm water dousing all over my body simultaneously, I soon heard the shower door open and then felt Audrey’s rock hard nipples probing into the skin of my back as her arms went around my torso. I felt her succulent lips wrap around my ear lobe, nibbling and sucking on it like a famished vampire and her beautiful mound begin to grind firmly on my ass. Running the tip of her tongue around my ear now, I felt and heard her hot breath in my ear and my entire body tingled with intense arousal as she squeezed me tighter and her entire body seemed to meld into mine.

Without speaking a word, I leaned my head back on her shoulder, turned it toward her and closed my eyes; Audrey’s tongue slid almost on queue deep into my mouth as her hand slid slowly down the front of my body and was soon massaging my fleshy folds. I wrapped my arm up and around her head, resting my hand in her now soaking wet hair and pulled her deeper into our kiss. I then felt her finger slip up inside me and I let a tender moan slip down her throat. Audrey had her other hand wrapped firmly around one of my breasts, gently kneading the flesh and then pinching and twisting my nipple. Suddenly, Audrey pulled out of our kiss, yanked her finger out of me and spun me around.

Audrey pushed me up against the smooth granite wall at the head of the shower stall and stared deep into my eyes. Her eyes were on fire and she plunged her tongue deep into my mouth. I’ve never had anyone kiss me like this. Suddenly, Audrey slid down to her knees, letting her tongue graze down the front of my body as she went. Audrey then roughly hooked both my legs over her shoulders, took my ass firmly in her hands and lifted me up. With my back pressed up against the wet and hard wall and my legs dangling down over Audrey’s shoulders, I grabbed hold of the two nearest shower heads and practically yanked them out of the wall as Audrey’s hungry mouth suddenly snatched my pussy.

The shower stall quickly filled with a thick cloud of steam as the heat of our bodies rose with the illicit force of a sexual pressure cooker. Audrey was like a famished carnivore as she gluttonously devoured my pussy and I was soon gasping for air as every muscle in my body strained against the orgasmic pressure building up in every fiber of my being. My moaning only seemed to fill Audrey with more desire and I could feel her fingernails piercing deep into the skin of my ass cheeks. The next thing I knew, I was looking straight up my body from the floor. My head and shoulders were lying against the wet floor, my legs were spread wide above me and Audrey was holding my body up against hers as she continued her feeding frenzy on my pussy.

Audrey’s lips, teeth and tongue battered my clit mercilessly and my body convulsed wildly as I came. I felt the inner walls of my pussy collapsing under the force of a tsunami-like wave and only then did Audrey relent her ravenous gorging on my sexual center. Gently lowering the rest of my body down to the floor, Audrey pressed her seething and soaking wet body down on top of me and pelted me with soft and sensual kisses as my orgasm passed. Slowly wrapping my arms around Audrey, we kissed deeply as the warm water pelted our bodies. Tasting my own cum in her mouth set me ablaze with passion.

After regaining my strength, I stood Audrey up, pinned her against the wall and repaid her in kind. As I was on my knees in front of her body, I felt one of her powerful legs wrap around my shoulders and I opened my eyes to see her head gently rolling from side to side as she was gently massaging her gorgeous breasts. With my mouth full of her succulent and sultry womanhood, her deep and slow sensual moaning grew ever louder and louder until her powerful body was tumbling wildly about and my mouth was suddenly full of her delectable juices.

Audrey pulled me up to my feet and her tongue was soon scouring the deepest recesses of my mouth, now completely sated with her cum. Audrey lifted my much smaller frame up into her powerful arms, shut off the water and carried me back to her bed where we continued to sexually ravage one another; I just couldn’t get enough of her and she couldn’t get enough of me – we were both completely insatiable. Relentlessly grinding, eating, licking, sucking and fucking each other in a house without air conditioning, Audrey and I remained hellishly hot and sweaty until both of us were on the verge of dehydration, asphyxiation and complete physical exhaustion. Panting like a couple of rabid dogs, I collapsed on top of Audrey’s body and almost immediately slipped off her sweat drenched skin and into a puddle of sex on the mattress beside her. With my heart pounding and my vision blurred with stinging sweat draining into my eyes, I rolled on to my side and gently caressed Audrey’s seething body. As the daylight was quickly slipping back into the darkness of night, Audrey’s bedroom was pitch dark and with no air conditioning to circulate it, the air was stuffy, humid and heavily saturated with the odors of forbidden lust. I loved it.

“Happy Birthday, Audrey.” I heaved. “I love you.”

Audrey was silent. I could hear her breathing but I sensed that her body tensed in a very uncomfortable manner as I spoke those words. Finally, I felt her hand squeeze mine on her heaving chest.

“Thank you, honey.” She whispered.

The next thing I knew, I woke up from a deep sleep and again, Audrey wasn’t there. Daylight was coming through the closed window blinds and it was very warm and stuffy in the room. Looking over at the digital clock beside Audrey’s bed, it was still out. I got out of bed and slipped on one of Audrey’s night shirts that were hanging over the back of the chair in the corner of her room. Covering Audrey down to her thighs, the night shirt draped down to just below my knees. I went downstairs and found Audrey sitting at the kitchen table watching a local news web cast on her laptop computer. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore a pair of sweat shorts and a loose fitting LSU T-shirt.

“Good morning.” I said.

“Good morning.” She replied.

I sat down on her lap, wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her on the lips. I tried to probe my tongue into her mouth but Audrey pushed me away.

“Easy there, killer. Don’t forget, I’m an old woman.” Audrey said.

“Oh, shut up!” I told her. “Old woman, my ass.”

I tried to kiss her again, but Audrey raised her hand to my lips and held me back.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Danica, we need to talk.” Audrey said. “Come on, sit down.”

“I am.” I joked.

“I mean, over there.” Audrey said. “Come on.”

I cautiously slipped off Audrey’s lap and sat down in the chair beside her. My heart was suddenly thundering and I felt my stomach tie itself in knots.

“Have I done something wrong?” I asked.

“Wrong? Honey, I don’t think anybody has ever been more right.” Audrey said as she smiled. I relaxed a bit.

“Then what’s going on?” I asked.

“Last night, just before we fell asleep, you told me Happy Birthday.” Audrey began.

“Yeah.” I said.

“You also told me that you loved me.” Audrey continued.

“And?” I said.

“Honey, I’m 52 years old. I’m old enough to be your mother. In some cultures, I’m old enough to be your grandmother. My daughter is a year older than you, and your best friend.” Audrey continued.

“Yeah, I get the point.” I said.

“Now please don’t misunderstand me, okay? I am very attracted to you. You are an incredible lover. In fact, you’re probably the best lover I’ve ever had. And you’ve opened my eyes to an entirely different and wonderful new world. But given the differences in our ages and obvious other considerations, I just don’t see that there can ever be anything more between us.” Audrey said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Danica, in twenty years, you’ll be 38 and I’ll be 72. Can’t believe I was actually able to say that, but it’s true. The physical passion and attraction between us will be long gone; or at least, one sided, with me gawking at you through my false teeth.” Audrey said.

“Oh stop it!” I blurted.

“It’s true, honey. And deep down, you know it. Besides, it would more than likely destroy your friendship with Wendy forever if she found out that her mother and her best friend were lovers.” Audrey said.

“Yeah, I know.” I said, feeling a lump lodge in my throat.

“And if you can get real honest about it, what you feel for me isn’t love, its lust.” Audrey said.

“You’re right.” I said.

“And for our purposes right now, that’s all we need.” Audrey said.

“What?” I asked.

Audrey smiled seductively at me and took my hand.

“I said lust is all we need for our purposes right now.” Audrey said.

“Wait a minute. I thought your whole purpose here was to end this.” I said.

“No, I’m just trying to get us on the same page. Yes, we do need to end this at some point, but I didn’t say anything about ending it right now.” Audrey purred.

I felt my body flush with another wave of lustful heat and felt my pussy begin to tingle.

“You mean?” I said.

“As long as we understand that this is nothing more than a purely physical affair, I don’t see any harm in letting it continue for a little while longer. Hell, with the power out all over the city, thousands of people are passing the time in the throes of heated sexual passion. Why shouldn’t we?” Audrey said.

“God, I love the way you think.” I said, as I slid back on to Audrey’s lap, wrapping my arms around her neck and she wrapped hers around my torso.

“So, let us make a pact: Until the power comes back on or until the sun comes up the next morning.” Audrey said.

“Huh?” I asked.

“If the power were to come back on right now, wouldn’t you wanna have one more night with me?” Audrey asked.

“Now I get it.” I said.

“Good. So, do we have a pact?” Audrey asked.

“Well, guess this means I’m going to have to go down and bomb Centerpoint Energy’s main facility and sabotage all their repair trucks so that it’ll take them at least a year to get the power restored.” I told her.

“Do we have a pact?” Audrey asked again.

“We do.” I told her.

“Good. Now you can kiss me like you….” Audrey said.

I plunged my tongue deep into Audrey’s mouth before she could even finish the sentence.

Had it not been for the fact that both of us were famished, we might have succumbed completely to the overwhelming desire coursing through our bodies. Without power to cook anything, Audrey and I ate big bowls of cold cereal in order to finish off the milk before it went bad and then ate a bunch of ice cream that was already beginning to melt in the freezer. We heard news reports on the battery powered radio that it could be as long as a week before power was restored to our area of town and that news sent another powerful surge of desire through my body and I could see a very content and seductive smile on Audrey’s face.

After we ate, I went back upstairs and threw on my clothes that were still lying in the exact same place where I had stripped out of them the night before last. By the time I was dressed and had come back downstairs, Audrey had gone outside and was beginning to clean up her front yard. I decided that since it might be several days before the power was restored, I should probably go home and pack a few things, as well as check the house for any post-Amanda damage. I got home to find my house powerless but intact. The yard was a mess and there were a few discarded shingles laying in the driveway, but no major damage.

I took a shower and went absolutely crazy on myself thinking about Audrey. I dried my hair as best I could with a towel then slipped on a pair of Daisy Dukes’, my favorite Bebe T-shirt and a pair of white keds. After packing up a bag with enough stuff for at least a week, I checked my cell phone, which I had completely forgotten to take with me, and found several messages from my panicked parents who were now in Rome. Since it was off when I had plugged it into the charger the night Amanda struck, the battery was still fully charged, so I called my parents to let them know I was okay. I told them that everything was fine at the house and that I had rode out the storm with Wendy’s mom and that she had invited me to stay with her until the power was restored to our house. As I listened to my parents praise Audrey for allowing me to stay with her and telling me repeatedly to be sure and thank her from the bottom of their hearts for taking care of me, I began to feel a touch of guilt; if they only knew. I still had not told my parents that I was gay and I didn’t know for sure how they would react. Either way, now was not the time.

As I walked back toward Audrey’s house, I began to wonder if it was such a good idea for us to continue our affair. The more I replayed Audrey’s words in my mind, the more I realized how right she was and the more I began to despise myself for being so shallow. Sure, my attraction to Audrey had always been purely physical, but now I had actually gotten to know her for who she was on the inside and I really liked her. Would I have had, or even taken or wanted the opportunity to get to know her if she hadn’t been so incredibly sexy? No! And why did I tell her I loved her? Manipulating her maybe?

Rounding the corner of Audrey’s street, the thought occurred to me that Audrey was the one that had set the record straight on where we stood and that as long as we were both on the same page about this just being a strictly physical thing, she wanted to keep fucking me. So what’s my problem? Well, I cared about Audrey and I wondered what will happen once our affair comes to an end. Would she be okay? She’d already been through so much pain with her ex-husband cheating on her and to my knowledge, hadn’t had any luck in the dating game. She’s 52 years old and the odds are not exactly in favor of a woman that age finding true love again. I guess what I’m really feeling is sadness. Audrey probably knows that she’s got a rapidly closing window of physical appeal and that the odds are stacked heavily against her, so she’s trying to avoid getting close; especially to somebody 34 years younger. Could Audrey be in love with me? Obviously she and I had a lot more to talk about.

As I approached Audrey’s house in the seething June heat, I saw a car parked in her driveway. Being that it was a Lexus, I naturally assumed that Audrey had backed hers out of the garage; but as I rounded the edge of the driveway, I saw Audrey’s Lexus in the garage. We had company. Coming up to the side door of the house, I heard Audrey laughing, as well as the voice of another woman coming from the back patio. I stepped over to the gate that ran between the house and the garage and saw Audrey sitting in a patio chair beside a very striking woman with dark and flowing brown hair down to just below the tops of her shoulders. Whoever she was, the sound of her voice and her very sexy side view certainly caught my attention; she was stunning. She wore a navy blue tank top, white shorts and sandals. They were both sipping glasses of wine.

“Hello.” I said.

They both turned toward the sound of my voice and Audrey smiled.

“Hey, Danica.” Audrey said. “Come on in.”

I passed through the gate and approached them.

“Danica, I’d like you to meet Sophie Metrand. Sophie, this is Danica…” Audrey said.

“Oh my God!” Sophie excitedly interrupted Audrey in a deep and sexy French accent. “You’re Danica Patrick! The Indianapolis 500 driver!”

Audrey burst into laughter and I found myself virtually star struck. Where I was the clone, or identical twin sister of Danica Patrick, Sophie Metrand was the clone, or identical twin sister of Ann Curry; the co-host of NBC’s The Today Show. Except for the French accent, everything from the length, color and style of her hair, stunning facial features, beautiful and slender body, long and sexy legs, immaculately shaped hips and ass, gorgeous breasts, porcelain olive skin and a deep, sensual voice matched Ann Curry identically. Sophie looked so much like her that I half expected Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira and Al Roker to come out of the house at any second.

Audrey went on to explain that I really wasn’t Danica Patrick and that Sophie really wasn’t Ann Curry and she humorously commented on how she seems to have a knack for attracting celebrity look-a-likes. Sophie and I shook hands as she let out an intoxicating laugh and I breathed in the hypnotic fragrance she wore. I have no idea what kind of perfume it was, but it was the most delicious fragrance I’d ever sniffed. Audrey pulled a third chair from the garage; I tossed my bag in the house and then sat down at the patio table with them. There was a chest cooler sitting on the concrete between Audrey and Sophie’s chairs that was full of fresh ice and four bottles of chardonnay. Sophie poured me a glass and then offered a toast.

“To Hurricane Amanda; may we never see a fucking bitch like her ever again.” Sophie said.

Audrey and I traded a quick glance and a soft smile as we touched glasses and drank.

Sophie Metrand is 49 years old and is originally from Paris; obviously. Her mother was Vietnamese and her father was French. Sophie was a graduate of Oxford University, where she met and married her now ex-husband; an American. Having begun her career as an architect in London, Sophie’s husband was later transferred to New York, not long after the birth of their first child when Sophie was 25. Being the mother of three, just like Audrey, Sophie’s oldest daughter Sabrina was now 24 and living back in Paris with her fiancée, while Sophie’s twin sons, Ian and Paul, who were 21, were still going to school at Princeton University. Sophie and her husband divorced three years ago and Sophie, for reasons she still couldn’t explain, decided to move to Houston. She said that something about Texas had always appealed to her ever since she first studied it as a young child in grammar school. Even though she wasn’t technically Audrey’s boss, Sophie had been instrumental in convincing their firm to hire Audrey and the two of them had since worked together on several projects. Sophie confessed that she saw something very special in Audrey and knew she had to work with her.

Initially, Audrey and I traded awkward looks of just what the hell are we supposed to do? I had long since forgotten about my concerns over Audrey’s feelings and was now really getting hot for her again and I could tell she was getting hot for me again too. Neither of us truly knew how long it would be until the power was restored and we didn’t want to waste any valuable fuck time. But I could tell that Audrey’s heart went out to Sophie, for she had ridden out Hurricane Amanda all by herself and had spent the last day and a half in a powerless house alone. Sophie was a workaholic and didn’t have very many friends and with no power, she couldn’t work. So, she had called Audrey, offered to bring hot food and lots of wine and Audrey just couldn’t say no.

As the day went on, a very strange thing happened: the temperature began to plummet. Just as it had in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, a strong cool front blew through town and brought unseasonably cool and comfortable temperatures to the Houston area. Audrey, Sophie and I sat out on the porch throughout the afternoon, sipping ice cold chardonnay and I began to notice another very strange thing. At first I thought it might be just the amount of wine that I was consuming, but I soon realized that there was definitely some attraction between Audrey and Sophie. Well, at least from Sophie. I carefully watched Sophie and saw that her body language was speaking volumes toward Audrey, who seemed oblivious to it.

But I did notice how Audrey became less and less concerned about getting alone with me and became more and more involved in conversation with Sophie. There was definitely a spark between them; of course I may have been the only one who was noticing it. They did have a great deal in common in terms of philandering husbands; Sophie’s husband had cheated on her too. They also shared motherhood and a deep love for their children, passion for their careers, concerns about the future and even about finding love again at their age. When that subject hit the table, I felt my stomach leap into my throat.

Thanks to the wine, the subject passed fairly easily and the two of them were soon laughing and carrying on about much lighter subjects; it was then that I began to notice a lot of hand to hand contact and other innocent touches and grazes as they talked. Around sunset, Audrey fired up the gas grill and Sophie placed some of the heavy corn ware dishes she had brought on the fire to heat up the food inside. Audrey asked me to set the table and to also bring out a bottle of red wine to go with dinner. As I set the table, I continued to watch the two of them carefully and noticed how good they looked together.

Standing side by side in front of the grill, Audrey stood just an inch or so taller than Sophie, and I could easily visualize that they would almost perfectly mold and fit together in a passionate embrace…or even better, a kiss. As I opened the bottle of red wine and poured it into three fresh glasses on the patio table, I saw Sophie gently take hold of the necklace hanging around Audrey’s neck and my mind suddenly flashed back to Pamela. I remembered how her husband had wanted to watch her and I fuck and then join in after a while. Well, the only thing that had prevented it was the fact that Pamela’s husband wasn’t a woman. Suddenly a powerful and very erotic chill shuddered through my body; my pussy tingled and flooded with heated moisture as I saw myself in the throes of wild and raw sexual frenzy with both Audrey and Sophie.

Sophie had definitely captivated me from the moment I laid eyes on her and I’ll admit that if given the opportunity, I would have done everything in my power to ditch Audrey, lure Sophie upstairs and fuck the shit out of her. She was that hot! But now, after having watched her and Audrey together all day, I had an entirely different motive; I could kill two birds with one stone if I got them both into bed for a wild threesome. I would get to fuck Sophie and then slide out of the picture and let nature run its course between Audrey and Sophie. I knew in my bones that there was a definite chemistry between the two of them and that the wine was helping in loosening both their inhibitions. They would be a perfect match.

Even though I now knew first hand what a sexual freak Audrey could be, I wasn’t sure if she was yet ready to put any type of a move on another woman. Also, with me present, I knew that Audrey just wouldn’t even if she was ready, or even if she could read Sophie’s body language, which to me, was practically begging her too. But if I could somehow get Audrey and Sophie into bed for a wild, unbridled drunken threesome in the middle of a power blackout, I think nature would take its course and their worries about finding true love again would be solved as they found it in each other. I think it is definitely there. It just needs to be released. All we need is a little more wine and wait for the right time.

Sophie had brought a delicious seafood casserole with lobster, shrimp and crab meat that literally melted in my mouth. She also brought sides of sweet potatoes, string beans and a pre-cooked loaf of lightly buttered French bread. Between the three of us, we ate every last bite and killed the bottle of red wine I had opened and immediately started on another. After the sunset, a strong breeze came up and it was actually getting cold outside; it was getting cold in Houston, Texas in late June, just after a fucking hurricane. Incredible!

We moved into the dark living room and Audrey lit a fire in the fireplace as I relit some of the candles around the room. Sophie flipped through the stations on the radio and found some soft music and the three of us sat on the floor in front of the fire and finished off the second bottle of wine. I was definitely tipsy by now, and judging by how giddy and goofy Audrey and Sophie were as they continued to visit, the time had arrived. I poured the last few dribbles of the wine into my glass, corked it and dropped the empty bottle on the floor. We were sitting in almost a triangle shape, so the bottle was right in the center amongst us.

“So, who wants to play spin the bottle?” I slurred.

“What?” Sophie asked, swallowing a sip of wine.

“Don’t you all play spin the bottle in France?” I asked.

“Spin the bottle?” Sophie asked.

“Yeah. You know, somebody spins the bottle and whoever the bottle is pointing at when it stops, the person who spun it kisses that person.” I explained.

“You don’t say.” Sophie smiled.

“Danica, what are you up to?” Audrey asked then sipped her wine.

“I’m bored.” I said.

“Don’t you think it would help if we had some men and boys here to play spin the bottle with?” Sophie giggled.

“Oh, come on. We’re in the middle of a huge power blackout and you know you’re supposed to get crazy when the lights go out.” I said as I then took a big gulp of wine.

“But how can we play spin the bottle without men? No matter where the bottle stops, it’ll be a girl kissing a girl.” Sophie said, not really seeming to mind the idea.

“Haven’t you ever kissed a girl before?” I asked.

“I’m French. What do you think?” Sophie said as she smiled and winked at Audrey.

“I think I’m gonna spin the bottle now.” I said as I spun the bottle on the carpet. “And which ever one of you beautiful and sexy ladies it’s pointing at when it stops, I’m gonna kiss.”

The bottle spun around several times, finally coming to a stop and it was pointing directly at me. I heard both Audrey and Sophie giggle.

“Okay. So, anybody know what you’re supposed to do when you spin the bottle and it ends up pointing at you?” I asked.

“Guess you’ve got to kiss yourself.” Sophie said.

“Audrey?” I asked.

“Actually, I think it means that all the other players have to kiss you.” Audrey said.

“Sweet.” I said. “So, who’s first? Sophie?”

Sophie burst into her intoxicating laugh; Audrey and I just stared at her.

“What’s so funny?” I asked firmly.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” Sophie said.

“Yeah! Come on! Plant one on me, Madame.” I said.

“Audrey, you’re going along with this?” Sophie asked.

“Why not? It’s a blackout, I’m buzzed and she’s cute. And anyway, who’s gonna know?” Audrey slurred.

“Okay.” Sophie said.

Sophie took another swallow of her wine, set her glass on the hearth of the fireplace, crawled over to me and planted a firm but very quick peck kiss on my lips. Even in just the brief second her lips were pressed against mine, it was enough to make a spark and I could sense how full, sweet and moist they were.

Sophie then said something in French as she returned to her spot and snapped up her glass of wine again.

“You call that a kiss?” I asked.

“What was wrong with it?” Sophie asked.

“You’re French, for Christ sake. I thought you people invented the kiss.” I said.

“Or maybe we just play spin the bottle differently than you Americans.” Sophie practically hissed.

“Audrey, would you please show this lady how we play spin the bottle here in the good old US of A.” I blurted.

Audrey swallowed the last of her wine, set down her glass on the coffee table and crawled over to me.

“I don’t know what you’re up to, but right now I’m too drunk to care. Plus I’ve wanted to do this all day.” Audrey whispered.

Audrey wrapped her hand firmly around my head and slid her tongue deep into my mouth. In truth I wasn’t expecting Audrey to be quite so uninhibited and I let my eyes fall shut as I slapped my hand firmly on the back of her head as a tender moan shot out of my mouth and down her throat. Her kiss was so deep and quickly became so passionate that I almost forgot that Sophie was there. I opened my eyes and I saw Sophie in a near trance-like state of disbelief as she watched Audrey and I devour each other’s mouths. Then suddenly, Audrey pulled out, kissed the end of my nose and squeezed my left breast as she sat back.

My eyes rolled around in my head and I shook it out as I took a few deep breaths.

“Wow! Now that’s how you kiss when you play spin the bottle.” I said.

“Thank you.” Audrey whispered.

“Who’s next to spin?” I asked. “Sophie? You up to playing the American way?”

“You all definitely play professionally.” Sophie said. “But whether you realize it or not, you’re actually playing the French way.”

“Well, then lets see the veteran in action.” I said as I shoved the bottle to her.

Sophie swallowed the last of her wine, got up on her knees and spun the bottle like a pro. It spun around several times, finally coming to a stop, pointing directly at Audrey.

“The birthday girl gets the call.” I said.

“Today is your birthday, Audrey?” Sophie asked.

“Yesterday actually.” Audrey said.

“Well, I guess I have no choice then, bottle or not.” Sophie said.

“Nope.” Audrey said.

Sophie slunk, almost seductively, on her knees over to Audrey and there lips came slowly together, each filled with the hint of a shy and wanting smile. Pressing her lips softly against Audrey’s at first, I watched as Sophie’s eyes closed and Audrey opened her mouth just slightly. Sophie followed suit and I saw her glistening tongue slide over Audrey’s lips and deep into her mouth. I could just see Audrey’s tongue sliding over and into Sophie’s mouth as their lips sealed tightly around each other and I could hear soft and sensual moans floating between them. Audrey wrapped her arms slowly around Sophie’s lean and slender body as Sophie gently placed her hand on Audrey’s cheek. Audrey’s grip around Sophie tightened as Sophie slid her hand around the back of Audrey’s head and pulled her deeper into the kiss. I became completely mesmerized as I watched these two beautiful women kiss each other so deeply. It really was turning me on.

I crawled up next to them and ran my fingers through Sophie’s silky hair, down over her back and gently caressed her extremely firm ass. Squeezing her left cheek through her shorts, I heard a sensual moan slide out of her mouth and down Audrey’s throat. Moving my head in closer to theirs, Sophie slipped out of her kiss with Audrey, turned her head slightly toward me and our mouths came together. Her tongue was long, probing and sizzling hot as it surged deeply into my mouth; Sophie’s mouth was delectable and she was an incredibly passionate kisser. Supporting herself on her left arm and hand, she wrapped her right hand around my head and pulled me deeper into her mouth; I opened my eyes just enough to see Audrey nibbling and sucking on Sophie’s long and sleek neck. I then saw Audrey run her tongue down Sophie’s neck, over her shoulder and down the soft flesh of her long and slender arm. I cupped one of Sophie’s beautiful and supple breasts in my hand. She wasn’t wearing a bra under her tank top and from what I could feel, her breasts were completely natural. I couldn’t believe that a woman her age had such incredibly firm and perky breasts without surgical assistance.

Sophie moaned sensually down my throat as I kneaded her breasts and I then saw Audrey slide her hand down the side of Sophie’s torso and pull her tank top slowly up, revealing the smooth and luscious olive skin of her back. I reached down Sophie’s body and helped Audrey pull the tank top up; Sophie slipped out of our kiss and stretched her arms out in front of her, allowing Audrey and I to pull her tank top up over her head and off. Sophie straightened up and revealed her naked upper body to us, teasingly caressing her breasts and torso. Audrey and I immediately followed suit by pulling our tops off and instantly, all three of us were naked from the waist up. Sophie took one of my breasts in one hand while she took one of Audrey’s in her other, gently kneading and molding our supple flesh and areolas.

Audrey and I each took one of Sophie’s perfectly shaped, dark brown, protruding nipples into our mouths as she coursed her long and sensual fingers through our hair, moaning slowly and deeply. With her rock hard nipple deep in my mouth, I slid my hand down the front of Sophie’s flat and firm stomach to her shorts waistline, unsnapped and unzipped them and then let my hand slide down inside them, where I received yet another wonderful surprise; actually two. First, Sophie wasn’t wearing any underwear and she had a trimmed, but very thick bushel of pubic hair. Second, I soon felt Audrey’s hand slide on to mine down inside Sophie’s shorts and we continued together down, simultaneously teasing Sophie’s moist, swollen and succulent labia with our fingers. I felt Sophie’s fingernails dig into the bare skin of my back, her body began to tremble slightly and her moaning became louder, deeper and more sensual as Audrey and I stimulated Sophie’s sexual center.

I felt Audrey’s hand slip out of Sophie’s shorts and slide slowly up the front of her body. I then saw Audrey run her tongue up Sophie’s body, over her chin and slide her tongue back deep into Sophie’s mouth. I slipped my hand out of Sophie’s pants, stood up beside Audrey and Sophie, reveling in the incredibly hot and arousing sight of them kissing so deeply as I stripped out of my Daisy Duke Shorts and thong. Now completely naked, I knelt down behind Sophie and ran my tongue up the center line of her beautiful back from the waist of her shorts up to her shoulders and neck. Still locked in a deep kiss with Audrey, I rested my chin on her shoulder as I slid my hands around the front of her body and took her breasts firmly in my hands, molding the supple flesh, twisting and pinching her nipples. Then to get her attention, I reached forward further and began kneading Audrey’s breast. Audrey slipped her tongue out of Sophie’s mouth and then deeply into mine as Sophie sucked and nibbled on her neck.

With her body pressed firmly and squarely in between mine and Audrey’s, I slid my hand down inside the back of Sophie’s shorts and teased her asshole with my finger. Audrey slipped out of our kiss and gazed into my eyes.

“Thank you.” She whispered, almost inaudible.

“Let’s get her naked now. I wanna watch you eat her.” I hissed.

“Don’t I have a say in this?” Sophie suddenly whispered.

“Not really.” I said. “Come here.”

Taking Sophie’s chin in my fingers and repositioning ourselves just slightly, all three of our mouths came together in a hot and deep three way kiss; tongue on tongue on tongue with lips on lips on lips.

Finally sliding back down on my ass on the floor, I pulled Sophie down with me, letting her upper body lean up against me as she stretched out on the floor between my legs. Audrey stood up and seductively slipped out of her sweat shorts; she wasn’t wearing underwear either. I felt Sophie’s respiration and heartbeat accelerate tremendously while her body quivered and tensed with desire as she beheld Audrey’s gorgeous naked body. Audrey sunk to her knees between Sophie’s legs, wrapped her hands under the waistline of Sophie’s white shorts and pulled them down her long, sexy legs and off; now we all were completely naked. Sophie’s light olive skin was flushing in a shade of very light crimson as her body emanated a deep lustful heat. Between the fires burning in the fireplace, on the candles and in the sexually seething bodies of three very aroused women, the heat in the room was rising with the intensity of a pressure cooker.

Tenderly kneading Sophie’s breasts as she leaned back against me, I felt her flesh misting with perspiration as her muscles tensed and her body jerked ever so slightly as Audrey spread her legs wider and slowly ran her tongue up her leg. Sophie’s olive skin was so soft, smooth and unblemished that Audrey appeared to be in heaven as she reveled in the absolutely divine and delectable flavor of Sophie’s flesh. Audrey slid down on her stomach between Sophie’s legs and wrapped her arms around her hips as Sophie was moaning sensually and in a near pant. Audrey pulled Sophie’s body down slightly, then within a few seconds, Sophie sucked in a deep, orgasmic gasp and her body arched as Audrey’s wanting mouth hungrily seized Sophie’s luscious and pulsing pussy. My own pussy spasmed and my entire body flooded with intense tingling as I watched Audrey voraciously devoured Sophie’s labia. The desire filled gazes coming from Audrey’s eyes as she looked up Sophie’s pleasure filled, seething body were some of the most intensely erotic stares that I’d ever seen. I could feel every muscle in Sophie’s body seizing to its limit, her chest was rising and falling rapidly as she strained hard against the orgasmic pressure and illicit pleasure building up inside her. As Audrey gluttonously devoured Sophie’s pussy, her body went from mildly moist to totally saturated with sweat in my arms as the intense lustful heat emanating from both my body and hers engulfed us.

As Sophie neared her climax, her moaning and wailing was echoing through the room, practically rattling the window panes and her body arched toward the ceiling as it convulsed wildly in my arms. Audrey seized and held Sophie’s ass up as it lifted in the air and I heard Audrey groan like a wild beast as Sophie exploded her sexual juices all over her face. Sophie’s body went limp in my arms as her eyes spun in their sockets. Audrey gently lowered her back to the floor and I slid my tongue deep in her mouth. Sophie wrapped her arm and hand around my head and pulled me deeper into the kiss. Audrey ran her tongue up Sophie’s stomach and sucked on her nipples as I slowly slipped out from behind her, laying her flat on her back on the floor, still locked in our kiss. I slipped slowly out of our kiss, stroked her cheek and gazed deeply into her beautiful green eyes. Sophie was still moaning as Audrey was sucking deeply on her nipples.

“My turn.” I hissed.

I kissed her again and then straddled her face, lowering my swollen and soaked folds right down to her succulent lips. Sophie wrapped her arms around my thighs and seized my pussy in her ravenous mouth like a hungry shark. Her intense attack surprised me and it shot tremendous surges of illicit pleasure up through me like a rocket. Taking Audrey by the chin, I lifted her slowly up my body, letting her hot tongue graze up my sweaty flesh, suck briefly on my nipples and then up to my mouth were we kissed deeply. Audrey straddled Sophie’s body and grinded her mound down on hers while she kissed me. Audrey took one of Sophie’s nipples between her fingers, twisting and teasing it all around as I rubbed and fingered her pussy.

It wasn’t long before I was holding on to Audrey for dear life, moaning and wailing at the top of my lungs as Sophie devoured deeper and deeper into my pulsating pussy. I could feel my juices already dripping into her mouth and the sweat was racing down me in droves, dripping all over her breasts and stomach. My body was a seizing cauldron of heated flesh and muscles tensed to the point of explosion; I was gasping for air as my eyes spun. Sophie could eat a pussy like a pro. I felt my inner walls collapse under the immense pressure; I gouged my fingernails deep into the sweaty flesh of Audrey’s torso and exploded all over Sophie’s face. I heard Sophie moan and groan in gluttonous delight as she sucked in all my flowing juices. Then, out of nowhere, I felt her tongue spear into my asshole and I nearly leapt a tall building in a single bound. Audrey held me tight against her body as Sophie tongued my ass and jammed two fingers up my slit. Sophie finger fucked me hard as she sucked deep into my asshole, all the while Audrey held me against her body.

“Cum for us, baby.” Audrey hissed in my ear. “Cum for us. That’s it. Oh yeah!”

Sophie’s other hand was still holding my thigh and her fingernails sank deep into the skin as I again blasted an orgasmic tidal wave all over her head. Ravaged from head to toe with another powerful orgasm, my body felt like Jell-O as I dismounted Sophie’s head. Audrey plunged her tongue deep into my mouth as Sophie sat up and ran her hands through her hair, now laden with my cum. Soon feeling Sophie’s fingernails grazing teasingly up my back, I pulled out of Audrey’s mouth, took Sophie’s head in my hands and plunged deep into hers, reveling in the sweetness of her mouth, now sated with my own juices. Audrey slid over to us and we again kissed three way. I was slowly and inadvertently pushed out of the kissing as Sophie and Audrey were soon exclusively devouring each other’s mouths incredibly deeply; I ran my tongue up and around Sophie’s back. Finally, they came up for air and gazed deeply at each other.

“I believe it’s your turn now, Madame.” Sophie whispered.

Falling into a deep kiss again, Sophie lowered Audrey down on her back and slipped to the side as Audrey spread her legs wide and I slid in between them on my stomach. Spreading her swollen folds wide, I teased the glistening pink flesh of her inner sex with my tongue. Gazing up her body, Audrey and Sophie were still locked in an intensely deep and passionate kiss. They were really into each other. I wrapped my arms around Audrey’s powerful legs and snapped her folds ravenously into my mouth. Audrey’s body instantly jerked and a powerful moan escaped passed the passionate lip lock with Sophie. Sophie slipped out of Audrey’s mouth and gently caressed and massaged Audrey’s breasts, sucking and nibbling on her nipples occasionally as I devoured my beautiful and delicious best friend’s mom’s pussy for what I was now pretty sure, would be the last time.

Digging my fingernails deep into her skin, Audrey’s body was straining against the illicit pressure building inside, convulsing as she moaned, wailed and gasped in sheer ecstasy as her orgasm approached. I wanted to revel slowly and savor this last time for as long as I could, but Audrey is just so amazingly sexy and her pussy so wonderfully luscious, that I couldn’t control myself. Feeling her hands grasp the back of my head, shoving me deeper into her folds, I gazed up Audrey’s glistening and seething body to see her chest straining with all its might to contain her exploding heart and Sophie sucking on her neck. Audrey’s back arched toward the ceiling, she seized a handful of my sweat drenched hair and my mouth was instantly flooded with her hot and delectable sexual juices.

When the intensity of her orgasm passed, Audrey’s body relaxed and Sophie slid her tongue back deeply into her mouth. Running my tongue around the inside of Audrey’s thighs, I felt Sophie’s body pushing against me as she was sliding slowly on top of Audrey. Nature was taking its course. I slowly slid out from in between Audrey’s legs as Sophie slid directly in, pressing her body firmly down on top of Audrey’s; their breast mashing firmly together. I had never seen two human beings kiss so deeply before. Gently grinding their mounds against each other, I took a last taste of Sophie’s divinely sweet, yet salt sweaty skin by running my tongue over her beautiful ass cheeks and up the line of her back. Audrey slowly wrapped her arms and legs around Sophie’s body as Sophie rested her full weight on top of Audrey. I could barely hear them breathing for they were kissing so long and deep.

I sat back against the sofa and just watched these two beautiful women kiss for what seemed like hours. Audrey and Sophie would be kissing deeply, entwined in a passionate embrace; they’d come up for air, stare deeply and passionately at each other then fall back into a deep kiss again. Occasionally they would roll over gently, switching places from Sophie on top to Audrey on top and back again. They never spoke in words, but the desire filled stares and the unbelievable deep passion shared through their kiss spoke volumes. I was watching Audrey Thompson and Sophie Metrand fall deeply in love right before my eyes. It ultimately brought tears to them.

After nearly an hour or more of watching them kiss, Sophie began sliding down Audrey’s body, grazing her tongue down her skin and was soon delving deep into Audrey’s divine sexual center. That was my cue to leave. This had become a very intimate and private encounter for two people in love; no place for an audience and certainly not a third party. I took up a couple of candles, went upstairs to Audrey’s bathroom and took a long and cold shower. I slipped on another of her nightshirts and decided that sleeping in her bed would only piss me off, so I decided to sleep in Wendy’s old room. Closing my eyes and feeling my way along the railing, I passed through the upstairs hall which looked directly down on the living room like a balcony. I heard Audrey and Sophie moaning in unbridled illicit pleasure, the likes and tones of which I’d never heard before. It was the sound of two women in love. I couldn’t resist, so I stopped and looked down into the fire and candlelit living room. Audrey and Sophie were in an intense 69 with Sophie on top, her head rolling from side to side as Audrey devoured her sex from behind.

As guilty as I felt, I just couldn’t tear myself away and I continued to watch Audrey and Sophie in their 69. Sophie was soon eating Audrey and I could see Audrey’s body writhing and her head rolling as Sophie pleasured her. Finally Audrey exploded and the two of them moaned sensually, their bodies glistening with sweat in the soft fire light. Sophie spun around and the two of them entwined again and fell into yet another incredibly deep kiss. I went on to Wendy’s bedroom and took another long and cold shower. When I finally crawled into Wendy’s bed, which was the farthest room from the living room, I could still hear Audrey and Sophie moaning sensually as they made love. Then suddenly, I heard a slight electrical humming, followed by the clock radio clicking with static as its red clock face dials flashed 12:00; and then the air conditioner kicked on. The power was back. My time with Audrey, thanks to Hurricane Amanda, was over.

I woke to the sensation of somebody gently stroking my hair. I opened my eyes to find Audrey sitting beside me in her bathrobe with a cup of coffee in her other hand.

“Good morning, honey.” Audrey said sweetly.

“Morning.” I said, sleepily.

“What happened to you last night?” Audrey asked. “We looked up and you were gone.”

“You two needed to be alone. Something far more beautiful was taking place than just a blackout romp.” I told her.

“Oh, sweetie.” Audrey smiled.

“Where’s Sophie?” I asked.

“She’s downstairs. Why don’t you come on down and have breakfast with us.” Audrey said.

“No, I should probably go.” I said. “After all, the power’s back on. And it’s the morning after.”

“Danica, are you all right?” Audrey asked.

“Yeah. I’m just a little overwhelmed, that’s all. It’s not every night you get to watch two people fall in love right before your eyes.” I said.

“And I think we owe it all to you, honey.” Audrey said.

“No. In truth, you owe it all to Amanda.” I said. “If it hadn’t been for her coming to town, none of this probably would have happened.” I said.

“Are you gonna be okay?” Audrey asked.

“I’m gonna be fine. All that really matters to me is that you’re gonna be okay. You found somebody. Somebody very special.” I said.

“I wouldn’t have found her if it hadn’t been for you.” Audrey said.

“So never underestimate the power of a horny, lesbian teenager when she shows up on your doorstep just before a hurricane blows in. Cause she just might be your own private Cupid.” I said.

“I’ll never forget you, sweetie. And I hope we can still be friends.” Audrey said.

“We’ll always be friends, Mrs. T.” I said.

“And I’ll always be Audrey to you, okay?” Audrey said.

“Just as long as I can be your maid of honor at the wedding.” I said.

“Well, when Wendy and Tiffany find out that their Mom has fallen in love with another woman, you may be the only one I’ll have.” Audrey scoffed.

“No, they’ll still be there. They love you. And like me, they just wanna see you happy; because you deserve it.” I said.

“Thank you.” Audrey said with her voice full of emotion.

I sat up and we embraced. I don’t know if Audrey actually cried, but I know that I almost did.

We kissed gently on the lips.

“Okay, now you better get back downstairs. I think somebody who loves you very much is down there waiting for you.” I said.

“Yeah. And I love her very much.” Audrey said.

“Then go. I’m gonna get dressed and slip out quietly. Tell Sophie good-bye for me and that I’ll see her at the wedding.” I said.

“Okay.” Audrey said as she chuckled. “Thank you for everything, honey.”

“It was my greatest pleasure.” I told her.

Audrey gently caressed my face, kissed me on the nose and left the room with her eyes full of joyful tears.

I got dressed, gathered up my bag, tiptoed down the stairs and slipped out the front door. The morning was crystal clear and unseasonably cool and comfortable for being just the day before the first of July. After I got home, I changed into a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt and set to work on cleaning up the yard. About an hour or so into working in the yard, my next door neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds, pulled up into their driveway for the first time since the storm. They are a really nice couple in their mid sixties and they had evacuated to their daughter’s house up in College Station. As they exited their car, they waved and we exchanged pleasant greetings and got into a conversation. A couple of minutes later, another car pulled in to the driveway right behind them.

“Oh, there’s Sarah.” Mrs. Reynolds said.

“Sarah?” I asked.

“Our daughter.” Mr. Reynolds said. “You’ve met her, haven’t you? Oh, that’s right. You haven’t. We’ve only lived here for about a year now and this is her first time to come down.”

“Yeah, I know. So why did she come back with you?” I asked.

“Well, as we fled up to Sarah’s house for safety, Hurricane Amanda decided to show us her sense of humor by completely wiping out Sarah’s house with a tornado.” Mr. Reynolds explained.

“Oh no.” I said.

“Hi, honey.” Mrs. Reynolds called toward her daughter.

Sarah Reynolds stepped out of her car and her long, gorgeous auburn hair sparkled in the sunlight. She had very fair, lightly freckled skin, a pristine hour glass figure with incredibly beautiful breasts, lean and slender torso and exquisitely defined, long and sexy legs; and they, like everything else, were on full display in a pair of tight denim shorts and an even tighter Texas A&M T-shirt.

“Hi Mom.” Sarah answered in a soft and sweet voice.

“You said she lives in College Station?” I asked.

“That’s right. At least she did. Now she’s gonna be living with us for awhile.” Mr. Reynolds replied.

“I take it she goes to school there?” I continued.

“In a manner of speaking.” Mr. Reynolds answered.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“She’s a professor of English at Texas A&M.” Mrs. Reynolds offered.

“A professor? You’re kidding!” I stuttered. “How old is she?”

“She’s twenty-seven.” Mr. Reynolds said.

“She doesn’t look a day over eighteen.” I said.

“I know.” Mr. Reynolds said.

“So, where’s her husband?” I asked. “Still up in College Station.”

“Oh, Sarah’s not married.” Mrs. Reynolds said.

“Why not? My God, she’s beautiful.” I said. “Then what about a boyfriend or something?”

“No, no boyfriend either. In fact she’s not seeing anybody right now.” Mr. Reynolds said.

“You say that like it’s a good thing.” I said.

“Because I’m her father.” Mr. Reynolds added.

“Good point.” I said.

“And also because she’s not really into boyfriends.” Mrs. Reynolds added.

“What?” I asked.

“Sarah is a lesbian, honey.” Mrs. Reynolds told me. “She’s gay.”

I felt a tremendous rush of overwhelming joy and illicit pleasure of unprecedented proportions rip through my body at the sound of those words. Sarah came over and greeted her parents, then her focus turned to me and her mouth dropped open, revealing two sparkling white rows of beautiful teeth. Sarah raised her sunglasses up on her forehead as she stared at me almost completely in awe.

“Oh my God! Danica Patrick!” Sarah said tremendously excited.

Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds chuckled as their daughter lunged at me and threw her arms around me.

“Oh my God, I love you so much. You’re such an inspiration to young women everywhere.” Sarah raved.

Sarah’s body felt so wonderful mashed up against me that I almost hated telling her the truth, but I did.

“It’s incredible! You look exactly like her.” Sarah said.

“Yeah, I know.” I told her.

“God, I love her. She is so fucking sexy!” Sarah said.

“Sarah! Please.” Mrs. Reynolds scolded.

“Sorry.” Sarah replied.

“Well listen, I think we’ll let you two ladies talk. We’re gonna survey the damage.” Mr. Reynolds said.

“Okay. I’ll be there in a little while.” Sarah told them.

Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds shut up their car and went on into their house.

“So, you really like her, huh?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. God, she is so hot. She turns me on like you wouldn’t believe. And what I wouldn’t give to have one night alone in the garage with her.” Sarah said. “Oh, sorry.”

“For what?” I asked.

“Well, I sometimes forget that most women don’t share my views on other women.” Sarah said. “You see, I’m gay.”

“Well if it makes you feel any better, I do.” I told her.

“What?” Sarah asked, raising her eyebrow.

“I’m gay too.” I told her.

“And you look like Danica Patrick?” Sarah smiled.

“Sometimes having your house wiped out by a hurricane is a good thing, isn’t it?”

“It just might be at that.” Sarah said.

“You free to check out my garage later on tonight?” I cooed.

“Oh my God. Thank you, Amanda!” Sarah said.


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