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Love Thy Neighbour

Category: Gay Male
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A memorable episode that happened some years ago, when, as a young man freshly out of university, I had moved into my very first apartment after living in a student dorm for years.

It had started as any other Saturday. Since I had moved into this building, a couple of months earlier.

I had quickly developed my Saturday routine. After sleeping late, having a hearty breakfast and read the papers, I would head for the nice indoor swimming pool — one of the features that had led me to select that building in the first place.

That morning, around 11 a.m., I had spent about half an hour enjoying a nice and invigorating swim. I then had a quick shower and decided to try the sauna. I left my bathing suit in the men’s dressing room, next to my bathrobe and entered the sauna stark naked. I noticed that a chap was already there. He too was naked; somehow, I felt relieved that he was not a prude who could have been offended by my nakedness.

Not being accustomed to intense heat, I sat on the lower bench, where he was sitting. I had been there for a minute or two when he broke the silence. “Nothing like this heat to cleanse one’s body, right?” I agreed: “Yeah, sure makes one sweat away the old gin consumed during the week!” My remark was greeted with laughter. “My name’s Jim”, he said, as he extended his hand. We shook our sweaty hands, and continued chatting. Although he was about a decade older than my 25 years, we had several points in common, as our chat revealed. Jim turned out to be single too. He had been living in the building for a couple of years.

After about ten minutes, I announced that I was cooked just right, and headed for the shower. Jim also declared that he had enough, and followed me out of the sauna. We each headed to one of the two shower stalls, and let the cool water refresh us.

As we emerged, we quickly dried up and put on our robes, carrying our wet bathing suits in our hands, along with our towels. He then said “Now that you’ve sweated out all your old gin, would you like to hop to my pad and have a bit of fresh one?” It was a bit early to hit the bottle, I replied. “Who’s talking about hitting the bottle? Just a bit of gin, plenty of tonic water and lemon juice. Almost like your morning orange juice. It’ll replenish the fluids we sweated” The argument was too convincing for me: I agreed to the idea. We walked out of the men’s locker room and headed for the elevator.

Since his apartment was on a lower floor than mine, we came to his floor first. “Don’t bother going home to change: come as you are.” I felt somehow strange to visit someone while wearing only a bathrobe: but then again, the atmosphere was so relaxed that it seemed quite acceptable.

Upon entering his apartment, a nice open space pad, we dropped our wet bathing suits and towels on the kitchen counter. Jim then picked a couple of glasses in a cupboard, grabbed a bottle of Tanqueray into another and reached into the refrigerator for the tonic water and lemon. As he was fixing the drinks, I looked around his very nicely decorated living room, with two beautiful leather couches.

He soon walked around the kitchen counter with a glass in each hand. “Let’s have a seat”, he said, while walking towards the couches. I followed him. Just as I came to one of the couches, I asked “But won’t our wet bathrobes damage the leather?”

“You have a point,” he said. “Hey, considering that we were in the buff when we met, there’s no harm in remaining in the buff, right?” He then put the glasses down on the coffee table and removed his bathrobe. Naked as a jaybird, he sat down on one of the couches. “Of course,” he added, “I could go get myself some clothes, but you’d feel awkward being bare-ass all by yourself.”

I know I could have had earlier the feeling that Jim was up to something. But now, it was obvious. My mind operated at lightning speed. I am straight. But open-minded. And as a teen, I had experienced mutual masturbation with buddies on a few occasions. Should I walk away or simply explain to Jim that I’m not into gay sex?

My cock replied for me: I felt it twitch slightly. “I’d hate to damage your couch,” I replied, while removing my bathrobe, as casually as I could. I sat down, feeling the cool leather on my bare skin. I reached for my glass — and saw a gay porn magazine on the coffee table. “To literature,” I said, proposing a toast. Jim smiled as he took a sip of his drink. “I’m glad you’re not offended by my being openly bi,” he said.

For some reason, his declaration made me feel better. Perhaps because it explained why I had not considered him gay in the first place.

He put down his drink and reached for my leg. Delicately putting his hand on my thigh, he said “Now you know that gin was not really the purpose of my invitation.” I again felt my cock twitching. He noticed.

“This is all new to me,” I explained. “I’m not gay.”

“But you’re staying,” he said. He openly stared at my cock, that was slowly growing. “Don’t worry: I can respect your limits.”

Jim gently pried my legs apart, thus getting a perfect view of my crotch. He reached over and gently cupped my balls. The feeling was as intense as I had ever experienced. He moved his fingers on my cock and softly stroked it into its full size and stiffness.

I felt it was time to reciprocate. I reached for his chest and slowly caressed it, moving downward. My fingers stroked through his pubic hair. Finally, I grabbed his uncircumcised cock and gave it a few tugs.

“Let’s take our time,” Jim said. “I have a few good bi DVSs, definitely worth the watch.” He got up and went to fetch the remote control. This allowed me to have a good look at this handsome guy, who was as tall and well shaped as I am. And who was sporting a nice erection that bounced joyfully as he walked back to the couch. He sat next to me and started the movie. On the screen, a beautiful brunette and a young and slim young man were giving head alternately to a lucky jock.

“I did tell you that I’m bi,” Jim emphasized as he resumed caressing my thigh, my cock, my balls. “One of the reasons that I’m opening up to you is that I have a few women friends who are tremendously turned on by the thought of seeing two guys making it together. I’d be delighted if you were to join me to fulfill their fantasies.”

I could hardly believe my good luck when I heard Jim say this. I envisioned myself in burning scenes like the one we were seeing on the television screen. This confirmed my decision to abandon myself in the throes of the pleasure that Jim was giving me.

Sitting next to each other, stroking each other’s cock, commenting the DVD… I was in heaven.

Jim then turned to me and said “Stop me if you’re uncomfortable.” He lowered his head towards my crotch. I knew what was going to happen. I arched myself a bit to give him better access to my very hard penis. He slowly retracted the foreskin and slipped his mouth over the head. Flicking his tongue, bobbing his head up and down, he quickly got me to the point of no return. “You’re going to make me explode,” I whispered. He removed his head and stroked me intensely. After just a few seconds, I climaxed. Five energetic bursts of sperm shot from my dick, which Jim was expertly stroking, pulling back the foreskin as I was erupting and easing his grip between the bursts.

Some moments later, I managed to regain my breath. “That was incredible,” I managed to utter.

And then, I knew it was my turn to perform. I leaned forward and prepared to give my very first blowjob. The feeling of his cock in my mouth was delicious. Such smooth skin, with a delicate salty taste. I did my best to repeat the strokes and techniques that he had applied, or that previous girlfriends had successfully used on me.

“This is fantastic,” he kept saying. I then felt him starting to grind his hips as his cock grew a bit in my mouth. I knew very well what was about to happen. Just in time, I removed my head from his crotch and jerked him off to a powerful climax. It was just so exciting to see his sperm flying from his cock. From the corner of my eye, I could see the ecstasy on his face. I could hear him moan in pleasure.

After he regained his composure, we both gulped the remainder of our drinks. On the television screen, two guys were taking each other’s clothes off while a pair of babes were cheering them.

“This is opening up all sorts of possibilities for us,” Jim said. “Please take this into account as you book your weekends from now on.”

Jim lived in the apartment complex for a year after that initial episode, before he was transferred out of town. He did keep his word: in addition to some one-on-one encounters, we had numerous memorable threesomes with wide-eyed foxes, who were turned on by seeing Jim and me getting it on…

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a great story for the am hours….very nice